SIROP combine exile/refugee Program

SIROP combine exile/refugee Program
When will the 21,000 - 25,000 Seychellois exile/refugees get Justice

Monday, 30 April 2012

"The Seven plagues as in Christian belief associate/related to that SIROP program."

It is almost the months of May and one year since we began working with the SIROP issues in Redhill, Bruxells and Sechelles Seychelles.  The  Church, Interfaith issues this weekend, those we encountered, shared our thought in relation with that SIROP program and greater British and Global issues.  We had to work through the rain and concern the lawn mower would burn, the hedged fallen over and the dark rose bush against the wall had been rip from its support and bindings and the effort to make "Dracko's "life more comfortable - the black Labrador.

Beside it being one year since we took a different approach working the issues of that Exile/refugee issues above. The recent development in Sechelles Seychelles where those involved have taken to hijacking the business/economic aspect of that program as did Mr Giovanni Mario Ricci, the global associate with him, then President J Mancham and the exile , his own business syndicate and what ensued after 1991 onward. The idea we are left with the bone and they can have all the meat - forgetting the meat do not belong to them - but those 21,000 - 25,000 exile they say/fail to recognise they exist.

In 1991 we did not have the possibility to address the Seychelles exile/refugee community, leadership across the world some of the more complex working, economic, diplomatic, military, scientific issues as we have since and events. Still this is not preventing the highly corrupted and criminal practise - benchmark, by those involve.  Beside the global media, the EU, UN, Commonwealth, Francophone, African Union, the Catholic church and very many other relevant institutions, NGO's, individuals, Police authorities, national Intelligence Services.  Beside very many who have worked and acquired due expertise in the international field, discipline of exile/refugee working at very serious level, they teach a leading Universities and give important lectures - what we have been able to address some of them.  Beside our Forums and what the media have covered the past 21 years.

This weekend all these issues was churning in our mind. We had wanted to take a page form Mr Christopher Gill AFP and Star Blog and publish some shocking pictures related - the need to maintain the balance, however difficult and desperate the situation.

 Gulf War

1- The COMECON, USSR, China, OAU and the EU ought not to have taken the extreme development it took and the mess which ensued, the bust and boom - phenomena.

2- The WWW would/ought not to have been develop the way it did and those who hijacked it and what have ensued.

3- The Global "CDJ/Mad Cow, Vache folle, Satanic rage/rave, crack vibe and highly corrupted/criminal mechanism" - the state of the world, church and education, science as a results. With it the highly corrupted, media, TV, radio, diplomatic, military, politic, government working and corporate working - a very long list of ills.

The SIDA  epidemic

The Terrorist phenomena across the world, particularly in the Gulf and Indian Ocean region, the Somali pirate phenomena.

4- The Gulf Wars, the wantom destruction of other nation economy, infrastructures, killing of civilians, children, elderly hundreds of thousands because they cannot defend themselves. The hate which has engulf the world as a results.

5- Those from the scientific community, government, leading nations, miss representation of Climate, environment, scientific issues related to the global, regional climate phenomena, change and impact on global working, economy, agriculture, human life, sea life, nature, the animal world. The eco system.  The many earthquakes, the mega and terrible Tsunami of 2004/5 economic destruction, and human loss.

5- This will vex, get many in the USA upset, those who believe that the USA function alone in the world, they are not dependent other nations and economy for their functioning, their scientific institutions, many other national institutions the mega Economic and Financial melt down in 2008 and the impact on the USA Banking system - some 65 major banks were affected and in total some $2 trillions wasted away.

6- The development of the UN working, this institution was set up to look after the Small nations, those with no armies, those with no means to defend themselves - the new Benchmark with the UN develop - highly corrupted and what have ensued.

7- The mega meltdown of EU economy, banks, financial system and politic working from 2008 to date in Trillions of Euro that has been use to shore up and support the system. The state of the EU economy, the state of mind of young European.  The crises is ongoing and this morning as we preoccupied our person with those issues - PM Cameron brief statement.

Individuals like Mr Giovanni Mario Ricci, his important Italian associates, President FA Rene, Sir James Mancham and his associates, those in Mauritius, those in Reunion, those in Madagascar, those in Sir Lanka beside across under then OAU those involved, the Gulf Region rich and powerful Arab families. Very many in EU, the former COMECON, USSR knew there was a great deal of money to be made from that SIROP program and associated and gearing mechanism. In the case of President FA Rene and Mr Giovanni Mario Ricci they were managing wealth well into the $50 billions, yet the Seychellois exile did not and never existed, the people of Seychelles made to eat banana skin and sweat potato skin - with the involvement and participation of the UN, Commonwealth, Francophone, EU, the Church and OAU institutions. Beside the world media - Seychelles going bankrupt over $850 million two years ago.

