SIROP combine exile/refugee Program

SIROP combine exile/refugee Program
When will the 21,000 - 25,000 Seychellois exile/refugees get Justice

Monday, 1 December 2008

The terrible state of things, which is compelling young Seychellois business man and their families to leave Seychelles.

The terrible state of things, which is compelling young Seychellois business man and their families to leave Seychelles.

On AKS forum as one review some of the threads unlike the government paper Nation, Seychelles weekly, People, the two other local news paper. The criticism of life, situation and government and its system/apparachick handling of many of its young business man and their families.

We went through that process in 1976 shortly after independence, leaving business, property, child, friends and families behind and a very nice country to go to Austria – Vienna then. We were young full of adventure spirit, wishing and wanting to discover what Europe had to offer or could offer better than Seychelles. Then the Coup D'etat came and the one Party state – the ruthless, brutal, evil and painful experience hundreds of families had to go through. Loosing their properties, life which their ancestors had fought and paid with their blood – compelled to leave in strange countries, as strangers, exile, refugees – all the very negative facts and issues associated with such life.

Those that lost their wife, families, friends, a great deal of money, their health and desire to live even. Forget about the painful and biter division, enmity, terrible hate and some of the death which took place. We have compressed 15 – 30 years of bitterness into tow paragraph which does not do it justice and those who suffered and have bee traumatized.

Under this circumstance Mr Walter Edmond – Westerholt found himself migrating to Germany. First to Nuremberg then Berlin. The friends and families who help then.

We have stated on our Seychelles EU community FECAS – ECSVS on line – web project how and where we started those who came to our support and help. In turn how we united to help change the political, social and economic situation in Seychelles, our learning experience to help change the COMECON, the USSR, the Berlin Wall historic events, Germany Reunification. Again we are not doing nobody justice by trying to compress one or two sentences to describe and explain the horrors or life, events those that fought, sacrificed, contributed and their belief.

Mr Walter Edmond/Westerholt had become a fully qualify and trained engineer in refrigeration, air conditioning and cold storage. His aspiration and ambition to help changer Seychelles so that instead of the life the young Seychellois lived in the pre independence can be changed, different. He was borne in Tanganyika and grew up in tow of the East African countries as a child. In the first instance his adoptive father who had worked on one of the biggest sisal Estate as Plantation Manager – independence in East Africa and their hard work, life, they also having to migrate or flee in instance. His adoptive father is buried in Tanganyika – mother in England. They were related to the late Leader of the Exile Opposition Mr Gerrard Houreau's family.

In the battle which ensued – the decision to use military force to remove the government or change Seychelles most of our communities in Europe were involved in one form or another. They Exile camp they choose to support. Not just morally but financially. On account of our important involvement, those in Berlin and Germany who decided use Mr Walter Edmond/Westerholt as an Agent for our interests and issues. These media criminals who have tried to kill, eradicate and contribute to forget what took place really and invent, - put their own brand and view of events. Then they wander that there are terrible spill over in society – those who revert to violence. Not because they love it – because they are force and compel to by the establishment, their lies, corruption and cover up, manipulation.

In London we had set in place UKSCA and our Executive committee, the assassination of Mr Gerrard Houreau – those who called and requested that we take some form of leading responsibility. This did not go unnoticed in Berlin, East or West Germany.

There is a famous saying “the grass is greener on the other side and nobody is born a prophet in his country” this became applicable to us. The family division which ensued.

At the time there was DP of former Minister David Joubert, SNM/MPR lead by Mr Gabriel Houreau, Mr Edmond Camille, Mr Robert Frichot, Mr Andre Uzice Faction – Party later the CDU merging with Dr Maxime Ferrari, Mr Phillipe Boule SNP, ex President Mancham MPRD movement, UKSCA and unofficial SIROP program. In Seychelles all these faction and parties were represented, had their respective supporters.

We have stated enough our responsibilities and historic decision not to use military force, violence to change Seychelles like the many other parties and faction would have desired and wished – the SIROP Exile return program.

Those in Europe, their media, politicians , police , judiciary terrible lies, dishonesty, hypocrisy – they dare talk about Terrorism. - they had mostly supported the use of violence and military force to change Seychelles. Because we had refused, we had concepted a unique visionary possibilities – their order to have us executed and killed and in our place put somebody else. Thus began the division in our families, church and friends.

Mr Walter Houreau/ Edmond/Westerholt found himself being courted by faction of the SNM and DP – his decision to contribute financially. Most important his financial contribution and money he lent to the DP party leaders for the acquisition of a modern printing press for the Party, some 10 years later the debacle, accusations, recrimination and Court case.

