SIROP combine exile/refugee Program

SIROP combine exile/refugee Program
When will the 21,000 - 25,000 Seychellois exile/refugees get Justice

Thursday, 28 January 2010

There are many and will remain "great issues - mysteries" surrounding Pope John Paul ll - visit to Seychelles, SIROP etc Exile return Program

We are still foraging in the contents of Facebook Seychelles College and came across the commemorative picture of Pope John Paul ll to Seychelles, {November 18 — December 1, 1986 - Bangladesh, Singapore, Fiji, New Zealand, Australia, the Seychelles}

Until, as late as 1985 - those from the International community who supported, the changing of Seychelles political and economic system by military force, as policy. (In 1984 after the assassination of the exile Leader SNM/MPR in London Mr Gerrard Houreau) Meanwhile the very many Pastoral visit of Pope John Paul ll in other countries.

Not enough has been researched and written regarding the unique and very dynamic if the polite diplomatic terminology, political, diplomatic power, military, economic, finance system Seychelles and President FA Rene was Heading - controlling( USSR, China, Latin America,COMECON, OAU, Arab league nations - their economic, military, intelligence, diplomatic, fiance and other archaic/fraternal connection - beside the Power constellation of Socialist International and the Communist International power structure) Because by December 1985 in many parts of the World, given the important change taking place - driven by events from theCOMECON.

There is a very strong and important reason we are saying this. Verify with most Western Intelligence Services and their governments - embassy. To organise a plane load of British school children - namely from Canvey Island, with their teachers and parents by Mr Marc Sabadin was more than a "very/highly ticklish undertaking", Mr Leon Rene Travel Office was involved. We have written numerous times how the British Authorities, the USA, aspect of the Commonwealth Office were on alert at the intended andeventual visit. As much as those who think they are super clever and can cover up and hide things - President FA Rene knew, was fully aware we were "testing the waters so to say for more important issues" That however do not justify nobody from Britain to state the Commonwealth changed Seychelles political system, from one party to multi party.

Most important - Seychelles government did not trust nobody. Because they knew that the stake were very high - the possibility of something or anything going wrong andblaming his government and the call for retaliation. We were monitoring and weighing these factors and eventualities. Those in London noneSeychellois who had "suggested we use that option and one or two from the exile community who had called us Coward's and other dirty names" We say it again whilst those school children enjoyed and amused them self - we in Britain spent many sleepless nights - if and in case anything went wrong. We wanted to test the mechanism which is required - would be required in the eventuality of a military involvement or the agenda/concept which had began to formulate, against the view of the larger exile leadership, their factions, MD,SDP, Mr Uzice, SNM/MPR, DR Ferrari and others. Particularly the SNM/MPR collective Leadership.

Those who judge we are minute, insignificant, irrelevant etc , on and on their insults. For any big or small military operation/action or majordiplomatic move, for us the Seychellois exile and the opposition in Seychelles - it was a very defying moment - it was a step in the right direction - one more stone, mosaic applied and placed correctly at least 3/4 correctly. London and the political system, establishment, the media played down the whole event.

It was then and this can be verify - that we went to President FA Rene and committed our self and the very many who were prepared to support and back the idea/concept for a combination of, first Economic encouragement/package to the people of Seychelles, economy, then the SPPF and the Seychelles government - those who made the government and President FA Rene. Beside the exile economic agenda, which we had had some 10 years or more to debate. The state of Seychelles economy, the region, OAU, Gulf region. There had to be sufficient very serious incentives to compel him to even look at the proposition - these were diplomatic, corporate and global business, financial interest. Then came the package for Seychelles. This is one of the great reasons they name us "sirop" the mad professor - almost everybody on the street, the very many diplomats. We knew and they knew the complexities and complicated multinational, corporate and highly twined diplomatic issues involved. He knew too and his associates, be they military, corporate, politic what they wanted and how far they were willing to go. These are issues which nobody in Seychelles to this day have been prepared, willing to discuss. They want the people, the citizens and the world to accept only what the nation and SBC stated.

