SIROP combine exile/refugee Program

SIROP combine exile/refugee Program
When will the 21,000 - 25,000 Seychellois exile/refugees get Justice

Friday, 25 April 2014

The resignation of Mr. Ralph Volcer as Leader of SUP and Editor of New Seychelles Weekly 21/4/14

The Cold War Alliances

Pre Independence Cabinet

We could not locate a picture of the Old Seychelles club - part of it and crowd watching an event from outside the Seychelles club and Tobruk club - the making of politic is Sechelles Seychelles

Cambridge Five - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

A highly important component of Sechelles Seychelles, Independence - Indian Ocean Security - Revenue 

Special attention to the Grand Panien

Sechelles Seychelles Oil/Gas and Hydrocarbon exploration goes back to 1960 - those Colonial Administrators from East Africa, Rhodesia who knew and talked about it - Intelligence

Salzburg 5th 1977 - the coup d'etat in Sechelles Seychelles

Picture of Pirate Arms and Ostericher Hof Salzburg

In Sechelles Seychelles this 21/4/14 the collective workings/PL have prevailed - yet our French ancestors over the past 1000 years have embraced every form of Nation/People working - none of their great great great grand children from Sechelles Seychelles today in spite of the WWW and the vast knowledge,   information system learn - many will have to excuse us making this statement. Even in the Seychelles of 1950/60/70's 

Above Pirate Arms where a great deal of Seychelles business and politic were talked, discussed and made

Even President F Mitterrand, then US President, Britain Lady Thatcher could not forgive and forget - what we did reworking this issues - the new formulation of NATO and the USA global politic we impacted and influenced going about reviving this issues and - the European first International Passenger Terminal linked
the despicable attitude and position of former President FA Rene - pretending this issue never took place - were others mad or dreaming at the time . {"Blinking Somali Pirates"}

What Sechelles Seychelles Oppositions failed to stand by/consistently,  including former Seychelles 1st President J R Mancham - we did not set out to change Seychelles - we set about to change the World - including Sechelles Seychelles and the Indian Ocean Region - Africa. Those who warned if we did not do a proper job they would have our skin. 

The position of those able to execute military change after the adoption of the Constitution

The changing of OAU to African Union - giving Africa the "same suit" as the European - EU - Sechelles Seychelles very very unique and important historic role

 Just a few pictures above 

When we  play with Heavenly Powers those who hide the truth in the place of that "Zom Libre"we have pasted picture of the Teutonic Knights, a German Roman Catholic religious order of crusaders from Malbork Castle

