SIROP combine exile/refugee Program

SIROP combine exile/refugee Program
When will the 21,000 - 25,000 Seychellois exile/refugees get Justice

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Nelson Mandela's lying in state draws queue of thousands to say goodbye

It is very strange how Propaganda, sleaze, lies and cover up - can change history human democratic priorities, rationality, perspectives. 

The world current frenzied about the greatness of Nelson Mandela - Madiba, exposed at the Union Building in South African and the political Power of the ANC which have made this possible. 

A very important aspect of that SIROP Program success - was/were linked to the changes of the USSR, the COMECON - as such then South Africa and then ANC and its Leadership. 

Beside the issues of the British Colonial planners - to maintain/develop a unique strategic East of Gulf, the Turning of Zanzibar into the/Hong Kong for East Africa - the then power of the USSR, Communist system and its intelligence Service. 

In 1981 when we were compelled to come to London to seek political asylum - a number of media coverage, then Mrs Thatcher government and the debacle of " the Cambridge Five, the other members of which were Donald Maclean, Guy Burgess, Anthony Blunt and, possibly, John Cairncross." the very many fictitious issues - the media wrote. They failed to address aspect of the core issues. These individuals had been part/core of the debacle of East of Gulf/Eden British Strategy and Turning Zanzibar into the Hong Kong of East Africa. Then Communist Africa. (Those working for then Seychelles government form Russia, Italy and Middle East had picked up aspect of the issues and yet - how much President FA Rene and Seychelles Intelligence Service have recorded and filed away) Later our contributions and involvement in Hong Kong Independence , then Mrs Thatcher and then China. 

We have been in touch with some of those individuals - what the media have written about the Cold War and yet what have never been written. In the process to change the COMECON Poland, the USSR some of these individuals and their associated proved/ understanding of other greater complex world and super power working were/was required. As we worked the issues their impacts on the media and public - Mrs/lady Thatcher Office as in the Know and yet what they choose to write and make of our person. 

In Vienna and Germany those still working form the former Third Rich who supported and helped with the issues of the USSR change and the COMECON, they had also been in contact with the elite of South Africa, Intelligence, Nuclear expertise. So that when Sir Mancham write he change Seychelles with Fax and Britain with the Commonwealth - they need to get their facts rights. 

It is for these reason we were able to contribute to the USA/President Reagan Star War issues - we had been educated/shared information then 1979 about those elite German/former Germans who have helped the USA build their Space program, some books were available and news paper - beside archives and Strategic Research papers. International Institute for Strategic Studies and the Royal Institute of International studies and the Paris base counterpart. 

The issues what they attributed the change of the COMECON and the Berlin Wall issues - nobody have addressed that there had been important elements of individuals from the Third Rich involved or what they represented. 

The project for a WWW at CERN then Information and web connectivity - those who had their own web so to say. We were able to contribute to this project development because of our knowledge of the Cambridge Five, the other members of which were Donald Maclean, Guy Burgess, Anthony Blunt and, possibly, John Cairncross., the former elite German scientist who had been harvested some near 1000 of then and taken to the USA to develop many aspects of USA Scientific community Today/then. Yet their very dark past - and those who talked of atrocities and Holocaust and those who were tried and the propaganda. 

When President Clinton Came to Office and events the USA efforts to discredit everything about the COMECON change and the USSR change to turn the world and humanity into another Cold War - we had been very aware of the above issues and those we shared with including President FA Mitterrand and chancellor Helmut Koln. 

Why are we writing about this - the facts is the USA changing position on many important modern issues - we had been in contact with many important individuals in writing that SIROP program and our contribution in the USSR change and the COMECON change beside the Region of Indian Ocean - yet if it suited their interests what position to adopt. They can set you up and distort your personality and character and destroy your life - if it also suited then work with some elite German ex Nazi scientist to build the Super power USA is today and - tell the world otherwise - those in Germany who have not been fooled and were never fooled so to in Austria. 

Form many years we had associated working relation with the famous Nazi Hunter based in Vienna - may be one day we may be permitted to write/address some of the issues and the other side of the coin the media and documentaries do not know. 

We wish to address former President F W De klerk - when we decided to commit our person to the issues we did about south Africa and the ANC - given our East Africa ancestral working - was very aware of the mega betrayals and dishonesty and lies and hate as thank you our person would eventually be rewarded with. 

We have been instrumental and played our role that today's media and social networks is what it is and how it is being used and applied. What would those who guided us in then 1980 - form the Cambridge Five, the other members of which were Donald Maclean, Guy Burgess, Anthony Blunt and, possibly, John Cairncross have to say if their were to comeback to life - was it worth their while to have associated with our person and work. 

Harold Adrian Russell "Kim" Philby 

Wernher Magnus Maximilian, Freiherr von Braun 

Nelson Mandela lies in state

Seychelles EU Community discussions

Thursday, 28 November 2013

UK clashes with EU over plan to curb migrant benefits

UK clashes with EU over plan to curb migrant benefits

BBC News - David Cameron defiant over tougher EU benefit plans

We believe it is important and highly appropriate to address this issues on  the SIROP Blog and Forums - because the politicians and so call great economic experts and media refuses to  listen.

Further more that SIROP past program impact  from 1986 - 2007 on vast arrays of economic issues of Europe, Institutions changes, Enlargement politic and Europe social changes  - beside International and Regional issues involving and influencing world affairs.  With out having to bang on the old drum - the many written  protests and collateral fallout which led to events of 2007 and Europe, USA Global meltdown.  The utterly corrupted workings of the Global institutions, political elite, the media and those institutions set in place to bring and demand Accountability.

I decided against all good and better judgement to reintroduce and rebuild many aspect online, the impacts this have had since October 2012. By any goat, pig, dog or horse logic when any body, entities or group of individuals have been involved in such highly important Europe Economic, Social, Democratic - Scientific process - you just cannot walk away as children would say and gangster language.  Ask a Diego Maradona if he can run away and hide - no.

We/I decided to rebuild this Program online for two reasons - Seychelles, Mauritius, Reunion and Diego Garcia was/were one entity. The facts that we had worked those - the issues of that SIROP program and the terrible shoddy way the Exiles from Seychelles had been treated and it small population in the Region.  We had strive and managed to get Mauritius reengaged - recommitted, in spite of the IOR and RIM association debacle and turning OAU to African Union - the new society that/which control, manage and propels the working of Mauritius are totally different to what our ancestors and founding Fathers knew.  As such the Tools, approach and benchmark they use - their very important link to India, Pakistan and Asia Continent, heritage and belief.  In working out the older SIROP program until 2007, we had relied upon our then very modest available resources.

Further more, the new Global Regional economic Power house of the Indian Ocean Region and the realignment of Military Powers and their respective players.  The need to put in black and white some of the more important issues which had/have contributed that we are at this juncture.

