SIROP combine exile/refugee Program

SIROP combine exile/refugee Program
When will the 21,000 - 25,000 Seychellois exile/refugees get Justice

Sunday, 11 August 2019

Nuremberg war crimes trials 70 years on: a complex legacy, SIROP program 1986, Europe enlargement

Nuremberg is the second-largest city of the German federal state of Bavaria after its capital Munich, and its 511,628 (2016) inhabitants make it the 14th largest ...

welcome to the official internet portal of the City of Nuremberg. English information for tourists is provided by the Nuremberg Convention and Tourist Office.

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The trials weren't perfect, but the Allies had wanted to shoot the defendants, so at least the world learned something about justice.

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The Holocaust, also known as the Shoah, was the World War II genocide of the .... As non-Jewish groups began to include themselves as Holocaust victims too, ...

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The Yalta Conference, also known as the Crimea Conference and code-named the Argonaut ... The Potsdam Conference was to be attended by Stalin, Churchill (who was replaced halfway through by the newly elected British prime minister Clement .... Roosevelt wanted the USSR to enter the Pacific War with the Allies.

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Forget the Berlin Wall issues and that SIROP program, Germany Reunification and its new Powers in Europe and the world with it replacing France position in the pre Cold War era of European nation importance, The Treuhand , Privatisation and that SIROP program, the mega rebuilding program linked, driven synergized by that SIROP program, the Holocaust compensation debacle- a very important aspect of that SIROP and Nuremberg. The Wikipedia article is a brief write up and a great deal of gaps.

From Nuremberg after the second world war, the Allies view and position and long term plan for Germany. How many alive today know that, that SIROP program was important linked, developed and put into place, the European aspect taking into consideration a number of important pre second world war and events after the second world war issues. Those in Germany from 1986 onward involved, the old German colonial politic , West Africa until its independence, Tanzania, Zanzibar - the different  developments, history, those in Germany their respective Institutions study, manage and work such topics compared to France and Britain and again the way that SIROP program worked with such understanding and discipline, science.

Not that we find our self in very deep water we cannot swim in - the issuers here because of their importance, relevancy, to the rebuilding of Europe, NATO, Enlargement and the world. Had advocated when Sir James Mancham was alive for Europe, the UN help us write an acceptable report on what that Program was really all about and the many why.  Instead our Salami approach. We have read /rather began reading about the second world war and the first world war from Seychelles library, private books. In mapping out the various future Europe and world working of that SIROP program we had to take into note,  account a number of the taboo arguments for many in Britain - the British classic view of Germany, the nation etc. culture, the Wars.

Now that Seychelles, Sechelles is to have its Mini quasi Nuremberg process, in the form of the Truth and Reconciliation etc., the ex ICC/UN Jurist role and experience, expertise - the several German families who lived in Seychelles until Independence  and after including Austrian. Some of their motives for seeking a different place in the world to invest and live. They have never been informed of the above safe the like of Herr Otto Snitzenbaumer  and his family and a couple of the more important individuals,  then 1986 onward until 2000. How they used those information and knowledge to reposition their lives and business interests in Germany and elsewhere and yet the media the crap they were writing. Along with German elite politicians the terrible situation Germany is in today on this account and the near destruction of the Deutsche Bank.

Along with the other important issues,links synergy/dynamic of that SIROP program then 1991, burning European, USA topic, in France, Austria , Italy and Britain should the German move their Parliament to Berlin that SIROP program have played a significant part of that process and decision - we were told then not to write about them, trust the politicians and the establishments how things turned out over the years and today - any entity on this planet, world -who would have played the minutest role, contribution in getting the German parliament to debate, participate and implement the whole process deserve attention not so,  the many towards that SIROP program safe when were in Germany those who know,the greater public their reaction  even if not in writing.

24 Apr 1991 - Shift Capital From Bonn to Berlin, Kohl Urges : Germany: Chancellor ... of alarm from Bonn supporters, who argue that the move is financially ...

17 Jun 1991 - Bonn was chosen as West Germany's capital in 1949, partly because it was ... As the vote approaches, arguments have become more heated. ... If the federal Government moves to Berlin, a new administrative center would ...

Germany reunified in 1990, and lawmakers had to choose a new capital city. In 1999, unified Germany's capital relocated from Bonn to Berlin.

27 Sep 1990 - Moving the government east to Berlin, they say, will wrongly suggest ... (Washington may not be the best precedent for this particular argument.) ... West Germany went even further in the diffusion of power and cultural influence ..

Those Seychelles former Minsters, politicians who took part in the Munich conference in 1988, the very brief issues for the German politicians, establishment the more important above issues we have mentioned here in fact those who will recall we had been advocating for such a  meeting of all our exile outside of Britain and the argument and the preferred place Germany.

We have mentioned some of USA innovative issues, Space development , military issues those former German Scientist knowledge, leading politicians in both countries linked with/to  that SIROP program, how they managed the issues those form the UN knowledge and NATO, those from South Africa again afterwards what they choose to write. Some of the founding principal of USA big bank what  they knew and have known  of German decent . The Vatican of Pope John Paul and Benedict knew, have known of the issues. The  world wonder/ask why so much mess took place the utter dishonest and mega abuses, terrible benchmark applied to manage the issue.

From moment that program was initiated in 1986, then Cold War, the mega synergy beside the Holocaust issues ad compensation the former German Military machine, system and ideology over the past 30 years vast strand issues linked with that SIROP program driven yet the so call experts explanation, specialist and their associated media and institutions -  those who were hunting the ex German high Officials all over the world, those leading Jews official and its intelligence Service have known and must know, then what get written . What President Yeltsin knew and Gorbachev, beside the older former East Europe politicians  and those removed from Office. The very big fortune . wealth those have amassed on the back of that program manipulating and managing it their way.

With the super fiasco, utter mes of developing politic, breakup of LDS, time and time have remind that Seychelles nation remember well you building blocks so that when things break up you can go back to the basic, foundation and rebuild repair.  We had travelled extensively to Germany, the impact and synergy,  those involve who helped develop the debacle of the break up the SPPF/PL  in the person of Minister Pat Pillay and the Ministers and the formulation of the LDS.

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“The Truth, Reconciliation and National Unity Commission and the National Assembly Committee on Truth, Reconciliation and National Unity officially held a Handing Over Ceremony this afternoon. The Chairperson of the Committee – Honorable Wavel Ramkalawan handed over files containing grievance forms received from different complainants, to the Chairperson of the Commission – Mrs. Gabrielle McIntyre. This symbolic Ceremony officially launches the work mandate of the Commission”.

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24/8/19 - Europe is in a complete mess, British politic, the Russian  - EU relation  is in danger,  President Putin concern it may be turn into a battle field, East Europe politic, the very concerning US  - Europe relation, EU refusal to help report or carry out a small Nuremberg style of inquiry into that program. Events in Yugoslavia - Balkan how those responded. Situation in the Gulf Region -Events surrounding the so call North Africa Spring -  the direction Paris Peace conference is turning out.  Seychelles have learn to host numerous sensitive and challenging conference including the Pirate Conference sponsored by UK - cannot a Mini style of Nuremberg inquiry be organised from Seychelles over that SIROP program. The many Justice, Lawyers Associations, Legal Aid system of  governments, African Union Justice, Legal Department we have written to. The EU External Department/Commission Justice/legal working we have written and address the issues.  


SBC SEYCHELLES - Truth & Reconciliation Hearing - 09Sep2019 Session2

Josette Hoarau shared a link to the group: Seychelles Hero: Gerard Hoarau.
5 hrs ·
We applaud Mr. Lefevre for his courage and his very emotional testimony. However, as he rightly pointed out in his testimony there are many sycophants who have benefitted greatly from this regime at the expense of the victims. These people should not be allowed to keep their
ill-gotten gains and lead their life of luxury as if nothing had ever happened. Justice demands that they pay back to the Seychellois society.
SBC SEYCHELLES - Truth & Reconciliation Hearing - 09Sep2019 - Session 3

The Truth, Reconciliation and National Unity Commission | 09 September 2019
Hearing of witnesses, suspects starts today
Hearing of the first witnesses and suspects in the different cases before the Truth, Reconciliation and National Unity Commission will start today at the National House.

Sète : l'harmonie de la Légion étrangère en concert au théâtre de la Mer

Comment - After the first day of the Truth Commission seating how in other countries and part Truth commission their many institution have reacted and reacts - not that Sechelles Seychelles. The notion of Reconciliation was initiated by Sir James upon his return in 1992, it politic and fallout , consequences. He was labelled by many a Traitor for impeding those to challenge the government of F A Rene -

Here we have a Commission with the respective individuals acting as Commissioner and begin call /addressed my Lord- then Seychelles Court 1975/6 trials, sentences and Justice - that did not deter those who had their alternative plans for Seychelles. What took place followed.

In UK alone given, that we have assisted and helped when you address your Asylum request to the British government/Home Office the BRC the UNHCR, other Refugee/exile bodies, CAB, Voluntary Services, your lawyers, the communities and families how they vet, question and dig in depth for lies, false presentation of facts, information and events, incidents and it can take one to three years to make up their minds after due research and inquiry by their many Agencies and associated even then. They never stop, cease to keep an eye on you, monitor and listen to your other stories. One get assisted by lawyers and trained individual -

Yet in that Truth Commission first siting what we watched, the whole world watched, , those individual are supposed to be key persons in what took place . The standard and benchmark being applied and this will be written for the UN Institutions as the best benchmark or the African Union or the USA or EU or Vatican and Commonwealth.

Over the past 25 years those International Truth Commission their workings, the world media coverage of pre designed Commission working, controlled and manipulated for the objective of other nation interests and Institutions be it Masonic and others.

In our case the feed back the many in Seychelles including that Commission, the Justice, Police, government who are controlling development and how this Commission address our issues , the same the USA , Britain, France, EU the Commonwealth and the UNHCR.

They fail and refuse to note why the conflict for so long because of the so call Justice attitude and benchmark, the long list of wars, death , destruction associated with our politic and history. It will repeat itself because of the Justice way and practices. Not to forget we played a role that the International criminal court was set up. We had to refer many of our Military , pre and after independence issues to leading Justice of Europe, experts and politicians, other nations and those who had served in Seychelles Those individuals and officials seating at that Commission want to exclude the vast many issues and given individual would have lived and experience in the process of going in exile and given his or her importance , cause involve the many horrors and making events and incidents in that Seychelles pitiable, complete novices. The many past Ministers we have had to address and interact with, police officers, Mr Felix Hoareau, The psychological and parapsychological traumas and aftermath.

Those witness who talk of the very different Seychelles - like him we were educated by our grand parents, their values from France, Mauritius and Reunion. Their notion of Justice and judgement - meaning, those who planned evil even the Justice their corrupted workings and the politic, our ancestor notion of accountability and revenge and punishment to those officials and Institutions.

The many leadership of the SPUP their utter dishonesty and lies - why that coup d'etat, the government of Sir James Mancham what was taking place, the abuse and corruption of justice, police by the same token when FA Rene and company took power they went down the same road and very extreme, what ensued and again our ancestral notion of Justice values , punishments - we have to be frank and candied, not for the media or against officiant, those who have been empowered and educated, emancipated our Black brothers and sisters, how things would have been said /told in 1976.

Dr Ferrari pointed briefly - the working of the Freemason, Black magic/Voodoo, witch craft - in Seychelles by FA /Rene and many, nobody must not talk and discuss this in public, if they do they will meet the masonic Justice. This very Commission adhering to Masonic Benchmark, Justice procedures.

Via that SIROP program we gave the world the WWW from CERN an President Mitterrand hesitation. We went on to given the world and the Justice of the world working vast many tools and mechanism to enhance their work and capacity including the You tube and video conference - those officials siting as that Commission their own capacity, education and knowledge of the world workings.

Given our infamous coco de mer 30 years ago we had pope John Paul visiting the Indian Ocean they explanation of Vatican, the Euphoric, the hype and buzz, they were not the truth, the real reason and just as that Commission start its working, the visit of Pope Francis to the Region. We have worked many major scandals with Vatican over the past 40 years - for those siting on that Commission it means nothing - here we are talking of so call God and heaven Justice compared to human and government Justice. Those who are christian and those who have prayed and spend a great deal of their time in devotion and praying be they christian or Muslim and others. Yet again those who will be praying for God and heaven to intervene, intercede again those individuals sitting on that Commission and its benchmark and capacity.

The Truth, Reconciliation and National Unity Commission | 12 September 2019

At our forums, Blogs and Facebook have been pressing /urging the National Assembly, Seychelles government the NGO,  the Justice of Seychelles , the EU, African Union, UN and many other they need become involved, take the opportunity of this Truth Commission to find out what really happened with that SIROP program n to impute as they would do in other Nation Truth commission and to date the outcome -We have decided to use the projection Board of the Truth Commission to add the UN emblem foremost, the emblem of the Truth Commission, the EU, the Indian ocean Rim association our #EU  and Indian ocean Coat of Arms , the Logo of that SIROP program,  the emblem of African Union.

SBC SEYCHELLES- Truth and Reconciliation Hearing- 13Sep2019-Session1

SBC SEYCHELLES- Truth and Reconciliation Hearing- 13Sep2019-Session2 part 1

SBC SEYCHELLES- Truth and Reconciliation Hearing- 13Sep2019-Session3

Chairperson and Commissioners of the Truth, Reconciliation and National Unity Commission Sworn in - Page 2 Empty Re: Chairperson and Commissioners of the Truth, Reconciliation and National Unity Commission Sworn in
Post  Sirop14 Today at 8:14 pm

President FA Rene and the SPUP Communism political concept for Seychelles was a global Franchise in the sense of Franchise,  today across the world like your McDonald and others. Those who talk of Seychelles old values and their education what they have come forward to talk about .  

We cannot get any live SDA church service this Saturday after the historic week of that Truth Commission working. The SDA Church in Beau Bassin, will try and follow the church in  Strasbourg or Lille and Vienna, the time difference. The visit of Pope Francis this week. In Seychelles the Church right across the board failure/refusal  to bring this to the attention  of the Truth Commission what they attribute the malaise of society then and today the learning experience and church practices and belief. How the Communism psychology affect the church workings  and faith and the same process this new mindset and all it associated functions.

The Commission is failing to grasp the terrible human situation form a psychological and  para psychological prospective, affecting and impacting the very formulation of your speech and process, human inter communication and relation -  there are brave words today the real situation then,  era of Multi party the psychosis  - most of Africa specialist and experts are not in the position to explain, discus this adequately,  they have had to rely in the UN institution,  those who lived similar process as Seychelles the failure of their national institutions.

That SIROP program those involved to develop and different psychosis, mind functioning, no Seychellois  have volunteered to come forward to discuss and explain, share this it impacted and affected the police, the 'civil service and the Military diplomatic workings . During the cold war some of the International Institute for Strategic Studies report and writing on this topic and a few other sources.

Two important world political event the death of former President Robert Mugabe,   his government politic and practice, economy education system and#East Timor former President replacing President Suharto who was a friend/associate  of President FA Rene and some of the similarity of their politic and issues.

One of the most disadvantageous , negative aspect of the system change from the Communism era of mind workings and psychosis in that infernal satanic rage/rave mechanism which we helped put in place and the mega global abuse today, linked and associated , motivated  and the impact right across the world, the phenomena of empowering both male and female, what this is linked and related, driving, synergizing  to credited. The quality and benchmark of the outcome and life, society workings and values. They, the world have come to accept this as a kind of God/Heaven workings and the long list of associated faith issues. The vast majority cannot or refusing to differentiate.

Needles to say to say impacting and influencing the very working and functioning and outcome that Commission.

In Mauritius the outcome of the judgement in the case of former PM##Ramgoolam 11 charges against him - resulting in no case to answer. What the issues were.

