SIROP combine exile/refugee Program

SIROP combine exile/refugee Program
When will the 21,000 - 25,000 Seychellois exile/refugees get Justice

Wednesday, 2 December 2020

One Year In: What is the TRNUC?


European Council on Refugees and Exiles 

European Court of Human Rights solicitors in London and ...

One Year In: What is the TRNUC?

[Justin M. Loveland is a freelance legal consultant in public international law, transitional justice, and international human rights, currently working as Senior Legal Consultant to the Truth, Reconciliation and National Unity Commission of Seychelles.]


Dear Mr Justin Loveland, 

Had wanted to review the last Truth Commission sitting hence discovered below the Hearings detail  your article dated 23/11/20 at the,  In association with the International Commission of Jurists.

They are one of the many International Institution we address/copied our emails to, not to confuse with the ICJ International Court of Justice which is a UN organ office in the Netherlands regarding the Truth Commission in Seychelles. 

We had began to address them, the many European, , International Human rights, expert advice, relevant bodies. The African Union and South Africa Justice, Court and institutions,  including those in the USA  in 2017 when it was announced that the National Assembly was going to set up a National Assembly Truth Committee, given what many had hoped, would be a major break through in the long battle for some form of accountability, Justice and Reconciliation eventually. A copy of the emails would be on  the file SIROP Program Mitchel J Edmond Plaint at the Truth Commission. Since they said, wrote all the files were/would be transfer to the Truth Commission. 

About the same time the announcement that a  young lawyer from the UN with knowledge and experience in Human Rights abuses etc.,  would be appointed to assist the National Assembly Truth Committees, along with a former South African Truth Commission person, who would have eventually Chaired the Seychelles Truth Commission  and what we address the National Assembly,  public Blogs,  forums  and impact - consequence. 

We have read your article, we had read your LinkedIn information articles and Facebook. 

Instead of wasting time and writing who we are  will at the bottom link our various social media,  websites and Blogs. Given that you are from the USA request, emphasis that you research our publication on the  US high involvements and impute  in that SIROP program 1986/87 Cold War, the US embassy in London, the US Tracking Station facilities then 1986/87 Seychelles and then White House occupant President Ronald Reagan, his Cabinet, the Senate, the Pentagon, and US Intelligence and NATO. 

Please also research our articles, publication of the past 6 US president impute and involvement in that SIROP program  including the era of President Jimmy Carter. Question have you read any of Sir James Mancham Books and communicated with his Peace Foundation at SeyUni and his Son,  who is a lawyer,  also the UN Representation in Seychelles. Sir James position on that historic SIROP program of 1986/87and subsequent events, important impacts and changing geostrategic development of the Indian ocean as a results or emancipation. Sir James omitted a very great deal of more important thematic, the big why -he remined my person that  I /we were not diplomatic enough in  handling those very burning issues in public. To note after persistent address and publications, request for due report, accountability  and the authorities,  officials refusal to take due note - we became involved in WIKI  Leaks  and others who tried to publish government unpublish information. 

Of importance what we had publish prior to the 2007/8 mega global financial crash, the many high parties in the USA involvement in that Program,  US economy and Financial workings, knowledge, the Major Market Crash involving the IT sector, Climate change issues linked to later VP Al Gore and several other world  Activist. The SIDA Pandemic. Other Collateral Fallouts resulting from  that SIROP program gross mismanagement and abuses. We would like to come back to your article, our plea that the world media corrupted benchmark and abuses, coverup of what was taking place from 1986/87 on ward and that  SIROP program. Then we get, confronted by highly educated person like you self again writing about the beauty of the Seychelles only, completely refusing to study, research the blunt and core argument of the Cold War Indian Ocean opposing Powers, battle, rivalry for Africa control and the Indian Ocean.  The national players and personalities that became involved, catapulted, manipulated,    the  lack of respect for the their education and intellect.  How such thematic get discus in Latin America, North of the USA, Africa, the Gulf region , Asia and Europe. How they engage with us, the Region issues after wards. 

Beside the Wiki Leak and the Wikipedia involvement my person via that SIROP program were the first to advocate setting up of an International Criminal court to bring the International  politicians and high officials to justice,  account not only the African and small ill, poorly  resourced countries after they had been ruthlessly manipulated and abused.  A Fraud Regulated Body. 

To note prior to the 2007/8 mega financial and economic crash what we had address the UN, the ICJ regarding the benchmark and ruthless abuse of that SIROP program. We had three leading law firms helping us to address the Regional Judicial review to get Legal Aid  assistance to bring a compensation and damage case to Court before  Judge Wolf at the Royal  court of Justice for £25 million. What ensued. 

Given given this unparalleled dreadful longlist of events, incidents three years ago we made  a monumental effort to address, secure  all the world leading justice and their institutions, Bar association to help us with the due legal support and resource to address the Seychelles Truth commission. We had attempted to address the International court of Justice to hear our case/Plaint , the Human Rights court, the ICC,  the European court, Seychelles court, the French  high court and the African and Mauritius Justice. All along stressing, emphasizing that in doing so the world would discover major Benchmark abnormalities involving  world finance workings, International conflicts, Pandemics and climate change thematic. 

We have noted your deep interests in Musics and conducting. That SIROP program in 1987 in conjunction with Mr Marc  Sabadin later the brothers, promoted the concept of returning classical Music in the Seychelles  and the idea which developed  and later some 6/8 International classical festival how this contributed and help Seychelles democracy process, Investments and positive image of Seychelles building and ever body choose to forget, the development of a National choir as Institution and National school of Music today. That/this is the darker side of Seychelles unfortunately. 

From these issues were born the Building of the first Opera House in the Gulf Region,  the Dubai Opera House. 

The fore most partner for that Program conception, leading Lawyer Phillipe Boule

Our lawyer Pardiwala Towmey Lablach, 

President FA Rene  Lawyer Mr France Bonte

Leading lawyer Ramnijk Valabjhi

Lawyer.Justice Jacque Hodoul

Lawyer Christopher Gill 

Yours Sincerely 


14 Hermitage  House

Gerard Rd


London N18AT

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Polite note we may not have edited this content properly.

The Executive Committee

The current members of the Executive Committee are as follows:

Nicolas Bratza
Sir Nicolas Bratza – United Kingdom

We have endeavoured to think through the ongoing situation in Seychelles between the Truth Commission and that SIROP Plaint hearings, where are the obstacles. Eventually those blocking the process. In Seychelles and elsewhere those who judge we ought not to have shared and forwarded the many email correspondence copy regarding the Plaint  to some of the world leading Justice Body, Government and Institutions.  

This evening studying the website publication of the International Commission of Jurist have come across some info very relevant to the SIROP - Truth commission thematic, the European Court, the Human Rights Court,  the African Court and the International Criminal Court.  We have publish at our blogs and Forum that,  that SIROP program contributed to changes of the justice system functioning from 1986/87 onwards and given that we are not a lawyer to use the legal language. This related to high interdisciplinary management discipline working impacts on Justice, laws and practice, law making , development, management. for the past 32 years in particular the EU, Enlargement , EU post Russia relation. 

We will publish some extracts here. In particular given that PM Blair wife Cheri Booth was Judge,   PM Blair himself a lawyer. Some of the fundamental events and issues surrounding his coming to office and the appointment of high British official to serve in on the European Institutions - in this case  " ( Formerly PM John Major office era again how EU official were nominated and appointed and that SIROP program mechanism) "the UK Member of the European Commission of Human Rights, part of the European Convention on Human Rights system of the Council of Europe. ( PM Blair came to office in 1997) In 1998, the Commission was abolished and replaced by a permanent European Court of Human Rights, and he was elected as the Judge of this Court representing the United Kingdom. In the same year, and again in 2001, he was elected as one of the five section presidents of the court. He was a vice-president of the court from 19 January 2007 to 3 November 2011. In July 2011, he was elected to succeed Jean-Paul Costa as President of the court on 3 November 2011. His term on the court ended on 31 October 2012".

At the same time some of the efforts and visit to the Court in Strasbourg seeking advice and information from the Court how to prepare and present our case. The correspondence. We have also visited Rene Cassin Foundation.The EU , USA  high institution position on publishing the contents of that SIROP program. The decision to develop the portal in 2012. The greater public did not know the detail working of that program and very many world institutions. 

We have also seek the expert advice of Pan European Union office in Strasbourg, one of the oldest law firm in Strasbourg Racine to assist us prepare our case for the Human Rights Court, Maison de Association.