Beside and as well as other international, regional issues taking place, development. We knew as stated above, that the FA Rene was not going to be budge just like that - even if we had come forward with the "$500 - $800 millions in cash" in comparison to the greater issues going on we, our proposition was reasonably serious, genuine - but not enough to dislodge him from his stronghold and embattled position. We had began "to pray if this is the right term" request that Pope John Paul ll get involved more directly - these are matters way above the average Seychelles citizens and very many around the world - it involved the "church position, power, responsibilities - our ancient, European - French belief/faith". We monitored the news that Vatican - those around Pope John Paul ll had herd our "prayers and requests". We were getting exasperated and concerned. The Irish have a very great song "going down on bended knees" this is what we did for those who are still alive and there to testify - the announcement that Pope John Paul ll was going to visit Seychelles as part of his Pastoral Tour in 1986 - remember he had been to Africa before and had not visited the Seychelles. We and everybody in exile, Europe, around the world who knew President FA Rene position towards the Church - there would be a great amount of "expensive crystal" to take into consideration. Once again, the world media, the very many important issues they failed to note, write about - it was not just the Pastoral visit - there were other very complex and important global corporate, diplomatic issues to handle and manage.

Recently - we have gone "batty/potty" about our Climate argument - those who took it for granted that it just poured that particular day upon Pope John Paul ll historic visit to Seychelles - there are mechanism to manage, the climate and weather - those involved and responsible.

This is something which again have not never been given it proper prospective. That SIROP etc exile program had the strong an important support, in put of the Church - christian institutions and the Vatican. The enormity of the involvement cannot be weighed or judge properly - without taking time, efforts and pain. Yet again, the way London, all those who knew and monitored our affairs played it down, it was nothing. The Pope was visiting Seychelles - where in other parts of the world the media had clamoured, prognoctized, invented, painted, anticipated all kinds of scenario - the Seychelles, they "went dumb" as the American would say.

The Vatican, the High Officials around Pope John Paul ll knew how crucial this visit would be, again there are very many important issues we cannot address here. It was a challenge to us, the exile, our efforts, commitments, and engagements - in the future our own ability to battle through our objectives and the wish of the exile community and the Seychelles people. ( The failure and this is the most important, to the Western governments, diplomacy, military, intelligence and media. Their inability to weigh properly what was going on and why. Those from the USA, White House, Pentagon, CIA - like wise Britain, France and other European capitals who had started the process of hijacking that concept, process for their own agenda and bring their own people to control the situation in the future. Those mega political and economic interest which we are witnessing today, the GMR conglomerate, those around Sir James Mancham, those around Dr Maxime Ferrari, those around Mr Robert Frichot/ Mr Edmond Camille.) They had been for bloody blood bath, wreck and mess up everything - we had put forward a reasonable good serious option, solution - they were ready to have us out, by what ever means and methods. For the politicians, high corporate parties - that was the time, era, event, moment they had waited and been waiting. They wanted to grab power and make big money. They were blinded - they failed to take into account that we had not sat together and address "memorandums" which could and be circulated and that used as substance to negotiate and do whatever they want. We had been involved in a new "communication mechanism" synergistic - dynamic communication concept - we knew all the cogs reasonably well. Those who had banded together were either unaware or blinded to those facts. Equally important to the process, package and solution the Networks involved, those involved to bring the peaceful - not military change in Poland, other COMECON countries, the USSR, Germany. Not to exclude countries outside Europe.

This is what the vast majority in Seychelles do not and did not know, the process of those involved in managing the Network we have often mentioned - who were they. For the First time in modern civilization, NATO, such powerful body, establishment, institutions had not been directly involved in changing a political block like the COMECON, let alone the power and size of USSR. In both situation the transition of their economy. Can the average Seychellois, or Mauritian, Reunion then imagime anybody or Network making any resonable serious forecast about the economic change in the COMECON in $billions, likewise in the USSR and later in OAU. This President FA Rene knew and Sir James Mancham, Dr Ferrari knew aspects and those involved with them. That was waht they were really after not the 20% of $500- $800 millions. Here were economic, corpoarte, financial issues in $trillions. Their opportunity to get involved and make fortumes.