This said, those involved who lead the affairs of the world, their expertise and advisers, they have know of some of the SIROP program issues and how it impacted, influence in degrees the above issues and they why - those who and all those who refused to acknowledge and integrate it in the overall and greater efforts to find solution.  Should one add in total of USA Dollars, what this will add up to.  "We have stated time and time again unlike President J Mancham, the other exile factions, President FA Rene government - we had put together a greater picture, economic and corporate scenario in term of global, many regional economy, some of the big multinationals working the amount of money involved and in total using the UN information and EU information, statistic, the Church and USA intelligence working, beside international think tanks and Institute for Strategic Studies.  We did that because of the Norm then, accountability - hence time and time again we were able to prove and tell everybody who had endeavoured to hijack, steal the concept and idea they would fail - why they would fail.

We can today and over the past 21 years compare the notes, evaluation, forecast as events develop and compare the over all mega wast, mess and current situation. Part of that SIROP program had been to re gear, new world issues and the need to have some facts and figures to work with. Specially in the field and case of Military and Nuclear weapon deployment, technology both East and West, NATO and using that money to develop developing nations infrastructures, economy, etc., their agricultural need, poverty and famine, education.  This will and would represent some highly shocking sum probably in excess of US $ 1500 trillions or very close. 

If/should individuals like President FA Rene and President J Mancham, the very blood and bone of the Seychellois exile, their mega and giant betrayal, denial, cover up and corrupted stand. Because of their selfish interests, greed and power desire. The question what do the world, the many International institutions, the francophone, the Commonwealth, the African Union today, France in particular, Britain, the USA - let alone country like India, the Gulf Region, Australia, China owe us, our ancestors, their heritage, honour, blood and bone, resting place. Meaning what motivation, good reasons do they have to help our 25,000 exile and help solve their plight, injustices and abuse.
 USA Economic meltdown

The question that need to be ask, raised - how much more negativity, mega economic global mess must take place and ensue for those who run and so call manage the  affairs of the world to come to their sense, make the connection, the coin to fall and begin to take that SIROP program seriously and all the associated issues.  Twenty one years all the leading governments, the generals and the Secrets services, agencies who quoted , put together the sum of maximum $50 million to change Seychelles government by use of Force. Yet here we have this utter mad situation where by just President FA Rene and Mr Giovanni Ricci they controlled, handled, managed in excess of $50 billion in related to that SIROP program.  It has cost the world, mankind, humanity in excess of $1500 trillion and the situation could/can get out of hand any time and everybody is pretending/pretends this program ever existed, it is all invention, those issues never existed and those 25,000 exile/refugee do not and never exist, their children, grand children, ancestors and resting place.
The fault cannot and must not be put in the pocket of only the above mention - the/those 25,000 Seychellois exile/refugees, their children, friends, associates, ancestors and relative in France, their important French, Canadian, Quebec and such connections/working to importantly blame.

Twenty one years ago it would have been impossible to address, publish such issues, let alone address a room, full of people, exile/refugee on such issues. Today we have this possibility, we have address and presented the issues here. The least educated Seychellois exile/refugee anywhere can use the Internet to read, copy, discuss, and make their view, feeling known, write to friends, acquaintance, associate, local voluntary, refugee, church connections,  politicians and MP, Euro MEP, the possibility and list is very long - yet nobody is doing it/this.
 EU economic meltdown

In Seychelles everybody and anybody can do the same, across the African Union, the COI members state, the RIM Association nations, the Arabs, the Indian, the Australians, the people of America, Canada, Quebec, Latin America.  What about the many regional NGO's, the many regional refugee/exile institutions, and the world. the church and the media. Nobody is doing this - the question to ask why.

What more right across the world there exist today the high mechanism for understanding such issues, buzz, feedback and checks. In other word what we have address here how much sense and credibility - if it is useful to them or not. Yet the whole world is screaming of the economic situation, particularly the EU who have invested and develop many important democratic, scientific bench mark project with Seychelles, the people and government.  They refuse to see, understand the link between that SIROP program and the mega economic mess in EU.

We have had the "Shark" phenomena in Seychelles - how the above issues we have address will/can only serve for more "human sharks, crooks and criminals to rub their hands together",  to plan more complex dishonest ways of defrauding the 25,000 Seychellois exile/refugees. Including leading politicians, diplomats, their media and many national institutions across the world.

Cameron says eurozone debt crisis has years to run

Thursday, 19 April 2012

What will it take for Seychellois business Executives to raise/develop higher Standard

Seychelles Bureau of Standard new building Providance

Can anybody Help with an Old picture of the Point Bureau of Standard

How many recall the issues of President FA Rene Standard Issues and the Chinese government building that new Standard building on the Providance reclamation, donated - from their earlier premise at Point Larue. The many promise and expectation, not just among Seychellois working executives, those who come to work in Sechelles Seychelles, do business and those from the larger - greater international business related working.  We have been and were those involved. Not just in relation to that SIROP program, some 25 years earlier work with Seychelles Government, its Ministries, regional business and International business Associates - most important in relation to the Charter we hold for the Indian Ocean for Interdisciplinary Management since 1979. The much anticipated greater and more positive Benchmark. 

