SIROP combine exile/refugee Program

SIROP combine exile/refugee Program
When will the 21,000 - 25,000 Seychellois exile/refugees get Justice

Monday, 24 February 2014

Events prior to the protest/Revolution in Ukraine - Summer 2013

Commonwealth of Independent States

Government of Russia

Chernobyl disaster - the untold issues anybody care to refer to our letters and past messages - those who knew and were there at the time. The cover up/have everybody forgotten. . 

Just as we have addressed the linkage of that SIROP program online in November 2012 driving the USA economic revival - those who have studied the associated issues of the COMECON, the USSR, Communist change, the Privatization including the East German how the USA benefited importantly, the linking synergy, dynamic driving  the respective issues - what the politicians choose to say, the Media  and those experts and historians.

The ongoing linkage with that SIROP program to former COMECON - East Europe, their Privatization process, Social and political process and debacle of their entry into the European System - Nation workings. Again what the politicians choose to say, the respective media of central Europe., the USA and the former East Europe and the respective experts and historians.

We have addressed the decision for the former USSR - Russian Commonwealth under President Yeltsin to embrace a full fledged capitalist system/ some would term Market dictated discipline.  We addressed how under then lady Thatcher Russia had to develop it own brand and unique Corporate workings - it had opposed the many big USA and Britain Multinational - it had to develop it own approach and science.  What began then - those who knew, the like of Professor von Hayak, professor Hofmann, the Swiss based the ECF/WEF  - Prof Klaus Schwab, those from France/Paris L'ENA, Leading German Universities, Italy - Milan leading High Management Universities and Britain. The former USSR knew/had known everything about the History and workings of the USA Corporation/Multinational - the important role/place of the Italian Corporate discipline and science - in 1989/93 when the process was taking place and Privatization - those form Russia Big business society who began to integrate  such benchmark into their Corporate workings - encompassing their national, social, cultural ideologies and history.

Many may question - the motive and reason for addressing this - firstly for those of EU Institutions, countries like Britain, its politicians, media and national institutions critics of Russia Corporate benchmark and discipline view they were highly corrupted - from the prospective of High Management Interdisciplinary discipline - they had to develop such sophisticated Corporate discipline and workings - In fact one famous former leading Soviet Intelligence Service - turned high Corporate Professor - rename this approach of high corporate workings to Jazzing the economy or business ideas and plans etc and those who took it up and adopted it.  From a very British/English speaking prospective, ie USA, Canada, Australia, South African and rest of the world speaking  English it had been the "abnormal phenomena which we had began to develop in 1986 to work/communicate and drive specific aspect of high management, high corporate, high military and high scientific issues" those who kidnap and hijacked it and turned in the madness of that infernal Satanic rage/rave, crack vibe and all the rest. The new Russia Commonwealth high corporate workings adopted and took on-board this workings. In fact beside the man y negative issues which it caused - and President Bill Clinton miss reading some of the issues  and it was linked to the CIA mega $22 billion Budget announcement. This Science and discipline was in quasi trial mode and very many missing "the nail head with their hammer" - as they say.

In the Sechelles Seychelles, the need and requirement of President FA Rene to put into place equally the due and appropriate high corporate workings. The Italian high business had long been part of our system and in fact during the cold war they were/former part of the foundation/fondaments  of Seychelles alternative - those who have forgotten High Corporate global workings as against the national Economy of the Nation and Business entities - the challenges we were faced with that SIROP what system to introduce in that new Sechelles Seychelles and its 3rd Republic.  We had studied and worked for a very long time with the system in Mauritius.

Seychelles government - in the person of President FA Rene, the very many former USSR and COMECON/East European business associates - beside the Italian decided to include the new Russian and East European High corporate discipline/benchmarks for our Seychelles high Corporate workings the gearing and leverage associated with that SIROP program, greater regional workings - this is why we have said time and time the importance of that Program - it changes the way African did /was doing Corporate workings in then Cold War of 1987.  It was not African which impacted Sechelles Seychelles - those in Europe, Asia, south African, North African - the President of Libya, Algeria, south America, the USA, Canada, East Asia with whom Seychelles of President FA Rene had had a very long workings relation, China and Australia.  This influence and impacted that of India, the gulf Region High Corporate workings. Not they on Seychelles - we wish we could bring back lady Thatcher and get her to have a public rally and tell everybody what really took place and very many leading personalities - their second version of events and things.

The above said - those in the USA in particular who have addressed the Seychelles issue as coconut and sleepy heads - we have fought that they learn to differentiate between - those entities from former Africa, Asia and those entities form France and Europe - they have two very distinctive approach and thinking to High corp[orate workings, benchmark and disciplines. How they have over the past 25 years tend to revert and lean to their respective archaic and ancestral/heritage Corporate workings - including culture associated issues.

The development of be they new Russia, East Europe High corporate discipline, science did not stop there it impact and influence that of the EU Institutions, its policy and bench marks and accountability mechanism.
Beside the political linkage of that program with the former COMECON, that of the USSR - the leverage mechanism we had developed and put into place. Meaning a very large number of the Development Plans, Finance, Infrastructure Plans, Tourist  and the many others we had developed high discipline to leverage using mostly the new shall we say Russia high Corporate discipline, Central Europe and the new USA high corporate discipline - again those who study and monitor such issues - beside those who wantonly abused the system it  was a high percentage of " missing the nail head with a hammer".

The many Opposition in Seychelles who refuse to understand and take on board this/these issues - in fact President FA Rene Administration was very experienced with this new high discipline in comparison to President JA Michel Administration.