Given the many bilateral workings of Seychelles and Saudi Arabia those who questioned why we did not have the Logo of the Gulf Region or the Arab world on that white panel  - in Britain those during the Cold war and after who associated aspects or nuance of the Saudi Arabia working/Oil economy and industry with Masonic  issues - the gutter press, and the news this morning of the major attack on its oil infrastructure . Seychelles Masonic and Illuminati working pre independence,  during the One party state, to date.

There are other relevant issues and incident link to that Truth Commission functioning this week, the UN institutions very arrogant attitude -we noted this reaction from the Austrian Central Bank and followed it up- the UNIDO, OPEC is based in Vienna - at our forums and blogs the many entries about the Deutsche bank situation explaining how they build their working after the Fall of the Berlin Wall on the back of that SIROP program, the Reunification, the privatisation, those many leading German politicians we have worked with -the news that the Financial system of Europe will collapse - we helped contributed to setting them up via that SIRO Program and yet that Commission, they have a unique role to ask serious question, demand answers and they are not making use of this historic opportunity - just look at the many, many central bank of Europe have had to inject in the system President FA Rene , Mancham alive the then talk - how they were using that program to leverage their issues- at the end of the day the utter corrupted practice - the minute money Seychelles would get via the EU for such a very important role and effort, participation. Their experts then what they are writing - the many direct interventions we have made to prove, show that we have the capacity, past EBC Central Banker we have worked with and impute in their workings and yet - the rats and other insects or virus eating their minds and brains.

Devant le siège de la Banque centrale européenne La Deutsche Bank prédit l’effondrement financier de l’Europe

We pondered, endeavoured to review what of this week historic event that Truth Commission sitting,  in Seychelles the Indian Ocean - the royals of Europe who were associated, supported the concept and over the past 30 years,  their working and issues with that SIROP program and Seychelles, their Institutions , foremost the Spanish royal Family , the Swedish Royal family, Royal Family of Belgium and the Monegasque royal family, - Famille d'Estouteville -Les Archives de la Maison de France déposées aux Archives nationales 9/9/19 -  beside the news of the Queen creating a special Title/role for Prince Charles to gain sovereign Power. Maxima ravissante en bleu avec Willem-Alexander désormais barbu ont reçu à dîner les membres du Conseil d’Etat, ce mercredi soir au Palais Noordeinde à La Haye.

À Saint-Jean-de-Linière près d'Angers : Michel, Bernard, Nabil et Mimi animent la communauté Emmaüs

Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris Rose Window

We have been quarried the reason for not including the emblem of the United State in the Truth Commission etc., working. It would not be right, correct, justifiable not to add the emblem of those Nation Association, Bodies that have played a crucial aspect in Seychelles National workings the past 50/60 years 

Truth, Reconciliation and National Unity Commission hears evidence pertaining to several cases in fifth hearing | 14 September 2019
Mr Rouillon appearing before the commission yesterday

The Truth, Reconciliation and National Unity Commission yesterday heard evidence pertaining to numerous cases of alleged human rights violations committed during the 1977 coup and the following years in which Seychelles was a one-party state.


This first Sunday of the week the Commission working those who graciously posted this photo -Given the way the system , the institutions those in Power function then pre Independence, their notion and understanding, perception of Regional , International politic,  the set up of that Truth Commission etc., those among them who gave us the best advice , guidance when writing that SIROP program and that Truth Commission etc., way is has been set up and functioning . We were attempting to study British Constitution for our A Level Plus. Given that we took the core of that program to Angers Loire for safe keeping SVP, the past 30 years their prayers and issue. President F Mitterrand Monument in Angers, first Gulf War issues, the Town Hall, the Justice and court of Angers, the Arcadian, Illuminati issue of Angers, Normandy and the Indian ocean, impacts on Europe, France and the consecutive government of France since President F Mitterrand - the Association of Mahe de Labourdonais in Angers,

It is not norm to monopolise the discussion, some issues need to be addressed however we had  been in contact with the Catholic seminarian in Lausanne,_Geneva_and_Fribourg from a High Interdisciplinary Management prospective, then EEF of Prof Swab and Prof Dr Micheal Hofmann Vienna Interdisciplinary Management Institute - on account the Seychelles connection, those from L'ena then, the Italian Illuminati,  in Germany Austria and Switzerland the Interdisciplinary management discipline science a speciality of the Church. Then Vatican  and then issue of Labee Pierre and his politic of helping  supporting the homeless - both President Mitterrand and Lady Thatcher getting very angry with my person using my capacity to supporting Labee Pierre, the Emmaus Cause, Vatican guidance not to get involved with Labee Pierre/Emmaus the big why.  Among the unique thematic that SIROP program became responsible the expansion of the Christian Faith in former East Europe and the USSR, the Orthodox faith and the building of St Peter Basilica in Ivory coast . It took us a while to know the details of President Robert Mugabe Education and upbringing - To stress, emphasis the importance,  relevancy that Program place on faith, belief and practice, divinity in the function of world affairs and economy, diplomacy etc., the big reason we did not go to the UN with a written version of that Program the UN Benchmark which we knew very the many impute and associated issues and my person for some 9 years. To remember the UN played very little role in the changing of the USSR, the COMEON, the mess they made of Yugoslavia and elsewhere.

Monday 16/9/19
SBC SEYCHELLES- Truth and Reconciliation Hearing- 16Sep2019- Session 1

SBC SEYCHELLES- Truth and Reconciliation Hearing- 16Sep2019- Session 2

Comment -How many remembers AKS Forum set up by the De Comaromond Family children 2005 onward, the posting about the Bankruptcy of Seychelles government, the Lehman Brothers role, the issues of that $50 million grant vanishing, Seychelles Central Bank workings and many other posting -the British police and USA or French working. The importance and relevancy of those posting in the Seychelles, the effect and impact on informing the world and greater pubic. In Seychelles those who were saying copies of the posting Forum had been kept. A very good deal of what has been said, presented to the Commission have already been addressed/posted by members of the Forum discussion. Those individual involved in the Project. Other Forum discussion set up what they were posting. The riots and police beat up.

Likewise we have address many of our issues in public spaces, there was no idea, thought that this Commission would come about and its functions, responsibilities. Beside living in Europe or Canada or the USA or Australia their respective authorities, political system and officials, Establishments, the pressures, that individual , families of our communities get put under, the psychological issues impacting and affecting them and they use such resource to share, inform and talk about their situation, When the main media cannot be bothered to write about and they say, conclude these are/were real news and facts what they write. The authorities and officials respond likewise.

We/I was forbidden from getting involved in political parties, protests and activities by Judge EJ Stiven because, on account of his position as a Judge. Other families and person closely associated with the Justice and the Court, benchmark. I Knew Paul Hodoul, his politic and supporters, beside his brother Lawyer Jacques Hodoul - the Person of Dr Ferrari, his son and wife, the important political interests, position and objectives.

Judge EJ Stiven over the years explained, educated us from his and the official prospective why many individual undertook a given political action or became engaged in a political party and the benefit and disadvantage and the power and money, properties and position involved.

In Austria , Europe the time difference- the Saturday night of the 4th of June 1977, when in Seychelles it would have been midnight in Austria Salzburg it would have been 9 pm. On Sunday morning the day of the coup the time difference 7 am Austria time 9.30.10 am Seychelles time. The residence of Judge EJ Stiven and Mr Chudasama, the Estate, the Farm and the workers that historic Sunday morning the cows and pigs and the fawles. The Local fisherman. The Monchougy Family and others surrounding. Judge E J Stiven had several Arms he had brought/imported officially from Zanzibar-

Judge E J Stiven was a staunch opposer of the Communist System and its politic and onslaught on the Colonial system, what they had build, the revolutions and it aftermath, massacre , imprisonment and confiscation of property and wealth grand theft of valuables and properties in the name of Communism socialism. After events of 1977, those friends and acquaintance of his who were affected in Seychelles deported and their contract terminated. In Zanzibar some 30,000 were massacred. They would have talked about the situation and future. Seychelles repeating what had taken place in Zanzibar and elsewhere across Africa. His close friends in Britain then , the Zanzibar Community , those like the Earl of Oxford and his family. Senior Police and Administration officials. Between my self and Seychelles there were no correspondence because of the coup d'etat they were scared, concern in case those with power and gun reacted negatively and the effects on their lives, families and outcome.

My Property at Montagne Pose was bought acquire by Seychelles government under duress in 1989, the plot of land Judge Stiven had gifted to me on the sea front then , some of the military motivated issue to regain my property . How much did of Mr Jean Francois Ferrari and his Father Dr Ferrari impacted government decision to acquire my property by force and those who sold my property on the sea front. Beside he became accessible to vast amount of information regarding that SIROP program and Judge EJ Stiven former colonial responsibility, function, knowledge and the many the officials and acquaintances. These information were used and abused by those officials of the SNP over a very long period of time - In spit of addressing him , our concern never acknowledged, and Dr Ferrari role in that Munich conference to torpedo that SIROP program take it over and promote as their ideas. The Family used these information to negate my person by the government of President F Mitterrand and that of Chirac and Sarkozy. The battle which ensued. Leading Lawyer Ramnijk Valabjhi was the lawyer of Judge E J Stiven, he had died when Lawyer Valabjhi was in Exile in Britain and he had been hundred/persecuted, threatened, how he died, his Justice colleagues and the Legal fraternity, Bar #association of Seychelles - - He was forced in exile and what we shared and discussed in exile, eventual military coup and that SIROP program. We are at great lost to understand /comprehend how such an ardent Communist Socialist, that Mr Jean Francois Ferrari managed to marry Judge EJ Stiven Grand daughter, the daughter of Mr Chudasama and as such inherit, become one of those who managed his Estate and Heritage, Legacy.

Then come the person who stated he was a good friend of Mr Son Chang Him, events, Mr Marcel Zatte is a distant relative from mother side. The person never for once mention the person of Mr Clement Decommarmond a leading personality of then Seychelles his News paper, what he wrote and knew about an eventual coup d'etat, the outside Powers involvements and money, control and the big political why - Le Seychellois and his son priest, chemist and other functions. He was the RSPCA official on the Island and a leading member of the Red Cross. Their property is situation on Harison Street and behind Mr Marcel Zatte shop. 40 years on and that SIROP program giving the world the WWW and our people still come forward and garbage everybody - future generation.

SBC SEYCHELLES- Truth and Reconciliation Hearing- 19Sep2019- Session 1
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SBC SEYCHELLES- Truth and Reconciliation Hearing- 19Sep2019- Session 2
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Comment - My person knew Mr Paul Chow very well in Seychelles, his work and responsibilities with the Mancham- then Chief Minister, my former Austrian wife who worked as Deputy Manager at the Pirate Arms, the Austrian staff including my brother in law Mr Chistopher Savy. We had some terrible conflicts - each time, she if fact both of the ladies Austrian, other Austrian lady friend, use to remind me life is a pile of human excrement - say it with flowers, the many French relevant person we have come across regarding our exile, the Seychelles and current and past politic. - the person of Mr Paul Chow before Independence, in exile , during the time he was the editor of Weekly and Leader of NDP on top of this he and his family are Chinese migrant - what he address on record to the Truth Commission etc., During our exile working the price for betrayal. The solemn promise when they /we return and thing change the punishment that would be meted if not before. What this means and imply in Creoles culture and saying. Those who talk of Freemason/Illuminati working the untold other issues why Mr Gerard Hoareau found his death/was Assassinated my excuse to the Hoareau Family for making this statement in public Mr Paul Chow knowledge of the issues. Other Executive of then SNM/MPR. Just like he quoted IMF report 1988/89 compliment Dr Ferrari of Seychelles government going bust by 1991,  British Intelligence, French Intelligence, South  African, Soviet,  Chinese knowledge that the few money source to mount a coup d'etat had dried out, the very big why, many lives had been lost, blood shed  - his own position in then London , the Masonic  Establishments/Illuminati as witness. ( This bring us to what was discussed between president FA Rene and Mancham and all those spinning and telling their lies. the dreadfulness/horror of coming before  an Australian  of Scott decent  Jurist ex ICC, the Yugoslavs mega mess . To all our past Ministers dead, their families and associates, all our exiles /refugees alive today, the Vatican and church of England , those form the USA, UN, NATO and other governments - why we did not want to put in place that SIROP program with them this is not finished as we go into a 2020 Presidential election)

SBC SEYCHELLES- Truth and Reconciliation Hearing- 19Sep2019- Session 3
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Comment - Mr Yakub Suleman, You know a great deal more about that Bomb incident, the Governor had wanted to arrest/lock up Mr Rene, they decided against fearing a riot it is in the case papers/Colonial papers/records.

Mr Yakub Suleman you have a holy Qumran next to you, 1986 when those of you were on Long Island the Seychelles exile politic in UK, my personal involvement the changing of the former Prison to Long Island, the development, after the SNM/MPR Leader had been assassinated - that Summer of 1986 those who had asked me to take due responsibility do something, the very initial issues of that SIROP program, the South Africans and French military. In Kilburn the big mosque the issues of the SIROP program, the Muslim community in Hounslow who knew all our issues, those from Pakistan , the Arab world - please do not be condescending and belittle that Seychelles Truth Commission. The Merchant Families were bankrupt and that SIROP program was in part put together with the support of the Asian communities all those in London who knew. Those in Mauritius. The Muslim community in Mauritius, The Iraqi debacle and the Osama issues, the building of that Mosque in Seychelles . Then you say Sir James Mancham come to meet you in Mauritius, the vice President Sir Guytan Duval had enlisted in that SIROP program, what he knew and what happened in Mauritius and the terrible media. .

You said you were in Mauritius the state of Mauritius before that SIROP program the big families and the important roles the big families in helping is to implement that program . The Person of Mr Mario Ricci and those form South Africa in both Mauritius and South Africa. 

You stressed your name is Joab in Muslim -In that Sechelles Seychelles the vast majority give that Truth Commission they think they are wiser than President Ronald Reagan and many others were in then 1986.

SBC SEYCHELLES- Truth and Reconciliation Hearing- 20Sep2019- Session 1
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Comment - That police officer who went to pick mango , the previous statement that he had evidence, knowledge  of a forthcoming coup - hence he went  pick mango. The African Commissioner ask him if that was a distraction ploy. His statement that with Jamaican they drove to Mr Stone who was the head of the Special Force to arrest him, tie him up - the Chair of the Commission question- a full complete report would have been lodge at the colonial office and the relevant military office of the Colonial office those police Officers ex Seychelles in Exile. Our exile issue with the US military and intelligence Service, French, south African, Soviet - those in Seychelles who knew who Jamaican was . Those/they held the view that one had to have special expertise , training and knowledge  to lead a country and change a nation. The Proof that those who really know Jamaican he was mentally unstable to go and arrest the Head of British special force in Seychelles- had all those then visualised this scenario they would have all asked requested a room at Le Canelle. This statement was listened by anybody around the world,  the leading French military, South Africa, American, #Russian, Israeli and many others, Irish.

Note -It is arguable/correct to say the Seychelles first stage of the 5th June 1977 coup, country take over was a copy cat of the Zanzibar Revolution method. The personalities involved, some 15 to 25,   Taking over the police station where the arms were kept, police armouries, killing the police officer and breaking , raiding the Arms catch, taking over the Central police Station, the  Radio Station hence gaining control - nobody have mentioned this parallel, similarity aspect of Seychelles coup d'etat at the Truth Commission etc.,  so far. , There is another important aspect, those European Expat/British, those Seychellois Families who had lived in Zanzibar at the time of the Revolution and those ex Zanzibari living in Seychelles went, had to go through a second experience, process of human traumatic moment relieved it. , in the case where those who had children in Zanzibar at the time. In the case of Judge E J Stiven he had lived in the Jamaican Riot also and was serving as a police officer.

That Commission chair who have worked several issue of the former Yugoslav war, the media and the killing, blood bath, the kind of soldiers     - NATO the Budget and  amount  of money they spend to train and equipe , the UN Security council

What Bob Nodyne, Bob Denard and Mike Hoare would have said, at our Facebook page the Europe Corp posting and some of the leading French Army regiments and past Army officers.  