Our first work, contribution in this field - the research we undertook Titled - Indian Ocean Industrial Investment Promotion Centre, then Cold War, then global, regional and India Ocean business and corporate practise. Beside OAU practises.  The greater emphasis then was to formulate a platform, required mechanism, methods and benchmark - where by given the Communist, East, COMECON Business practise, that of the West, that of the Small developing nations, Asia with the objective of developing a friendlier, more democratic if the term can be used by Western Business man, their multinational, in their dealing with Communist, Socialist nations like Seychelles, Madagascar, Comor, its regional partners, to foster positive business climate, investments, development climate.

The government promised much, the SPPF politicians and in term of delivery very little.  Yet, the media statements and communications to the International Standard Institutions, Agencies of the UN, EU, African Union, the Commonwealth on such issues and related benchmark.

The Oppositions, be they the media of SNP, Regar, NDP, the New Seychelles Weekly - Mr Ralph Volcer and Mr Paul Chow, former Editor of the Star, individuals in exile like Mr Betsey, of recent those from the Star Blog and SNP - Mr Christopher Gill, not to exclude the church media.

On our part we have in many instance address the international community, the leading EU, UN Judiciary, global policing bodies, the media and the church over/about - major fall out, very negative reaction, counter reaction as a results of those who used a number of highly negative methods, corrupted, crooked and criminal to take over control of that SIROP exile/refugee program and core economic projects - hijack the whole process. Either destroy or dismantle it or take credits where credits were not due. Three of the highly negative outcome and there exist science, discipline to prove and disprove this.

1- The Terror - International Terrorist phenomena with the EU, the USA, International community many major conference to address, debate and set in place measures to combat - this phenomena. The very important intelligence, scientific, military, policing and financial resources which were and have been deploy and the results. 

The important economic disruption, which have arisen across the world as a results. Those who were told in writing, refused to listen and joined all the criminals, crooks and implementing corrupting benchmark - in politic, economy, big finance, market working, social, scientific and very many other important issues affecting the world working. Particularly the role of the media in all of them.

2 -  Second on the list is the Global Scam which began to surface, practise and methodology. Mainly by the African nations and they took highly complex form - from bogus contracts, projects, banking, bingo, money transfers, bank accounts manipulation, large deposit, gold mine acquisition, project acquisitions.
This spread to Russia, East Europe, Italy, the USA, China and across the world

3 - The Indian Ocean - Somali pirate phenomena, their psychology, politic and business working associated, all those involved. Until it began to affect regional and world economic working. The decision of the USA, EU and international community to become more engage - then NATO, Russia, Japan, China, the African Union.

Yet again, all those who lead world affairs - the many international conference, debate and media issues.  Those who had been involved in the deployment of the many abnormal mechanism, benchmarks, crooked and highly corrupted workings.

Their refusal to acknowledge, that in and across the world today nobody is stupid from the poorest and the smallest nations, with or without military capabilities.

In Seychelles those who can refer to all our correspondences, representation to then Seychelles government from 1987 about that SIROP exile/refugee program, until President FA Rene was compel to leave Office.  Today the price we are paying and having to pay. Yet the politicians, from President JA Michel, the Ministers, the MNA and the very political Opposition refuse/are refusing to tackle the core problematic - which is the deployment and application  of that highly corrupted bench mark and counter reaction - negative reactions to its application.  The media active involvement.  Meanwhile the political management and deployment of "human "nerds" robot - slaves, from conception to death/the grave.

How this work in Sechelles Seychelles, affect our many national working and impacts. The process of harvesting information, intelligence, knowledge, criminal abuse, application, corrupted use and application. Our working relation with regional and international issues - the ensuing results. "Most important the central role of what we have been terming Satanic rage/rave, Vache folle, crack vibe,  CJD, neighbour from hell."

We saw the arrival of President JA Michel to power, his first Transition government from President FA Rene to his election and the National Election. The very many promises and reform announced - what ever became of them. Most important national moral renaissance, the political emphasis, resource being applied and motives/objectives - mind control process, agenda.

Time and time since the return of multi party in 1991, we have been drawing the attention that our ancestors - had benchmark and what has become of them - our French, British and colonial Business and corporate benchmark working - practises. We have been addressing Seychelles government directly, the President, Ministers, Members of the National Assembly and those appointed and nominated to serve on the Local/Village, District Councils.

We have seen the revamping of LUNGOS which was until Mr Bernard Elizabeth appointment led by Mr - ex Minister Mathew Servina. Among some of the politic if one may add our reason for contributing that Mr Bernard Elizabeth take the Office.

In Britain, France, across the EU, Canada, the USA, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa - the complex benchmark and working , contributions and input of NGO in monitoring, supporting small and big business, multinational working, ethic and such values.  Our efforts under that SIROP program to reintroduce and introduce this/these values in Seychelles.  In as much as Principal of Indian Ocean Interdisciplinary Management Foundation - the higher objective, goal of those in Austria - Vienna and all its Members, executives who contributed and help foster this belief.

Since 1991, very Western and former socialist governments, their institutions and many NGO's have been to Seychelles, studied, discussed our best practise and benchmark, offered to contribute with their experiences and expertise. Including India, China, Russia, several countries form the OAU/African Union.

