SIROP combine exile/refugee Program

SIROP combine exile/refugee Program
When will the 21,000 - 25,000 Seychellois exile/refugees get Justice

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Sechelles Seychelles Presidential election 2015

Sechelles Seychelles Presidential election 2015

Sechelles Seychelles Senate

The Name of the Rose by  Umberto Eco -The Red Brigades

Talking of snow - the Christmas Tree 2015/16 - Chancellor Helmut Schmidt passing away - one of Germany great modern charismatic personality, his view on Europe - what it took to liberate East Germany, to bring he Bundestag from Bonn to Berlin, he was a great respected figure head from our part and his impute in that SIROP program - the privilege we had of addressing a young German Executive of big multinational by the side of the Bundestag, his take of the current German economy and management. Much more some of the unwritten highly sensitive German important 2nd world resource build in that SIROP program, then President Ronald Reagan - what the setting out of the Silicone Valley had been all about. Our contributed to this process and the architect to rebuild the Richtag/Bundestag - it was not about us/our person - it was about using then 1978 Europe and world available knowledge to build a different Europe, USSR, COMECON, the Indian ocean, Africa. The utterly busted up Europe and World and it happened so fast. You/nobody can build the future on emptiness, lies and falsehood - those young generation of Executives need to research and know what/how Europe was build - history written version is full of gaps. Those who use it for Power, Greed and manipulation - this is not the way we are going to build a Europe and half decent world. We stress to Facebook officials had we been allowed to set up camp in East Berlin - Europe, Russia and the world would have changed very differently. There is a big tree in the park East Berlin across the Synagogue, it would be nice if you took the time to visit it and share some of your love with that Tree. Please also look up the history of USAF in Sechelles Seychelles and Zanzibar.

Given that Berlin is Berlin we are going to post a Wikipedia link here, the Birth of Facebook then PM Tony Blair his politic, the USA politic the great historic opportunity President Bill Clinton missed - question had we a Conservative government in Office in Britain, would we have seen the birth of Facebook - inspite of this the Earthquake and Tsunami in December 2004/5 - when we first came to Europe/Tirol in 1976 in exile from Seychelles, they had a historic snow fall record. It is good for great business Executives to stop a moment and take stock and Berlin is the right place.

On this Sunday morning 28/2/2016 - many in Europe and the world may/would not like to hear and we are talking of experience - the Berlin phenomena, the Wall was not meant to come down at least not just then - those who knew and know the hard core of then development. - it was the utter highly negative situation in London surrounding our workings/that SIROP program, Kilburn , 87a Victoria Rd , the Irish Community then and the events of the many then exile/refugee,  org from East Europe - USSR, COMECON .  Europe could have had a different constellation.( We have done our best to explain to President Gorbachev and those form then Poland and the then Vatican) Then France and President F Mitterrand. Just like the creation of Facebook the important dynamic, synergy and associated disciplines, then USA President Clinton and PM Blair their entrenched position - based upon many other positive acquired experience - in then Europe 1988/9, it required /called for more dynamic and radical events/development - the same today/this Sunday in Berlin East and West Germany had played a crucial part in that SIROP program - the Treuhand had promised they would help finance a big chunk of that Program which is minute - as quasi impute person in many of those issues our visit in December 2015 - we have a very observant eye, one need to have one, next to the Synagogue they are undertaking some important refurbishment and across the Humbold University - we mumbled with the workers and other let us see after we have left what important event will occur and that renovated building - we have the person of Mark Zuckerberg arriving in Berlin, Jogging and his lectures. Trust he had a decent glass of Irish beer in East Berlin, the mega construction boom after the Wall and the Irish contractors, their community in Berlin today and specially called and said halo to the big tree in the Park - these are part of ongoing functionality, hence we again stress what important event would take place occur after the builders remove the scaffolding from that building facing Humbold University - we trust Chancellor Merkle, the captain of Berlin big business and the politicians and media are listening.

In case we are not being plain - with that SIROP program all those very serious world politicians and personalities knew that the global dynamic was being shifted towards the Indian Ocean, the Gulf Region, Africa, Asia. some of the mega issues, the Indian Ocean Rim Association - the Ning Project, the stress that USSR/COMECON would should have developed a very different economic model and our involvement to synergize BRIC first debate, PM Blair know too well the debacles. The issues hear is/were not about a little bunch of people or Island - the need and call for a very different and unique working in that region - those from the USA and USSR, South African Intelligence back in Vienna 1978/9 - our call to reappraise, rebuild that SIROP program with today's situation and implement them. what had cause that mega exile/refugee exodus to Europe the quadrilions of Euro they pumped into the system failed - the world should talk with President Obama - why he came to Office. All those in India with their very big mouth without that SIROP program India would still have been in the Bush as they say - the Indian nation benchmark. Their propaganda and PM Blair wanted to have our skin for making/stressing these situation. Their comportment and attitude in former Colonial East Africa. It is not good taste to say/express in public such issues - we have worked and had indirect associated working with some of the leading Gurus/Priests of India prior to that program inception and over the past 27 years and those who have left us, the respective disciplines involved.

Comment - 10/12/15

Many of you parents have children, Sons, daughter for a reason - come the age for Higher studies/University we had urged ours to study law - he refused. 