The new Victoria/Capital after 1991

 The Harvester Sir Winston Churchill HomeTown

We trust we can write with our toes still as our Teachers used to tell us as children. First we do not have the facts/reasons for his resignation just after Easter 2014/Easter Monday being a holiday in Britain.
There was an Easter Dance organized by Cafe society - did they get wind of this development. Mr Lewis Betsey Indian Ocean Club eventually.
We tried to contact/call the Husband of Mrs Michelle Gabriel - Mr Urani - he is a DJ, we had discussed the possibility of his organizing something in London. London being a place where better and faster Seychelles news/Oppositions and government get shared and communicated.
We have been concern that from the announcement of SUP formation beside the meetings publish on Facebook nothing regarding the plan for Europe - the quietness which followed. Two/three weeks ago picked up some issues Mr Ralph Volcer was studying for his Bar Examination - the need to be focus.  We do not get a copy of New Seychelles Weekly.  Why do we mention two weeks ago - because of what we wrote and revisiting of Mr Robert Crow  - RMT Village/Home. The issues we addressed about the Harvester Pub and our Community back in Britain 1983/4 workings and the Forte Family, Cumberland Hotel, the elite of our exiles meeting there, for a drink and meeting special acquaintance and business interests - our then fledgling Seychelles Exile Business Network - we started a Facebook page. The Irish issues. The issues of that British High Commission Business Incubator at the SCCI.
Most important the issues of Sir Winston Churchill - Monument, the many pictures we took just before Easter 2014,  his Home town and the Minister for Work  Pension  Ian Duncan Smith related and former Conservative Leader.  The demolition of that Zomm Libre Monument in Sechelles Seychelles Beside when Mr Ralph Volcer was running Half Way House and Treasurer for UKSCA - the other agenda we/the Seychelles community in Exile had to change/by what manner and means to change Sechelles Seychelles one Party System. His involvement.
We have addressed the issues of Barclays - the blasted arrogance and how even if Mr Ralph Volcer did get elected how they would have treated him. Mr Volcer know/recall and remembers very well - the way they do Business in Britain, Ethnic issues, Third world Nations issues and that Business incubator, the objectives of those involved.
We want to stress the working of High Interdisciplinary Management Discipline - when call/required to make, Carry an intervention/contribution- to help/assist a given public person come/arrive at a given Office or position - the important need to take distance - allow the person/official space and room to work, use his knowledge, abilities etc to function- only become involve when things are getting out of control/hand and real need for new and supplementary intervention.
There is no need to recap, events of Sir James Mancham position as Leader of Opposition, events in the DP, leading to Mr Paul Chow and Mr Ralph Volcer taking over the position.  We made a due comment on Facebook and our Community forum 2014.
We have been reminded of the role of Mr Bernard Elizabeth, appointment as chair Person of LUNGOS and his links to the DP and NDP.
From our side in Britain and Europe a number of issues did not get completed and implemented - be they Bruxelles, Paris, Lille and Vienna issues - had they been implemented in part Mr Ralph Volcer would have still been in Office.
Across the road we have the French Embassy - given their resources there is very little which escape their attention.  In spite of Madam Segolan Royal joining the French government.
We failed to implement the planned issues due to lack of funds - not a great deal about £1500 at the most. The Cash issues/of our exile/refugee workings and greater EU Community workings. The world we have to work is full of all kinds of reptiles and some very very dangerous utterly crazy - fully judge the leadership of SUP very aware be they in Seychelles or Europe.  The way our affairs gets manured over daily and the results.  We have gone over this issues without writing or phone or sitting in person with those who ought to know better in that Seychelles - on the one hand we are not only expected - the meager resource drive corporate momentum of the many parties in Seychelles and they money they make, those in Europe, the USA and across the world - yet not donation, contribution or offers. Other exile/refugee and greater community workings how they solve and operate - in instance with sever violence’s particularly African, Latin American, West Indian and Asian communities.
We have mauled the issues of releverage, regearing that SIROP program, the government initiatives and the Oppositions - the merchants and business communities who benefits and have benefited.  Those in Seychelles in the Opposition who collect money, contributions -
The issues of Austria workings in Seychelles those involved and those who know - we are very aware of the practices across the world.
What about the Russian and Ukraine interests.
Seychelles government is a very very nasty lot - they are using Seychelles and International Tax payers’ money to sell their goods/products/politic. Our position and Community workings in Exile. Not just as Leader of the ex NDP - SUP must be acutely aware of those issues.
The diplomatic community based in Seychelles, Seychelles government diplomatic corp and representation will be laughing their heads silly over this situation. They will be asking question is there nobody who can do their arithmetic or add up in the position and among the Exile/refugee in exile.  They talk of Opposition and Presidential campaign and the make a mess over "a stupid roll of toilet paper this is what this kind of money is called in certain circle". Mr Ralph Volcer knows this language very well.
Leave Seychelles aside, we have a large continent called Europe, Russia - our statement had we not put that SIROP program online the so cal recovery in Britain and across Europe would not have been so good as it is - that of USA and explanation we have been providing. Our Leadership in the Opposition ought to know we are not in the business of inventing - it is a very dangerous road to use invention. As such their reaction. We have written and addressed the issues of the global meltdown 2007/8 importantly linked to our issues and workings. What we have addressed about Ukraine and the linking issues. Individuals like \Mr Ralph Volcer, Mr Boulle, Mr Chow and Mr Stravens having lived and worked in Britain know and remembers too well the situation. How they /those who work and milk our issues and the end results.
At the same time those who challenge the structures of our exile and community workings - just may be having a totally insane structure my just keep us alive and working/functioning.
Our community and nation are a Christian community - as such and belief. The extended Christian networks in Europe and across the world. Beside the Year of Faith those who prayed before this Easter of 2014 and the economy, family and community situation.  Does not their faith direct/tell them that for a Community to survive and function it requires resources just as the church and Family do. It is their respective duty and responsibilities to care and share. This is when we/I loose our cool - when the economy works the church get its share of the money/benefits. We do not stop at that we have the capacity and contributed to the Vatican greater banking/finance restructuring do not force us to provide public information.
When on Easter Day we called on the phone to families we are going to go in the garden and dig up a dozen of worms and cook them for Easter we meant just that - with the many Intelligence Services listening in on the conversation. Where in the world do you find anybody who have contributed to a country economy like Britain 2013, 2014,  come Easter that person have to eat worms - something is terribly wrong and this has been going on for 30 years. It is the manner we are rewarded for our work and contribution. Hence unless one is discipline given such terrible situation to use the due powers, mechanism and call for accountability -the results the global meltdown of 2007/8 politely put.
Any community in exile has collective responsibilities - judicial component.  The Seychelles exile is no different. Via our social network we communicate even if it is with our toes and what have you -even if we use alien language means of communication. Nobody can give excuses - unless their brain have been so devastated with that infernal "satanic phenomena" for some better still they can be better abused and manipulated/conned still.

