SIROP combine exile/refugee Program

SIROP combine exile/refugee Program
When will the 21,000 - 25,000 Seychellois exile/refugees get Justice

Thursday, 31 August 2017

20th Anniversary of Princess Diana accident and Mr Al Fayad/khashoggi Son and that SIROP program 1997

20th Anniversary of Princess Diana accident and Mr Al Fayad/khashoggi Son and that SIROP program 1997

This morning 1/9/17 one of Princess Diana son posted some 125 pictures surely there be a reason - will try and link the Facebook post here -among the papers on that SIROP program we took to Angers Loires were Royal issues/arcadian/Illuminati  notes.

20 years have gone by since that terrible news of the horrendous accident in Paris 31st  August 1997 causing the death of Princess Diana, Mr Dodi Al Fayad/Khashoggi and the Chauffeur Mr Paul Henri and a very good deal have been written on this subject positive and negative - inventive. Then media function and Benchmark 1997 and today's media, function publication and availability including the Social media.

Today, 2017 the person of Prince William, his Family and Children and Prince Harry the media topics which we will add as link - the British nation  and the utterly uncomfortable and uncertain future of Britain in Europe - the Britexit. The future British Royal Families with Prince Phillip having retired form Public duties this year  one month ago.

This year among the significant human loss Sir James Mancham first President of Sechelles Seychelles and Mr Adna Khashoggi his connection and friendship with the latter from his early Office days - over the years of our Communities in exile/refugees in Britain - had it not been for those important connection, linking issue Princess Diana may very well have not suffered that accident. After the accident some of the brief issues we presented in writing to Mr  Mohamed Al Fayad.

That SIROP program was not just any Economic and Political debacles - hence our plea and call for the UN or the EU or the African Union to help/support a due reporting as is done with some of the less and little know voluntary Repatriation programs - fearing prosecution and other terrible backlashes - outcomes.  How the British media, the establishments, the Illuminati, the Churches worked then 1997 and then 1987 at the time of conception that program all those involved and in the course of implementation and progress, developments. Again this year 2017 the death of Chancellor Helmut Kohl  and the former Austrian Vice President Dr Alois Mock, Germany mega politic of Changes, the Berlin Wall, USSR changes, the COMECON changes and Reunification - Austrian past historic politic, contributions in these events.

Then Cold War world, Europe and the person of not just British Royals European Royal linked associated, imputing in that SIROP program. How the European royal worked their respective high Institutions,media, Protocol - benchmarks. Their knowledge of events,development and world topics and yet the media and Institutions approach. The person of the young British Royals in particular Prince Charles, Princes Diana, the individuals of Each Royal family members some covered in the media some not linked to the Indian Ocean and the Commonwealth Briefly put Princess Diana knew a good deal about that SIROP program then impacting not just Europe, USSR, the COMECON, British daily politic, the media, the Commonwealth, the USA, Canada, Latin America, Asia, Africa, Australia, the Gulf Region  and yet the manner these were presented and the politic behind .involved - much more important then Conservative government of Lady Thatcher and her Cabinet and that of then Prime Minister John Major 1997. The media publication of her important involvement in Charity and the difficult causes - that SIROP program had been an NGO led initiatives, what we were communicating , meetings/exchanges the NCVO and the CVS and as such the very complex connected thematic and the Princes and her Staff knew of my person as such responsible had to impute if that is the best/most polite way of putting/explaining it how things works and were done then the many NGO and Voluntary, organisations and Exiles/refugee communities aware and yet what the British media wrote and their TV presented to the public. Are they all liars and mad or did not know what was going on  and the Government respective Agendas - establishments and she came out supporting them and us meaning that SIROP program.  Sir Robert Maxwell knew what was going on, the Al Fayad/Khashoggi family knew and the many associated with Harrods, the Earl of Oxford and Asquith knew what was going on The many Embassies in London from the South African, Canada, the Russian, Chinese, Israel, the German, Austrian, Italian, Australian, Spain, French Embassy officials and the French Institutions in London their knowledge and their Community, Irish, Netherlands, Sweden, some of the other African Embassies in London knowledge. The Agha Khan Community and their Office/Center in London,  Mauritius Embassy, Seychelles Embassy. Britain leading Research Institute the Royal Institute and the International Research Institute. The Director Institute. a Number of the leading Masonic lodge and the Templar Lodge. Beside those leading christian organisations Churches the Canterbury Diocese, the Adventist, the Catholic/Vatican representation, the Bahia and several other the many Jewish Communities and the major Muslim communities and the Hindu communities, the Pakistani  Communities and their Belief. The larger Irish Communities in London. The many influential from the Labour party, Lib Dem, the Trade Unions Friends of the Socialist  International /Communist and Friends of President FA Rene and other Socialist government then their respective interests, media who knew and some we had been  in contact and those supporting that SIROP program. The person of Sir James Goldsmith and his Family knowledge and involvements. The daughter a best friend of Princess Diana she then married to Mr Imran Khan and Pakistan.

