SIROP combine exile/refugee Program

SIROP combine exile/refugee Program
When will the 21,000 - 25,000 Seychellois exile/refugees get Justice

Thursday, 27 September 2007

The tallest Cross they want to build & the tallest chair in Linz - Austria

Nazareth wants world's largest cross

A computer-generated image of the world's largest cross, set to be built in Nazareth pending municipal approval.

The proposal, which is still in its planning stages, is being floated by a group of affluent Christian businessmen from Israel and abroad.

The massive cross, dubbed "The Nazareth Cross," would tower 60 meters high, and would be decorated by some 7.2 million brilliant mosaic tiles made of Nazareth stone, according to project adviser Ibrahim Boulous.

The plans for the cross, which would be built next to the English Hospital in the ancient city, are still being worked on, and could be changed in the coming weeks, Boulous said.

A French architect is due to arrive in Israel this week to discuss the project, he added.

According to the original plan, a church will stand at the center of the monumental cross, while a state-of-the-art visitor center will be built in a five sq.-km. space around it, according to the project's Web site.

The privately-funded building proposal, which is being promoted by an NGO comprising various Christian denominations, is meant to increase tourism to the economically hard-hit city.

Nazareth deputy mayor Bashir Abdel-Razik said Sunday that the idea to build such a project has not been presented to the city, which must approve such a grandiose plan.

He said he was unsure if the plan would ever get off the ground.

The proposal for the huge cross is seen as likely to cause unrest among the city's Muslims, who make up two-thirds of the population of 74,000 people.

Religious tensions have boiled over in the past when the two sides had a heated six-year dispute over attempts by the Muslims to build a large mosque next to the Basilica, one of Christendom's holiest sites.

The Basilica is built on the site where Christians believe the angel Gabriel appeared before the Virgin Mary and foretold the birth of Jesus two millennia ago.

Israel eventually barred the construction of the mosque four years ago following severe pressure from the Vatican and a united Christian front against the building project.

Nazareth, which used to be heavily frequented by Israelis and tourists, has, like many other cities in Israel, been hard-hit by the Palestinian violence over the last seven years, with many shops in the historic Old City forced to close their doors as both Israelis and foreigners stayed away during this time.

With a respite in violence, locals and Tourism Ministry officials are hoping to see a resurgence in tourism to the Galilee town, which had been preparing for a surge of tourists for the millennium, just before the latest round of violence began.

A computer generated image of the cross planned to be built at Nazareth, different view.

We had wanted to add a picture of the tallest Chair, in the news recently via a German TV Technical program 26/09/07. The chair is red. The competition took place in Austria - Linz, the industrial heart of Austria, it is strange neither google or yahoo have the details in their search system. This is the problem of the world those who control the media they missinform the world too.

Below is a link to the recent record holder Italy:

Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Moses, Moses finally Euro Star undertake maiden journey Paris Nord- King Cross, Islington 4/09/07 new route £5.9 billions

At AKS Forum this article is titled -Come to Seychelles and plant "Cambar"

Certain pattern, so called increase/more violent acts of conflicts, terror activities, natural catastrophe of greater intensity, major market collasp – financial crises have their root, originate from the fact that the institutions meant to regulate are not doing their work – failing, reason they fail.

On the other just as politician and news media have taken to massively using scams, lies and so call spin to control, manipulate the minds of the public and consumers, this with greater dynamic, brutality. Those from the corporate world who are are enhancing these terrible practices to make greater corporate profit and margins with the media active involvement.

Those who talk of protecting the environment, church leaders who moral about greater Christian ethic, all the vast debate about greater transparency and benchmark the terrible hypocrisy which exist – they ought to know that they did not create this world, life and its creation. Form the dawn of our planet – the Power involved have created controlling mechanism. When the development of certain imbalance begin, the controlling mechanism or a number of controlling mechanism automatically react. The human being does not live on Mars they live on planet earth – they are susceptible and volatile to the same laws. Those great environmentalist, church leaders, moral preachers had well remember it.