The world, the Indian Ocean, Africa went along with the dialogue that Seychelles Multiparty was return by the use of Fax and the Commonwealth say so - order, insistence.  In turn what get written by so call experts media and consultant in their respective fields. That above letter we address those publishing at ICJ portal example.

We have been listening to some of the comments on France info and Social media  - who was President Valerie Giscard D'estaing. From the Indian Ocean geo strategic prospective,  he belonged to those who firmly believe France had a specific role in the Indian Ocean and Gulf region,  made it part of his politic. He was a great friend of Sir James Mancham, Lawyer Maitre Daniel Belle respect for his personality. 

Note - Seychelles  - France politic in 1976 at our Independence. We left for exile 7/8/1976,  the second Seychellois to do so with my Austrian family to Vienna,  then Tirol and Salzburg.  All those who inquire we were mad for leaving Seychelles to come to difficult Europe. Seychelles, First President , Sir James Mancham and  PM, FA  Rene government Diplomatic representation in Europe. The view we/I held and why, Seychelles required a different, alternative representation by its communities and families then living in Europe as do many Ethnic communities and former Pied Noir Colonist, instead of just the Consulate. President Giscard D'estaing politic and the news, France working then. The ideas and discussion from Salzburg and those at Salzburg University, Salzburg Castle in the background. This gave birth to the idea,  Concept of a Federation European de Communaute et Association Body we have been promoting, before the Coup d'etat of 5th June 1977.  Personalities in France from then on supporting this,  among them former President V Giscard D'estaing and impute, contributions, guidance. . 

Au ski, comme ici en 1976, en famille à Courchevel, -(The first Winter 1976 we arrived in Tirol Mayerhofen, the record snow fall. I learnt to ski and came down the Mountain solo. The yearly ski championship what happened. We also got to meet a snow artiste he had a very strong resemblance of then President Mancham)

Note 4/12/20, Last Saturday the decision for newly elected President Wankalawan, Lady Wankalawan, Foreign Minister Radegon and delegation  to make Mauritius the first overseas call upon his successful election, his Mauritius and Indian  ancestral roots. In as much as he spent three years Studying theology at the Anglican Faculty. We endeavoured to stress,  bring it to the world attention that the year he was ordained,  that year Father Ramagoolam died and Mr Gerard the SNM/MPR Leader was assassinated in London. Our then exile/refugee politic without him in Seychelles and in Britain.  His stressing of wanting to meet those Managing the office of the COI and our above explanation that the COI original research attempt had been undertaken during President Giscard d'Estaing office. We visited Paris in 1979 on our way to SGS Head office or eventually seeking an appointment with Veritas, that Research already published, Paris  and the USA, the Soviet  and others knew about it.   The political and geo fallout had started,  certain issues with my person in Paris. To morrow Saturday 5/12/20,  the funeral of former President Giscard d'Estaing in    Loir-et-Cher. How very fast the world can change. We had trusted that he would be alive,  at least one of France old former Head of State who knew a great deal about that SIROP program when we address the Truth Commission. The French Intelligence and Defence who supported impute in that program. The Truth Commission position regarding that SIROP plaint. In 1974, Giscard was elected President of France. We have publish the issues of the 1974 and earlier, those individual in Seychelles who had endeavoured to put together a concept for a Unilateral Independence and then Rhodesia events and upon his coming to office,  his position. Given this,  his government was very well informed of the Geopolitics,  situation not the whims of Mr Albert Rene or Mr James Mancham,  the real Indian ocean Regional  Power play. Those alive today or they may have been told by their parents.  The French took the Seychelles situation reasonably seriously. The issues here for the Seychelles and seeking help from France,  Seychelles Colonial Status  and the defence arrangement it had made/in place  which France could not interfere, in both instance. They had to be content with chagrin  to watch the situation get out of hand and those after  the Revolution who supported the idea of Righting the situation.  

In as much that in Seychelles  until the last government of the SPPF/PL/US what they have persistently been publishing about facts of Seychelles politic, because they held power. In spite of  President Valerie Giscard D'estaing loosing the election to President Mitterrand in 1981, the year we battle with the decision to come to Britain or stay in /France in exile from Strasbourg. He had been  the President in France when we had researched for that  Indian Ocean Industrial   Investment Promotion Centre the deep implications, nobody, nowhere ever mentioned these - the Pan European people, high person and  politic, French diplomat at the then UNIDO and Vienna. The foundation for the COI and the associated military issues attempts to change Seychelles until he left Office 1981. The marked difference in France Indian Ocean 'geostrategic politic. He represented  a very special and unique value of France to our exile/refugees politic and battle. The former SNM/MPR Leader Mr Gerard Hoareau view and position. He was aware of our collective and individual political endeavours for the Indian Ocean, Seychelles situation -much of this omitted,  not presented to the Truth Commission.  From these prospective when it came to writing that SIROP program we referred equally much of that program  concept to him those alive form our exiles who participated and confer. Its various complicate implemented stages and debacles. Noting and remembering the special achievement of France politic in Europe and the French German relation. He also belonged to those high person in France who knew that the story of the Berlin Wall is not correct,  much have been left out, omitted.  That Truth  Commission have unique powers,  among them to call to witness such personalities in that SIROP  plaint. This is another one great and important person who knew and have known the complex workings of that eventual Marshal Plan and our version of things. 

In as much President Wankalawan address to the nation -  our conclusion that his politic is marriage to certain powers. We strongly advice him to reconsider these. Because we lack the resource and the mean to address the Seychelles nation what have really been  going on the past 30 years and conclusion,  outcome. 

We convey to the French Nation, the Francophone entities he believed so much in, His families and Associates our very sincere Gratitude and Sympathy. 


Valéry Giscard d'Estaing, 94, Is Dead; Struggled to Transform ...


EU treaty is a constitution, says Giscard d'Estaing

We wish to address such high personality in Seychelles like leading Lawyer Phillipe Boulle, Judge Mathilda Towmey, Mr Paul Chow, Judge Hodoul, Leading Lawyer Maitre Daniel Belle,  the official of the Constitution Commission and the Truth Commission. Please read this article content very closely. The privilege we had, able to impute in this very important and historic monumental legislation of EU, how it was done and why, the mechanism of that SIROP program which as President of that Body  he knew very well and our greater EU workings.  What ensued all those who chose to forget, including PM Cameron, Mr Nigel Farage and all those who followed and currently PM Johnson. 


It is some 29 years since the process of multiparty  democratic began returning to Seychelles 1991. The marked contrast in Democratic   working in EU and a country like Seychelles. One of the most important issues, divergence  is the statement that,  It was at the Harare Commonwealth summit that the catalyst, the decision was taken  by President FA Rene to return Multiparty democracy. Those from the Commonwealth apparatchik, institution who would like and never cease to insult the education, intellect  and hard toil of others, the - their propaganda, callous system. The call in 1992 for a Reconciliation process by Sir James Mancham  to help reconciliate.  The grieving  parties must be allowed to bring forward their respective grievances, divergence in a manner that represent international Benchmark. Given the official publication   - somebody is telling big time lies, the nation for the past 30 years have been told lies - is it the Commonwealth or the very many institutions and high  parties of EU those involved, inventing, the former USSR, the USA. Gone are the days when the commonwealth will dictate any small nation or their institutions how to think and what to think. The very grave situation we have in Seychelles all those who never challenged the publication in spite of them knowing otherwise in particular the new government of President Wankalawan. The  economic, political sum and mathematic do not add up, match, they have  ended, resulted  by insulting their own education and intellect.  . The Commonwealth had not led any fierce battle against the Regime,  instead. What we have here is all those who battled and fought bitterly, ceaselessly,  pained away,  they are being denied they ever existed, formed part,  the dynamic role and responsibilities they took had to take.   The Commonwealth coming forward and Claiming big credit,  all the credit in this instance,  this in an International Court would not stand. In EU after the various Treaty was adopted because of the issue of NGO or other such body imputing in the many process of, leading to developing the Treaties - the politician and legal people who started coining the word,  issues of Subsidiarity. Had our process been in Africa proper there would have been uprising, bloodshed and bitter battle to  confront  politician, entities who did absolutely nothing coming forward stating they change Seychelles by Fax or the Commonwealth did. The big  question,  is that the reason why the Truth Commission is paining to hear our Plaint. The onus is also on President FA Rene and his Party,   to save face or again,    the continuity to apply the same very devious method of lies that have, had  been propagated for 42 years, so as  not to give credit  to that SIROP program steal Millions and Billions of dollars, making up that historic program. 

