SIROP combine exile/refugee Program

SIROP combine exile/refugee Program
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Friday, 25 October 2013

Ancestry - Madame Fernand ! Pothin /Cayol - Cauvin - Esparon family of former Anse aux Pins/Aux Cap

Madame Fernand ! Pothin /Cayol-Cauvin-Esparon family of former Anse aux Pins/Aux Cap

The re building of that Anse aux Pins Church is not a light topic - had we been in Seychelles/Home would have tried to explain, with out getting  the greater world involved, those who have no business to know. Among an important issues the historic flood which devastated Lourdes - Christian brothers and sister we are talking about Faith and its Power. What the scientist and the Church attributed the devastation - we shared this with certain families in Britain. Prior to the Consecration of that St Micheal Archangel Basilica/church, those families who have been praying, their respective Church for  over one year. We had managed to make it to Angers/Loire to pray among other reason/Pilgrim. Given the economic situation the/that  whole Family who made the Pilgrim to Lourdes to pray one month before the Consecration, the important decisions would my person be allowed to come for the Consecration - if that was not possible,  instead we had wanted to go to Chartres Cathedral if we could not come Home - landed in Calais, the issues we shared with the Church and Responsible. {We ask believers and none believers to drink a very large glass of clean water then react, please respect the Faith of their fellow brothers and sisters - whatever their. }

Madame Fernand ! Pothin /Cayol -  Cauvin - Esparon family of former Anse aux Pins/Aux Cap

We have edited and decided to add this picture of Madam Danielle Mitterrand -she never had it easy with President F Mitterrand, his important imput, contributions in that SIROP program, the COMECON and USSR change, Europe - she battled on and the important, very rich  Legacy she has left France. She rest at Cluny - the Cluny Nuns who educated the girls, mothers of our Colonial Seychelles, Reunion, including the Pothin, Cayol - Cauvin - Esparon etc., .  This said from the workings of high interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary discipline - contributed and worked World first ladies back some 35 years ago, Former President and deceased wife, Counter part wives of leading business/corporate entities, Royal families of the world, Beside others/simpler. They/we did not have the social Network.

Nathalie - Choeurs de l'Armée Rouge

Gilbert Becaud - Nathalie - YouTube

Madame Fernand ! Pothin /Cayol -  Cauvin - Esparon family of former Anse aux Pins/Aux Cap

Friday 25th October, 20013

Our system, retrieval of info from our Europe prospective is not  at all organized.  In the month of June 2013, prior to the Consecration of that Anse aux Pins Basilica/church  - St Micheal Archangel, addressed the issues of the Daidon/today Didon family property history at  Anse aux Pins, by the sea side, the Edmond - not Lafortune, it became so by marriage - from the Sea front way back to the marsh that strip/property had belonged to the Edmond Family bordering the Uranie Family.  They were marine and building/structural  carpenters - they build their own small and big fishing boats. They used to cultivate cash crop, potatoes, tobacco, Vanilla, coconuts. The front of the property served as fish/fruit and vegetable open  Market/shed for the fishing boats, shelter for the fisherman, public   and Bus/Camion stop. Our great Aunt Edmond's married into the Lafortune Family.

It is a crying shame we have forgotten the name of the Family to the right facing the Sea - they were an important Fishing Family. We grew up, played together.

The property today known as the Edmond, Chetty had belonged to the Daidon/today Didon family. It is this Property we had addressed those from the Family in Holland with children on Holiday and those from Vienna - Austria with children on  Holiday. Please take some pictures of the old Madam Fernad Pothin house, as we had misplaced ours.

Bordering that property facing the Sea was the Gros Sammy/Chetty Family/Hoareau. Beside the Calorifer, they traded in Cinnamon, Coconuts, Patchouli, cash crop and Timber.  On their Sea front property - then Mr Olaph Monty working for that Family build the famous, Cinema/Club/Center - a very pro Democratic party venue.

Our interest had been into the history and ancestral Family debacles/workings which led to the Father of our Grand mother Mr Theodore Daidon/Didon exchanging their property at Aux Cap, next to the Dr Michel D'Offay and Mr Louis D'Offay, including the Sea front with/for the Pothin/Cayol/Cauvin/Esparon property at Anse aux Pins. Today the Edmond and Chetty Family.

These Old Sechelles Seychelles Families had a very different approach to life, society, culture, business, religion to what exist in Seychelles today.

Until our last visit in 2009, we had passed by the Old House of Madam Fernand Pothin - the old abandoned wooden House.  The Sechelles Seychelles we grew up was a unique place - the way things, issues and family connections, traditions were shared and passed on.  As a child we had overheard often of the conversation about those two Families and the issues of the exchange. Beside the Pothin Family in Victoria and Plaisence - those who were polite towards us knowing the history which we did not know - until, when the failed return for study/school in East Africa - Uganda, Kampala 1960's - life alternative.

We had been unofficially adopted by then Judge Stiven from Zanzibar, the Families involved.  At then Seychelles College Part time Student and helping to run/work the former Sir Clement Nageon De Letempt  Q.C., property - decision to build a large Ocean going boat, in case of a Revolution as/like Zanzibar,  with much of the equipment, plans, tools brought in from Zanzibar, the need to have a building big enough close to the Sea front/ramp.