The Second important reason - Europe political Leadership, Institutions were at lost, foundering some would say - Europe massive resources, the many highly urgent Fiscal, Economic Ministers and Head of State Summits was not get us anywhere and the Euro Trillions pumped into the system.  Beside the European upheavals - we had build and implemented that SIROP program upon the positive existence of Europe and institutions, not the USA, France, Britain, the Arabs, OAU, China or Russia.  As such those involved with nation building, engineering - you do not suddenly change everything - in any event it cannot be change overnight and not without massive disturbance and upheavals.

Whilst all the chaos had been going on we tried to communicate with some of the Old Guards of Europe on the nature of Europe building Block - every child sooner or later learn to experiment with building Blocks and there are golden rules - each European nations have their respective approach - the British prefers what the Russian would term the chaotic/mad approach. We have and use other scientific wordings and terminology. Including the media.

The building block for that SIROP online program - used the Central European building block discipline - approach.  As such the way it is impacting Europe so call modest recovery and former East Europe - safe Poland.

Given that among the most disruptive and turbulent moment of impact coming about of events in 2007 - the talk of a Global war, Total collapse of economic and social system, society functions - we/I was able to maintain my/the cool as they say because we had been through that process three times before. Working with the world leading Institutions, the political leaders and whatever experts and Officials. (Further more when any individual ever/ get so involved in the debacle and people process, religion and faith to change a dynamic military, economic system like the Communist COMECON, the USSR, the Warsaw Pact and their Global alliance - in Africa, Asia, Latin America and Gulf Region - you/one ought to be an able person/entity.  The great demands and challenges involved in working out and the process and outcome)

We had began to address then Europe Institutions as early as 1991, what would usually happen we would have/be in contacts with one or two prominent Heads of State and share our views and issues and they would take that on-board and their Officials  - trash it/them out and implement then as deemed required.
After the death of President  F Mitterrand this/things began to change importantly and again everybody who understood and knew these issue would agree thing would have to change but how and by what manner and their respective impacts.

How many recall the completely dismissal of the EU Commission - what have been written and what was attributed - those who failed to remember and note. It was because those Old hands we suddenly embarking on putting in place new set of rules and disciplines to build that Europe and in many instance inventing issues as to the success of Europe.

Shortly after the completion of the Channel Tunnel, again Mr Cameron and his many very intelligent experts and then  Conservative under lady Thatcher and PM John Major who refused to listen.  What we had addressed about the important impact of that Channel Tunnel Project vis a vis Britain and Europe.
1 - To change Europe Britain, historic, political, economic and social workings
2 - To bring a new thinking into British debate, thinking and mind workings.
3.  The management of dynamic displacement, impacts, fall outs, climate and ecosystem and how this would impact Europe, the rest of the world. ( It was not just about building a Train system and a few individuals and the Market would make big money)

This project was part of SIROP program linkages for Changes in Europe and world workings.
Hence what we have address the EU institutions, countless governments in Europe, Britain - had this program been based and worked from continental Europe the changes, political and economic, migration and work politic of Europe would have been very different.

That SIROP program began to act and work like human bees when they get attracted to pollen from flowers for making Honey. We addressed the many Officials of Lady Thatcher, PM John Major, PM Blair and PM Gordon Brown  and recently the Coalition.

Yet in all their great wisdom, the many Officials of the EU institutions, government refuse to act and take note and their respective media.

However as and when we have managed to engage EU Continentals on specific issues - the benefits and impacts how they attribute and to what they attribute the positive effects and impacts.
We have addressed President Sarkosy on several occasion on this topic and President Chirac and Mr Lionel Jospin and Madam Segalan Royal among others.

That SIROP program was importantly involved that current France President Francois Holland got elected/came to Office. Yet his attitude since he has got to Office.  We had also foreseen the challenge  if and when he got to Office his attitude, response and ,manner of working with that Program.
From 1991 to date, because as and when we have seen the necessity to contribute to people communicating, interacting as against the Officials, their media approach and their respective government we have gotten involve - the OS of Microsoft of 95, then Linux, the development of Google and Yahoo search machine.

After events of 1997, several Social Platform to date - the idea where the political system and the Institutions failed - we communicate - the people and society will contribute and help solve and rectify some of the massive abnormalities. Beside the Forests of Forums we have used - one of those recently was Ning and the platform for Friends of Europe and the Armies of new grouping and those who think they can help Europe in  anything. We have explained and addressed those issues and yet.  How they are just as gullible as the politicians and Officials they criticize  and attack. Hence we have had that 2007 Europe and world melt down phenomena.

For any group of people, community and business entity to note adequately their respective importance of contributing to such important World, nation, government, political system, financial workings then pretend this is not the case - by all the logic of the dogs, cows, goats, camels something is/must be very wrong somewhere.

Yet the comparison of the mega Resource the European Institutions, their Summits and other Drivers of Europe have been pumping and throwing at the system to save it or make it work - the mechanism within that SIROP program which can make these work with much less.  Take for instance just the British economy and those who can and have been trained to study and approach such issues - how this SIROP program have impacts the British economy and big institutions workings, Central banks and the very long list until 2007 and the powerful migration/migrant politic which ensued  - have come about.  The situation and crises across the rest of Europe.

We began to rebuild that SIROP program in November 2012 and the impact which began to  come about develop only two months later,  those the so call experts, politicians and media said tho came about om February/March 2013.  This is just one economic entity. We will not address the IMF/World Bank debacle, monitoring role.

By the arguments and logic of all the four legged animals and creatures - when any program can generate and drive such phenomenal issues then its importance.  Now repeat this across Europe.  Yet every thieves and crook is making and getting paid for their action and work or participation.  Had we any modest Financial resource or large company or group of individual who would come forwards and help/support this program - we would have it moved to Mainland Europe.  The immediate impact on Europe economy, politic and social issues - those sea of migrants would stop coming to Britain, they would soon discover their are also flowers and pollen in their country and across EU member state not only Britain.

Given the corruptness of the system - those with their agendas since 1984 and their lies. Those who pump  and invest £ millions in war efforts and other nation destruction in the name of Democracy will not invest in such Economic Program instead invent way to raid, fleece and abuse it.

Among the nations who have importantly benefited are the African, the Arabs - the hundreds of African who have offered us £million of so call money and we have never seen on cent.

Then,  the Arabs who have benefited very importantly so much so they are now buying Seychelles and its people.  Arabs are great lovers of Horses our ancestor knew of those issues. You the Arab nations stood to loose a very great deal as was the result of the 2007 global events - we wrote to your respective heads of State and we have copies of those correspondences.  You lost  much of Nation Big Investment Funds  portfolios, Trillions of dollars. In instance a quarter or third of it values.