This had been part of an important methodology - the Seychelles government, the SPPF, the very many involved and around the change had communicated. With President FA Rene advantage, knowledge of the cog of that new communication method - so that when the fateful announcement was made 1991 that the exile could return home and that Multi party would be allowed. The delegation, preparation and those from the exile Seychelles faction who returned home. How they handled situation once in Seychelles and those involved. Those who judge the Seychellois were imbeciles and could easily succumb to "whatever you do to horses to get then to go straight in races". The objective of this thread is not about the debacle of the political negotiations etc. It is about the vital and very crucial role Pope John Paul ll played in the whole issues and a very great deal cannot, and will never be disclosed to the greater public. It is beyond the capacity, ability of the greater public, their media and institutions to understand and fathom these issues and why they work. Hence what the world, the people of Seychelles, the region and history witnessed a unique phenomena. It is not out of reach - its is within the grasp of the world and civilisation - if we remember to go " bended knees when the world, humanity face crises of extra dimensions".

Hence Sir James Mancham, President FA Rene and the world our good reason to put that wooden shield made of Seychelles timber on the pictures, book recently published by Sir James Mancham - the global citizen. He used to ostracised us about religious values - played down. For those who know Christian issues/experience - the involvement of Mr Marc Sabadin and that of Pope John Paul ll to make it possible for the Seychelles Exile to open the big door, which had been firmly shut - so that they could return home to their beloved land.

We are adding this thread recall/remind the thread we added last Friday about the reopening of the Seychelles High Commission at Hanover street. The second chance for everybody in Seychelles and elsewhere to think very hard - that SIROP exile, Allinace, SDP, MD, CDU, SNM/MPR etc in only 2/3 or there about completed, implemented. The state of the world economy and global situation - where to find the required $500 million to further this program over the next 5 - 10 years. As well as new national requirements,financial constraints and uncertainties - economic woes.

List of pastoral visits of Pope John Paul II outside Italy


Saturday, 23 January 2010

Obama’s approval rating drops below 50 - Hanover Street, New Seychelles High Commission

Obama’s approval rating drops below 50, and is unlikely to rise soon

Upon the advice of some body very prominent in the Russian politic, the relevancy of those who know and are aware of how Seychelles International politic works, the past 30 years, the mega debacle surrounding the last Closure, the opening of the New High Commission at Hanover Street, London where we are threading this article.

The personality urge us to note and address on our Sechelles - Seychelles EU Community Forums, certain relevancies. At a later date we will add a picture of the New High Commission premise.
Some/one of those issues is the relation, comparison of President Obama Presidency development, progress in comparison to Tony Blair. We are pressed to write this thread. Was it 6 months or more, that awful and dreadful development surrounding Princess Diana and the Al Fayad. We had hinted to Mr Blair of the problematic prior – because we had been dumped at the Hibury Hotel, Islington – all those who knew what was going – then the so called accident/ death.

For those who were at Richmond Crescent when the news fell he had been elected, the party at the Queen Elizabeth Hall. Those who had and played a crucial role that Blair be elected and the media “puke after wards, sleaze, lies and the spins” from Mr Blair. Given other very important EU and world issues those who know and are involved – that the death, accident of Princess Diana was a terrible “omen” on the Blair future and government. “Because those who knew the state of things around the Princess and had hoped, expected that Blair would play his role/part, responsibility as had been expected. His Premiership was marred – a big cloud hung over him. Many of the important issues which ensued how he handled it. The mess in the end.

President Obama knew why, how and those involved to get him elected under all the challenges and massive opposition. He was given a duty – mission like Tony Blair. Some of these issues have been presented to him off the diplomatic, government platform – approach.

To cut matter short and brief. The Seychelles have been given and opened a new National Assembly by the Chinese, all those who oppose this. The mega politic of AU, the Gulf Region, Asia, the Indian ocean – President Obama directive, the many so called USA friendly visit to Seychelles since and other issues. The Seychelles is a Francophone and system very much like Haiti. We have been writing and explaining how we work right across the world and what make us the 2nd and Mauritius 1st best governance in AU.