Thursday, 1 October 2020

Seychelles Pandemic 2020 general election - late Kuwait Emir Sheikh Sabah Ahmad Al Sabah - SIROP program 1986/87

 We have just had an issue with Facebook over SIROP - NEOM and their threats. 

This is the way the shoddy world system works, in 1986/87 most of the Gulf Nations were very aware of that SIROP program, contents and objectives. They all knew Seychelles government President FA Rene government what it stood for in the region. Those Arab government who were aligned to the West and those aligned to the Socialist, Eastern Block working. 

We have been writing for the past 30 years that in greater part the action to get Saddam Hussian entangle in the Kuwait invasion and events leading to war was an orchestrated agenda. Those wishing to control that SIROP program from London and the vast complications, among the BCCI debacles, Even the Great Saddam Hussian with all his military capacity did not,  never knew  the full extent of the issues. Safe the British, the Embassies in London , the Commons and the House of Lords then and those from Northern Ireland. What the British media were writing just as what they  are writing about Britexit. 

Part of the issues those who had wanted to bring  down the UN building their dreadful benchmark. The way they work Even if that SIROP program was not an official UN program the many at the UN who knew its contents and worked the issues indirectly for  many years including successive UN Secretary General their very own appointment. The link article. That SIROP program played  a crucial role , impact on the Gulf nations political changes, democratic,  economic changes and those Arab leaders who use information,dynamics, synergism leverage  from that  programme for their  politic and economy,  then what their media wrote and what were  accredited to  them. The late Sheikh Sabah Ahmad Al Sabah was Kuwait Foreign Minister. After the Kuwait invasion by the Allies,  the changes,  his position until he became Emir  in 2006,  special relation with Seychelles Phase lll Reclamation project  and Sir James Mancham and FA Rene government - Because they are  both dead the Arabs and the word comport as if they never existed and the issues were never there. 

It would seem that many are not grasping the relevancy, importance of this Blog article. The Doomsday clock pointing one  minute to midnight in 2019,  the heightened concern, fear of a situation getting out of hand and this causing,  triggering a Third world conflict/War. The kind of political concoction, terrible benchmark which led to the Gulf War. Instead that pandemic,  those who study and understand ancient world working,  the warning before something terrible happens. The terrible impacts of that Pandemic  and it instead been a war. In that Seychelles the government, Nation resources and their utter terrible approach, the fate of that SIROP program their utter lies and cover up. Time and time writing had that SIROP program been based and worked on the Continent,  the marked difference in Europe, USA, Russia, China,  Africa , the Arabs,  world workings. The major motive we got the EU to pressure Seychelles politician in 2015 Elections, the human and economic rights of those 25,000 exiles had a government come into place that recognize those Rights,  the marked difference in working that SIROP program and its impacts.

Iraqi invasion of Kuwait and Gulf War, through the pages of Gulf News

91-year-old Emir, veteran of Arab unity, passed away on Tuesday

UN chief: ‘Sheikh Sabah was distinguished statesman and outstanding humanitarian’


From the outset of the National Assembly Truth Committees, come the Truth Commission our statement. We the Seychellois do not come from Saturn or Jupiter meaning,  we have roots of civilization,  their Arcadian and  modern institutions, Nation working. The terrible benchmark,   it is not the Creole minds or intellectualism,  it is a terrible practice and these were among the arguments in 1988 I presented to then world leaders supporting that SIROP program,  the relevancy to bring a different mindset in that region nation, via the WWW or such platform. 

Still Leaders  like Sir James Mancham,  who argued that he changed Seychelles One Party system using fax because the kind of fools and crazies the people are, the SNP who argue the Commonwealth changed Seychelles the idiocy of the people  and President J A Michel own argument and President D Faure's own. Our argument that we do not live in an independent world, be it 1960, 1976, 1991 there are complex mechanic which when apply influence and impacts nations workings and those who actively apply them and manage the outcome against the dislike of so call modern Democratic system. . The need for Seychelles like Mauritius to come to grip/term with such workings.  That SIROP program which was not just a regional Indian Ocean idea, events - the mechanism created, put into place to manage, drive and implement, which   drove many of the Arab world and Gulf nation politic and other thematic. ( The political, economic and diplomatic situation between Iran and Iraq events leading to the end of the war then Ayatollah Khomeini,  in France the Mitterrand who knew about everything, their politic, diplomacy, the capacity of that  SIROP  program, hence the money finance arrangement offers for that SIROP $800 millions, that Seychelles Truth Commission need to know. Again why we have stressed the relevancy and importance of that Historic program)  Very important then USSR/Soviet  relation with Seychelles President FA Rene, their knowledge of those /such issues. That Pandemic is not your normal pandemic and that program link with other past  pandemic albeit what  the so call experts have written. 

We now have a situation upon the 250th anniversary of  the founding of Seychelles,  events in Kuwait, events in the Indian Ocean. In   Africa and East of Eden/Suez 1960 in the end the decision of the British and USA. That  same Seychelles in spite of many of the grand children of its founders have gone, forced  in exile  and those that rule Seychelles, the new comers -  the capacity to exert influence on many important regional and world thematic, political change who get political power,  not like in Africa but like those entities and nations where the French or British  have put in place a strong foundation their international institutions and workings - include Arcadian.  Just like,  as the issues of the SIROP program  1986/87 which  triggered the idea, synergy  for President Saddam Hussian to invade Kuwait -those in France,  London, Rome, the USA, South Africa, Australia knew.  The Seychelles  aspects now as we  enter this Pandemic election in Seychelles, combine with the 250th Anniversary - in Kuwait the fight for who will be the next heir to the Emir. Again what we have written Seychelles may be a small country and Nation,  the important reason the Arabs have come and supported us, finance Muslim working and build Network, endeavour  to gain control because of its  capacity  to drive such regional issue and then what the media write and what the politicians get to say and the Seychelles politicians keep quiet,  they do not write anything safe the like of Sir James Mancham,   since his death even his Peace Foundation position. The government have spent a great of taxpayers money to help educate the next generation those countries and nations education system, institutions and capacity - instead of learning from their ancestors they prefer to listen and learn from those book half lies and half cooked truth,  then call themselves educated. 

Seychelles Truth Commission Building


US President Donald Trump has said he and First Lady Melania Trump have tested positive for coronavirus and are now in quarantine. The president, aged 74 ...
BBC News

President Trump could potentially be forced to relinquish executive control to Vice President Mike Pence or be replaced on the GOP ticket altogether, if he ...
Daily Mail



This morning the news of President Trump hospitalized - around the world some 15/20 high personalities if not more caught the Pandemic. We have publish information about the 1986/87 Kuwait situation, Iran, Iraq, and Afghanistan all those European Leaders  who had supported the concept and idea - then USSR, then COMECON , the Warsaw Pact 1986/87, the Illuminati who argued not to publish then issues of that program daily occurrence until the arrival of Blogs and Wikipedia. The elite Soviet Official knew what the Berlin wall was all about not what the American have publish and the  Media. The Berlin Wall issues was because in  Europe like today their dreadful benchmark, that SIROP program capacity and yet the media crap and politicians dreadfulness and in Seychelles/Africa,  The Reunification could have gone very different  and so too Europe those who knew it then.  To some extent the reason the British have no respect of the European and  its institutions. We have stated that program have strange mechanism among them the synergy, dynamic which contribute to those protesters to reacting the  way they did -those who known it had to be managed. (those who had requested we  apply it in the #China Tienanmen Square protest).  Over the past 29 year  in Germany those who appreciated and respected that  program. How it worked with the German Economy and Europe come Brexit those who know. How the dialogue have changed and is changing since Britexit argument/agenda.   President FA Rene and Sir James Mancham knowledge his contribution in the German Privatization issues on account of that SIROP program, then what  got reported as facts and history. The important impact of Germany Reunification on Seychelles politic and One Party system. Hence today we have the situation we have.  In particular the situation with the Russia and former East Europe. Much of the so call official report are fake, incomplete, different - on that,  those younger politician and many others make, have to  take decision.     Come the new German politician as EU President it means nothing  - promoting her own history facts and political agendas. These are political  situation that causes counter reaction of the mechanism and then  what can and may happen. We have never claimed recognition  it is not our belief -there are limits. Upon the 30th Anniversary of this great event, Germany presidency of the EU,  the bloody wars fought Britain is leaving EU. Those who purport they have great understanding of world workings.

Bundespräsident Steinmeier hat beim Festakt zum Tag der Deutschen Einheit eine Gedenkstätte für die Friedliche Revolution angeregt. Deutschland sei nicht ...