SBC SEYCHELLES- Truth and Reconciliation Hearing- 20Sep2019- Session 2
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Comment - Truth Commission goes in recess form 20th September to 7th October.

Several of the Complainants, particularly the statement of Bishop Chang Him, Mr Lewish Betsey, Dr Maxime Ferrari , Mr Paul Chow, Mr Jean Francois Ferrari, Mr Yakub Suleman - in the first two weeks of the Truth Commission working. A somewhat clearer information on what really happened beside, given the information published over the past 40 years, government, International media and Seychelles media.

The brief sum up of the two weeks event, it is not the drug which is affecting the Seychellois psychosis, mind, psychology, It is not the Colonial psychosis either, given Mauritius politic and development yesterday alone 45 new young lawyers got sworn to practice as Lawyer. In Seychelles the yearly A and O level issues, beside the University. We also have two TV Station.

We have addressed the Commission the issues of Evelyn Oldfield Refuge History Project. Which included the Seychelles , Sri Lanka, BIOT - the British government, Home Office records, British Refugee Council, UNHCR Britain, Amnesty International in Britain, AHRAG and several NGO working with refugees and exile issues. For 30 years in Britain that SIROP program impacting the British government daily working, its diplomacy, politic , economy , big finance, military the royal Establishment and very many others. In the Seychelles the aspect of that program first President Mancham , President FA Rene, the Opposition the past 30 years the correspondence to the MNA , Sir James Mancham, the Constitutions commission , other the past 30 years, those authorities and government who monitor our correspondences. and yet , we have listened to most of the statement yet none have mentioned the existence of that program - we are talking of the many of EU governments who knew, were involved, the 'Vatican, those former COMECON countries, Canada, the USA Latin America, Australia, India, Pakistan the Gulf nations, Africa, those Asian countries.

Our publication and information in the public spaces, the many who purport the Seychellois are not African they are literate, they can read and write, to the Seychelles police, the Defence Force, the Seychelles court , National Assemble, Local government , Regional government, the COI Secretariat, the RIM Association Secretariat, the African Union Institutions, the UN, the International court, the European court and the Human rights court. The Bar Association of Seychelles and those countries where the Seychelles individual and communities have taken exile and other friendly government. The Francophone and he None aligned. The Templar Institutions , the Masonic Institutions. Those Nation Consulate and Embassy we have addressed the issues in Seychelles. 

Question what is really going in the minds, psychology, psychosis of the inhabitants of that Island nation stopping them, blocking, hindering and preventing them from mentioning and discussing that program and its issues in public. . The National TV, Radio and press what they write some utter irrelevant and nonsocial issues.


The Seychelles Truth Commission etc., takes all those exiles and those who know our issues for complete fools. 
Those Ambassador who served at this address the second and third Republic - their Benchmark

7 days ago - John Macnamara was a Met Detective Chief Superintendent before becoming head of security for Dodi's dad Mohamed Al-Fayed. Macnamara arrived in Paris on the morning of the fatal crash in August 1997 and led a probe which ran parallel to the official inquiry.

Princess Diana death investigator dies taking 'secrets to the ...
6 days ago - Former Metropolitan Detective Chief Superintendent John Macnamara took a job as head of security for Fayed after leaving the force.

FORMER French President Jacques Chirac - whose political career was blighted by scandal - has died aged 86.

Jacques Chirac, former French president, dies aged 86

Jacques Chirac dead: Former French president dies aged 86

Grande Loge de France - Wikipedia

Jacques René Chirac (UK/ˈʃɪəræk/ SHEER-ak,[1][2] US/ʃɪəˈrɑːk/ (About this soundlisten) sheer-AHK,[2][3][4] French: [ʒak ʁəne ʃiʁak] (About this soundlisten); 29 November 1932 – 26 September 2019) was a French politician who served as President of France and ex officio Co-Prince of Andorra from 1995 to 2007. Chirac was previously the Prime Minister of France from 1974 to 1976 and from 1986 to 1988, as well as the Mayor of Paris from 1977 to 1995.

Comment -In the first place our, on behalf of those 21,000 exiles/refugees from Seychelles convey our condolence and sympathy to the French nation, the Chirac Family his daughter, Madame Bernadette Chirac , his former Ministers and Officials. Thanking him on behalf of person like Mr Robert Frichot , Sir James Mancham for his support during the Cold war for our situation, politic in exile, his support in Europe and  the Indian Ocean. Those important business connections during his ear as Mayor of Paris - the Larousse family. 

He was France Prime minister when we wrote that historic SIROP program and events, in London, Paris, Vienna, Germany and the former COMECON> some six attempted coup d'etat at changing Seychelles and the Region. Prior to that the issues of that research by UNIDO/world Bank for an Indian ocean join project the foundation for the Commission de L'ocean Indienne. He was a big fan of Mauritius  and the Region Nations. 

The most important the battle with regard to our French ancestral Indian ocean working those who supported and were involved in driving the issues of that SIROP program, the Two Masonic Lodge of France and the two political person, French leading establishments - with Mr Robert Frichot and Sir James Mancham position. Issues at European Union Level and major political debacle at EU, International, African, the UN Francophone and USA level and NATO at the time . The gulf Region, the respective Senior Army and Strategic experts.  To note President F Mitterrand politic was more favourable to FA Rene government.  We found our self having to communicate with both his person and imputing or they imputing in that SIROP development, they both had to know in detail given France significant role in the India Ocean, our position in London,  Europe, the COMECON Block and the USSR. France Nuclear military structure in Europe - it was and independent Structure and it Important associated politic.  

When he became President in 1995, the mega issues of that SIROP program dynamic by then we had moved to Caple le Fern. Very many important issue which drove/synergized French Politic and economic and media those who knew and were involved at the time. That program in Angers,  Loire for safe keeping its contents. The election of President Bill Clinton the associated issues and the first mega CIA Budget issues after the Cold War, IT issues and media platform development. Events in Seychelles then Sir James Mancham, the Constitution debacle and the Third Republic events in Mauritius and the Region. Those MNA Including Sir James Mancham we wrote and explained , Mr Lewis Betsey. Very Important the debacle of the world economic crash and the issues why we advocated, pressed using that SIROP program to leverage the arguments, the Paris Market, London , Germany and the USA, Milan -  why the putting in place  Indian ocean RIM Association,  we had to share and work our ideas with him and his officials and get their support against the USA and British interests in the Region then. It Secretariat in Mauritius. The Grand Master of the Grand Lodge de L'orient. Sir James Mancham and the WANGO, people - Rev Moon. The German Privatisation, Events in South Africa, Privatisation in former USSR. 

Given the issues of ex ICC Jurist McIntyre, the former Yugoslavia debacle, London, NATO and the wars and France position to a good extent driven by the dynamic and synergy of the ongoing Europe and ex USSR and ex COMECON - yet what have been said at the ICC Tribunal and the International court of Justice and the European court of Justice and the Human rights Court. What we have written to them on these topics. 

Very important we managed to convinced him not to join the coalition to go to the second War in the Gulf , the big why we were able to do this and that SIROP program content in Angers and Paris. His Vatican knowledge. His government impacts and influence on Politic in the #Seychelles and Mauritius.    

He was the President in France when we had to return to London in 1996/97, the Issue of Highbury Hotel,  the important Jewish connections, In France and London - the  death of Princes Diana, we being rehoused by Islington council and the mega mess with the left over rest of the Seychelles exile workings in London/Britain. Countless issue linked to the Blair government and Europe, enlargement and New Labour  and today mega Britexit super mess nobody want to think,  they are saying only what is in their minds. 

Pan-Africanism, reconciliation and privatization: 1999–2011 ( Extract Wikipedia )

At the 20th century's end, Gaddafi—frustrated by the failure of his Pan-Arab ideals—increasingly rejected Arab nationalism in favour of Pan-Africanism, emphasising Libya's African identity.[279] From 1997 to 2000, Libya initiated cooperative agreements or bilateral aid arrangements with 10 African states,[280] and in 1999 joined the Community of Sahel-Saharan States.[281] In June 1999, Gaddafi visited Mandela in South Africa,[282] and the following month attended the OAU summit in Algiers, calling for greater political and economic integration across the continent and advocating the foundation of a United States of Africa.[283] He became one of the founders of the African Union (AU), initiated in July 2002 to replace the OAU; at the opening ceremonies, he called for African states to reject conditional aid from the developed world, a direct contrast to the message of South African President Thabo Mbeki.[284]

At the third AU summit, held in Libya in July 2005, Gaddafi called for greater integration, advocating a single AU passport, a common defence system, and a single currency, utilizing the slogan: "The United States of Africa is the hope."[285] His proposal for a Union of African States—a project originally conceived by Ghana's Kwame Nkrumah in the 1960s—was rejected at the 2001 Assembly of Heads of States and Government (AHSG) summit in Lusaka by African leaders who thought it "unrealistic" and "utopian".[286] In June 2005, Libya joined the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA),[287] and in August 2008 Gaddafi was proclaimed "King of Kings" by a committee of traditional African leaders.[288] They crowned him in February 2009, in a ceremony held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia; this coincided with Gaddafi's election as AU chairman for a year.[289] In October 2010, Gaddafi apologized to African leaders for the historical enslavement of Africans by the Arab slave trade.[290]

This is where the Seychelles  Truth commission etc., have a golden opportunity  - Mauritius, Seychelles and the African serving as Commissioner. Because of the situation in Europe then 1979, we had hope to be able to travel this was not possible, the Office of President Clinton,  those who prevented us the Conservative Officials, the mega EURO debacle,  The mega disparity between Africa OAU workings, the OAU Institutions then and its capacity to negotiate many issue with the Enlarging EU and the dynamic of that SIROP program,  then President FA Rene in Office his relation with President Ghadaffi and that SIROP program impact on Libya and the Italians and many who knew and the French , those who approached my person the need to find a solution, those who talk very big today when the situation was terrible  - we came back to those from the OAU and stated the OAU need to get  Suit as/like the European Union, what this imply and who could, would spear head such a mammoth challenge, the brutality of the situation  - the proposition of some individual and we in conjugation with then President FA Rene, Tanzania head of state pressured, those from Italy,  then President Qaddafi to accept that role inspite of his known world outlook and politic. His reaction and then President Chirac we had to dialogue with on this very important topic and get the French government to take the Major responsibility, the Francophone  in driving the media and big politic its institutions, capacity and those then leading European Head of Sate how knew and were involved,  event and our contribution until the issue were officially adopted,  then President FA Rene  , Sir James Mancham and many, those from South Africa then,  others,  the UN then and the USA, the Russia and many other yet what was reported by the media as facts and reality. Again we have written to the UN, the several relevant Courts of Europe and the International Court and the African Union Institutions. 

Our plea to the EU high parties, the Courts of Europe,  the UN help us report that SIROP program as it ought to be. The mega negative issues of the Terrorism EU legislation and  those who wanted to muzzled that SIROP program after the mega abuse. The debacle of Refugee History by /Evelyn Old field. That Truth commission etc.,  in Seychelles

HC Deb 01 August 1956 vol 557 cc1415-84

Editor beaten, humiliated for criticizing Mali truth commission

Comment - Having written a few time on those in then pre independence Seychelles who had wanted to find an alternative solution,  then France and its Presidents,  then Rhodesia, in the end it just remained wishes,  ideas and nobody came forward to implement this and the ensuing events, the DP and SPUP historic events. The 5th June coup d'etat which many had seen it coming and its outcome. 

Events in Rhodesia/Zimbabwe and Tanzania those government associated with former President FA Rene and his Associates. The Communist and world Socialist Block. 

Very many issue with the former Rhodesian soldiers and the like of the ex Harrods owner, then USA and France, South Africa -until that SIROP program was presented and promoted , the impacts on many African countries,  the mega changes and yet those who wrote what and attributed what, For many years after the program was accepted,  linking and working issues with President Mugabe and that program those from the UN, and the USA knowledge and South Africa. Having cited a few issues of Mayor Chirac and PM Chirac the Mitterrand government, when Mitterrand step down he took over his knowledge and politic with that SIROP program and the handing over to ####Sarkozy events and the fallout. President  F A Rene was well informed and knew of those issues, however his approach to work and politic in the region and  African Union, the Commonwealth and Zimbabwe, Tanzania and other SADC Nations Head of State, the Francophone  -  so to did Sir James Mancham. How much did  President Mandela know and did not have not shared with the world. That Seychelles and South Africa Truth Commission etc., In the USA, China, Russian their knowledge and yet. 

It was in/during the Chirac government era that the change from OAU to African Union  was undertaken, the Libya important issues, Italy and the francophone and finally implemented,   France special relation with the African Union after wards,  all those in Europe  who knew and the special role, credits attributed to President Chirac and the French nation - - today. Preside Mugabe knew a great deal of the unpublished information issues of African change from OAU to African Union how he and his officials worked those issues in the face of the world. 

Today as President Chirac state funeral is being put in motion,   tomorrow public viewing, the book of condolence at the Elysee place  and  Paris Town Hall and in Zimbabwe the laying to rest of President Robert Mugabe in his home Village.  His wife knowledge of those issues and former government officials . The Army/Military and the Establishment. 


In spite what we have written of the important role of former President F Mitterrand and his special relation with former President FA Rene of Seychelles and that SIROP program of 1986/87, our exile community special relation with President Chirac upon his becoming France President developing events between his office and Seychelles of President F A Rene  and that SIROP program. The secrets and knowledge President Chirac have taken to his resting place. We have a Truth Commission etc., in Seychelles and the benchmark of the International Criminal Court and the International Court of Justice and Europe - this posting is not for lack of respect,  that SIROP program helped save the world from destruction, it contributed to Europe enlargement as we know it today , it helped changed the USSR, the COMECON, China, Africa, the Arab world , Latin america, Asia , the USA and yet the deafening denials and silence. We had wanted to challenge the Will and Testament of President FA Rene on this issue and today the discovery of his last Will and ~Testament. President Chirac gave us his support to put that portal online develop it and the blog issues of that SIROP program, his many government  Ministers and other officials knowledge.  . 




SBC SEYCHELLES - Truth and Reconciliation Hearing- 07-OCT-2019- Session 1
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SBC SEYCHELLES - Truth and Reconciliation Hearing- 07-OCT-2019- Session 2
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SBC SEYCHELLES - Truth and Reconciliation Hearing- 07-OCT-2019- Session 2

Comment - Mr Julien Doffay was a staunch supporter of SDP - then official of the SDP, Mr Moulinier  Mr Paul Pillay, Mr minister Nicholson Stravens, Mr Robert Frichot and Mr Chamery Chetty. Mr Julien Doffay said he worked on the Southern Line belonging to the Bentley Buckle Family - his/their involvement in helping us to write that SIROP program and implementation - that Family had supported an eventual counter coup military intervention. These British officials shortly before the assassination of Mr Gerard Hoareau , the failed attempted coup  and the aspect of all those former British expats who were involved and support and impute, ex police  in the writing making of that SIROP program and the garbage that have been written and said . They all knew and have known Sir James and Mancham and the so call Commonwealth never help changed Seychelles one Party system as have been written, promoted and told time and time. Why they supported that SIROP program, the contents were known and shared with them in London/Britain. The Illuminati/Masonic issues. 

Prio to that,  Mr Julian Doffay formed, belonged those  Seychellois exile who judge we were a spy and had been betraying the SNM/MPR to Seychelles government and deserved to be killed. It would be good for the Commission to recall him and ask him bluntly what did he know or hear, The untold issues of Mr Gerard Hoareau assassination  - the cover up, they had been jailed together 21 of them. This is a Truth Commission the Right to ask question. 

He had worked on the Southern Line and Costain, Seychelles later UK, the British media, Costain working Bench mark the impute we had made into Costain working in UK and elsewhere, the Multinational workings, the Gulf Region as an Interdisciplinary management executive - how the British system works. Beside other companies I help, the charter for the Indian as such my rights and duty to make what is term as intervention and impute as and when was requested or judge necessary. 