In instance - those from African Union Countries their business, corporate benchmark - judge that as a small nation Sechelles Seychelles was remarkably advance and they came and have been coming there to learn, discuss, exchange views and ideas on the existing practise and their practises. Beside their have been many small regional platform of the African Union, East Africa, South Africa, North Africa, the Francophone, those of Latin America, ASEAN, Commonwealth whereby such exchange, discussions, trainings have taken place.

What about the role of SIM and national education institutions contributions and participation. Particularly SIM and its original mandate, reason for coming into being, then Mr Guy Morel, Mr Giovanni Mario Ricci, President FA Rene, Dr Maxime Ferrari, the local business, Chartered accounts firms.

It would take a great deal of writing to address the SIM development since 1991, the return of Multi party, national business and economic process, social process, all those who have Headed SIM which until recently was part of the government working - the  motion in the National Assembly to change this.

This said the need to study and evaluate government national higher education policy - investment  and politic into future business leaders, academician, experts with varied qualification - certifications in wide field of disciplines.  The much debated issues, policies, Tax payers money in Seychelles, regional, African Union, Gulf region, ASIAN state, EU, the UN, Commonwealth, the Francophone - beside others. What impact - fundamental have they made and brought about.  We would like to state we belong to those young Seychellois who have been privilege to have had working experience with a number of UN and EU high Institutions - particularly the UN, their/its policy, long term strategy, vie towards the small and young nations in term of academic achievements, nation building, beside regional own national strategy, economic and business competitiveness.  We have made substantial contribution which have gone un mention by the local and national media. Our own business experiences in Seychelles 35/40 years ago  and involvements.

More important our international business experience, knowledge and fields  of expertise - there are not many - if any at all young Seychellois who can calmly state such business experience without reverting to boasting.  To name just a few several leading Austrian multinational, work with former COMECON in their case not multinational financing but government Economic, international monetary politic - what it take to formulate and make it happen that such issues get address and their discussions take place - these issues leading to events just before the COMECON change.

We have had similar experience in relation to Gulf Region States, Asia, then OAU, Latin America, USA - then Europe economic and monetary policy formulation.  What we have addressed about the state of British economy from 1979 to the coming to Office by PM Blair.  Equally there are not many young Seychellois who can openly state their international/global contributions to world/global economic, business, multinational working. What it take to contribute to a major economic meltdown and equally contribute to help rebuild it.

Since the change in USSR, our contribution in what is modern china economy, India and some of the Asian Nations. It is with these understanding that we want to question - enquire of the Business and corporate Benchmark progress and development in Seychelles.

We also began to work, contribute and made due input as and when requested, required in terms of multidicsciplinary high management into some of the world then leading Central banks, that of France, Germany, Italy, Austrian, later Britain, the USA, Canada, after the change the Russian, the Chinese, Japan - Central bank issues of Latin America and the development of the EU Central bank.

We have acquired and make important similar contributions over the past 25 years into the IMF and World Bank workings - what this statement imply.

In more recent the working of the Regional gulf nation Central banks and future monetary development/policy.  This is not a light statement - we know all those young Seychellois with such knowledge and expertise - should they wish to contact our person to discuss, debate the above statements would be glad. (Yet again the benchmark and practise at global level - those who know these issues and yet their approach and attitude to our person - the very highly corrupted and dishonest practise, in spite of the last major Financial and economic meltdown - near greater global human suffering and perishing - they are at it yet again, they forgotten by/for greed driven, their warp mentality)

It was, has been from this prospective we have questioning Seychelles government best business practise since the introduction of multiparty, the implementation of that SIROP program - the important economic, business aspects of it.

We will be very frank - the impact of that Program on many important aspect of regional multinational working, small and big business, policy, institutions and progress such as their national institutions like SIM. Anybody, politicians, individual who get, become involve in putting such major economic, political and social change is required to look at the short, medium and long term impacts, changes, challenges, problematics. Events which will follow.  We have addressed those issues not in books or lectures but on Blogs. We have address the many relevant high parties, leading politicians, their government, institutions and media.

Whilst addressing these issues - our mind is very focus on the role of President James Mancham past, in exile, the multiparty issues and current development.  We witnessed the loss, death of former Minister Mathew Servina 17/4/12, one week after the first Easter of the first Gulf War. The highly corrupted global, government, multinational - big business practise which led, caused, drove the region and the Allies in that first Gulf War. The decision of President James Mancham to develop the political approach he did in his then DP Party and time in Opposition.

Equally important, the statement of Mr Mathew Servina to support former President Mancham in National Reconciliation process - in term of economy and business, investment.  We have stated that President James Mancham had opposed that SIROP program in the first place until he and his supporters realised it was very serious - what took place.  The same position was taken by Mr Mathew Servina - who was a staunch supportor of Socialism if not extreme, Marxist, the working of OAU, its politic, economy, military and other institutions.  He had refused to be found in the wrong. The bitterness wish developed between our person. Indeed, the bad practise of using his influence, connections to discredit us at OAU and later African Union level - working and regional working. This we all know is one of Seychelles bad practise, problematic and challenges.

It was/is this combination of social, national working which in greater part led to the near bankrupt of the Nation - Seychelles, the role of the Central Bank and Seychelles Development Bank.  It was the Benchmark, Standard, Best practise in place which led to this.