Given the importance and relevancy of Mr Ralph Volcer resignation - again we say do not have access to Local papers the comments and conclusions. We from/representing the greater Sechelles Seychelles working have addressed several article about former President Mancham view that we ought to aim for a Brazil type of Society back in 1975/76. We have addressed how we have strived to bring about our nation workings in all its aspects to that of NewZealand since the return of multi party - those Seychellois individuals who did not know aware of that country system -  institutions - corporate workings and a great deal - having gone in exile since after 1991 learnt a good deal. That was then President FA Rene. For the past five years we have the person of President JA Michel going on as if he invented and discovered the issues of Small Island nation working - yet the dreadful state of Sechelles Seychelles - in speeches media write up and broadcast everything is great. My/our wish is that those Families who did not know the issues of Small Island Nation working decided to go in exile/migrate there - we are not talking of Australia as we have a large exile/migrant community there - their aspiration that  aspects of these working get introduced in Seychelles. Finally let me remind our dear friends families relatives - back in 1982 when everybody despaired and the One Party political system and Central planned Economy - it would never change. What it took to change this and today's Seychelles. Everybody choose to forget ignore saying/commenting the current system and people will stay there for ever and that we are wasting our time efforts and what is left of our life - those of my/our age group who have battled to change that country/Seychelles. The attitude of the International community back in 1980's and their attitude today - we the people/exile, diaspora the help of friends and other national with good intentions changed that country and system, not they least everybody forgets and choose to forget.  There are those who state and rightly too are you not frightened that you will end up like Mr Guy Morel at a Convent in your Old age when you have become useless to the people the very people you have strive to help and like the person of Mr Guy Sinon in a Poor Home.  We can go in/through the land of the Rainbow - very very very comfortable/with every certainty that Rainbow will tell the world and every Seychelles who dare/care to look at a Rainbow - we changed that Communist/One party System of Seychelles and Central planned economy - we contributed importantly to the change in the COMECON the USSR, Africa, Gulf Region Asia China and Latin America beside the great Europe, the land of our ancestors. Those who joined us to help  and bring about this very unique and historic changes. In the past two great Wars had to be fought and millions had to perish to change a system and nation workings. Beside any nation/people who either take part in such world process is proud/honored to have served Humanity- such a noble cause - not the Seychellois not the people of Sechelles Seychelles. 
When we make/ made the statement and it can be read and if we have to go to Court will refer to the threads - the process we work and contribute to the Opposition workings in Seychelles appointments - office running we mean just that,  perhaps less rather to little. Hookers and prostitutes you use and abuse them they will take you to the police/call for redress. This is our greater exile collective high responsibilities with all its judiciary relevant components.
How are we going to address/explain the EU institutions, the NGO, the voluntary Sectors of this development. The UN, the Francophone, the Commonwealth, the African Union, the Arab leagues, the None Aligned, the Asian Nations. What about the COI and RIM Association Nations.   "We picked something about the Financial Police Authority - those involved ought to study International laws and workings - we have judiciary rights  - we have the capacity and powers to question the workings of such policing we can even to further - use mechanism  which will cause and compel the removal of those and the officials involved.
We would like to address the golden question - when former President J R Mancham, President FA Rene and Dr Maxime Ferrari is no longer with us what will happen - to this very abnormal people/nation called Seychellois - who have refused to learn. They will have to eat their Manure.