In seven days time will start the process for the second round of the 2015 Presidential election - the outcome. 

My generation we are ageing and with it come the challenges of memory, past and time. 

Today I/we have  been compel to think back of the individuals, personalities that made up the then first Seychelles SDP Government - the many untold and unknown aspects of their respective lives, motives and reason for joining politic. What happened, before independence, after and the exile era. 

Those who knew and were involved in then Seychelles political process knew and made it their business to know the kind of human, personalities and individuals, their private lives, friends, acquaintance and connections - because it mattered. 

When the coup d'etat took place and the exile era events - we were not surprised. 

From the same prospective - the individuals, personalities and backgrounds of those who made the One party/ Communist government/Regime of President FA Rene, all the death, blood, corruptions, robbery, vendetta, wast, dishonesty, lies and cover ups - many films have been made over the years - what took place in that Seychelles would make a Holly or Bollywood Premier. 

Then came the era/President ship of FA Rene  3rd Republic - we witnessed and saw dishonesty, stealing and robbery, gangster-ism on a scale the world had never seen as far as Seychelles is concerned.  This legacy, heritage and workings was handed to President J A Michel - to this day everybody scared to talk of the reality, the USD billions creamed off/siphoned away, stashed away - those who like polite ladies do small talk /talk about the small theft and robbery of the nation. 

From - the era  of FA Rene 3rd Republic  and indeed leading to the Presidential Seychelles economy have expanded, equally the need to compare this to then President Mancham first government and then National economy.  ( There is a very important reason those in London involving the conservative, the Masonic Fraternity, the Police and other criminal elements in the British system damaging my health that we cannot function as we would normally - compare when I am in France, Germany Austria or Holland) That SIORP program today value at some USD 4.5 billions.  How the government of J A Michel have fleece, robbed and creamed off vast fortunes involving the International community and their Institutions, governments.  This Program is two third implemented.  The relevancy to world function, economy, military situation, Environment and the exile/refugee situation in the world. 

Using the same formula and approach we the Seychellois used on those who formed the first Mancham government, the Communist government of FA Rene and the 3rd Republic government  of FA Rene/J A Michel.  What kind of government, benchmark and events will engulf and become the day to day so call norm of the/an eventual National Unity government.  There is a very great deal they are refusing to explain and share with the world in spite of the Communication era, technology, science and possibilities. We have used a few lines and words to make this comment when in reality it requires pages  and armies of individuals to write and publish their finding and what really took place.  We do ask everybody to note we are publishing this comment under former Minister David Joubert Funeral Service pictures - he helped build that SDP, later in Exile his receptive role and then return to Seychelles - DP  and New DP.  From our part the important need to state  and would be prepared to lay our hands on a dozens of Bibles - it was my personal initiative that the ICC began to see day light after the very dishonest events of the first Gulf War and the War in Yugoslavia. My role to help set up the African Union as against the OAU President Ghadaffi important role/acceptance to lead this transition  and the price he paid. 

There is the important need to state how those in London, be they Thatcher, Major, Blair, Brown government manipulated our Seychelles UK politic, where ever out community and families are to be found and the important impact on our politic in Seychelles, Mauritius, BIOT and the Region. Very many very highly educated, rich and able governments in Africa, Asia, Gulf region have been very seriously impacted yet what the British politicians choose say, their media and Institutions, the methods, those they use and abuse and their objectives. Those of us who know and are well aware of this evil practice must be on the look out - this evil is far worse than Terrorism and Communist Evil. This was the most important part/motives to get an International Criminal Court Started/in place what it turned out to be. 

Wedding picture/Presidential election Seychelles - Islington

Beside others,  these two major European incidents were linked to Sechelles Seychelles Presidential election 

Brussels: Islamic State launches attacks on airport and station – as it ...

Paris attack picture from inside Bataclan reveals aftermath of shooting ...

Judgment of the Court


Wavel Ramkalawan reacts to Mathilda's judgement
Father speaks about the injustice of the constitutional court's ruling on his petition against James Michel's election

Ton Pat Patrick Georges Pillay i eksplike.... Meeting stadium...

Mr. Ferrari gone crazy over the judgement... At Stadium carpark...

Madame Amsbery i eksplike... E montre lerer...

Mr Bernard George explaining the cases that the constitutional court dismissed... Hope they don't target anyone for speaking against them...
We were reading Mr Jean Payet thread that the Seychelles nation/Opposition have been too soft with president J A Michel and those suggesting unorthodox action.

For some 15 years have been pointing finger at the Legal system, the Lawyers fraternity of Seychelles - once again this is a situation/case which impact and affect the very fondament of our nation workings, from Facebook comment and we relied on then, the preparation of the Presidential 2016 constitutional case. We have also en-devoured to follow any individuals with legal practice their comments or impute - we came across none.

We are talking from the position of those 25,000/30,000 exiles refugees from Seychelles - this case is far from finish.

We want to remind everybody in that country call Seychelles, the COI Nation and the SADC nations - why we got involved and got those involved to change the OAU to AU, in Africa those bitter complaining of the mega disparity between the EU workings, Institution and the OAU. The African Union have got resources to review the Seychelles Constitutional Court Judgement - though the Interdisciplinary / Multidisciplinary knowledge we have amassed over the 35 years - it require savvy lawyers or young professional to put together a concept to present to the appropriate African Union body. We would be taking a leaf of President JA Michel book, the incident of Madagascar in exile and how he became embroiled. many have short memory in that country. It is not a question of Money.

