SIROP combine exile/refugee Program

SIROP combine exile/refugee Program
When will the 21,000 - 25,000 Seychellois exile/refugees get Justice

Friday, 16 March 2012

The issues of an exile/refugee $100 million Bond - 20 years ago

In good old fashion speaking and talking - when we made the statement that with  Ethiad buying 40% of the National Airline - Air Seychelles, their capital investment - the very serious challenge this pose, represent for all of Seychelles, its economy, politic and very, very many aspects which make our nation.  Particularly the Management approach which has been put into place by Ethiad - in relation to the Regional Gulf Region National Airline, in turn their relation - dynamic working in relation to the Air craft construction Industry, global competitiveness and the state of the global Airline - Travel industry as a whole.

To understand this, It will require individual in Sechelles Seychelles with good political, economic experience or anybody with long term experience and knowledge of the Regional and International industry at very sophisticated and high management working level.

We are aware and believe in the call, for the populace to present and explain such issues in manner that they will understand their children and elderly - because of their Rights. It is not always possible in language and manner that they will understand.

We have read the critics of the new Ministers and their respective Ministry responsibilities. Very few, if anybody at all in public have mentioned, raised the issues that it is because of the co relation between - one of the Region biggest Airline buying 40% of our National Airline and as such the argument above - the government effort, that it need to put into place political, economic and required  structures, necessary to work and take the nation, our economy and vested interests through to the next 5 years.

From the Sechelles Seychelles 21,000 - 25,000 exile/refugee,  communities across the glob prospective views, experience and understanding of such working in the respective country and nation they have found exile/refuge, the very many institutions, organs, bodies and societies that lend to their working and functioning the past 35 years.  Hence that statement " In good old fashion speaking and talking". It must be said the divergence, of such national issues an working, politic,  between say Canada, south Africa, the USA and EU or England and Australia.

It is this rich collection of experience from our 21,000 - 25,000 exile/refugee which make it very, very difficult and hard to understand Seychelles government position, attitude, the populace, voters they have brought about to believe - they and they alone can deliver, have brought the due political, economic, social, educational and spiritual changes these past 35 years.  They and they alone can/must take the credits.
To be a nation of outstanding and outshining capabilities is not somethings that is acquired overnight, it take years of battling, fighting, grappling with the required issues and specially issues which demand that extra efforts, that extra belief in ones ancestors, the foundation laid by them, their resolve - the elements and forces of nature highly negative as against their land of origin - meaning France and Europe, their institutions, they have had to battle, overcome and build this nation - not just Seychelles, Mauritius, Reunion, contribution towards South Africa, India and South Asia.  Most important what has been in planted, across generations and future generations.  Our strengh being children, of those great nation builders and today the vast majority in exile across the world.

As such We have more interests, good reasons, grounds to keep our self informed, become involved, educate our self, in turn our children with the greater workings and economic challenges, problematic of what make those regional nations of the Indian Ocean work.  Than the 60/70 % of the current populace in Seychelles, beside Mauritius, Reunion of none  European origin simply because they did not lay the foundation of these nations, the robbed us of it under the guise and name of democracy, justice and equality. The ethnic, cultural, moral cleansing which took place in Sechelles Seychelles, including Mauritius and Reunion. In our case events of 1977 onwards to date.

It is evil and hypocrisy of the ugliest to say for anybody, politicians in Sechelles Seychelles to say otherwise. All they need to do is look those Ministers in their face and ask them self - if/should they not have been there, all the Ministers of African origin what would be the state of Sechelles Seychelles as nation and regional players today in the Indian Ocean, vis a vis Africa, the Gulf state, Asia and EU, Russia, China, India, Pakistan, Australia and the USA.

This said the position and attitude of those Ministers of European parentage, ancestry, their belief, reason for fleeing Europe, shedding so much blood, giving so much life away so as to build a different world, society, space of them and their children to live and future generation and their respective role in the world and the lands, institutions, systems, societies  they have left behind in Europe.

