SIROP combine exile/refugee Program

SIROP combine exile/refugee Program
When will the 21,000 - 25,000 Seychellois exile/refugees get Justice

Saturday, 1 May 2021

Sweden celebrates King Carl XVI Gustaf’s 73rd birthday


Sweden celebrates King Carl XVI Gustaf’s 73rd birthday

Yesterday, Sweden celebrated King Carl XVI Gustaf’s 73rd birthday at the Royal Palace of Stockholm.


Today this 1st of May 2021 it is King Carl XVI   Gustaf of Sweden birthday 75th birthday. For the past 42 years the special relation between Sweden and Seychelles. We convey our community good wishes to His Majesty.  To note  it is also the 1st of May, workers day across  Europe in the world.

We wake up this morning with our very difficult situation, after addressing leading world forum  -Global Solutions Summit 2021 copy to the Truth Commission Seychelles the reaction all the officials. Some of the leading personalities we had interacted with some 15,  20 years ago as a result of that  SIROP program. The person of then UN Secretary General 30 and 20 years ago. The indirect important impute in the conception of that Program. Yet what the UN got to write  along with the world media.

We feel threaten and  exasperated with the person of the current UN Secretary General promoting his one world agenda, benchmark, had he been there 1986/87 that SIROP  program never got written and Europe and world events. .  To remind many who  will be reading of the uniqueness of Sweden diplomatic and European working, values. Hence again to remind the many some of the instance we had gone to complain and seek shelter at their Embassy in London and the Church, also mentioning it to the European Court of  Justice, the ICJ and the ICC. . 

The world's Smaller  nations rely on the UN with its resources and capacity. Yet to often they are fed to the wolves. At the mercy of bigger Powers, Nations and their institutions and political agenda. It is a great blessing to note this sabbath /Saturday morning as we are battling the issues of the Truth Commission , the EU and the UN the high person of King Gustaf coming forward to remind us of those that had a different benchmark, they were the light of hope and belief  there exist a better world and values. 

Yesterday saw the burial of King Hussain of Jordan younger brother. All those in Britain, France and Austria, the Middle East who know  the position of King Hussain and the SIROP program 1987 onward, the rest of the Gulf nation, President Mancham and President Rene and our exiles.  Nobody, not one remembered the important role he had played along with King Hussain and later after his death. Safe the person of the Emir wife in London the daughter of King Hussain. This special relation is not meant, supposed to  just vanishing in thin air and we comporting as if it never happened - unfortunately the governments,  Institutions of Europe would like it to be. 

The day before had seen the Birthday of the Netherlands King, His mother the Queen at the time of writing that SIROP program Netherlands important relation with Mauritius and South Africa and Seychelles, the reclamation project, the ICJ and the ICC and the big finance and shipping issues  - the King raising a family and his children -daughters. In spite of the constant media coverage of the ICJ, the ICC workings and benchmark we are having to address the Truth Commission worse than Africa court and justice practices. Yet these high personalities  took part,  they have responsibilities toward the world, nation and their families.  

To remind all those calling me names and branding my person at our respective training in Austria were taught by the leading coach and educator,  you put garbage into somebody you must expect garbage to come out. 

President Putin must be very exasperated with our person and issues. The contrast when President FA Rene and Mancham were alive, they had people, resource and important system to back and support them-we wrote and warned them when they depart and leave behind a system poorly equip, educated, schooled  to carry on and manage those past important issues what will ensue and this is what is happening particularly in the face the Truth Commission afterwards the filth the world media will write about.  .  The feeling one is back in an era of crusade and the manner those in power went to, about to interrogate and decide on the course of justice and rule of law. With only heaven, God divine intervention when all fail. For them then,  their fate and future generations, the world to come.

His Royal Highness Prince El Hassan bin Talal is the 42nd generation direct descendant of the Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) through the male line of the Prophet’s grandson El Hassan.