His seeking compensation for his former property  and business. Never once giving credit for that SIROP program like many Seychelles exile - yet in the pubs the big talk of mercenary, coup - how to overthrow the government and assassinate  and army connections. Who is being the Traitor and spy, there were many such incidents, individuals. 

He and his family knew the person of Mr Philippe Boule in UK 

Those like him bitter and forceful arguments that we betrayed the cause and exiles - had we to rely on them to implement that SIROP program,  the complete fiasco and terrible mess/muddle, mistrust which prevailed among the exiles/refugees workings. Everybody wanting to be more intelligent, smarter than the other-  In the end. The deafening silence over/about that program in public, the Commission and national media. 

Then French government /officials working their Embassy in London, other embassy and their officials - including, South Africa,  the USA.   

Obituary: Lt-Cmdr Tony Bentley-Buckle

Lieutenant-Commander Tony Bentley-Buckle

Albert R.N.

Chairperson and Commissioners of the Truth, Reconciliation and National Unity Commission Sworn in - Page 2 160px-Costain_Group_logo.svg

Costain Blankevoort Dredging Ltd.

Comment - Those who write Wikipedia - the original inception core conception of that SIROP program then Britain economy of 1986 and Europe, why those choose and supported this model - those with the capacity, expertise and ability, resources to forecast plan the major benefits to those aspects of economic growth, employment  and new Finance model - the Construction industry British, French and  others, the big financial houses what have ensued the past 30 years and as against what have been reported and the benchmark. The very many big, colossal projects,  market and Finance, banking issues that SIROP program was involved, responsible for leveraging, drive and synergize. My/our responsibility to help manage, overseer many of the issues. Former President FA Rene and Sir James Mancham, knew were aware of those issues most of the time. The many crash and collapse those leading academic institutions across the world which teaches such specialise subjects,  you cannot have a situation, system where by a given important block or thematic is driving and responsible and then come to reporting you write some thing very different,  those called to manage when major situation and problem come arises. 

First day of TRNUC’s second session | 08 October 2019

Seychelles' Truth and Reconciliation commission opens second session; will hear 23 cases

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SAJ confirme son retrait de la politique

Sir Anerood Jugnauth -Wikipedia

Comment - We/I  began,  was initiated in the science, discipline of High Interdisciplinary management by Prof Dr Hofmann in 1978, his Vienna Interdisciplinary Management Institute - Prof Dr Hofmann was the Head of the Faculty of Vienna University for High Interdisciplinary Management science, a leading Consultant on the Europe Management thematic and worked for a number of leading Multinationals beside the UNIDO, the Austrian government. Vienna Interdisciplinary Management Institute, was sister Body of Prof Swab European Economic Forum. In 1979 was granted the Charter for the Indian Ocean this included all the Indian Ocean , Mauritius and aspects of Africa and the Gulf Region. We/I have served, impute in wide spectrum of issues until Prof Dr Hofmann  death. Under his guidance we developed and applied  a hybrid for the specific working of the Indian Ocean, encompassing other science of Interdisciplinary Management and other World and regional Faculties.  His Associates who followed. We,  they worked the intense issues of that SIROP program with Mauritius,  then PM Jugnauth and the Cold War Indian Ocean, changing Indian Ocean and since - we hope to mention these special issues and responsibility before the #Seychelles Truth Commissions etc.,  - we have written to the South African Truth Commission mentioned it. We had associated and impute with those in Mauritius with such capacity,  knowledge. They in turn advised and impute in the respective governments of Mauritius and leading Businesses entities. 

Spanish royals celebrate Spain’s national day in Madrid
Spain’s King Felipe and Queen Letizia attended events to celebrate Spain’s national day alongside their two daughters, Princess Leonor and Infanta Sofía in Madrid.

TRNUC Building
P.O Box 5013
Mahe, Seychelles

Having added the photo  of that TRNUC Building and comment at Facebook about a new Town in Mahe - Perseverance  and President FA Rene. The creating of the COI in 1979/80, Politicians are great, superb and specialist at wrecking things up, blaming others and stealing credits for others work. Hence the big argument back in 1988 to set an International Criminal Court to try them for all their mess and muck and other have to suffer and pay the prices. 

From that SIROP program of 1986/87, the terrible mess Africa and the Indian Ocean was in.  Under the Mitterrand government, then EU high institutions a spin off -  the Nord Pas de Calais Development,  the Alpine Region Development, the Med Basin Economic Development, the Scandinavia Development Region, then Indian Ocean RIM Association, East Europe 5 nations  Economic Development, BRICS of President Putin. NEOM  of Prince Mohammed of Saudi Arabia. 

In Seychelles because these were not the original ideas of President J A Michel, he discovered new way/concept to rebrand and name his economic ideas - the Blue Economy and those who have joined the band wagon and meanwhile all the massive resources, energy and money invested in other Development ideas wasted, going to wast.    The like of President Sarkozy, Holland and now France current President Macron. In Britain the new Labour of PM Blair, PM Cameron Big society, PM May and Johnson Britexit. 

What has the Titanic got to do/relevancy with that SIROP program of 1986/87 -87a Victoria Rd Kilburn, Brent the Bastion of the Irish community in London.

Real-life drama unfolds as Titanic raised after 84 years

Having presented the SIROP program to many of the relevant western Embassy in London because of the complexity and vastness of the Program not just the Seychelles Indian Ocean,  the Russian, Europe, the USA, Africa, Asia and Latin America and the Gulf region - those who began to buzz, the gutter press and write about the Titanic issues and those who did not write, but buzz "to be careful this could be like the Titanic , those in Ireland who knew." We did not give up even if others developed other interests then,  Sir James Manchan and FA Rene who may have picked the gist of the issues /slant. We and those who use the leveraging capacity, synergy and dynamic capacity of that SIROP program to work on the salvaging of the Titanic and then the Film the Titanic the revenue and from 2000 the revenue, the idea of those in Ireland to rebuild a complete replica of the Titanic. Here we have a glaring comparison of the world terrible benchmark that SIROP program averted a third world war as the Russian are having their Africa first Summit and the impacts on Europe and the rest of the world of that program,  yet in that Seychelles those involved and responsible for setting up that Truth Committee and Commission  etc.,  and they know of the Irish community in Australia and the FIU in Seychelles and the  military and Intelligence officials President FA Rene employed. Judge EJ Stiven was a great traveller and some of the great ships he voyaged on, His Estate and his correspondence, dairies, photos and memorabilia at his Aux Cap residence  - what would have  been said if he was alive to know,  be aware of the extent and intensity of that SIROP program in the Titanic debacles. There exist the science, discipline and capacity to prove and disprove what we have written here. It may help the officials of the International Criminal Court  and those from that Truth Commission in Seychelles to focus their brain and their minds, Benchmark. 

After the above post the buzz, feed back we are mismanaging that SIROP aspects, contribution of the Truth Commission etc., We do not write the contents of our Blog for propaganda per say. Last nigh for instance we got into complication with the/one of the person who Translates the Creole Bible,  the media covering this historic event and impacts and fallout, every body forget or chose to forget a la Seychelles working. The Family was responsible for organising the International classical Festival of Seychelles before Dubai build it own mega Concert Building, again how Seychelles works. This morning among  many very problematic post we read the issue of President  Nicolae Ceausescu of Romanian mega City building before that SIROP program was written posted by the SDA Russian Church Pastor A Balam . In Seychelles the special relation, bilateral workings of Seychelles and Roumania as it had with Yugoslavia before its breakup, Romanian being in the Francophone then. For President FA Rene the Roumania Socialist model was one to be studied closely and where possible apply. History have been wrongly written -they have written it with their toes as have been done in Seychelles. Ask of Lady Thatcher rebuilding of Kingston Upon Thames and Old Wordsworth, the Socio, economic and political agenda. My person was involved, played a role and impute from a high Interdisciplinary management prospective, provide the ideas and synergy. Because of Seychelles special relation with Roumania, the Oil  and Refinery issues of then COMECON and the War Saw Pact -  we had a close working with then Roumania president,  then changing East Europe, those from the USA and Germany or France who knew, the capacity to get a Head of state to adopt a given important idea,   how the process works - the British media coverage while the construction was going on. These experience and expertise gave, provided with the ability to write that SIROP program come 1986/98. We have equally written what went wrong with that SIROP program mechanism and the decision of the people to try the Ceausescu  and execute them - those in this world who believe just for the moment they have total control,  they refuse to think their will be a tomorrow and they will be made accountable. President FA Rene knew of those issues and so did Sir James Mancham and they kept it to themselves. Let the Seychellois wallow in the muck, idiocy. These are issues importantly relevant to  the Truth Commission and President FA Rene counter idea to build those Reclamation and the new Town - Perseverance, where the Truth Commission building is situated.

Thank you Wikipedia even if not all the entries are not 100 percent accurate. Madam Chair Commissioner please read/study, get your Office to find out what happen and that way help the International Criminal Court edit/update their files. 

Question can a wife, husband take their partner for collaboration, betrayal ie., in the case of the One Party system of FA Rene for gross criminal issues to the Truth Commission etc., nobody have mentioned this so far or close relatives. What brings us to this argument, motives, grounds. In many instances it is not sufficient to say FA Rene criminal system was responsible for everything. In any normal functioning Court other evidence can be admitted, presented and produce, is admissible. We want to address the Land acquisition issues, debacle of 1989/90/91 -President FA Rene had already embarked on changing some aspect of his One party government politic, working in line with that 1986/87 SIROP, for Seychelles one time historic program. From all the evidence and information presented to the Commission, he and his system including the SPDF, Police, Militia and Intelligence, the associated International Network Partner nations was/were not about to accept any recommendation and advice how to run their politic, economy and security. All those who have known the System callousness, consequences if one did not adhere, toe the line in instance or kept to what had been agreed. The system would not hesitate to have you killed, you and your family, relatives punished, etc., the fear that was instituted and prevailed, part of the nation management structures. Please refer to those Seychellois who lived for sometime in exile in Mauritius. Since 2017 had been expected to be in Mauritius to overseer the completion of the family house. Our efforts to establish in France, transfer of Refugee Status. Beside the family we are intimately related, across the Island Nation the many of Seychelles/Mauritius/Reunion decent and how they helped and supported that SIROP program and other issues. In Seychelles the issues of compensation and that SIROP program mega debacle,  the Arbitration Court and now the Truth Committee and Commission. We have address the issues of the stair construction  and the sudden death of that leading Mauritius Judge in Seychelles. This week end beside the mega issues of the Mauritius Light Metro, the election and the mud throwing,  aspects, impacts  of that SIROP program on Mauritius economy and politic. The roof/last floor concrete poured. The mega buzz/vibe. My friendship with those family person of the old UCP entity in Mauritius and Seychelles. If buzz/vibe is the correct terminology - the need to address and remind others of events in Angers Loire, 1990/91 - the old suitcase of the Beloff /Epstine family,  the papers, photos, notes, tapes, telephone address relating,  leading up to that SIROP program. Beside the University Hospital, what we have termed Arcadian/Illuminati and those who have prayed and corresponded with us for the past 30 years, in Vatican, France the successive governments knowledge and contents of the suitcase. French Intelligence Services. Among the items we took in that suitcase were notes, meetings with the NGO in London, the several embassies, all the Lawyers notes, meetings about 3 to 4 of then, those leading chartered Accountants, the KPMG and others,  media and other leading up to the Super Gun  and cause of Iraq invasion of Kuwait. Both President Saddam Hussian and President FA Rene believed in that capacity, unique working of that SIROP program not just the Seychelles aspect,  the European, USSR, the COMECON and International dimensions.  In the case of Iraq nobody have publish the scenario,  the Iraqi leadership had for the future of his country and nation on the back, leveraged, driven by that SIROP program- they were very important and for then Gulf region,  very visionary. The past Wars, rebuilding Iraq economy, they had been used - the Iran Iraq War.  Those who began to challenge, oppose, prevented this  and hence "the Super gun issues, reaction" and events leading to the Kuwait crises and in Seychelles the important impact influence on President FA Rene government politic, he was well informed - his retaliation, the many properties affected and individuals nobody have mentioned and presented this prospective of events to the Truth Commission - again we say to the International court of Justice, the European court and the Human rights Court, the ICC and the African Court.  It is the Right of the 25,000 exiles,  refugees to get international funding,  legal support to help them address their issues to the Seychelles nation and the world but this have been refused - the big why, the cover-up. Corrupted world Justice system and their officials. Instead the direct Blame on Iraq and Seychelles Leadership. There was more to it, the  changing Europe those leading persons involved, the concept of that Kuwait setup was to hinder, handicap and thwart Europe aspiration - then French government F Mitterrand and Chirac, they, their leading Institutions  and their media did not have the guts, balls to say so - so call diplomacy, they were manipulated to join the Alliance,  then Austrian and others. 

Saddam's Perceptions and Misperceptions: The Case of ‘Desert Storm’

21 Facts About the First Gulf War

Tito's Flawed Legacy: Yugoslavia and the West Since 1939

Nora Beloff

What would have Prof Dr Micheal Hofmann have said if he were alive at the issues we are about to address and that SIROP program. He had lived through the Berlin Wall process, Germany reunification, the Treuhand privatisation of East German economy excuse for omitting the Holocaust compensation,  reparation - without that SIROP program this process may have never taken place. Until he left his prominent position at Vienna University Faculty of High Interdisciplinary Management, he had been consultant to a number of leading German Multinational,  his special field High Interdisciplinary Management practice in changing Europe, the USSR, the COMEON helping/advising  Germany Industry captain in developing the due discipline and appropriate mechanism to help them lead in the sphere of high management in Europe. It is nearly 20 years since he died, his publish work, legacy. We were fortunate to have had Prof Von Hayak to engage in the formulation of that SIROP program and those leading French specialist from L'ena and elsewhere they helped fill the void. What must be said here,  those of you who went on the learning process of high responsibilities, high office,  what it is like to loose  the person who have mentored you for any length  of time specially in the field  of High Interdisciplinary Management science. Going back 20 years we found our self left with the awesome responsibility of carrying, taking on the due responsibility,  contributing and imputing in the many important workings of German Economy, Politic, Europe political thematic and big Finance. We had to go through the crash of 1997 and particularly 2007/8 meltdown with those entities. Based in London some of the big German multinational we have contributed and impute in their corporate working. After Prof Hofmann death, there was another important German Industry we impute in and contributed to the Construction Industry. Over the past 25 years have also worked with numerous issue of German verses French competitiveness in there respective big multinational Industries. We had a big problem,  the person of Sir James Mancham role in acting like a bridge in numerous highly important process and decision relating to Germany multinational. How the information and issues were managed.  His death two years ago what this spelt and meant for that SIROP Germany high corporate workings. To prove the capacity of the Program in spite of Sir James Mancham alive,  the instance we travelled to and via Germnay, the time we spent and the decisive impact on a number of economic workings. We had been looking at getting an office space for that SIROP program too. We had wanted to confer with some of the Prof of the University in Berlin and politicians,   the time was too limited. Two years ago when the NEOM thematic first surface Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman  appointing the former leading German Industry captain Klaus-Christian Kleinfeld to spear head the NEOM $500 billion mega development. Over the past 20 years have address several correspondence to those high person in Germany. We are not in South Africa their Truth Commission etc., we are in Seychelles, had we been able to take the Ugandan Chief Justice offer and gone for an arbitration, this very important aspect of Europe working would have had to be address and the role of Sir James Mancham, instead we have the National Truth Commission. We cannot explain and share exactly how much we have impute and contribution to Lady Thatcher negotiation with then Europe and subsequent British politicians. Come Britexit Europe will never be the same again. Please Chair Commissioner get your staff to retrieve some  of the correspondence we have address President J A Michel and President D Faure. Why the mega political clash, those Ministers breaking away and forming the LDS and the lies they have told  the Seychelles electorate and public. In Germany, the EU Commission, France if those care in Italy that SIROP program grober structures, mechanism is very much alive and working. It has gone on to help put in place the NEOM agenda. In light of events the past 25 yeas in Britain and that SIROP program, given all those their refusal safe to manipulate and abuse that program mechanism to the maximum,  the unique opportunity exist in front of that National Truth Commission etc.,  to address provide sufficient written information to help convince those in Europe however the many officials have come and gone,  the uniqueness of that Program and it cannot be left to function in UK. The past Seychelles government official and the future Seychelles government cannot be relied upon either - example nowhere at the past National Assembly, the 6th Assembly, the Assembly Truth Commission etc.,  and the current Truth commission etc.,  anybody come forward and explain their knowledge and view what this program is /was all about. Yet the significant importance and relevancy to the Seychelles change and economic process the past 25 years. We also have a new EU Ambassador in the Indian Ocean and his approach compared to the last Ambassador. That SIROP program have played a very important role to the development of EU working in the Region, beside Europe itself the past 30 years.