We had been living in Kent, the many efforts to get out of Britain with that program and office it it Belgium or France from 1991/2 Ashford, then Folkestone then Caple Le fern, Caple Court Country Club - the 4 berth Minuette caravan  and later the 1 bed mobile Home/office ex North West Holst Construction, daughter company of Societe General de Eaux. We had contacted three leading law Firms in Folkestone two in Dover and three in Canterbury, and Maidstone two beside the Office of KPMG we had visited twice. The Judicial Review and Court case at the Royal Court of Justice and Canterbury and European Court of Justice and the International Court in the Netherlands.

The very same bloody mindedness which prevailed then , very dishonest and callous of the then conservative in Kent what really was taking place and took place other doing their dirty works and they took credits and what they did not like what they did and how they reacted,  Buckingham knowledge and the many above mentioned knowledge and yet. The utter corrupt and dishonest media. That SIROP program impact on Europe and its politic and the Commission, the second project we had started form Folkestone  at Channel Business Center - FECAS -ECSVS, then CIA, then Pentagon , then White House of President Bill Clinton and his promise how he got into Office and elected those two entities impact and impute. Much more important the debacle of the ECU and the Euro implementation. How those who knew form the Central bank use and abused their knowledge to impact and influence events in London and Europe and yet what the official in Bruxelles and Strasbourg were saying - the Royal Family knowledge not just in Britain in Europe and Princess Diana knew of those issues too. The many NGO in London and Europe. The media rage/madness at the time.

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The many many article we have written about President F Mitterrand and that SIROP program, the Two French Masonic lodges other Arcadian French workings driving that SIROP program the very many who knew what and the French media and yet. French Presidents, Ministers, leading Military and other leading French personalities - France Institutions. What we had written and communicated to them - then help and request.

Caple le Fern is just across the Channel from Calais, Boulogne, Dunkirk, Arras, Lense, Bethune and the Atrois former Kingdon. the many French person  who visited Kent, Folkestone and Dover what they knew and picked up on the streets. The persecution we were being subjected to and those involved form the Conservative Camp and their motives. Their constant threats. Those involved in organizing that first the 4 berth Minuette was stolen from the Camping site,  then the debacle and events with the Emperor mobile home and we found our-self homeless and had to/forced to return to London - then European and British Family knowledge, the Illuminati of Europe and the Churches including the Vatican and the Adventists, Amnesty International,  UNHCR in London, the NGO and BRC, a number of lawyers and Embassies and Ethnic Communities and media kingpins in London the Irish Communities and the Jewish Communities. It is pointless to mention Seychelles  and Mauritius we now have in place the Truth Commission in both countries and their utter depraved and corrupted workings -Justice benchmark.  Had it not been for these incidents the debacle of Princes Diana and the Al Fayad and Khashoggi  Family would have been very different. First we found refuge by some Seychelles close Family in Chiswick after many hours of explaining other Seychelles Families who knew our fate and what was going on then - those who had return Home including Sir James Mancham and his British connection who kept him informed. Our Embassy and Mauritius in London. Those Conservative who had destroyed all the evidence of that SIROP program in Kilburn Brent and once again after painfully trying to collect the information rebuilding they destroying everything.

We were advice to go to one of the bigger and better known exile/refugees NGO decided to go to Refugee Forum then AHRAG in Islington, finding Law  firm to support us and explained what had happened and other Ethnic communities including then Jewish Care. The Muslim Community of London was aware of many of the issues ongoing. I finally was offered a place a Highbury Hotel Islington those who had taken the time and pain to call the many Hotel - Britain had entered the debacle of Election and the then Politic. By then NCVO had moved to its new Office by the Warf and CVS had move to the Resource Center on Holloway Rd the many we visited and discussed situation and that program and failed Europe issues. The then Mauritian Community in London, those we visited and explained what. The Seychelles North London Communities and respective Families.

Close to the Hotel was the defunct Masonic Lodge and at the back of Highburg Hotel the HQ of the Construction Leader Mc Alpine. How London and Islinton worked and the Streets buzz. Those who stayed at that Hotel ran by and Irish and Jewish Family what took place and was taking place. Events surrounding the Election and so call victory of Labour and Blair coming to Office  then Seychelles and his relation with President FA Rene those who knew a great deal more - we were properly stitched as they say. The person of Mr Anwar Bayat form the Mauritius Community and the party enthronement PM Blair.

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In spite of the terrible condition we had to live in, visited those still in contact with that SIROP program and our FECAS -ECSVS issues, Harrods, the Commonwealth Buildings, the Foreign Office the many NGO, Seychelles Embassy and Mauritius , the US and south African Embassy - having been forded back in London  how London worked before we left in 1991/2 the rave rage to impact and influence greater and Major issue and yet what he media and experts wrote - likewise the buzz and rage on the streets of London about using the person of Mr Dodi Al Fayad and his Khashoggi connection to drive the Projects/plan to link Spain and Morocco  and involving the person of Princess Diana and we warned this would go /could go terrible wrong - We are not going to go into details those who knew and the blasters liars and dishonest humans the weekend of the very horrible accident in Paris - the rave and the rage and the satanic muck with it in the name of Freemasons. Two am the news of the accident on the Radio what followed after wards.

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This is more original to many of the above issues -we trust the person wishing to become President of Sechelles Seychelles get to read this. 
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