SIROP combine exile/refugee Program

SIROP combine exile/refugee Program
When will the 21,000 - 25,000 Seychellois exile/refugees get Justice

Wednesday, 26 March 2008

The French nation, their president refuse to recognize our work historic efforts

Jet-Set French President Heads To Britain

President Sarkozy state visit to Britain

Wednesday is antique fair in Britain – London, across EU, we have taken the time to address this thread. ( The mega scandal which have hit the Islington Camden Arcade, those property speculators who have used our Seychelles EU community archaic/fraternal heritage – the fact that we are based in Islington since 1997 the many individuals who belong to the Fraternal/masonic institutions, to make £/$ millions at the expense of the small Antique merchants – the properties being sold to large developers)Nobody have ever said thank you or offered us a cent.

We watched a program on German TV filmed for arte about the black community in France the 18th District. France is the country in EU with the largest population of blacks or people of African origins – be they North Africa, other former colonies of France, including Seychelles, Mauritius, Reunion, Madagascar, Comores.

Among some of the important issues raised by the practice and politic in France – when it come to sport and in the olden days the military. Those from Africa or of African Origin, including the Pied Noirs, when they perform and become national sport hero's then they are recognized as French.

When in the greater life of France, business, academic, politic, they do get anywhere or try to get anywhere they are stigmatized, they carry the label of Africa, north African, Pied Noirs, etc. The issue of Creolelite and African black movement awareness.

However what life is like for the vast majority of the black – African in the 18th District of France. How terrible it is for the vast majority. The immigration and housing situation.

Based on the contents of that program we want to ask three question to the greater world and the French people. We have address some pertinent question in the past on this subject.

We have stated that the Seychelles Exile/refugee communities played a very crucial role in what started to the change in Poland – the pre Solidarnos, Gdansk – the shipyard strike and protest. The involvement of our communities in exile – with exile COMECON nation network – how we worked, the changes with came to Poland, then the other countries, the issues of East Germany, including Romania – the ancestral home of President Sarkozy – his family, East Germany. ( By our important contribution we helped free his country, people from Communism, brought Christianism, brought the ancient archaic/fraternal institutions back, their kings and royalty and gve them a voice in EU)The situation in USSR which compelled President Gorbachev to adopt the position and politic not to send in the Soviet Army and the fall of the Berlin Wall.

We have stated the Seychelles exile/refugees used their ancestral French archaic/fraternal/religious heritage, network and resource to achieve this. Not from Africa or Mars or Jupiter or the Taliban. This should have been recognized, the lies, cover up. The reason we have concepted our Seychelles EU community portal and the issues addressed.

What President Sarkozy and those in Elysee Palace is not telling the world how they used the Seychelles synergy/dynamic archaic/fraternal for President Sarkosy to be elected – including the marriage to his present Italian wife – given our Italian archaic/fraternal heritage. Like they treat those of North African and African Origin they are good only to be use and abused and they are not given the credit.

Under the government of President Francois Mitterrand – the many important national development in France, French colony, military, space, major industrial and economic program our community have been involved in because of our French ancestral archaic/fraternal heritage – that we manage. Some of the things, issues and project we initiated and they took on board. The Channel Tunnel project – nobody give us the credit, they question is why – then they use the Masonic/fraternal excuse to cover up – this is not good enough. In France the past 300 years what became of the Templars and the Masonic involvement in the people politic and how they reacted.

We have stated that of our community involvement contribution to the enlargement politic of the EU, which had not been planned, how those who manipulated our Seychelles EU community, archaic/fraternal heritage to bring these about, the media, the commission and Masonic duplicity. We are not given credit – they take the credit.

For the past 15 years the role, the economic motor, synergy, dynamic we have been managing across the EU and France – issues of major economic impact. The EU Stock Market, the EU employment – the EU immigration right up to the politic of the Commission, the Parliament, council of Europe they take the credit.