We have addressed the EU many relevant institutions, the USA on the fact that that so call “Anti terrorist Unit Department in EU” ought should not have been named so. The important use and abuse of abnormal dynamic and such practice in the world and high corporate affairs – those who study and monitor such issues.

That mega Earthquake and Tsunami in the Indian Ocean, 250,000 lives lost and the economic destruction. Beside numerous other such incidents.

We had addressed the same issues to Tony Blair. Why he choose to oppose our request and plea – so that Politicians, their mechanism could go on wantonly use and abuse many abnormal mechanism, dynamics, pass heavy handed laws – control the populace and any thing they came across. To the issues of the WDM, their blatant lies and cover up and the current questioning. Others are Terrorist and they are not – just because they are politician and elected elites. Instead – he compelled, forced, demanded, used his political clout that right across the board they implement and begin using that infernal “CJD/Rave/rage/Satanic vibe” and the consequences today. Hence our call for the EU to look deeply into the issues. He even went to war, killing thousands of innocent people because of it.

The cause and so called scientific reason, mechanism which trigerred that total destruction of Haiti in “as bad and a mega warning” to President Obama – given the Climate Summit and the outcome. He may argue the USA interest come first. We and very many other know how world politic works. He had been given a mission – agenda to work. Those issues related will impact his Presidency importantly. Sadness for the great mass, the millions who will be conned, lied too and in the end the terrible mess. The media filth.

To give another sample of things – those who have been saying and telling the world the dreadful corporate practice which existed, how others are working hard, what they do and the media lies, con. The real issues which led to the mega USA financial, housing and economic – with it the world.

Again to cut details. The media this morning going for him – saying that because of his statement. He has caused the world and global Market to fall. Under Bush, Reagen, Blair, Major and Tacther – those phenomena were there and applied.

The problem is the so call media – the so call expert their more and more consistent lies, cover up and the real dynamic, synergy which impact and can impact and used to impact such issues not discussed. The multinational Finance house they go along it is fine as long as they make massive profits – whatever methods and means.

Excuse us the thread is full of errors we are threading next to the new Seychelles High Commission at Hanover Street. Those from the Fraternal, Illuminati, Archaic, Christian and others who know what really took place 20 years ago there. Why and what they are there for. The mega SIROP/CDU/DP/SNM etc exile return program $500 – $800 millions, ( We have come to edit this thread at the French Institute at South Kensington – two days ago we were here what and those who use the infamous satanic rave/rage, crack vibe and CJD – the mega bust up in France, the cars burnt etc and the heavy police involvement) the Big branch of Barclay round the corner we met and discussed with their top executive about the Barclay situation in Seychelles, Africa and the Indian Ocean, their respond. Equally the very large Building housing the HSBC, the merger debacle we were involved Mr Purves, the Italian connections. Also the St George church those from the Fraternal establishment at the time of the SIROP program who judge they control the church and every tings and made life hell for everybody. The Austrian tourist not far, the Mauritius Airline, the imposing hotel, the Irish Consulate, – the USA Embassy down the road and so very many other people, business we knew and were in contact for that SIROP etc exile return program,. The old Bond Street, the issues of the Readers Digest colour bible, the Philippine airline, The changes in the COMCON, the USSR issues, the German Reunification, German Treuhand process, the total French crap - anger of President Mitterrand on going issues. The issues of our connection in Monaco and Italian P2 Lodge. The Mauritian community grabbing their share of the loot/kill, those who were driving around London 20 years ago only interested in making the big kill, big buck on the back of our work and political situation wahtever cost. Spinning, using and abusing people to manipulate and push things in certain direction. Their agenda.

“ A very nice story – the Austrian old Restaurant round the corner – we decided to invite and take a then young Mauritian lady, after dinner decided to be naughty and treat her to a cigar from a selection, she puffed away, the fun and got so violently sick – they had to close the Restaurant” that night.