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Jordan and Palestine

Antwerp is a port city on Belgium’s River Scheldt, with history dating to the Middle Ages. In its center, the centuries-old Diamond District houses thousands of diamond traders, cutters and polishers. Antwerp’s Flemish Renaissance architecture is typified by the Grote Markt, a central square in the old town. At the 17th-century Rubens House, period rooms display works by the Flemish Baroque painter Peter Paul Rubens. ( The South Africa White government  1986/87 Cold War, the DeBeers London Office the meeting, the Rothschild family in France and Britain then, others - Lehman in London for that Seychelles stock exchange.Market concept )

Before the EU Commission Bruxelles those who care to remember our issues -then Belgium Royal family who supported that SIROP program 1986/87,  then Mr Bob Nodyne - President FA Rene personal Body guard and he trained those to protect President FA Rene, what my family knew - the Barclays cheque which bounced or disappeared for the acquisition Montagne Dans Gaza over, because of that SIROP program Financing - BCCI Bruxelles by threats and bullying I banked in one of Belgium oldest Bank -


  their office also in Antwerpen  and Gent. 

Monday, 12 April 2021

SBC | LIVE - TRNUC SESSION - HEARING 137 - 12.04.2021 (Part One) HRH Prince Phillip, Duke of Edinburgh rest in Chapel Royal


Mr Weston Wirtz stated he was in England Hounslow 1988 and met Mr/Minister David Joubert and they had drinks together and what were talked and discussed. The Truth Commission,  the detail information of those group who had supported Minister Joubert had wanted to mount a coup, to apply extra pressure on FA Rene for changes then, not the first time the exiles  had from different position applied pressures, incidents and outcomes  -those who have testify before the Commission and the photo and the recordings. Minister Joubert knew about that SIROP program, we had share,  exchanges  information  and objective - he had been supportive of the concept - either to cause distraction or gain limelight that he was doing something, when the change came to take political mileage,  credit, better their position when we return home, get financial mean to restart and rebuild their interests in Seychelles and those  who had not been allowed in that SIROP program working the elite of the SNM/MPR then,  Mr Frichot and Mr Gabriel Hoareau and Mr Edmond Camille and the Straven family knowledge. 

In 1988, that SIROP program had been presented to President FA Rene, the party,  SPDF, The Russian from Gorbachev and the Generals knew of that program concept those from East Europe then, The USA intelligence, Pentagon and FBI, Senate then. The issues of Minister Ogilvy Berlouis and the Army, the issues of the OAU and the western and communist camp of the OAU, the mega then South African politic in Britain, Europe and that SIROP program.  In Mauritius then government and Madagascar and in Comore colonel Bob //Dennard and the south African military technician supporting that SIROP program , the Contract on my head if/should  that Program fails, was a con.  The USA, Britain, Israeli intelligence, Soviet,  China and India,  Australia then. Dr Ferrari, the Munich conference and again Minister David Joubert position, knowledge and supporting me against those who had wanted to take over that program Sir James Mancham and his people. The Meeting of the Alliance, Dutch government in Hounslow in the porto cabin and Mrs Kathleen Pillay, the Hooper and Horner and Monthy family position role and the election and vote my sister voting against me and Mr Lewis Betsey position. 

Very important events in Northern Ireland, Irish politicians linked  to that SIROP program and the Irish community in Brent who knew what was going on,  the Britain special police knowledge. The NGO and Voluntary Service in London and many other refugees communities linked to that program, the Solidarnos movement in London and Poland and those movement in East Europe still underground. The Labour party, the Trade Union. 

In London the House of Commons, the Lords and some of the issues politic and debate being leveraged, snergized by that SIROP program development, real politic, how British politic and legislation were debated, then  what got publish by the media, the same at the UN, the Commonwealth and the Francophone  and the CARRICOM and the OAU. 

Those getting unhappy this morning,  the royals institutions and establishment of Europe supporting that SIROP program the why, the former East Europe Kings and queen,  their people involvement in that program,  the Austrian Dr Hapsburg Pan Europe and the many 'Embassy in London very aware of what was going on. Those we had gone to talk with and address our situation, Vatican office in London, Scotland office in London. 