Beside the African Union we have the European Union who can assist if/should the right Department and institutions be approached and once they become engage - they have a very different approach to the African Union.

Then we have the Commonwealth - again their resources and capacity - it requires a group of individuals framed with those of legal knowledge to approach then and request that they become involved.

Seychelles being a member of the Francophone - they to have resources.

Then we have SADC Resources and those who know have effective they have been in the past.

We are going to link the Library of Congress here - in the USA the resources the have to help small nation work/find such solution - President Barack Obama pointed out when he took office 7 years ago the rate of USA unemployment and the mechanism and those who helped the USA get back on its feet - we are calling a return of nation favor.

We want to stress - the brief issues we presented the EU high parties before the Seychelles presidential election - the massive undercurrent - we have those who represent us in Seychelles but they are not effective enough - we have requested time and time they join us in Europe and their approach/respond. We have listened to four major personalities public reaction - you need to keep you cool and go down the right path even if a respond, results is given after President J A Michel have left Office. We would like to say/note that the stitch up of the NGO in Seychelles along the line of the Court functioning is not going to be helpful because in the normal case they should have been at the forefront, to come and help /support .

Comment Facebook
We have taken the time and effort to explain to those administrating and delivering Justice in Seychelles the linking and many new workings instruments and mechanism related to law and justice - in as much as those judgement was were 300 pages. We helped contributed to setting the Forensic Police Department in Seychelles and as such the Forensic working in Judge and Commission - we have been very conservative and modest in addressing the many death in the Region of the Indian Ocean and the world with that Presidential election and Trial - when you get a situation the Justice system and those who administer them refute/wishing to completely ignore such workings and facts - then we have a situation when those held bent on utter criminal practices and dangerous practices, they say well - we have got away with a very great deal of killings using mechanism and instruments which the Justice and Police or relevant bodies ought to be regulating and monitoring - they have failed and are failing so what. We can make a selected list. This in respond to Mr jean Payet thread. When people are being slaughtered in association with such mechanism and working and you get Judges saying whatsoever - we are in very serious trouble a it like the UN Secretary General Ban Ki - Moon gaping at the Coco de Mer for all the mega death and destruction we have experience the past 30 years.

Facebook Comment
Having addressed the appealing workings of Seychelles high parties, their regional and International politic for the past 25 years and the blood, death. About the time Russia became engaged in the Syria situation, some 6 months ago - those from the Arab world, Arab league nations who began to respond not to President J A Michel politic - but to some of the issues we were publishing and addressing about that SIROP program - what had gone wrong and was going very wrong. They have unsurpassed Resources too - resulting that they began to reformulate their national and regional politic on those issues at the same time using Sechelles Seychelles government and the Person of President J A Michel to make /build inroad in our very many complex and complicated workings. (This is nothing new, president Saddam Hussein did it, president Qaddafi, the father of Syria current president and other Gulf Region heads of State been doing for a long while) For the destruction and killing going and their military cost it is/was a drop in the Ocean to provide and make available to Seychelles and its government the modest financial and technical support - Those well aware of the Paris and Belgium debacles. ( When we addressed the Nigerian person the day before the presidential Constitutional judgement - we had not shared those issues with him and listened to him instead - these are not issues to be shared and discussed with just anybody. We are mentioning this because of the $350,000, the Arab Development Funds/Bank are providing/making available to Seychelles - the need to analyse the motives, reason behind that large sum of money - like the Chinese, the Arabs are well aware that President J A Michel cannot/have not control, capacity to control developments in that Region - what they are doing using the many Seychelles diplomatic network to infiltrate and work their own interests and politic. Many of those workings and thematic spilled on the streets of London during the Blair/Brown government. What should be really happening - those Arab entities should be talking, addressing their respective problematic with those that are responsible for that SIROP program. The view held in Germany , Scandinavia and Netherlands. Now we come to the rotten part - those in Seychelles from the Opposition for a very long time workings and linked with the Offshore of Seychelles, their clients and the amount of money they handle - the Arab money they handle. Resulting they cannot compromise their business interest and the 25,000/30,000 exile/refugees get/is let down. Little progress on their respective interests. The EU must be aware of this situation and some of the big government of EU. This situation has been going for too long and hence the emphasis - call a gatherings of those wiling to debate and take part in reappraising the working of that Historic program and rebuild in it the many of today's challenges and problematic and that way create a road map as those in the USA may say, including General Colin Powell for the next 5 years we have a reasonable working guideline direction to travel to/navigate.