Reparations Agreement between Israel and West Germany


For the past 32 years our correspondences, to the many Courts, their Officials, the Royal Court of Justice and Legal fraternity of Britain, the International Court of Justice, the European Court of Justice, the Human Rights Court, the International Criminal Court, the USA Justice, The Supreme Court and Bar Association of Seychelles , Mauritius, France, Australia  and African Union relating that 1986/87 historic SIROP program.  Other Nation's Court, Justice Institutions. 

On account of that SIROP program,  59 of USA biggest Bank went bust. President Obama battle to rebuild the US ##economy. Towards the end Office Term of President his/US Africa Initiative and the emphasis against corruption in Africa - President Obama Office new a great deal about that SIROP program - the process of giving Africa the same global capacity as the EU that program working. The energy and resources that was put together to formulate the US Africa Initiative, the revamping of the global Financial System as those did in 1986/87 - the big question what of it today. The thematic since 2009 for a new World/alternative currency and that SIROP program functionality. The BRIC initiative after the failed global economic, the Market model, the issues of that program had been addressing, protesting before the crash  - the infamous Davos 2008 statements by the experts.  Sir James Mancham two books on the changing Regional strategic Economic and political change of the Indian Ocean Region the important role of that Program, his views. How that program have impacted and influence major regional economy and Social process. The need for the USA to understand and acknowledge the process. This Program have gone  to help initiate the mega NEOM thematic we are talking of a very different regional workings and system functionality as we know today. We have written to the US  Justice and Senate seeking help to address and formulate the working of that Program to the Truth Commission and National Reconciliation - we explained they do not have to reply to my person in UK, they can write to this Program Lawyers. One of then the Chamber where Mrs Amal Clooney works. Another this Law firm was situated next to the US embassy in London 1986/87 - who recommended them and today their current Office next/in the same building of the Knight of St John and Jerusalem in London. Kingsley and Napley. The big why and how they moved/relocated there. Then big 4 or 5 1986/87 when that Program was formulated and their accounting and reporting benchmark  over the past 32 years and state of things. 
OAG Seychelles
Launching of Fraud Awareness and Forensic Audit Manual at Eden Blue funded by US Embassy Mauritius under FTIF - 28 October 2019

New forensic auditing manual launched | 29 October 2019

Had you ever wondered what the Paris Peace Forum actually is? 😅 Or why is it even called the Paris PEACE Forum??
You wouldn't be the only one, and this video is for you!
Thanks to our Director General, Justin Vaisse, for taking the time to explain what this Forum is about!


Sigmund FREUD à Paris

The time is 23.52 pm UK time under the EU/Britexit agreement we ought to be leaving the Block in a few minutes.  Please refer to the above link  OAG forensic Auditing manual launched in support/conjunction with the US Embassy in Mauritius,  the Paris Peace Forum article link. The decision to add a photo of the Monument on Vienna Hill with the inscription this is where Sigmund Freud was inspired to discover the science of psychoanalysis or the such, during my stay in Vienna those important psychologist in Salzburg University, those in Vienna and later Vienna University. I have added a link of the hotel not far from Salpêtrière which is not far from the COCO de Mer Restaurant, the many Seychellois who have lived that part of Paris the past 40 years including myself. The Photo of Sigmund Freud House in Hamstead, as a matter of interest I use to take the young person our son there as often as I could in his buggy, the many forms of harassment we were suffering and being subjected then Kilburn, Brent 1991 after returning from Angers - Loire. Before his birth the many times I have visited the place or just walked by again the harassment we /I was subjected to. Tonight forget, the date -beside the Britexit crises. That Truth Commission etc., ought to be concern with not just how people were killed by guns, the other methods psychological, para psychological  used and applied. The reason we landed living in Kent on the way to France or Belgium unable again, the massive harassment issues. For the past 35 minutes the harassment, children nowadays say I am being attack by whatever and grown up will try and give it names depending on their knowledge some will call it satanic rage, rave, Mad cow , antisocial, noise,  the long list of name that this infernal highly abnormal mechanism is named. Those who are really terrible, they go as far as to say this is normal British culture part of it.  Over a long period of being subjected to this it, the severe damages it,  this can cause and have on anybody mind and health. Our Seychelles Community in exiles have been severely affected by this. Those returning politicians who judge this was a new democratic weapon , invention and to be applied on the Seychelles and to its daily politic, democratic function.  Some revert to drugs and others to drink or they ask for Doctors help and the outcome. Given that the Truth Commission Chair an ex ICC Jurist, these were military psychological weapon, techniques developed by the USA and the KGB during the Cold War. Those elite in Seychelles who knew of it. It having been the cause of numerous of the incidents presented before the Truth Commission etc.,  and yet Doctor Ferrari never mention any of this. From 1986/87, that SIROP program had to be /was constructed,  put together with those who had a very good understanding, knowledge of this infernal working. Hence my statement of the regulatory impacts and fallout the gravity and the death,  and very many amount of abnormal incidents and yet the press, the politician, the Justice, the medical establishments and the church  and many NGO approach and attitude.


Brit who helped build Seychelles’ airport returns to islands 48 years later

A British citizen who in 1971 oversaw the completion of Seychelles’ International Airport has realised his dream of revisiting the islands after 48 years away.

Note - For the attention of the Truth Commission etc., 

When we had to think out, develop the various Development projects for that SIROP program in 1986/87, then world economy, Politic, Finance, Communication, Resources,  Europe, Africa, the Indian ocean, Asia, the Soviet Union Block  and the COMECON. .
In particular Seychelles specific Development. Many in Seychelles hold the view that we were alone when this exercise was undertaken. Their lack of knowledge, understanding  and respect. We had to present our ideas, plans, concepts to a wide range of entities, for instance even if the UN/UNIDO were not officially requested to become involved, how we shared information, the governments of those European nations involved, the USA, Canada, Australia,  in the Indian Ocean  development, their respective expertise, Finance institutions,  multinational Company expertise in specifics Project and development. Then share those information with then people who supported/backed the idea and in turn those from Seychelles government, President FA Rene People and himself. 

Emerging from the Cold War, the next 20/30 years of economic development, Finance, the changing government system of Communist and Central Planned Economy, managing national human resources, government and associated finance, banking, bilateral workings and financing. These were not easy and light exercise - there were very deep topics and complications, Military issues - new methods of promoting and managing project development and implementing them, the science of leveraging national development as you do multinational, corporate projects modern accounting procedures and Market workings associated, putting place new Market tools  and their associated finance system. The managing process of the new frontiers, fallout and repercussions.

In today's publication of the airport construction, the expertise used and applied, the new Harbour,  need to remind those of you in Seychelles we had to review, revisit then 1986/87 our development thought out  and implemented before independence, their cost and their politics. Political motives for implementing them. 

One cannot fail to take not of the deep political interests of those high parties then, the SPUP, the DP, Mrs Delhomme Party, the large plantation owners,the merchants community  and the expat Community then in particular British. Those with Business interests in then Seychelles, what they had anticipated of independent Seychelles and the business opportunities, wealth building and personal life. Given those images they,  to jog the mind/memory, those who had/were seriously considering of taking Seychelles down a Unilateral road/Independence to avoid the envisaged catastrophe, the coup d'etat and political upheaval, change and take over would bring/likely to bring. Events of from 1977 to 1991,  the Commission have to to handle and study, process, Beside those from the International community, respective Institutions monitoring, keeping watch and following. 

Those who planned, were involved in that SIROP program failure/inability to implement that Program as it ought to have been, with it a very different Seychelles and Region economy, System of government. Just as those who planned the Development of Seychelles the late 1960 and early 70's. Any normal Nation would have engage in debates, finding process.  It has been left to a great extent to the SPPF/PL government to implement them,  with a strong pressure to drive the Developments and projects from outside and the list of the vested interested,  parties. This was handed to former President J A Michel and going back to those photos his knowledge and ability to understand and grasp the complexities of national development and finance then 1960 late and early 70's - having served in the various office and position under President FA Rene, the learning process and abilities. Upon him being handed the Office, his decision to repackage, reformulate  and present those ideas and plans as his new Seychelles and Vision. These, the contents were/had all been pre written and map out -the failure of a Sir James Mancham, rather his attitude and position. The Opposition from the SNP and others . The National media. 

President J A Michel will be addressing the Truth Commission etc., the undocumented and badly published,  pressures those from that SIROP program had been applying on the International community, the EU, the UN, world Bank, African Union others, the need to demand some form of accountability. The formulation and advocacy of Sir James Mancham National reconciliation to build a Nation, those who opposed this approach, his motives. It was  after the major upheaval, the break away of the SPPF/PL issues, the process of creating the LDS, beside Mr Christopher Gill Party and the process this got Seychelles into. The big question the UN, EU, African Union if  this process had not taken place what kind of accountability would have been instituted, the Nation must never forget this, those who scream of outside intervention and involvements, oppose the practice concept. It is one thing to debate and argue in public and another to write about it. His government had wanted to escape the process of being made accountable in spite of his telling the nation and world he supported the idea for eliminating corruption, the drug missus, the anti money laundering the FIU and those entities he put in place, their malfunction or they did not function. The real work to put in place the Truth Commission etc., came about as a result of the election which brought the LDS in the National Assembly. They, once in they have not done enough to investigate what really took place in particular that SIROP program. 

The British government in the late 1960's in their formulation of the Development plan had to take into consideration, the many political, economic and geopolitical strategic issues of the Day, Colonial vested interests, expertise, resources and  and Military. Those images and photo do not tell much safe those with the knowledge experience and expertise in Nation development, politic and economy. Hindsight those who remembers Point Larue before the two national development Plans were presented and promoted and accepted. They never thought that one Day that nation of Seychelles would be involved in formulation a SIROP program, the vast associated complexities and complications. Today in Seychelles the large number of those graduated in the various fields and science of Development, /Economic management finance, political management etc., the money, wealth invested and efforts - the way the process is being managed and they, those with the acquired knowledge and expertise their failing or refusal to come forward and engage the nation and world. With the death of Sir James Mancham, followed by President FA Rene the lapses, the amnesia, the incoherent approach, with it the economic, financial and social outcome. 

President Dany Faure inherited the legacy of President J A Michel and former President FA  Rene, the contents of that SIROP program and its various version of coping with leading world government their Blocks, the EU, the G8, G20, impacts on that SIROP program the UN, the USA, the Russian, the Chinese,  the BRICS, the Commonwealth, the Regional Arab bloc, those from Asia and African Union, SADC, the RIM Association nations in particular. Today development challenges in the face of those vast complexities,  his efforts to come to grip  at the same time formulating cohesive development in view of the world, region and national development. Again those images, obviously as President he has access to all the archives of development, documents and ideas/counter ideas. The Truth Commission etc., and many others do not have this/these even if the nation archive and information is open,  suppose available to the greater public and world. . 

Former President Michel expected to speak to Seychelles’ truth and reconciliation commission

The Big Interview with Frank Elizabeth – Barrister-at-Law/Attorney at law
Frank Elizabeth is a lawyer by profession. He returned to Seychelles from the United Kingdom in
November 1993 after spending five years in England, where he worked for the Attorney General’s office as State Counsel. Later on, he started his law practice which is now 25 years old.

There are a number of difficult comments/topics we have added to this Blog and those still choosing to be wired and funny.  The day the concrete was poured for the roof in Mauritius, the Betonix company La Tour Koenig, we could have had a hot chocolate at the Madeline, instead choose the Ashford Tank Cafe next to the Polish shop, not far from ex Bakundi craft shop, the Old Prince of Wales - we had gone in there in 1991 to have a coffee coming to Ashford the first time with my family, then son in a buggy, the political situation in then Seychelles, the exiles/refugees had not yet returned. The place was empty, suddenly the place became full. Also visited Lidl. 

This Friday Britain was earmarked to leave the EU Block. In Mauritius the company, The Bhunjun Group comprises several subsidiaries namely, Bhunjun & Sons Ltd, Bhunjun Properties Ltd, Betonix Ltd, Fine Crush Ltd, Fine Holidays Ltd, offering interrelated services in the construction and real estate development so as to ensure efficiencies, professionalism and quality at all stages of the supply chain. Have poured the concrete roof of my son's mother house. That SIROP program role form 1986/87 to help them build and expand their business in Mauritius,  We have created a Forum  on the history of Mauritius indented workers. The Company of Arbuthnot & Co ., in Seychelles pre independence a number of former British India Colonial families on being the Mr Robin Arbuthnot , Group Captain Passmore from the Seychelles broadcasting.  Jurist Mc Intrye ex ICC, what those who supported the 5th June coup d'etat have told the Commission, what led caused the coup d'etat and our respective arguments  the past 30 years,  the Seychelles Indian ocean history is far more complex and those in Seychelles who given their acquired degrees endeavouring to reeducate us worse that President F A  Rene communist system did. 
HISTORY & COMMEMORATION | The Life-Story of Immigrant Mohun : The Human Agency of an Old Immigrant Entrepreneur during the Age of Indenture in Mauritius (1838-1871)*

Wie gefährlich wird diese Frau für unser Geld?

Antritt von EZB-Präsidentin Lagarde wird von Protesten begleitet

Bei der Europäischen Zentralbank beginnt eine neue Ära

The Perseverance Town concept of President FA Rene, the Building of the Truth Commission and the Commissioners, Mr Paul  Chow and others our Friends in Lyon. (Some of the statements made before the Truth Commission etc., our French Arcadian/Illuminati workings the past 42 years and that SIROP program, the Lyonnais issues and eh Banking group - they were majorly involved in that SIROP program what ensued those who refused to listen, the many Issues of the German Reunification and involvements in the US Film Industry, what was really happening - those lawyers/Bar Association of Seychelles Leading Lawyer Mr Philippe Boule, those leading Families in Mauritius -the acquisition of Bank Indo - Suez  and they starting the first Mauritius Bank in Seychelles. The recent US officials based in Mauritius thee issues of the Forensic investigation, mechanism, what terrible memory some people have.    President Donald Trump your attention, that is proper mess to investigate the unique opportunity for that Truth Commission to do a decent work and publish its findings) SIROP Fandom

Crédit lyonnais

Crédit Lyonnais

TRNUC Hearing – 05.11.2019 – Session 22 – Part One

E. International support Most truth commissions must rely on significant international support if they are to fulfil their mandates successfully. This includes but is not limited to financial support. The cost of a serious truth commission can easily exceed US$ 5 to 10 million, and national resources are rarely sufficient to meet these needs. Other important international contributions include access to documents in foreign Government archives; technical and policy assistance, usually provided by international NGOs; international investigators, sometimes loaned to the commission by foreign Governments; and access to experts from previous truth commissions. Countries considering a truth commission, and international actors that support such a development, should be aware that significant international backing will likely be required for the process to succeed.


