SIROP combine exile/refugee Program

SIROP combine exile/refugee Program
When will the 21,000 - 25,000 Seychellois exile/refugees get Justice

Saturday, 26 July 2014

Intending to research a Wikipedia article for Judge E J Stiven discovered his Family in Newzealand

Zanzibar debacles/events/history

We were reading on the train today in Metro paper of the article by would be USA Presidential Hillary Clinton of the abuse then Bill Clinton suffered at the hand of his mother and grand mother - how this impacted and influenced his life.

Judges as normal human - safe their high responsibilities in meeting out justice on behalf of Society. Beside certain anomaly in our youth life.  Given the respectability, influence and respect that Judge EJ Stiven had in Seychelles and before that as an Administrator General  and AG. Either he would have done his homework and find out the whereabouts of his relatives. During the saga of Pre independence the only relatives we were told exist those in Jamaica and those in Scotland  - Fife. As a leading Lawyer, Cambridge University scholar, Policeman then Jamaica - later other higher role, position - the resource and expertise to trace and find out lost relatives for the Colonial Service - this did not happen - in Seychelles everybody  accepted this information.

Indeed for the best part of 15 years until we got the Google and the Yahoo 1995 began to research online into Family History and Origins. In Britain since 1981 when we applied for political asylum - the Officials at the Home Office and Scott Office held the view that Judge EJ Stiven had only relatives in Jamaica and Scotland  - Fife. The Friends we had known did not make the effort to correct this either. What utter gross abuse  and distortion.

Had it not been that second DVD of Hobbit which we have been playing some 100 times now - a coin/stone dropped.  Beside the issues of the Wikipedia article.

The discovery of the Stiven brothers who settled in New Zealand and the large family they build. Many of them real proper/Farmers the contrast between the size of the Land holding in New Zealand and Seychelles or Zanzibar because Judge EJ Stiven had Shamba in Zanzibar - beside Land/Property in Trust.  In comparison to the few cows, Pigs, fowls, market gardening, fruit trees and plantation. In New Zealsnd the scale they Farm and export.

Unlike Seychelles or Zanzibar or Kenya they did/have not suffered form massive lost of families investing totally in the land for it to be stolen and nationalized like in Zanzibar and Seychelles - the continuity and this provide/help develop different cultural and human values that Seychelles can only dream of. It can be found to some degree in Mauritius and Reunion.

Judge EJ Stiven imparted a great deal of his knowledge and intellectualism. Those who knew him like the Earl of Oxford and others. They never discussed the politic system of New Zealand - yet its very richness, they would rather discuss East Africa  and Elsewhere.  Three times in the attempts to make my respective contributions to Sechelles Seychelles have formulated and endeavored to formulate what/the kind of Society, politic, culture and economy we can work with. They have been influenced by the material - meaning issues worked in the past 60/70 years by others and their motives/arguments. - had we had the New Zealand equation instead of just the East Africa, Jamaica and Scotland - the outcome would have been certainly richer - again our study at school of New Zealand and certainly everybody in the Indian Ocean would have loved their nation to be a New Zealand.

The Colonial Service was a very strange beast/monster - what kind of human species, uniqueness and achievements those who worked in it aimed to become. There are large quantities of material available on the web and libraries, books on this subject. They had many Clubs and Sub Clubs and within them the vast complex/complicated issues they promoted and pursued. When we talk of High Interdisciplinary Management practice and discipline what this imply. They also pursued Group and National agendas and the Scott had their very own workings, system and structures. Judge EJ Stiven took to discussing very many aspect of Hong Kong not just because of the unique Colonial Administration system and structure with existed there, the importance and relevancy. Most important the Scott Family who had build Hong Kong - Business, Financial and Economic entities - the Jardine Family, the "Taipan" Noble House and he knew those details and issues. Beside Austrian/Europe - then Lady Thatcher government - some of the highly important issues relating those workings from a High Interdisciplinary Management we contributed to, assisted and synergized. In Instance Historic development associated with not just Hong Kong but this/the Families involved - including the Market issues, Scotland issues. This is why we stress had he known and those involved with him of the existence of his close relatives in New Zealand history and things would have been very very different.

Judge EJ Stiven was a specialist in colonial Administration discipline/subject - East Africa those who care to challenge this. As such the distinct High Management instruments, Councils, Administrative systems and very government of New Zealand.

An excellent question to pose/ask - had he known of his relatives in New Zealand or branch of it - would he have choose Seychelles in 1962/3 there about,  as alternative Home - then expatriate. He spent a great deal of time talking/discussing it - not only because of the important loss he had suffered, the traumatic experience and the wealth lost. {" We had known as young adult, then Colonial era,  that/of  Seychellois and Mauritius later information Reunion families of French decent - who migrated to New Zealand,  beside Australia -  the economic, Family and Island life in the three above Countries, re - migration of some of the Settlers/Colon Families -, they would hav e gone there to resettle under the British Colonial agreement -  we have added a Ship List and passenger list the info and issues can be studied, beside other destinations. "}

Where as in Seychelles or Zanzibar there is only one person - in New Zealand  since the arrival of the two brothers - the Family they married into  and the many children, later grand children. A bit like many old Seychellois, Mauritius, Reunion French Colon.