Seychelles to sign US $320,000 technical help accord with Badea

Seychelles to benefit from more BADEA help

Facebook Comment 
There were some misgiving when Ugandan Frederick Egonda-Ntende chief Justice was appointed -the ray of hope we had seen in a number of Seychelles justice issues in our case the exile/refugees - He had been involved in the East Timor conflict solving - in spite of  not media coverage of our terrible problematic, beside Uganda and the African Union problematic - having written our impute in helping to develop appropriate management parameters of our justice and Court functioning - the setting up of the Alternative Dispute Resolution (“ADR”), because of the exasperated situation between former President FA Rene/ the current government over that SIROP program and money we are entitled and the leveraging of many government Projects using that Program as leverage - beside linking incidents in South Africa, Kenya, Somali, Ethiopia and the Gulf Region. We stress he had adequate knowledge and experience - that was prior we pressured Bruxelles and Strasbourg to demand more accountability of Seychelles government and president J A Michel. Chief Justice Frederick Egonda-Ntende had urged my person to use the mechanism of Alternative Dispute Resolution (“ADR”), He also held the view that those 25,000/30,000 exile/refugees had Rights  and that we should set up an adequate workings in Seychelles. The question we/to ask of everybody why is there a very marked departure from this policy since Judge Matilda Towmey was appointed Chief Justice. Those who have on several occasions referred to her part in the Constitution referendum for the 3rd Republic. It was in part her lack of support for our Rights and Cause which made us to pressure Bruxelles and Strasbourg, others in EU and the 2015 presidential. In delivering the Judgement she have - sets/put her on a confrontation path with regards to the Rights and politic of those 25,000/30,000 Seychelles exiles. Noting the spillover on the Streets of Europe and the many linking very grave Gulf Region linking issue.


Dear Wavel,
Judges do not comment- normally. I see the events of the past few days not as an attack on me but on the judiciary and hence my comments below. Please study them, speak to your supporters and stop unleashing hatred and violence on the judiciary.
I have had to move out of my home at Bel Eau. After JF's and your personal attack and character assassination of me and the showing of my home on the video you posted, some of your party supporters took the liberty to come to my house to abuse me. I am single as you know and live alone. I have been given extra security but that is not how I wish to live. I hope to move back next week. Please give me the guarantee that I can do so.
In 2011 I moved out of La Misere after the PDM judgment ( which ironically your Counsel stated in court the other day was correctly decided). Then too the intimidation was intense.
I have noted the vile and denigrating comments about me. You, Wavel, went to school with me and sat a few tables away from me in Six Lower. You are a man of the cloth and I respected you as such.
As for JF, I have never done him any harm only shown as much generosity and kindness to his family members when they stayed in my humble home in Ireland.
I left Seychelles in 1995 after much intimidation and also after a bullet was taped in an envelope to my office door. So you see I am used to intimidation and threats and from all political sides and also fanatics.
I have no skeletons in my cupboard and share the following events without shame.
When I left Seychelles, I brought nothing apart for my children with me to Ireland. There was no possibility of bringing my hard earned savings as there was a foreign exchange crisis. My husband worked during the day and I waitressed at night. I read and studied and looked after my babies during the day. I enquired about practising law and discovered that my English bar qualifications would not permit me to work in Ireland. I would have to sit the Irish property law exam and learn to speak Irish.
I obtained a job instead, first with the Citizens Information Centre in Galway and then with an Irish disability organisation. My legal skills were rewarded and I became the Regional Manager. I worked tirelessly for the rights of disabled people.
I eventually sold my home in Glacis to Adam Moosa's son. With the money we built a home in Kinvara, County Galway.
My children grew up. I paid for my own Masters and then got a grant from the Irish Research Council for a PhD. I lectured at the University of Ireland, Galway.
When I left those jobs to come and work to Seychelles I took a salary cut.
My marriage broke up. My family decided to stay in Ireland. All that hurt and still hurts.
I was never on the dole as you or JF claim. Nor was I 'naked' as you allege. I did not sleep my way to the top as it has also been alleged.
My parents, schoolteachers who taught you both, instilled in me a work ethic and love and respect for others. I sat a few tables away from you in school. You both really know me. I work hard and do everything by the book. My life is an open book. Your insinuations and character assassination are worse because of what you both really know.
My salary is statutorily provided for. After taxes I receive about fifty five thousand rupees in my hand. During the three months I sit on the Court of Appeal I also get paid as do other Supreme Court judges who are occasionally asked to make up the panel.
I bought a piece of land not far from my 90 year old mother at La Misere so that I can be close to her and care for her. I obtained a mortgage of 2 million from Nouvobanq to build the house. The terrain is challenging and I am still attempting to build the road.
I have a keen interest in the environment and love nature. I had a large garden in Ireland. I had 2 polytunnels. I kept bees. I had ducks and chickens.
I and three other women campaigned for a Farmers Market in Kinvara where I lived. We eventually got permission to set one up. I was lecturing at the time but on Fridays when I was not working I ran a stall. It was the highlight of my week. I still miss it but am so proud of what I did. JF's contemptible remarks on this issue is therefore almost funny.
I love markets and still go down early on Saturday to buy my fish and vegetables in Victoria.
I did not write a judgment. The Constitutional Court comprising of myself and 2 judges seconded from the Commonwealth ( not paid by Michel or looking for citizenship as has been alleged) wrote 2 unanimous judgments based on the evidence brought to the court. We don't make the law. We apply the law and do so without fear, favour or ill will even when it involves ones friends.
We welcome criticism and academic discussion about our judgment. If you disagree with our findings on the facts and law as interpreted you are free to appeal it.
Attacking me personally and getting your crowds to repeat and chant contemptible remarks about me is to say the least irresponsible. Someone spat on me yesterday. Tomorrow it might be worse.
'However', ( a word you take great exception to) I shall not be intimidated. I shall continue driving myself, shopping for myself and going for walks with my dog. Above all I shall continue to work for the country I love so dearly.
Please do so too, peacefully.
With much love,


