SIROP combine exile/refugee Program

SIROP combine exile/refugee Program
When will the 21,000 - 25,000 Seychellois exile/refugees get Justice

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Everybody keep forgetting the philosophy of the "SIROP exile/refugee program name"

Victoria hospital entrance, not much change since 1987/88 - rename Seychelles hospital
Angers - Loire,  Maternité new completely different in 1989

When  we/I first started mentioning it to our then UKSCA  Executives, those from SNM/MPR Executives and those from NDP Mr David Joubert faction - the many who plainly said it "la tisanne la tou" - in English Calpol, children cought, chest infection medicine - that did not end there the many who judge very funny for having chosen such a name. "We wanted to give everybody Calpol or infant cough mixture".

What about those who associated it with what we Seychellois, Mauritian, Illois, Reunionais know as "SIROP" being a diversity of extract concentrate from fruit, the finish product is then use as beverage by adding the desired amount of water, particularly in the Tropic. It is highly refreshing. Whilst we are on this thought - we ought to equally state the very many multinational, small and medium companies across the world who driven by the dynamic, synergy of the overall working of this Program - went on to capitalise knowingly or not and very many new products and |Brand names - including Sechelles Seychelles, Mauritius, Madagascar, Reunion and Comor. We never made a penny as quasi driver - having given the impulse as in the norm in normal business working and intellectual rights.

There is a third very important element in Creole - French and Swahili speaking associated. This is used very commonly by a wide sector of the populace - "mon pou donne ou, ou sirop tou ta leur" or "ta leur wa ganne ou  bien wa war ou sirop" "ou bien, ourte facon "in gane son sirop  ou bien sotte in donne li son sirop"  "sotte pou gane zotte sirop ou banne la pou donne li son sirop"

How many recall, the project of Creole dictionary, Mr Guy Lionnet and one of the driving force the former first lady Geva Rene, others.  We are going back to the early 80's. We ask those of you who can and is interested to research into this issue. This said our not so good Creole writing and if one has access to a Creole dictionary in all our primary, secondary and higher education institution there ought to be a Creole dictionary the many meaning, nuance and explanation.  We will attempt to list a few here for our international readers and Officials.

- I am " first person" going to give you crap, other fouler language can be use, beat you up, cause you trouble, problem, difficulty, hardship, pain, misery, nasty several other adjectives.

-They will crap you, "second person"  other fouler language can be use, beat you up, cause you trouble, problem, difficulty, hardship, pain, misery, nasty several other adjectives. To send somebody to Prison, to be arrested by the police, to get into trouble with the authorities, lawyers,  the school or education officials, church, government or many national institutions, even to cause personal grief, damage personal property, accident and even death or severe personal injury. It is also commonly used in sport, music and performance sector - art. To be more competitive than a person, individual, to out perform another individual. As a team to out perform and out shine another team and opponent. To demonstrate ones better ability or group abilities.  It is also used in association with divinity, meaning when something goes wrong in ones/your life, illness or other grief, nature or providence infliction, punishment, travails, sickness, other spiritual, natural and godly calamity. It is used in relating similar process, experience, issues, development in the animal, plant, nature in action, force of nature, taking highly complex and philosophical approach and meaning. When it thunders, heavy rain, lightning. It is use in the para -science, dark forces, manner depending on the topic one wish to infer.  In the cinema, in video games.

- The third often used terminology of "SIROP" is in interpersonal relation, sex, this is use mostly by anybody of age to have sex or carry out sexual relation. Husband and wife sex relation. Including the plant, flowers, animal, bird, beast, sea and fresh water beings, etc.,

Now that/those of you, your mind and intellect buzzing - will go to the real reason for this thread.
Not just in Sechelles Seychelles, right across the world North, South, East and West, the nations of the earth the great evil, calamity, injustice, terrible corruption, abuse which take place, exist and prevail in relation to firstly the working of nature and not giving credit  to the vast complexities of nature functioning which make, keep human being alive, breathing and working.

The system of life in Sechelles Seychelles is not much different to life in Europe, Africa, the USA, Russia, China, Australia - the functionality of all of nature. Many of you may and will say this is very late for you to acknowledge.  Those who may have  entertained this view and not dared to state in public. How nature and life interact with human, animal, plant, sea life and birds and reptiles, microbe, incests.

During the era of One party State - how many individuals, took time under the severe oppression, mind control, oppressive political and military dictatorial system to address one thought to nature, plants, fruit trees, birds, pets, dogs and cats, house animals and their functionality, their feed back, their buzz, their ability to think above the abusive force forces of man, politicians, police, thugs, crooks, criminals, mind manipulators.  We would love to see in action any politicians and their apparatchik to demand that plants, animals, birds, fish etc think as they demand/control the human mind, environment, functionality, existence, passage on earth.  It is they that nature provided that kept mankind in this case all those of you in dark Seychelles - your sanity, mind and intellect working functioning at a sane level/mode.

This said - one is not required to have any form of education safe healthy mind - the important and very unique relation ship between nature force and infant the moment of their birth to the age of 7 - 10 years.  In old France and other high European nation, the very many books, objects of scientific observations, studies of generations, life time in this field - uniqueness of life and mankind existence. Similarly in Old France, Europe - the para - science, abnormal science, practises and other related craft, superstitions which relates, were and are associated with human, male and female as infants until they reach the age of 7- 10 years old, their very important and high unique abilities, in depth of rich forces, functionality.

To better explain this, all of you adults were infants, children until the age of 7 - 10, the stories your parents, grand parents and siblings, other relatives related of you at that age. This "SIROP exile/refugee" program came was put into action, functionality in 1987/88, then not just in Sechelles, Seychelles, the Indian ocean, Africa, Asia, Europe, the USA, China, Latin America, the Arab world, USSR, the former COMECON, at the time the millions of children of the age between infant to 7 - 10 years, the had not been educated, they had not been able to grasp the greater problematic of life, challenges - yet their abilities then in 1987/88 to perceive naturally what was going on in the greater world - with the help and force of nature, nature force and unique functionality -the in put of those children.

These are issues the national parliament, the media, the education system, the academicians, the armies of learned intellectuals, scientist - refuse to tell us how they work, the church along. Yet how they abuse, manipulate, deceive, exploit, extract vital force and information from infants from birth until the age of 7 - 10 in their many selfish interests, evil working, greed, so call adult, so call parents, so call officials etc.
There are those who purport, believe they can undertake studies in children psychology, functionality, communication, playing, interacting - they can get good insight understanding into the highly unique nature/natural working, relation and force which make up the infant and children world - their interconnectivity to adults world and its working. In Seychelles, Mauritius, Reunion, the Indian ocean the science, and different practises, norms and values. The functionality of infants to the age of 7 -10 years old over ages in the Indian Ocean and 21 years ago to date.  Parents and adult perception, society, government, world and church perception.

For example over the past 21 years the many world institutions who have supported and donated $millions to the cause of infants up to the age of 7 -10, not accountability, documentation and study, evaluation - yet the many national institutions, regional institutions and the very many so call highly qualify. What for and what good their qualification and education if at the end of the day nobody hear, do  not read have not information relating to this very unique and important of a nation force, human resource and wealth. By wealth we mean from individual who go though the process of having a relation for whatever reason/cause, purpose and objective and a child, human come into being. The many many important potentials or in instance poverty, needs, pain and sufferings surrounding that human.

