SIROP combine exile/refugee Program

SIROP combine exile/refugee Program
When will the 21,000 - 25,000 Seychellois exile/refugees get Justice

Thursday, 17 June 2010

The role of Minister D D'offay/St Jorre, Minister Guy Sinon, Minister Ralph Adam in the SIROP etc., exile $500 - $800 millions program

We would have prefered to find a previous thread about the role played by SPPF Senior Ministers enabling the Seychelles exile community to put forward the SIROP etc Alliance, CDU, DP, SNM/MPR, MRD and SNP exile return program of 1987/88 leading to the 3rd Republic. Making a few additions and publish it. Our resource is streatched, combined with the situation with/which our communities in EU political, social and economic, the state of things in many Voluntary Sector related to ethinc minority issues - working. We have had to rewrite a thread.

There has been a real phenomenal explosion on Facebook from the Sechelles - Seychelles communities, individuals and national - to what end and purpose, notably as we face a very serious, threathing economic and financial crises internationaly - the forthcoming National celebration 18 June 2010.

Beside serving and fulfilling the personal wish to communicate and stay in touch with acquaintance, friends, families and such associated - make new acquaintences. The real impact of Facebook Social networking on our international communities and national or regional affairs. Equally useful to have been the many burning and down to earth issues causing great pain, concern and anger at what many term "Seychellois Roots" exploitation, abuses by the Indian communities, Arab Investors, Russians, South African investors and investment practices. From the official Blog the very concerning article link we will publish here - attach:
S*T*A*R* - Seychelles Truth Accountability Reality

In as much as we have witnessed the resonable positive benefits, the time and attention required, necessary to keep up, review, monitor the hundreds and thousands others issues is causing grave stress and problematic contraints relating to our communities and national working, social functioning -to compare this situation around 1987 - when we did not have such mass of social network, the effectiveness of a/on a given agenda, plan and project.

Because of this state of things, those who are taking the opportunity to hack into our Community project, use such social platform to develp and create very negative synergy/dynamic against our communities and individuals and the results - impacts. Among them the announcement of the two lots of Tourism Abassadors/quasi Consul. Again the article we will link here.

In as much as in Seychelles the debate which started a few years ago about knowing your rights, the emphais, the important involvement of UN, EU, Church, Judiciary, Regional Institutions. What is really happening here. Those who have been working very hard to help build and support Sechelles - Seychelles democracy and economy. The corrupted bench mark in place and often used. The many blogs and website they have build and personal marketing efforts. With the appointment of those Ambassadors the politicians those siding with the SPPF politicians their corrupted practice, let othrrs do the dirty work - how they have come in and cashed in all the time on onther hard work. The lies and manipulation of the national media. They want to spread this practice in EU.

We believe it is time that our Community in EU put its foot down and with the coraboration of the relevant EU institutions demand and insist that those so call Tourist Ambassador/Consuls stick to their brief. They do not interfer with the running of our Sechelles - Seychelles EU community affairs, family lives and voluntry working isuses. { We addressed two threads about the state of things in Sechelles - Seychelles/related. The assasination of that senior General in Comore, the three Earth quake in Indonesia and the situation in Madagascar - what led to the confrontation and collasp of social and democratic issues in Madagascar.} When any community, group of people they fell threathen - their next step it to challenge the cause of the threath and take the confrontation to their camp. The alternative is a Madagascar situation, Comore, Sirlanka, Kenya, Maladive situation.

We cannot have a situation whereby Seychelles government like they have ruthlessly manipulated, ruled the Seychellois people and nation, exploited them come all the way from the Indian Ocean - overule - over ride EU Laws and regualtion and dictate, rough shod our Communities in EU. This is nothing to do with national economic interest - it is purely a political ploy and one might say vindictive approach by the Seychelles government to take control, creat quasi official quango groups control on the running and working of our EU community.

The reason we started this thread is to do with the recent announcement by Nation of the new Ministers, Minister Danny Faure as Vice President, State Secretary Jean Paul Adam as Minister for Foreign Affairs and the son of former Minister Guy Sinon heading the new Finance - Investment MInistry.

In all political issues and inter community issues there is the need to maintain what may be termed as "diplomatic correctness" meaning not all our dirty cloth can be washed in public. Those in Seychelles and from our communities in EU aware of certain issues - how we work, the ability of our community to impact significant important national issues including national political appointments - collectively.