The very reason they are in Office and hold such Office today, their duty, responsibility towards their ancestors, fore fathers, those who laid the foundation, sweated, shed their blood and battle all the elements of nature, acquired the knowledge to master the elements of none European living, existence and pass it on to them.  Today is, has become natural to them, they do not have to take time or pain, they take it for granted and there by enable them to function as, at a much higher level of human species and given human species.  Their ability to be competitive. To face, confront and with stand any challenge that nature, the world and humanity will throw at them. This include the development of one of the biggest Regional Airline buying 40% of the national airline and other major if not equally important Regional carrier working hard to force them out of business, using every imaginable methods and possibilities.  The highly ruthless competitive high management business modalities, required to function at such high level, competitiveness and power position.

When Mr Guy Morel some 35 years ago setup SIM, with the involvement of other prominent Seychelles politicians of European origin, roots, heritage - beside individual like Mr Giovnni Mario Ricci, the role of the Italian community in Seychelles, German, Austrian and British then - his vie as Head of Seychelles Central Bank or then structure of Seychelles central banks - the requirement to have the platform, institution, body where by he would not be required to rely on outside, paid expertise to work, run the many sub Departments, office which make the nation working - to have to national control and means to train Seychellois young male and female for this task.  Thirty five years on and the dynamic of the global working, regional and nation competitiveness. We will not go onto the political related Benchmark and Standard of human products which came out/about as results. Their respective role and contributions in what make our nation today.  We were there then and had just began to grasp the rudiment of High management and interdisciplinary discipline co relation in such issues and working from scientific prospective as against the working of nature and creation, divinity and recall the reaction of then USA, Britain, France, USSR, Australia, South Africa - who the heck do these small Seychellois, sleepy heads, island nation think they are - they will not get far, they will fail - they must not be allowed - we dictate, we control them and destiny. We will show them.

It would not be wise to state that we have proved to them other wise, better to state, they underestimate the heritage, the values, the energy, the belief our founding fore fathers of French and other European origin had implanted in us - the human process and national process the past 35 years, resolve and this important relation with those 21,000 - 25,000 living in exile/refugee from Seychelles who represented a large and greater percentage of the current Seychelles, national population of European origin and heritage.  Their existence and function across the global, their involvements, contributions in world, national and other very complex working of the world today - mankind.

Together with the bonds, human links, social, intellectual, scientific, archaic, interfaith, high powered business we have rebuild, reconnected, rediscovered - our children and their education, their future role in the society and world they live can is able to make the statement- we understand importantly what is at stake and at play by Ethiad, one of the gulf Region major and most important Airline and Industry player, their role and importance in the global Airline industry.

We do not intend to provoke intellectual wars of words, safe and suffice to say that we have been involved and been taking part in this process for the past 30 years at Regional Indian Ocean, Africa, Asia, Europe, China, the mighty USA, the USSR - today's Russia and north America and Latin America. What the so call official and international media do write, their  so call experts and some of the very blunt realities.  We also believe that in the high working and functionality of the Gulf Regional nations, their governments and other Institutions, they have been aware and have noted if not made due note of this relation and unique human capability and working. Those from the 21,000 - 25,000 living in exile - their workings , vested interests and those who understand it.

It may prove and be challenging given that we have a modest National University and its affiliation to/with other Regional High centre of learning, Universities and those of Europe, Australia, India,  South Africa, the national and regional objectivity and the aim of the current Seychelles government - if those/they would be prepared to review and study the material, argument, facts and related prascientific discipline which make the modern Airline working/Industry as object of higher academic recognition by those who deem they have the ultimate understanding of this Industry working.

To quote some of USA important President - because of the above "crap" the need to address - put this in prospective with our current National economic plan and Strategy - regional and International.  We have been to our High Commission in London to look for a copy of the Seychelles government 2020 Agenda - greater economic Plan we did not see any and the Staff, particularly the current 1st Secretary of the High Commission ulterior - racist unfriendly, guarded, reserved attitude towards our person as against that of the Old High commission then bade in Baker Street - today the Seychelles Consulate.