We have stated that had we not put that portal the way we have the economic and political turbulence which would have affected EU and the rest of the world. We are not given credit for it. Very important the impact of that SIROP/CDU/Alliance/DP/SNM/MPR exile return program. Impact on the Indian Ocean, the Gulf Region, Asian subcontinent, we do not get the credit for it.

Most important what important work our community have done to bring about the issues- situation that President Gadaffi take a lead role in call in in place the African Union. Even that as a people who have live and develop over the past 300 years in African/Indian Ocean Region we do not get the credit. The bloody lies and cover up. Then they have to pass every draconian laws to protect their lies and their dirty scams.

Most important given the relevancy to President Sarkozy election as president of France – his Jewish links and connection, the Jews in Britain and the Romanian communities in Britain. There was a very strong reason why we put together a particular set of issues which led to the 250,000 Russian Jews being allowed to migrate to Israel and the 74,000 from Ethiopia.

Because of the politic, the work, involvement of our Seychelles EU community – the French archaic/fraternal heritage and Italian and British. Had that program not been put in place the German Holocaust compensation amounting to $8 billions would never have been paid to the Jewish survivals by the Germans and the money frozen in Switzerland. ( Not to exclude the political situation with the Jewish community in France) nobody has ever said a thank you – they take the credit for it – Then they say they are great in respecting the archaic/fraternal rules, ethic.

This dishonesty – if President Sarkozy know anything of French history will come to hunt him and his presidency. The fact that the British lay great emphasis on their archaic/fraternal heritage and its working. Those in the past who have not respected this and abused it what became of them.

We trust somebody will point this thread to the French embassy in Seychelles and Alliance Francaise and the many French institutions, their media and the EU institutions – including the French political parties and the Senate.

President Sarkozy is dreaming if he believes that he is greater than all the former presidents and kings of France. The French people will only tolerate so much, including his present political approach to mix Jet setting – pop life style with that of the President of France. Sir James Mancham also paid for it. Ex primeminister Tony Blair also paid for it with his style of pop, super star British primeminister ship approach. The dishonesty which come with this approach and life style others do all the dirty work, vote for them, buy their crappy film or music, news paper and they are made super stars – when they are very hallow human individuals. This also reflect the kind of politic Balkan, former COMECON politicians follow and peruses. For a people, with such rich heritage as the Seychelles EU community, our Pied Noirs heritage we deplore this situation – sate of things.

Note: The recent Summit in EU on Climate change – what really led to the 100 cars pile up on the Austrain Motorway this weekend and the Housing complex in Norway which collasp this morning. The dishonesty, lies and coverup. Those Officials with their scientist and their Official version of things.

French president Nicolas Sarkozy begins his state visit of the UK today.
Sarkozy faces criticism at home for his 'jet set' lifestyle

Mr Sarkozy will arrive at Heathrow airport later this morning before being given a ceremonial welcome by the Queen at Windsor.

Over the next two days he will address both houses of Parliament, attend a state banquet and take part in an Anglo-French summit with the Prime Minister.

Subjects likely to be on the table include nuclear power.

It has been reported that Britain is on the verge of signing a deal with France to build a new generation of nuclear power stations to replace our ageing stock.

Illegal immigration is also expected to be discussed, including measures to tighten border controls on both sides of the channel.

It is also believed that the French president may announce plans to send a further 1,000 troops to Afghanistan.

France currently has almost 1,500 soldiers based in the country, mostly deployed in and around the capital Kabul.

The 53-year-old will be accompanied on the visit by his new wife, the former model and singer Carla Brunei-Sarkozy, as well as his mother.

Andree, 81, will join the ceremonial procession which will include more than 200 horses and soldiers from The Household Cavalry and The King's Troop, The Royal Horse Artillery.

There will also be a 21 gun salute.

Despite being a well known anglophile the President chose to shorten his visit.
Both leaders are bouncing back from low opinion poll ratings

He will leave immediately after a Guild Hall banquet with the Lord Mayor on Thursday evening, instead of staying on until Friday morning.

