SIROP combine exile/refugee Program

SIROP combine exile/refugee Program
When will the 21,000 - 25,000 Seychellois exile/refugees get Justice

Sunday, 26 January 2014

The Christmas Trifle/Triple Pudding expiry date 31/12/2013

New University of Vienna Campus for Economic and Business Inaugurated December 2013

Beside the fact that we have noted the SDA Conference is registered and have an office by the UN as an NGO - the global/international benchmark associated with large international NGO, particularly accountability and reporting urged me to pen this issues. 

There is a very great deal at Davos they did not discuss in relation to rebuilding the many busted mechanism and discipline of Europe and the world - one of them being the role of  Religion and interfaith, those that did but with much reservation.  Beside the EU Institutions views and relation to the Church and Religion in Europe. 

Certain Religion/church have long treated and developed Interdisciplinary related science/discipline to explain some of the more complex workings of the Church and Faith, in Society, economy, education, medicine a very long and impressive list - as such can introduce to topic under IOIMF Facebook discussion. 

We want to address an issue which we have some understanding. Those who may/will ask what prompted us - well every year we buy a Trifle Desert and this year was not exception, safe my decision to travel to Austria to meet eventually my Grand children shortly after Christmas to the first week of New Year. 

We have been reminded that this Trifle is getting/running out of date - however we/I kept it until Saturday night at the close of the Davos WEF 2014 Summit.  Admitted it did not taste fresh - still it was eatable.  Those from Britain, the former colonies, France and continental who care and appreciate Trifle deserts.  This Trifle was a very special one. 

The last time I had been to Vienna some 23 years ago the Berlin Wall was intact, the COMECON and USSR was very intact - the Warsaw Pact.  The Cold War and Communist System.  Vienna neutrality politic - whilst we are there/on this subject - how many recall the entry of Austria in the EU Institutions and the EURO, the debate and debacle, politic - again what the media have written and their manner those who played very important role/contributed - including my very person and if those from the many State, University other institutions require details we will write then down - just as we have contributed in other Nation process to join, qualify - many mechanism at work.  When anybody/individual take part in such/can take part or contribute this is not a small issues. 

We have known the SDA Church in Austria since 1977 there about in Innsbruck, then Salzburg when we were informed of the Coup d'etat in then Sechelles Seychelles.  That did not meant we did not visit other Churches.  Later when we moved to Vienna in 1978 - several Churches we attended and church-ed with - again then Cold War, political, economic , social situation in the COMECON, the USSR, Austria.  Most important the state of Christian Faith be they SDA and others - we had a very special interests in those issues.  Beside we have began to build certain contacts with the many Catholic institutions and NGO's in relation to building a larger Seychelles Community Institutions, workings in Europe. 

I had pressed my brother residing and working in Berlin and Nuremberg,  to help me find a solution after the take over/ hijack of the SIROP program by President J Mancham, Dr Ferrari  and a few others, involving the USA, Britain and other governments/Institutions.  He had not been able hence decided to go to Vienna and try and meet with those we considered as friends, associates and acquaintance  to find a solution. In the first place they had helped me formulate aspect of the historic Program given previous work, old law firms and multinationals,  Austrian National with vested interests in Seychelles and the International Institutions based in Vienna. (Refer to Virtual Seychelles history under the heading Second Republic - however they state it was in 1991, it could not be because the incident took place before Mr Philippe Boulle return to Sechelles Seychelles)

Just about half of the Catholic global membership, believers knew the state of the Church in then COMECON, the USSR. 

Until we had gone to Berlin/ Nuremberg and Vienna  1989,  - in London, Paris and other Capital we had build and put in place contacts with many exile/refugees and NGO networks - including those form the COMECON underground, some of the Officials, beside important government contacts and connection - in London and Europe.  The SIROP was  not just a political project is was/in effect a very important economic program - Seychelles government had underlined and stressed this importance, it required the support and network, leverage of other NGO and their respective workings. 

Again - then Vienna 1989, Austria government, none of the changes had importantly taken place and as such those in Vienna - their view of my position/role and the way they reacted and treated my/our person. Including the UNIDO having stated this was first and foremost an important Economic program. 

We had hoped/expected to stay longer in Vienna - this did not materialize, yet all those who knew the details and had very good information - since President J Mancham and Dr Ferrari and other government, Institutions had stolen/hijack and tried to take over this program.  All those and the many who had worked with our person in Britain at very important level and issues, South Africa issues - large international contracts/Projects. 

