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SIROP combine exile/refugee Program
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Sunday, 28 June 2009

European leaders celebrate Iron Curtain fall in Hungary

European leaders celebrate Iron Curtain fall in Hungary

European leaders have assembled in the Hungarian capital Budapest to mark the 20th anniversary of the symbolic fall of the Iron Curtain that divided the continent during the four tense decades of the Cold War.

In spite of all the terrible political out fall because of the double standard by the world political leadership- the collapse of first the USA then world finance system, the economy – the political bankrupt system functioning across the EU and the so call official media involvement.

Those who have worked, contributed that such historic event took place. Yet, the leading politicians, History will not given them a proper place in history.

At Friends of Europe we have written an article about the killing of Micheal Jackson – the practice, whilst we are about it the killing of King Baudoin of Belgium. Certainly this is not a coincidence.

Just like we endevoured to write and explain how certain individuals who purport they belong to the Masonic fraternity function, do things and work. In terms of Interdisciplinary Management/multidisciplinary practice in important world politic, economic, military or media how things work.

Those/the very political leaders who think they are running the show /managing events, those media barons along - refusal to grasp they are being managed – the existence of discipline and interdisciplinary management practice which works alongside.

Yet after a given event or development have laps/passed those politicians and their media collaborators deny any involvement of others expect them. How terrible dishonest they are and they stand or hide behind State, national institutions diplomacy or Judiciary to hide and screen their scam practice.

Because we were involved, we were responsible – we will use language which the simple can and will understand. In Seychelles, Reunion, Madagascar, Comor, Seychelles every person small and great know and have come to know how the musicians work, where they get their inspiration and motivation for a song, video etc. It is because of political events, local events, accidents, military bust up, personal issues - and very many other issues. They do not use scientific methods to climb up to the starts or heaven to get their information and inspiration.

By the same process our Sechelles – Seychelles EU community way back in 1977 across Europe, France, Germany, Italy, Britain and the USA some of the Stars, important artist we have influenced, in small or important ways or manner. Just like we have influenced Sport personalities and the very politicians themselves.

In this case Micheal Jackson. It requires and demand discretion, due training and respect for those one is involved with – you just do not go and boast or brag about such issues - The existence of certain science to prove and disprove a given song or concert or movie was inspired or motivated or based upon a particular events or development.

In the case of Micheal Jackson the so call experts, the music media in the USA and the world media, the intelligence services and others. The very many songs he wrote and sang in relation to the political events, rather inspired by the political events and development of COMECON, EU, the world and daily happening. Those from the world media lies and indeed the artist themselves they cover up, they refuse to tell the true inspiration, they invent, they glorify – they are and can be very deceptive. The world call/name these individuals Stars and the politicians use them to set the standard for society.

Be they from the big multinational, the police, the politicians, the religious when you use or have used and apply certain Interdisciplinary/multidisciplinary management system or methods and then turn round and deny or lie or scam about sooner or later you will made to pay for this – the involvement of para science and other natural sciences.

We can and is writing this article because we have been down this road many many times and all those so call great politicians who were involved and how they used and abuse the system – where are they and what became of them and those who write history, their dishonesty. For all the pomp and glamor or pretense of respectability they use surrounding such events.

Not because Micheal Jackson has died or his fame – how many at the Hungarian ceremony to mark 20 years of the opening of the boarder between Austria and Hungary gave thought to such issues and events – they have been influenced by what the media have written.

Such stars have existed during the Greeks, Roman, Egyptian, Babylonian, Chinese, Indian, African and American Indian civilizations. Why they exist and their purpose in society and life.

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