This is to the former USSR boss, current Leaders of Russia – this is where everything when wrong. We en devoured to discuss with the Russian Embassy in London, what was taking place. Had we been allowed to Develop and built that SIROP etc exile program in France or Germany, those who had used Dr Ferrari in the process, what they did and equally Sir James Mancham, they had refused to listen, involvement in hijacking that SIROP exile return program, if anything given their past political experience and knowledge of diplomacy ought to have been wise, they were not. The Seychelles Exile and the Seychelles nation got ripped off, robbed, taken to the laundry properly – the USSR, COMCON system change would have been different – the global economy, financial mess and the state of the world. The Russian Secret Service, the Military and many other is Russia getting very angry – mad.

We have been given a second chance so to say by the opening of the Seychelles High commission at Hanover Street, the royal Hanover family and Hanover in Germany. The state of the world economy, the mega economic and financial melt down, The situation in Africa and Small nation. We address Mr Oscar Lafontaine and those around him in Germany, he was there then – Sechelles – Seychelles have opened their High commission in Hanover Street, his efforts to bring some balance and sanity in the corrupted economic, financial and corporate practice in Germany and the world – EU. We still have a chance, given a second chance.

I trust President James Michel who were not aware of the process, not intended to lead Seychelles, the New national Assembly, the forthcoming general election, what has been said at home and debate, what ever percentage of the old SIROP etc exile return program implemented, Reclamation project etc and others do not get the bright idea to do like Dr Ferrari and others did and the terrible mess to date. The world is in a terrible mess as a result. ( just now I have ticked off a French woman on what took place two days ago in the library – yet she is going on, these are the issues the utter madness that have engulfed the wold – the mind programming process.)

The world is not 1983 – 1991, We now have a very important process and actually several process until we arrived at “the Treaty of Lisbon” and the vast many in London and Britain who treat things as usual – just like they treated things in the past, including that Channel Tunnel project the important impact on France and Britain relation ship it was supposed to bring. There have been so many terrible things happened the past 19 years in the world and Britain - the depraved mentality as if nothing had ever happened – except their little craps.

Beside the big banks there Barclay, HSBC, Lloyd and Halifax – that stock Market company Singer across them, they are going to cream, take them to the laundry properly and thy will be left empty handed, the very large Property developer Lang across the Square and several. Most significant Qatar Airline they were in Conduit Street – the reason the moved to their current address – had they known they would have stayed and join the thieves and creaming process. While out land country get taken over and we the real Seychellois become poorer or live in exile. What about our children and future generations. Mr/President Obama we the Seychellois nation we took a vow never again to let another nation control our destiny how whever big, powerful and rich – we trust the youth of Seychelles , the children will take this vow/pledge too.

There are many very important other issues which have been left out from that thread on Sechelles - Seychelles new High Commission at Hanover Street.

Because of the political brutalities, dishonesty, lies, cover-up, arms twisting, bullying, intimidation in that SIROP - Alliance, DP, CDU, SNM/MPR etc exile return program of 1986/1991 in relating to Diego Garcia - BIOT had wanted not to write about the "Kraft - Cadbury takeover, Aldabra Atoll Group issues".
Before we go further we had mentioned of the Russian high Parties who had advised us to write that thread, they reminded us yet again this morning. We purposely omitted the the issues of the "Kraft USA -Cadbury take over for some $12 billions". Certain important implications for the Seychelles Sovereignty, the Indian Ocean regional politic, Strategic balance, diplomacy and economy. Equally affecting the Gulf Region, African Union and our Asian Strategic issues. The takeover ofCadbury by Kraft also implies that they acquire the relevant interest of Aldabra Group of Islands formerly controlled by the Cadbury family - the Lease of 99 years. The media and politicians in Seychelles, the NGO - Civic Society in Seychelles need to be on their toe. This is not a development to be taken lightly. " We want to quote one of the most piercing remark by those who really know certain issues - the famousCadbury Eggs with the yellow in side - the statement to the "American - Kraft that you do not and cannot put cheese in that special egg"

Three other important issues we had omitted.