Everybody thought after 1991, the return of Multi party in Seychelles, Seychelles would change for ever, his decision to sell whatever he had acquired, leave family and friends in Germany, Berlin and return to Seychelles. We will not bother to go onto some of the issues. We will take this opportunity to say this much. There exist only a very small percentage of honesty among the political, judicial, policing, government agencies of Europe towards Small and developing Nations – their corrupted evil intentions. Had they done this with some of the Nation of the exCOMECON they would have rued, they would have been made to pay a very bitter price – In any event they have paid and were made to pay for their dishonesty and lies, so of the very terrible events and issues – the mess and re=son we are were we are today. We may be small in number but we have the same rights and privilege to sue our European ancestral many archaic, Christian heritage mechanism with out their approval, consent and say so. As have done our ancestors in the past.

After events of 1991, all those who had hope, expected that among the changes, working life, compensation, opportunities and possibilities. He was no exception. He discovered and found a very nice family – their daughter and they got married. From the wild person he decided to become a family man. Then the arrival of the two boys.

On our AKS forum and indeed many of the local papers the argument and those strangers, those people to our country and land who have not done a thing to help change their attitude,argument and arrogance. The Seychellois is lazy, they do not want to work – they have to put forget them self into the shoe of those native who have gone through such traumatized experience, with out government help as they get in Europe start from scratch.

Then came the Reclamation Project, Phase ll Development. Those who had questioned what FA Rene was doing – those who had lived in exile and say certain opportunity. In spite the very terrible situation they had to live and work, exist in. After the completion those who managed to get a Business Plot – his business plot was at Providence. We ask the wife and wives the children and all those who had to go through this ordeal and process – the state of Seychelles then – Meanwhile the discovery that some $2.8 billions have been stolen, creamed off and fleeced – yet in Exile we could not find and approach anybody who would finance a Military coup with all associated cost for $10 millions. ( the mathematic and reasoning for their investment they would have demanded and expected a large share of the cake/pie. SIROP having fought lady Tacther, many in EU , the USA, OAU and UN did not want to go down that road.)

Because of our inability to return to Seychelles in 1991 – beside some of the Didon family members we had appointed Mr Walter Houreau/Edmond/Westerholt as an Agent for some of our affairs. Those that did know this in Seychelles. The bitter battle which ensued. His contribution to help in some of the government compensation for the property they acquired, private property and money FA Rene and GMR Associate/Syndicate owe me as a Consultant – my responsibilities head of IOIMF not just Seychelles – the Indian Ocean. Again all those who knew the issues in Seychelles.

Everybody knows if you want to run a successful business specially in a small country like Seychelles the need to have friends from all quarters, side and parties. It is a very thin and slippery sheet of Ice one is walking or skating on.

We visited Seychelles in 2000 and 2004 – his wish and my wish to build a Home in Seychelles. The Tsunami in 2004/5 and the economic Tsunami of September/October 2008. The development and state of thing in Seychelles.

Having said that, we see around us in Mumbai, Somali and very many other places instead of letting the bitterness turn us into a demon – we have manage and learn to use these negative force for other purpose and our Seychelles EU community project portal – the mega benefits is has brought to Seychelles, the crooked and very corrupted politicians, the region, African Union, The Asian Nations and European Nations. To prove we are not wrong we could close down that portal project for a few months and study the impact and negative phenomena wish will develop – our situation, the EU and world situation will be far worse than it is today.

We deplore what is taking place in Seychelles, this is the time when government ought to be sensitive – specially to those who have played a role in stabilizing, positive changes in that nation call Seychelles. The families not family with young children, their education and future. Because they will remember and be bitter. Those who have gone to their grave with their $billions and millions do not care.

Our EU communities have contact with other Seychelles communities across the world, including NewZealand. In years gone by we would have modestly reverted to silence – the important contributions and hand involved in the making and concepting the Film Lords of the Ring in New Zealand. We do not get involve in these issues because we are dreaming – we are trained in those discipline and responsibilities. Be they the Scandinavian, Russian, Germanic, French who know the issue of the Ring. Then the British.

We had – our Seychelles EU community aspires to build Seychelles like Newzealand has become, the multiracial – the peaceful existence, respect for the native and the European who have come to conquer and settle there. Newzealand today for the young and old.

We have not done a “very great job as they say” to highlight the contribution of one of our native son to change Seychelles, his families and children.

Seychelles is facing and running into grave danger, their native son leaving and their families – the Indian and other coming in to take or replace them. It taken time for people to learn how a culture, language and people think and work. There are very serious danger of a situation developing of many frustrated you g Seychellois saying we have been conned enough, rob enough, ripped enough – they revert to violence and the destruction, backlash and terrible tragedy this will be for the country and Seychelles. So call democracy is very young and is just beginning to grow adapt itself in Seychelles- the very serious danger it/they face.

We have not mentioned the role of the interfering nations be they USA, British and Many others their role – they have a very thick bank account and do not have to do business or their children live in Seychelles – they create their particular mess , they leave and that is it. They cal this support of democracy, justice and whatever else.

We also wrote a long thread in 2005 about the very ugly "chouchoute" in Seychelles we left at the Office of Mr Phillipe Boule with his private Secretary - we ask readers to review this thread. Those who are half educate and understand when we talk of "chouchoute" what we sometime mean

Note: We have joined the European Network