Zum 30. Jahrestag der Deutschen Einheit wird viel diskutiert. Bayerns Ministerpräsidenten Söder lobt die Wiedervereinigung als historisches Geschenk.


In seiner Rede zur Deutschen Einheit ruft Bundespräsident Steinmeier zu Optimismus auf: Mit dem gleichen Mut wie vor 30 Jahren sollten heute Corona-Krise, ...
Süddeutsche Zeitung

Die Paulskirche in Frankfurt, die Weimarer Nationalversammlung, das Museum König in Bonn – es gibt schon etliche Gedenkorte für das...
FAZ - Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung


Last night for the 30th Anniversary of Germany reunification  decided to watch ARD live TV, statements and  address by the respective politicians. In the news every hour the topic and situation of President Donald Trump, the Corona pandemic  and the US Election. Of course our thoughts turned to those leading past Head of state then  1990 among them Sir James Manham,   President FA Rene and others in particular. Very important those From Vienna Austria,  In Vatican later pope Benedict and the Italian leading politicians, In France and  Monaco who had impute in our issue from 1986/87 onward.  For us relevant how the German Nation,, people, politician and Europe remembered and commemorated this Day. The many documentary on life in the DDR and West Germany then 1990. Late in the night watched a live Program of an evening in a typical Hamburg pub, St Micheal Church where they had the funeral of Chancellor Helmut Koln - the old Hamburg of the  Cold war, East Europe and Berlin. The Hamburg that that SIROP program contributed to its rebuilding and repositioning as the first Port of Europe and the UAE major Investment and everybody choose to forget. Seychelles Tanker fleet and why the German  chosen to finance and help us build that fleet and our economy. In Turn our role in the  rebuilding of the Bundestag building,  the architect. We contributed to the Central Bank of Europe having their seat in Germany and the rebuilding of the Berlin Train station.  Earlier in  the day the Church Service and those who attended. There was no mention of the  Synagogue rebuilding in Berlin that,  that SIROP program contributed importantly to its rebuilding - those who believe in God and  heaven  that  SIROP Program,  the outcome of that Europe and German reunification  could have turned very different. That SIROP program working in Germany, Europe the past 30 years and its impacts. 

This morning we listened live to the debate by leading correspondence on the#Trump situation,  for Germany since the second world war the USA politician have  been of prime importance, relevancy. The decision for France to open its embassy in Berlin, then issue with that SIROP program.

We also watched the  young person programme, my own grand children in Austria and their cousins and the starkness,  difference in their program contents  the French TV and British TV. It was mostly about Farming,   life on the Farm and  country side.

Recently Israel signed a historic accord with the UAE, those 250, 000 Soviet Jews allowed to migrate to Israel that SIROP program and those 87,000 Ethiopian Jews migrating to Israel,   thousands form the Lost Tribes of Israel across Asia migrated to Israel.  ARD broadcast a documentary on the  Jewish Community in Berlin, their belief,  values,  concern nobody mention that  had that SIROP program not existed the fate of the Jewish community in Germany and the Compensation politic . We cannot comprehend the Seychelles government or the young politician generation, Seychelles also have a University and a Peace Foundation set up by former President Mancham, for more than 40 years his work,  relation with Germany and we have many who have studied abroad at great nation cost , they fail to understand,  grasp, what we are writing or research or question. The linking politic of the Russian and Seychelles, East Europe those in Germany knowledge,  Seychelles new and future role in the Indian Ocean. There was  a very important reason we linked that  SIROP program,  then  1986/1987 with the topic of the Lost Tribe of Israel , - namely the very contents of the scripture, originate, the  bible  and how the Bible was made up, written and books selected that  we know as the Bible. Some 90 major books, works  excluded and their contents and the why.  Our ancestors from  France own history before they came to the Indian ocean and the settlement 250 years, in the Indian ocean and their faith, spiritual,   Christian values and to this day the Seychellois faith  after their deportation,  imprisonment, persecution  and forced exiles,  their belief - the Truth Commission and the 2020 National election. Still in exile some 21,000 and their Rights and the thematic of NEON.  The Churches and Institutions who supported them in exile and their children today. In turn  the Interfaith workings  in Seychelles today. Now that Sir James Mancham is no more and former President FA Rene - in spite of the modern time  we live in  they have to put their faith in Heaven.  May be the reason those have turn their back on us is that we are not proclaiming, promoting  that the demons and  Lucifer help us in  writing that SIROP Program or some mad, perverted  political system. 


This is the historic Presidential debate as they do in Europe  and advance democracy. Nobody mentioned the need to pay a moment respect for first President Mancham and President FA Rene,  the founding president of the Nation and that SIROP program of 1986/87. 

Kim Jong-un unveils huge ballistic missile and threatens to ‘fully mobilise’ nuclear force


We have spent the best part of the day reading the many reactions and comments on the Presidential debate and forthcoming National election. 

Over the past 20 years some of the concerning comments Seychelles living close to the USAF Nuclear Base Diego  Garcia and others blogs. The past five years this concern have intensify, regional Gulf Arab nation development. Added with the decision for the Doomsday Clock people to move the clock handle one minute to Midnight.  In Seychelles we have been writing to the Political Leaders, Parties of the need to study the working of that historic SIROP program and its mechanism.  The need to relocate that Program on continent Europe,  the different dynamic and synergy in world politic and economy this would bring about - their complete refusal to engage. Without the involvement of Seychelles we initiated the issues of NEOM and stated the objective was to create and bring about a different synergy, climate given the world nations dialogue for a military confrontation with North Korea over its Nuclear and North Korea had been an ally of Seychelles during the Cold War, President FA Rene relationship after multiparty return..  Last year we publish the scenario of a nuclear first strike on the BIOT Diego Garcia facilities and the consequences for Seychelles - beside having to undertake national investment program with this concern constantly . For all their prayers instead we witness the arrival of the Covid Pandemic and the impacts on the world and regional Indian ocean workings. Still none of the politician and aspiring President  engage - The Seychelles have a very abnormal relation , working procedure, benchmark when it come to such thematic,  they want others to work the issues on their behalf,  then deny it completely as they have done time and time again before the Truth Commission.  Then they join those happy to crap and con the world with unreliable information of how the Seychelles works. We have threaten several instance to drag them before the ICJ, the European Court or the Human Rights Court. The politic of Britexit have impacted, influenced much of this deteriorating situation and come Britexit proper the grave and uncharted water as they say,  Bilateral and regional Indian Ocean Politic will find itself in and the impacts on that SIROP program. In turn its mechanism and dynamics,  the outcome. consequences. 

Comment posted at One Nation ( We have requested the author permission)