The president came to power last May promising to restore values of work, authority and respect in France.

But his popularity has tumbled in recent months, amidst criticism of his jet-set lifestyle.

French journalist and author Agnes Poiriet said: "The French have had enough of his antics, of his private life played out in the front stage.

"A lot of French people think for all his talk of reforms he hasn't done that many and they are eager for him to start acting like a president, not like a celebrity."

Mr Sarkozy will hope that the visit can help him claw back some political stature.,,30100-1310643,00.html?f=rss

Monday, 24 March 2008

The outstanding intellectual quality involved in the SIROP Program, conception-implementation

Lord Oxford & Asquith resting place, St Andrew Mells, Somerset

Given the current state of the USA, British, EU economic climate, financial
market the diverse range of expertise, experts involved, the politician’s inability to cope with the complexities of current problematic. Decided to address an issue that ought to have been done some years ago, for strange – may be compelling and ulterior reason not done. Those behind it that nothing is written about it. Namely, the intellectual caliber involved in thinking, debating, trashing out the very vast maze of world issues involved in the original SIROP – CDU, Alliance, SNM/MPR, DP, SNP of 1987/88, then during some of the most terrible crises of the development and later implementation.

We have in bits and pieces, here and there tried hard to explain the important involvement of the church, religious force behind, propelling some of the more important issues involved then, in the past and the future of the above program – but not the unique intellectual quality, caliber involved and their power base, historic place of learning.

To be wise after the event may be very clever, in vast many case across history and modern time it has prove one of the biggest if not most important challenge at the time of thinking out a great or historic leading nation, world regional or small group of nation burning political, economic, scientific, social – warring state position, decision to implement or not a given major historic economic or Marshal
Plan or program. The quality of intellect involved their power base and historic place of learning. One can research the UN vast data library and other such international institutions which get involve, what happens in most instances, cases they would involved groups of politicians, again their power base and historic place of learning. A team of so called experts andadvisors , again their intellectual
caliber and capacity. These element, individuals, their knowledge expertise would decide the ultimate success or failure of such undertakings.

When this involves a single nation in the case Europe, this may prove a great deal easier to solve, come to grip and over come. The intellectual brilliancy, greatness of those involved is then an issue of the national academic, historic institution of higher learning.

The SIROP program involved the, a nation of the Indian Ocean – Africa, at the time the intellectual caliber of the men and woman involved across the wide range of conflicting interest. Here we are talking of political, war/military conflicts, economic interest, ideological interest, power and racial interest. Unlike Europe, Latin America, Asia their intellectual powers house, intellectual brilliancy, and their place of higher learning. The way they have over the years learnt, acquired the challenging expertise to put in place a set of given expertise in given field, science, discipline, knowledge their intellectual power base and place of learning. With out going into the maze of topics and issues related or at a given time. Those involved in the Program/project at the time.

From the political exile side and in vast many case of Indian Ocean and Africa, the politicians, their followings would consist of one or two relatively well educated, well travel, knowledgeable person – personality. They may have become so either from their own sweat, their intellectual capacity in their youth, tribal position, wealth, affluence, connection in most and vast cases those involved would have been singled out in the process of their acquiring their academic finish. In many instances their place of academic finish would have been pre chosen, selected, their impact, relevancy, importance when confronted, involved, brought into play in such or a given solving conflict program/project. The practice requiring that they use individual that had supported their higher education, learning process, their net work, their intellectual power base and historic place of higher learning would be brought in to help solve a given conflict.

This practice, process, the way things were done during the Cold War era. Irespective of cultural, language and historic colonial nation that had ruled them or were involved in their politic etc.

In our case Seychelles, we are confronted with several sets of challenging issues and criteria. They had been until recently a British colony, founded by the French, their culture, religion, laws, archaic/ fraternal heritage in principal French, then
British. The involvement of the church Roman Catholic, Church of England and other Christian faith. The Dutch and Portuguese colonial influence. Given the political and economic interest of the warring powers involved, Soviet Union, China, the USA, NATO, regional power involvement, Australia, South Africa, India – Pakistan, the Gulf Region and Africa.