That SIROP program was not some creepy individuals in back of the bush getting a big black pot,  getting firewood and cooking a big broth - some of elite of Europe were involved in the progress, advising and helping to work this out, USSR, the COMECON, the Vatican, China, Arabs nations, Africans, Americans and Canadians, Indians, Pakistan and Australians -  We have monitored and watched the many important investment forays you have made and acquired as a results of that SIROP program impacts - Including the significant investment in the Regional Airline Industry, Boeing and Airbus.

We have written and addressed that that Program have the capacity to work and help develop among other new Travel and Airplane for today and the future. Ask and check around - the decision have not been altogether wise.  New mode of Transportation ought to have been on the drawing board by now those who know and have worked that SIROP program. Including new Economic model for future world workings and the mega economic mess in your respective regions - prior and during the past 30 years worked with your parents, Fathers and king to today your good person. With all you massive resource just as in 1980 - your respective economic wealth inability to develop and concept new Regional and Global economic workings until we came along with that SIROP program.

In Small Sechelles Seychelles we have been having an issues since 1991  suddenly all those because of it's unique working who began to come/flock to its shore to live and work because of that SIROP program -
The Region and the world benefited.  We are asking those of you with so much money you bath in it daily to come forward, remember upon what dynamic and synergy your respective cities have been recently build  and you do not build just for the Books and Stock Market and the Banks - the future generation and their children.

FECAS-ECSVS Forum Europe will not listen!

Channel Tunnel (English version)

European Union and the Politics of Culture

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Happy Thank giving November 2013

Seychelles Station Tracks U.S. Satellites : Air Force Facility Marks 25th Anniversary of Indian Ocean Duty

What the company car - IPPF, Island Packaging and Forwarding looked like before spraying, cream/yellow, then Seychelles Round Table and Ford Motors Seychelles   - office in Kingsgate former  Head of Seychelles Tax office - then Mr Phillippe Boulle. The Jewish  acquaintance Mr Epstine and Mr Danny Bonte among many others. The Storage and packaging business was at Anse Royal Marin - then Dixon Family and Mr Kilindo Partnership. Today the Office of NDP and Seychelles United Party.

 This was the Capri car/colour  driven by a Lady Friend from Cable and Wireless

  • The white Ford  Escort sport of then Eldest Son of Mr Bedier wife,  from Bisnack/St Louis, the Murray, the Delpech, the Gill Family, Dang Fang, the LeGras and very many other Families from St Louis who knew us. 

We had wanted to address a blog thread - how the Conservative are great in using;applying what we the Seychellois, Mauritian and Reunionais term as "Gunny bagging, horse hooding, blindfolding and charcoal bagging" Instead reminded of experience worth relating back in then Sechelles Seychelles and later in London - then SBN/MPR and Kent after 1991. 

The white Escort sport 1970's belonged to a member of the Bedier Family - their property next to the Gill Family at St Louis/Bisnack as children growing up, parents and left to attend school - Mr Bedier Father use to greet us politely, he was acquainted with my Father and his Family - beside Mothers and the Gill and others. 

As such we became acquainted with the two son - the eldest decision to study in UK, married and came back worked for SeyBrew. Because of the relation I was having in then Seychelles how - his wife decided to join the President Camp wife, the owner of that Yellow Cream Capri - Cable and Wireless and thing went from bad to worse. She worked for Pirate Arms Hotel - then Von Oswald Family - from Salzburg, same Village as Princess Micheal of Kent, the Austrian Management he had brought to run his place. 

That Ford Escort cargo was the color of my car had repainted the same color as that Capri and re licensed for my business Island packaging and Forwarding - after I had quit my job as deputy Trainee manger Coral Strand and La Gigolette. I/ we decided to pack up everything and go in Exile to Austria. Then Mr Phillippe Boulle. Then Seychelles police force under then Chief Minister Mancham and President. Then Judiciary. 

Then Seychelles USAF Tracking Station at La Miser, their respective Officials, Staff and Families - Issues and Thanks Giving Events. 

In 1981 requested/apply for political asylum in UK, then Mr Gerrard Hoareau, then MPR/SNM - among the many Seychellois got to meet with Mr Bedier and his Wife, relived old feelings and their personal situation in Britain, what it was like to have lost/given up everything - what we had been up to in Europe and those who knew, including they too. ( later the setting up of UKSCA and to use or not military option to change Seychelles.) My/the decision to put in place that SIROP program. Everybody went/was helped to back Home not Sir James Mancham Money - the UN money. I was left to rot in England. 

The decision to flee London and migrate to Bruxells or France and got as far as Kent coast and then 1991, the PM John Major government. Mrs Bedier was then working for the Conservative Office in Deal or Sandwich Office. She worked there for a few years and then moved to Scotland 1995. We had been in touch with both of them explaining our situation at the hand of the Conservative in Kent including Mr Sedgwick who had work for PM John Major Office. ( Here we were in exile, the terrible suffering - still the hate and betrayals from our very fellow country man. Then we talk of SPPF/PL etc - this was and is in England) These Seychellois strong/extreme Conservative Families never once said a thank you as is our culture and heritage - instead they listen and do/did everything as was ordered by the Conservative in Britain even if it meant killing after what I had done and they joined the to say/support Britain and Commonwealth changed Seychelles. 

The manner, approach - how the Conservatives then used those important Seychellois Families to harvest, gather information and pass it on to them about that SIROP program, issues we were working on in Europe, then COMECON, then USSR, then China, south Africa and other African issues, Australia - they took it and used it to formulate their International politic and Policies - their decision then to have my person killed or harmed and harassed by then Police in Kent, the ransacking of that Mobile Office and the Minuette Caravan - the Court cases. To prevent and stop my person at all cost from leaving England. In the name of the Good Old Freemasonry Fraternity. The vast many issues of the Royal Family workings regarding Seychelles, the Indian Ocean and that SIROP program. 

We now have Facebook, can share these issues, the CIA, the KGB, the BOSS, the Mossad, the French Intelligence, Chinese, African Union, the EU Police who were craped/told lies - we now have the option of telling/sharing and writing our version for the whole world and the children the families to read.