“Why are so many companies brought down by an excess of self-confidence, and rash decision-making by out-of-control egos at the top? A Cambridge conference aimed to explain why power corrupts, and whether corporate leaders could learn a few lessons from the humble crow.
They say that pride comes before a fall, but in business, it also triggers the collapse. History is littered with examples of corporate giants ………. felled by bad decision-making, brought by excessive self-confidence, arrogance, and pride. In the final analysis, the word “hubris” crops up again and again”. Professor Christoph Loch opined. “Hubris creates a perception of oneself as a giant and others as minions. This distorts the individual’s sense of goals and decisions”.
Translated to politics. Parallels of the ‘L’Ivresse du Pouvoir’ - This Intoxication of Power. In The Island Society. At all tiers manifested. Unambivalent. The Intoxication of Hauteur. Imperiousness. Of Greed. ‘Insatiable. Cette Voracite. Voracite des loups’. And the Da Vinci of Surreptitiousness. Of Callousness. Da Vinci of Antipathy. Of Nebulity. Pullulating. Teeming. The Very Social Fibres Eroded. Human Values Haemoraged. Humanity Shanghaied. ‘Defaillance’. Derelection. Not isolated. Not Confined to the one. Or the one other. Issues apropos. Germane. Corollaries. Backwash Systemic.
“Before you become elderly, learn how to care, respect, and love elder-ones since you will bet hat one thereupon and ultimately”. Ehsan Sehgal. Honour. Glorifications. Reverence. RESPECT. To ALL The Elderly. Bestest Care Accorded The Elderly. Responsibility Responsibility Irrevocable. Duty Sacred The Most. By governments. By parliaments. By ALL individuals. Individuals in society. Responsibility ‘Unproxied’. Antipodally: Immoral. Immorality: Inhuman  And Inhumane. Heinous. Contemptible.
“It was once said that the moral test of government is how that government treats those who are in the dawn of life, the children; those who are in the twilight of life, th elderly; and those who are in the shadows of life, the sick, the needy and the handicapped”. Hubert H. Humphrey. Aftermath of Elections: Other ‘Pieces de Theatre’. Other theatricals of ‘Truth’ Commission. And Irreconciliation? Or ICC Intervention. For Crime Against Humanity.
From the North. And from the South. From the East. And from the West. From the Within. And from the Without. And By From ALL. And Raped. And Defiled. And Befouled. By The Then. And By The Now. No Excepts. No Distincts. ‘Valeurs Humaines Depouillees’. ’L’Humanite Assassinee’. Souls Scarred. Life Syphoned. The Silent Laments. Resounding. Laments of Dolor. Dolor Hellacious. ‘A qui la Reverence. A qui la Deference. Pour d’autant Larmes?’.
In the precipitate of these ravisihings. Ravishings collaborative. Collective. Will dawn the Days of Innocence. Innocence Unadulterated. Innocence Uncompromised. Tangible. Perceptible. Will burgeon Hope. Hope Real. Hope Uncontaminated. Vaccinated. With determination: A New Era. Era compassionate. Period of Reconstruction. Resuscitation. Re-Unification. ‘Revirginization’. The Island’s Belle Epoque. In the while: Sob. Beloved Island. “Pompeii”.Sob. ‘Living Death’ Populace. Sob. In Brume Shrouded. Drifting. From The Fortuitous. Cloistered. Adapted.
A Thought. And some:
“Every one is a moon, and has a dark side which he never shows to anybody”. Mark Twain. (And the more. With the most.)
“There are three classes of people: those who see, those who see when they are shown, those who do not see”. Leonardo da Vinci. (Everybody to their own).
”Compassion is sometimes the fatal capacity for feeling what it is like to live inside somebody else’s skin. It is the knowledge that there can never really be any peace and joy for me until there is peace and joy finally for you too”. Frederick Buechner.
“Words are singularly the most powerful force available to humanity. We can choose to use this force construcitively with words of encouragement, or destructively using words of despair. Words have energy and power with the ability to help, to heal, to hinder, to hurt, to harm, to humiliate and to humble”. Yehuda Berg
“Corruption is worse than prostitution. The latter might endanger the morals of an individual, the former invariably endangers the morals of the entire country”. Karl Kraus.

Presidential debate forum Oct 12, 2020

We have been requested to watch this program and we have. Given our exile communities in North America, the USA, Europe, Australia, South Africa who follow and can take their time to understand the current political process. 

We want to come back to the Covid Pandemic - the Politicians attended a Mass last night and the populace say they are Christian and the many Bodies/Groups, Associations set up since President FA Rene relinquish Power in 2008. They refuse to grasp, restrict their mind and person to expressing their view on that COVID.  One of the commentator stating the Seychellois electorate are not uneducated - this statement, other critical approach to  studying that COVID pandemic phenomena. For the past 15 years our addressing the international community.  Please Seychelles use your Brian do not insult your self,  the intellectual, scientific  and justice capacity of some of the world nation when any entity need, is required to address them on a long running abuse. The manner those in Seychelles work  right across the board. That SIROP program have the capacity to leverage the President Office, his Cabinet,  his government working in many ways, including many of its national institutions in depth,  this have been going on for 30 years. Then those five commentator they come and never once address this phenomenon any of those Presidential candidate can and may have very good knowledge and intellect and resources - when other more complex mechanism  come into play and directly or indirectly influence that SIROP program across its wide working the reaction and synergy and dynamic,  this in turn influence many aspects of not just Seychelles and region, Gulf and international workings  - what do they have to say on this. 

That SIROP program played a vital role in developing the WWW, connecting Africa and the Indian ocean -  any person,  entity involved in such process retain , maintain and have the capacity for a very long period to influence and manage the associated issue as they develop if the so choose - the IT,  Internet technology and it use, application,  development in Seychelles and the region. 

Lastly we come back to the Covid situation - many ought to know in Seychelles  that Pandemic ought not to have occurred and the gravity. Had that program and its management been undertaken in differently, in Seychelles and Europe,  the different dynamic and synergy driving the development of Pandemic. The complete refusal of everybody in Seychelles to acknowledge in words that via that program there have been very many highly complex military, economic and bilateral issues we have managed and influenced  - come such a very important moment the reaction, position  of those selected to speak their minds.  By the same token one can refer to the EU legislation on Terrorism and definition. Here we are coming forward providing due accountability statement, information and everybody in Seychelles glaring back poker face, after those 23,000 exile have been criminally abused and utterly exploited for 30 years - this  is the scenario that causes real Terrorism dynamic to develop and abnormal undercurrent begin to exhibit itself. 

To manage this we went to the EU institutions in 2014/15 and our eternal impute in the Presidential and National election process, the outcome, events  we have consistently published made public. Beside,  those 23,000 exile that program was put together and represented the past 30 years under internal Justice system they have Rights, they have Rights to a share of the impute and development that have taken place in Seychelles the past 30 years in good and kind - what we have address the ICJ and the European institution and the Human Right court. Our request for the due legal and other resources making it possible for us to share in writing and verbally this process the past 30 years. Politely said they have a right to influence and become involve in the political process of the Nation. Then we have the issue of the gross worth of that Program today and its state, the state of things and the future now,   this was never hinted or mention by anybody and then we spend the greater time discussing  Trafficking and Drugs, clandestine economy, related national problem and corruption. 


Certain high official of the Seychelles Justice have indicated in writing the above comment we have lost our integrity.  On account of our Training, those who have spent years in our training, gaining due knowledge,  expertise, experience.  We have,  make it a must to address the minimum on certain taboo topic in/to the public  on account of backlashes.  

In 2014/5 as Seychelles was preparing for the much anticipated Presidential and National Assembly election,  then EU Commission,  Council of Europe officials and Parliament, their Indian Ocean working seated in Mauritius  - the British officials and contingent,  their then workings. A large majority of our exiles had anticipated, wished that a major changes would take place in Seychelles and the region  after so many years of the ruling party in Power, the dynamic efforts,    what happened,  the outcome. The role, function and management of that SIROP program mechanism,  alive then former Sir James Mancham and President FA Rene. Very important to note then, In office President Holland, PM Valls,  Minister Macron, Minster Segolan Royal.  At the White House President Obama and at then UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon. Those correspondence we addressed the White House and other US high party, the UN, France high officials in instance stating our view what the Obama Administration was all about,  the important link, correlation  with that SIROP program and the Indian Ocean, Africa,  US strategic paramount vested interests. 

There is the need requirement to get the officials to refocus, compel them to remember,   those who question our integrity.  Under the Obama administration,  the US Indian Ocean, Gulf, Asia , Africa working -  the then dynamic, synergy political events, economic scenario. How his office had to battle the mega US negative image and the dreadful economic situation,  in part using that SIROP program capacity. This did not stop there,  His office Africa politic and policy in part influenced by that SIROP program in conjunction with the then UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon. In spite of the issues which had started the PM Cameron agenda/politic  and others to get Britain out of EU,  Mr Nigel Farage - how President Obama Administration worked and was workings in the face of the developing crises of Britexit. Economic curtailment and restriction,  budget curtailment bilateral international, European relation, the serious grave attempt to cause as much malfunction to  the EU  and discredit what it represented, achievements. In Britain those from the Chancellor office who remembers. 

Of relevancy to the above comment,  then Epidemic in Middle East and Africa and we will be cautious,  still address it - certain circle of the media had written argued that because of a black African President in then white House and significant regional,  world influence on many stages,  that had unleashed a category of venomous, aggressive, deadly  pandemic - the for runner of Covid. On account of that SIROP program we had to engage, monitor and impute where we could  and for then world situation,  then UN this was a very concerning situation. Those who would say by some strange,  miraculous way that then Pandemic did not cause as many death as feared and been predicted. This is what we mean  SIROP program past experience with Pandemic. Again we address our concern to the EU, those from the African Union who had wanted to engage with us in that SRIOP program/the call to reboot that program,  reevaluate its current and past workings and impacts. Then very much alive Sir James Mancham and former President FA Rene and the issues of North African Spring our explanation and that SIROP program,  those who actively manipulated, manged aspect of its mechanism to cause and bring about the political events in North Africa,  then what the UN and so call world media wrote. Then USA position and Russia,  China. 

