SIROP combine exile/refugee Program

SIROP combine exile/refugee Program
When will the 21,000 - 25,000 Seychellois exile/refugees get Justice

Sunday, 30 December 2012

The appointment of Norman Schwarzkopf, - death and that SIROP program

We ask/request all those who do not know the facts/did not know to do theirrespective research before they jump to conclusion.

As early as 1981 we had acquired the connection of Leading and importantFrench General - those in France who judge we could play an important role inchanging Sechelles Seychelles one party state/Communist regime.  The French Intelligence knew of those Seychelloisin Exile they could work with - capable of undertaking the high responsibilityto change Seychelles. Sir James Mancham was not on that List. Friends andacquaintance he had - but after the South Africa mercenary mega mess - theserious military at that the French had no confidence in him.  We had also had the opportunity totalk/discuss with senior South African, Israeli, French, Austrian High militaryOperative about the ability and capability of Sir James Mancham in then exile.We took more to listening as we had been taught than  to loud mouth and talk crap - the worse anyserious Senior military will tolerate. Only give you view when ask for.

For those who know we had already acquired a number of years ofcontributing to such issues. Be it the USA, USSR, the COMECON, South Africa,Britain, France, Italy and Germany.

It was those collective experiences that led our person to decide whenrequested by the percentage of Seychelles exile community to take over theresponsibility of Mr Gerrard Houreau to find a Solution that we decidedMilitary option/Solution to change then Seychelles Communist system/One Partysystem was not on my/our agenda - my surprise when those form the aboveNations' reacted robustly - because we had taken that conclusion - form ourpart - the first time we state this - those who ought to have known and were inthe know.

That SIROP program was a very serious Topic for those insider, the very Seniormany high Officials from the Nation mention above - because, given that the mechanismat work, was influencing a great deal of very high global, regional, internationaland National politic, diplomacy, finance, economic and military issues anddevelopment - beside scientific and media issues.  The other aspect our own capabilities andtraining in term of High Interdisciplinary management discipline to make suchcontribution - again those who  recalland know the debate as to who would be best to Head the US Arm Force -particularly the Gulf Region.

Had we not been involved - able to make such contribution - other namewould have been put forward. To note the issues of the Falkland War, the Frenchinvolvement what we have addressed briefly. Those in the USA very high up who knew of these issues.

Cover briefly then President Ronald Reagan Office and some of theappointments and nominations - the debacle of Secretary General  Gorbachev, the issues of Mr Gromyko, Edward Shevardnadze leaving then Mr Gorbachev totake the responsibility in His country those involved very high in the world whoknew the issues. The very politic, of Mr Gorbachev what mechanism was impactingit/them - those in USA, Germany France and Britain who knew it - what waswritten in the media/ press and TV in comparison.  We had a great deal of respect of the Soviet intelligenceService. Until today we cannot understand why when they were provided with theinformation - what was really driving Mr Gorbachev to make certaindecision  and this a the Highest level ofSoviet Military, Diplomatic, Intelligence, National and Economic, they havenever addressed it.  For anybody to getinvolve - play a leading in the changes that took place in the COMECON - USSR,that person must have know a great deal and had very good capabilities. Just thinkof all the properly trained diplomats, their resources, their respectivenational intelligence Services, their Politicians and many important world andnational institutions and the media - their concern and greater politicaldebate - objective. What took all if not most of them by surprise.

At the time of the Super Gun debacle - then Lady Tacther government, establishment and the media, thelunacy/near madness that prevailed - because we had dared not to follow thedirective and take the responsibility to put in place the required people, planand talk for a military Operation as was the norm for all those Small nationsfrom Africa, Indian Ocean and West Indies and Asia. We had dared to put acomplete mad Plan forward in the form of that SIROP program - the system , establishmentreacted and our important working connection of then Seychelles government and those in the Oil and Arm Industry, theyjudge the could muddle/dirty the water is the proper word by setting up SaddamHussein, his connections, indirectly upsetting/ making it very difficult todevelop, put together the required connection, discussion and resources for theSIROP program. The Office of then US President was reasonably informed, awareof those issues - their London and Paris Embassy. Both Seychelles governmentand the Seychelles exile/our person had very important and influentialGerman/Austrian and Swiss working high connections. With out going into thedetails this influenced the very appointment and nomination of Genera Schwarzkopf l.  As such they wereuntil the decision to name him as the Head of the Allies Forces, again thePresident F Mitterrand, some of his Ministers, Military and illuminate/Masonichigh workings knew about those issues. As against what the media took towriting and later what was recorded.