Over the past 20 years these situation taken a greater manifestation – occurance. Historian, politicians, busy bodies and fraternal/archaic related bodies, institutions would have us believe these are new phenomenas. They have existed over the past 1000 years. It existed during the old Europe, the pre first world war and the second world war – they are the cause and reason for the wars. In their dishonesty, being the very ones who are responsible to control and minimize such happening, can cause/cause many of those terrible situation and events to take place.

All the indication is pointing that we have reached this juncture – we have a very major global crises once again. Those who emphasize – underline that Terror is the principal cause leading to destruction of social democratic, social and political system.

When addressing large nations with millions of people – it can be understood that it would be folly to imagine they - the phenomena of massive corruption, massive abuse of official powers, abuse of the consumers by the media ans news media, the politicians the police arrogant abuse of their powers – the very institutions to pass these laws being represented by men abuse of their powers, misguided and intellectually bankrupt. Or nations with thousands of years culture and social practice based – encouraging such practices change overnight.

In Seychelles this situation existed in minimal percentage before our independence – began to show its ugly head in the first government of Sir James Mancham. Come the era of FA Rene governments it escalated. Seychelles is a nation of 130,000 – 90, 000 in Seychelles rest dispersed across the world. The fact that as a small nation we are plague by/with this phenomena. The comparison of other Small island nation and in the Indian Ocean, Reunion, Mauritius, Commores, the Chagos, Sir Lanka, Maldive and Madagascar. Their/the situation.

Equally in Seychelles, the institutions meant to regulate, prevent such occurance and abuses, political leadership, the media, the Judiciary, police and the church hypocrisy. Most important the state control media TV, Radio and paper who want to make the world believe such things does not happen in Seychelles. That the politicians work day and night for the well being of the nation and the people they have choose – rendered in to bondage to serve.

During the era of FA Rene one party rule, the efforts which existed to point out, bring to the public and world attention of such corrupted practices. Why those involved were able to do so and their interest.

This situation changed when the same parties began to clamor fight for their share of power and money – they joined the practice of using the same venhemous system, approaches, hypocritical practices to clamber the ladder of power and grab share of money.

To be very specific we are talking about the SIROP, CDU, Alliance, DP, SNP. SNM exile return program. The possibility which existed not only for them to come into government, regain lost properties – most importantly manage and control the economic program which had been estimated for Seychelles over the next 10/years $500 – 800 millions. This did not include the multinational corporate involvement we had help set up worth thousands of billions dollars or Euro they could engage into.

We wish to quote the late Mr Guy Morel and ask former associate to excuse us. “ He found himself in the situation of running a very important Department of Seychelles government with no experience personnel – how he decided to create the Seychelles Institute of Management – its original purpose”.

What develop and transpired once everybody realized that the SIROP, CDU, Alliance, DP, SNP, SNM exile return program was workable. In the old Seychelles we were taught to harvest fish – to do this exercise, somebody had to have/be the owner of the net and pirogue and a few fisherman. From the shore volunteers responsibility to take charge of the rope of the net, after the shoal had been encircled – more volunteers to mann the other rope – began the work of pulling in the net until the shore. The main bulk of the catch would go to the Fisherman, pirogue owner, and net. The volunteers would take what they needed for the needs and family – that was the old order. Mean while – over the past 18 years Seychelles had made great stride into industrial fishing, the many technique used on high sea by several nation.

There was never proper accountability and assessment done by the international communities or for this matter anybody in Seychelles with respect to the SIROP etc exile return programm.

Seychelles government, SPPF got the bulk of the fishing harvest – SIROP exile return program, from Parti Seychellois/CDU, now SNP a small share, the SNM just disintegrated, with DP getting a good share of the catch in corporate term, property back and compensation. The Alliance had been a Trojan horse for DP and SNM faction they lost out importantly with DP and Parti Seychellois making most of the corporate gain.