Some  of the Family took part in the War in South Africa- some migrated to Australia and that Branch in Australia.

Today in New Zealand the many extended families, the respective business and many interests, history, culture - they are also importantly involved in horse breeding and racing.

My proper family have been bitching and making my life bitter for the past 25 years about former Judge EJ Stiven the cackup and the loss. I went on to put together that Phase lll Reclamation - this did not help. Talking of reclamation - the Industrial experience the Stiven Families have acquired over the past 250/300 years since they have been out there.

I/we know that our community have followed and read our Blog, forums, website and the mention of Judge E J Stiven - it would be interesting to find out if any of his relatives have read the issues or come across  them. The issues and history of our exile/refugee is not just about FA Rene or Sir James Mancham - there are others who have impacted and influenced them.  Given that the Stiven are white, Scott and they certainly know their British History very well and their colonial History and their French History because they originated in Brittany and Normandy and come over with William the Normand. Beside their Religion and what we term as Archaic/Illuminati workings. Those from their Family who have been Notabilities and held other High Office in the land before the big upheaval - will try and add some links.

Whilst those in Seychelles today,  they originated in Africa, India, elsewhere and their view and approach to the science and discipline of History.

There ave very many in Seychelles who respected Judge EJ Stiven, those from former President Mancham Cabinet and that of FA Rene, the many locals, the many legal and judiciary colleagues - they will have to update many of their facts and issues. In the past the connection shave been Zanzibar/East Africa, Jamaica, Scotland - they will have to include New Zealand. {There is a marked contrast they way they manage ancestral values in comparison to Seychelles, Mauritius, Reunion and Madagascar - there is a greater intensity, professional approach, committed and dedicated - it is a national Institution and form part of their greater world workings}

The question to ask just as they have fleeced my person and stolen anything or everything I had in that Sechelles Seychelles - those who will take the information publish here and pass it as theirs and their property and cash in/make money.

Legal/Judiciary issues:

The Law Firm - Mssrs Ramniklal Valabjhi & Kieran Shah

                         State House Avenue

We/I got to visit Judge EJ Stiven Lawyer,  Mr Ramnikal Valabjhi, shortly after my arrival in London to seek political Asylum - he had a small Shop in the passage of Berkeley Square, the Rolls Royce Show room and Annabelle Club is not far - we discussed events and situation of 1977 and my life/ex Austrian wife and Family.  I hinted to him of some of the Military issues which had surfaced on the continent. We discussed briefly the Research I had undertaken by UNIDO/IMF and the Seychelles FA Rene issues, Dr Ferrari and Secretary David Thomas - the son of Lawyer Thomas,  Maxime Fayon issues. . 

After I got to stay with minister Phillippe Jumeau visited him again this time for completely different reason. He had acquired a new business premise in East-borne.   Most of Sir James Mancham former Minister knew of my private and personal past and present issues. 

Shortly after the SNM/MPR Leader Assassination went to visit him and he kindly gave me a great deal of his time and we covered many issues exile and development after the Assassination. 

We also covered the issues of Judge  EJ Stiven Property at Montagne Posse, my ex property which had not been taken over by force and the Seaside property Judge EJ Stiven had given/gifted to my person - his respective comments. I/we had expected to return to Seychelles in 1991/1993 the reason we could not and everything went very wrong.

He knows of my/our respective right concerning the Judge EJ Stiven Estate

We discussed some of the issues of the money President FA Rene owes my person - have also corresponded with him over that SIROP program. 

History and migration 

Louis-Antoine de Bougainville, 1729–1811

Louis Antoine de Bougainville Wikipedia

Bougainville, Louis-Antoine de

Emigrant Ships To Australia and New Zealand in 1854-1856

Shipping to and from Mauritius and NewZealand - pre 1900

British Genealogy

NZSG Balclutha Branch - Master Index

The Dunedin Branch of the New Zealand Society of Genealogists was established in 1969

NZ Society of Genealogists Inc. - Southland Branch

Harness Racing's 2012 Group One Woodlands New Zealand

Southland Harness Racing

Genealogy - Dunedin Public Libraries

Note - 

Having stated it was the philosophy of the Colonial officials pre 1960, their attempt to build an alternative future Colonial system and the arrival of Independence movement. The acquired experience and expertise in military, revolution issues - even if they had died those to knew and understood these issues.  When formulating that SIROP exile Voluntary Repatriation Program took those issues in note. The existence of modern High Management discipline - where by impacts are studied and calculated with in Programs and project - which we did/practice to a good extent in that SIROP program. 