TRNUC Hearing - 07.11.2019 - Session 24 - Part Two

The last topic we address at this Blog  and today's session of the Commission, Former Minister Holden Pierre and his family in attendance, then Mr Laporte. 
 As a Minister of Sir James Mancham government his responsibility, had he been in Britain the excuse of the undue pressures from the establishment not to become involved.  We also have the person of his daughter in law MNA Flori Larue who also lived in exile the marked contrast of being able to do things for one nation in one country compared to be in Britain. Beside others they have been amply exposed how democracy works get work in Britain the past 100 years and the many Commission be they in Britain across the world it has influenced and contributed to its setting up and working, benchmarks  and expertise. Seychelles democracy have been vastly, importantly empowered ,progressed. Anybody attempting to fool the mass that they can use mass media to change /bring change is not telling the truth,  begin real. Mr Laporte statement and they are recorded of coming back in January and explaining to the Commission in depth of our exile workings must be taken very seriously, should he tell the truth there are very grave consequences. One cannot compare/equate the US military machine to South Africa -the very complex network of former military technicians across the world to this day and the future. They had very deep concern that in presenting that SIROP program to President FA Rene government, he would take those backing and involved for a very long ride, the  Commission is under resources and under funded. Those in the world they can find , access $US 100/200 billion for war issues and to help work a very important Commission like that Truth Commission not a dollar.   What will ensue those who will /are waiting for that Commission to hear and present that SIROP program  and leveraging very many important aspect of South Africa, market, banking,  economy SADC, the media lies and experts - in the process make,  generate wast fortune and wealth as they did with/in the South African Truth Commission, those who later learned the process and instead of reconciliation the nation became more bitter and exasperated.  The Commission officials need to be alerted and wise.

South Africa's imperfect progress, 20 years after the Truth & Reconciliation Commission

We ask the Truth Commission to investigate our statement that using that SIROP program dynamic, leveraging capacity with PM Tony Blair formulate the concept/politic of linking Africa, the Indian ocean with fibre Optic. This is not any simple statement. We have had to stay engage the way thing s are worked  and implemented. More important with President FA Rene then 1995/96 the setting up of a satellite over the Indian ocean for Seychelles Communication the efforts and energy involved . In as much that president  FA Rene was not not a great fan of the WWW we managed to convinced him. Those first Internet Provider company in Seychelles we were importantly involved in leveraging and driving many of it s development, negotiation and and setting up. We were involved in the sale of Cable and wireless Seychelles to to Liberty Global, the Obama Administration, politic and military issues, those in UK involved and knew, the news that Cable and Wireless Seychelles have be  sold to a local consortium. We were involved that Carimjee  Air -Tel came to Seychelles again that SIROP program. In Mauritius the conception and building of Ebene buildings, the coming to Mauritius of Orange Telecom some  of its mergers issues.


TRNUC Hearing – 11.11.2019 – Session 26- Part One


TRNUC Hearing – 11.11.2019 – Session 26- Part Two

TRNUC Hearing – 11.11.2019 – Session 26- Part Three

Comment -This Commemorating Sunday in Britain, Mauritius, Seychelles and elsewhere,  the US, in Russia and across France on Monday 11/11/19 having written time and time that SIROP program,  the recent information about the Berlin Wall - helped save the world from a 3rd world war. In London those who ought to know very well  and the several new developments in the Commemorating Sunday. Yet no credit or thank you,  instead we were terrorised all day by those involved in the Britexit election,   each election or referendum those who use that highly abnormal para science, satanic mechanism to wreck our life and do the maximum to control and the out come,  all those Royalties of Europe the EU institutions and government then say,  conclude we are just incapable,  they do not want to find out the cause,  root,  my 6 years efforts to get my refugee status transferred to France or elsewhere.  After all that SIROP program had very many important War and military issues. 

We want to address a second topic , the important news of LUNGOS/CEPS plan to build that House and the Stone monument and he Indian Ambassador. That Truth Commission etc.,  must know the Truth and the nation and the world, We go back to 1986/87, the core of that program was about empowering NGO in Europe, the former COMECON and the USSR, Africa, China, Latin America,  NGO in Australia  and the Indian Ocean in particular Seychelles. To create the counter political government powers, check and challenge. With President FA Rene  dictatorial System,  one party system then Mr Mathew Servina as head of that Seychelles quasi NGO body, my work with him  and president FA  Rene leading to the LUNGOS development and President J A Michel , Faure were around,  their respective position. The UN, the USA, the European , Vatican knew of this /these. How many remembers the real state of NGO in Seychelles 1991. 

President FA Rene owe my person some $250 millions, why we contested his will. The agreement then 2008, part of my travel to Seychelles issues he would give me some of that cash, to drive, rebuild that SIROP program finance its workings and would help build a central building for the NGO, the US, EU, Qatar and Saudi role, offers what they owe my person  and Mr Bernard Elizabeth responsibility, In fact I /we did not need any of those money for what was owed in South Africa, Mauritius and Seychelles some $15 millions separately more than enough  - the reason President FA Rene gave the land to LUNGOS,  that Reclamation  Project and the agreement. Like everything  President J A Michel did he would  take ideas from that SIROP program repackage then and present them to the nation and world as his, the Senate , Regional Council issues - what happened to LUNGOS under his government and the plans and ideas for a central Building shelved - my offer to President  D Faure the dilapidated hotel, Mahe Beach issues,   Judge Hodoul knew of  that issue, former Minister Ogilvy Berlouis, leading lawyer Mr Robert Frichot, Lawyer Boule and so to President FA Rene own lawyer. Our argument get the UN, EU or AU to report on that SIROP program , help give the required legal resources that those representing that SIROP program can address that Truth Commission and it will be a very big help to Europe, the world and  global peace , security  - Sir James Mancham knew of those issue and his own WANGO issues and everybody chose to forget. 


TRNUC Hearing – 13.11.2019 – Session 28- Part One

TRUCK Hearing -13.11.2019 -Session 29 Part Two

Comment - To date we have noted all those from our Community in Britain who have made that extra effort to travel to Seychelles to address the Commission instead of addressing via Skye. In instance their written statement. 

We have a pertinent question for the Truth Commission, Officials, Justice of Seychelles, the Assembly National and Regional and government, other countries and nations how they have set up their Nation Truth Commission and the way it/this is being done in Seychelles. It would appear their is one benchmark for the rest of the world and one special for Seychelles. Hence the manner we had to write, present, promote - implement that SIROP program. We fail to comprehend and understand how the minds, logic and benchmark works one moment everything function and the next it malfunction and fail/refuse to function. Then length, extent those in Germany and EU , had to engage to get those in Seychelles to move  and the breaking of the SPPF/PL, the making of the entity party that contributed to the coming of LDS and they coming in the National Assembly and the various Commission, bodies they put into place , including the National  Assembly Truth Commission  recommendation. The Obama Administration who monitored and studied,  watched very closely these developments and the big why, then Sir James Mancham very much alive and President FA Rene. Where were those leading US politicians and the Senators then. The issues of the US impeachment of president Donald trump and the linking issues important with that SIROP program - Ukraine. Those who worked under respective US government/Administration that /the issues of that SIROP program and Ukraine complicated military, national regional politic, economy finance and social change the respective personalities over the time and currently. We may be prevented for sharing our concern to the main stream media thank to the availability of the social platform we can do this and there is no excuse of High  parties concern and the Officials.  The Coming to Office and President Donald Trump and that SIROP program.  ( The International Court of Justice, the International Criminal court and other high Justice Instances)

Public testimony begins in President Trump impeachment inquiry (LIVE) | USA TODAY

The inquiry into alleged abuse of power by President Trump starts a new phase, with the TV cameras rolling.

Trump und die drei großen Fragezeichen

Drei Zeugen gegen Trump

We had read somewhere, beside Facebook today would be the unavailing of former President FA Rene in the Peace Park, the concept for that Peace Park, the flag mast and that SIROP program. We are facing encountering important difficulty to find due legal support to help us address the Truth Commission.
We will add some photos here which may help jog the mind/memory of everybody, specially those concern with Justice. The TRNUC Building is a modern building the facade all glass, mirroring the landscape and they sky and he sea, vehicles,human object and birds.Noise and sound reflecting.The positive aspects in overcoming human antisocial, rave, rage crack vibe other para Science phenomena, application. Again the important impacts of architects  from 1991 driven synergies by that SIROP dynamic, synergy. Using that program we have been directly instrumental, helped assisted some of the world leading architects designs and implements numerous great building using ,applying this technology, material and associated disciplines.'s_building   For many of the world prominent field of science, Justice, Police, politic, medicine, etc., such building using such material its important impact and implication. Those in Europe, the US, Australia, South Africa, Canada,  Asian, Latin America from 1991 many new and great building have been constructed not in Seychelles or Mauritius. This is very relevant and important to those workings, managing that Truth Commission, the refusal to conduct , benchmark their workings like /on international norm where such debate is allowed. This is very important for those who work and have studied the respective discipline of mind and behavioural medicine or para science discipline, witch craft and Masonic disciplines. The very notion of Mirrors, development and science. In Britain 1985 at the assassination of the SNM /MPR leader, the  underground Opposition and the one Past government Officials and their networks in Africa, the USA, Europe, Canada, Latin america, USSR, the COMECON, China and Australia. In Paris the visited we made to the great mirror Hall of Versailles, in Vienna, Germany, Italy such architecture concepts. The mental, mind workings after visiting , spending any amount of time in such a room. The going back to one four little walls, shacks , run down room the long list of terrible living accommodation in the Britain and elsewhere those who had to work important politic in exile or multinational business, bilateral politic. Those extreme forces be they for the West Capitalist and Communist ideology and economy. Beside in Britain thee political ideology  in spending due time in one of that great room the impact on the mind and health. In Britain none of the public building have such a room.  They have mirrored room at Madam Tussaud which distort you person either you become very small or very large. 




St Petersburg 



Truth Commission building 

This Sunday morning in and across France those celebrating 1 year of that Gilets Jaunes protest movement -We have endeavoured to address in many instance the French Assembly, its politicians Senate, PM  from the government of President F Mitterrand to date. The politic of the respective French government and that SIROP program core mechanism. Because we are not not using Chinese, Arab, African or Latin culture, ancestral  blood mechanism in that SIROP program, all those leading European and world Institutions leadership and management vehicle who knew what we were doing and was being done  - the military , the Police, the Intelligence service and NATO,  the Many Illuminati institutions and the Church.  As such  hence when we travel on the Continent,  the major change in the dynamics and synergy of many working, politics economy, big finance,  market and bilateral issues. Prior to writing that program in 1986/87 we went through the process of comparing , assessing the impacts this would have in 5, 10 15, 20 years on the functioning of the French and other respective mechanism national. That SIROP was a people , NGO led program, the politician used and abused it, police, military, justice and church, media. Some of the issues we took time to understand and  study, read in the early process how pioneers face and confront new challenge right across Africa, Latin america , America and elsewhere, including Arcadian era and time past  that SIROP program then 198687 what it meant and represented for European rest of the world. It gave you the world the WWW just stop for a moment and pretend as if you did not have the web information system and the world was in 1986/87. In Britain meanwhile those elite of government officials, politicians, media , Masonic, Church  and NGO who have come to know the capacity of that program, the Construction industry, the big banks and what they have done with it. and the end results. 

That TRNUC this morning in recess, until they began their work and hearing then, in Seychelles those who were hell bent on hijacking that SIROP program, their respective interests, irrelevant what they caused and were causing many negatice developments, the Commission new light on Seychelles working the past 42 years in our countries - the big why, then battle to make democratic working function in that Seychelles .

This morning President FA Rene is not among us, neither Sir James Mancham those who remembered that SIROP program, the person of King Hassan of Morocco support and contributions, his children and family today. Our North Africa workings and that SIROP program.

On the occasion of glorious independence day.. Any mercy on the late Hassan II


This Sunday 24/11/19 We ought to have been in London instead. Those we have addressed the issue of building that family place in Mauritius, all those with powers to monitor communication and conversation and the Britexit uncertainty for the past 5 years efforts to seek refuge in France or elsewhere.

It is not just the Britexit psychological and para psychological problematic. It is that obnoxious  psychosis, Which have got worse this fluctuate across the British nation.

This Sunday morning the preoccupation of the media, focus and attention when it should be elsewhere - why we use the terminology obnoxious  psychosis. The British nation promote their values as among the most important among the Christian nations - this Sunday all those who did got to Church and pray, the Villages, Towns.

This Sunday when Britain have refused/refuted to comply with the ICJ on the return of the Chagos Archipelago, BIOT to Mauritius sovereignty.  How many remembers the Sunday before Lady Thatcher was to announce it going to war over the Falkland Island and the international political storm how the media painted and portrayed the Argentinian, lesser issue of recent the Gibraltar/Spain and the Britexit debacle the media charades, write ups and arguments.

Because,  on account of the terrible lies and political distortions the Chagos Archipelago issues for the past 50 years, the many instances it have been use to inflict, help inflict major destruction, death and defeat of US and Britain enemies in the region  these past 50 years  - more important  the role it played during the Cold War. The deciding factor to write that SIROP program the way it was done those at the white House then and all the US high institutions, NATO, the EU then and ''~France the Illuminati establishment.  We have also read the Mauritius media not a word, the Christian believing communities of Mauritius,  after all they build that nation, laid its foundation. One person pertinent writing some three books on this /these topics Sir James Mancham this Sunday,  his Foundation the University of Seychelles those so call learned person.

We are not in London today for many reason had we been it would have been a grand idea get a Tramp/destitute  on the road and take him to have a pint of beer and an eat next to the former US embassy leading Pub Restaurant or Court of St James area where the very rich and affluent come to have their Sunday pint and during the week. .

The So call political powers the politician have and the tragedy, the mess they are lending this county and the world in- It was not the British politician nor the Commonwealth nor the Masonic Establishment that presented and promoted the NEOM concept. Imagine all those greatly decorated civil Servant of Colonial Britain 60 years ago and we from Seychelles and the Indian ocean promoting the NEOM concept against their East of Suez concept and the coming to existence of BIOT - the political  horror they created.

Under Lady Thatcher they had the unique opportunity of then Cold war to redeem this situation,  the proposition of using one of those island to facilitate the existence and place were those refugees from the Indian ocean region could find refuge - the UN and Europe would have supported instead their arrogance.

This Nation this Sunday ought to have redouble its commitment to their belief and God and attended church and prayed like as they have never done before,  what is to be done and the fate of the Chagos archipelago BIOT and the future to come. Not some crazy mediatic rants and mad political arguments.

Talking of the British psychosis when we initiated that SIORP program those who branded it madness, when it started functioning they torpedoed and started,  found excuses to start a war, those who raked made vast fortunes in the process the big banks. These people never landed before the International criminal court, they ought to have .

In Mauritius give the terrible dishonesty, of the politicians and its institutions, nation, events of the past 30 years the COI, the RIM association and the SIROP program implication,  their media and politicians what they had spread and write where this will end. The misconception of the Seychelles Mauritius, Reunion, Madagascar nations workings in their midst the BIOT, Chagos burning issues.

Using the leveraging capacity of that SIROP program the many social platform we have contributed to their existence so  that the world, humanity can be informed alternatively - This situation requires the involvement the main stream  media. Once upon a time we were acquaintance  of Prince Andrew and his wife and her family -he ought to stop a moment and think back - there are far more burning/pressing  issues that the current media topic and in the first place why we landed there. His wife father in law was a leading military person, our linking issues and impute  again some of the issues  which came out in the past.

I/we recollect those leading Colonial Service officials their view of then Royal then East Africa on the verge of fiasco and the creation of the BIOT today most of these royals are old some gone, the very much changed world and the younger royal left this daunting task and responsibility.

We then have the very souring relations of the Indian ocean communities with the British people and its institutions which will inevitably follow and be worse than the cold war relation/situation. Those wanting and wishing to use and abuse of the situation and what will can inevitably ensue.

