SIROP combine exile/refugee Program

SIROP combine exile/refugee Program
When will the 21,000 - 25,000 Seychellois exile/refugees get Justice

Thursday, 30 July 2020

SIROP Plaint/ TRNUC - Coronavirus: EU leaders agree €1.82trn budget and ...

SBC | Live TRNUC Hearing - Session 96 - 29.07.2020 (Part One)

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Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting
1986 3–5 August United Kingdom London None Margaret Thatcher
1987 13–17 October Canada Vancouver Okanagan Brian Mulroney
1989 18–24 October Malaysia Kuala Lumpur Langkawi Mahathir bin Mohamad
1991 16–21 October Zimbabwe Harare Victoria Falls Robert Mugabe

The Caribbean Community (CARICOM or CC)


OAU summits

Addis Ababa Ethiopia 28–30 July 1986
Addis Ababa Ethiopia 27–29 July- 1987
Addis Ababa Ethiopia Extraordinary Summit: October 1987
Addis Ababa Ethiopia 25–28 May 1988
Addis Ababa Ethiopia 24–26 July 1989
Addis Ababa Ethiopia 9–11 July 1990
Abuja          Nigeria    3–5 July 1991
Dakar          Senegal  29 June – 1 July 1992

Gulf Cooperation Council 

1987 (RIYADH, DECEMBER 26-29)
1988 (MANAMA, DECEMBER 19-21)
1989 (MUSCAT, DECEMBER 18-20)
1990 (QATAR, DECEMBER 22-24)
Summit overshadowed by Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait.
1991 (KUWAIT, DECEMBER 23-25)
1992 (ABU DHABI, DECEMBER 21-23)

Arab League

14 1987 Jordan Amman
15 June 1988 Algeria Algiers
16 1989 Morocco Casablanca
17 1990 Iraq Baghdad
18 1996 Egypt Cairo

Organisation internationale de la Francophonie

The Summit, the highest authority in the Francophonie
 France Paris (Versailles) 17–19 February 1986 President François Mitterrand
 Quebec Quebec City 2–4 September 1987 Prime Minister Brian Mulroney
Senegal Dakar 24–26 May 1989 President Abdou Diouf
France Paris 19–21 November 1991 President François Mitterrand
Mauritius Port Louis 16–18 October 1993 President Veerasamy Ringadoo

International Monetary Fund and the World Bank Group

Presidency of the United Nations Security Council

President of the United Nations General Assembly
1986 Humayun Rashid Choudhury Bangladesh Asia Forty-first
Fourteenth special
1987 Peter Florin German Democratic Republic EEG Forty-second
Fifteenth special
1988 Dante Caputo Argentina GRULAC Forty-third
1989 Joseph Nanven Garba Nigeria Africa Forty-fourth
Sixteenth special
Seventeenth special
Eighteenth special
1990 Guido de Marco Malta WEOG Forty-fifth
1991 Samir Shihabi Saudi Arabia Asia Forty-sixth
1992 Stoyan Ganev Bulgaria EEG Forty-seventh
1993 Rudy Insanally Guyana GRULAC Forty-eighth

Former Secretaries-General

Secretary General of the Council of Europe

President of the European Commission

Secretary General of NATO

Non-Aligned Movement

8th 1–6 September 1986 Zimbabwe Harare
9th 4–7 September 1989 Yugoslavia Belgrade
10th 1–6 September 1992 Indonesia Jakarta

Association of Southeast Asian Nations ASEAN 

ASEAN Summit
3rd 14–15 December 1987 Philippines  Manila President Corazon Aquino
4th 27‒29 January 1992 Singapore    Singapore   Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong

Warsaw Pact

Dissolved 1 July 1991

The Council for Mutual Economic Assistance

Dissolved 28 June 1991

1986 in the Soviet Union - Wikipedia

Premier Building, Judge EJ Stiven share in the building, the Parkar and Oliaji family, Premier Services Ltd of Mr Noelin L  Didon, the Didon brothers who represented us/SIROP  from 1986 Seychelles until his office closed and the office of Lawyer Pardiwalla. Twomey, Lablach  