Come the outcome of the US election and President Trump that SIROP program just did not vanish. How can any entity having played such a major role in regional,  'European and wold issues just vanish. Major effort have been made to render it useless and antiquated depending on those with their own agenda. There began other major malfunction to occur and appear. President Trump as a Major business entity must remember many aspects of that SIROP program working and impacts on his corporate workings.  Combining the experience we had gone though with President Obama  and President Trump his corporate years on,  the argument that SIROP program have unique capacity, past Seychelles issues and South and North Korea, then developing issues of North Korea - we judge that Program had leveraged sufficient important major development in the UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Jordan , Lebanon Syria certain part of North Africa, the developing Waring climate like at the time that program had help develop a very unique synergy in 1986/87,  in diffusing the major world tension between NATO and Warsaw Pact,  the USA and the Soviet,  it can also achieve this by helping to develop and put in place a very different regional political and economic regime -the NEOM concept which have been half explained to the world. We will not enter the argument what rights and the ability of that program.  We remind everybody the North African Spring and those who had managed the mechanism of that SIROP program to cause what happen and using the mechanism for a positive future regional development. The EU high institutions refusal to engage,  take serious note they would say, those in France Germany, Italy and Vatican. The impact on the Pandemic thematic. Again our plea to the UN and EU help report on that Program  then with the given resource they would have discover many important strange phenomena that had become apparent, got developed because of mismanagement,  including the Pandemics . Hence when we write had that program been actively been working on the continent Europe that Pandemic would not have come about surfaced,  been unleashed. We will not enter the China working issues with that SIROP program,   please refer to our blog and forums.  Again the issues of President J A Michel offer to share an Office in his building for that SIROP program - NEOM.  other alternative, the Lawyers Pardiwalla in Seychelles and Boule,  the Truth commission and the National Assembly. Had they actively provide office space in Seychelles for that SIROP program representing the interests  of those 23,000 exiles,  the very marked difference in Seychelles national and Bilateral workings.   Those who decided to outright cut us out,  leave us out  and  their arguments. The situation we have today economic wise, political, social  wise and all those involved currently their respective position shamefully if not criminal,  gross criminality,  enough to warrant the issues be refer to the International Criminal Court. Had  they engaged differently with that SIROP  - NEOM thematic and African Union,  with strong certainty that pandemic would not have surfaced. 

Prior to that Pandemic the demonizing process of thematic and society working, the impact result. The direct impact on human minds, causing inability to analyse and argue logically,  combine with amnesia. We trust given the many publish phenomena of that Pandemic combine will not create such a mind situation that render reading what we have tried to explain cause  terrible grave inability to even comprehend the very basic of argument, the need and relevancy for such argument. 

Presidential election 2020 | 15 October 2020
Wavel Ramkalawan
Candidates make case on key issues to woo voters

Presidential election 2020 | 15 October 2020
Danny Faure
Candidates make case on key issues to woo voters

Presidential election 2020 | 15 October 2020
Mr Alain St Ange
Candidates make case on key issues to woo voters

World Standards Day 2020 | 15 October 2020
‘Protecting the planet with standards’

Comment -
Beside and as well as that SIROP program and those 23,000 exiles from Seychelles  thematic we have been involved with the past 40 years,  our previous comment since the announcement of the Presidential and National election 2020.  What it means to have work and impute at the degree and level we have of world workings and politic, Sir James Mancham, former President FA Rene,  Mr Robert Frichot, former Minister of Defence Ogilvy Berloius, Senior SPDF officers   active knowledge.

We want to  point the Seychellois nation,  political leadership and parties to replay events surrounding Papa Doc Duvalier Term of office and events we have impute and worked the associated issues,   those then alive and involved, responsible. Given the Nation of Haiti culture,  the substantial  importance of Parascience in many aspects of their government working,  including at international bilateral workings, How those alive then we impute and influence their outcome. Extract Wikipedia - Following a series of short-lived presidencies, François 'Papa Doc' Duvalier took power in 1956, ushering in a long period of autocratic rule that was continued by his son Jean-Claude 'Baby Doc' Duvalier that lasted until 1986; the period was characterised by state-sanctioned violence against the opposition and civilians, corruption, and economic stagnation. Since 1986 Haiti has been attempting to establish a more democratic political system. The writing and formulating of that SIROP program complex  impacting many aspects of their politic and issues, then US government, British , UN and France.  Leading to the Priest taking over from Baby Doc Duvalier - he was what many would term a puppet, the impact of that SIROP program over many years  and about the same time in Seychelles our Opposition politic and how then Rev Wankalawan got synergized to become engage in politic, start the protests and those in London who knew and monitored our issues. Seychelles politic, culture and aspect of its bilateral working resemble importantly that of Haiti. 

That earth quake which  devastated the Haitian capital and caused so much sufferings was not a normal event - even when the so call  experts,  the UN and the USA publish what they have. Given the state of the world economy, politic, dynamic unless those three above entities,  parties approach the forthcoming Presidential election with the view of forming a coalition or Power sharing - just as we told former President Sir James Mancha at the Reef Hotel a few weeks before we went in exile there would be a coup d'etat before one years and his reaction, composure. What really happened and those who have addressed the Truth Commission. We strongly believe that a government formed uniquely  by the incoming LDS will experience great difficulty and challenges - beside their utter dishonesty of how  the amalgamation of the LDS,  fusion - they will be call to account. 


Before that Presidential debate in Seychelles and PM Johnson announcement made this photo collage

We have cited, mentioned and explained how the idea, concept for an Indian Ocean Regional body the politic. At UNIDO those who had explained to us that without the explicit support say so of, the USA and Britain -NATO, then Cold War Regional Indian Ocean  such a Body could never be put in place. Sir James Mancham, the exiles Oppositions reserved, refusal to address the importance and relevancy of such a Body,in the eventuality of a political and military intervention - whilst we had been advocating the importance and relevancy, political ,military dynamics to the UNIDO/IMF officials, and others who had wanted to support a change.  In-spite of the Truth Commission statement on the failed attempted coup of 1979. "After a failed attempt to oust Rene in 1979, Seychelles Defense Minister Ogilvie Berlouis/" it was in part the issues of that concept for an Indian Ocean body, the French high parties involved. President FA Rene had opposed such concept.  There was another attempt in 1980 over the same issues. Hence when we write or Sir James Mancham write the geo political relevancy, importance strategic of then Seychelles the Soviet/Communist Alliance. Then USA Military position, President Jimmy Carter in Office  and Soviet, NATO, France, South Africa important interests, SADC who had opposed such a body, the OAU, Kenya government knowledge of that Regional body in formation, Tanzania and Israel,  Gulf Nations, OPEC then 1979, then India 1979/81. In turn these driving other national military action, politic and bilateral position  and everybody choose not to report write about it,  blank it. Meanwhile the preparation for Seychelles,  Mauritius and  Madagascar  to formulate a regional body 1982 after failed attempted coup of November 1981,  - the brother in law of the Madagascar President had been in close  association writing the original research. (The working would involve Ceylon/SriLanka, Maldive, Zanzibar  -the others currently in.  Hence the emphasis and President FA  Rene, the Communist /Socialist then Power workings opposed it,  the SADC dislike). ( We had talked the issues with the great Mr Ramnijk Valabjhi  and Mr Felix Hoareau ex Prison Head in exile in Swansea, Valabjhi was Judge EJ Stiven lawyer and friend, he could not explain the death instead ask of us what had happen - may be the Truth Commission  can look at what really happened. He had worked the issues of Zanzibar revolution,  Constitution and the Reef bombing Case, He advised the British Constitutional advisor when he came to Seychelles  and then Governor. He was aware of that original research and objectives and development in Seychelles over it,  his colonial experience in regional administration, those terrible humans left to Administer his Estate). In   The 1981 Seychelles coup d'état attempt, sometimes referred to as the Seychelles affair or Operation Angela. The important question even if Sir James Mancham is no more those who participated and the Truth Commission statements,  nobody mention the relevancy of that Regional body in the preparation and execution of the 1981 failed attempted coup, how other nations work across the ages when it come to formulating such a Body, politic economy and military. This reflect typical Seychellois political thinking,  the respective position and political program, debate of those  three Presidential candidate for the 2020 election and its media. Today the importance of the,  that Reginal body in our Bilateral function and economy, Culture, People. 