For the purpose of history and those who wish to be enlightned - Minister Guy Sinon was one of those politicians and individual who bitterly opposed any form of national reconciliation, including that SIROP etc exile return program. { Equally important the position of the exile community about his fate and others form certain larger Western Nation.} Our community reacted positively to the initial appointment of Mr Peter Sinon at the African Developement Bank and the issues until his return to Sechelles - Seychelles. Again the distastful approach by the Seycheles government and politicians - our Community important role - issues that Mr Peter Sinon got the appointment by the African Developemnt Bank - our community collective archaic, fraternal, heraldic, fraternal and other heritage - when they are applied, called into use and those who abuse it or turn round and deny/refute its application adn involvement - the rule and and eventual outcome - backlash.

On of the most prominent supporter, beside President FA Rene, Minister Daniel Doffay, Minister Pool, Minister Testa was Minister Ralph Adam - the father of the newly disgnated Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr Jean Paul Adam. We had travelled to Paris specially to lobby, try and gain his support for that UNIDO/World Bank 1979 research on a joint Indian Ocean economic entity/body a bit lie the CARICOM - namely Indian Ocean Industrial Investment Promotion Center, the reaearch which was taken and form the base of the COI its Secretariat in Mauritius. We had to use the influence of president Mitterrand - his government to convince him that we were very serious and our ability to deliver - the money involved some $500 - $800 millions. Including the International community, those involved to deliver on the exile program. Mr Ralph Adam had been/served as our Ambassador in Paris for many years. It was also our ability to maintain certain civil relationship swith those who represented then Seychelles Communist government which enabled us/placed us in the position to concept, delive the SIROP etc exile retiurn program.

Right from Sir James Mancham, Mr Robert Frichot, Mr David Joubert, many others in the DP, Mrs Delhomme Party, the SPUP, former President FA Rene and his then Ministers recall their early days as politicians - trying to be politicians, their view, attitudes and approach.

We want to take this opportunity to address the newly designated Minister for Foreign Affairs Mr Jean Paul Adam, to take some distance and look concretely at the life and work of our earlier national politicians. They all had their caprices and nasty sides/aspects. They took no crap from nobody.

We have read some of Sir James Mancham challenges to our youth and young generation, like wise our own chalenge to the youth and younger generation. Had we not been optimistic, positve and careing in our political objective - agenda. The like of Sir James Mancham, Mr Robert Frichot, Mr Gabriel Hureau, Dr Maxime Ferrair, Minister D Joubert, Minister Jumeau. They had all told us/me stop dreaming - the only solution is a serious/total military take over of the Island, rid Seychelles of those individuals once and for all. We will regret the decision. We took the insults, the crap, the nastiness and worked, pressed, committed ourself to the SIROP EXILE return program, we lobbied the embassies in Britian and Europe and set in place the appropriate network and the end results. President FA Rene under much pressure and with reluctancy announced that the Exile can return home and that multi party politic would be allowed. He almost went back on his words - unwritten undertakings. Equally what we had to do to make him stick - keep to his agreement.

The Sechelles - Seychelles nation is at a very dangerous cross road. That road we had forseen and demanded solution be included in the SIROP exile return program of 1987/88. The need for a Senate - Legislative System in Seychelles. Those investors, those new settellors, those new migrants - how they equate and relate with the Nation of Seychelles, the real Seychellois people as the Star put it. Meanwhile the NGO's have implanted themself resonably well.

It is to these younger Politicians and Ministers we turn to as we come to mark the national Day 18th June 2010 Vice President Danny Faure, Minister Jean Paul Adam, Minister Peter Sinon. Had we gone ahead an listened to the older politicians - Seychelles would have been turned into a blood bath by any standard. The national, family and individual not to mention political pain would have been very difficult to over come. We would have had to revert to very undemocratic means/methods to maintain Law and Order and stop counter blood spilling - revenge taking place.

For all the efforts to undermine our EU community working, discredit our contributions to Seychelles national workings and economy the past 20 years, including the appointments of those so call new Tourist Ambassadors/Consul. We know our rights in the EU, we know the Laws and Regualtion in the EU. We do not have to create and use "some back door approach" to get power and run our community. Power is there for us all to manage and be part of - play our duely required role. What those in Seychelles - the current government, those who are advicing them, the SPPF politicians do not know is real democratic working and such process. In taking such appointments those involved unless they are very desperate and greedy for recognition, they are equally corrupt, they refuse to acknowledge what important work our Communities in EU have achieved the past 35 years. They refuse to abide by EU Laws, Regulation and Directives.

We have a blunt message this coming National Day celebration 18th June 2010 - had you been there, been involved, there would not have been a national reconciliation, and exile return program - instead a bloody counter revolution and those with most money and power grab and control everything and your lives your family and future. Even for the proper exile camps/faction what came out in the end and Seychelles today. We who sacrificed, worked hard, fought we have lost everything - nothing to show for it and the Indian, the Russian, the South African, the Arabs they have taken over and bought everything almost everythings - including your families, sisters, brothers and children.