The few that decided to support and advice us/our person returned to London and that Autumn - from Kilburn - Brent the mega Irish communities, the Latin America House, the Philippine House, the Iranian House - the three very large cemetery on of them former South Africa/Rhodesia Mercenary are buried. The Jewish Community/Corporate/political/big media and diplomatic entities we had been in contact with.  (Those Families from Vienna/Austria who have/had been supporting our work, Financial/business,  know to our respective exile/refugee executives, families in London - the curtains from their former Homes and table cloth, their cutlery  they had brought to London.) Beside the very many NGO's, Grass Root, Ethnic communities we had been in contacts and build very important Network as against then Leadership of SNM/MPR who had a very tight structure and our argument that we need to build longer Term working for our respective Communities - we had taken over where Mr Hoareau, the former Head of Seychelles Prison and person who organised our Independence Celebration,  had left SEA  - Seychelles Exile Association and remodeled into UKSCA, duly registered as a Charity, funded  and housed in the HVA Community/voluntary Resource in Hounslow.  Beside the Community Pub, the Housing Association we had done some important work on and a Community Center.  Many in Austria knew of those issues including their high politicians, State Services, their Fraternal, Illuminati and Masonic entities. What really took place, the terrible dishonesty of very many today and some of them very important personalities and individuals - the USA Presidential visit and Speeches and what was driving some of those important issues.  Then USA and many other embassies in London. 

We had been attending church at the New Gallery - ex Country Life, leased from the Crown Property and then Mrs Thatcher Government, the many conference and functions of the SDA in London/Britain, their HQ and many other churches - beside others and what was/were driving these - yet to who gave and provided other reason - where are they today. 

When and after the Berlin Wall had come , beside the Vatican media,  events, work  to reintroduce Catholic back in the former East Europe, the Balkan, Russia and Yugoslavia - there might be another polite way of putting what ensued. The challenge with Old Orthodox Religion which had been banned or gone underground - their many properties, media coverage. 

After the Fall of the Berlin Wall and the many changes the way and manner the SDA media covered, wrote  about/of the historic events.  We have stated correctly among certain older Religion/church and belief - the science of Interdisciplinary workings have existed for a very long time - not so for the SDA/Adventists at least not in Britain  and certainly not in the Europe and former COMECON countries we had known. 

In and among every religion, denominational or sects, there are rules, code of conduct and benchmark - in as much we had known of the great disparity in the SDA media reporting , accounting for the changes and events, be they in the USA - they loved the credits, Austria was not much better. 

In addressing the issues of Interdisciplinary church/interfaith related - Davos, what have been blamed to the bad big politicians, the big bad bankers, the big bad multinational  and the big bad NGO's - would expects and would have expected the church to be one place where lights , errors and excesses would have been pointed out - they did not do this they joined other in inventing how they came to be  and rebuild their churches and Institutions in the former COMECON and USSR. 

In Britain - the SDA Church have had 23 years to trash and come to term, resolve their media reporting and position.  Pope John Paul ll left a very great deal unsaid and unwritten - without faith and the Church important involvement, the COMECON  and the USSR would not have changed bottom line - try and address this in all the public debate, the big media and their parliaments, Senates etc - they will pull a rope form their pocket and hang you on the nearest object.  Their inventions and arguments. 

Given what we have written above and the position of the SDA in France, Britain, Europe, the USA and rest of the world  - they do  not get/become involve in such issues and our person choose to do it. Hence we build a very good relation with Dr Samuel Bachochi because he had been a leading personality in the Catholic church and known the working of Vatican.  The SDA Church Families are very closely knitted/they share a great deal of internal issues and information - communication. 

In case those misunderstand where we are coming and going - we had been  in Kent for the past 22 years, their Churches. Is is custom in Britain among the SDA brothers and sisters when you have a visitor and in our case a modestly known person/visitor - you extend some warmth, you inquire about his or her well-being.  This is the core/fundamentals of Christian practice irrespective of colour/outer appearance and belief.

We had gone to Vienna on the 28/12/13 and had informed others of our coming, including the Authorities and other to keep an eye on our person and support/help.  We thank them once again - we know and saw, we have over 30 years experience.  With the help of others had found quiet location to stay - away from the big crowd and the big hoha.  We had visited a number of Churches and spoke with their Officials - Their approach to our person, including the New Year celebration/Mass/Service.  