Indian Ocean Commission

1981 Seychelles coup d'état attempt


Second presidential debate second  forum- 18.10.2020

Breaking News at Facebook published this video and we cannot embed the link instead. When we write that we had been involved, contributed importantly that Pope John Paul got elected came to office,  those who saw red /murder. Events in Vatican, Europe, the world and Seychelles until the one Party system changed what President FA Rene and Mancham own Religious affiliation,  knew- (the very person of priest Wavel Wankalawan ) the intense issues we have worked with the Orthodox Church,  The expansion of Christian faith in former East Europe and the building of that St peter Basilica in Africa, Opus Dei Headquarter in the USA, the Adventist British Conference  among other issues - Given that Bishop Wong has got involved in politic,  the many impute we have made in Mauritius politic and the outcome. If/should he be as educated what this imply when we write what we have  - beside our issues with the Archbishop of Canterbury. The current Vatican Office. For 30 years before the Nation/People, the Assembly and media,  Africa workings he has denied the existence of that SIROP program, the Rights of those 23,000 exiles,  their prayers across the world in their respective parish, church, Ministers and faithful believers -  all the royal high persons  and leading world statemen, diplomats EU politician involved and he would be a Meer person if/when compared - they acknowledge that program  and he dare kneel before three Priest and God. 

We have waited and search for the second Presidential Forum debate  we cannot,  could not locate it.


We had the pleasant surprised this morning Google feed,  instead reading the interview by Aljazeera with President Danny Faure and our comment about that historic SIROP program and Seychelles economy, past 30 years and the Region, also questioned the fate and Right of those 23,000 exiles the Truth Commission, his refusal to say how the last Presidential and National election came about. We also added that Aljazeera was a by product,   coming into being was leveraged and synergized by that SIROP program and my own person calling for an International TV Station from the Arab world those who remember. Because of the Gulf War politic and development in the Region and Seychelles getting muddle with it - may be in Seychelles, you do not get muddle in it but in Europe we do. 

President of Seychelles: The politics behind paradise | Talk to Al Jazeera

Of important relevancy the Interview with the Netherlands Foreign Minister, the seat of the ECJ and the ICC what we have address them on that SIROP program  and the fate of those 23,000 exiles, the Truth Commission and the Netherlands contribution and involvement in that historic SIROP program. In turn it impacting several aspects of Netherlands, including the Finance and economy. That SIROP program relation with the so call North African Spring and what we have written. The UN approach. The issues of Syria and again that SIROP program mechanism those who know. The impacts of that program on China from 1986/87 onward, India. The very EU and the enlargement and expansion politic  - What about the dreadful Pandemic. It could all have  been avoided just as those who criticize the UN,  their government respective resources how they go about using it or abusing it and the vast complexities of that SIROP and the mega mess, the regulatory mechanism of that program. The super mess with Britexit.


Dutch FM: International cooperation is worth fighting for | Talk to Al Jazeera


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Comment - We have done some following in the British media and French and TV, the debate today at France info TV, that this situation started in 1991 and the video they played of Lyon .  In France 1991, those who had been involved with us in that SIROP program, the Mitterrand government and Chirac and France institutions. In 1991 there was a major change in the management of that SIROP program from Kilburn Brent to Kent Folkestone and Dover, Caple le fern, When we write the leveraging and impacting mechanisms, the many ethnic communities in France who had been impacted by that SIROP program until 1991, nobody mentioned - they may say the break up of the USSR and the changes in former East Europe impacts. Those same communities in  North Africa the emancipation and changes brought by that SIROP program and Africa, Caribbean French  and impacts on the Muslim Faith in France they knew, very aware. Personalities like the Front National we worked the Issue and Pan European Union.  The 3 Major economic region program we had help put together with President F Mitterrand in France and leveraged and driven by that program just as it was driving the German, Russian, East Europe, Balkan, and the USA, British and other Europe and Asia issues.  This today none of the commentator mention.

France since the death of Mitterrand and Chirac have gone to a very strange social and economic, political changes -  their intelligence and military system refuses or is unable to understand what is happening, remember that SIROP program had contribute importantly that after major tousle with the Britain to integrate its Nuclear force in NATO, its political relevancy and now it is pulling out. It was a big con, crap, devious and their media terrible analysis of the situation.

Hence we went to President Holland and the why he came to office to rebuild that program and rebuild France busted working all they wanted was political mileage and coning the mass and their own politic wisdom and what ensued, the many attempts and destruction in France, the french politic and media approach and refusal to admit, come to term what the situation, historic had been with President Mitterrand and Chirac. Intervention were made above their heads and not asking their views and it worked and what the media attributed these to.

Three year ago when we saw the serious situation developing,  the world nuclear dialogue between the USA, Europe and North Korea - we decided we could use the mechanism of that SIROP program to put in place a new dynamic,  this leeding to the regional working between  Egypt,  the Saudi, China,  the Palestinian, Jordan and other Arabs  there was other consideration, the world alternative currency ,  the Israeli issues not that paramount, President Trump cooking,  because of what we had experience with Israel and those returning exiles from the lost ten tribes and that program and the mega Holocaust compensation  and the mega world financing mess up.

We had state of the need for a more compulsive,  broader engagement of Europe and this include France,  primarily because the Indian Ocean nations, along with North Africa their core Arcadian working is based upon the French.  President Macron is a young politicians he and his party ought to have taken the initiative and helped to leveraging,  developing the dynamic, necessary to help those build that NEOM,  to most is about flying cars and posh way of living - no it is a way of thinking,  the same as did that SIROP program 1986/87, values and religious workings Muslims, the interfaith important involvement, NGO important commitments not poof politic, we saw where this ended as they did with that SIROP program in turn impacting France economy and society and its overseas nations.  They have not done this, the Gilets Jaunes coming out in the streets and the debate in the National Assembly,  this would have reflected, impacted  on the EU system,  also they have not done this and the Britexit situation, the SIROP  integrated working in Britain,  with many of the major economic EU thematic, Treaties and Accords they have not done this and we then get the media because they have control debating and dialoguing the way they are.  The people who listen are not fools or imbeciles. Then we suddenly get Israel playing the kind of politic, media management those who with that exiles return  300,000 and the holocaust compensation and the mega global financial collapse it is going to lending in one bigger mess.


Last night the new member of the second Forum discussion mentioned several times about research, the three presidential candidate and their ministers need to undertake the due research - the science and discipline governing research,  practice and methodology, expertise.  In France this morning the situation with the Covid, the talk of lock down until April next year and former PM Edward Phillipe before the French Assembly to be question about the manner France and its resources prepared and managed the situation. Our statement had that SIROP program been managed otherwise there would not have been this pandemic and had this program been on Continental Europe and now we get the UN Secretary general with all its expertise and resource stating he is calling for a global cease fire to concentrate on fighting Covid. Past Secretary General and that SIROP program how they have known unofficially about that program and the issue of not just past Pandemic when things get mismanage. In Seychelles the Truth Commission, Justice, the Lawyer Pardiwalla and many other who know well the capacity of that program yet the media and in  official address to the nation  what they say. Including past Seychelles Police officials, Disaster officials. Several past high official of the EU, Commission and Council of Europe along with European government officials. Prior to the First Gulf war invasion, debate in the Commons,  Lady Thatcher using that terrible mechanism inferred that SIROP program regulatory capacity was far worse that Saddam Hussain Weapon of Mass Destruction. 

"I have appealed for an immediate global ceasefire to focus on the one true fight: the battle against the #COVID19 pandemic."
-- UN Secretary-General António Guterres.



The Benchmark practice of using and applying a given methodology and other mechanism to leverage a or the government working or Nation then come to reporting what get written or, media address comparable to the terrible Drug poses for any government this we had known and foreseen and address  25 years ago, this have led to the current government demise . The Benchmark in North Africa or Caribbean with that SIROP program mechanism. 

We listened until 2 am Seychelles time the debate a SBC of the Two individuals of Seychelles politic and practices. We urge everybody to take the time and listen, replay that discussion. The part when they discus the need for external investments and involvement to make things happen in Seychelles. They never once mentioned the relevancy of COI or the Indian ocean Rim Association and other regional bodies.  They also address the issues of fear,  that the vast majority are not afraid to vent their views anymore and this we support -by the same token for many years we have addressed how Rev Wavel came to politic and office with that SIROP program and he deny or ignore it. The six election issues,  the 2016 election and his almost chucking it away and yet. In particular Vice Presidential candidate Afif,  his terrible benchmark having worked with President FA Rene and knowing the capacity of that SIROP program,  using it to leverage his interests then completely ignoring them in particular the making of the LDS - former minister Pat Pillay important role and others . 