There are those who argues that the intellectual quality, greatness of those who functioned, administered at the time of Colonial independence and those years later at the high of the Cold War vary importantly in intellectual caliber – in other words in spite of those going through the learning process in those same historic place
of learning. The quality of their intellectual brilliancy did not match past academicians and their intellectual performance, achievements. The results they produce in the issues they were involved. In our case solving complex geopolitical conflicts. Their ability to pull together set of resources, networks to solving a given issues or problem.

It is important to note and stress the intellectual capacity, caliber, standard of the men, woman, individuals which found themselves in administrating capacity at the beginning of the Cold War, the middle and towards the end of the Cold War, their higher place of learning – historic academic institutions. For our purpose France, Italy, Britain, Ireland, Germany, Austria, Holland, Belgium, Portugal, Spain, Scandinavia, the COMECON nations, Soviet Union, China, Australia, South Africa, India, Pakistan, the Gulf Region, Africa, the USA, Canada to certain extent Latin America and Cuba. Nation like Iraq, Iran, members of the Arab League and None Aligned Nations.

We take three examples:
It was decided to take in from Britain, get involved in the SIROP program a larger number of individual, institutions, their given faculty, network, clubs, connections from Oxford than Cambridge or Eaton. The important relevancy, over all impact on the development to final implementation.

From France, the Francophone most those individuals with advance academic education, experience and expertise from L’ENA which is the elite of France academic institution, the reason, argument and purpose, their, the overall influence on the planning, setting in place many relevant issues, its implementation and future management. The impact on the overall program and very many regional and global

From the USA for the same purpose it was decided to taken on board, get and allow those with the given expertise and responsibility from Howard first, then Yale then Prince Town. The impact on the overall conception, development, implementation and after it management. These are just three examples. Those responsible in putting the larger working of SIROP program. Why we choose to go down that road. The impact on a wide range on international issues, European, gulf region, Africa and Indian Ocean.

One would have to look at the intellectual standard - benchmark in many of these
larger institutions, organizations of those nations involved. Be they NATO, the UN and its very many sub organizations, the Francophone, the Commonwealth, European Union, the many organization of Africa then, the Latin America, North America, the Arab League, the None Aligned, the ASEAN organizations. One would be compelled to review, access, look at the intellectual standard of the historic higher places of learning which were, have been involved in that SIROP program, those in the many administrating capacity, function and responsibility they found themselves.

Some 20 years on after those great historic debacles, events – with the world, the media and most of the above mention institutions, their agencies refusal to recognize the historic importance of that SIROP exile program of the Indian Ocean, which have influenced Seychelles and the surrounding nations, the need to point out, bring into play place in the proper prospective of those intellectuals involved, their higher
historic place of learning and the impact not just on that program, the region, Africa, and the world.

A very great deal have been written on the Cuba revolution, those great African individuals who have made outstanding impact on Africa development and independence, in the Arab world, India, Pakistan and Asia, not to exclude Australia. To certain extent on those individuals in/from Mauritius who have made Mauritius what it is today.

Beside the quality, standard of religious involvement in that program – those in the leader ship of SIROP paid particular attention to the intellectuals – quality and their intellectual standard involved which made the whole concept an issue before the program had been made public. Had this been stated and put on paper anywhere at the time – given some of the terrible back lashes, spill over, explosion of hate, hysteria which overcame some of the great political and military powers involved, the USA, Britain, France, Germany, Holland, USSR, China, Australia, South Africa, Asian sub continent, Africa itself and the Arab World – what greater or more terrible back lashes would have resulted, one would never know.