87a Victoria Rd, kilburn - Brent where we wrote that historic SIROP program from in 1986/87, former coach House 

On/upon this historic month  and the complete gaff, all the Opposition have made in spite of all the media possibilities, knowledge and scientific possibilities, even former Priest Hon Wavel Wankalawan,  address to the crowd that "the great Lord is in control, and giving PL and the government rope" as a priest,  he should have told the morons bluntly, the power of heaven and nature when you do not respect it - human are made to pay - beside events of 1987.  Worse of them all is the Constitutional Court and the female Chief Justice 30 years on, the SPPF/PL 30th Convention- they have become to rich and powerful they have all forgotten what really happened in 1987. The many instance inferring that she is naked. 

30 years ago when we initiated that SIROP historic program - the world did not have the information as we have provided/published - the complexities  and yet we managed to put through that Program and some 30 years on the mega mess in the world. 

For those who study great events and world workings the scientific discipline - from Interdisciplinary and Multidisciplinary how they impacts not just dynamic and synergistic workings and changes and in turn what they can impact and drive and cause - yet the so call scientist. 

As is the norm with such science the system, the mechanism and greater power of nature have ways to remind human and beast of events and things they forget. When they should be remembering and respecting the events. 

In Europe/France two major events took place the initiation to construct the Channel Tunnel and the decision  to construct the Disney Land Paris,  both this mammoth projects were synergized and driven by the dynamic of that SIROP program - yes the great Masonic and Illuminati  at the time - they choose to forget and those who manage the legacy of President F  Mitterrand. Later in the year the deadly storm which affected Europe and the devastation - different for scientific version whereby we say/argue that great global events such as that SIROP program cause major global environmental dynamic changes and how it impacts climatic workings  and as such our/My responsibility to help manages those issues and the due knowledge and ability now some 30 years on. This year, 30 years on the mega flood in Europe, other terrible incidents  and the Britexit referendum. UN Secretary General Ban Ki -Moon historic visit to Sechelles Seychelles. 

Events from the year 1987 in France.

Great Storm of 1987 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Yesterday, S.E Marjaana Sall, inaugurated the new EU-financed fish market at Anse Royal. She said that the "new fish market is in turn a symbol of a new comprehensive EU-Seychelles partnernship, moving beyond development aid issues into enhanced trade, economic and environment related cooperation".

Sunday, 13 September 2015

Our Uncle Mr Teddy Ah Wan from St Louis passed away Sunday 13/9/2015 - "The prodigal Son/child we are"

"The other aspects of the Prodigal Son/Child - at Home/Seychelles they ought to know yet.We have lost the comment we made at Facebook 18/9/15 - we had thank those who have been following our situation and the 1979 song of Celine Dion and Barbara Streisand they published, ( among other artists over the years) We explained the mega mess we had landed in - Had lost the Emperor mobile home/Office, ex North West Holst, Societe General des Eaux, the Minuette/Princess Diana caravan and had landed/forced  in London. Then PM Blair coming to office - then issues we/I ought to use that SIROP program and drive/land that a European announcement is made about the construction of the Europe - Africa Tunnel, those who were using  the person of Princess Diana and Al Fayad - that terrible accident. Much more import we had hit the dirt all those in London who knew/were aware. For those two leading artists who/to come forward and write this song - over the course of past 15 years had contributed to their work from high Interdisciplinary Management prospective. We were also approaching the Millennium, our contribution and impute - those who ought to know better. Including the Vatican. President Clinton had let us down terribly/gone back on his promise to help us migrate to France.. Many others involved. It was over the approaching Millennium they had wanted us in London - not France those terrible French Illuminati who just love to forget everything. "

"It is nice/pleasant to note that others have been following our thoughts and their knowledge of events, issues and then workings. This is then 1997, the very tragic and terrible events of Princess Diana - The motives - over the years from a high Interdisciplinary prospective contribute to both their work. Then PM Blair just coming to Office, we/my person was in a very terrible mess we had lost the emperor and Minuette/Princess Diana Caravan in Caple le Fern. President Clinton had let us down terrible/ we had hit the bottom/dirt yet again. Those in London insisting we/I use that SIROP program to get those involved to announce the construction o f the Europe - Africa Tunnel project. Using then Princess Diana and the Al Fayad. We were not amused and the Millennium approaching - those who know and have all the details of our involvement in contributing to this global event for a high Interdisciplinary Management prospective."

Céline Dion & Barbra Streisand - Tell Him (1997) HD

We addressed the event of my Uncle passing away in Seychelles - St Louis, previous Wednesday 3/9/15, the burial on Thursday and my being informed  this Sunday 13/9/2015 after/over Window XP virus conversation.  That Family is very extended, meaning make up many families, children, cousins and relatives.

Why have we come back - to one of the daughter's, I was very close/fond as children and later in Europe/Seychelles, the other daughter how helped us when we came in exile from France/Austria - over the years. Indeed to our twin cousins and Joseph who gave a good part of his life in Opposition, Seychelles and in exile.