Now that "Kraft has taken over Cadbury" what is meant about the egg. Country life - the mega 123 Regent Str where they switch the Christmas light every year, the mega debacle all the facilities of that place. The terrible politic of the daypractice in London and the fast food, terrible food politic which existed in London until well into 2000 those in London who they they have the elite cuisine in the world or Europe - this translated to everyday politic. They were an important Christian project in London, Europe and the USA. When all the young exile,Mancham , Dr Ferrari and other were calling for the "total elimination of the Seychelles government and their leadership" our involvement and association with Country life influenced that we look at alternative solution to Seychelles, Indian Ocean and regional politic - we endeavoured to address the USA intelligence these issues upon our visit there. Mr TerrySandapin , Mr Paul Chow did visit their premise and mega building. The important Christian involvement, support, network involved - participation. They are just down the road. At the back, the famousSaville Row, the most expensive and elite tailors of the world. Round the corner equally most important - Tomas De La Rue Building - where they printed money for Seychelles, some of the many debacle of vast amount vanishing and other countries. Our personal and national involvements in instance - those who know/knew.

We have mentioned the issues of HSBC merger take over, the darn lies and take over. Mr Purves the Italian who led the takeover from HSBC side - our P2 lodge connections, other archaic/fraternal connection at play and involved. Why - just round the corner was the Bank Mr JoJo Horner had helped/contributed Mr Gerrard Houreau to open the MPR/SNM Bank account. Those who recall the difficulties of opening Bank account in Britain then. That Bank was situated on the corner of the entrance to Country Life Restaurant, the post office and Gerrard Jewellers across the street. The Midland Bank with their Yellow Logo - lettering.

Off Regent Street, as you take the first road right is Conduit Street. Who and how many Real Seychellois Exile/refugee do not know, recall or forgotten that famous/infamous Building - the Ambassador Delpech and our Tourist office, next door the police station, the Australian tourist office, we have mentioned Air Mauritius, Kenya Airline, Rolls Royce Car Dealer. The very many bitter, angry, desperate, frustrating and explosive protest we held at Conduit Street - the Exile Oppositions in the bitter Cold. the Mason Arm Pub across the road the elite and leadership would go after for a Beer. What must not be forgotten are thoseSechelles - Seychelles mothers, woman who supported and encouraged their men on. The instance of not just the skirt lifting to the Embassy showing their "arrière, derrière, postérieur" to the Embassy officials and staff. Conduit Street is two streets parallel. Those like Mr Andre Rasool who had been Seychelles 1st Ambassador. Mr Ali Parkar and Mrs Soona Oliajee corporate office and that of Mr Ramnijk Valabjhi not very far either. Across on the other side of Regen Street - Brewer Street, the SITA Office and Shop of former Minister Phillipe Jumeau - later our efforts, to taken over the Centre, club Mr Gerrard Houreau had started involving Mr Terry Sandapin and other UKSCA executive, near by. Mrs Kathleen Pillay visited the premise. The uncle of the current Ambassador. Much further at the end of Oxford Street, the Cumberland Hotel where Mr RobertFrichot, former ambassador would go for a drink. Our favourite was the French Meridian Hotel off Regent Street, St James at the back of Mason retail store, the Intercontinental Hotel, Hilton near Hyde Park. We almost forget something very important - the Group Sachi and Sachi, the role in some of these dabacles, why at the back of Old Bond Street. The Sir Robert Maxwell debacles involving the SIROP etc and our Exile/refugee conmmunity - why he was killed/died .Only those with inside knowledge what when on and took place. The many/some of our very important British Jewish corporate and other connections. ( then they tell us of Heinz and Lehman Brothers - next time I will bring my other to Sechelles - Seychelles children/families of Jewish blood)

Most important to all this the Court Case we endeavoured to introduce/get started at the Royal Court of Justice, some of London, South England best legal firms, leading names, for damage and compensation of £21 millions against several High parties in London over the destruction, theft,cover up of that SIROP, Alliance, DP, CDU, SNM/MPR etc exile return program. The paper works are still there. The three leading law firms we had recruited in the vicinity of the USA Embassy to advice, negotiate and discuss some of the complex issues - one of this Firm is today based next to the Knight of St John of Jerusalem in Islington - the Kight Templar Castle, the very many issues we have written about so far. The Hellish time we went through in London - whilst most of the exile/refugee community and their families had returned to Sechelles - Seychelles.