Just like the government have covered up, their utter lies and corrupted practises - they will never admit that there are 21, 000 - 25,000 exile/refugee from Seychelles, they laid the foundation of that Seychelles, those thousands of infants and children at the time of that "SIROP exile/refugee" program becoming active, their unique input and contributions until the age of 7-10 years, their respective families, surrounding and environment, playing environment, interacting. Their contribution  to the adult world, the government, the regional and international world working in relation to their perception and interaction to that "SIROP exile/refugee program".

Again, the argument, debate one can start, make - what has become of those children, the impact of the way they view and interacted with that "SIROP exile/refugee" program, their world today, their respective role in society and the future of the nation.  We would have to undertake a three years study in children psychology and the relevant associated studies to come to grip, able to evaluate, judge, give a serious judgement what has become of them and the many whys.

We would like to touch the issues of children recreation, toys, how they spend their time, most of their time as children, meaning - unlike our time 60 years ago at the time we wrote and put together that SIROP program was in our 40's in comparison to the children who lived, were born then - the Industry be they China, Japan, Korea and many other countries, EU which produce and manufacture Toys of all kinds for children, not just the money making purpose but the psycolgy, social, educational and political motivation.  Yet again how the synergy/dynamic, issues, world and regional events unfolded and how they impact the toys industry, the innovation,  the game industry which were also impacted and influenced by the development and many issues associated with that SIROP exile/refugee program, this is highly, the new dimension of games and interactive and the possibilities and the violence associated, again the/its impact on children mind, life, society, education and what they would become.

As children we did not have all of this in fact none of it, including our elder statesman, instead they had to invent and read, children stories would be told/related by an elderly person in the  family who again  had been told the story or eventually read it - this is very crucial because, later in life as young person, adults facing the complexities of society, family life, relation, the many complicated issues which make life, their education, vocation, view of life and society - these would be impacted by those stories, books they would read and images they would get to see as infant and children between 7- 10 years.
When we enter this vastly complex field of children interactivity, we have to look at their kindergarten, education, the teaching material, the political motivation, social, religious and cultural.

What about the TV, music, radio program which was/were available then, their, its impact on the mind, life, development, interactivity, view of the world and greater society, political, social, cultural other motivations - programming process, mind control process involving government, national institutions, the police, army.  How this and they would interact and impact with the world later. If/should anything be said much in depth study, evaluation is necessary given that in then Sechelles Seychelles a great deal of time is/was spent around the radio, TV rather they would be glued to the TV however poor and dreadful it was. However one sided, manipulative, corrupt it was. It was not the fault of the children - it was the fault of the adults, parents, family, church, politicians, police, law makers and giver and our national institutions.

What about anti social practise, comportment, behaviour, imitation, drug, drinking, smoking, fighting. Children learn and pick all these very fast as they start crawling, speaking, imitating their parents, family member, grandparents and all those they come into contact.  When we talk of our society and the world today some 21 years on the important need requirement to weigh and take into consideration a great many  aspects of the above mention issues.

At 21 years old the girls and young female they have started their own family, having children of their own, getting married, building their home. There are those important percentage who would have been impacted by the above mention and their aspiration, motivation, drive to build and contribute to society, village and nation, where they judge their teachers, politicians, society failed - what they deem their better contributions.  This is no small process - they are highly complicated, demanding and daunting.  As young parents, mothers how they view society, the politic of buying, consumerism, the many negativity associated, yet the nation thrive and is build, function on those young mothers education, buying culture to create job, generate income.  We then have the very important and unique process yet again of they mothering, having children, their wish, demand on society, politicians and its many national institutions what they want and expect for their children or a child. The politic and interactivity of modern parent as single parent - specially modern society and young mothers.  We are making as if it is all very simple - it is not and all those who go and is going through process. Their concern for their children, education, well being, political, social, media, police and many abuses, corrupted practises, violence, drugs, the many epidemics, HIV and CJD and many unspoken fears, diseases, illness which mothers, parents did not have to face 21 years ago - how do they cope and interact.

We may have place this topic in the wrong order - we believe that there is a paramount importance to discuss the issues of that infernal corrupted practise we first addressed in 1985/6 then lady Tacther government, the British political, economic and social view in relation to countries like Seychelles and the region. They had no right to question such issues, practise and benchmark - we did from the prospective of our Europe and global refugee/exile working. The mega abnormality associated with this infernal mechanism of "satanic rage/rave, crack vibe, neighbour from hell, vache folle" what it made of our children 21 years ago, their mind, the abnormality, corrupted functioning, involving the media, education and politicians who have utterly if not grossly abused of this system, exploit it to their advantage - what it has made and turn those children into, as they grew up, their lives, sports and family lives - the end results today.  There is the important need to spell and state this abnormality originated from Britain, its society, system, institutions and political abnormality.  This has so infested all the systems, instead of finding, working and thinking of means of cleaning, clearing it, curing the young mothers, and family of this infernal system - they are working how to better its applications and use including in the hospitals, medicine, science, teaching and the church - faith.

We do believe there is the need, requirement to treat separately the issues of the Phase lll Development, the Reclamation which was at the core of that "SIROP exile/refugee program" the concept to reclaim land form the sea like in Monaco/Monte Carlo to develop and build on. Those infants, children from 7-10 then, what they had been used to of Sechelles Seychelles, environment and how they view the whole Island and the start of that Reclamation project, the road connection from Victoria to the Air Port and the road from Victoria to English River, the whole process and impacts on their young minds then and today. We have followed bits and pieces available from Nation, government paper and Opposition what they have address in a very scant manner - not in depth study and analysis -eventually the government may have research which they have undertaken and slanted for their political objective and propaganda purpose. These are not issues to be ignored and those adults, their world, their parents and grandparents world - then Seychelles and what ti made of them. (We are experiencing a great deal of personal turbulence where we are trying to address this thread and lack of concentration in the process, this is the Britain/England we have mentioned below, their corrupted benchmark, dirty methods and manipulative approach - this has become worse under the current coalition government, why they do are doing what they are doing. )

From 1977 to 1991 Sechelles Seychelles political, economic, military, education, scientific, government and many national institutions ran/worked like the, then Communist system they were linked to - with Central planned economy.  As of 1987/88 when President FA Rene, his government, with all those involved who had supported this concept agreed to its implimentation - beside the important gearing, leverage, driving mechanism which was put into action/place to begin the process of changing the economy to an open economy, the somewhat or quasi balance which exsited/prevailed towards the West, ruthless Capitalist, exploiting system - economy, with the changes and meltdown of the COMECON and USSR, the pendalum swang to the far extrem, because there was no Economic system in the world to challenge this - what ensued. The mega psycological shock for those parents, families, children and life, including social shock. The ruthless and utter corrupted corporate, practise and benchmark that took its place.  Its impacts on those children born then until the age of 7-10 years old.  The mega criminality which began to develop/work using the WWW particularly in big multinational finance, accountancy, raw material hedging and future development - their impact of the existance, those from small nations, decveloping economy, their national Budget.  From/because of this highly corrupted world/global and international benchmark - the African looked for solution - in the case of the Somali, those who turned to Piracy. For Sechelles Seychelles, its people, those young born age 7-10 years the reality of this development, this was not TV or video or film, but reality. How the Somali pirate began to impact/affect the once thriving Tourist Industry, regional, the economy which depend on it, foreign Investment - the impact on regional economy, global economy and the price of raw material, commodity and energy. How these born then from 7-10 years and today young adults, face, cope and solve this important issue. 