Vatican had become fully involved in the debacles and the catholic church in Seychelles,  the Adventist and  church of England. Some of the Illuminati Templar institutions supporting that program. Then Mr Giovanni Mario Ricci important role. Mitterrand and the French Masonic institution,  very unique role the Italians, the like of President Gadhafi, the Saddam Hussain knowledge of that program and involvement,  the Jordanian and the Saudi and the Lebanese. 

Prince Phillip  as the Queen husband and his unique position  as Husband ad his children and the Army and the  Navy, Indian Ocean then NATO - like Australia,  Canada,  how British politic get made is done and then we one is not allowed to write and talk about it . Mr Wirtz has talked a great deal, he ought no have talked of the in depth way the British and the institutions and system work . You sometime find a Seychellois idiot in the pub  - he is not just drinking a beer, he has learn many things from the pub community,  among them how the people in England get use and abused do take part and working issues and instance then every body deny,  say it never happened. They call this democratic values and system. 

In 1988 that SIROP program impact on the USA politic, the USSR, Europe, France , British, South Africa,  Australia,   the Arab nations and Africa,  did he observe any of that in the pub or the streets of London,  the Pan African congress issues and the nuance, the important buzz in then London and the collateral fallouts of the changes, in Africa and the Gulf region,  the media lies and distortions. 

What both Mr /Wirtz and Mr Ernesta failed to address the issue of the pub system in Britain and life in general,  how things get done and  the one is compel, threaten to deny they took place was involved,  the many instance the exile community with the British institution they intervened,  manipulated the mechanism and events and incidents took place in 'Seychelles as they did in other countries and they  deny it ever happened .  The whole purpose of that Truth Commission is to get at the bottom of /truth and for this they  are failing . 

We come back to the system  in UK -that SIROP program was like a giant cake in spite of we having initiated it,  the many big chunks and slices,  who got them and the why,  the big multinational, banks and politician in Britain and elsewhere we we get the small  slice,  the politic and dirty democracy at work,  then tell lies and deny this ever took place.  The construction industry and the long list, how they got driven and leveraged,  the big finance and market,  did Mr Wirtz observe those  - refusal to or his intellectual limit made it impossible. He has a great personality and have achieved much,  but he need to do more find out about that SIROP program,  what the issue were all about, why everybody  want to cover up at all cost it is not made public . 

The two of them,   - the core problematic for a politic change was the USA and Soviet Union,  capitalist and communist conflict not just Albert Rene and Mancham and those of us wishing to bring changes had to understanding or try very best to understand as much and what way we can influence  this that would in turn bring the due  wanted positive change,  for changing the situation,  the new politic for then Seychelles and the economy etc.,   Mr Wirtz failed to explain the state of Seychelles economy in 1986,  it was that SIROP program which created a massive leverage for the Seychelles economy with an economic program, package worth some 500 or 800 million dollar  in return for the return of multiparty and economic change,  the return of the exiles,  properties. He should have ask about those in Seychelles,  ought to have ask question,  inquire what happened and  why he has never done this. 

As Prince Phillip rest in the Chapel  Royal,  his ancestral Greek connection our Seychelles politic and regional politic, safe President FA Rene and his Greek politic , the very deep complex role of the royal family,  the Queens a head of the Commonwealth and Seychelles the Indian Ocean,  one is not supposed not criticize, mention,  say anything in public, the issue of the COI commission and the real fight to put in onto place nobody want to hear. Then we get the media lackies and others,  what they are paid, bribed, cajole to write and publish and highly educated personalities involved,  of the events in Seychelles and say the Commonwealth brought and cause multiparty to come about in Seychelles this is just lies and dishonest.