First the arrival /development of a global Communication system the WWW 1986/7 issue how this would impact New Zealand and Australia even if they were much bigger and very much more advance and sophisticated Parliament, Social, Scientific, Judiciary Education the long list ... than Seychelles and the Indian Ocean nations. They are a requirement if anybody is putting a serious program together if the UN Benchmarks and others allow this is another matter. 

Equally important events  in the COMECON , Yugoslavia and USSR - we also forecasted, made note of the impacts beside the media and those who debated the issues then. It would have been highly interesting to have the like of Judge EJ Stiven and his many academic friends and work colleagues to check their views, the like of Lord Oxford among them,  of how those from former COMECON and USSR would migrate beside Australia,  to  New Zealand and Seychelles and impact their development and economy. 

These were the critical part of that SIROP program and the many notes we took to France - angers in case it fell in the hands of those we felt could have caused a great deal of harm to our workings and my person. The Vatican ought to have much of the notes contents.

After the 1993/4 world economic crises and Market issues the concept to create a greater Indian Ocean economic/its dynamic, financial issues we had t to study and not the workings of then Australia  and New Zealand The RIM Asociation of Nations. 

Archaic issues - Sechelles/Seychelles - New Zealand

A large percentage of the current Seychelles population just may not understand this subject - the origin of the culture be they Indian, African and Chinese archaic workings being somewhat different.  The new migrant population the percentage who understand such issues - the Church position past 250 years and today. However with help of media, DVD those who like a preferred view. In reality is is very different. Again the Old Seychelles, Mauritius, Reunion and South Africa nation appreciation, respect and envy of the New Zealand nation etc., 

In 1991, when we could not return home with the other exile/refugee - decided one of the undertaking we could entertain was the putting together of that Sechelles Seychelles EU Logo/emblem after many years since Vienna/Paris, Rome, Bonn messing about with the idea and working with the loose bits and part of the overall subject.  In London, then 1991 those who poke fun about that SIROP program  and it crashing - the Turtle Seychelles phenomena - even the Mauritius communities poked fun at us.  This strengthened my/our resolve.  Preferably had wished to do this work in in France and Belgium. 

Before one/anybody/authority or community, entity go about sketching a coat of arms/emblem for their community - they need to be very certain of countless issues. Do they have adequate resources to manage, look after and protect/defend/police it.  Do/will the many parties involve understand the issues adequately. From this prospective our Europe and Exile international community - we/I did not have to worry about the European because this is a norm/standard working - from conception, their human life span, in sickness and death and the birth cycle they have an excellent grasp of the issues. 

To cope, help mange the implementation had put into place a number of safe guard, second and third parties, Institutions, Church involvement, those who really work with the discipline to help assist us - including EU Institutions.  Seychelles being 90% Christian - the science/discipline in Church and Christian working of Heraldry and Heraldic. We had to take adequate measures and how they would relate and work in future. Christian life is not just about faith and praying - there are many other forces which impact their life and for the past 1000 years. 

Using the Folkestone Library quiet Room - had check other Libraries for books and resource - found they had adequate books on Heraldry and heraldic science, literature and references.  the window/ view of the/my working table which the staff had allocates the Folkestone Masonic Lodge/building. { in 1991/92/93 the progress of the Channel Tunnel construction, the Nord pas de Calais development, issues in South Africa, across Europe - France in particular and former East Europe, Russia, China, Australia and New Zealand and South Africa} Including IT, Market, economic, media, politic -  We/I had had some 15 years experience working and contributing to high management discipline.  Was experienced in managing them adequately.  Most important the Royal, notabilities  and their respective workings, history.  Normally one is require to keep a proper record of most of the issues and associated issues - having been importantly in developing the WWW knew some of the great functionality of records and cross reference available. How information are and would be stored, recorded and worked. 

From this prospective writing this note. The many many important issues we began to impact - influence, drive and synergized as we progressed in relation with that Coat of Arms/Emblem. The police authorities were very aware of our work. 

One of the issues which suddenly surfaced/presented itself those/some of the Institutions and Individuals in  be they media, TV, Music and film Industry reaction.  The announcement  those who would like to produce a film based on JR Tolken work - the Trilogy of the Lord of the Ring which form part of the discipline build into that Coat of Arm/emblem.  We will not discuss why the Scandinavia argument related to that Coat of Arm/emblem.  Those form certain Institutions aware of my/our work how they were influencing things and why.  Those directly involved in wishing to make that film had not clue and knowledge they were being impulsed and manipulated.  Some 6/9 months later the argument which surfaced the makers of the film would like to make the Film in New Zealand. { Everybody should stop a moment  and think - the associated issues of the Ring Trilogy is  a percentage an aspect of that greater Coat of Arms/Emblem - in  Heraldic working.}
When all the parties had more or less agreed, beside the pre management/requirement to manage issues, events leading to the final decision. We refocus our energy form Scandinavia those who knew and know to New Zealand - issues from 1993 to the completion of the Trilogy of the Lord of the Ring, the USA, Europe media  and euphoria. 