We are having to write this thread under very difficult circumstance as such it reflect and influence one thought. This morning it had also be written in Victoria, Mahe  they would  be unavailing monument to former President FA Rene and the political mess.

Nobody ever mentioned that Sister Dominic Kavanagh the last Irish Sister of the Saint Joseph of Cluny congregation in Seychelles was the Head of the Bel Air School when that SIROP program was written - the former Adventist Mission property President House/Offices and Primary school  1986/87. 
"She became a headteacher at Bel Eau  in 1982 when the Regina Mundi school closed in December 1979. Sister Dominic retired from teaching in 1988." ( The Vatican important involvement and role, contributions of Pope John ll and the role of Bishop Paul  in Seychelles) 

Description: Sister Dominic

Last Irish nun in Seychelles dies at age 93; remembered fondly as a teacher

Seychelles’ anti-corruption efforts get boost from EU | 28 November 2019

Visite de courtoisie de la délégation de l'UE au Président Faure à la State House | 30 November 2019

Comment - Until that Truth Commission in EU, the many commission, Parliament, the Court comported as if we were liars, then many reasons incident regarding those 21,000 exiles were invention. Until the mega situation hit them in Europe and they still refused to listen. 

We have been telling the EU Commission, the Parliament, the Courts, , the Council of Europe officials in as much as we agreed to implement that SIROP program with President FA Rene government , the person of President J A Michel and now President Faure. They do not control, decide ultimately, yet the amount of money and other resources the EU institutions have been providing them the past 20 years and those exiles/refugees do not get a cent. Yet we go on imputing and making impacts . 

Those sitting in that photo at State House may fool take those in Seychelles for idiots but not so the citizens and institutions of EU. All those who know our plight and abuses. Those content just to manipulate the information of our Program. 

That kind and benchmark working is far worse than the little country drug infested Seychelles government - here were being used and abused on a grand Europe scale, the Justice and anti corruption working of EU and the governments and nations as they have been doing the past 39 years inspite of wars and an eventual war again. 

This approach further encourage the Seychelles not to be transparent, to continue their abuse of those 21,000 exile rights, economic, democratic, international rights  and other rights. 

Note -We ask/request all those who read our forum the event of 27/28 June going to  Heathrow, the driver ex Ford UK manager our conversation. 

We had to meet the person who spent 5 months in Mauritius and events there. The Christmas tree at the Arrival door Heathrow  and the company arranged to drive us back - we talked about life in Mauritius and Seychelles,  the many Polish acquaintance from  the former Head of Solidarity in London, the CEO of British refugee Council Mr J Jarski who headed the Development for Refugees in London and the setting up of the first Black Bank,  the many Polish community, persons in Tooting and Chiswick. I bought a Siemens /Fujitsu lap top the last time visited Seychelles from one of them an that Laptop content. We  talk about Lech Walesa and President Tusk. I comported and did not discussed the person of Pope John Paul ll - we talked of Vienna and the Polish Community in Britain and the USA,  the economic situation in UK and future, past big bank /market financial crash and those who made very big money how they/it work and those involved - and the state of things in Poland,  his view the forthcoming economic down turn will affect Poland in the past it had survived overcome, when the changes come to Poland he was 8 years old and attending school. 


Of late those who hold the view we have become like the street people, we write and share issues normally not for sharing - it is that Truth commission phenomena, frustration, malfunctioning, what we had expected of it. From the Truth Committee of the National Assembly, while most of those who have been impacted and affected involving that Truth commission process the due rule, legal, justice process - those administering, those in office  and managing the process, they are sheltered from harm, they are financially insured, they do not or cannot be bothered the process last or drag and even the outcome. 

Very many who have addressed the Commission have refused to so far to say explain the degree and level of aggressive comportment from both camps,  the government and those who decided to oppose the system. If/had they not gone down that road the law, justice and the world would have seen most of them in the graves, dead and then exonerate their values and the existence  and function of justice and rue of law. As had/have happened in very many countries across the world. 

Take the very simple issues that of TSB Bank, Given the issue of the Polish thread, TSB was the Bank of the NGO, the Voluntary sector, ethnic minority and the marginalised, whatever grant and donation they would put them in TSB and they became specialist in their field. On this basis when we got our Grant money from the council we opened an account with them and given the capacity, wild, raw, dynamic function of the Seychelles community in London,  the many monetary and financing impacting issues and the reputation of the Bank some 15 years ago. We have gone out of our way to write, mention and explain to others,  when you have any entity that can leverage have such capacity you would at least give then a few pound sterling for some kind of activity and that way they could maintain the working connection and contacts with such institution like TSB this did not happen.  The political issue of those Conservative establishment and institutions controlling them, those with the purse. 

We have stated time and time we played an important role that Santandar come to UK and Purchase the Building Society, the politic involved and that way gave then the financial platform to develop their banking portfolio and very banking system. Some of the issue we have communicated to Santandar former Boss before his death and later his daughter taking over. 

Santandar decided to acquire TSB on the back/leverage of that SIROP program and our Seychelles EU Community working in Britain, our involvement any body who can bring about such merger or acquisition get paid. The news they are going to close many Branches. We may not have all the facts of Spain financial situation and the Santandar group without that SIROP program and now NEOM they would be in a super stew like many other banks. You the Truth commission, you the anti corruption officiants appointed and being paid for by the EU to biff up the Seychelles anti corruption working, the AG office biffed up again by EU Taxpayers money. Spain working link with Seychelles and vice versa. Today in the world working even if it is illegal to pay cash for sex/prostitution people still find ways and mean to get their sex and pay for it. That SIROP NEOM program is very crucial for Spain. With the Britexit debacle, the Royal family dreadful situation,  those refusing to remember once upon a time our working were paramount,  they impacted so many issue and how those worked them again the Truth commission, those  from EU anti corruption and Justice department. We have the new Commissioner and the ECB Head - When any entity in Finance and real politic can do serious damage to your or any system you spend money to overlook, monitor and police it. In the normal world once you have made your conclusion you decide to punish  or exclude,  in our case you cannot afford to exclude us. It is not altogether the fault of those institutions had we to work in  Germany the situation and outcome would be very different or France or Netherlands, let alone Italy. We have gone to that Truth commission explaining then the score what is happening. Time is ticking. Better still if we could go to Poland and meet up with some of the elite banking and financiers we worked and used to build some of the core Europe/Poland  banking system, functioning safe they would throw a large pot of boiling cafe at us and call the police to lock us up for being a complete fool afterwards.  Nobody handle so much money and wealth and end up in the filth we have landed and rely on the Justice, law and due process. 

TSB is minute compared to a Deutsche Bank its mega problematic and the Germany economy, what we have been writing about for the past two years,   those in Spain who think we do not know our stuff,  what we are writing about. , the new ECB Head politic, the New EU Commissioner President approach and events in Seychelles,  Seychelles government cannot do a "merde" for Deutsche Bank while we can and have done this many times.   Those who wound our person at the news of those getting being give their Hon Doctorate SeyUni we helped contributed to putting that cart together, infamous national institution together. 

That SIROP Program of  1986/87 nearly caused,  brought about the none 

existence of  NATO celebrating its 70th Anniversary. Today the SIROP NEOM

UK PM calls for NATO unity amid tensions


Paul Volcker, l'ascète de la Fed qui avait su dompter le dragon de l'inflation, est mort

Etats-Unis : Décès de Paul Volcker, ancien président de la Fed et légende de la finance

Mort de Paul Volcker, ancien président de la Fed et légende de la finance

Comment - With every respect due those we wrote to this morning, we had every rights to cite and eventually call ancien président de la Fed to testify before that Truth Commission, we have imput and contributed to many of his high office workings from 1986/87 and before that purely from a world  financing prospective the role of High Interdisciplinary management discipline.

We have been challenge the 1979 Britain known as the sick man of Europe , loosing its colonies and reinventing anew economic mode those like Prof Dr Hofmann and Von Hayek, our contributions and then everybody chose to forget is that why Lady Thatcher was cremated instead of a normal burial stopping her from talking. Her Chancellor and Central Bank man The Mitterrand , the Chirac,  the Italian who knew the German, the Gorbachev and USSR high officials who knew, those from South Africa, then UN We also had to work with the Fed high Officials, they were not always fun.

In 1987, Reagan appointed conservative economist Alan Greenspan to succeed Volcker, and Greenspan would lead the Federal Reserve until 2006. That SIROP program had to impute in the mega USSR/future economy,  finance and privatisation those at the Fed and the White house, China, Africa, Asia and he Latin america. Extract Wikipedia, Wikipedia did not exist and the social media had it existed - we contributed to the appointment of the change in USA Fed Reserve working because of that SIROP program and the thematic of the ECU his position /view as against Greenspan,  we had to impute in many of those issues and the problematic of the world workings today - when he came back under the Obama administration the big why we shared some core details of the global banking Financial working and the mega abuses and what it had cause . The many email of protest to the high parties in office,  the white house, the UN, the ICJ, The relevant Masonic /Illuminati workings and those key bodies working world finance, those in France. We are being very conservative with our comment had the UN or the EU Reported on that  program what would have come out and now even help with some legal resources to draft our plaint to the ~Truth commission we are being denied. In term of serious world unaccountably working what this means and imply,  including the Justice implications.


We addressed a letter to President Danny Faure, the Land Compensation Tribunal Issues of that Montagne Posee/Dans Gaza ex Hermitte, Crown Land, ex Judge E J Stiven. Outlining the brief major disagreement between former President FA Rene and my person and Sir James Mancham knowledge.
That Truth Commission Building on Perseverence, the attempt to get the Anglo Rand involve in the Aurorer Island development, the mess. How very different that SIROP program was put together and along the way and in the end.

Those who dared come forward and say the Commonwealth change Seychelles Communist system One Party to multiparty. In London, then Cold War 1985/86/87, the Lonroh family former Rhodesia. Their impute in our issues and my person driving some of their big business development and the issues of the Harrods acquisition. What the media never wrote about.

We were and have been involved with the Group Inchcape how we had view planned to implement the corporate side of that program in Seychelles, the Big Four we had shared our views and issue, discussed given their capabilities to check our concept and argument and those entities former Mackinon Mackenzie entity and the Dalgety Group. The Jardine Matheson Group /conglomerate today in Chnia What transpired since President FA Rene had taken hold of our agreement, his politic and Parastatals and with the Nationalisation what to took place and those individuals who scoffed most of them and registered in Offshore.

Meanwhile we did not give up that SIROP program capacity and the above three major entities - the many mistakes and the market explanations. The utter mess with the big banks. Today those in Seychelles who cannot see how messed up things have got. The 2008 meeting which I/we had wanted with President FA Rene was to trash such issues out, 13 time attempted. With the Russian formulating the BRICS.

Then there are those Royal person who should be more aware of what was what and how that program was - those entities of the Indian ocean, former East Africa and time and time they allow their person/vision to get marred by the dreadful politicians.

We cannot share the details in Public, 30 years and more on the blasted Britexit those modern PM ought to have as qualification run a multinational for at least 5 years to be legible as PM.

We had hope that President Faure now in his end part of his Office Term would have grasped unlike President J A Michel and former President FA Rene given that the major work to build that phase three development underway, instead - our great uncle Ron Louange from former East Africa would say messing about.

This Truth Commissions have a very important responsibility, we signalled this at the very beginning of the National Assembly Truth Committee and nobody would listen, the calibre of our MNA. Given the events of President D Faure in Kenya, it was that SIROP program for those who know the details that re allowed, permitted the big multinationals to return to East Africa it was at the core of that Program conception and argument- - this/these nobody want to hear and listen. The deep implication and problematic - hence those blocking that we get adequate legal presentation to represent our plaint to the Truth Commission. Then we have those from Srilanka coming to Seychelles and starting a couple of small business and they talk of big deals -that was President J A Michel at the time.

13th Friday, 2019

We have written that,  that Seychelles Truth Commission is relevant , important to the Britexit historic thematic and in Seychelles and elsewhere every body comportment. The formulation of that National Assembly Truth Commission how they would handle it and take their cue, the composition and how it would be worked . Again those who  have Lodge their complaint before the National Assembly Commission and in our case that SIROP program events since 2016 and the Britexit issues,  the PM May government and the Boris Johnson government,  the respective leaders of Opposition.  The many MP knowledge of that SIROP program how they included it in their debates without mentioning it by name. The same in the Lords. The impacting,  leveraging, synergyzing issues. Any other half civilised nation would have made due note and address a relevant article, media coverage. Yet the recent publication of Seychelles first in Africa of whatever, the reality. Many politicians have come and gone, lost their shirts over that SIROP program  - we trust EU is reading,  President Putin, China , the Arabs,  the US and Africa. The ICJ and the ICC. Then government Lady Thatcher and the 1987 landslide victory what it was all about and leveraged by that SIROP program,  what all the media all over the world are saying and writing today,  their bloody lies and utter lies. The government of President F Mitterrand then and then Mayor Jacques Chirac, those in EU then, the USSR and the COMECON, the Vatican then, Germany East and West, Italy, Belgium, South Africa, then Jewish community in Britain and their officials, Mr Robert Maxwell, the Saatchi brothers and many others, the Goldsmith family. All those from the many ethnic communities then 1987, the Irish communities then London in particular. All those officials of the Trade Union who knew who we were in person then, their office and workings, in particular the two Davids of SDP–Liberal Alliance then, that program political direction /affiliation, later those in Seychelles who copy cat .   The EU have given special Budget to the AG office and the anti Corruption,  if that is not mega corruption then we had better relearn the meaning.

1987 SDP - Liberal Alliance General Election Manifesto - then events and changes and that SIROP program impacting issue on their Manifesto/persons

What happened to Labour and Tory rebels? Anna Soubry, Dominic Grieve and more


In Vienna the 1978/79 then fame of Salvador Dali -Then USSR in Vienna and the Cold War, the COMECON, in Africa, the Gulf region, Asia, China, Latin america. Then Europe in the making.

This Sunday after the historic British election results the Russian Facebook acquaintance who posted this photo.

May we add then Prof Dr Micheal Hofmann from Vienna Interdisciplinary Management Institute, then Prof Schwab of European Economic Forum and Von Hayek "His father's career as a university professor influenced Hayek's goals later in life.[22] Both of his grandfathers, who lived long enough for Hayek to know them, were scholars. Franz von Juraschek was a leading economist in Austria-Hungary and a close friend of Eugen Böhm von Bawerk, one of the founders of the Austrian School of Economics.[23] Hayek's paternal grandfather, Gustav Edler von Hayek, taught natural sciences at the Imperial Realobergymnasium (secondary school) in Vienna. He wrote works in the field of biological systematics, some of which are relatively well known.[24]" compliment Wikipedia
Image may contain: 1 person

 "Why do great personality take to telling untrue things . Prof Dr Micheal Hofmann knew Prof Schwab very well, he was a member of the European Management Symposion - , he was the best, the elite, the Guru of then Austria Interdisciplinary management Faculty Head. Prof Schwab was German national, then Germany multinational and economy, politic and academy all those who pretend he is Swiss. Given the dreadful situation Britain and Europe, the World is heading - everybody refusal to write/publish anything important about Prof Dr Hofmann and even his photos are deleted from the University archive - those from WEF can /should come forward and publish a Photo of him and any contributions and impute he made at the gatherings. " All those at the current and past WEF who have refuse to acknowledge that SIROP Program , our communication to world Justices and relevant world institutions - just because it was not the WEF who made the initial, original impute it was Prof Dr Micheal Hofmann Interdisciplinary Management Group and others. The decision of the Seychelles Truth Commission to hear about that historic program, with the leading Jurist McIntyre and Scotland seeking Independence, this program important impact on Britain economy politic from 1987 onward, EU enlargement, the USSR change and the long list and many relevant Britexit debacles and media , EU issues. In Seychelles East Africa EU Tax payers money and expertise, partnership program the anti corruption and best practice resources - 

"The first European Management Symposium was held in Davos, Switzerland, from 24 January to 7 February 1971. Some 450 participants from 31 countries – chief executives and senior managers from among the top companies in Europe – gathered in the Alpine enclave. The 50 faculty members included professors from the foremost business schools in the United States, as well as other thought leaders on management techniques and corporate strategy. The first week’s focus was on “The Challenge of the Future”, while the second featured discussion and debate on “Corporate Strategy and Structure.”