In view of the very cold reception from those of the SDA Community we have known in Vienna, had not taken part in the New Year Service. However decided to attend the first Sabbath of 2014 at the Old Church we used to attend. The issues we have covered.  There is a very great deal about David Koresh unwritten, unpublished and other highly important related incidents across the world. 

There are those form the SDA Communities in Austria and the former COMECON and the USSR who have read, studied and debated what we have written, the important CERN and WWW issues - how the SDA like everybody across the world communicated/approach to communication from 1978 to 1988 and how this changed drastically/importantly - we do not know about those two young scientist at CERN, certainly the like of President F Mitterrand and Lady Thatcher, the greater Illuminati, fraternal and masonic entities including the Vatican,  our exchanges of the future impacts of the WWW. Among the SDA church congregation in Britain we have studied certain phenomena - scientist would conclude is is a from of double personality.  We have been in the Church from birth we know otherwise. 

At the place we/I was staying had the opportunity to meet a very friendly and nice Austrian and he was very/highly surprised when we addressed him the issues of "Valulliso" and what we discussed. 

The good question here is had we attended Church with the other Ethnic SDA denomination would we have had a better and friendlier reception after 23/25 years.  After all we all pray and brought by to pray for everything we get/receive small and great - what are we to pray here and share with Heaven and its Host.  How do we related in our respective belief, our children, their children - relate in such context and situation - note we stated in a number of leading churches and Religion they have a long in depth understanding of Interdisciplinary workings/associated disciplines those who have been privileged to teach, practice and benefited for it. It is not just the acknowledgement of Prayers/the power of Prayers and intercession and what it can achieve and achieve - in applying the science of Interdisciplinary and Multidisciplinary the very many years and centuries of proving that this science exist, real and applicable - yet. 

Should we conclude as in Britain - the double standard, they had expected us to come well dressed with means and recognition/accolades - they the big/many Sermons of "Jonas" among one of them. 

What about the understanding and workings of the SDA Churches, their NGO in respect/relation to climate change, the global phenomena. 

What about some of the burning issue we have been compelled to get the EU High Institutions, including the Parliament to intervene and regulate/address - beside the media. 

We still have half of that Trifle to eat. {" As they have build the new SDA Conference building, that Balham Church with took 25 years to build - in Austria, Vienna they have build a new  Austrian Conference building, the mega economic melt down of 2007 and what they attribute the good reasons and objective  for these Christian buildings"}

Kirche der Siebenten-Tags-Adventisten - Österreich

Kirche der Siebenten-Tags-Adventisten - Vienna

The Inter - European division

Trifle Pudding/Triple Pudding

Trifle/Triple pudding

Sunday, 12 January 2014

Had we stayed in Vienna as many had wished Pope Francis would not have appointed English Cardinal

Had we stayed in Vienna as many had wished Pope Francis would not have English Cardinal

In our thread before leaving for Vienna 27/12/13, beside addressing the issues of the change in British synergy/dynamic as well as that of Europe and the world working, requesting the media, the many high officials, the Intelligence Service, the elite of the politicians of Europe, Britain, the USA, France - African Union and the world so that they cannot/could not accuse us/our person of charlatan and gross imagination if one can use this terminology.

We referred to past workings over the 25 years - saying that when we were last in Vienna from Berlin - the Berlin Wall was still intact and much of the former COMECON and the USSR, that Autumn compelled to return to London - { The reason we had wanted to stay in Germany or Austria was so/knowing that SIROP program was being worked and all those involved in gross abuse and manipulation and their utter lies and corrupted practice.} Then Vatican and the undertaking between Pope John Paul and our/my person beside the Benchmark of high Interdisciplinary Management workings - High Interdisciplinary issues of the Vatican  and greater church working never to write and divulge in public. To this day we have abide by our undertaking - the Vatican and the church Officials cannot say this.

Question the list of events which were unfolding in Europe, the USA, Britain, France and other parts of the world were we dreaming or inventing - having stated that beside the University of Vienna, in Holland and Germany the science and discipline to study such workings in place - which were not there 10 years ago.  Yet what the corrupted politicians and media choose to say and tell the world.