The SIROP concept/program was never presented in writing to the above mention
parties because those involved knew well before hand that organization like the UN, the Commonwealth, the Francophone, the Arab league, the None Aligned, those of Africa would never have agreed to lend their public support – given what the media would have written about. It required important understanding in the functioning, working of these institutions and their organization, their great place of academic learning to have arrived at such conclusion. Not to exclude their thinking and intellectual capacity.

The reason which made this more pressing and urgent that we/they bring onboard
individual of intellectual brilliancy – outstanding abilities is reflected in the historic origin of the Seychelles as people and nation, religion, culture and heritage. We have stated the preferred solution for most of the above except the UN, the None Aligned would have been a military solution. Eliminate the government, it’s leading supporters, leaders and start afresh. The consequences be it short term, medium and long term was not their concern and interest.

On the other hand those involved in supporting, administrating the running of the then Socialist regime – government proved the other extreme of intellectual brilliancy and greatness. These are not the requirement of great Socialist or Marxist – Lenin followers, indeed future leaders.

Those putting together the SIROP program its eventual successful out comes, had to bear in mind those two given state of things and position.

In our effort to explain, those involved the notion of what we meant and term as network. As early as 1960 those of us involved had acquired the ability to judge, evaluate what indeed deemed intellectual uniqueness or greatness, their source of education and higher academic education. We had learned to differentiate – we did not have to wait to come in exile or when confronted in 1987 to find an alternative option to military intervention.

We had learnt to build, collect, identify group, given intellectuals or group of intellectual for a given problematic and task we had to solve, work on. These would be from the Francophone, the Italian, the USA, German, British, Dutch, Australian,
South African, Indian, African given the set of problem and issues we had – were compel to work/deal on at the time.

We were also compelled to take into consideration the vast complexities of their
conflicting interest, national politic, economic conflicting interest, language, cultural, religion and historical interest. Not to exclude their colonial interest and archaic interest.

Again this program was not the work of one individual but several individuals from the Seychelles exile or those in Seychelles at the time. They network as mentioned above. We had to be aware, know many if not some of the more important issues, greater spectrum of many problematic we would have to face and over come.

At the end of the day the leadership of the program, concept we made the final choice who would come onboard what network, for what purpose and why. The challenges and back lashes later. Those who judge and termed the concept a maverick project or
impossible concept, at the end of the day what it brought to Seychelles, its people, the region, the many nations sarrounding it and the involvement of other greater nations of the world involved – their many complex powerful institutions.

Over the past 20 years those who have called into question why were we compelled to look at France great Historic academic institutions, that of Britain in this case Oxford, Cambridge, Eaton, like wise in Germany, Italy, right across Europe, USA, Canada, South Africa, Australia, India and Pakistan. Other sin Africa, the COMECON, china and the USSR. There are instances where we had not done enough, sufficient homework and the devastating results.

It was because and on account of those intellectual uniqueness, brilliancy we put together as responsible party, the concept we did and the way we did. Which is a complete other work, subject to debate and analyze.

This decision alone played a very important impact on how the program/concept would be accepted in the greater world in spite of the fact that the details were never put on paper as one would normally expect. We had relied on the ability of those individuals chosen and involved capacity to embrace greater ingenuity , intellectual
challenges and the challenged such a concept would bring about. Which it did, the fact that they failed to understand the uniqueness of ideas involved – the great possibility and opportunity to remodel the world in a different direction – so that when Lady Thatcher, her government joined hands with the USA to label us - this program as Iraq WDM, the error of judgment and very poor intellectual process.

The greater world, the vast array of politicians across Europe the USA, Africa, Etc., would have been unaware of what was actually transacting, happening. For these reason the mess, complication which came about and the media involved – this became a problematic for the USA establishment, the state department, the White House and other USA institutions, The question to be ask here how can/could such nation
like the USA, Australia, South Africa, Britain, France etc make or afford to make the kind of misjudgment they made – false conclusion about the nature and quality of the program/project. The terrible and degraded state of things, intellectual capacity, also sees in spite the great civility with one expect to prevail in the higher develop nations intellectual society, the reaction of those in powers, in administration position. In many instances they challenged the very intellectual capacity of those whom were more brilliant than they did, not know who they really were. Which support the argument of those who had been there in those great place of academic historic place of learning, their statement and many arguments that the intellectual capacity, functionality is degrading if not declining and will continue to decline.