We had tried to address the Germany government, their London Embassy, theAustrian, the Italian and particularly President F Mitterrand that developmentaround the Super Gun issues - circus were not real, it was a fabrication, con,set up and why. We also had a meeting with the Russian on this subject andtried to get the South African to help and the Israeli Embassy to help. Just asthe North African super fiasco going on - those so call senior diplomatsrefused to do anything and those who knew they would not be able to do anything- who abuse this working.

The more we pressed ahead with the very many aspect of the highly complexprogram of SIROP  given the web we havepresented some of the complexities for the public  and others. The worse, the Saddam Hussein politicand those who was driving him to invade Kuwait. Those who understood the mechanism - a few great individuals we had beenin quasi contacts like Dr Henry Kissinger and some in France for the the eliteof France Command knew/were aware. Now because this SIROP Program required agreat deal of good will, support, contributions from Seychelles many importantCommunist workings, diplomacy, finance, economy, military - we had to have theability to check, reviews those/such issues with the high parties, theirMilitary and intelligence service and others - most important President FA Renehimself, those from the Gulf Region, Latin America, Asia, Africa, Pakistan andIndia.

Had we not put that SIROP program, the way, manner we did - there would nothave been a Kuwait Invasion - with great certainty. In the build up to theAllies force, NATO, the media circus, what was really going on. For instancePresident Saddam Hussein and those who supported him just could not understandwhy that SIROP Mechanism was impacting certain important military developmentand yet when he and those who supported endeavored to enlist it it/they failed- like wise the Allies Force.

We do not know the requirement for making public such information in theUSA with out getting into big trouble. General Schwarzkopf once appointed he familiarizedhimself with all the aspect of our person knowledge and experience in suchissues, all those involved and certainly all the complexities of that SIROPprogram - the German Unification, the Austrian high connection, the Italian,most important the French and what he had to advice then President Bush - whatPresident Bush knew and what he has shared to the public and Officials - thereis very important disparity.  Whatmechanism we used to communicate with then White House, its IntelligenceService, Military and many others the many workings and development of thisSIROP program.

All along President FA Rene had and maintained and developed his ownnetworks, military and intelligence connections - we/ I had known of this andthe challenges it would pose/prove and certainly when Sir James Mancham, DrFerrari, Minister D Joubert, Mr Christopher Savy and those from the MPRExecutive took to hijacking that SIROP program - what they did not know and certainlythey would be no match to President FA Rene and they had refused tolisten.  The total Fiasco  - forget the Constitution debate, the localoppositions. They had no clue what was going on Internationally in  the greater workings of diplomacy, militaryand economy of the world and the region. General Schwarzkopf and those from  hisOffice knew of this.

It is really strange the way nation carry on with wars and their objective. Saddam Hussein and a few hadtried to make a few bucks on arms and selling technology - the USA and thoseinvolved when they realized the potential of that SIROP program how they set upproper shop as they say to develop a massive platform - connectivity tobenefits the USA in many aspects, likewise Britain - France many entities, theItalian, the Germans, the Austrians and a few others.  We will not go into the details here becausethis is not the purpose of this thread. Hover sufficient to say that that platformwas linked to President FA Rene Platform and highly complex high corporateworkings, former COMECON, USSR and Gulf Region Officials. Particularly in thePrivatization of the East German economy, that of the USSR and former COMECON.

What is equally important, those form Solidarnos and other former COMECONactivist who was given Power and later plastered with Honorary doctor titleslike our current Sir James Mancham and those who know the reality - what wasdriving them and who the real credit ought to be given.  Little wonder the young generation likeJulian Assange and many others who are fully aware that a great deal of those/suchissues have been buried, covered and dumped in some storage they want to dig itup, dig into it try and find  out whatreally took place. In return the scorpion nest and vipers nest they haveunleashed upon themselves.

As the Founder of SIROP we have asked for accountability and had the Nationsupported this call, the Oppositions and the International community suchissues would have had to come out, debate and addressed even if in close roomand the such and proper notes made/taken down.