That Village of St Louis which derive its name from Louis the 14th also know as St Louis, as children though we were taught basic history we had to research, study and find out for ourselves.  Its inhabitants prior to Independence - the families, they made up the bastion of Church of England, the Adventists. Some of the important families such as the Delhomme, the Morel, the Dechermond, the Sauvage,  the Parcou, the Stravens, the Adeline, the Barbier, the Sabadin, the Mangroo, the Tall, the Le Fevbre, the Louange, the Mein, the Roullion, the Bedier, the Diadoo, the Calais, the Pointe, the Dailleur, the Loiseau, the Rivier/Delpech, the Tirant, the Camille, the Conteaure family,  the Chang Lam, the Durup, the Julie, the Gill,  the Ah Wan, the Nowles,  the Gonthier, the Alley, the Rene and others. The Mancham, the Stevenson - , the Mascarenas, the Poponeau, the Bonnelam, beside the merchants families.What about Bernard's Parent and John the famous singer family.

Among those families - those from the Adventist were always frowned upon, their respective belief and practice, custom and values. Being one of those children we would term this/it religious persecution and exclusion today and past. To this day the stigma stays in-spite of the large Adventist church at St Louis and the former Stevenson/Morel/Delhomme building become their asset and why they acquired it/everybody choose to forget. Certainly not the SDA General Conference intervention and not the Founding Fathers of the SDA in USA to be polite. The dogged and personal engagement, conviction and Opposition approach/stand, of its member to the,  then One Party System in Seychelles and the price they had to pay.

We have been brought on faith and we have acquired extensive Religious experience, knowledge and battling. We have worked interfaith topics across the world without out having to put it on the big bell or loud haler. We/ I take my personal faith/religious experience very seriously and deeply.  I had said a particularly difficult and long prayer, done some chores given certain personal constraints this Sunday morning- then the message that my Uncle had passed away. There are some very deep issues related to the election result of the Labour Party.

To further stress the why's - Uncle Teddy was a great Carpenter by Seychelles and Adventist standard. He helped build the Old Victoria church, he helped build that old SDA Primary School at Bel Eau. He went on to improve his knowledge and technique in East Africa. He was a pillar of that Church - "may be our Muslim brothers can explain better" - when such a person die/nobody trained to take his place and role - the collateral fallout. In Creole Seychelleois how/what they say.

Where some of the acquaintance from our community and other communities - given their respect for an Uncle they respect would have gone and got drunk, with some friends, done something daft, take drugs in instance, other action to rid oneself of the feelings and flood of emotion. We decided to go in the fields - again some harvest issues this year, - they have just spread manure and it is a healthy smell. We spent some time thinking of this special Uncle - why is he special, he had lived and worked in East Africa, his many children, the Family wife from Glacis my second girl friend,  Nella Mein - Conrad, her brother came for there. The great story like those 28 ghosts in England - those who practice Black/white magic, witch craft/para science in then Seychelles - we as children. I was very close to the eldest and he had all the features of Mr Gerrard Hoareau as a young person and our many journeys to then Governors Residence late at night/ the Mathieu Family position, ( The Mogador article we have posted) we went fishing at the Small Pier together and learn to swim there, also Long Pier fishing. We attended the Mont Flurie Secondary school,  then Mrs Geva Rene and Mr Stenley Durup. He had not passe away ( Was not allowed by the family to attend his funeral)  - the strange incident of the drowning of then Governor John Thorpe and Mr Boulle. We attended the Bel Eau Adventist school together and in spite of my fondness for Orette Appave, she like him a lot more - he was handsome. Much more important we learnt to ride bicycle together. My Uncle Mr Levy Ah Wan worked for the government then and they gave him or helped him to acquire a new Bicycle. After church,  the Old Church next to what became later Chez Jumeau Supermarket,  the Michel Buildings pushing our uncle bicycle up the hill to St Louis - without his knowledge we would get as far the Denousse/ex La Canbise/then  James A Michel Family, Mr Marimba Immigration, other families, the Telfer,  ride down to where later Inspector Legras family lived, the Gill family/Mr Augustin shop and up again each a couple of times. There was one particular bend where we cross to go to school, the Underwood family - my cousin had discussed his technique  and I thought I could improve on that - I lost control of the Releigh black ladies bicycle and landed in the shop/fortunately not the very steep part that would have been a fall of some 15/20 feet. The bicycle was a write off and my Father had to pay the bill/replace it. "So much for Saturday and our Church". What we ought not to do and not do on a Saturday as children.

Having lived and worked in East Africa - he had his view of Judge E J Stiven, those who had lived and worked in East Africa  and the Family discussion for permission that I accept Judge EJ Stiven offer.

He took a linking to my First wife the youngest sister of Pastor Caleb Bru's wife. He had been one of those who was pushing us/me to become a Priest or the such/family wish. Took  to keeping an eye on us/my person, moral and lecture as we say in Seychelles how we ought to behave. Deciding whom we should become acquainted and marry in the Church ( Another amusing/not so amusing incident - was then 6/7 old and had stolen my Mum shoe and we had been climbing on this pile of blasted rock to build their house/the big Jackfruit Tree,  and pretended this was a Church and landed on my head and the deep hole and to this day have this scar in the middle of my head of course it bled. This is the way we learnt about the greater secrets of life/workings. We had a great lady in the Village madame Barreau she lived under Trois Frere and took to sitting on top of the Wall high and piping what she had in  her basket on Sunday after market/she practice Voodoo and witchcraft.