Among one of our wish had been to visit the church where Pope John Paul went twice and pope Benedict Maria something in Austria - also explaining when we were doing that research on "Indian Ocean Industrial Investment and Promotion Center by UNIDO/World Bank Vienna" to get away form everything had seek refuge - the quietness there. We had a very extensive agenda so did not make it - we were very stressed too, by/given the attitude of many who had benefited from our work, the changes of he COMECON, the USSR, OAU and other work - their utter corrupted position we have been protesting and writing about these the past 25 years world wide.

In Sechelles Seychelles, unlike Europe and France or London or Ireland those who will say they do not are not aware of our person and work - we want to address those of you from the Catholic Church - those of you who have know of my Catholic academic education and later what we have come to Term archaic, fraternal, heraldic, Illuminati and Masonic or Templar workings.

We have address the issues of our important involvement/contributions to get the duplicate of St Peter Basilica build in Africa - the SIROP program and what we have addressed, those who over the years have choose to use the Church, Vatican and other important church workings to take Credits and what real criminal think about such attitude and the impacts on Africa politic and social development. The abuse.

We have addressed of our contribution under that SIROP program to get that Opus Dei building in Washington and equally have addressed many articles. Why and what are the issues.

Including Royalty - Templar issues - we just get tired of repeating them.
Our concern is that those in Britain Surrounding the conservative and coalition workings and the Masonic workings in spite of our protests and by now the many who have read what we have been addressing and the manner they work- their highly manipulative approach and how they and their media take credit and then write as history - know very well who we are .

We want to challenge the British media and the Intelligence Service who followed and monitored us in Vienna - one of these days the public will get absolutely fed up with you corrupted manipulation and lies then it will be to late for everybody.  There are those who may have asked how dare we write what we did in Austria - we can and ought to have written a great deal more.

There has been the issues of Pope Francis Brother being an SDA - given our long experience and knowledge of Vatican workings at the very highest level had trusted that, beside one or two other incidents which ought to have come to Pope Francis Office attention - having written we use to confer and meet Vatican Officials based in London regularly when that SIROP program was being deploy.  This said our undertaking by the late Pope John Paul ll not/never to discuss and shared high Interdisciplinary Church workings with the public and in public.  We want ans ask those of you in Seychelles, Mauritius, Reunion, those on our Facebook from the church to being this article to the Vatican and Pope Francis Office.  High Interdisciplinary church/Vatican working is not football , Voodoo, selling drugs and other criminal related or political activities is is unique and very important /relevant o this world/planet and mankind existence - those who know and practice, serve the respective discipline.

The world is on a knife edge, in-spite of the mega fallout/meltdown because of the mega corruption we just refuse to learn and listen.

PM Tony Blair almost got taken to the ICC - what we have been addressing the Coalition for the past three years and their utter refusal to listen and working as if they are God and only they have the right to choose over many way of thinking and doing anything.  The statement that the Minister of Foreign Affair is being brought before the ICC.  We will link the news breaking article below - why are we writing about this - simply because of what we have been addressing the many on the British Social media and those who have taken up the issues - had we not been in Britain/London - the so call mega North Africa spring would not have taken place - those form the Conservative coalition who know of the mechanism we represent and work - how they manipulate and ab use them then - what they write and explain as facts.  Just as the case of the French/conclusion in Paris today - we too can break the rules and write a very great deal about French workings which the greater public ought t not to know - those who are trained to respect such workings and this morning development about Syria - just as when the Libya debacle was cooking and blowing up what we address their opposition they did not want o believe until it was too late and today they regret many of the cack and super mess they have cooked.