Having played a very important role in General Schwarzkopf nomination and appointment howshortly upon the Allies Army was put together this relation change and webecame antagonist.  He was/became one ofthose hell bent to destroy - oppose that SIROP program at all cost - whateverit took and cost. President Reagan, President Bush Senior, Junior, PresidentClinton, President Carter and certainly some of the Kennedy Family were put inthe know for good reason over the course of time.

What also need to be said those in London who knew much more than we havewritten here and using it to influence his judgment and the White House, theMedia, public and European decision makers and the public.

Until we went to Angers - Loire with the active knowledge of then PM Johnmajor and President F Mitterrand, those three suitcase, the Red Delsey for the pregnantmother - the Mauritius politic and connections then and my grey Samsonite -newfrom Selfridges. In the course of my workings had used at least two or three.Most important that Old suitcase of the Epstine/Beloff Family we had put allthe SIROP papers, many notes and documents. That suit case was not empty.  TheUSA Intelligence and others we had taken those documents to France and thereasons - events nobody have addressed, not even  President Mitterrand and his manyassociates.  Most important to say/notethat Gulf War could have been averted if managed differently - those who knew.General Schwarzkopf one the major Military personality who opposed my return toSeychelles lead and take any part in that SIROP program, then those form USApolitic.  There is one person alive whoknow and is aware of these issues - General Colin Powel.

The vast majority in Seychelles particularly our politicians, those whowanted to change Seychelles, African, Arabs, Indians, Pakistan did not know ofsuch issues until recently when we began sharing it in public.

We have taken some pictures of Harrods today - those who had ask me to buythe two suit case at Harrods, the Kashogi Family connection and we had said nofor very many reasons - instead choose Selfridge and over the many years themany important good will and benefits they have got/acquired and what theywrite about the the media. I/We had know of these development and impact beforewe decided to buy and suitcase and my decision to use the Epstine/Beloff oldsuitcase.  By the way Sir James Manchamknew none of these until very recently too.

In as much as we refused to take the good advice and buy those suitcasesfrom Harrods - we did go a couple of time to look at their options, we triedtheir perfume then also - what we have addressed about this Program impactingand affecting perfume development, high Fashion, cooking - restaurant and hautecuisine,  the cinema and the bothclassical and popular music , the arts sports. Most important what we have beenaddressing - given our French ancestral Heritage have stated we decided touse/choose a Toulouse Lautrec  recipe,Sir James Mancham for all his great knowledge of food and wine was not awareand lady Thatcher wanted to crucify our person because she judge we werebelittling British cooking - she went up in Arms.  Today we have a proper Tourist and HotelAcademy, our University,  anybody whocare to do an MA or BA trying to cook a Toulouse Lautrec - President FA Rene inspite of letting him know he had no clue, let alone the Seychelles politiciansand Oppositions - we in turn have developed the most terrible bad eating habitssince 1991 - may be the God's have come to punish us too as they say - we hadpromised to buy a Toulouse Lautrec cook book for President FA Rene - he judgewe were winding him up too.

There are very many important issues relating to Angers - Loire, theChurch,  then GeneraSchwarzkopf , theFrench government, Intelligence service and the Masonic/illuminati establishment  we have to wait more time before we make it public.  That SIROP program in reality was not aboutjust $500 - $800 millions economic package/development program- it was a muchbigger program involving many $ trillions, the restructuring of the USA andWestern finance, Economy, that of the USSR former Russia and the COMECON  countries and the total mess we landed ourself into. What about the appointment and nomination of Mr DSK, those who knewof the issues, closely related.  Whatreally took place at the IMF and World Bank instead.  They also formed part ofthe New ECU and later EURO issues and the total mess we have landed our selfinto the good Lord only know what they have done with all the information andwhat else.  The Gulf War, Kuwait adiversion from the greater picture. Most important how the Soviet  and their Allies have been short change ifthat is the proper expression and the current development in global relation.  It is also very sad about such greatworkings, many of those involved have departed and leaving us - taking alltheir most important secrets with them - what we think we know or have beenwritten and the truth is far from the truth and then reality of issues.

After the Gulf War events and our involvement - personal challenge with theGeneral Schwarzkopf, his high Office and events, much more his Corporate high Associates to agreater extent this is what this thread is all about -  those who really know the Truth. Includingthose who would have wished him as US President - events, what the media do notwrite about.

Harrods Knight Bridge
Angers Loire where those three suit cases were left