Seychelles is predominant Christian as such the values and education children, pick up from  the date they are convinced, start crawling, Nappie time and until they reach the age of 7 - 10 years  and ability to interact. There is the need to underline importantly  - for those children to remember, have been told and integrate - that the political changes which came to their country, home, society, play place, parents living room was not violent - what impacted those changes, the religious and spiritual values - beside the political propaganda from all the political parities - how this has influenced them, their values and thinking process - the male and female of today and the future. How they related to wars, Terrorism, across the world daily the many news of Terror, killing and atrocities which is taking place and take place.  The impact of the many new dimension which will influence their view of religion, belief, faith, church and family life, values. How they co relate this with the media and the explosion of games and videos. The negative and positive education, reaction, results which come about.

                                  The above picture was taken in 2009 we do trust the mothers appreciate our using them.

Everybody recal the arrival of new family member, child and the requirement to present this child to his creator or baptise him in his given faith, in every village in Seychelles the Sunday or appropriate event.  Then come the moment for the child or young adult confirmation, the joy of the community and village and events.

Confirmation Sechelles Seychelles

We will not enter, discuss to much from the age above 7 - 10 because that will be distracting, diverting one focus. This require another thread and while we are on the subject - our call that their ought to be national review, our national relevant institutions ought to have made their own review and research and publication, beside the many international and regional institutions involvement, engagement in their respective fields and functions, brief.

The Opposition politicians, role, failure to undertake this process ads part of the existence and functioning of any serious political party as practise around the world - yet in Seychelles, nobody judge this necessary and the talk about nation building, benchmark, Africa top governance and e government performance.

We would like to avail this opportunity to underline - that when we were called/requested to write, put together a political concept to change then Seychelles One party state, the Cold War, then political, economic, military and scientific of then world - our approach. The view that we were involved in something very historic, important and events and process that would impacts our children lives and future generation for ever. This is not small task and feat, achievement and involvement - what about the question had we come from a family of different christian background or class or family values, means, wealth and disposition beside education and extended families how would we have undertaken this task. The important need, requirement to state politicians and medical practitioner like Dr Maxime Ferrari have tried, former President Mancham, Mr Gerrard Horeau, Mr Robert Frichot, Mr Phillippe Boulle, Mr Gabriel Houreau and indeed in Seychelles the many young politicians and to this day.

Then we have the scandalous situation - plastered across all of British and Commonwealth information, media that they changed Seychelles one party system - they could not care or give tow pins what goes in Seychelles, from infant, family life, needs, sufferings, education, existence and functionality, belief, faith.
What about the current President JA Michel, the SPPF/PL and all their national institutions, their propaganda, highly corrupted practises they have build this new Seychelles, nation.  Yet our citizens, public and those who lived, were born 21 years lap it all up, do not protest or contest - this is a mega insults to their personality, ability to think and function and many rights.

What about the many regional issues, events, Mauritius, Reunion, Madagascar, Comor, BIOT - Diego Garcia the regional body of COI, regional East Africa, Regional south Africa, regional Indian Oean and none aligned working in relation to that "SIRIOP exile refugee working 21 years ago and the co relation to those infants, born then, age between 7-10 their ability to understand what was going on then and their environment.  This again is no light task - work, the requirement and need to undertake proper research and in depth studies, the stuff that make doctorate paper.  Hope that we will get mention.  It is not sufficient just to write how we influence and impacted regional events and development and economy and politic - the need to develop  solid and robust argument, scientific arguments, statistics and such data's that are available and can be available - given the functioning of the WWW one of this Program, project great achievement - the mass of information, data's available from many many institutions and those that are trained to put together such information, publish and public discussion and debate.

What  must not be forgotten is that "SIROP exile/refugee program" was written during the Cold War, like our generation born after the Second world War, its, the impacts of such mega issue have and will have on the conception of infants by parents and would be parents, the unique psycology associated, those infant birth and their growing experiences until age 7-10 years old.

What we over looked - was the major, paramount reason/argument we/I/all those involved is making their due contribution - this program is/was linked, incorporated with a much complexor, graver then world and humanity challenge - mand kind destruction and its world by Nuclear war - the and its impact on our mind, life and many functioning, the grave state of the world concern then. This "SIROP exile/refugee program" was so put together taking into consideration not just the Cold War, situation  and the psycology then.  Most important it was a program and we are putting it very midely - uniquely concepted to overcome, find a solution to the very serious and grave reality that our world around/in 1987/88 faced nuclear destruction, human extingtion as against the view of the "World Leaders then and leading experts and Generals and NATO Command and the Pentagon" we believed it was achievable, those involved and we concepted, put together this Program with the important thought of future generation, mankind and human - all over the world and you in Sechelles Seychelles your unique position and role you played. It is one thing watching video and another the strak reality - the children today who say we do not care what come and what befall mankind. It is highly crucial for them as it is for future generation to understand the components, the make up of this unique program - what Power and high Intelligence was driving it - so that it could achieve  in conbination/conjunction with the greater agenda, work against all the corupted politicians and so call experts to change the greater world political working, military thinking, corporate wroking/thinking. That with the change, energy, new dynamic, important reduction in Nuclear armament, warheads deployment - the saved resource to invest/inject in helping the developing world, the needs of the world and society, linked to the political change in the COMECON, Warsaw Pact, the USSR, Germany Reunification, France loosing it world imnportance and many important changes across then Africa, Asia, Gulf Region and Indian Ocean. Surely a or any generation born, that has come to life under/because of such giant world circumstance, events and process - the unique psycology. That generation must and will surely be very special, including Sechelles Seychelles, the SPPF/PL lies, propaganda, their media, the Church and the political Oppositions and most of the Regional Institutions involved, they have all failed and refused to grasp and take onboard the giant implications. Those infants born at the conception of that program 1987/88, 22 years ago, their growing up to the age of 7-10 years. 

President J A Michel, his ever changing Governments, the SPPF/PL propaganda of Social renaissance, National rennaissance. We have achieved a great deal in Seychelles in the sense that the government media and the people give the exposure to the world by the tourist, transport, the Internet and other news, TV, radio suddenly be able to debate social issues, moral values, family issues and values which 21 years ago this would not have been possible and dreamt of, in the school, in the church, place of work and home, play grounds, public places. 

Very and highly important - had we to wrote, tackle, promote and develop this Program, project say in France, Germany or Holland, Belgium or Italy - its impact and co relation  to events in Seychelles, those infants and then age 7 - 10. This is something we have time again address, endavour to explain - nobody want to hear or listen, those that are meant to hear and listen, Including the church and interfaith, the NGO, the Oppositions. Their respective modest media. The devious political, national racist manipulation, their media involvement, Church and many national institutions. Their grearter objective and world dominance objective or wanton national exploitation. How they co relate to the then generation 21 years ago, those already between 7 - 10 year old, those born and grew up to the age of 7 - 10 years old.

We discussed the view yesterday with certain parties comparing the young generation today, the mass of IT programs, intelligence, what they are taught in comparion to what we were taught and the economy, agriculture functionality - the fact that they cannot co relate and equate adequately to plain nature working and functioning.

