SIROP combine exile/refugee Program

SIROP combine exile/refugee Program
When will the 21,000 - 25,000 Seychellois exile/refugees get Justice

Monday, 5 March 2012

We still have some of the Court document for the £21 millions damage/compensation

We still have some of the Court document for the £21 millions damage/compensation

As is the practice in Britain - your Solicitor inform you that after the years laid/stipulated by the British Judiciary system - your, the working file get sent away to some pace for storage. The principal firm of Solicitor handling the compensation/damage for the destruction of 87a Victoria Rd, Kilburn - Brent where the SIROP etc., $500 - $800 millions exile/refugee return was program was concepted and largely managed. (actually there were two cases)

It was Justice Wolf at the Royal Court of Justice who did the Review for Legal Aid. Brighton Legal Aid Area Board was responsible because we lived in Kent. We still have some of the correspondance between the Royal Court of Justice and the Legal Aid Board, their rejection for granting us legal Aid to take the case to court - the manner, the whole process was dragged, beside the constant threaths of death, persecution, and terror, intimidation what would happen to our person if we pressed with this case in Court in Britain - or took it to the European Court of Justice or the Internatinal Court, we had demanded that it eventually be heard in private or close door.

We had drawn up - upon the requirement, recommandation of our Solicitor of a list of individuals, who had been involved, in the know support and took part, beside diaries, which we would have been calling as witnessed - summons/supenea.

Hence the reason we have stated time and time again to Solicitors, law firms "we were given that property by the Council in Kent, as well as for important contributions, historic issues we have been involved and certain aspect of the British Royal Family". {Recently in a meeting with a firm of Solicitor underlined this again - given those involved in hounding us form that property form the Conservative party.

It must not be forgotten it was under PM John Major that place in Kilburn was destroyed and ransacked, after working and fighting hard to rebuild the case, drive the SIROP etc exile program from Kent, Caple le Fern, Dover and Folkestone, it was the Conservative government of PM John Major that was importantly involved in the threaths, that we landed in Canterbury County Court, the Mobile unit/office ex Nort West Holt Construction, ex Channal Tunnel and the Minuette - Princess Diana 4 birth caravan was destroyed and ranscaked. They aslo did everything that/to block the Legal Aid papers and review.

Kent Police, threaths to our person, the bullying, intimidation and death threaths if we went ahead an demanded for Judicial address.

Because of some of the sensitive issues. So that the timeming for the Legal Aid review got overrun and they refused to renew it or accept and appeal for extension or more time for review. Little wonder - the decision by President FA Rene Sechelles Seychelles government to take the postion they did - in Britain the official version - it was the Commonwealth that change Seychelles one party system /Communist to multi party. The Seychelles government knowing fully well that the high parties in Britain promoting this view were not telling the truth - so they too could/can develop an utterly dishonest, distorted, international picture of the Seychelles exile/refugee issues, politic and national policy. The horror that those international institutions that got duped and join in the shout that there was not issues with the Seychelles exile/refugee and they joined in the opression, threaths, intimidation when anybody protested, complained and lobbied. Nobody form the Seychelles media or regional media protested or pointed out the lies, cover up and dishonesty.

This said the Bar Association of Sechelles Seychelles, as and when that SIROP etc., gets registered by LUNGOS in Seychelles. The argument and very likely diplomatic scandal this will cause because we will have to address the Seychelles High Court and Government. It would have been good to get some input for Seychelles Freedom Party. Any other party with such knowledge and expertise. {Could this be the reason why all the sudden negative attitude, reactions, nastiness, efforts to wreck everything, make it very difficult for us to work - those individuals that have been let loose on our person - what we have written about}
We had hoped, that if not other Seychellois with legal knowledge would have helped and supported us.

Very important the Son of my sister and his Father had been importantly involved in some of the issues in the form of Alliance as young Lawyer to help. For this reason we had hoped that our Son instead of trying to study Medecine would have study law and help with the investigation, look and support some of those issues. Mr Robert Frichot, even very far away from Austrlia did help and support us, Mr Gabriel Horeau too. A bit of support came form Mr Phillipe Boulle in Seychelles and Mr Pesi Pardiwalla. Some Mauritius Legal parties did get involve. It was mostly individuals in France that was supporting us to battle the issues alone in Kent. Beside moral support form the NGO and Civic bodies in London - Ethnic Communities and Migrant, Exile Groups.

The point of the matter is this "When this infernal satanic rave/rage is applied, CJD/Mad Cow, Vache Folle, Crack vibes and sleaze, everybody is made to forget or do not remember made not to remember and deny anything took place - that those issues were real." The populace is turned losse on our person, the mob and the hate issues is propagated.

The main law firm - Solicitor was based in Folkestone Rootes & Alliott - Also another firm based in Folkeston.

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