Convening the meeting was the European Management Forum, which would be officially established as a foundation under the supervision of the Swiss Confederation on 8 February, with its nominal headquarters in Chur, the capital of the canton of Graubünden (Grisons), and an initial endowment of 25,000 Swiss francs.

The Forum’s founder was Klaus Schwab, a Germanborn engineer, economist and professor with double doctorates, a master’s degree in public administration from Harvard and business experience in Germany and Switzerland. At the request of his former employer, the German Engineering Federation (Verband Deutscher Maschinen - und Anlagenbau, or VDMA), Schwab had written a book, Moderne Unternehmensführung im Maschinenbau (Modern Enterprise Management in Mechanical Engineering).

In it, Schwab proposed that the management of a company should serve all its stakeholders – die Interessenten – acting as a trustee charged with achieving long-term sustained growth and prosperity for the enterprise. The stakeholders included the corporation’s owners and shareholders, as well as its customers, suppliers, collaborators of any kind, government and the communities in which it operates or which may be affected by its activities. This stakeholder concept became the Forum’s guiding principle.

In 1970, Schwab left the Swiss industrial group, Escher Wyss, where he had served in top management, and set up a three-person office in Geneva to pursue his vision of creating a platform to allow European CEOs to exchange ideas, concerns and knowledge with counterparts in government and leaders from academia, media and civil society. Schwab’s first collaborator in this project was Hilde Stoll, whom he married in 1971 and who has remained her husband’s trusted partner – his “social conscience”, as he puts it – ever since.

Davos, the setting of Thomas Mann’s Der Zauberberg (The Magic Mountain), was a place of recreation and relaxation, where people took in clean mountain air to restore their health and recharge their minds. Schwab wanted participants in the European Management Symposium to feel relaxed enough to speak frankly, while maintaining camaraderie of purpose and mutual respect. This became known as the “Davos Spirit”, still the hallmark of all Forum gatherings.

Nobody, not even Klaus Schwab, after this first symposium could be aware of the powerful platform that had been created. -Extract/compliment European Management Forum 1971" -

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L'ancien président Pervez Musharraf condamné à mort

Please refer to the above photo of Prof Swab, we stress/repeat then Prof Dr Micheal Hofmann, the leading/Guru ion High Interdisciplinary Management in Austria. In the German speaking world. The USSR/COMEON - Warsaw Pact, Global Communist Block, their Networks. We politely ask/request those officials of then US Intelligence Services and Military to get their files out. The norms so to say those who practice high Interdisciplinary Management Executive high responsibilities very many of what it term impute and contributions, one is not supposed to share and make it public knowledge. Then President FA Rene in Seychelles and his Alliance and Sir James Mancham in  Exile, his Western supporters/backers. We impute in the events then, supported guided by /with others working in the same field and contributed and later the Shah exiting Iran eventually going to Seychelles in Exile, we made that proposition and the Grand Ayatollah taking over the country. These development was/were not just political propaganda, they related/involved deep highly complex Arcadian and ancient nation working of Iran/Persia, Just like the West have their Arcadian, Templar, Mason and Illuminati. Vienna then 1978/79, the respective diplomatic and international benchmarks of politic and society one/other could make the due impute and they were respected,   aside what the media wrote and would write. In Assassinating the leading Iranian General  the USA have decided to kill one of then USA own and others,  the like of Dr Henry Kissinger and several others special military person they have groomed , guided and help to become what he became. Those in Iran who ought to know,  even if in Saudi Arabia they cannot keep their knowledge and information together. 

NATO/the US judge when they opted for the mess of destroying/braking  Yugoslavia they had a good solution in place instead what they did and how they used them and in the end their fate at the ICC or the battlefield. The like of Saddam Hussian, Qaddafi and Syria President very,  over aware of those issues. Had that leading Iranian General not lived the bloody mess the USA world have found themselves in,  in Afghanistan , Later in Iraq and most recent Syria. The very erratic method/approach the US high commend manage such issues. In current Europe those in Power, the Vatican and the USA those who cannot or block their minds at what we have written endeavouring to explain. The ocean of global media working as  they do,  their expertise. That mega NEOM debacle not just the $500 billion was / linked to Iran and this leading General. The Saudi with their mega Trillion US Market offers and the outcome they can become so easily blind /fooled and the outcome . All the money cannot and will not replace such a person. We had written and ask the Saudi, their powers and wealth help us get a plot of land in Seychelles and  couple of Container and put that SIROP NEOM program in their or provide us with a small working space in a container in the NEOM  region,  they have completely ignored this . The fiasco and utter mess that is yet to come. 

Iranian Revolution -

Human Rights Council Elects Elisabeth Tichy-Fisslberger of Austria as its President for 2020

That SIROP  Program required that we confer/work the issues with then UNIDO/IMF/World Bank from 1986/87 to date.  In Austria, its past President Dr Kurt Waldheim, Dr Kirchslager and President Fischer, its Chancellor, the Catholic church, the University, those from OPEC who impute and contributed to that program. Importantly then Cold war 1986/87 Austria Neutrality - beside former President FA Rene, his International communist/Socialist Networks, to certain extent former President Seychelles President Sir James Mancham,  the officials of the USSR, the COMECON, the USA and Europe respected, appreciated the facts that Austria played such an important role in that SIROP program -then Pope John Paul ll personal and Vatican involvements.   Its impacts on the world, it contributed to Germany Reunification, the Privatisation of East Germany Economy/Industries, the Holocaust compensation. It contributed to important changes in the Arab world /gulf Region. It gave the world the WWW.  Like the south African Truth commission,  the Seychelles Truth commission must be informed of those issues. Including the important role of that program in helping change the apartheid government of south /Africa and the release of Mandela. The function of that program in helping the OAU become African Union. The important role of that program in leveraging EU economy and politic.

The UNHCR council have a responsibility to help explain, promote and address the issues before that Seychelles Truth commission. At least support us in doing it.   

Much more important that SIROP program helped contribution for  then 1986/87 possibility of  avoiding a nuclear war between the USSR and the USA. The  very important role and impute then of President Ronald Reagan and his Office.  Over the past 30 years the relevancy.

TRNUC Hearing - 13.01.2020 - Session 36 

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TRNUC Hearing - 13.01.2020 - Session 36-Part Two

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TRNUC Hearing - 13.01.2020 - Session 36-Part Three 

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TRNUC Monday 13 January 2020 Truth, Reconciliation and National Unity Commission (TRNUC) Circumstances around death of radio presenter comes to light, attack survivor speaks out | 14 January 2020

Comment - Having written for the past 25 year on that historic SIROP program 1986 when  that program was initiated Spring/ Summer, President FA Rene  initial acceptance of that program concept grobe, initial /core  ideas, the state of Seychelles economy, the Nation destitute, the merchants their fate, terrible situation then 1986,  those Ministers of his government who favoured the idea and those who opposed, the Seychelles First Lady Family,  Mrs Geva Savy/Rene .   The Army divided then,  those who had judge I/we ought to have done this deal /proposition with the Army Headed by Minister Ogilvy Berlouis.  Then Minister  J A Michel in his capacity opposed, felt, view of betraying the Communist/socialist Ideology, the cause. The process and events not just in Seychelles,  Europe, the former East Europe, USSR,, the USA, China, the Gulf region,  India and Pakistan.  Those from then British, US, south Africa, Irish, Israel Intelligence Summer 1986.  the Masonic fraternity those involved - the issues of that in making coup d'etat in 1986, those who opposed, Minister J A  Michel opposing that SIROP program in 1986. Later the debacle of his being nominated as President what really took place or ought to have taken place.  The Marjorie Baker killing issues that was not a mistake that was a cock up in London among the exiles/refugees what was known and talked about - we had  be in contact/have contact with a lot of very prominent person , personalities in Seychelles to write such a program and undertake to implement it, your UN checking that program over,  the big 5 chartered accountants, the leading western government vetting it, the South African, those leading military technicians, the Soviet, china and others, our very exile opposition figure heads/Executives. The Arabs then  and those from the ICJ and the ICC/UN, just accepted the  crap publish and supported and spread it. All those alive in Seychelles and rest of the world then, Seychelles police, the Army, the many para military bodies of then Seychelles 1986.

That Truth Commission, the National Assembly,  ought to have made a major effort to hear that SIROP program Plaint from the outset. Now we have are having to bend the rules and publishing as things go along for the greater public, our Community in exile,  their children, the International community, the Vatican, the relevant officials.

9/10 days before Britexit we decided to do the shopping at Aldi, the Victoria Rd.,  the old School,  the new Brewery, the new development and the old Butchers Commercial Hotel we stayed in 1991

23/01/2020 A Memorial in honor of the victims of the siege of Leningrad inaugurated in Jerusalem

Comment - President Macron, the French and Israel Nation without that SIROP program there would not have been the mega Holocaust compensation. It also played a key role that those 250,000 Russian Jews migrate to Israel and the 87,000 Ethiopian Jews Migrate to Israel -

Israël accueille le monde pour commémorer la libération d'Auschwitz

75 ans de la libération d’Auschwitz : Israël fébrile avec la visite d’une quarantaine de dirigeants
Le pays accueille jeudi une quarantaine de chefs d’Etat et de gouvernement pour le Forum mondial de l’holocauste au mémorial de Yad Vashem.

Comment - President Macron, the French and Israel Nation without that SIROP program there would not have been the mega Holocaust compensation. It also played a key role that those 250,000 Russian Jews migrate to Israel and the 87,000 Ethiopian Jews Migrate to Israel -


For the past 25 years British media coverage of the EU Agriculture and Fisheries politic. We have been imputing in those issues at EU British/France Commission and government level. What made, led us to make this statement is the Britexit and those with their reporting. Those local Farmers we have known and their issues. For the past two days the Film in Peregeau and Brittany we have watched those French Families with their Cows and lively hood. Influencing USA Farming/Agriculture politic decision making. That SIROP program. 


Subject - TRNUC Case Number ........ SIROP Program 1986/87, Judicial litigation efforts, working, process, Arbitration process History
In spite of taking the risk and communicating extra information to the public and the Truth Commission, what the rest of the world is reading and , conclusion they are arriving at.   When things go very wrong as a results then , what get publish by the government and others.  The current Truth Commission lack the proper capacity to work, handle and process the respective issues of that SIROP program NEOM . We  stated this to the National Assembly Truth Commission and we wrote about the concern ,  the National Truth commission . 
We address a comment on Facebook President Donald Trump photo in front of the Taj Mahal, the full implication. We are going to add two photos,  one of President Mubarak  his 30 years term of Office the era before we wrote that SIROP program and his Office,  then Seychelles and the Indian ocean Communist workings,   the USA and NATO high  interests, those we had to work very many highly important regional and world issues and the current people,  authorities and the Truth commission Benchmark.  These issue were never meant for the public or publish  - we have stressed time and time again the Doomsday clock is ticking 100 second to midnight. President Mubarak was very well informed and knowledge with all the aspects of that SIROP program , his relation with the American  and the Soviet  and Israel.  Events leading to his resignation the unrest the so cal Arab Spring those who ruthlessly manipulated the dynamic of that SIROP program knowing full well,  its capacity and what ensued.  , we have beg and pleaded with the UN and EU help us report on that program in a manner fitting international standard and their comportment. Had we been living elsewhere many event in Egypt would have turned, been different , the like of Sir James Mancham knowledge and President FA Rene and the gross lack of capacity of the current politician of Seychelles and they do not realize what the game is all about to put it in a daft way.  That SIROP program impact on the Egypt and Israeli and Palestinian issues,  then President Arafat. The requirement, necessity to call/request PM Blair to address the Commission his special role in the Middle east. 

The other photo is of the USSR General who passed away on Monday,   the putch/counter coup  issues we were then living in Kilburn, Brent, Victoria Rd  then Mrs Thatcher government  that SIROP program,  had this SIROP been heard at the ICJ or the ICC what the world would have discovered. The Soviet Intelligence knew a very great deal about that SIROP program,  all the players in Europe and London, the Soviet Embassy in then London. Those who were manipulating who to achieve what . We wrote to the franc government,  the Vatican and the French Embassy had we lived and work that program elsewhere,  the different impact and out come on the USSR change,  we wrote to President Reagan on this topic.  The death,  disappearance of this two major personalities linked with that SIROP program is going to cause more demanding capacity to manage  the bad enough world situation as a results of ruthless mismanagement of that Program -those trained and knowledge to manage such world science and disciple. 


Une année déjà depuis que l’ancien Président France Albert René nous a quitté !

Mémorial | 27 February 2020

28/02/2020 Coronavirus crash wipes $5 trillion off world stocks "These are highly uncertain times, no one really knows the answer and the markets are really panicking."


Former Libya Prime Minister Mahmoud Jibril dies from coronavirus
Jibril was interim leader until the country held its first free elections in 2012 following the removal of Gaddafi.

Mahmoud Jibril, the former head of the Libyan rebel government that overthrew longtime ruler Muammar Gaddafi in 2011, has died from the coronavirus, his party said.

Jibril, 68, died on Sunday in Cairo where he had been hospitalised for two weeks, said Khaled al-Mrimi, secretary of the National Forces Alliance, founded by Jibril in 2012.

Libya's former prime minister dies from coronavirus
In Col Gaddafi’s time, Mr Jebril was head of the National Economic Development Board, a position he said he had been forced to take up.

Mahmoud Jibril, former head of Libya’s 2011 revolution’s Executive Office and NFA head, dies of Coronavirus complications in Cairo hospital today

From 2007 to early 2011, he served in the Gaddafi regime as head of the National Planning Council of Libya and of the National Economic Development Board of Libya (NEDB).[17] While there, he was a protégé and close friend of Saif al-Islam Gaddafi and promoted privatization and liberalization policies.[18][19][20]

Comment - My Austrian wife use to throw it at me when we were in Seychelles life is a big pile of shite and every body have to eat his/her share. Please Truth Commission Seychelles the photos I edited,  those former chief Justice of Seychelles. The many writing on my part had I been allowed to live elsewhere, the Ghadafi property in London, the President FA Rene the outcome of the Libya events would have been very different. I made several contact with the the Libya government and others,  given Seychelles important relation with his government help me to go and sty somewhere else and they would see the change situation in Libya politic, copy to the European court, the ICC and the ICJ .  what happened they were contented to use my person to manipulate the Libyans situation his person, during the many years he had work for the government the indirect working issues with his office and my person from a high interdisciplinary management prospective> What really happened in Libya after his takeover the political battle,  the spliting of that nation,  those who willingly used their knowledge of that program and my person and the outcome  then what the Europe and international media wrote -  the children of Ghadafi knew my person indirectly specially the younger one. What we wrote to him about the ICC - President Ghadaffi His wife also.

Is it not strange my many statement To the Chinese government,  their embassy and the Truth commission had I been living in France,  the the Chinese Dragon in Calais that Chines virus would not have come and this former PM of Libya dyeing of the Corona virus, This is a mega global terrible mess. What it is doing to the USA.   He was supported by the Blair government New Labour  . The pieces of human what refused to say that SIROP program impact on President Ghadfi government and the changes it brought political and economic  and how they did it.  The issue of President Ghadafi and the African Union this is the weirdo world we live and the outcome and those who go to university to learn the crap and garbage.


Seventh Member of the Truth, Reconciliation and National Unity Commission Sworn in

Comment - Is President D Faure trying to wind everybody up.

10/04/2020 Good Friday 

The International Criminal Court and the International court of Justice is in the Netherlands  

The above appointment to the Seychelles Truth Commission is an insult to Justice delivery.