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SIROP combine exile/refugee Program
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Monday, 20 July 2009

Pope Benedict right arm accident - historic Polish/exCOMEC ON 1st EU Parliament President

The SIROP etc Blog is to do with events, process, development and those involved before, during the changes in former Communist countries, WARSAW Pact and the COMECON. Equally events in the USSR, EU, Africa, the Indian Ocean, the Gulf Region, Latin America and Asia.

We have made it a project to update with issues, news and events we think are relevant and important. It would have been of great help those who read what we have addressed here to make their comments.

Prior to the mega global financial and economic melt down, because of the great importance of the Church - the Vatican played in contributing to the unparalleled peaceful changes in the former COMECON, USSR, OAU, the Indian Ocean.

Because of the role and important the Catholic church and its institutions play in the life of the population of the earth - from the interfaith, interdisciplinary, the global diplomatic prospective concern about its stand and position prior to what took place. Including political, economic, social, religious issues and their development in Germany and the EU. The issues which were affected.

Unlike the era and Office of Pope John Paul ll, the many important and complex political issues affecting the world and greater world politic. The position of the Church - its preoccupation with the issues of faith and church doctrine. Yet the terrible political system, benchmark, practice was allowed to run their course so to say until the mega blow up. Most important those political leaders, parties and institutions inventing enemies, the public propaganda of the many threats they say in society. There by building in their mind a special position as defender of the world and greater public interest - when all along they have been practicing outrageous political deceit and corruption.

One very good example of this is for instance the political, social development in Germany and their inter EU functioning. Those, the media and the very many who either decided to take it for granted the Head of the Catholic church was a German and as such like Pope John Paul ll, the very important significance, impact and relevancy - influencing factors. These are aspect of things we have preferred to state a "double bench mark". In acknowledging such issues, process and impacts what they would be acknowledging and their preference not to either admit or state this.

As a result the very many malfunctioning in the German normally smoothly run system be it in politic, diplomacy or economy.

Again, the vast majority who refused to acknowledge this, the impact of this situation at the last EU election in Germany. The German voters, the media role and the so call experts and analyst and many discussions.

Not to be overlooked, the important role and function of Germany in the daily politic of the EU and this impacting the greater EU politic and the world. The the commissioner, and President of EU Parliament.

We have written threads on Austria financial situation and economic development and issues related to the initial events of what took place in Vienna/Austria which influenced process in the COMECON and those, the German media and in turn the so call world media role in manipulating and conning the world.

Most important the situation prior to the mega world financial meltdown in those former COMECON countries. What the media and politicians and EU leaders refused and failed to tell the EU citizens. Important the role of German politicians , its institutions.

Shortly after President Obama first visit to EU and the EU Parliament, Strasbourg. The situation then. The famous telephone conversation of Prime Minister Berlosconi, the photo delays - the political state of things. All those from the media, the EU and most important the Church - Vatican who failed to do something from the massive protest on other media, blogs, forums, etc. They listened to the voice of the so call world official news media.

The massive earthquake which occurred in L'aquila - Italy and the massive devastation. Those form the church in Vatican who know what other force is at work here and why.

One week prior to the G8 Summit there, the Vatican, Pope Benedict decision to publish the church document and assessment of what cause, the problematic of the mega world financial melt down, economic and other wise, the result of the EU election.

We have stated our view on the issues of one world Government. Most important those who even dare to present former Prime Minister Tony Blair as a candidate for the future EU President if and when the Lisbon Treaty is ratify.

Beside the Iraq sham his politic of control, his agenda and those around him to marginalize the role, work, responsibilities in EU and world affairs, supporting dishonest politic and media practice. Creating fear in the mind of citizens so that NGO are almost treated as enemy of the EU and its institutions - demanding and promoting laws to marginalize their involvements. What they had achieved and mega contribution to build the EU, Changes in the COMECON, the USSR, Africa and other parts of the world.

We do not believe it necessary to comment on the G8 Summit here. We have elsewhere.

Hence after the EU election the fragmentation, the German citizen accessement of the politicians, be they EU and other wise. Suddenly the lack of leadership role in the EU politic which had been the role of Germany. The commissioner position, comments. The direction they had/have been leading EU. { We have written a number of threads on our community forums of our EU issues which have influenced and impacted the German politic, economy and events for the past 25 years how this have come about and why. Those who believe to ignore it either spin, cover up or just plod their own way through has they would say in English. The consequences of this.