In the Village those Families who worked on the Islands and the Illois debacles then.

In that field - full of nice smelling very fresh manure took some time to think of him. Twice when we had been Home,  he had uttered/confronted us with our faith/belief, asked questions - much more important had called my person "the Prodigal Son/child". This is not amusing among the Adventist and those who practice/know the issues, the stigma it carries.  As great Uncle how he must have mulled and talked with other members of the Family, acquaintance and the village. I took it very seriously how ever vexed. The same of many in the Adventist Church.

We now address the world, all those who have and had great Uncle if you cared anything, their respective views. You cannot sit down and tell a very pious Adventist Uncle your life story, a Catholic or Church or England or other belief yes. They just refuse to listen and understand - there are no room for discussion and arguments/debates. Yet the Village of St Louis what they have gotten to know of my person over the past 36 years and more in Europe. Much more important that SIROP program from the Adventist prospective, the changing of the One party System and the Fall of the Communist World. The UK Adventist Conference, France - they say, stress their prayers are more effective than any religious denominations. Their Christian values in better that most other Christian Values. They also purport/say/stress, emphasis,  they have a much better knowledge of the Bible/Scripture than other Christian denominations. Why then do/does such an Uncle label/call "my person the Prodigal Son/Child" citing Biblical passages/quotes.

Since we last spoke - he had been told why I had come to Seychelles in 2009. Beside our prayers and thoughts. I had promised I would be back in 2010 and did not make it the mega fall out with President FA Rene - the 13 attempts to meet to trash our our manure/garbage/cabbages. Then global economic meltdown, then early debacle of BRICS.

Upon my return to London what I/we undertook, explaining the world the situation. In 2012 the setting up of that SIROP portal. To date the many political parties and breakaways all those who have come forward and and talked and pointed to the very corrupted system in place. Much more important former Minister Pat Pillay and former Minister Testa - the first he knows reasonably well and the Family, the second is Family. What about Mr Christopher Gill mega protests and many troubles with the system and Government - he is Family too. Just down the road the person of Mr Wavel Wankalawan and he knew his father very well too.  I just wish he was available for me/us to ask him what he make of my learning of his passing away, the Sunday/first Day of the election debacle of the new Labour Leader - what we have address about Seven Sisters Road/Islington, our lawyer Hopkin, Murrey, Beskin, Judge Ben Chataway and the Clooney family. The many Greek acquaintance and the North London Seychellois Community. Europe mega refugees/exile crises and Boarder control reintroduces by Germany and others. Having lived and worked in East Africa the Europe - Africa high speed railway link we addressed. Seychelles own project. What about the issues of Mortlake, the Bridge and Putney where Sir James Mancham used to live this Sunday - then  1989.

We have address the topic of my sisters' historic visit this 2015, all the sisters were together in Sechelles and some of the children and grand children. The highly toxic/poisonous family relation - in term of Adventist belief, faith, values and life. Time and time we/I stress had requested they form a circle and pray form my person whilst they were there - the debacle/topic of Prof Vadim his offer after 15 years to collaborate in Seychelles.  My personal challenges, those who rely on prayers as one get/become older and you /one do not have the same health, energy and ability to pray - what then and what happens. This challenges to all Christian and other belief.

To the children, cousins and close related, Adventist church and the Village of St Louis  our apology should/if you get offended reading this article and motives for publishing/sharing it with the world.

We have been too engross in the topic, the stigma, life glaring eyes of the Prodigal Son. It is an unhealthy frame of mind  and lend to very negative thoughts process - the consequences. 

In Seychelles this morning the SDA Community/church ought to have been rejoicing the Bru family, Johnson, Arnachallum family  - beside the Edmond/Didon/Ah Wan/Louange Grand mama side, have a new addition in Canada - however challenging for the little fellow. We have all rallied and prayed. (The Police Station foundation stone at Anse aux Pins) 

In Holland the very tragic and painful news, a member of the leading family who have/had been involved in our National politic  and European politic/Affairs. Like/as every community in Europe it is not the Embassy and Consul who make the community it is the Families and individuals. This Family played a unique role in our exile/refugee politic and Netherlands - Seychelles relation including the mega Phase lll Reclamation Project all the associated topics. It relate, touches and concernthe person of Mr Claude Savy.

He was a very colorful person, dynamic in Seychelles pre Independence, the Family lived close to the Old SDA Church  and we got our fair teasing from him - later we became good friend. The Frichot Family. His Family married into our Family the Edmond/Didon etc., the arrival of the babies and the four vibrant boys which would go on to carry their ancestral names and values. 

He was an excellent footballer his passion and friendly to all those who knew him. However political events and development which tore and split every families in Seychelles, the advent of Independence politic the new Airport construction and Harbour. He had also worked under Chief Prison superintendent Mr Felix Hoareau who also fled his country with his family in exile to Wales. He migrated/took exile and became another Prodigal son/child my late uncle Mr Teddy Ah Wan and many other would conclude. 