Monday, 4 November 2013

Mazowiecki, Solidarnosc Leader And Poland's First Postcommunist PM, Dies

Up and until that very tragic accident in Poland/Russia which saw the death of most of the former leading Solidarnos activist and founders, not just out of respect - given what we have addressed about that tragic national event/accident - those who just brush it aside. Yet since the ending of the Cold War how they have been using and integrating that infernal workings/mechanism in very many aspect of Polish, daily life, administration, politic, economy, education, market, financial workings etc., 

From the earlier days of then Cardinal Karol Józef Wojtyła Archbishop of Kraków, still in Poland - prior to the death of the Pope, we have/ had been involved with certain highly complex workings of then Poland, then COMECON, then USSR - then Cold War, then Europe, then Indian Ocean/Africa and Sechelles Seychelles. We had been pending studying a great deal of the Communist system/working - only a fool think he can contribute in any thing if he does not understand and know some of the very basics and relevant issues. We had had an important  Colonial education - African independence movements, motives and arguments. The situation in the Indian Ocean, Asia, rest of the world.  Most young Seychellois beside those involved in the 5th June coup d'etat were asking a lot of question about the advent of Communism - not the propaganda the USA, Britain and other were dishing out.  We had started to familiarize, acquaint in depth with the leading personalities of the USSR, the COMECON  and leading Communist countries, their respective responsibilities  and thinking.  Enabling us/our person to understand Seychelles government motives, thinking and workings.  Vienna - Austria was a very good place to learn and acquired degree of knowledge - real knowledge not propaganda. 

As such by 1978 had been very familiar with the COMECON key players, its Leadership, politic, economy, diplomatic, media, finance, industries workings, military, conflicts, the Oppositions workings. We had been in contact with South Africa leading Officials, some of the USA, Israel. 

Many will say when I/we decided to join and became a Fellow of Professor, Dr Micheal Hoffman IOIM - we had swarn to its benchmark and regulative mechanism,  as such how much one was/is allowed to disclose and talk about. Beside then workings Intelligence working - benchmark. You talked and spilled the beans one/you were liable to loose you life. 

In the brief coverage we/I made at our forums over the death of Polish first post Communist PM Tadeusz Mazowiecki - what the media churns up - and the other untold story. Poland could have taken a very different turning if we had not become involved - Communist Workings/Block, events surrounding Solidarnos from 1977 onward. When we realized we had the ability to influence such important issues and yet not speak/write and discuss them.  It formed part of the discipline we believed in and worked with. 

Later, after events of 1987/88 President FA Rene had become aware of our knowledge and understanding of USSR, COMECON, Warsaw Pact complex workings - issues we exchanged of importance.  Including Some of Africa, Asia, Gulf Region leading Communist personalities/Leaders - beside the USA, France and Britain, South Africa. 

We have read some of the contributions stored at Wikipedia it/they are only one side/aspect of events and history - yet those who call and revere it as truth and real history. 

From a Seychelles/ USSR/COMECON   - Europe and world prospective how and what we contributed which led to some of the important changes and why, those who got elected in Solidarnos and then climb to power -those who understood and knew when they were actually in office and later after the fall of the Communist system - those we were in contacts and events and development and those who led Poland including Tadeusz Mazowiecki and and later Lech Walesa - the machnism at work to help elect and put onto place/High Office such personalities.  This in relation with Europe, greater world workings and the Indian Ocean Region, Gulf and Africa. 

We have read former President JR Mancham comment in the Seychelles nation 3/11/13 about the important contributions of the Gulf Nations to Seychelles and how we are ungrateful and  ought to be more grateful.  We will be linking this Comment here.  What former President Mancham with all his many years of experience and understanding of the world workings and some of the very devastating ,moments and the reasons.  Had we not as a Seychellois contributed to the changing of the COMECON, Poland among others - the USSR the way we did and his responsibilities then 1977 to 1991.  Germany reunification, the mega debacle of USSR and the COMECON massive debts, contracts etc. What became of them.  Germany Reunification and the Privatization of USSR, its breakup nations and entities, the ex COMECON including Poland. 

Then Gulf Region workings 1977 to 1991, the OPEC workings and those who held Office and ruled the Region - our abilities to contribute and made due intervention if call upon/required to. 

From 1987 - the emancipation of the Gulf Nations and development of their economy - we have been importantly involved and contributed to these process. Working with some of the Head of State, National institutions  to achieves this. The  what the Press and media write and what is written as History. 
The new Rulers and Heads of State their Officials do not necessarily take and accepted all of the so call media and written version they are taught and educated - they are informed who has done what and can do what for their country, however very rich  and powerful/resourceful. President FA Rene was very aware of those issues and his Government Officials too. How he handled and managed them very unlike President JA Michel. 

I/we have stated more than once - these workings and those in Europe, at the Commission, Parliament, the Central Bank, Europe Capitals - such workings, those in Canada, the USA, Australia, Russia and China today - the UN and World Bank.  In return those very rich Gulf Region Nations just as the British and French had their politics, the Communist, the Chinese and the USA - they too have been developing their politic in relation to their wealth and sphere of influence. This former Preside Manchan with all his rich experience and knowledge refuse to acknowledge.  Beside that handful of sand and minuscule land mass we have other more important capabilities and resources - those Very Rich Gulf Arab Nations have become aware and know they have been affected and impacted four or five times and they have lost $/£ billions and Trillions - they have learned that their economic and success and prosperity is linked to our people,  nation and heritage workings.   In that last Global melt down the amount of money they lost which they had invested regionally and across the world - money which even the good former President Mancham can only dream of.  
Until a very years ago the greater Seychelles - Seychellois did not know nobody had told them /inform them - those who knew kept it to themselves. We have taken to writing and explaining  about such issues and workings and how they work and why. The people and younger generation are beginning to think, ask question and demand answers. They were skeptical of what we wrote and now they have researched and tried to piece tow and tow together.  Such working sis not just a Gulf Region special across the world similar workings and those who afterwards., crap, tell mega lies and so cal experts reports  resulting in the four previous global economic meltdown. The/their sums just did not add up/ work out. 

This said to night - the Premier of the Film some $30 millions it cost to produce about former President Nelson Mandela.  Events of the Cold War until 1991 and events in South Africa. He is another personality we have contributed importantly to his life and coming to Office and during his term of Office and yet what the world know, the media writes and so call History. The making and contents of that film. It is not right. 
Such manner and approach lead to more efforts by the younger generation to become even more ruthless and corrupted,  sooner or later to a bigger global mess and humanity with it. 

Then we have those from the African Union - given their manner of workings in Africa, after we have helped importantly - they harassed, threaten, bully and some of the terrible things they have done to our person - using Black magic and Voodoo to control, or have us killed. Stealing our identity. 

Including that christian involved and the using and abusing of my wife/female friend to create division, hate and enmity  and they are still doing/practicing this to date. The destruction of that Seyafrique Portal.  These are people,  nations we have spent the better part of our life helping and contributing to their development and enhancements. This not just from Africa continent, Seychelles, Mauritius, Diego Garcia, the West Indies , the USA and Black Communities and nations across Europe the past 36 years. 

