SIROP combine exile/refugee Program

SIROP combine exile/refugee Program
When will the 21,000 - 25,000 Seychellois exile/refugees get Justice

The 30th anniversary of Germany reunification -the Hapsburg Family Coco de mer, in the Grand Louver the Kings probably Louis the 14th Coco de mer and in Britain in Que garden the Coco de mer plant

 It is the first time we use Blog page -

We do not , did not want to crowd our Blog with photos others may deem have no relevancy but, safe for our  workings, bilateral and Arcadian workings. We want to create a page that we can link to a Blog photo in this case the late Princes Diana our then issues of 1986/87.

The 30th anniversary of Germany reunification, 30 years ago the Cold War raging, Europe, the Indian Ocean -  the USSR, COMECON, China, the None Aligned Movement,  the OAU, Gulf Nations. The conception of that SIROP program. In London at the time the Playboy Club those who knew the issues of Seychelles and the famous Coco de Mer. Those bloody morphs correct who cannot,  could not differentiate between a massive phallus  and a female Coco de Mer nut, they muddled everything together, these plant phenomena are,  form part of the dinosaur ages plant family and the discordance,  anger and rage this caused. Including some of the leading politicians of the day. For the Seychelles, its people in the Indian ocean and in exile, the many attempted counter coup d'etat, he BIOT, Diego Garcia issues.  What both male and female represented in the whole ensemble of the political, economic, society, culture, ancestral founding nation values, christian belief  and future aspiration. Even the Soviet, the USA and French, German military, intelligence used to refer the issues. In Austria the Hapsburg Family Coco de mer, in the Grand Louver the Kings probably  Louis the 14th Coco de mer  and in Britain in Que garden the Coco de mer plant. 

Of importance then young Princes Diana and family, the many who did not  - failed, to understand the relating issues between Princess Diana and the Seychelles thematic. The Queen Coco de Mer she planted it had not started bearing nuts yet.  The Queen mother and Princess Margret. Events of the past 43/30 years, battle, fight to return Multiparty. That SIROP program 1986/87 today reading, studying those who will conclude complete loco, mad program  because they failed to  grasp understand that we,  those writing, putting that program together did not think of the African female - we had in mind the world past complicated female role and function, purpose which that nut represent and  as such the greater line of thinking. This baffled many Africa, Arabs and European personalities who were not informed. With such psychosis , mind set we worked the complicated  issues of the USSR, the COMECON the USA, NATO, the Warsaw Pact, Germany Reunification, Europe enlargement, the changing role of OAU to African Union,  the Indian Ocean Rim Association, the BRICS. 

Princess Anne's visit 'welcomed by tourism trade' - Seychelles ...

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