*** There are many who hold the view we ought to have had more written, documented protocol undertaking of FA Rene, His government, Party and others. It was the mechanism then 1986/87 in place to work such thematic and issues, as did many such changes and process in former East Europe, then 1086/87 onward, Africa, Latin america, North Africa, Asia. . The methods and manner the greater world works and many of the cross reference methods, possibilities in place available  to prove, verify that indeed this historic event, process took place. To those who insist - take a look at the EU Institutions and Britain over 30 years of Paper work and mountain of issues, conference, and Treaties negotiated until the Briteixt was initiated.  Today you ask very many British what the British relation, many highly important diplomatic issues, expertise and conclusion they will tell you it means nothing for /to us, we do not care cannot be bothered, do not want to know. It is up to bodies like the Truth Commission to shed light and help the nation, the  world understand what took place  - unlike Britexit that SIROP program is alive. The Seychelles have not exited the SIROP - NEOM program. In spite of the government of the day position,  Political stand.   Given this state, psychosis  the politicians who will use and abuse this to their advantages and claim, argue  this is Democracy at work

Monday, 5 April 2021

Housing Investigation Officer Homes & Neighbourhoods, Islington Council 222 Upper Street, N1 1XR, Force eviction


Housing Investigation Officer Homes & Neighbourhoods, Islington Council

222 Upper Street, N1 1XR, 

To the Seychelles Community in UK


Subject - Mr Phillipe Horner Housing Investigation Officer

Homes & Neighbourhoods, Islington Council

222 Upper Street, N1 1XR, Tel: 020 7527 5661, Team: 020 7527 7432

I received an Email last week from the above Islington Council officer and the moment I opened the email I was attacked, subjected by a massive amount of antisocial, rave, I call it satanic rave, rave, threats and intimidations - The officer purport he is a Freemason that is how Freemason works.

I replied and will post the reply below and publish it on our Forum because of it grave consequences.

For the past 4/5 days I have been harassed and threaten, bully and intimidated by him - he purport he is a member of the Seychelles Horner Family, known the Horner Family very well, Mr Marcel, Tom and his former farther Who had the estate agent by the Park where former Minister Joubert lived.

The police have been imputing in the issues that is Islington police , Former Labour Leader Mr Jeremy Corbin- he is raving that he want to destroy that place/shut it down because of my community activities, He and Mr Marcel Horner as Freemason do not like it and there is nothing I can do , Other close person I know get the same kind of threats from him.

All of of you living in Council property know that there was moratorium on eviction or force removal from council and other rentals .

Beside the outrageous criminal comport of this Islington council officer -the laws on threatening and harassing the public by council or government officials and bullying, he completely ignoring this.

The issue here is not about breaking my person up, the many many who have tried, then lie - the issue is the evil of the Council and they cannot control their Officers and those that know of the situation. This is part of the mega Britexit fallout, backlash, racism , oppressive system then their media , TV and politician lies.

Over the past 30 years the many terrible fallouts because of those council officials, police and authorities who had abused my person - Safe this time we have that evil pandemic and all those of you who have lost a member of family friend and associate. If the council mismanage the situation because of my responsibility and the contents of that flat - The Russian will be synergized into taking some kind of military action or the North Korean and others, the consequences unknown. I will be force to share photos, images of that Flat content worldwide and the consequences.

If should anybody from the Seychelles community know this Mr Philippe Horner, please alert the police other authorities because in Seychelles, Mauritius and all the situation, suffering from the pandemic the fallout from this flat destruction nobody know the consequences but there will be consequences. What the British and world media will con and garbage the world with their lies and all the so call experts, police and specialists.

Below the letter I wrote , replied to him.

Hon Mitchel J EDMOND <>


Horner, Philip





and 7 more...




AG Office



and 2 more...




Fri, 2 Apr at 09:08

Housing Investigation Officer

Homes & Neighbourhoods

Islington Council

222 Upper Street

N1 1XR

Tel: 020 7527 5661

Team: 020 7527 7432

Philip Horner


Dear Mr Horner

Good morning on this very painful, and humanly uncertain Good Friday two days before Easter 2021.

I did get to go to the post office paid my Rent and other rents and got some vitamins - I was very emotionally stressed and got back drained. Had encountered some senior white person we use to sit in the same cafe - some have died of the Pandemic, the added grief.