It was then,  that we were informed that Mr Louis D'Offay was fabricating/producing red brick - good enough quality to construct house and large buildings, like in East Africa and Zanzibar.  We visited Mr Louis D'Offay property, Dr Michel D'Offay had been the Daidon/Didon, the Edmond, the Lafortune, the Cayol, Straven, Ghontier, Jumeau very many families at Anse aux Pins, Point Larue and Capucin Family doctor. He had know us as children we were very wild. Mr/Dr  Anthony - Grand Tony D'Offay had equally known us as children/Family, part of the Families at Point Larue then and Today - South East Island their Residence, Anse Royal and where the Gulf Course, Reef Hotel and the W&C French Housing Estate is today. Next door the Bailey very large Estate as children with my cousin during school Holidays, had gone there to sell honey produced on the Family property, beside  Mr Louis D'Offay and then Madam Fernand Pothin. The respective Families from Aux Cap to Anse aux Pins, including the Albert Family - Property neighbour.

He agreed a contract with then Judge Stiven - who had related of our Family connections and Friends from Zanzibar. The Rasool Family who had a commercial Transport business, others existed to do the transport and ex Army lorry -driven by Mr Rasool eldest Son and the youngest daughter always accompanied him, then Miss Danielle Rasool and today Judge Danielle Rasool.

After school and work, the venues for socializing which existed, Chez Nous at Point Larue, SDP at Mr Chammery Chetty property, Aux Cap the private/ only by strict invitation only Madame Fernad Pothin, those at Beau Vallon and Victoria - several, they parents " would kill or beat/scold severely",  those children who frequented and attended parties in/at inappropriate places and venues people and school friends. What was permissible and not.  Beside the honey sale at Madam Fernand Pothin place - we really go to know and appreciate this kind, elderly lady at those private parties and Comtole and those personalities from then Seychelles communities who did or dare to attend and the fun,  great time we had.  When we tried to misbehave she would tell us off or get her baton or refuse that,  the person come back/bared as punishment. It was not a place/venue for the faint hearted young gentleman and ladies.

With the decision to build the New Harbour reclamation project and the International Air port. All the hard work done to make/turn Point Larue property  into a leave-able place, small farm and work place went to the dogs. The sea Front properties was to be filled in from South East island to Roche Caillement. All the leading Families suffered the same fate - the mega devastation and catastrophe.

We managed to acquire then Captain de Lafontaine property/ex Hermitte,  which was/had come on  the market - next to the Hermitte, Monchouguy. Then Farmers/Planters of the South East Mahe - the important help and support Judge Stiven received from all the leading Families along the coast, in particular the D'Offay Families/ Bailey's.  Intense workings discussions, advice in very many matters to manage/work and run a medium  Estate/dairy Farm, etc.

Beside madam  Fernand Pothin who had kept a close eye on our person, Mrs Jumeau, Mrs Monchouguy, Mrs Hermitte, Mrs Louis D'Offay  and Dr Paul D'Offay wife and children. The situation which had began to surface.  The need for our person to have a girl friend/serious lady friend. Though we had attended very many of the events at Madam Fernand Pothin place - the son's,  children or Mr Louis D'Offay seldom if ever visited/attended.  The music  on Friday night /Saturday. Across the Island we had build a few reasonable friendly relation with the respective families daughters.  As such the decision on our part to approach Mrs Louis D'Offay wife for permission to invite her daughter to our school function at Judge Stiven Residence Anse aux Pins those who really know the issues - the intention had been to propose.  The very little the grand parents had implanted in use certain workings and notion of life, culture and respective values. Because of the tarnished reputation we were turned down.  We then decided to opt for  somebody in the SDA church and events -outcome.

Life is very and indeed very strange - what our parents do not tell us and what we have to learn from  the school of life. Beside later issues after we had been unofficialy adopted relating to the Pothin family's,  those very close to my ex wife from Mauritius, Mr Leon Pothin's respective families. Much more important the important person of Mr Marcel Pothin in London/Britain, the rich interactions and friendship. In Seychelles my mothers very close/well connected relation and friendship with the Pothin Family.  From The St Louis Family - there had been a very interesting connection that of Mr Fabien Pothin and the story.

In Europe over the past 35 years working with the vast complexities of our Sechelles, Seychelles, Mauritius, Reunion, South Africa, Madagascar, India, south Asian, East Africa and Diego Garcia  - France, the very rich experience and knowledge we have acquired in the process. In return how we have taken to give back to those who have helped enriched our understanding and knowledge of such and these important issues, heritage, values. Most important the important role personalities like Dr/Mr Anthony - Tony, Dr Paul and Louis D'Offay respective families were to play among the many leading families from Seychelles to help, guide us that we put that SIROP program together, in the manner we did, events, the change and Sechelles Seychelles today - particularly the wedding of then Minister JA Michel to then Miss Natalie Pothin  2005. The Presidency, events we have in instance addressed and commented on and current development.

We do not have access to Seychelles National archives, the rich information  and data s. Had we this would have eventually written a better article.

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