He was  married  and had two daughters and the great time our community had when the family was intact - Grand Ma,  Savy de St Maurice in Holland then - the Dutch Royal families and personalities participating. He believed and supported that SIROP program. 

The terrible news was broken to us just/on the day they laid the foundation stone for the Anse aux Pins police station,  that he had passed away one month ago. It is unhappy that our community was not made aware and informed stressing his important role in our Dutch/Netherlands community affairs - those who would have wished to attend the church Service and last adieu with the availability of Facebook and other possibilities - we all have to travel that road it is those fellow travelers who have to keep an eye on each other and the manner they do this. Those who would have like to come and share the burden and pain. The many who knew him in old Sechelles Seychelles, the Catholic church Youth wing. 

In Europe, Australia, Canada and USA those who know "the term of watering holes" pubs, restaurants and local place of eat and likewise in Seychelles specially the Pirate Arms, the Tobruk club, Seychelles club and many others. ( In Islington he has an old friend an avert  footballer  and famous Mr Sandoo - he will be grieved at loosing him given his many inquiry about his well being over the past 15 years in London.) 

The Old Savy/Murrey Families in Sechelles Seychelles Pre independence, Mrs Murrey his sister worked for the Education  and when to all the schools and taught physical exercise training and managed sport/athlete events including the SDA Bel Eau school. Mr Tobby Murrey, the family. 

We address his family  and his young nephews, when your uncles and Aunts explain/bring you by to understand the working of our people ancestors it is not to be taken lightly - there are reasons now that this high responsibilities befall on you. Those who will be watching your perform and how you mange this high responsibilities. All those who have given percentage and part of their precious life for our cause and struggle. The thank you they get in the end or what get attributed to them. 

We want to take this opportunity 70th UN Assembly, to convey to the Savy de St Maurice, the Murrey families our deep sympathy and Community Europe wide condolence and those across the world who will surely joins us in   sharing your grief, sorrows and pain, anguish. 

To the SDA/Adventist Church in Sechelles Seychelles this Sabbath morning trust you will practice your belief and what you preach. 

The Prodigal Son

Lalyans ICCS Meeting Part 2 former Minister William Herminie

Former Minister William Herminie was a good friend of Mr Noelin Lewis Didon - then Director/CEO of Premier Services.

It is important to note having added his speech that we find him making the interview at Seselwa Annou Koze 19/9/2015, the contents and subject he covered. He is currently practicing law.
Within the context of my Uncle Mr Teddy Ah Wan " L'enfant Prodigue/the Prodigal son" debacles - the former Minister who have held three Portfolio explain the reason for his departure. What he omitted with due respect to them lawyers in that Sechelles Seychelles - he took over the mantle of Minister Guy Sinon - he was his protégée. He had been one of then President FA Rene Minister to oppose that SIROP program. The many battle President FA Rene was involved with him and his supporters/the faction he controlled in then Seychelles government and then SPPF.

<"Having said that he was a Protégée of Minister Sinon then President F A Rene right or left hand - he ought to give very deep thought to his statement - In London 1996/7, the decision what would be his fate. Then Conservative government of PM John Major. What we wrote and addressed to everybody that that SIROP program was being controlled by London and their objectives. Had we been in France with that Program what would have been his fate. We were forced back in London 1997 - as a Black leading politicians in Seychelles his acquaintance in Africa - how African politicians view London and when they say London is intervening and controlling a situation or program they take it very seriously. What really happened to President JA Michel and the Lehman Brothers - London was controlling vast many issues of that SIROP program and Seychelles politic - leading to the current fate of President JA Michel and the Seychellois people. Ex Minister Hernine have gone out of his way to find a solution, the solution will be found when that SIROP program is removed/taken away form London as a leading black politicians trust he will listen - if he cannot /refuse ask his Black brothers in London - the many Black Africa politicians, not the West Indian. Since the coming to office of the Conservative Coalition and now alone what have really been happening  and it is bound to get worse. Our Creole politicians - they are a very strange and difficult to understand at best, specially our Oppositions some 15 years have pleaded help us get that program on the continent and it would cost almost near nothing and the fate of our nation and people. Had we addressed this to Black African Politician they would have done something.

In his historic interview he does not address given that he was very close to President FA Rene and reasonable powerful ( In a number of  instance he had wish to have the post of VP with  the would be President  JA Michel government like Minister Belmont )- what compelled President FA Rene to step down - the decision had been taken when he was given notice. If/should he want to play a meaningful role in bringing in a new government he need to explain what really happened. He needs to explain in greater details why then Vice President J A Michel had to take Office and why he was/would be excluded form the government. He has been to economical/sparsam in his public broadcast. ">

We appreciated his statement - that we all have to ceded Power/pass it on to a younger person and that it need/require to be done in a well managed process. The Nation/people Respecting the important work/building the previous Office bearer had done.





Given events and developments have decided to add another very old SDA much love parable that of the 10 virgins. Given that we now know the Seychellois Nation is going to have a Presidential election within the next 90 days/announcement. "May we add those who have tarried and now old and had been wise virgin too,  what of them beside the new young virgins/Maiden" (The Bois de Rose Hypermarket which should have been Carrefour) We ask to be excused by those who disagree with the Moron teachings.

The Parable of the Ten Virgins Wikipedia