Why we said we would write/address an issue with our toe -  we/I was blessed to learn to use a needle from a young age, then sent to a Catholic Boarding School, later in Europe the many instance have had to use a needle to repair and mend my shirts, trouser, ruck sack. As my grandparents would say - give me a piece of sail I will make a shirt and a trouser - today I found needle walking down Camden Market - after addressing the comment on the new Seychelles new portal and passing the building where I went to discuss and regulate my visit to Seychelles in 2004/5 and the earthquake and Tsunami which followed - the Illuminati. I spotted/found a needle.  What a needle represent in our French ancestral culture, Indian, African, Chinese. I/we did not find gold, diamond or cash we/I found a needle - all of you who will read and be reading this issues you can bet your bottom in silver or gold - there will be repercussions and how these issues are managed. The issues of the next most suitable person to lead SUP and run the New Seychelles Weekly. 
Further down the road there are some very very expensive properties - our chartered account had his Office on that road - those who have gifted us many items, including the complete test/examination for advance stock market, baking, financing, legal training book and documents and a plant - each year a very special events will have to occur in our community and in Britain and the world including demise. They have to be managed.
Having addressed - the issues of eating a dozen worms this Easter, have addressed the debacle of those who presented my person to purchase a painting of either Daniel in the Lion den or Moses - we/I choose Moses and gave the due explanation.  This Easter 2014 watched the video of Moses three times that Easter Morning a very angry instead of the Vatican mass.  Twice we watched the film involving Barabbas and Christ crucifixtion.  There is a great deal in this world and our life we have not shared and may never share. That SIROP program and the changes of the COMECON, the USSR and Germany Reunification were not a normal phenomena. We have worked those issues importantly.
We have stated and explained that Mr Ralph Volcer, a former Accountant, ex UKSCA Treasures resigned over a sum of £1500/2000 - lack of it.  Those wh9o judge and think they will starve our person of funds as they have done in the past and they control and dictate our life and workings - they have forgotten and they choose to forget very fast. Beside Money - financial resources there are more powerful resources which can replace and do greater and more important impacts. Our community has been using them for the past 35 years. This said let us not forget - what we addressed about that SIROP program and the Translation of that Creole Seychellois Bible - what it means and imply for any nation - be they/it our community in exile, Diaspora or the Nation and those living with us.  We have Mr Ralph Volcer handing in his resignation.
Mr Ralph Volcer used to enjoy discussion about "the magic wand - instead we find a needle".  We can calmly address the Seychellois nation where ever thy may be found - we are concern and care - we are also very fed up - with your practice.  You messed up big time in 1991 when you had the unique opportunity to change that nation.{We have stated/written that for the past 30 years in the responsibility of Interdisciplinary Management high working - have contributed to such process changed and Office or government  management on a global scale - across the world - covering a number of fields and disciplines, as such the experience and knowledge required}
After the global economic meltdown - we have demonstrated/showed you the importance and power which were used to put that program together and rebuild global economy and workings -the scumbags in the government and PL said this was their work and achievements  - you have failed to use and appreciate this opportunity, you have not been sent in exile  to Egypt/ across the world,  as we were and the Israeli -  in your own country, you failed terribly to grasp and note great lessons of life and heaven, you have failed to stand up and tell Seychelles government they are terrible and utter liars. The great 10 years of President JA Michel in Office - do you wish/want my person to tell and write about the real crap/manure - why President JA Michel is in office /10 years in Office -Our exile/refugee greater ancestral workings gave Mr J A Michel that wife of his and daughter for a reason/purpose - just as we found that needle today, beside so many other unexplained phenomena’s and issues and the experts conclusions.  I/we should have left you lots to the Communist system and the One party system - you were better off.  What awaits you and the world may be worse.

 Note - we are not in the best frame of mind  and did state we would write an article with our toes.

Ralph Volcère resigns as SUP interim leader, Weekly editor

Leader of one of Seychelles’ opposition parties resigns

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Leader of one of Seychelles’ opposition parties resigns

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