We have addressed the issues of a National review of that SIROP exile/refugee program in term of greater accountability.  On the one hand we have the former President Mancham as first president of the Republic, his time in Exile and what we went through, the British economy, African, Arab, Asia and Europe economy - the stand he and his party took in the then National Assembly, taking credit for events, development which he was not due.  Those young politicians in Seychelles, the region and in exile who decided this was the best practise and benchmark.  How this impacts and related to what we have addressed above and the development, progress of SIM - the Seychellois business, corporate culture and best practise.

From the then Seychelles government - Mr Mathew Servina had represented a formidable force, those who know and analyse Seychelles politic, progress, process.  He had broken away for the main stream of SPPF and decided to advance - progress in the field of Human Rights in Africa and the Region - shortly after the fall of the COMECON, changes in the USSR and China and Gulf Nations.  It is not up to us to debate here those individuals who for years have been strong advocating of a particular politic, society, business practise and why, what compel, the good reasons - this is the work of the younger generation to find out.

He became importantly engage in the development of CIVIC Society in Seychelles - the issues here was not best practise, or radical departure from the of regime - but to use those the government judge supported their politic, benchmark practise to place, support and give them the national resource to put into place such Bodies and Institutions. In turn how the UN, EU, Commonwealth, the Francophone, the Arab Leagues, the USA, Latin American, the North African Nations, their governments, Asia - saw and relate to this approach and way of Seychelles government working. From Human Rights to Democratic working, Small Business practises.  How he went about to influence its development and working.

We will not go into, detail the list of development program , project of the government since multiparty return in 1991.  Where we have witnessed, seen the same manner of working, benchmark as that applied in the initial development and setting up of LUNGOS and the Human Rights Body in Seychelles. Notice we have not raised the issues of the 21,000 - 25,000 Seychellois exile/refugees, their Human Rights, cultural rights, National and international Rights as laid out by the many Laws, Protocol - yet it meant nothing, they just did not and do not exist. Yet their very important and significant input and contributions which have formed and founded the Seychellois nation, the return of multi party, the many important economic and social development.

Among others, beside the position adopted by the main Opposition - SNP we had a situation where by the Government, the politicians from SPPF/PL and their Associated controlled and dictated the vast working of Seychelles business entities, Small business, regional and international business. 

Most important this is reflected in the great disparity on the one hand Seychelles government nearly went bankrupt over debts of £850 millions. The brief economic, national economy, the reclamation project, infrastructures.  On the other hand we had those involved in the SPPF/PL, government and its Business associate controlling some near $10 billions business portfolios, financial, property etc. How they had build, methods, and manner they had achieved this. For our Small nation this is very important if not unique and significant.  This compare to other nation practise regional, African, Asian, Arab.

This has set business culture precedences, thinking, in depth, deep rooted manner and rights of who can and has the and what rights to do what in the Seychelles, regional business and international workings. What manner and methods those involved use and choose to maintain their rights, precedents and objective is another question.

We would like to take the opportunity to underline - state to all those in Seychelles who fail and keep failing to note how our greater French ancestral working function across the world, be they in Canada, Quebec, EU, Africa, Asia, South America. Yet those young academician, intellects, those who want, strive to build a new Seychelles - their refusal or lack of understanding of such working, its, their benchmarks.

By now a large number of the Seychelles media, politicians, academicians, business minded individual of Seychelles and international origin cannot fail to have notice - come across Mr Barry Laine Global address to the Seychellois community out of Seychelles - having excluded the exile/refugees numbering some 21,000 - 25,000 on a list of national projects, ventures, developments which is expected and bound to take our nation, the future generation in their next economic and regional business challenges.  We will not list them here will add a link to this global address at the end of this topic.

Not to mention the manner these issues have been presented and addressed - we get the feeling nobody has learnt anything. We are back in the Old days meaning then one party State working and practise.

It is highly important to note Mr Laine experience and field of expertise and experience. Equally important - his involvement in the setting up of the Seychelles University, his own Academy of High Performance, beside the Alternative Health Centre.

Thirty years ago when Dr Maxime Ferrari was Minister for Development, the manner, approach he worked with the relevant UN, IMF, Europe, OAU institutions to promote, present such intentions and projects - the Communist, socialist corporate and best practise.  At least adequate room was left for those regional and international investor - participants to state and make their interests known, become involved.

The manner we perceive Mr Barry Laine is proceeding - beside our in depth experience and knowledge of what can and may be best term unethical - meaning, those who have been using certain poor or dreadful methods, mechanism, motives to take over, drive their business interests, perception, the highly abusive and corrupted global practise - this is not taught at the UNI, you acquire this at work. What has led and contributed to three major global economic and business melt down. Beside that first Gulf War and the Second.  Particularly of educative purpose the last global economic and business meltdown - not what the media and politicians have told us. What serious academicians, researchers and highly objective minded citizens of the world have concluded.

In brief we cannot repeat the same mistake, we cannot go down that same road - this time the consequences will have far reaching and damaging impacts. Those who really know how very close the world and mankind had been from a very big if not mega mess. The peril of millions of humans.