As if this is not enough - in Islington over the past 15 years the many things, issues and development as a results of our work, the issues we have worked with, impacts and the building staring/glaring at everybody today then they say we were never involved and took part in anything.  The workings of the Somali, Ethiopian and Eritarians, the workings of the NCVO, LVSC and others - the many issue with the later from the resource Center on Holloway road, the refurbishment, the major loss of funds, relocation to their current Office in the ex Natwest Building and the Student dorm/Campus.  We have addressed the workings of the SNM some 30 years ago, the reason and decision for the USA to invade the Somalia, events after - the return of the exile to Seychelles - most important events surrounding he Somali Pirate, the involvements of the world, the EU, NATO and many others , the building of that Prison at the back of my exp property at Montagne Posee and my involvements - the setting up of the Somali working in London by PM Cameron and the Pirate Center set up in Seychelles -,  On Caledonian Road where some members of our community reside and have resided for 60 years - when PM Blair got elected made many acquaintance for the Ethiopia, Somali and Eritarian community. Most important those who know and very aware of my person. Across from the ex Natwest and current LVSC office and near by the Voluntary body - there used to be an empty church - what impacted and influenced the Eritraians to take that building and start their Church - London and the African community are very strange.  Just as those Ghanaian/Nigerians have been allowed to go/come to Seychelles and operate the Stock Exchange those who have been insulting my person , belief and  that of my ancestors - saying Mr Edmond if you do not convert to our Christian and other belief you will never see a cent or make any money.  Those form the Somali, Eritarians and Ethiopians communities who know very well the benchmark of those who lead their respective communities workings - the offer of money, woman, sex and many other perks and the facts that we have not accepted then - the way they judge and see our person and the names we are being called - Friends we ask/plead with you, for an individual who have the captivity to drive, help importantly that OAU become African Union and the many we attended schools in East Africa  and the first thing that come to your mind is a nice sexy girl female to insult, us this way is asking grave trouble. (We have even taken part in the creation of the very Eritaria, vast complex issues ask those who were there and know)

Equally - the issues of setting up that Undersea superhighway way with then PM Blair and Writing of Africa debt - can anybody be they in south Africa, Kenya and others parts of Africa for the kind of work and capacity of any African individual who can deliver and work such issues - they can have and are entitled to a whole harem of the prettiest of girls and females.  We ask/say friends do not insult our person - remember the past and recent incident - when anybody get drink or take drug or they decided to have an affair,  how they comport and then is is too late. having written what we have here repeat, the USA, Britain, the EU, African Union, the UN and many other who monitor our every move, action, conversation and social networks - we have not addressed the issues here just for kicks  - there are very grave and important reasons.

Archbishop of Westminster Vincent Nichols to become Cardinal

Lawyers call for prosecutions over Iraq abuse

Eritrean Orthodox Diocese Of Europe

Saturday, 11 January 2014

The linkage mechanism which everybody/media refuse to acknowledge in modern politic - General/PM Ariel Sharon

We heard  over the TV of the passing away of former General/Israel PM Ariel Sharon, who passed away according to the Israeli professor from the Medical complex he had been at for the past years - one hour ago.

Having addressed a number of important linkage of/with in that SIROP program of 1987/88, with the Israeli, Jewish nation, people and their past the mechanism we had decided to apply to bring about the due changes and process.

For the past one hour have been listening to Al Jazzera, RT, ITV and BBC announcements, comments and commentaries over the life and legacy of Ariel Sharon.

The issues which raced our mind ought we to react and comment if wise what and which.
Last Saturday after the visit to the SDA Church in Vienna, walked by the USA Embassy and took some photos, then went into the University of Vienna Computer and IT Campus to check certain issues then onto the Jewish Museum - it was closed because of he Sabbath, we ought to have known - one Sunday woke up early to travel to the Museum - as is the case staying in collective place/dorm we tend to discuss our program, itinerary and days events.

Later the article in the afternoon we wrote of our visit, the discovery of the old and new Jewish population in Vienna and the version of History.  We had been equally monitoring the health issues surrounding the deteriorating health issues of General/PM Ariel Sharon - those who shared the issues he may pass away whilst we were in Vienna given that he had played such a crucial role - decision and negotiations and linkage that/which would allow those 250,000 former USSR and COMECON Jews beside Ethiopian to migrate to Israel, the USA and beyond.

As a matter of fact had addressed those important Viennese Jewish personality we had known then back 1979/80' - those who held the view we had to be prudent and not get involved too deeply and with to much of the Jewish community in Vienna.

What do we mean by linkage mechanism which the media and so call experts refuse to address and throwing the blame of events and incident directly on a given person or personality. For instance between 1977 when we had arrive to Austria and the decision to seek political asylum in Strasbourg/France and later in London - the many highly important issues which arose out of Vienna, then high political personalities, business entities, the former USSR and the then COMECON.  Given that Institutions like/as L'ENA in Paris, then Professor Dr Hofmann both Vienna University prominence in the field of High Interdisciplinary workings, then European Economic Forum, then Pra Science Department working with then Vienna University, Institutions like International Institute for Strategic Studies and the Royal Institute for Strategic Studies in London and a few other to differentiate form National Intelligence workings/Departments.  Those who had began to develop the new mechanism, discipline for political, economic and global working linkage, including then Europe the major politicians and players then 1976 onward and the media approach workings then.
There is the important need to differentiate between those who work and are trained in the field/science of counter Intelligence and the such and those who work with the discipline of Interdisciplinary high management science - then late 1970' s very few and we have stated time and time a very small circle and elite knew/aware of the existence of this discipline and associate mechanism.  When events and issues developed how the media and so call experts choose to report and interpret and explain them as what had been the agenda, issues, reason certain linkage and their mechanism had been applied and the objective and desired goal and over plan if any.