Pope John Paul II

Mazowiecki, Solidarnosc Leader And Poland's First Postcommunist PM, Dies

Friday, 25 October 2013

Ancestry - Madame Fernand ! Pothin /Cayol - Cauvin - Esparon family of former Anse aux Pins/Aux Cap

Madame Fernand ! Pothin /Cayol-Cauvin-Esparon family of former Anse aux Pins/Aux Cap

The re building of that Anse aux Pins Church is not a light topic - had we been in Seychelles/Home would have tried to explain, with out getting  the greater world involved, those who have no business to know. Among an important issues the historic flood which devastated Lourdes - Christian brothers and sister we are talking about Faith and its Power. What the scientist and the Church attributed the devastation - we shared this with certain families in Britain. Prior to the Consecration of that St Micheal Archangel Basilica/church, those families who have been praying, their respective Church for  over one year. We had managed to make it to Angers/Loire to pray among other reason/Pilgrim. Given the economic situation the/that  whole Family who made the Pilgrim to Lourdes to pray one month before the Consecration, the important decisions would my person be allowed to come for the Consecration - if that was not possible,  instead we had wanted to go to Chartres Cathedral if we could not come Home - landed in Calais, the issues we shared with the Church and Responsible. {We ask believers and none believers to drink a very large glass of clean water then react, please respect the Faith of their fellow brothers and sisters - whatever their. }

Madame Fernand ! Pothin /Cayol -  Cauvin - Esparon family of former Anse aux Pins/Aux Cap

We have edited and decided to add this picture of Madam Danielle Mitterrand -she never had it easy with President F Mitterrand, his important imput, contributions in that SIROP program, the COMECON and USSR change, Europe - she battled on and the important, very rich  Legacy she has left France. She rest at Cluny - the Cluny Nuns who educated the girls, mothers of our Colonial Seychelles, Reunion, including the Pothin, Cayol - Cauvin - Esparon etc., .  This said from the workings of high interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary discipline - contributed and worked World first ladies back some 35 years ago, Former President and deceased wife, Counter part wives of leading business/corporate entities, Royal families of the world, Beside others/simpler. They/we did not have the social Network.

Nathalie - Choeurs de l'Armée Rouge

Gilbert Becaud - Nathalie - YouTube

Madame Fernand ! Pothin /Cayol -  Cauvin - Esparon family of former Anse aux Pins/Aux Cap

Friday 25th October, 20013

Our system, retrieval of info from our Europe prospective is not  at all organized.  In the month of June 2013, prior to the Consecration of that Anse aux Pins Basilica/church  - St Micheal Archangel, addressed the issues of the Daidon/today Didon family property history at  Anse aux Pins, by the sea side, the Edmond - not Lafortune, it became so by marriage - from the Sea front way back to the marsh that strip/property had belonged to the Edmond Family bordering the Uranie Family.  They were marine and building/structural  carpenters - they build their own small and big fishing boats. They used to cultivate cash crop, potatoes, tobacco, Vanilla, coconuts. The front of the property served as fish/fruit and vegetable open  Market/shed for the fishing boats, shelter for the fisherman, public   and Bus/Camion stop. Our great Aunt Edmond's married into the Lafortune Family.

It is a crying shame we have forgotten the name of the Family to the right facing the Sea - they were an important Fishing Family. We grew up, played together.

The property today known as the Edmond, Chetty had belonged to the Daidon/today Didon family. It is this Property we had addressed those from the Family in Holland with children on Holiday and those from Vienna - Austria with children on  Holiday. Please take some pictures of the old Madam Fernad Pothin house, as we had misplaced ours.

Bordering that property facing the Sea was the Gros Sammy/Chetty Family/Hoareau. Beside the Calorifer, they traded in Cinnamon, Coconuts, Patchouli, cash crop and Timber.  On their Sea front property - then Mr Olaph Monty working for that Family build the famous, Cinema/Club/Center - a very pro Democratic party venue.

Our interest had been into the history and ancestral Family debacles/workings which led to the Father of our Grand mother Mr Theodore Daidon/Didon exchanging their property at Aux Cap, next to the Dr Michel D'Offay and Mr Louis D'Offay, including the Sea front with/for the Pothin/Cayol/Cauvin/Esparon property at Anse aux Pins. Today the Edmond and Chetty Family.

These Old Sechelles Seychelles Families had a very different approach to life, society, culture, business, religion to what exist in Seychelles today.

Until our last visit in 2009, we had passed by the Old House of Madam Fernand Pothin - the old abandoned wooden House.  The Sechelles Seychelles we grew up was a unique place - the way things, issues and family connections, traditions were shared and passed on.  As a child we had overheard often of the conversation about those two Families and the issues of the exchange. Beside the Pothin Family in Victoria and Plaisence - those who were polite towards us knowing the history which we did not know - until, when the failed return for study/school in East Africa - Uganda, Kampala 1960's - life alternative.

We had been unofficially adopted by then Judge Stiven from Zanzibar, the Families involved.  At then Seychelles College Part time Student and helping to run/work the former Sir Clement Nageon De Letempt  Q.C., property - decision to build a large Ocean going boat, in case of a Revolution as/like Zanzibar,  with much of the equipment, plans, tools brought in from Zanzibar, the need to have a building big enough close to the Sea front/ramp.

It was then,  that we were informed that Mr Louis D'Offay was fabricating/producing red brick - good enough quality to construct house and large buildings, like in East Africa and Zanzibar.  We visited Mr Louis D'Offay property, Dr Michel D'Offay had been the Daidon/Didon, the Edmond, the Lafortune, the Cayol, Straven, Ghontier, Jumeau very many families at Anse aux Pins, Point Larue and Capucin Family doctor. He had know us as children we were very wild. Mr/Dr  Anthony - Grand Tony D'Offay had equally known us as children/Family, part of the Families at Point Larue then and Today - South East Island their Residence, Anse Royal and where the Gulf Course, Reef Hotel and the W&C French Housing Estate is today. Next door the Bailey very large Estate as children with my cousin during school Holidays, had gone there to sell honey produced on the Family property, beside  Mr Louis D'Offay and then Madam Fernand Pothin. The respective Families from Aux Cap to Anse aux Pins, including the Albert Family - Property neighbour.

He agreed a contract with then Judge Stiven - who had related of our Family connections and Friends from Zanzibar. The Rasool Family who had a commercial Transport business, others existed to do the transport and ex Army lorry -driven by Mr Rasool eldest Son and the youngest daughter always accompanied him, then Miss Danielle Rasool and today Judge Danielle Rasool.

After school and work, the venues for socializing which existed, Chez Nous at Point Larue, SDP at Mr Chammery Chetty property, Aux Cap the private/ only by strict invitation only Madame Fernad Pothin, those at Beau Vallon and Victoria - several, they parents " would kill or beat/scold severely",  those children who frequented and attended parties in/at inappropriate places and venues people and school friends. What was permissible and not.  Beside the honey sale at Madam Fernand Pothin place - we really go to know and appreciate this kind, elderly lady at those private parties and Comtole and those personalities from then Seychelles communities who did or dare to attend and the fun,  great time we had.  When we tried to misbehave she would tell us off or get her baton or refuse that,  the person come back/bared as punishment. It was not a place/venue for the faint hearted young gentleman and ladies.