In our efforts to address the above issues, we have made an effort, taking into consideration the environment all those who know London and current Britain, the Council or society and British way of thinking and doing things - their highly manipulative approach , arrogant empty reasoning, their lack of knowledge and information yet they will/demand that they make imput in your daily work, thinking and functioning as such the effort to write this thread and impacts.  The negativity

Our excuses to those children then 21 years ago, their parents, what they represented and life demanding if not unexplainable wroking for many.  Today their view of life, a great deal of the above issues we have tried to address here and their conclusion.

We ask and request those of you who can and have the time/stomach for such issues to discuss them, let others know your view and in turn we recommand you write your own view and finding, conclusion and publish them on the WWW.  Most important those who can inform the Ministers, their many committe and Sub committes, those elected in nour national Assemblies,  those who represent our media, involved in our education, the Church and interfaith, the diplomacy of Seychelles around the world and in Seychelles.
Most important we want to underline to everybody and all of you alive this generation - without your involvement, contributions, natural imput from infant to the age of 7-10 this exile/refugee program would never have functioned, bring the change it has and made the impact it has. To you the/a very big credit is due.

 By the way how many of you have seen the film Madagascar - we do know you are very smart and know the many games, the many videos and the many film in relation to that "SIROP exile/refugee program" you have watched, played and impacted your life and thinking - we trust it was great fun, exicting, and challenging - the challenge worth it.  We equally hope we have been able to share many aspect of what our ancestors shared with us, gave to us as children and in turn  share with you - you as young parents today and future custodian of our nation and society.  From our part that it has been well worth the efforts and thereby encourage other young individuals, ladies to undertake the same challenge we have dared to undertake, believe in  and make it reality.

It would have been appropriate/helpful if one could add some articles of reference from resonable source. It requires time and extra effort, beside the possibility of linking this article to Wikipedia.

New Youth Assembly sworn in with Hansel Vidot as speaker

Friday, 16 March 2012

The issues of an exile/refugee $100 million Bond - 20 years ago

In good old fashion speaking and talking - when we made the statement that with  Ethiad buying 40% of the National Airline - Air Seychelles, their capital investment - the very serious challenge this pose, represent for all of Seychelles, its economy, politic and very, very many aspects which make our nation.  Particularly the Management approach which has been put into place by Ethiad - in relation to the Regional Gulf Region National Airline, in turn their relation - dynamic working in relation to the Air craft construction Industry, global competitiveness and the state of the global Airline - Travel industry as a whole.

To understand this, It will require individual in Sechelles Seychelles with good political, economic experience or anybody with long term experience and knowledge of the Regional and International industry at very sophisticated and high management working level.

We are aware and believe in the call, for the populace to present and explain such issues in manner that they will understand their children and elderly - because of their Rights. It is not always possible in language and manner that they will understand.

We have read the critics of the new Ministers and their respective Ministry responsibilities. Very few, if anybody at all in public have mentioned, raised the issues that it is because of the co relation between - one of the Region biggest Airline buying 40% of our National Airline and as such the argument above - the government effort, that it need to put into place political, economic and required  structures, necessary to work and take the nation, our economy and vested interests through to the next 5 years.

From the Sechelles Seychelles 21,000 - 25,000 exile/refugee,  communities across the glob prospective views, experience and understanding of such working in the respective country and nation they have found exile/refuge, the very many institutions, organs, bodies and societies that lend to their working and functioning the past 35 years.  Hence that statement " In good old fashion speaking and talking". It must be said the divergence, of such national issues an working, politic,  between say Canada, south Africa, the USA and EU or England and Australia.

It is this rich collection of experience from our 21,000 - 25,000 exile/refugee which make it very, very difficult and hard to understand Seychelles government position, attitude, the populace, voters they have brought about to believe - they and they alone can deliver, have brought the due political, economic, social, educational and spiritual changes these past 35 years.  They and they alone can/must take the credits.
To be a nation of outstanding and outshining capabilities is not somethings that is acquired overnight, it take years of battling, fighting, grappling with the required issues and specially issues which demand that extra efforts, that extra belief in ones ancestors, the foundation laid by them, their resolve - the elements and forces of nature highly negative as against their land of origin - meaning France and Europe, their institutions, they have had to battle, overcome and build this nation - not just Seychelles, Mauritius, Reunion, contribution towards South Africa, India and South Asia.  Most important what has been in planted, across generations and future generations.  Our strengh being children, of those great nation builders and today the vast majority in exile across the world.

As such We have more interests, good reasons, grounds to keep our self informed, become involved, educate our self, in turn our children with the greater workings and economic challenges, problematic of what make those regional nations of the Indian Ocean work.  Than the 60/70 % of the current populace in Seychelles, beside Mauritius, Reunion of none  European origin simply because they did not lay the foundation of these nations, the robbed us of it under the guise and name of democracy, justice and equality. The ethnic, cultural, moral cleansing which took place in Sechelles Seychelles, including Mauritius and Reunion. In our case events of 1977 onwards to date.

It is evil and hypocrisy of the ugliest to say for anybody, politicians in Sechelles Seychelles to say otherwise. All they need to do is look those Ministers in their face and ask them self - if/should they not have been there, all the Ministers of African origin what would be the state of Sechelles Seychelles as nation and regional players today in the Indian Ocean, vis a vis Africa, the Gulf state, Asia and EU, Russia, China, India, Pakistan, Australia and the USA.

This said the position and attitude of those Ministers of European parentage, ancestry, their belief, reason for fleeing Europe, shedding so much blood, giving so much life away so as to build a different world, society, space of them and their children to live and future generation and their respective role in the world and the lands, institutions, systems, societies  they have left behind in Europe.

The very reason they are in Office and hold such Office today, their duty, responsibility towards their ancestors, fore fathers, those who laid the foundation, sweated, shed their blood and battle all the elements of nature, acquired the knowledge to master the elements of none European living, existence and pass it on to them.  Today is, has become natural to them, they do not have to take time or pain, they take it for granted and there by enable them to function as, at a much higher level of human species and given human species.  Their ability to be competitive. To face, confront and with stand any challenge that nature, the world and humanity will throw at them. This include the development of one of the biggest Regional Airline buying 40% of the national airline and other major if not equally important Regional carrier working hard to force them out of business, using every imaginable methods and possibilities.  The highly ruthless competitive high management business modalities, required to function at such high level, competitiveness and power position.

When Mr Guy Morel some 35 years ago setup SIM, with the involvement of other prominent Seychelles politicians of European origin, roots, heritage - beside individual like Mr Giovnni Mario Ricci, the role of the Italian community in Seychelles, German, Austrian and British then - his vie as Head of Seychelles Central Bank or then structure of Seychelles central banks - the requirement to have the platform, institution, body where by he would not be required to rely on outside, paid expertise to work, run the many sub Departments, office which make the nation working - to have to national control and means to train Seychellois young male and female for this task.  Thirty five years on and the dynamic of the global working, regional and nation competitiveness. We will not go onto the political related Benchmark and Standard of human products which came out/about as results. Their respective role and contributions in what make our nation today.  We were there then and had just began to grasp the rudiment of High management and interdisciplinary discipline co relation in such issues and working from scientific prospective as against the working of nature and creation, divinity and recall the reaction of then USA, Britain, France, USSR, Australia, South Africa - who the heck do these small Seychellois, sleepy heads, island nation think they are - they will not get far, they will fail - they must not be allowed - we dictate, we control them and destiny. We will show them.