We have been using what public argument have come about, Blog discussion and media material to formulate of view and opinion. As such the statement that nowhere is it to be read, indicated or mentioned that the current Seychelles government will consider, intend consider, aim to consider integrating, getting any of those 21,000 - 25, 000 so often mentioned exile/refugee - beside the 300/400 of them who have returned since 1991 and their involvement, contribution to the national working, society. How and what manner the Seychelles government, modality, mechanism it aim and propose to use to achieve this.

We do not think it necessary and need to go into the highly corrupted Seychelles Government practise over the past 35 years, its record - accountability, what they write, media, TV, manipulation, what they have been telling and informing the world and due institutions of the reality in Seychelles and the world and how they achieve this.  We will take the opportunity to remind everybody reading this thread and those who research and other officials - the Benchmark of due accountability after 1991 which develop - and events leading to Aurthur Anderson near destruction, the practise of the Big Five in therm of accountability, Reporting, Auditing - function in a national economy and nation working - in this case the Seychelles.

The world have noted and recorded former President Mancham stand and call for national working and reconciliation, given our size and resources.  Equally the position adopted by the greater exile/refugee across the world where in Africa, Asia, Latin America, Arab world and the media have been full of it - the manner such important exile/refugee community represent, promote and demand their voice, rights and make themselves know.

In our call that the Seychelles government undertake a national review, debate, engage the international community in the issue of those 21,000 - 25,000 living in exile Seychellois, their older generation and their grand children before the last Presidential election and National election - we took the position that we had build important unique good will in term of example in the working and development and science of exile/refugee working at International level -meaning or to be blunt, we have not taken arms directly at the Seychelles government and the people, political parties that support it - instead we have endeavoured to set an example, unique standard in such working - with little and no recognition and appreciation form the Seychelles government, the nation and the political,  national institutions that support it - beside international institutions, regional and those nations that support it.

What are we and can we expect form the New government so to say, the Ministers as representative of the Nation and human individuals in the light of the issues and view we have addressed above.

This week we took the first step of recruiting some of the world most experience and known expertise, consultants in the field of International human rights, People/national rights, Exile/refugee rights and their workings, politic and international relation and the media.  In doing so we were giving notice to Seychelles government, the percentage of the populace that support it, and its institutions - we are committed in persuing our Rights and we will do all we can legally and legitimately to regain our ruthlessly, brutally stolen rights, using all international available resources and venues.

Had those, were those or any international consultants, expertise to accept our call and request to assist and provide their expertise - we would be required to pay or make arrangements for their payment. In my efforts to engage President FA Rene, beside the International business syndicate together we put in place that SIROP etc exile/refuge program, the important mechanism to gear, drive the program and make it work, successful - my/our attempts some 13 time in 2009 to have a private meeting with him to exchange position and views.  Which he refused. There is the need to recall, recapitulate events - the average Seychellois and serious politicians did not know, were not aware, the church and the international communities that there were/had been in place other important mechanism, modality which was driving that Historic exile/refugee program and those involved across the world and the utterly ruthless, corrupted benchmark set in place used to work such issues - involving the global finance and a number and many of the leading names - one of them in form of Lehman Brothers, whereby we have/had been importantly responsible that they became engage in the Seychelles working and when they did do so what ensued.  The many unwritten and unstated Financial, business, economic and diplomatic issues unwritten.

 The objective having worked at global level with many governments and some of their institutions - their benchmark, that we can resolve some of the issues, boiling issues - the belief was that Seychelles government had external debt amounting to $850 millions officially - what few knew that at the same time certain/some individuals/group of individuals had have bluntly speaking anywhere from $ 7billions upwards to $15/20 billions, unaccountability and transparency - it took the very near collapse, bankruptcy of our National, shame, ruin for this issues to become public and the international community instead of Labelling us/our activities as Terrorist were compelled/forced into calling the IMF and world Bank to review the fundamental of the Seychelles government working, its diplomacy and other related international workings, write their conclusion.