With the decision to build the New Harbour reclamation project and the International Air port. All the hard work done to make/turn Point Larue property  into a leave-able place, small farm and work place went to the dogs. The sea Front properties was to be filled in from South East island to Roche Caillement. All the leading Families suffered the same fate - the mega devastation and catastrophe.

We managed to acquire then Captain de Lafontaine property/ex Hermitte,  which was/had come on  the market - next to the Hermitte, Monchouguy. Then Farmers/Planters of the South East Mahe - the important help and support Judge Stiven received from all the leading Families along the coast, in particular the D'Offay Families/ Bailey's.  Intense workings discussions, advice in very many matters to manage/work and run a medium  Estate/dairy Farm, etc.

Beside madam  Fernand Pothin who had kept a close eye on our person, Mrs Jumeau, Mrs Monchouguy, Mrs Hermitte, Mrs Louis D'Offay  and Dr Paul D'Offay wife and children. The situation which had began to surface.  The need for our person to have a girl friend/serious lady friend. Though we had attended very many of the events at Madam Fernand Pothin place - the son's,  children or Mr Louis D'Offay seldom if ever visited/attended.  The music  on Friday night /Saturday. Across the Island we had build a few reasonable friendly relation with the respective families daughters.  As such the decision on our part to approach Mrs Louis D'Offay wife for permission to invite her daughter to our school function at Judge Stiven Residence Anse aux Pins those who really know the issues - the intention had been to propose.  The very little the grand parents had implanted in use certain workings and notion of life, culture and respective values. Because of the tarnished reputation we were turned down.  We then decided to opt for  somebody in the SDA church and events -outcome.

Life is very and indeed very strange - what our parents do not tell us and what we have to learn from  the school of life. Beside later issues after we had been unofficialy adopted relating to the Pothin family's,  those very close to my ex wife from Mauritius, Mr Leon Pothin's respective families. Much more important the important person of Mr Marcel Pothin in London/Britain, the rich interactions and friendship. In Seychelles my mothers very close/well connected relation and friendship with the Pothin Family.  From The St Louis Family - there had been a very interesting connection that of Mr Fabien Pothin and the story.

In Europe over the past 35 years working with the vast complexities of our Sechelles, Seychelles, Mauritius, Reunion, South Africa, Madagascar, India, south Asian, East Africa and Diego Garcia  - France, the very rich experience and knowledge we have acquired in the process. In return how we have taken to give back to those who have helped enriched our understanding and knowledge of such and these important issues, heritage, values. Most important the important role personalities like Dr/Mr Anthony - Tony, Dr Paul and Louis D'Offay respective families were to play among the many leading families from Seychelles to help, guide us that we put that SIROP program together, in the manner we did, events, the change and Sechelles Seychelles today - particularly the wedding of then Minister JA Michel to then Miss Natalie Pothin  2005. The Presidency, events we have in instance addressed and commented on and current development.

We do not have access to Seychelles National archives, the rich information  and data s. Had we this would have eventually written a better article.

Seychelles National archive


Thursday, 5 September 2013

The percentage we, the exile and Seychelles contribute to USA, EU - Britain France Germany economic revival and Asia

U.S. plans fleet of underwater drones

For the past 30 days have been trying/ making efforts to find out who are those using a massive dose of highly abnormal parapsychology and what amount  to criminal methods  to block our person - render/ create a disjointed mode/functionality.

We knew that from the USA, those who had failed in the Bush/Ricci -South Africa connections in making massive fortunes on the back of that SIROP program, well they did - we leave that to the younger generation, like Mr Christopher Gill to find out, it goes beyond $Trillions, major restructuring of corporate America workings involved - then criminalize our person and in the process apply the above process and working on our person, beside others  and FA Rene debacle,  beside the separate issues of former President Mancham and the Rev Moon association. The fleecing of the Seychelles exile workings and everything associated with that 1987 exile program - important linked to the COMECON and USSR change.

We had judge by helping/contributing importantly to President Obama coming to Office/the White House and sharing/explaining our issues and asking for help this would change and improve things - it has been worsening.  Not only form a personal position  - primarily our work. The methods and those involved from the USA.

This the nature of today's,  so call democratic society - under a given Benchmark you/one use that process to get redress in a given conflict/problematic and those who then,  take the information you have provided to cause and bring about great distress,  acts of criminal working on a giant scale. We are talking of the USA Establishment - corporate workings.

Then turn round and threaten - using/involving their many assets, methodology - including Rendition and abduction with no Trials and the Terror Legislation.

On the web many of you read such issues - it may sound ghost like, the reality when one is involved and the parties/interests -  one is associated to/with.

The workings of the Seychelles Community in Europe and the exile/refugee workings had  different respective approach from President Reagan, the two  Bush, President Clinton and President Obama.

To highlight an example  - leave the Star War Missile debacle,  which and why we contributed to it,  then President Reagan, events of President Bush Senior - those who consider them as USA National Security issues and as such Treated, regulations, benchmark - objectives.

Meanwhile the real issues /working of the exile and the nation /people of Seychelles were getting an utterly raw deal, in economic, politic and social term.  This greatly due to the caliber of the personalities involved in our exile affairs, the nation politic, management.

The same methodology applied to president Bill Clinton Term of office and many important undertaking, the Irish issues in the USA and Ireland conflict/military situation and so call promise and the infamous Polish lady - Lewinsky debacle, resulting.

With President Bush Junior this took a very different turn/angle he had been briefed and made aware of the issues by none other than PM Blair and the manner/ method those,  they choose to carry out and undertake their highly dishonest stance towards -  forget a small nation - people who had meant well towards the USA and Britain inspite of the Colonial, history,  events/debacle in comparison to the Arab enemies and others.

This said, the very mentality, attitude of the Seychellois and this is not the first time we address this in public - we saw this in the many debacle to change Seychelles by force - the actors and their respective agendas.
Most important in that SIROP combined return program implementation. The hijacking of that program, the manner, method and those individuals  involved - with the active knowledge and involvement of then SPPF/ President FA Rene and his global corporate Associates - including those in the USA, Italy, South Africa  and  Russia. The utterly unaccepted position and attitude of the UN, EU, Commonwealth and OAU /later AUby nay International standard.

Events in that nation - the Seychellois affairs the past 21 years. What we tried to address over the near bankrupt of Seychelles involving Lehman Brothers, from London and the USA.  We had corporate workings/interests associated/linked to that SIROP program well over $50 - $100 billions and yet could not find $250 million to sort out the economy and National Bank situation/crises and had to call the IMF/World Bank.  The utter ruthless and criminal approach by those involved in Seychelles and internationally.