It was because we had a reasonable good understanding of such workings that we were able to become involved in then British economic greater challenges and problematic, finding and working to find solutions - bringing in Professor Von Hayek  and the involvement of the greater Jewish workings, communities in Britain,, France, South Africa,  the USA, Israel and then USSR/COMECON among others.

In then Vienna - their leading politicians and such personalities who knew and were aware of our capabilities and involvements. Should the truth be told and ever get out the many high important issues impacts in Austria workings - including the involvements of the Austrian Hapsburg Family, Dr Otto and his surrounding and networks.

Part of the mechanism, discipline of high Interdisciplinary working is to have the capacity to identify a given individual from a given environment, nation, people one can collaborate, correlate and work out challenges, issues, problematic etc.  Among others in then Israel General Ariel Sharon - again later lady Thatcher and many of his government and ministers who became aware and some of their important political and diplomatic relation  - impacts and what those who write history, those reporters the method and manner they choose to report and the reality.

It is very and completely wrong today to say and blame everything good and bad on former General/PM Ariel Sharon - as such our role and contributions to help see the ICC because of the media, those political Leadership who refuse to work by certain standards - after the due linkage, mechanism applied and things had gone very wrong - those and how they choose to blame and the retributions.  Be it a Charles Taylor or Tito, Saddam Hussein, Qaddafi or Arafat, Mandela  and many others. With the ICC and greater EU workings had demanded and lobby that the linkage and mechanism be taken into consideration.

In addressing the issues of General/PM Sharon everybody refuse to address impacts and events surrounding change in the former COMECON and the USSR which impacted the USA/Israeli and Palestinian workings very negative and positive.  Driving a personality into action or workings way beyond their control and knowledge.

Given the understanding of this discipline and science in the USA and it institutions, personalities like President Reagan, Bush Senior and Junior and Bill Clinton very aware of the linkage and mechanism - yet what the USA media writes and their experts.

We would like to address - this to the regional workings of the Cold War and the Indian Ocean then West, East and None aligned workings - again nobody, none of the media presenting and debating the death of Ariel Sharon mentioned or raised these issues or question.  In turn the region of Sechelles Seychelles, BIOT - Diego Garcia, South Africa, the Horn of Africa and Afghanistan.  Strategic issues of the Indian Ocean workings  and then Libya and the region/North Africa - then OAU.

Among the Reporting problematic/accountability - using this discipline to help put into place media which may support and help address with more/ degree of clarity such workings and issues.

Over the many years we have addressed - their are more complicated mechanism, powers at play an d to our great surprise who we have discovered in Vienna as part of the University Campus and studies such science and discipline are studied as against Britain and France. Because of the Science they study and the University promote - the negative label-lings and tagging.

Including that infernal "highly debate satanic mechanism rolled/applied in the vast workings of modern mankind and its media" how they study and the science they have develop to study this workings and associated phenomena.  Something we had began to address then late Mrs Thatcher Government era, then EU Institutions, commission, Court of Justice, Council of Europe, Ombudsman and European Parliament workings. We have also address the UN and the Vatican to develop the science and discipline to study this phenomena and abnormal workings.

Finally - there are certain very sensitive associated issues related to the health incident with former General/PM Ariel Sharon, just as the assassination  of the former President, the mechanism and linkage, the very same with we have discovered impacted the fate of Professor Dr Micheal Hofmann - what their experts and scientist explain and choose to report - those who study and work alternative science and applied discipline.

General/PM Ariel Sharon had formed part of those that had supported the project for a Trans Europe/Africa Transport - Train Network and the great objective - the mega influx of refugees and migrant in  Israel today - the total mess which have engulf North Africa, economy, politic  and regional workings and those involved and those they attribute the blame if it so choose them and their respective media.  Israel Africa - OAU/AU greater politic.

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