At the end of the Day what we address former Minister Gonzalve D'offay in a private message. Beside the Orange Party issues, the banner which OS took up.  - There was the important issues of the /A Senate,  a two Tier Parliament system,   Mr Ralph Volcer time in UK in exile politic just like/as his Cannabis issues and last election position. We promoting the concept pf a two tier Parliament even with  Sir James Mancham and President FA Rene, those in  Mauritius who had initiated this process,  Dr Navin Ramgoolam government.   We will link the website of that Senate in Seychelles platform  we started and former President J A Michel fudge in formulating instead a Regional Council concept. Our many statement given today politic working this would have created a strong counter check for effective government, nation management instead, How other nations works the two Tier  parliament system, mechanism -  but those who support strongly the British, Commonwealth fail corrupt system - they will come to regret it. Finally if, should the incoming LDS and politician not give the due credit to that SIROP program for their taking power and address the Rights of those 23,000 exiles they will not last very long. We will battle to expose them to the international Community/World.

Today in Seychelles is with LaLa Srivaishnav.
LDS supporters swamp Victoria
by W. J. May
The sun is hardly up out of bed, yet swathes of LDS supporters have already taken to the streets of Victoria in anticipation of an expected landslide victory for the opposition party in Seychelles’ 2020 general elections.

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Le candidat de l'opposition Wavel Ramkalawan, un prêtre anglican de 59 ans, a remporté dès le premier tour la présidentielle aux Seychelles, une victoire historique dans un pays où tous les chefs d'Etat étaient...



SBC Live | Inauguration Ceremony- New President of Seychelles - 26 October 2020


Seychelles' National Assembly to be sworn in, with former opposition in firm control

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Original Comment at Facebook Seychelles EU Connections
This morning would like to address two personality in Seychelles, former SNM President After the Assassination of Mr Gerard Hoareau and returning to Seychelles in 1992, the formulation of the United Opposition later becoming SNP. The same to former Minister Pat Pillay Leader of his current Party the important role he played to causing the split in PL, the intense negotiations to formulate the LDS alliance, events of the 6th National Assembly. We are told we are entering a new era - In Seychelles the refusal to address the mechanism of that SIROP program its important impact on the formulation synergy to put the SNP together and many years its working and the impacts and events surrounding former Minister Pat Pillay initiatives - in Europe those who work and manage such issues, they know the need to come to term if that is the polite word, other wise there will be other significant turbulences. To our communities using Facebook, please go and talk to with those who know, do not just get mad, angry and comment. The Electoral Commission need to understand, the Constitutional Commission and the foreign election Monitors - even with their Majority in the Assembly the miss acting of the mechanism working of that program will prove very challenging. One/a way forward is to , for the incoming government to provide due legal assistance whereby those can address, present the SIROP plaint before the National Truth Commission representing international Benchmark . In turn the government of Seychelles playing its due part in helping that program accountability to the world, countless issues that need explaining including the Covid mechanism, past Pandemics. Major faulty economic and world financial malfunction. -

The vast many of the world institutional working listening to some of the media debate will fall into the trap of those in Seychelles who for many years have been very dishonest. The world cannot forgive when educated individual blatantly telling  lies - our address to individual like Lawyer Boule, President  D Faure and a few others at the start of the Britexit campaign help us to move to the Continent and the mark difference they will see in Seychelles politic - the Truth commission working and the amount of money the PL/US government owe my person. They stuck to their deceptive working and this cost them the election,  we do not say that LDS may not have won some degree of success  - the point being all the explanation being debated on TV, Media, spread, the EC,  the Constitution commission, AG, the church of England and the catholic their prayers in public -  had we been on the continent the election process, dissolution of the Assembly  and results would have been very different. All the raging arguments, debates on Facebook and those who have read and followed our post. Many know,  are very aware the state, human  condition and persecution we are suffering and living under,  they do want the situation to change. As a last resort our application to the French government to consider  our political asylum. This comment apply to the current Spanish government and the German with all their massive intelligence Service resources and police. 


New Ministers of LDS Government :


We have listened to most of the arguments and forum debates,  Face book comments about this Seychelles Presidential and National election,  what we have address on past Pandemic and the SIROP program mechanism - why Spain. 


For the past two days the news of UN setting/opening a Liaison Office in Seychelles in joint working with Sir James Mancham SeyUni Peace Foundation. Presumably to be Managed by Mr Alexander Mancham,  Sir James Son. 

We addressing the Truth commission copy to the ICJ, the ICC, UNHCR, EU working in  Mauritius and several other. We will be posting the comment below. 

Yesterday SBC news announced President Wakalawan, the Interior Minister and VP visit to the SPDF HQ at Bel Air. This is where we comeback to question the so call  UN benchmark and their terrible approach,  the important relevancy that we have not had a major military incident in Seychelles because all those Party to that program our undertakings. In Seychelles the SPDF ought to know and be very aware.. President Michel and Faure  government - If the incoming government have not done their Home work it is just terribly, shoddy. The promise of better benchmark to the nation and the world.

Over the past 40 years have monitor the UN working from a a global High Interdisciplinary Management  prospective working with many world government and their Institutions,  as a leading opposition from the Indian Ocean ,  NGO activist and author of that SIROP program had to work vast many issues with their various  division over 30 years and we now  have a Liaison Office of UN in Seychelles - it is not our duty or  responsibility to find out, set  the priorities for UN Liaison office in Seychelles that is their business  -however to half sane or half lunatics,  their first priority ought, must be that Truth Commission and the fate of our 21,000 exiles and their respective Rights. The usual media con,  crap and spin will not do and we address the UN high officials,  please review your past working with that SIROP program, this is not just any program all those who were involved if you do not know what you are doing when the mega mess explode do not go about garb-aging the  world with your lies and dishonest benchmark and experts stories. 

Statement of ICC Prosecutor, Fatou Bensouda, following the voluntary surrender and transfer to the Court of Paul Gicheru in relation to alleged offences against the administration of justice in the Kenya Situation

This morning we address Mr Alexander Mancham our issues and UN 75 year anniversary and that SIROP program in particular the issues of the mega corruption and that historic program workings with the UN Asking them to help report on that Program.

Then UN Secretary general and the political development in Kenya, several countries adopting the Orange emblem for their Party, Madagascar and Seychelles, Central Arica, North Africa and that SIROP program mechanism. Among one of the original reason we lobby and drove the issues for setting up an ICC then. What got written why the ICC was set up, the terrible world corrupted benchmark practice.

Part of the challenge hence the UN to report, the positive and negative impacts and mismanagement of its mechanism, mega abuses and consequence, Several wars, Revolutions and government changes, economic and major financial collapse, environmental and Pandemic - the consequences leading to events in Kenya, causing, triggering the genocide- how so call world justice works, their logic, a bit like a strong storm destroying my house and I am to be blame for it or locust invading my crops.

In Seychelles the Truth Commission and that SIROP Program from President FA Rene, Michel and Faure request for due international benchmark to address the Commission and our own lawyers, the new government of President Wanakalwan and the issues of that Covid Pandemic, the ICJ, ICC response. We have address the ICC directly on the Kenya genocide .

UN to have a liaison office in Seychelles
As of this month, the United Nations will have a liaison office in Seychelles.

This was announced by Alexander Mancham, the United Nations coordination officer for Seychelles, at a symposium organised jointly by the United Nations and the James R. Mancham Peace and Diplomacy Research Institute at UniSey to commemorate the 75th Anniversary of the United Nations.


 At our Community Forum have mentioned Chair Person of the Truth commission warning/manning what is deem punishable up to 10 years imprisonment. 

Please refer to the above Blog on the topic of the 2015 Presidential and national election in Seychelles, the issues of Germany, Netherlands and France. In spite of the world and Europe economic woes, conflicts that Pandemic had not surface with  its aggressive consequences.  That SIROP program unique impact on those events. Had the election concluded differently we had expected a radical change in our Diplomatic working in Europe, Africa, the US , the Gulf region and Asia, the relevancy to that SIROP program. 

The News that Seychelles France Ambassador have been made Minister for  Foreign Affairs and Tourism, Mr Radegon and our African Union etc.,  Ambassador have tended his resignation and the PS for Foreign affair Ambassador Barry Faure have submitted his resignation. Other to follow. 

The concern,  they all knew were aware of the workings and mechanism of that SIROP Program in African and the African Union, France and Europe and in the case of ambassador Barry' Faure having a greater view of our international  Bilateral and diplomatic workings  they al refuse to tell that nation of the existence of that program and its importance and relevancy past and present. The many out there who known how  our diplomacy works, we expect some form of different or new dynamic and synergy involving, surrounding  that SIROP program. With it new challenges and opportunities.

Louis Sylvestre Radegonde, Ambassador of the Republic of Seychelles to France

Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, Seychelles, Ambassador, Former Parliamentarian, Barry Faure

H.E. Moussa Faki Mahamat received credentials of H.E. David Pierre, Ambassador of the Republic of Seychelles