The reason/purpose for this statement is to point out that our exile/refugee community were entitled to not just a percentage of what the Seychelles government got us into near bankrupt, much more, economic percentage, business percentage and with it what other communities in Mauritius, Reunion, south Africa have benefited of/given their important European  origin, parentage and roots.  The way they do business and manage it.

Secondly we were partner, contributed and were fully active in very many of the highly sophisticated multinational business, transactions, mergers, acquisitions, privatisations and those involved and the benchmark and the relation, involvement of  our 21,000 - 25,000 exile/refugee their rights, economic and other wise. Be it Europe, USA, Canada, south Africa, Australia, Asia, the Gulf region and Latin America.
When ever such a mega mess, development take place - the relation and what manner and possibility is left as committed partner, associate or whatever one would like to term - call it.  From 2009 this became the case, again events and in Seychelles, the region and Europe, the major economic down turn brought about because of all those involved, the major players and actors.

The bottom line we had expected for an individual, personality of the calibre and knowledge of President FA Rene he would realise - "there is the need to in the worse scenario give the dog some crumbs or bone" he and his government the Seychelles government, the Party and Institutions have failed and refused to do this. Meaning either a modest economic payback in the nation economic affairs as have been given to the Indian community, the Russian, the Arabs for supporting his politic and cooperating.

This said and what we discussed with the President of LUNGOS, what we have addressed several leading Law firms in Seychelles and the media - the/those exile/refugees would have had some means of supporting these cause and working from a different prospective -position collectively. At the same time what would have ensued - meaning their ability and effectiveness to reinvest and recontribute to rebuilding of the economy, business and other entities.  We will not address the utter failure and dishonest involvement, benchmark and practise by the very EU, UN, commonwealth, African Union and Francophone institutions set up, paid by government, and people money to work and manage such workings and issues. The utter scandal.

We have not been ask - requested to make/provide details of what the working entailed, the many complexities of the workings - among them was the Stock Market/Exchanges and the very many efforts to put into place like all modern national and exile/refuge working - Bond product which would have been managed directly by the exile/refugee and their representations, argument and reason - modality of repayment. That was not even a large amount initially $100 millions to be initiated in four or two phase.  We were not daft or crazy we have been working and studying those issues from 1978 with many leading institutions and Firm in and across the EU and the world. In fact should the truth be told and a proper review made - the size of the scandal, all those involved from the city of London, Paris, Bonn, Milan, New york , Amsterdam, Jo burg, Sydney, Tokyo, Hong kong who used and abused, manipulated our exile/refugee workings over a meir $100 millions Bond issue in phase and the many not $millions but $billions and $trillions. After they have used and abused our working - drag us, criminalise our exile/refugee working, the gutter media and international media, the International police and the very EU and UN, commonwealth and Francophone Institutions approach and stand.

The French government - President Mitterrand, his Cabinet supported and knew of the issues, the then German Chancellor, Italian government and its PM, the Vatican, beside Dutch, Spanish, Belgium, Austrian, Irish government, politicians North and South. Particularly those from South Africa - President Mandela had not been elected.

Those from the then EU/Europe who knew of the issue

In Seychelles, those from then President FA Rene Cabinet who was well aware of the issues, Seychelles government financial partners and Banks like BCCI, Standard Charter, Indo Suez, Barclays - what we have addressed the chartered account firm of Deloitte Touch as party managing ex BCCI.  The involvement if not paramount of Barcalys after we had shared all the information they started the scandal of BCCI, political overtone to torpedoe this program, discredit the Italian, Seychelles government and all those involved then state they and the Commonwealth changed Seychelles.

Most important the position which the USA took, blocking any EU support progress, then President Bush Senior, followed by President Clinton - the promise of his Administration, instead they sided with Seychelles government, did everything to discredit the Seychelles exile/refugees and criminalise them - this followed by the election of PM Blair who knew nothing or little abut Seychelles working - we went out of our way to provide those information - instead he sided with Seychelles government, criminalise the exile/refugee, marginalised them, sleazes them and their activities - resulting that that Bond issues form and on behalf of the Seychelles exile/refugee never took place - allow to take place. Later followed the Anti Terror Laws and EU position on Terrorist and we were marginalised and criminalised - those Arab and Gulf nations who monitor and know about all those details and their networks and and Secret Services.