In corporate working this may be call bad looser - the need to remind all involve and wishing to work, becoming involve with Mr Barry Laine list of business venture - to research like every civilised nations, all those individuals involve, their time and important investments. Particularly given the manner those who wish/want to get on - the important loss of lives and property associated to progress, foster and take the respective ventures and projects forwards - because of such/those benchmark in place everybody become tight lip, do as if such practise and process do not exist and methods the multinational do and get their business and plans through.

It cannot fail those who observe our affairs, from the EU, UN, African Union, Gulf nation - the current approach, development and best practise to drive those venture and projects forward best resemble - lack of experience/expertise by small criminals, crooks. They lack the mannerism, the astuteness, the flair, the opulence, the colourfulness, we can add a long list to those then working with President FA Rene until he departed from Office, the setting up of the Central Bank and Development bank.  The acceptance of that SIROP program and its implementation - sophistication and complexities, diversity of issues - not to mention important gearing mechanism -methods.

At this point wish/would like to underline our past important Italian International cooperate working and best practise, this practise taken over meanwhile by the Russian, former East European,  Asian, Arab nations and African. { Has anybody pointed to those involved, Seychelles High Academy Performance and others - since 1998 the associate issues, working with 1000 Business Ventures - it is a very Russian approach to solving small and large business challenges - practical. We introduce these issues in Seychelles in 2000.}

Along with our Old national Italian corporate international and regional business working - were important belief, interfaith issues. This is best understood by the Muslim Faith, Hindu faith when it come to corporate and best business practises.

One of the golden rules if we may say/state this every generation of young corporate adventurers has  a duty, to use the old knowledge, experience, expertise of past elite best practise, formulate new methods and best practise to take their generation the next step. We come to those who trained and educated us, saw to it that we grew up and became the youth and later young adults. In our case the respective Church and Faith in then Seychelles, their families and individuals.

There is the important need and requirement to underline those of us who have been privileged to have had such education, family connection, support, blood connection of the very ancient rules. The need to respect, their values, such working, honour and with it the due and added responsibilities.  They are not to be taken lightly - what is written and not written, the code of conducts.

We do trust we are not talking to our person - because in Reunion, Mauritius, Madagascar, Comor, South Africa, Asia those who will be able to draw similarity, with their challenges and constraints.

We have addressed this issues before - the analysis of Mauritius economic, business and politic dynamic in the Indian Ocean, their aspiration - their position as small and developing country in Africa and the world. At the core of it our French/British European ancestral complex mechanism - those important individuals who held the responsibilities to manage and make their due in put Dr Navin Roogalam Guru and Mr Harel. Since their departure the instability which have emerged, began to develop and the inability for the younger generation to come to grip with such working adequately.  Our question, how many is Sechelles Seychelles are very aware of this situation.

There are - will be many who have and know of our person in EU the past 35 years who will conclude this is/has been a very if not poor efforts to address the above issues in writing.  Give the young generation of business man and woman in Seychelles, those modern investors. Those who may judge we have reached the stage that we can address a large public audience. This is not what we have in mind. We are not one of those who hold importantly to such process.  Because of the limits on what one can state/say in public.  We do not believe that it is correct and right just to put people to sleep as we use to say when we had to attend and listen to such events and lectures.

Equally important, having mentioned our process in real business term in Seychelles - the role and function of the Seychelles Chamber of commerce International - events the past 21 years, reactions of the Opposition politicians at what they see the government control of everything - exclusion process. The announcement last week on the back of Mr Barry Laine global announcement that they will build a new building to House the Seychelles Chamber of Commerce - what corporate an d best business practise benchmark is envisaged and expected from this new environment.

Equally important, the announcement 18.4.12 of special legal framework, judicial process which will improve if we may use the terminology in respect to Seychelles corporate working, the ability to have judicial recourse where it concern the political important interest of the government, party, institutions and high corporate associate. In our visit to Seychelles in 2000, 2004 and 2009 we debated and raised those issues, because of the amount which is owned to our person for many years of work with the government its associate and their manner approach , refusal to acknowledge and pay for our expertise, knowledge and work. Their view and benchmark. Had we had  a small percentage of these out standing money - what we would have represented by way of competitive party when in come to corporate business in Seychelles, the region and internationally - the issues of compensation. Not just our person but a large percentage and children of those 21,000 - 25,000 exile - the flood of court case and compensation.

We had reasonably expected with the significant efforts, work on our Exile/refugee community and our person in the long, hard and bitter battle to find Justice for those 21,000 - 25,000  Seychelles exile, their children and old family, their rights and ancestral heritage and important good will - to enable some degree of due accountable functionality to come into being /work in Seychelles in our corporate, business affairs - to lobby, work that what is known as the big Five international chartered account Firms come as set up shop in Seychelles.  This is not some loud mouth - having stated over the past 25 years our international involvements in economy, finance, international corporate working - need, is required to be reasonable informed of what is taking place, new development, science, discipline - politic and media associated issues.