We have been demanding for an accountability/reporting to take place and all those who have objected and refused their respective reasons and arguments. Had the UN or the EU or Russia or China or African Union helped to write such a review or report many of the above mention would have had to be highlighted and addressed.

For this reason - we talked and addressed the issue of the Global crash of 2007/8 associated with this Program importantly. We are being very scant here.

Reading the many media reporting - the so call experts view of Russia - Commonwealth, East East Europe economic working difference with the rest of South Europe and what took place - all those who refuse to study in depth, including the EU institutions these issues.  We knew and observed that at the high of the crises and global situation the economy or Russia and its partners and that of the West/rest of Europe - the need to ask why were they not also melting/collapsing - the need to study and take into account the above hybrid of high Corporate working they had developed and introduced.

In 2012 - when those from the EU began to indicate we need to visit them and those form the African Union with regard to this SIROP program and in continuation or re-gearing and leverage issues - Part of the big/strong reluctant on our part, given the experience of the three previous melt down, the high corporate discipline which had been involved and at play driving the many issues, synergy an d dynamics - the need to reappraise and reevaluate as is the norm/requirement.  Those who had wanted to go business as usual.  We had addressed those form Davos/WEF on this topic, Seychelles government and others.

Again the above said - the many issues, linked to Seychelles Regional, EU, Asia, African Union, Gulf Region High Corporate development and that of the not just Russia but countries like Ukraine - the many instance a major policy State announcement, major economic restructuring Plan and and large refinancing issues energy had been linked and driven with this cross hybrid Corporate discipline.  From our prospective the requirement to take due note and manage and make the due input as and when required.

Equally important the need to stress and underlined - the political developments and were not excluded, they were importantly interlinked and required the same attention and input.

We are debating and addressing many in November that the EU, East Europe and in the Indian Ocean that Program needed to be reformulated - and the due high corporate discipline put onto place as we had done in 1987, when we had faced the many challenges to redevelop and reappraise this/these discipline.  We have often refereed to Professor Dr Hofmann and Professor von Hayak - the call that those in Austria who knew the historic issues and what have been written and not written relating the changes in the COMECON and the USSR in high economic term - as is required  for the world to redefine, reappraise and if nee be redevelop adequate high corporate discipline to work and drive the future Economy.  We had know  of the problematic in Austria and Vienna particularly  the economic issues of the new EU countries of which Austria had strive to be an important player including high Finance - what had taken place.  Those who had judge it important to develop architecture fitting for academic thinking and influencing synergy/dynamic on economic working  and its related science.  The planning and building of the new University of Vienna - the important role Professor Dr Hoffman had played and Professor Von Hayak - particularly the development of High Interdisciplinary management science - which is house in that new University of Vienna campus.

In Britain, France the work of President F Mitterrand new futuristic  architecture and constructions. The/their relevancy in influencing new and future high Corporate discipline - Interdisciplinary high management workings.  Those who study such issues and phenomena or sciences.  What we were confronted with in Vienna gave us a real challenge. We ask everybody not to forget -  including the person of Dr Hannes Androsh - we had been there and involved in the issues of Austria /Vienna  International Conference Center, then Dr Bruno Kreisky, the arguments for and against - we will not go into the details even if it is some 30 years on. Those who did not or choose to forget Professor Dr Micheal Hofmann has been involved and others.

What we will do is link one or two debate - issues relating to events in Ukraine, the decision for President Putin to rejuvenate Russia economy, events and decision, the debacle of the last election in the Ukraine and the option for the Russian or European package.  The situation and melt down in the many EU member state.  Those in Russia who had been reasonably aware of the linkage we have endeavored to address here.

Just as that SIROP program cause some 56 of the USA Biggest Banks to Fail -  and the many of other nations Big banks. The current situation in EU and the debacle of Ukraine and its near bankruptcy, the statement we have made that that SIROP program uploaded online the impacts and importance/relevancy to EU Economic recovery and as such future economic and Fiscal policy/politic - the former PM who was sentence to Jail was equally reasonably aware of the linkage and those who choose to then talk differently and when things go very wrong their position and attitude - not their faults - you just cannot afford to play the fool, with such high Corporate workings - let alone those High Gurus and the untrained Politicians stand less chance.  The reason we introduces the USA Banking issues here because these working were linked to the USA High Central Bank working  and those who managed it and those who knew.  We have listened to former President Gorbachev brief statement - the Ukraine nation ought to be given help and time to resolve this situation with help and support form the West, Russia and EU.

Finally - Ukraine is not Africa and the debacle of the ICC we have addressed - we dare and defy the Court and Judiciary of Ukraine to bring its former President to Trial - we will bombard the media,  the international Communities of what caused and resulted in the mega bust up just after the EU High Officials had been there and the signature, the reason for the offer - these are issues and workings to high Corporate discipline which need to be addressed. Another note - we have participated in the many process of helping all those new and past West European countries qualify their economy and Financial system to enter the EU workings. We have had some 30 years experience.  Beside - those who said they change the current system in Ukraine, media coverage, their experience and manner - that SIROP program like it or not have been at the core and involved in developing the due mechanism to change and influence change in the COMECON, USSR, Warsaw Pact, Africa, Latin America, Asia, Gulf Region and the Indian Ocean.  As such from the scientific, academic approach, workings, prospective the required due importance to/for those involved in any mechanism, such attempts to bring about changes with the related /associated issues, countries - need the take due note. The many linking and interlinking mechanism.

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