We are not exactly fools - our French ancestors and great grand parents - left a very intensive academic, intellectual treasure troves and information wealth - among  them,  the place/role  and use of conflicts to bringing human/man to attention when they commit very great folly.  We are stating this in case those,  who judge we are Arab Terrorist - we will  refer you all to the great Francois Mitterrand Library - we also contributed to that project,  send in your experts and  then come back and accuse or go to Canada and Quebec and indeed among the very many Libraries of the USA.

We had that great Earthquake and Tsunami of 2004,  some $150 billion in economic destruction and 500, 000 human  lost their lives and this/it meant nothing.  Those who came forwards and gave their explanation under the so call expert criteria. The Climate change agenda and mega historic human scam.
Everybody choose to ignore and believed the so cal experts as to what had cause that Earthquake and Tsunami - this is mankind so call history - process of coming to concluions and our children have to hog it/rote it and spend the best part of their young lives studying them.

Then we had this 2007 mega global meltdown - events and those who have taken time, resource and energy to study the many implications of Seychelles exile, EU Community and national workings - Region Indian Ocean.  The percentage of this/these involvements.

In Seychelles again the attitude of the political class, the ruling party, the oppositions and the people themselves - we almost forgot the media.  We said that we had spent a great deal of time between 1978 to date trying to come to term with the psychic/psychology of the Seychellois- Dr John Santana had studied psychology in the USA so he told others. Not to mention/exclude that utterly very sick establishment of SBC and the daily vomit, filth, distortion, super con and fabrication they broadcast, slurs and  sleaze on a daily basis.  Then they use/quote,  their best practice and international broadcasting benchmark -Africa. What those who control the country attempts to achieve in their exercise and actions.

The internet and the WWW help to stave, over come, educate and contribution to an alternative approach to national workings and the results/outcome.

Very recently Mr Christopher Gill Blog addressed the high of Corruption in Seychelles from the offshore to the global handout/level of global subsidy to keep and make the economy work.  The recent debacle of that article in the Guardian about Seychelles being the most indebted country in the world.

Our ancestors, families originated from Mauritius, Reunion and France beside the Chinese side of the Family. Given  in Mauritius, Reunion  how the same issues is handled and get treated. Their respective economic approach.

By the way our citizens and families across the world respective attitude and approach is not much better inspite,  of having experience the trauma of exile some 35 years and their families and ancestors before them - what cause and brought  it about - forget the petty swearing and the toilet comments - statements.  We are not excluding the greater percentage of the black populace in our article - their workings across the world in respect to Seychelles.

We have taken a very great deal of time to study and work the issues of Africa, OAU workings right across the board these past 30 years from an interdisciplinary prospective and interfaith.  The level of utter corruption and Africa benchmark. Its sense of moral and society workings. (Forget our contribution to help them acquire the AU/EU Status, they why and arguments)

The issue here is that inspite of the many past important calamity the world - the so call great democracy we/it have experienced - refuse to learn and listen.

Having stated we contributed that the 2007 global meltdown which came about - what this/it entailed and the many whys.  The capacity and ability for any entity, community or people, nation to contribute to drive an/any  economy like the USA, EU and Africa, Asia - those who have taken/been taking due time to study and add together what we have been saying - for a few moment leave aside the important and complicated discipline those so call experts have been trained and schooled to work with - what they daily attribute to a given Market upturn or down turn and statistics interpretations and fiscal/monetary workings - mechanism.

The announcements that have been coming from  the media, politicians and press about the many aspects of economic recovery in the USA, Canada, Europe and elsewhere these past three months.

In the era of so call great economic freedom/liberty,  those who can and have the capabilities can  and are stealing many aspects of other nations economic, fiscal identities and information,  manipulating then - passing them as their own resources, wealth, intellectual, national  wealth,  the very long list.

Somebody would have done a better job than our person to describe the Colonial Powers of pre independence and in today's Term how  this is being played out,  reconstructed, manipulated and controlled,  the stench of criminal working - corruption associated/involved.

In today's world/global workings you, all that garbage of you need to have national assets, minerals,  raw material, oil, forest etc is all a myth.  Those form the UN, World Bank who brainwash our children and younger generation ( Within the future change social political and economic then,  also foreseen/saw the mega corruption,  the mega abuse that would be associated and come about,  the mega criminal workings. )

We had began to outline such workings for Seychelles in the/an eventual change with Mr Paul Stravens and Mr Gabriel Hoareau - In Mauritius those,  who have been quick to learn and realize the importance of such new world order,  world  economic workings- yet the Seychellois is living keep living in a cook cook  land/dream world and their so call international Bench mark acquired.

This working relation is reflected with China, Russia, Africa, Gulf Region, India,  the EU and most of all the USA.

Then Tim Brenner Lee,   did not know /was not aware of those driving the greater economic  issues of the WWW - we had researched by the UNIDO/World Bank and  the challenge of Small nation and the Indian Ocean Region and the problematics and had known then in 1986/7,  that the world working should/would  radically change, then President Ronald Reagan associated economic workings for the ex COMECON and USSR, our involvement and contributions - the modest statement of then Lady Thatcher of world economic workings and how she came to coin this and how we contributed to many of their most complex thinking and politic on economy. Those who know the other side of the coin as to what has/have been written as History.

This said - development and events in the Indian Ocean Region, those who have the resource and capacity to understand and manage such issues,  the many conflicts and human situation  they have gone about to create and again,   what their respective media writes and  what they go about in the world trumpeting.

Having state of the highly abnormal dose of para science and the such being used on our person - the methods,  mechanism and  objectives - the same apply to Seychelles, Mauritius, Reunion and those nations of the Indian Ocean Region, their respective citizens in Europe and elsewhere.

There is the important need to study the EU norm and approach - the total economic mess we are all in - those leading politicians from the Commission, the Parliament and Council of Europe, the ECB , the many European Think Tanks who have refused to listen - their approach at management.  The manner they have been benefiting from our issues the past 7 years in regards/respects to economic workings.

We came out and made this statement since 1995 - hence the debacle and rebuilding of the world economic motor and the IOR - RIM Association set up. We explained and stated there was an/other alternative world economic workings then 1995 and President Bill Clinton and his Staff - then  EU and USA workings.  The mega battle and fight between those two great economic  powers.  Given the terrible situation in current EU those who set out with us to build the EU some 30 years ago,  the different economic dimensions/workings.

This said we are certain - those who have the capacity/capabilities to compute such economic formula or success and failure, growth and no growth/decline  in any given economy - the logic, realities and parameters. In  the USA, Canada, the EU, France, Britain, aspects of Africa, Asia, the Gulf Region those who have been able to formulate such formula and use then to work their current economy recovery. The greater implications today and the future.