We have followed the important fight to reorganize, put in place some kind of sanity in the EU Parliament and its institutions and system as they would say. The out come. { They still have not come to term, solve the important issues, what to do, how to go about the lack of greater role, importance of NGO in the affairs or the EU, including the Parliament - the media involvement. Equally the new face and new political constellations.

We are adding a link of the announcement of the vote and first Polish historic EU Parliament president Jerzy Buzek- former COMECON countries. We have also viewed our concern, beside the lack or refusal to admit and accept the important role our Sechelles - Seychelles EU community had to play and played in the changes of the COMECON, the Warsaw Pact, the USSR, Germany Reunification. Events in the Indian Ocean, Gulf Region, Asia, OAU. The tendency of those form former Solidarnos to reinvent what took place, the media support, those it suits them to promote and propagate that version of world events, forgetting before they came MEP, they were simple workers and strikers, not even proper NGO as such. The arrogance of bing MEP and the media circus and those at the Eu Institutions who support such practice and double standards.

These same people like Tony Blair WMD, the issues of Iran threats to Poland or NATO. The polish US politic using that to climb over other EU member state.

The most important reason for this thread we believe is the accident to Pope Benedict after the announcement of the Polish first EU Parliament president. His right arms. Across the ages and since the existence of the Church those who have the capacity, ability, insight to understand, weigh, interpret such events, accidents and what they are telling us or trying to tell us. Here we have not the Head of European Bank or the such and if such accident would have happen to them the meaning.

When Pope John Paul ll was alive and in Office even at the very last moment of his life he never deny or created media manipulative scenario which deny very important facts and events, contributions the Sechelles - Seychelles EU community had made, contributed in the affairs, development of events in Poland other countries, the USSR. He just preferred in most instance to let only those who need to know what they need to know and we respected and appreciated his position - beside as Head of the Catholic church. Our Sechelles, Seychelles, Mauritius, Reunion - Pied Noirs, French ancestral, archaic. fraternal and important workings. At the time the heavy broadside we received from President Francois Mitterrand, the French Masonic establishment and other French institutions that we had betrayed them and our ancestors by using what we had been entrusted to help, contribute to the process and changes and they had come , would come the looser, less off as they say in good English.

We have equally complained bitterly in public, to the EU institutions of being pirated, being robbed, being rip off, being raided by those who have taken credit for our community hard work in Eu and given them to the Seychelles government, Mauritius and Reunion. We languish in a terrible EU mess. The existence of our EU community and organs.

At least when Pope John Paul ll was there - given the enormity of his Office, he took time and those around took time to come to our support and aid. When we got to badly trodden upon he came forward and intervened and helped. Not so Pope Benedict.

We are very concern that, the political reinvention of those former COMECON nations, their politicians and relevant institutions. Suddenly they have become more democrat than the very democratic system we sued to save them, come to their rescue and lend to averting a global nuclear war.

Those who think like Tony Blair with the use and abuse of "rave/rage - such mechanism” to influence and control issues, agendas and such group - NGO with them. Should we see such deterioration or direction of action, politic and diplomatic practice. We ought to see and expect more deterioration of situation, working mechanism of EU and inter Eu community, nation working relation worsening.

Just like in Seychelles, the very Communist system we helped change, contribute to transit from communist or extreme socialist to a socialist of EU standard. They have turned round and done their best to destroy our organs, take over our community workings, they want to dictate, they want to lecture us what is democracy, justice and human values now. {They and those involved in the Project to rewrite Seychelles history, that British author, those who have employed and supported him and former President James Mancham outrage – those who have the power and means to undertake such action and produce such work in the name of democracy, justice}

We believe we are stating a challenge. With all due respect of those nations and countries who have had and worked very hard to build democracy and its working institutions. They need also for important debate. One need experience to practice half decent democracy a short 20 years in not enough or the creation of institutions as existed in older democratic countries to imitate or invest vast amount of money, resource, media coverage do not lend them to overnight becoming great or better working democracy - let alone the use of force and military.