It would not be wise to state that we have proved to them other wise, better to state, they underestimate the heritage, the values, the energy, the belief our founding fore fathers of French and other European origin had implanted in us - the human process and national process the past 35 years, resolve and this important relation with those 21,000 - 25,000 living in exile/refugee from Seychelles who represented a large and greater percentage of the current Seychelles, national population of European origin and heritage.  Their existence and function across the global, their involvements, contributions in world, national and other very complex working of the world today - mankind.

Together with the bonds, human links, social, intellectual, scientific, archaic, interfaith, high powered business we have rebuild, reconnected, rediscovered - our children and their education, their future role in the society and world they live can is able to make the statement- we understand importantly what is at stake and at play by Ethiad, one of the gulf Region major and most important Airline and Industry player, their role and importance in the global Airline industry.

We do not intend to provoke intellectual wars of words, safe and suffice to say that we have been involved and been taking part in this process for the past 30 years at Regional Indian Ocean, Africa, Asia, Europe, China, the mighty USA, the USSR - today's Russia and north America and Latin America. What the so call official and international media do write, their  so call experts and some of the very blunt realities.  We also believe that in the high working and functionality of the Gulf Regional nations, their governments and other Institutions, they have been aware and have noted if not made due note of this relation and unique human capability and working. Those from the 21,000 - 25,000 living in exile - their workings , vested interests and those who understand it.

It may prove and be challenging given that we have a modest National University and its affiliation to/with other Regional High centre of learning, Universities and those of Europe, Australia, India,  South Africa, the national and regional objectivity and the aim of the current Seychelles government - if those/they would be prepared to review and study the material, argument, facts and related prascientific discipline which make the modern Airline working/Industry as object of higher academic recognition by those who deem they have the ultimate understanding of this Industry working.

To quote some of USA important President - because of the above "crap" the need to address - put this in prospective with our current National economic plan and Strategy - regional and International.  We have been to our High Commission in London to look for a copy of the Seychelles government 2020 Agenda - greater economic Plan we did not see any and the Staff, particularly the current 1st Secretary of the High Commission ulterior - racist unfriendly, guarded, reserved attitude towards our person as against that of the Old High commission then bade in Baker Street - today the Seychelles Consulate.

We have been using what public argument have come about, Blog discussion and media material to formulate of view and opinion. As such the statement that nowhere is it to be read, indicated or mentioned that the current Seychelles government will consider, intend consider, aim to consider integrating, getting any of those 21,000 - 25, 000 so often mentioned exile/refugee - beside the 300/400 of them who have returned since 1991 and their involvement, contribution to the national working, society. How and what manner the Seychelles government, modality, mechanism it aim and propose to use to achieve this.

We do not think it necessary and need to go into the highly corrupted Seychelles Government practise over the past 35 years, its record - accountability, what they write, media, TV, manipulation, what they have been telling and informing the world and due institutions of the reality in Seychelles and the world and how they achieve this.  We will take the opportunity to remind everybody reading this thread and those who research and other officials - the Benchmark of due accountability after 1991 which develop - and events leading to Aurthur Anderson near destruction, the practise of the Big Five in therm of accountability, Reporting, Auditing - function in a national economy and nation working - in this case the Seychelles.

The world have noted and recorded former President Mancham stand and call for national working and reconciliation, given our size and resources.  Equally the position adopted by the greater exile/refugee across the world where in Africa, Asia, Latin America, Arab world and the media have been full of it - the manner such important exile/refugee community represent, promote and demand their voice, rights and make themselves know.

In our call that the Seychelles government undertake a national review, debate, engage the international community in the issue of those 21,000 - 25,000 living in exile Seychellois, their older generation and their grand children before the last Presidential election and National election - we took the position that we had build important unique good will in term of example in the working and development and science of exile/refugee working at International level -meaning or to be blunt, we have not taken arms directly at the Seychelles government and the people, political parties that support it - instead we have endeavoured to set an example, unique standard in such working - with little and no recognition and appreciation form the Seychelles government, the nation and the political,  national institutions that support it - beside international institutions, regional and those nations that support it.

What are we and can we expect form the New government so to say, the Ministers as representative of the Nation and human individuals in the light of the issues and view we have addressed above.

This week we took the first step of recruiting some of the world most experience and known expertise, consultants in the field of International human rights, People/national rights, Exile/refugee rights and their workings, politic and international relation and the media.  In doing so we were giving notice to Seychelles government, the percentage of the populace that support it, and its institutions - we are committed in persuing our Rights and we will do all we can legally and legitimately to regain our ruthlessly, brutally stolen rights, using all international available resources and venues.

Had those, were those or any international consultants, expertise to accept our call and request to assist and provide their expertise - we would be required to pay or make arrangements for their payment. In my efforts to engage President FA Rene, beside the International business syndicate together we put in place that SIROP etc exile/refuge program, the important mechanism to gear, drive the program and make it work, successful - my/our attempts some 13 time in 2009 to have a private meeting with him to exchange position and views.  Which he refused. There is the need to recall, recapitulate events - the average Seychellois and serious politicians did not know, were not aware, the church and the international communities that there were/had been in place other important mechanism, modality which was driving that Historic exile/refugee program and those involved across the world and the utterly ruthless, corrupted benchmark set in place used to work such issues - involving the global finance and a number and many of the leading names - one of them in form of Lehman Brothers, whereby we have/had been importantly responsible that they became engage in the Seychelles working and when they did do so what ensued.  The many unwritten and unstated Financial, business, economic and diplomatic issues unwritten.

 The objective having worked at global level with many governments and some of their institutions - their benchmark, that we can resolve some of the issues, boiling issues - the belief was that Seychelles government had external debt amounting to $850 millions officially - what few knew that at the same time certain/some individuals/group of individuals had have bluntly speaking anywhere from $ 7billions upwards to $15/20 billions, unaccountability and transparency - it took the very near collapse, bankruptcy of our National, shame, ruin for this issues to become public and the international community instead of Labelling us/our activities as Terrorist were compelled/forced into calling the IMF and world Bank to review the fundamental of the Seychelles government working, its diplomacy and other related international workings, write their conclusion.

The reason/purpose for this statement is to point out that our exile/refugee community were entitled to not just a percentage of what the Seychelles government got us into near bankrupt, much more, economic percentage, business percentage and with it what other communities in Mauritius, Reunion, south Africa have benefited of/given their important European  origin, parentage and roots.  The way they do business and manage it.

Secondly we were partner, contributed and were fully active in very many of the highly sophisticated multinational business, transactions, mergers, acquisitions, privatisations and those involved and the benchmark and the relation, involvement of  our 21,000 - 25,000 exile/refugee their rights, economic and other wise. Be it Europe, USA, Canada, south Africa, Australia, Asia, the Gulf region and Latin America.
When ever such a mega mess, development take place - the relation and what manner and possibility is left as committed partner, associate or whatever one would like to term - call it.  From 2009 this became the case, again events and in Seychelles, the region and Europe, the major economic down turn brought about because of all those involved, the major players and actors.

The bottom line we had expected for an individual, personality of the calibre and knowledge of President FA Rene he would realise - "there is the need to in the worse scenario give the dog some crumbs or bone" he and his government the Seychelles government, the Party and Institutions have failed and refused to do this. Meaning either a modest economic payback in the nation economic affairs as have been given to the Indian community, the Russian, the Arabs for supporting his politic and cooperating.