Meanwhile, since 1991 the cost overrun, those, anybody who undertand, familiar with the issues of such economic program, exile/Refigee program, management, diplomacy and politic. From the original $500 - $800 millions. we are now in the 20th year of that equally infamous SIROP etc exile/refugee return program only half and above completed the need to add some 30% - 50% for escalation of cost - price climb since. Making the program cost $240 - $400 millions ertra. These are issues which those who judge taking over the governemnt, setting up a government was/would be easy. How and where to find the finance and money to persue such program - concept.

Note: Sombody be kind and point this thread to the Russian in Seychelles

Origine of Hanover Square

Hanover Street

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

The impact of the World Tallest building on Sechelles - Seychelles Affairs, Indian Ocean region

The impact of the World Tallest building on Sechelles - Seychelles Affairs, Indian Ocean region.

We have added a thread at our community forum 4/01/10 and Face book upon the announcement of the opening of the World Tallest building in Dubai - Burj Khalifa Tower. We have also stated that over the past 19/20 years we have been monitoring and involved, making "due in put - contributions" in numerous important and historic issues of the Gulf Region. Equally we have taken great pain, efforts, time to explain how this come about, work and why. Given particularly, the World, USA, EU economic situation paid greater attention to the Real Estate issues of the Gulf Region. The Development that was/is meant to be of paramount impact. Including the technical, scientific and environment issues from those unique and mega Developments.

There is the/a need to also present the greater public, those at home still alive who know about some of these issues. What really led, compelled, forced President FA Rene to step down from Office - not the excuse he gave the nation and the world. We have address these lightly of some forums and blogs. You just cannot use significant and highly important Interdisciplinary dynamics, synergies coming from the science of Archaic, fraternal, Illuminati and the such, those who manage those issues in Seychelles, the Indian Ocean Region and our Sechelles - Seychelles EU Communit, responsibilities and heritage. Then pretend nothing have happened, give all kinds of bogus reasons, explanation. We and others, trained, responsible for such issues of the need to maintain and have due discretion, some and certain of the science and discipline are not meant for the greater public use and awareness. ( Those politicians who deny such practise and existence). In Seychelles unlike Mauritius, Reunion or New Zealand where they have reasonable good human resource. In Seychelles one or few individuals have had to cope and play multi role in responsibilities and the such. More in such situation for Prudence in carrying out one role.

Having mentioned the above. Those from Seychelles in "the past" they have left us who/that knew of certain practise in the Indian Ocean Region, Asia, Australia, the Gulf Region, Africa the past 35 years and before we were handed, given such responsibilities 60 - 250 years ago.

Our reason for starting the above thread is destined - aimed at those who will say, are saying - SIROP you have become like all the thousands of "scumbags" demented individuals who listen in, pick, hijack others issues and run around as theirs. Those who will be saying we are trying to capitalise, make point and link Seychelles, our politic and our EU Community to the above Historic event. Former President Rene Office, those who set about to put in place SIM. our modest Fraternal/archaic, Illuminati institutions of those project, constructions of Historic importance in Europe, other parts of the world, Africa, Asia affairs and interest have been linked and those associated with us who have equally know and benefited fro such association and working practise. We just cannot be bothered to mentioned the Buildings, Developments . Particularly President FA was of the view in his position and capacity you can use and work with such system - then deny and refute totally that you have been involved and worked with such Network. There is a price to pay and even the simple novice and idiot will Tell you and agree you will have to pay a price.

The deplorable situation is about those who have used and are using such network, association. They have made immense personal fortunes, amassed wealth in disproportionate amount. Then turn round and deny everything. They and everybody know there is a heavy price to pay.

We have been addressing the many relevant EU Institutions, the Church, the Monarchy, the important USA institutions of the state of things - were many fell, let things run their course. The practise of massive abuse, raiding and pilfering of our Sechelles - Seychelles EU relevant Heritage and its associated mechanism, etc.

Equally, those from the mentioned that have made certain efforts, to find out what is going on and what the practise relate to. Those from the former COMECON countries, India, Asia, South Africa judge we were easy prey. Here not just those that have gone to Seychelles to do business - the possibility of not ever having to even go to Seychelles and yet abuse, pilfer, raid - work our above mention Network to the maximum and make very vast fortunes.