We wish to underline - emphasis to those involved with the numerous project Mr Barry Laine is endeavouring to drive - the unpublished detail, issues of what brought Arthur Andersen to near Bankrupt, they were the number one - those important USA politicians and British who know of the core issues. President FA Rene has/had reasonable knowledge, so too our Italian high Corporate partners. 

Meanwhile, all the young and older Seychellois who have acquired position by the remaining Big four, the global challenges, facing them their respective clients and due responsibilities in maintaining some level of sanity in high corporate working. Particular the political muddle - those politicians who judge they are God - they have acquired Godly powers and can decided and dictate anything.

Time and time we have stated to the Seychelles populate, politicians, institutions, business and diplomatic community of our important role and involvement in the WEB Project. We have endeavoured on behalf of our ancestral working, benchmark to communicate address a very vast array of issues - knowing the above situation reasonably well in Seychelles, Mauritius, Reunion, Madagascar - the COI countries, the RIM Association nations, the African Union working, the Gulf region nations working - with very slow impacts, results and progress.  We will not address the role and involvement of the Church and interfaith.

Equally, important - the international and regional efforts we have made to help build a more dynamic and accountable NGO working in Seychelles, with the in put, help and support from EU and rest of the world - the impact, process and very slow progress - results.

For those interested we are publishing this thread from the back, near the British Library - the many threads stating out community role as positive impact of that SIROP program from London/Britain - the positive synergy/dynamics with contributed to Building this Library, that of President Francois Mitterrand in Paris and that of President FA Rene in Sechelles Seychelles. Such Project is not to be scoff and sneered at by nobody in Seychelles, Mauritius, Reunion, Madagascar and the region.  The contents, knowledge, functionality of those Libraries in comparison to the highly corrupted system and benchmark.

Polite Note:
We have not edited this Blog fro lack of time - will do so later.
{It would be very helpful to the young Sechelles Seychelles generation if somebody like Mr Julien Durup could write an article on Pere Chang Tave, that very colourful and charismatic Seychellois Priest and his respective Family, his knowledge of most of the then young Seychelles politicians - including president FA Rene.} We have very good reasons for this request. 

Note: We are not going to add this to our Forum instead here - those politicians are thick headed/refuse to listen.

 Third meeting of the National Economic Council

Monday, 2 April 2012

Forthcoming Easter 2012 and the many political Pastors, Evangelists & disciples

Chartres Cathedral Labyrinth

In Sechelles Seychelles, since Multi party return the people, the citizens some 98,000  have experienced an explosion of religious expression, we will attempt to list them. Like so many Christian nations their respective society in search of the Truth and the dynamic, synergy that will give, provide them with a meaningful existence and after life.  The past Easter since multi party return.

The very many who make the nation of Seychelles, in the Indian Ocean and around the world, their ancestral christian roots, beside other belief - the may not know everything about how the divinity, greater spiritual issues, miracle work - they do know that in was a great Miracle that changed Seychelles and as such the many challenges over the past 35 years and who and by what Supreme Power they have been spared the fate of other nations in the region.

List of Churches, denomination, Sects and other Faith:
RC church, Church of England, SDA, Jehovah Witness, Orthodox,  Bahia, Baptist, Later Day Church/Mormon, Pentecostal, Scientology's,  Rev Moon - check it out, Buddhist, Hindu, Islam, Jews, Agnostic, Free Mason, from the beginning of mankind - the need to understand by Human the Power that be, the All Mighty, the Creator, God - Divinity. The important relation to their existence, life and functioning.

Over the past 35 years have underlined time and time again - the important relation in our national politic, the church and interfaith relation.  Those who studied and took the priest vocation then decided to join politic - how they contribute and why.  Many young politicians fails to recognise this, they believe with the modern technology - they can bypass this important and paramount interconnection and lead our people and nation, society.  This said thus they are failing and wast/spend precious energy because at the end of the day - how and why a person is so chosen to lead our nation, people, become president or prime minister- that person need/duty among other to understand the function and purpose of the church , Christianity in our nation functioning and assist, contribute to his Office and government working.

To better understand this the need to review the role of the Church and its function in our politic during the One party state, before and since the return of multi party - what is holding and keeping a large percentage of that nation their families together during grave crises, very difficult time and family tragedy - pain - it is not the State and its politicians.  Unlike Mauritius the way they do their politic, business and finance - the Seychelles model, its uniqueness in the region and Africa.  The question to ask why and how this works so.  The spiritual, social and political mix in Mauritius is very different to Seychelles and Reunion, eventually Diego Garcia.

In as much/equally sine the return of multiparty, the freedom and the many political Leaders and their factions, parties and supporters - what they represent and their relation to the people, citizen and nation.