This said and what we discussed with the President of LUNGOS, what we have addressed several leading Law firms in Seychelles and the media - the/those exile/refugees would have had some means of supporting these cause and working from a different prospective -position collectively. At the same time what would have ensued - meaning their ability and effectiveness to reinvest and recontribute to rebuilding of the economy, business and other entities.  We will not address the utter failure and dishonest involvement, benchmark and practise by the very EU, UN, commonwealth, African Union and Francophone institutions set up, paid by government, and people money to work and manage such workings and issues. The utter scandal.

We have not been ask - requested to make/provide details of what the working entailed, the many complexities of the workings - among them was the Stock Market/Exchanges and the very many efforts to put into place like all modern national and exile/refuge working - Bond product which would have been managed directly by the exile/refugee and their representations, argument and reason - modality of repayment. That was not even a large amount initially $100 millions to be initiated in four or two phase.  We were not daft or crazy we have been working and studying those issues from 1978 with many leading institutions and Firm in and across the EU and the world. In fact should the truth be told and a proper review made - the size of the scandal, all those involved from the city of London, Paris, Bonn, Milan, New york , Amsterdam, Jo burg, Sydney, Tokyo, Hong kong who used and abused, manipulated our exile/refugee workings over a meir $100 millions Bond issue in phase and the many not $millions but $billions and $trillions. After they have used and abused our working - drag us, criminalise our exile/refugee working, the gutter media and international media, the International police and the very EU and UN, commonwealth and Francophone Institutions approach and stand.

The French government - President Mitterrand, his Cabinet supported and knew of the issues, the then German Chancellor, Italian government and its PM, the Vatican, beside Dutch, Spanish, Belgium, Austrian, Irish government, politicians North and South. Particularly those from South Africa - President Mandela had not been elected.

Those from the then EU/Europe who knew of the issue

In Seychelles, those from then President FA Rene Cabinet who was well aware of the issues, Seychelles government financial partners and Banks like BCCI, Standard Charter, Indo Suez, Barclays - what we have addressed the chartered account firm of Deloitte Touch as party managing ex BCCI.  The involvement if not paramount of Barcalys after we had shared all the information they started the scandal of BCCI, political overtone to torpedoe this program, discredit the Italian, Seychelles government and all those involved then state they and the Commonwealth changed Seychelles.

Most important the position which the USA took, blocking any EU support progress, then President Bush Senior, followed by President Clinton - the promise of his Administration, instead they sided with Seychelles government, did everything to discredit the Seychelles exile/refugees and criminalise them - this followed by the election of PM Blair who knew nothing or little abut Seychelles working - we went out of our way to provide those information - instead he sided with Seychelles government, criminalise the exile/refugee, marginalised them, sleazes them and their activities - resulting that that Bond issues form and on behalf of the Seychelles exile/refugee never took place - allow to take place. Later followed the Anti Terror Laws and EU position on Terrorist and we were marginalised and criminalised - those Arab and Gulf nations who monitor and know about all those details and their networks and and Secret Services.

We do not see the necessity to address and review such working in Africa and across Africa, Asia and the Arab world.

Beside whatever contributions, payment on the behalf of the 21,000 - 25,000 exile/refugee from Seychelles respective government will be prepared to make or the relevant international institutions - the need and requirement to put in place all the appropriate measures, safeguards, and management modalities that a $100 millions Bond is deploy purely for the working and contribution of the Seychelles refugee exile, irrelevant if they return to Seychelles or not.  After some 30 years of working is such issues we are not being brilliant many may say/argue - we have good reasons. We have 30 years experience of all the corrupted working, all the corrupted ploy, dishonest corporate and banking practise and political practises which have come to light.

Meanwhile in Seychelles itself a number of the former exile/refugee important involvement and position in developing Seychelles Economic Zone, Seychelles Offshore market and directly or indirectly impact on SIBA and investment climate in Seychelles and the Region.

To date few if any have come forward to lend and promote and serious public, be it a regional or international Financial structure that would lend to the financial and economic good working of our important exile communities.  The same can and may be ask what about those exile/refugee from our communities be they in Canada, the USA, Australia, South Africa, Paris, Amsterdam, London, Moscow, Rome elsewhere who work and have reasonable good working knowledge and experience of greater Finance and Market, the many financial instruments, products and management their role and contributions to support the cause of the 21,000 - 25,000 exile/refugee communities across the world.  Both issues are issues which the political parties, the institutions and those government, nations which support Seychelles government working, its active diplomacy and economic working are very/if not highly aware.

We would like to return to the purpose of this thread - namely move, action by Ethiade to buy 40% of our National Airline - in our ancestral French, European language and thinking what this means and imply. Not class room economy and politic.  Seychelles government left by them self they would and should have failed long ago and President FA Rene have sufficient evidence to prove this/our statement.

For all the great media work and political acclaim of Seychelles government that it alone has mastered the very difficult economic and financial challenge - we want to go out of our way to underline and emphasise - and tell the world without our greater exile/refugee engagement, this would not have been possible and in the future impossible - not to mention the/its very important good will, links and associated resources.

We expect that what we have addressed will be brought to the attention of all the Ministers, newly appointed Ambassadors and old one and the many Seychelles Consul other economic representation, appointments.  This include the institutions that lend its support to it and the National Assembly, Judiciary and Police. Just like they know all our weakness we also know and are very aware of their weakness - what about those Regional Gulf nation Airline and their high management, they have more than adequate possibility and means to evaluate and decipher if not weight in the minutest detail - our weakness.  The weakness of Seychelles government , the people and its institutions.  Over the next five years of President JA Michel government we have addressed and written of the demoniacal sword over our nation, people and heritage.  A wise people and nation when they recognise such, this state of Affair they know what course of action they have to take from preventing such outcome.

New Ministers appointed and Presentation

President JA Michel ask the new Ministers to present their Plan of Action for their respective Portfolio

 Note: It is interesting to note that since this Blog was publish - the decision by those from the Government and Private involvement to make the Global Press release - the contents, details and issues below.


We had travelled to Sechelles Seychelles in 2009, those who travelled with us, the many discussions we held, the situation of the Nation Finance then, grave concern, the issues of the Monorail Project and the Stock Market. The thirteen attempts we made to have a meeting with President FA Rene, the meeting with then Judge Hodoul and the Head of the RC in Victoria, Seychelle, then FA  Minister  - Pat Pillay his undertaking, Mr Christopher Savy, Mr Marc Horeau on Eden Island - the Arab Bank.  Brief meeting with Lawyer Phillippe Boulle. Including Mr Bernard Elizabeth from LUNGOS

   Mass Rapid Transit System 

Monorail project on track


Monday, 5 March 2012

We still have some of the Court document for the £21 millions damage/compensation

We still have some of the Court document for the £21 millions damage/compensation

As is the practice in Britain - your Solicitor inform you that after the years laid/stipulated by the British Judiciary system - your, the working file get sent away to some pace for storage. The principal firm of Solicitor handling the compensation/damage for the destruction of 87a Victoria Rd, Kilburn - Brent where the SIROP etc., $500 - $800 millions exile/refugee return was program was concepted and largely managed. (actually there were two cases)

It was Justice Wolf at the Royal Court of Justice who did the Review for Legal Aid. Brighton Legal Aid Area Board was responsible because we lived in Kent. We still have some of the correspondance between the Royal Court of Justice and the Legal Aid Board, their rejection for granting us legal Aid to take the case to court - the manner, the whole process was dragged, beside the constant threaths of death, persecution, and terror, intimidation what would happen to our person if we pressed with this case in Court in Britain - or took it to the European Court of Justice or the Internatinal Court, we had demanded that it eventually be heard in private or close door.