Since November when the government announced the major lock down and he laws/regulations I have been taking shelter unofficial at my son's place - I have also a small working yard with office facilities, workshop and shelter.

I have been in contact with Ms Stephanie Gabriel a relative and daughter of Mrs Michel Gabriel to keep an eye on my flat - she has a key of the place and also Mr Terrry who is a friend of the Family and Seychelles Community. I provided the Council office at the Library with her Telephone number.

I have been paying my Rent regularly those official of the post office who helped me. My Bank statement.

The important reason I have been staying less at my Flat since I suffered two near death experience which I reported to the Police, the UNHCR, the Council, CAB. Mr Jeremy Corbyn, my Islington MP, Emily Anne Thornberry, the European Court and the Human rights court and other relevant, my unofficial lawyer Judge Ben Chataway now Daughtry Street Chamber and, the Law Society and Hopkin, Murrey, Beskin. Also Seychelles government. Church member, relatives and children. The Social media.

As a consequence I began the process of transferring my political Asylum statues to France and the process is still ongoing for the past 6 years. I fear for my life and safety, well being now that I have become 70 years old. In my application have had to explain the relevant French authority my life history and attempted death and other painful personal /family experience. The French government position.

Those two near death experience have impacted importantly my life and ability to work. Beside normal functioning.

Since March 2020 as a result of that Covid Pandemic beside several leading person work associated we have known dying of that Covid close family in UK and member of our community dying, the experience is very traumatic and taxing on my health.

I do not know if you have any close family who have died from that COVID and the media misinformation grave uncertainty of one life and surviving and the psychological impact. The Authorities is not telling the public everything about that Pandemic. Until the Vaccine came out I have to protect myself and take other medications. The many criminal minded in England who would like to see me dead.

Then there have been the Britexit grave politic and impacts, consequences. The nasty and unpublish racial nasty, ugly side and uncertainty, persecution, harassments, constant threats.

I have been concern about my son's work/existence and his girlfriend their health situation, In the face f the Covid Pandemic.

I have been in contact with my GP in Islington. I have tried several times to get a younger member of my family to come and stay with me. The Flat is very small. Having to cope the best I can. Everybody, the two church and doctor knowledge.

Given that we have other Seychelles residence from Islington who know my circumstance.

My person was not meant to be in UK safe for the Pandemic making Traveling impossible and the Seychelles Truth Commission hearings postponed for the past two years. The many Seychellois living in exile who have been waiting for the Truth Commission conclusion and compensation, restitutions.

I have been battling for the past 4 years to get the EU to engage with Justice and due legal support and resource, the UNHCR, the ICJ, the ICC, the British government, Justice, Legal Aid, Irish, Australian, the USA, Canadian and African Union Justice. Mr Hormer this is a very grave and consequential process. The uncertainty and lack of adequate protection and due benchmark to protect the victims and in my case from death, the Ton Ton Macute not just in Seychelles - - those who have lost their life since addressing the Truth commission. The role of those major government and and military and intelligence Agencies involvement. Before the Truth Commission their major efforts and attempt to cover up and deny any involvement. The real danger of death - the Truth Commission and other office not tell the truth and reality of things. The main stream media involvement and complicity, efforts to cover up.

The real fear and concern since the Seychelles Truth Commission announcement of my flat being burn, damage and losing all the evidence and contents as it has been done before twice in UK. The many respective bodies and authorities knowledge/informed.

This making it difficult to get hold of a lawyer to advice me, those from the relevant Refugee and community Service organisations. Added the Pandemic situation the Regulation in place to contact and work with a lawyer, solicitor. The dark effort to cover up, lie and not tell the Truth those working for the Commonwealth. How British society works. Then deny everything everybody else is guilty safe them.

This is a very significant issues, involved in the process of the Cold War, changes of USSR, East Europe, China, the Communist system and the West/NATO and the Western Institutions. All those who were involved in putting together that SIROP program in 1986/87, Many leading stateman. Very many past Conservative high officials, their Illuminati Bodies/Institutions. The many communication and information in that flat.