Here we go - 29/07/20 lawyer Derjaque addressing the commission on changes from the second republic to the third republic, the material and information to quote, refer and guide him. We have paused the video come the part at the Harare Commonwealth conference,  with Britain represented by then Lady Thatcher and  her threatening  president F A Rene  and Kenya  officials if they did not conform , bring about multiparty system in their country they would be expelled from the Commonwealth.  1991 16–21 October Zimbabwe Harare Victoria Falls Robert Mugabe We are going to add the Harare deceleration and at our forum other relevant document from  the Thatcher Foundation there is absolutely no mention of the threat. Had she made that threat president FA Rene would have told her to get stuff. We will explain the why.
That SIROP program 1986/87, events in Vatican , Poland USSR, the COMECON, Warsaw Pact.  The Coming to office of Pope John ll his election. The why he was elected and the role we played to be polite and the why. The others. real impacts on Poland, the Soviet politic  - the USA/CIA and Masonic entity were not involved. However what the US and British media  have written. Seychelles at the election of Pope John Paul, Madagascar, Comor , Mauritius. Those who hold the view and know in history you elect put the right Person in a given high office and the change this will bring if managed adequately. The same come the choice of the Bishop of Victoria then. (in 1986, the vibe, mad cow communication mechanism applied broadly today had not come into play it was that SIROP which initialised this,  then  cold war communication and the Communist communication. The important management of this mechanism ) We had attempted to bring the Commonwealth into play with that SIROP program their condescending,   racist, arrogant attitude, the  application of the Commonwealth Masonic mechanism involved,  our very many bitter protest to the Vatican and the ICJ and Europe Court.  we did not pursue the  efforts instead relied more on the European entities, Francophone  hence the mega battle with the Thatcher government and others, they disliked this. We have stated that like the OAU  then 1986, 87, 88, 89, 90 the followup on this Program by the African head of state the same in the Commonwealth and the Francophone, the UN.  How many in Seychelles the police, the AG, the National Assembly the Court have the capacity resource, to research and publish their findings. Beside the COI, the role we had played in setting up this body and the impact of the SIROP program on their politic and economy this is the norm in developing such program  all those who knew, were involved  and monitored us form London Paris, Rome and Vienna or Netherlands. Beside Australia and south Africa the USA, Canada. It impacted events in the  USSR, the USA, the COMECON and Africa, South Africa, North  Africa, the Gulf region Australia and China.  (we have written and address the corrupted benchmark and mechanism, practice in place,  those who creamed off our information, dynamic and synergy to leverage their topic and issues and then what got published)

Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting

When Margaret Thatcher rode to Robert Mugabe’s rescue this article is one sided missing information

1989 Mar 30 Th
Margaret Thatcher
Press Conference ending visit to Zimbabwe missing information

1989 Mar 28 Tu
Margaret Thatcher
Speech arriving in Zimbabwe missing information

On behalf of that historic SIROP program 1986/87 - worth $500 - $800 millions, 21,000 - 25,000 living in exile Seychellois addressing you.
We have made good note all those who have appeared before the Truth Commission with well prepared Plaint, supporting documents and reference materials. We also noted the professionalism with which you address the Commission regarding the many past Abuses, Court cases, Litigation and Court of Appeal cases.

The reference was made 28/7/20 that in 1993 MNA in Opposition tabled a motion for a Truth Commission and reconciliation to be set up. Had not an LDS majority not arrived in the National Assembly this would not have been possible and referring to some of your strong arguments, address this morning of State or outside interference in election and due process. Had we not gone to the EU and several governments, the UN , the ICJ, the African Union explaining the corruption, the mega abuse prevailing in Seychelles, in particular surrounding, involving that SIROP program. The methods we used and those from outside to bring pressure on the SPPF causing the divergence of political stand and opinion between some of the former Ministers and supporters, the LSD would not have come about and the Coalition - copy to the leadership and their officials - yet, what the Seychelles media and politicians have stated. Once in the Assembly had expected them to acknowledge the existence and role of that SIROP program. With the Uganda Chief Justice had be preparing to use the arbitration Court to address this issues, come to a solution. Hence in 2016 when the National Assembly Truth Committee was set up presented them with three Plaints. We received a due acknowledgement and email they would followup. This did not happen . Upon their recommendation and the setting up of the Truth Commission contacted them and inquired of our Plaints. The Lawyers representing us is Pardiwalla Towmey Lablach.

Given the complexity of the contents of our Plaint impacting regional, International politic, economic, military, bilateral, other related thematic ask if they would help us with the due legal support. This failing we took it upon our person to seek the due legal support from across the world and the many correspondences. In particular the UNHCR and the EU.

We have stated and forwarded the accusation world widen that had they address our plaint with the due international benchmark that CORONA pandemic would not have occurred, the major world economic collapse, the situation leading to eventual third world war. The Benchmark of other past Commission afterwards when major situation arises their position, These this is completely unacceptable they lack the moral ground. .

On 31/7/20 the commission goes into recess and will not hear any case until November and in spite of we asking for information why and when they intend/expected to hear that SIROP plaint, the Commission reaction. We gave also cited the SIROP program plaint impact on the forth coming Presidential election. The gross abuse of those 21,000 exiles, refugees. The office of the Electoral Commission has set the provisional dates for the 2020 presidential election for October 22, 23 and 24.

Across Europe we know many leading law firms they all want money, they do not do legal aid and the expectation that the UNHCR and the EU with their vast resource would have assisted us is very strange reflecting a very terrible benchmark , it smell, appear of a global cover up or major efforts that the truth do not come out. What have been happening he past 34 years. We have addressed three leading law firms in Mauritius, the European office in Mauritius, in Seychelles the Bar Association, Lawyer Philippe Boulle, who impute in that historic program and himself a former exile and some of his clients.

We have addressed the AG, President D Faure, Lawyer Amsbury and many others in Seychelles. Noting that this plaint is about those refugees who have returned some 100/150. Can you would you be in the position to give us your advice, best take.

On behalf of those 21,000 exiles refugees from Seychelles we have be fighting, promoting their interests the past 42 years convey our good wishes and remain.

Yours Faithfully

14 Hermitage House
Gerard Rd
London N1 8AT