We had drawn up - upon the requirement, recommandation of our Solicitor of a list of individuals, who had been involved, in the know support and took part, beside diaries, which we would have been calling as witnessed - summons/supenea.

Hence the reason we have stated time and time again to Solicitors, law firms "we were given that property by the Council in Kent, as well as for important contributions, historic issues we have been involved and certain aspect of the British Royal Family". {Recently in a meeting with a firm of Solicitor underlined this again - given those involved in hounding us form that property form the Conservative party.

It must not be forgotten it was under PM John Major that place in Kilburn was destroyed and ransacked, after working and fighting hard to rebuild the case, drive the SIROP etc exile program from Kent, Caple le Fern, Dover and Folkestone, it was the Conservative government of PM John Major that was importantly involved in the threaths, that we landed in Canterbury County Court, the Mobile unit/office ex Nort West Holt Construction, ex Channal Tunnel and the Minuette - Princess Diana 4 birth caravan was destroyed and ranscaked. They aslo did everything that/to block the Legal Aid papers and review.

Kent Police, threaths to our person, the bullying, intimidation and death threaths if we went ahead an demanded for Judicial address.

Because of some of the sensitive issues. So that the timeming for the Legal Aid review got overrun and they refused to renew it or accept and appeal for extension or more time for review. Little wonder - the decision by President FA Rene Sechelles Seychelles government to take the postion they did - in Britain the official version - it was the Commonwealth that change Seychelles one party system /Communist to multi party. The Seychelles government knowing fully well that the high parties in Britain promoting this view were not telling the truth - so they too could/can develop an utterly dishonest, distorted, international picture of the Seychelles exile/refugee issues, politic and national policy. The horror that those international institutions that got duped and join in the shout that there was not issues with the Seychelles exile/refugee and they joined in the opression, threaths, intimidation when anybody protested, complained and lobbied. Nobody form the Seychelles media or regional media protested or pointed out the lies, cover up and dishonesty.

This said the Bar Association of Sechelles Seychelles, as and when that SIROP etc., gets registered by LUNGOS in Seychelles. The argument and very likely diplomatic scandal this will cause because we will have to address the Seychelles High Court and Government. It would have been good to get some input for Seychelles Freedom Party. Any other party with such knowledge and expertise. {Could this be the reason why all the sudden negative attitude, reactions, nastiness, efforts to wreck everything, make it very difficult for us to work - those individuals that have been let loose on our person - what we have written about}
We had hoped, that if not other Seychellois with legal knowledge would have helped and supported us.

Very important the Son of my sister and his Father had been importantly involved in some of the issues in the form of Alliance as young Lawyer to help. For this reason we had hoped that our Son instead of trying to study Medecine would have study law and help with the investigation, look and support some of those issues. Mr Robert Frichot, even very far away from Austrlia did help and support us, Mr Gabriel Horeau too. A bit of support came form Mr Phillipe Boulle in Seychelles and Mr Pesi Pardiwalla. Some Mauritius Legal parties did get involve. It was mostly individuals in France that was supporting us to battle the issues alone in Kent. Beside moral support form the NGO and Civic bodies in London - Ethnic Communities and Migrant, Exile Groups.

The point of the matter is this "When this infernal satanic rave/rage is applied, CJD/Mad Cow, Vache Folle, Crack vibes and sleaze, everybody is made to forget or do not remember made not to remember and deny anything took place - that those issues were real." The populace is turned losse on our person, the mob and the hate issues is propagated.

The main law firm - Solicitor was based in Folkestone Rootes & Alliott - Also another firm based in Folkeston.

Sechelles Seychelles exile/refugee working and European royal Families

Saturday 3/3/12  News - Princess Beatrice want a real Job and her dress.

We had our mind full of the situation in Sechelles, Seychelles, those from London attending, taking part in that 2nd International Carnival de Victoria. Their buzz and vibes. Most important the macabre issues and development surrounding that Italian cruise liner, the 1000 passengers, 50% of them staying on - to enjoy the Carnival. This had certainly not been on the agenda and planned by STB, the special team to advice the President - never the less, what we/I have been terming " our ancestral archaic, fraternal, Illuminati, masonic, heraldic  working" time and time again over the past 35 years the important issues it has impacted and surprisingly presented itself.

Meanwhile after - 30 years of writing of addressing,  about such issues and who they impact and influence not just Seychelles Republic working, Mauritius, Reunion, the Indian Ocean  and greater international working.  Those in London and EU who begin to grasp.  There is the need to stress this is not an African national or institutional or cultural working or Indian or Arab.

Whilst, the majority of everybody at Home - Seychelles enjoyed, participated and savour in some form the 2nd International Carnival - we had other concern on our mind - for instance the SDA Brazilian/Portuguese church, we have mentioned so often with some easily 500, members or more -beside the recent diplomatic protocol, the many years of Friendship in our national working and their Portuguese culture.  They had sent an important delegation to Seychelles and the need to explain, communicate to those Brazilian communities in London, the Portuguese speaking those issues and development.

Having mentioned, our important Italian, "archaic, fraternal, Illuminati, masonic, Templar or heraldic working" - the issues we - on behalf of the 25,000 Sechelles Seychelles exile have been addressing about the need to register that SIROP etc exile/refugee program in Seychelles.  Appropriate representation in Bruxelles, eventually - the USA and Adisababa - Ethiopia.  Deploying the appropriate resource - given the Seychelles, regional Indian Ocean economy and international situation.  Beside the government own plan and agenda 2020 excluding completely and totally those 25, 000 exile/refugee involvements and rights - say.  Yet they are making allowance, creating parameters for all those 7,000 and more new migrants and settlers in Seychelles, their children, their culture, their religion and other national needs.

Further more their work, the national resource they have deploy, Tax payers money which is accountable, to fraught, to harass, to create network, deploy resource right across the world and Europe to suppress, those 25,000 Seychellois exile/refugee voice, their rights and existence. They create hate and use such outrageous methods - to exclude, deny their very existence and make the life of any or those who are involved hell, impossible to live and work they and their families and their retributions.

We have underlined that, that program is 50% complete the the grave problematic - namely after 25 years all the hard work, efforts and major resource input, the very position, economic situation, social, political etc of the Seychellois nation being where it is today because of this Program and development - only 300 former exile/refugee have returned home. What have ensued political wise, the nation and government in spite of taking, accepting several hundreds millions of Euro and us dollars to contribute/promote  to such issues - their dishonesty and mega corruption, the national media, paper and TV, Judiciary and police - aided by the EU, UN, commonwealth who say there are not exile/refugee form Seychelles. Their dishonesty and attitude.  Instead on the back of the/those exile, refugee hard work the corrupted practise, some 5,000 - 7,000 foreigners have migrated to Sechelles Seychelles to take over their land, human space, political rights and economic rights - beside practising in brutal and outright exploitation and abuses.  the involvement of certain governments  their agenda, to prevents, block, make it impossible for those exile/refugee to return  to Seychelles, because of their political and economic motives.  Then they go to the UN, EU Security council and talk - argue about ethnic cleansing of other nations and seek ICC judgement.   Particularly the African Union  and India.