What bout the multinational gain worth thousands of billions of dollars remember we had been involved, contributed to its development and coming into being. Those multinational, corporation associated with FA Rene made very significant – in instance some of the profit would keep Seychelles running form 10 years without any body having to work. Sir James Mancham, syndicated corporate associate equally making vast gains. The lion share went ruthless multinational operators, kickback operation, spin off for international political parties and their trade unions. also the many Mafia syndicates who benefited very importantly. The very many regional government who benefited and have benefited, their business man, corporate.

The practice and so call bench mark set in place. For the first time in modern history apart from the Second world war, the Winner of the War dividing the economic spoil of the War and its populace made to pay. With the involvement of the world media, the Church and Judiciary. The highly dishonest, callous, criminal and brutal practice applied. The bitterness of nation, the hate which it created. The Seychelles, Mauritius have been at the mercy of such practice the French and British Wars.

Those involved in corporate management, government – their intelligence service, Archaic/fraternal institutions, had to reinvent methods how to callously take over, gain once more vast share, opportunity of events in Poland, COMECON, the War Pact which change the world. The so call new world which ensued. They had to develop new potential threats – invent new enemies. One of those enemies was SIROP exile return program. The madness and speed with which things degraded led to the first Iraq War, the Balkan War, since them several. Small and large nations found themselves involve in a vast criminal wheel never before experience and seen on such scale. We all know in learning language you learn a lot easier how to swear and forget least.

The many mechanism in place to act as counter balance reaction– because of the refusal bankrupted morality of the world political leadership to recognize their wrongs, terrible practice and along the multinational, the media we have a situation speedily running our of hand.

Where does this leave us in Seychelles. We have underline some of the events which led to the Make Poverty History, Live8 and African largest dept write off $500 – 800 billions. All the public debate once this is done the new energy, possibilities for Africa. Once the global scam involved the billions of dollars vanished and African – the AU is back to almost what it was before the debt write off exercise took place. Those involved seeking more possibilities to scam and steal even more.

In Seychelles, we have a situation with possibility some $5/8 billions worth of investment the next 10 years, the process that have been set in place, values and traditional, heritage values ditched so that they can engage in mass stealing, skim off, kickback and the such. They have totally refuse to take in, learnt why that mega earth quake and Tsunami came/occured in 2004/5, other terrible development since. Those involved have taken to creating eviler, corrupted mechanism, network and structures. It is not a situation Seychellois want – those involved creating them so that they can get away with fraudulent activities on a very vast scale, they can put scenarios that the small politicians of Seychelles and their business man cannot grasp or comprehend, including their media and church officials. The next step as they have done in Europe, US, Australia, target – use locals to target their own national, business community if they dare to speak out. This is the situation we have in Seychelles currently. The new benchmark and practice is to use the very international institutions there to monitor such abhorrent practice use them to gag the locals, the NGO's the small business communities. This mechanism is far dangerous and devastating than those little man peddling their drugs on the streets of Victoria. ( They have failed to learn the lesson of Enron - we were involved. We have known and seen this development in not just USA property market, other market and other sector of the world markets)

The same psychology in military term that was applied to invade Iraq is being applied in Seychelles and will be applied. The most important question to ask is where it is coming from its source. Everything have source place of originate. The very democratic institutions, Fraternal/Archaic meant to act as control is the very cause of this development – some may say bankrupt intellect. Those who study world affairs ought to know that in the Arab/Muslim world there exist great thinkers and men of great intellectual possibilities. These men they also have the ability to differentiate the current world development. Unless there is a radical change of heart – back to Socialist values not necessarily the USSR, China or COMECON values. We will witnessed greater ideological confrontation between those two great spiritual powers.

We want those involved, the multinational seeking to invest and get involved in Seychelles, know
there are those of us in EU who can see events long before they take place, we are the grand children of those that refused to yield during the many terrible process of France history – we carry and will carry their spirit in us. Without us you would not be making the billions of dollars profit. You are there and investing because of us. You must know there equally exist mechanism to counter balance and regulate such excesses.

Euro Star maiden journey from Paris Gard du Nord - Kings Cross 4/09/07 copy this thread also at SIROP Blog

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