We do not see the necessity to address and review such working in Africa and across Africa, Asia and the Arab world.

Beside whatever contributions, payment on the behalf of the 21,000 - 25,000 exile/refugee from Seychelles respective government will be prepared to make or the relevant international institutions - the need and requirement to put in place all the appropriate measures, safeguards, and management modalities that a $100 millions Bond is deploy purely for the working and contribution of the Seychelles refugee exile, irrelevant if they return to Seychelles or not.  After some 30 years of working is such issues we are not being brilliant many may say/argue - we have good reasons. We have 30 years experience of all the corrupted working, all the corrupted ploy, dishonest corporate and banking practise and political practises which have come to light.

Meanwhile in Seychelles itself a number of the former exile/refugee important involvement and position in developing Seychelles Economic Zone, Seychelles Offshore market and directly or indirectly impact on SIBA and investment climate in Seychelles and the Region.

To date few if any have come forward to lend and promote and serious public, be it a regional or international Financial structure that would lend to the financial and economic good working of our important exile communities.  The same can and may be ask what about those exile/refugee from our communities be they in Canada, the USA, Australia, South Africa, Paris, Amsterdam, London, Moscow, Rome elsewhere who work and have reasonable good working knowledge and experience of greater Finance and Market, the many financial instruments, products and management their role and contributions to support the cause of the 21,000 - 25,000 exile/refugee communities across the world.  Both issues are issues which the political parties, the institutions and those government, nations which support Seychelles government working, its active diplomacy and economic working are very/if not highly aware.

We would like to return to the purpose of this thread - namely move, action by Ethiade to buy 40% of our National Airline - in our ancestral French, European language and thinking what this means and imply. Not class room economy and politic.  Seychelles government left by them self they would and should have failed long ago and President FA Rene have sufficient evidence to prove this/our statement.

For all the great media work and political acclaim of Seychelles government that it alone has mastered the very difficult economic and financial challenge - we want to go out of our way to underline and emphasise - and tell the world without our greater exile/refugee engagement, this would not have been possible and in the future impossible - not to mention the/its very important good will, links and associated resources.

We expect that what we have addressed will be brought to the attention of all the Ministers, newly appointed Ambassadors and old one and the many Seychelles Consul other economic representation, appointments.  This include the institutions that lend its support to it and the National Assembly, Judiciary and Police. Just like they know all our weakness we also know and are very aware of their weakness - what about those Regional Gulf nation Airline and their high management, they have more than adequate possibility and means to evaluate and decipher if not weight in the minutest detail - our weakness.  The weakness of Seychelles government , the people and its institutions.  Over the next five years of President JA Michel government we have addressed and written of the demoniacal sword over our nation, people and heritage.  A wise people and nation when they recognise such, this state of Affair they know what course of action they have to take from preventing such outcome.

New Ministers appointed and Presentation

President JA Michel ask the new Ministers to present their Plan of Action for their respective Portfolio

 Note: It is interesting to note that since this Blog was publish - the decision by those from the Government and Private involvement to make the Global Press release - the contents, details and issues below.


We had travelled to Sechelles Seychelles in 2009, those who travelled with us, the many discussions we held, the situation of the Nation Finance then, grave concern, the issues of the Monorail Project and the Stock Market. The thirteen attempts we made to have a meeting with President FA Rene, the meeting with then Judge Hodoul and the Head of the RC in Victoria, Seychelle, then FA  Minister  - Pat Pillay his undertaking, Mr Christopher Savy, Mr Marc Horeau on Eden Island - the Arab Bank.  Brief meeting with Lawyer Phillippe Boulle. Including Mr Bernard Elizabeth from LUNGOS

   Mass Rapid Transit System 

Monorail project on track


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