Again the International conference in London on Somali - by the Conservative government as against the working of the previous Labour government. Those 25,000 Seychellois exile/refuges were completely excluded, yet the stealing, robbery and ripoff by all those at that conference of their "heritage greater working". The media involvement and cover up. It is our duty to tell the world, that we have rights and the international communities have obligations to respect.

From this prospective, position we have been working, promoting our issues, rights for the past 25 years.
This said the many important elements - we have addressed all over the web which make, support, enable that SIROP etc exile/refugee program to work and reach where it has today given the mega opposition, first the Communist and dictatorial military system , region in Seychelles and all their ruthless and brutal networks which supported and worked with them to keep them in power.

Twenty five years ago then World situation and division - the West and East Camp and the Cold War, and the None Aligned Movement.  The manner and complexities we had and were compelled to put the many resources and networks in place to enable to move ahead.

One of these important resource  and their network is the Royal families of Europe then and today - the future, the "archaic, Templar, heraldic, Illuminati, fraternal, masonic, christian working." The very many heritage and institutions of their 1,000 years ago and toady - the future, their respective role in the societies, nations of Europe and the rest of the world - where they once ruled, headed colonies, their resources, economy, wealth, diplomacy, education, scientific, military, religious workings and very very many other institutions.

Handling and discussing - their issues, working in most EU is a challenge, meaning their are protocol, regulation, laws - the challenge we have faced and faced. Meaning, their involvement, engagement, support how and what manner this is done, executed and protocol and yet the media, those who manage and run the working of European royalty.  The Court related issues, judiciary.

An example without going into the Sechelles Seychelles, French highly important Indian ocean, Europe royalty, republican heritage and its working, beside British, Dutch, Portuguese, Italian, Austrian, Spanish, Swedish and others, including Russian and former COMECON/Communist - their links across the world.  When we require the help, support and intervention  of their resources and involvements - we do not always write a letter or make a phone call or meet them in person - their are channel, protocol, structures to follow and work with - yet the Head of a particular European nation may and will take the credit and if /should things go wrong they will issue and request the appropriate intervention as the case may be.

In this manner, prospective, they support, help, contribute in/to our Sechelles Seychelles, communities working in their/the respective Europe country,  nation -France,  Italy, Holland, Austria, Germany, Sweden, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Britain, former COMECON,  Monaco etc.  where our exile/refugees has found refuge, taken exile and made their home - their respective many national and international institutions which work with then on the Royal behalf.

This important and unique relation have existed 500 years ago our ancestors who migrated and began building those nations of the Indian Ocean, south Asia, India, South Africa, East Africa - in spite of the world changing is functionality, the major wars - every generation, the migration and those of our brothers, sisters and related families the respective countries they have gone to live and migrate or seek exile. This unique relation is not a one way street - we contribute back as nation, people, those with nobility, royal blood or republican blood and such connection. The functionality and once again, the new generations be they royal or other wise on both side. In instance we can make important contributions - depending on the circumstance and issues. 

The same manner when Seychelles government high officials, consulate, ambassador and the such  need to work with them - the protocol and manner they work and the issues are addressed - including their national parliament and embassy abroad and in Seychelles. The UN, the EU, NATO, the Francophone.
Such is the case of the British royal working in relation to our Sechelles Seychelles royal heritage and archaic etc working.  The reason we are addressing this issues today - the corrupted media working in Seychelles, the region and the world. Their utter lies.  Having said the above, those who know personalities like Princess Margret, her family,  who contributed importantly to our Sechelles Seychelles both 25,000 exile/refugee working and national working, the Queen Mother, Princess Micheal of Kent, the duchess of Kent and her Family, Princess Diana and her engagement then, like wise Duchess of York, Princess Anne and Her Majesty, the Queen in many instances. Beside being the Head of the Commonwealth and the the Head of the Church of England.

The European royal families, their institutions are fully aware what is going on in the world, development and changes - if they choose to endorse it that is another matter. We have been writing and address the mega changes which took place in the Indian Ocean region, those royal families with their former interests and links in the Indian Ocean. the strategicness of the Indian ocean, the changing dynamic of the world, economy, diplomacy and power politic. The need and required for the young royal to function and become engage at what ever level and form.  Particularly towards Africa, the Small nations of the region.  Those young royals they have been brought up differently and they have also learnt to function with the changing world and popular development, many changes.

Some two years ago addressed pertinent issues requesting the duchess of York help in our Heraldic project.  Equally her eldest daughter Princess Beatrice - who has been working with those issues for some years.

Everybody get old, we all have to move on and those royal family members in Europe who have supported us and their children and grand children - equally important to reengage the young generation in our issues, working and development.

It is from this prospective and view point that - we believe Princess Beatrice media address must be seen.  Be they in Seychelles, Mauritius and across the world the vast majority who are completely unaware of such issues and  how they/it work, its purpose and function, logic and necessity.

We will be brief - this world we live and work in in very complex and complicated, like in the ocean, the forests, the animal world, the bird world the role of the many species to the existence and functioning of our planet and human existence.  We from the 25,000 Sechelles, Seychelles exile believe in such functionality and their workings.

What need to be pointed out - addressed, having made, contributed and supported a given major issues - that does not mean as we can read across the web - those who manage and written on their behalf - they are responsible for all the positive development and the bad people are responsible for all the negative development  aspect of a given issues.

Most important - the conclusion after such important engagement, involvements - the UN, African Union, EU, commonwealth, Francophone, the Arab leagues and many who deny our existence and that SIROP etc exile/refugee program.  In taking on the next phase - the next 5/10 years  working of the Sechelles Seychelles exile/refugee,  the need to communicate in/with greater dynamic to counter act the corrupted practise and dishonest media practise if there is to be any positive development in the affairs of the 25,000 Seychelles exile/refugees, their children and elderly.  Beside their legitimate International many rights as enshrined and underpinned in the many International laws.

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Note : We cannot add article link as comment and the relevancy - there was a very strange "commotion" yesterday evening, those we spoke openly in public at the train station and later in the night the issues. 

 As a result of the news of Lord St John of Fawsley death this morning - again in Britain, France, Italy, Germany what one is allowed to write such individual - all those from the then Mrs Thacther Government and PM Heath - what we have written about Dr Professor Micheal Hoffman, Mrs Thacther Economic guru adviser, Dr Friedrich Von Hayek then East - West relation, the Cold War, our important Sechelles Seychelles  colonial connections - those who recall and knew what was going on as against those who invented and picked up "using that infernal satanic vibe/rage, crack vibe etc, such methods".

Those high individuals, personalities who knew or made it their business to know of our person, abilities indirectly - what issues, dynamic, disciplines compelled and influenced Mrs Thacther in taking some of her important decision then - what the media crap/con and lies they told the world. 

Lord St John of Fawsley was one of those personalities we were in indirect contact. Some of the important debacle that came out and logger head with Mrs Thacther.  We have been able to exchange and share our view with such important individual on the then British Economy, Europe situation - beside his experience and expertise.  

We have mentioned of Lord Beloff involvement, support and advice in putting that SIROP etc exile/refugee program together - given his expertise in constitutional matter we had also" referred " some of the SIROP program debacles with him. 

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