The dynamic, synergy and International awareness - again related to the Coat of Arms/emblem for a Heraldic/Heraldry workings.  Not to forget we had requested the Bruxelles University to take part in the project.  Those university who lend/can and have the capacity to take such subject and study/research and report on their findings however conflicting, not dictated and control by a group of Individual or Institutions with vested interests. 

Beside not New Zealand issues, the relation ship of Sechelles Seychelles and New Zealand which evolved and developed - what the politicians in both countries wrote, their media and perception - their national institutions - most important the Economic workings/Grouping of each nation. 

Then came the announcement 2/3 years the Hobbit would be filmed in New Zealand, the debacle, arguments and media issues - our involvement and the associated issues to date. 

In 1991 when we started out,  we had  not know if Judge EJ Stiven had relatives in New Zealand until 3/5 days ago. In mind was the advance -  democratic, economic, education , social level of New Zealand and the need for Seychelles to absorbed, understand and appreciate them - those who preferred we absorbed more of Australia.  Beside the Small nation workings, the Blue economy issues, environment, the COI  and RIM Association development. Equally those in New Zealand who had been informed  by 1994, be they by those in London/Britain of this project and managed, monitored and synergized the respective issues as they came about - even if they were not addressed in the Tabloid and main stream media - by this/these we mean and term archaic workings. 

In Sechelles Seychelles, Mauritius, Reunion, South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, regional Indian ocean, the Gulf State simple and complicated person/individual who have watched the Film and its/their respective impacts, views and understanding/conclusions. It is by no means a small feat or accomplishment yet. 

Saturday, 5 July 2014

It is time there is a National Monument for the exile/refugee - their very rich History and contribution to the Seychelles Nation

This particularly Memorial to the victims of the 1935 Labor Day hurricane is an eventual working base - It has four sides and each side of the monument can be used to depict an aspect of their history, the French, the British  prominent Colonial exile, the Chinese exile after the great revolution and our modern day exile/refugees - we can request and apply  for it to be protected under UNESCO historic and world Heritage

Very many had hoped that President JA Michel and his Government would really put a national Monument together to embrace and encompass within the Liberty Monument our ancestors belief, vision and aspiration. The new Monument has fallen very short.

In the SPUP/SPPF/PL decision to have their own Liberation Monument - Zomm Libre within the garden of the Maison du Peuple. It is time there is a Monument for the exile/refugee.

Our ancestors were exile from France Prisoners, deported beside political and religious reasons, they build that Sechelles Seychelles among them the eventual King of France.

The Seychelles over its 200 years history have seen many leading exile in Colonial Britain confined there, from Egypt, Palestine, Uganda, Ghana, Cyprus, Malaysia, Zanzibar, Germany, former East Europe, Russia past and present, South Africa and Rhodesia/Zimbabwe those that we know of and their prominancy/importance. Recently from Tunisia, others we many not know of and aware.

Very important all those with Chinese Ancestor, including ours, who fled their country/China in the Great revolution and landed in Mauritius, Reunion and Seychelles - their children today, among them the First President J R Mancham, Chief Justice Souyave, Anglican Archbishop French Chang-Him   (Wikipedia need editing)

Prior to our Independence and since all those who choose, forced and compelled to take/go /make exile life their future. Today there are some 21,000 - 25,000 of then and those 300 individuals who did/have returned since 1991.

For Tourist attraction - for our children education, It would be proper and appropriate that a Monument be set up. It does not have to be on Public land - That SIROP program which was put together by the Sechelles Seychelles exile/refugees helped/become importantly involved in most of the modern Reclamation Project of Seychelles - surely even if they will not give us anything after they have stolen and confiscated everything,  even the land reclaim for the sea they have stolen,  confiscated and grab - we ought to be able to buy a small plot 20X20 and on it erect a National Monument to the exile/refugees - including those mentioned above. We can also have a special Day to mark it - it does not have to be a public Holiday.

This said the Catholic church have with in their compound/premises many monuments, to a particular Saint or for that matter a Cross.

We the exile/refugee do not have a JJ Spirit Building or the many youth centers build and taken over by the SPPF/PL where we could have our own garden and grounds. The Russians, the Arabs, they are buying vast acreage of land,  formerly belonging to the exile/refugee families,  what they are building on them.

Across the world there are many many many unique monument depicting their exile/refugee history and experience - We have come across this modern version in Britain of those children sent here during the war.