Such formula are highly complex and complicated - we would like to state the issue of Verizon back in 1998, then PM Blair debacle, then global economic workings and those who know the above contributions associated workings with the Blair Office, Chancellor and many others pre 2000 - the mega concern of everybody World events. Including those from the Vatican who knew of such workings,  what we had to do/lend and contribute that we had a safe 2000 Millennium and the lies,  propaganda,  that the New labour and the PM Blair Office spread about Britain unique role and contributions.  We were importantly involved and the acquisition in the USA of Verison by Vodafone,  one,  only a small contribution - events in the Telecommunication industry and what triggered the sale of Verizon  recently  and what Vodafone choose to tell the public and their so call expert explanation - what we have addressed about - the Blair Africa Undersea Connection, the issues of Cable and Wireless  and Orange - many acquisitions and France Telecom.

Be they Britain, the USA on such economic prospects how they choose to development war/conflict complex management discipline to control and take the upper hand and what that young USA Intelligence officer have tried to explain to the greater world.

Seychelles have embarked on the global promotion and working of the "Blue Economy" - It failed terribly as we have highlighted briefly above with that SIROP unique program,  the EU workings of our Community,  that COI and IOR- RIM Association workings.  In just that SIROP program some $100 billion in economic workings pilfered,  criminally fleeced and the mega corruption associated, monsters of scams program applied and set in place ,  - Seychelles government and President JA Michel Office would like us to believe that this will change with the "Blue Economy vision".

Very hilarious - those 21,000 exile/refugee from Seychelles their national parliament refusal to spend one session even to debate their 36 years calamity in Exile and yet next to that massive new Palais de Justice  - with the help of Britain they are putting a new Court Building to try Somalia Pirates.

We are concern - we had linked and pin that SIROP change of 1987 - to date,  with the Justice, Social  and democratic values of the EU, as against that of the USA, France, Britain, USSR and China as those who had respectively argued.  The complete let down by the EU of the Seychelles nation and its exiles Cause.  *Given that EU are so concern about statistics and those involved in real mathematics,  in Billion of EURO our Exile and national contributions to their respective economic workings in Term of regeneration of EU economy,  the total of the EU Economy - we will certainly regret this statement as in the past all those officials of SPPF/President JA Michel who have committed terrible acts against the Seychelles nation,  be they in exile or Seychelles far worse than those Somali Pirates - they have build massive prison and other resources to help manage the Pirate issues.  The information and issue we have addressed,  they have pirated and taken/stolen ,  how they went about it and  the  situation today. On that same note - the combined economic workings of Seychelles in $ Trillion, our respective involvements - yet we do not have a cent to our name in Seychelles, and  do not have a private old fashion toilet we can even call our property.  The very large section/sector of the population who are very aware of this fact and who are those involved and have been involved. )

In Britain or France and Italy - EU there are those who study and work our issues, Mrs Thatcher, PM John Major, then PM Blair,   his respective Chancellors, managers and controllers - how they choose to work, create and develop control,  abuse, raid our workings, the state of things when he left Office.

The current Conservatives knew all those issues from the Thatcher and PM John Major era, respective government and Officials, Chancellor and EU issues, the current Chancellor and Foreign Affairs Minister issues and how they choose,  under PM Cameron government to create control, abuse and raid, fleece all our workings,  the out come/results. Their methodology and practices. (The same manner those criminals steal your identity, data s  use and abuse them - then threaten, bully and oppress,  criminalize your person when they are the criminals.)

It was we the exile, not Britain, the Commonwealth or anybody in OAU who formulated that first research which  set the parameters of the COI.   The many untold/unwritten issues.

In and from Europe, the USA, Canada, Australia and South Africa how we strived to change Seychelles and build a new/different social and economic dimension.  With/base upon the experiences and knowledge we wrote/put  together  that SIROP program - events and changes,  irrespective of the national lies and international lies.

We contributed importantly that the IOR and RIM Association come into being and the changes which took place turning the OAU to AU, the very many articles and explanations.

As such,  the experience and abilities - beside the/ those who overlook if we had control of the Seychelles media - the propaganda - the slant we would have placed and emphasized. We are not saying this for empty reason - the need to study in-depth that it was our exile community that contributed to changes in the COMECON, the USSR and Communism - the new world economic order and the arrival of the WWW. The correlation with Seychelles government and President JA Michel "Blue Economy" agenda and workings, in term of mathematics formula, . But they want,  are making greater efforts to exclude us. We are not Africa or India or China or the Arabs - Given that new National Assembly and the new Palais de Justice, in some distant time just as president FA Rene refused to change Seychelles and what we had to go through - Seychelles will change and those who will be called to account.

The crucial question where do we go from there. Time and History will not wait for man to deliberate - their madness and stupidity. Time will compel them/mankind to act and counter react. Given the utter refusal to learn - what will inevitably ensue and those who have been complaining of the level of social break up in Seychelles, Mauritius and Reunion.  Those new and younger generation will not wait that we argue it out in the national Assemble or Senate, beside they have little faith in the political process, its institutions - they will chose the logic of reacting and counter reacting.  The basis and foundation is very unstable and badly constructed, because those who had the opportunity  and resource went about it the very wrong way, the utter corruption - how do they expect those young /new generation  to make a better situation out of it/these.

New court house to try pirates 

Verizon Communications

Note: We have stated for some 21 years,  we had not wanted to provide online,  more information about that SIROP program because of the mega global abuse by world leaders and leading world institutions as well as leading corporate, the mega lies, distortions and everybody refusal to help us have a proper review/study the issue related with that Program for the past 23 years from conception.  - we have as of October 2012 and the impact this has had on the USA Economy , EU and other parts of the world. It was the highly corrupted political standard and practice that caused the 2007 global meltdown. We have read President Putin statement and we have worked with many aspect of the USSR and Russia in  highly important issues - Everybody work need to be respected. Those who judge and think they have the absolutely rights to steal use and abuse our workings, information and we ought not to say nothing, You G20 your mega resources - we ask you to take our challenge we bring down that portal in a manageable environment and watch the meltdown of the EU, USA and rest of the world economy - then we want your expert statement. Please do not forget all the global protest about economic and the manner you all had to be protected for the Summit - very many out there know and have read our issues.  There is no change of mind and heart. 

Just a thought - the debacle in France of  the Tax and the person of Mr Gerrard Depardieu - it amounted to $150 millions - this program relates to countless regional Indian Ocean economic workings, the Gulf Region, EU, Asia, Russia, the USA and Africa. We have more Rights to very highly concern. The Total of Franc economy - the percentage we are driving responsible for growth  in EURO billions.