Through out the past 20 years these divisions have prevailed and if anything grown – the gap have grown wider is growing wider.

For the Seychelles given its unique heritage, the nation of the region, Africa this is a unique set of development and issues to confront them. They had been so use to third grade solution or half-baked or botched jobs over the past 200 years. For the vast majority is has been mind boggling, they have been at lost to grasp, understand what was at play here, what made what work. What were connected to what.

The exercises made /place a challenge for those countries of North who have maintained they alone control the dominance on intellectual greatness, brilliancy of unique debate and issues of great world importance when it came to solving solution, issues of such dimension and depth. New global equasion in solving such problems, issues have been created and set.

Given the state of the world, current practices in vast field of issues, standard – that is to say deterioration of standard, practice where this will end and lead to. More and more in spite of the vast resource, modern inginuiety , money to build - rebuild, invest in new technological frontiers for the higher academic institutions of great historic importance - the results proving otherwise – the standard falling. The state of things when it is/they are confronted and need to get/have the much needed intellectual greatness, uniqueness,geniuess to solve and overcome pressing situation. Those coming out of such great historic place of academic learning will be incapable of doing so. The ensuing results which is what is taking the world apart – determining the very survival, existence of future civilization and the human race.

Note: We have written this article under painful circumstance and a great deal of pressure. Last night there was a terrible debacle involving former Primeminister Blair, Many of Britain special Services and the
media. This morning in the media - that there will be a public inquiry into the Iraq War - decision to go to war.

We have also added this note for those in Seychelles who refuse to use their intellect properly. The death of the Grand Master of the Maltese Order recently our Seychelles EU connection, in France the death and burial of the oldest soldier 17/03/08

France's oldest WWI veteran dies aged 110; one veteran in France left

Note: 18.01.11 we will be adding three links about one of the former governor of Sechelles - Seychelles, the Earl of Oxford and Asquith and Lord Max Beloff among those leading individuals we had gone to seek advice and discuss aspects of the SIROP combine exile return program $500 - $800 millions. {We have written about some of the issues, places which inspired, contributed to positive ideas and energy, those young Seychellois politicians studying for their Law degree in London and those who studied medicine how they visited Hampstead to relax and be inspired, they became Presidents etc., there is a long list of great places, the House where General De Gaulle lived in exile, the Huguenot cemitary, several intellects, /writers, componist/pianist, inventors, the Sigmund Freud Musuem across the street the residance of Prime Minister H H Asquith - Lord Oxford great grand father, the list is long and we spent very many hours, days, months - some seven years almost walking and visiting the places. After the Church Service for Lord Oxford in Mells, we visited some of the places in Hampstead, Sunday 23/01/2011) We have time and time again call raise the concern that none of the political parties in Sechelles Seychelles, the UN, African Union, the Commonwealth, the Francophone and EU have press for a review of the returning exile situation - resettlement as is the International norm and the International media neither. There is a growing concern that Sechelles Seychelles is being taken over by Foreigners East Europeans, Arabs, Indians, South Africans which were not part of the the SIROP combine exile return program - how is this happenning, the money involved, the process, politic, media and those involved - the populace anger.

Max_Beloff,_Baron_Beloff wikipedia
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Julian Asquith, 2nd Earl of Oxford and Asquith - Wikipedia

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The Freud Museum, at 20 Maresfield Gardens in Hampstead

In Mauritius the link we have put to our forum and other forum of the Masonic/Fraternal establishment. The reason we have put those link and in Seychelles they go on doing thing as if they are the only human,nation on this planet earth. They do not realize how close they were from getting into very big trouble.