It had to take the form of the mega world Economic bust up - melt down for anybody to do anything and then the very little they have done.

We have been recipient of briefing from AU by certain parties and the bitterness, insults at those who meddle and do not mind their own business. In our case Seychelles, the Indian Ocean - our important Heritage and their working in EU and around the world.

It is very painful to note that President J A Michel is going and have gone down the road of President FA Rene. (For those who care of the need to remind him, the grave dangers and pitfalls)

In Europe. South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the USA and South America and Quebec. Those involved in managing such responsibilities how they work and why they work the way they do. We have gone out of our way to address a former Minister, now Judge and the need for those in Seychelles and EU to come together to review and conclude what best/better way to manage those responsibilities. Including the Church in Seychelles.

Among one of the most important argument, request we have been making to many past EU Head of state, in USA, the African Union, royal institutions - that we be allowed, supported to set up - have in place in Seychelles an Office for IOIMF, the sister, cousin Interdisciplinary high management project started in Vienna and Davos 25/30 years ago. In the case of IOIMF, its relevancy, importance in managing the Seychelles, Indian Ocean aspect of the COMECON, USSR, Germany Reunification and countless important EU process to the current Lisbon Treaty. Includingm the OAU - African Union and ongoing Gulf Region process the past 28 years.

The disaster and shame is over the many many buildings that have been erected, build in Seychelles or the region, those who have used and the discipline concepted, managed by IOIMF and the such. Strangers from far away land come and lay claim to the right to live and work there, build and have their business. Yet this very important Institutions is categorically barred, boycotted by the government and the ruling establishment. What about the many shops and large Private buildings being put up and build by the Indian communities.

Equally our argument of the dangers of utter abuse by those in power in Seychelles, regional government, politicians, African Union, India, Pakistan, Gulf Region, Australia. Adequate and proper accountability - transparency.

In advocating the issues here. The need to remind the politicians in Seychelles, they were not born in the Office they were elected and appointed, as such the due process if any exist, order of things. The average Seychellois and indeed the population of the region, rights are being down trodden by those they have elected to represent them and their interest.

We have a new National Assembly paramount to our concern, as well such important issues like the future world currency being put together by the Region Arab nation and that New building - the World Tallest building. In most countries and society, there would be many important written debate, arguments about the positiveness of the New Assembly and for that matter such issues, the future world currency being put together and the world Tallest building. In Seychelles we are castrated, we are muzelled, we are ristricted from such debate, discussions and public digesting healthy process.

If and when somebody do attempt he is look at and labelled all sort of names.

Yet if one. should one present the view to their eventual couter part in EU, they would be angry and challenge bitterly why and what for and whos rights. We equally have the Lisbon Treaty in place and their important impact on the lives and affairs of the Nation of the Indian Ocean and region.

We hold the strong and firm view unless greater efforts is made to allow, give the space, encourage and if necessary promote such dialague. For all the new inspiring building, architecture, monetary vission, economy and social democracy vision. If no proper debate, dialague and adequate transparancy is not encouraged - for those who work and have vast experience and knowledge in these field what awaits us, society our fate.

Needless to say, the paramount responsibility of the Civic Society to advocate for such process and due rights, the Church and Opposition parties before it is all too late.

World's tallest building opens in Dubai

World's tallest building opens in Dubai

The world's tallest building has officially opened in Dubai in a spectacular display of fireworks, light, and water.

The building has 160 storeys and stands 828 metres high.

The tower has been named the Burj Khalifa after the ruler of the neighbouring emirate of Abu Dhabi, whose multi-billion-dollar bailout helped Dubai's biggest developer avoid a potentially disastrous debt default in November.

The naming of the tower was a surprise for many, as it had always been referred to as the Burj Dubai.

The opening was a public relations blitz designed to show that Dubai still is still an international hub of finance despite its problems.

The building's owners say more than 90 per cent of space has been sold, but there is no indication of how many apartments or offices will be inhabited once its doors open in February.

The tower and surrounding development has cost about $22 billion to build.