SIROP combine exile/refugee Program

SIROP combine exile/refugee Program
When will the 21,000 - 25,000 Seychellois exile/refugees get Justice

Monday, 23 May 2011

Debate, arguments to register that 1987/88 SIROP etc., combined exile/refugee return program in Sechelles Seychelles

We have made the effort to put together a Logo for SIROP as it would have been 1987 - we can do with some expertise. By and large this is what it ought to be and look like.

Hon Mitchel J Edmond said...

This Monday morning, all those who return to work/their work - the big winners in this Presidential election in term of big business - their bank accounts, money and power. The loosers.

For the past 21/17 years the family, their neighbours, the criminals and others who has been taking all our vital information and pass them on, grass, shop us and the results.

The world finance, economy, political dishonesty and benchmark which have pushed the system to very close edge. Having said what we have all through the Presidential been addressing - what are the requirements to Register that SIROP etc., combined $500 - $800 millions exile return program in Seychelles. This program is after 21 years only half 50% implimented.

It cannot be said that nobody knew/do not know what this exile return program was/is all about, the percentage of information available, published.

We need an Official repersentation in Sechelles Seychelles. So far it has been represented by Lawyers and a few individuals with good will, the attitude of those exile/refugees who have returned and the politicians involved, associated - the politic. {We need church, NGO - Voluntary, senior citizens, activists, Philantrophic minded individuals - even from the civil servants, the police, army, red cross, diplomatic community, Seychelles coast guard, the Fire brigade force, Nurses, farmers, fisherman, anybody willing to support and lending a helping hand, etc., in their spare time}

So that money, grants, international support funds can be manage, chanel for their purpose to support and help rebuild the lives, economy, compensate, support the fight against economic and social exclusion, communicate, address the exiles/refugees issues in Sechelles/Seychelles and those in the rest of the world and EU. These Funds, money and support by the EU and very many international bodied, governments and relevant bodies have been abused, mismanaged, misappropriated and syphoned by the SPPF/PL Government and Institutions.

Between 1988 to date all the monies, grants, funds, resources donated, made available by the many international and regional bodies, governments, NGO etc., syphoned, dissapeared, vanish, mis appropriated - they need to be accounted/made accountable by those who have recieved them, brought to Justice and made to repay/refund the money, grants and resources to the Refugee/Exile Sechelles Seychelles communities and the rest of the world where they are currently.

The dredger is back in Sechelles/Seychelles and proposed work.

Hon Mitchel J Edmond
Founder and Leader of SIROP etc., combined exile/refugee return program 1987/88

Note: We have added link to STAR/MSR Blog:-

Sechelles/Seychelles Presidential election results 2011

Beside the International Airport, all the new Reclamation, motor way, development as a results/associated/which came about with that SIROP etc., combined exile/refugee return program of 1987/88

3 comments: said...

We had posted the issues at the STAR Blog and those who deleted that contribution.

We made a comment to that effect that was deleted too.

" We said they are not in Power look at their comportment, they are no better than the SPPF/PL they have been Blogging about. That we have posted the issues at the SIROP Official Blog, the Sechelles Seychelles Community Forum."

We stated we have copies of all the correspondance, to the Opposition in 1991, Sir James Mancham SDP, later DP, the SNM/MPR, the SNP Mr Phillippe Boulle, the OU, the Seychells government of FA Rene and many others.

All of you/those involved in covering up - no better than the very SPPF and many despots and Criminal politicians around the world. said...

Why is it that the Seychelles Nation, other Social Network of our Nation have not mention - announced it. Radio Seychelles and TV may have announced it - in Europe we do not always listen to Radio Seychelles - we had to read it in L'express Mauritius. There are public accusation too.

Seychelles : Wavel Ramkalawan jette l'éponge

Candidat malchanceux à la dernière élection présidentielle aux Seychelles, le révérend Wavel Ramkalawan ( photo) vient de démissionner de la tête de son parti, le SNP (Seychelles National Party).

Les participants à la dernière réunion du comité exécutif du SNP ont refusé que Jean-François Ferrari, député du district de Mont-Fleur et secrétaire-général adjoint de SNP, prenne la direction du parti. Ils lui ont préféré Allain Ste-Ange, le très populaire directeur-exécutif du Conseil national de tourisme. Il aurait donc dû prendre la place de Wavel Ramkalawan, mais a finalement décliné l''offre. L'homme d'affaires Marc Hoareau, sollicité pour prendre la relève, réfléchit toujours à cette proposition.

Membre du clergé de l'Eglise Anglicane, le révérend Wavel Ramkalawan, âgé de 48 ans, a rejoint le rang de l'opposition alors que celle-ci n'était qu'une nébuleuse clandestine dans les années finissantes du monopartisme.

Avec le retour du pluralisme politique en 1991, il a formé Parti Seselwa avec un groupe de copains de l'école tel que Ferrari, le fils de l'ancien numéro deux du parti au pouvoir, le docteur Maxime Ferrari.

Porte-flambeau du parti et député du district d'Anse Etoile, Ramkalawan en était à sa quatrième participation à la présidentielle. Lors du scrutin qui s'est déroulé du 19 au 21 mai, il a obtenu 41, 43% des suffrages, soit une baisse de 4 points de pourcentage par rapport à celui de 2006.

Outre cette contre-performance dans les urnes, les caciques de son parti reprochent également à Ramkalawan sa gestion frauduleuse des ressources financières de SNP. Il est accusé de détournement des fonds provenant de l'étranger, notamment du parti Libéral Démocrates britannique et du Vice-Premier ministre et ministres des Finances kenyan, Uhuru Kenyatta.

Sources : Malango Actualité & Agence de presse chinoise Xinhua. said...

Uncomfirmed NDP Leader Mr Ralph Volcer resigned

Dear Forum and Visitors,

Just like we had to read at L'express Mauritius about the SNP Executive Meeting and the decision - outcome.

We have done a great deal of searching and listening to SBC TV recorded there is not mention that Hon Wavel Wankalawan, the SNP Leader has resigned - also Presidential candidate last Election.

We have searched Le Nouveau Seychelles Weekly, Facebook and Forums no mention or news that Mr Ralph Volcer Leader of NDP has resigned, als Presidential candidate last election 2011.

Can anybody from the AKS confirm or refute.

There is the need to underline and spell very clearly - there is a disjointed functionality in Sechelles Seychelles. Because Hon Wavel Wankalawan and indeed Mr Ralph Volcer got to their Office by other complexor mechanism - there is the/a need to account. When this is bypass then one can expect reprecussions and spilovers.

The same mechanism has to be involved in the nomination and support the appointment of the next Leader of SNP and the next Leader of DP or NDP. The SPPF/PL have their own mechanism - even then. The overall greater mechanism can and does over ride this.