List of political parties, quasi political interests and affiliations:
NDP - Sir James Mancham, Volcer, Paul Chow  etc
SPPF/PL - President FA Rene, JA Michel, JP Adam, Belmont, D Faure etc
Jacques Hodoul, Berlouis etc
SNP - Dr Maxime Ferrari, Hon Wavel, JF Ferrari, Mancienne, etc
David Pierre, Carpin etc,
Alliance - who represent them, Boulle, ex UKSCA chair
SIROP - The many vested national interests and those who represent it/them.
Hindu - Dhanjee
Muslim -
Ecologist -
Rastafarian Movement
SFP - Christopher Gill
The Francophone supporters/advocacy -
The Commonwealth -supporters/advocacy
African Union supporters/advocacy.
None Aligned supporters/advocacy
There are other quasi political groupings - interests, NGO,s

This stated, like and as all Evangelist, what they preach, represent and evangelise. ( What they stand for politic, economy, development, business, finance, health, agriculture, tourism, society, culture, gender, religion, Trade Union, education, democracy, Justice etc)

The Party of the government - is taking a large percentage of national and public resource to promote a new Seychelles and Society. Their purpose and objectives, agenda. (Evangelism campaign and Program, at the centre/core their/the message)

 What about the other - what are they up to meaning the many political parties, factions and affiliations, their Evangelising program so to speak. Objectives,  Beside their respective news media in each above case, their blog, facebook and other social platform.  The issues, their respective program and message they have been putting across and through. The many important attempts we have made to achieve certain objectives,  failed and why.

We have noted, all those political Oppositions in the face of mounting foreign take over of the nation economy their call for enhance, radical reassessment of the nation economy. The issues of Air Seychelles in particular. Those who have gone about to outline very important and dynamic Economic and Financial working - their sincerity and objectives, aspirations. The energy demand, the Resources required, necessary, man power, expertise and Money.

Needless to say, each of these political faction have their supporters regionally and Internationally and Europe, Africa, Arab - Gulf Region, Asia, China, Australia, the USA, Russia, Canada. Beside those 21,000 - 25,000 exile/refugees, their respective connections and workings. The difference of the Migrant community from Seychelles who live out of their country some 20,000 above, their respective connections, workings and resources.

In advocating for the registration of that SIROP etc., exile/refugee program in Sechelles Seychelles, Bruxelles and elsewhere - the need, important necessity to bear in mind - by why unique Power, Force this overall program was put together and came to realisation.  All those in Seychelles and around the world who believe they can bypass this with new intelligence, technology, practises and expertise.  We have been monitoring for the past 23 years those bodies and institutions in Seychelles, Regionally and internationally who can lend, capable of working, contributing and developing ongoing model - possibilities to work with these issues positively. This is not a light statement - we are very and fully aware how devout the Muslim are and take their faith.

We take this opportunity to wish everybody an enriching Easter and with it blessing and positive experiences - that can take us through the rest of the year and its challenges. We wish to underline we have been touched by a personal positive experience thinking of the past Easter since multi party return, what await us and future direction.  Our objective is to share it - this.

Country Life (Seychelles) - linked to Country Life USA, EU and world Project debacles.

Since 1991, we have been addressing President FA Rene, all then alive individuals, Mrs Flavie Jackson - until the departure from Sechelles Seychelles of Mr Walter Westerholt/Edmond and his wife, the list of the Seventh Day Adventist individuals from the three churches in Seychelles we had/have written and addresed the issues. The involvement of Pastor Esparon.Their major involvemnt in the Drug issues today in Seychelles, their very dishonest approach/manner of working. Some of those who went to school in the SDA Bel Air -class friends their complain.

A health shop in Victoria and a Rejuvination Centre/Farm - Mr Patric Stravens

Long before the Project in Le Niol, the Wishing well, and Mr James Sabadin Health Centre. There is another  wellness project on South  Mahe.

We had been in contact with their sister project in Vienna since 1979 - Esta Cost, requirements of German speaking authorities and UN Diplomats even went there for lunch. The German speaking Restaurant standard for Vegetarian. In 1981 onward the Country Life - 123 Regent Street and Enton Hall. We also had a brief intense experience in their West Coast USA  whole sale and Restaurant in New York.

We were in touch with their La Chapelle, Paris project - drug addict etc rejuvenation.

The Founder of Marseille Country Life and our person trained together - we have maintained contact.

We have taken some of the Opposition Leader of MPR/SNM to meet Country Life in London/my original idea was to do a Kibbutz Project in Seychelles.  Lady Tacther was very impressed by the work and vision. {The call by Mr Barry Lane for Seychellois to come back home and build their country - we have been at the fore fornt of those issues and the massive exclusion, corrupted, evil practice we have encountered and had to face in Seychelles from the government and its officials - is that the real motive/fear President FA Rene refused after 13 attempts in 2009 to give me a meeting.}

Beside we have been involved in alternative medecine since 1958/9 then Seychelles practices, the farm at Point Larue and Anse aux Pins, this involvement in Europe and the world the past 35 years. Issues at global level. Issues of British NHS, Issues in Seychelles and France.

{This is why we cannot understand the Family - Mr Horry Edmond family - grave health, children and the church in Seychelles and Britain on his development - those who judge my idea daft}

Beside - my ex Austrian wife Family have an extensive business in Wellness in Tirol - Mayerhofen. 

We have attempted to submitt Planning in Sechelles Seychelles.  The very place where President FA Rene sent/instructed then Minister JA Michel to lay a Village stone - it is there to this day - witness. 

 Note: This Blog is not one person belonging, the need to have your feed back and views in many instances.