The issues of the USA and Russia Nuclear Treaty in 1987, many Cold war important issues, the many important Arab government information head of state involved. My statement to the Commission of the importance of that SIROP program on Britain Britexit politic, the City of London financial working the past British PM knowledge other politician, the House of Commons and the Lord, British intelligence Service, Policy - the massive abuses and coverup and their media. the greater public and some of the terrible collateral fallouts consequences. The situation if that Place was ransacked and the information destroy of a third world war. The North Korea issues, situation and Seychelles government, Past and Present the important linking issues of the OAU/African Union.

I am having battle/fight other personal Claim in Seychelles and the gravity/stress. Dealing with corrupted government officials and its workings.

On account of the Pandemic I have lost my old Telephone and the challenge of re informing all those required of my new Tel number.

Mr Horner my past Housing officer knowledge of my situation. Like it or not, how and why I was rehoused in the first place in 1997/8 by Islington Council and Jewish Care Help and Lawyer Hopkin Murrey Beskin.

I convey Your office my excuse for the long letter of explanation and I have omitted much out that need explaining. These issues will have to be address to the Seychelles Truth Commission, the ICC, the ICJ, the Human Rights Court, the European Court, British Court and the African Court of Justices.

Please use this email to communicate with me.

I thank your office and the Council for their understanding, compassion. Also the many who have helped and supported us, including the Covid crises. The local business, merchants, and Ethnic communities, NGO's. I share the grief of the many families in individual in Islington who have lost life and suffering from that Covid Pandemic consequences.

On behalf of those 21,000 exiles/refugees from Seychelles I have been promoting their cause the past 32 years, Remain.

Yours faithfully

Mitchel J Edmond

14 Hermitage House

Gerard Rd


London N18AT

Tel - 07826830424


Website -

Seychelles Truth Commission website. -Home - Truth, Reconciliation and National Unity Commission

Wednesday, 27 January 2021

The "Kaless casee" Seychelles Nation told by President Wankalawan first SONA have inherited

 The "Kaless casee" Seychelles Nation told by President Wankalawan first  SONA have inherited

Regency History


8 p.m News 26-01-2021

NEWS EXTRA 26-01-2021

Firstly we want to come back to Mr Rasool thread posted in the above as comment/ Politic is about filth dishonesty and lies at least this have been our nation History politic from the time I was 7 years old listening to the like of Mr Adam, Mr Roseli, Mr Tipin and Mr Harry Payet, Mr Amede arguing at my uncle cobbler shop, Mr Desire Ah Time and the police station across. As a child what we were told of Archbishop Makarios in exile and  we watched  them most time they came to the  police station to report and later in life what we learnt, the other motives and arguments. As a child we have known other political person and their arguments. ( Later President FA Rene in Africa and Seychelles and Sir James, Mr Joubert  and his people) Much later upon return from school in Africa adaptation issues by Judge Stiven his work in Zanzibar in the Colonial Administration  and his many associates, acquaintances from  the Colonial Services, what was educated and shared to us, imparted. 

The President  Wankalawan and the National Assembly denigrating everything of the last government and the past 42 years nation achievements including the short live government of President Mancham the video available to the whole world the UN Institutions, the respective LDS MNA repeating and stressing this/his statement . Going as far as to describe the Office he has inherited as a "Kaless casse!. For the son or grandson of an Indian Indenture worker and later parents preference,  he has certainly learn creole,   this is the terminology favoured by many Indian families in Seychelles "Kaless Case", the connotation.  That is because reminiscence of past era their parents would have stood or kneel by the side of the road as one such horse pull transport rode by and its passenger, the Emperor and Royal family, elite and former Colonial Masters of India of India,  let alone if that was in France or Europe. In Creole Seychellois  it is a favorite terminology to call a female or woman of failing, a bad female woman. It is also use to qualify a very terrible transaction. 

Among the untrue issues how He first got interested into politic and our then London Seychelles community in Exile, He forgets  that many of our,  my family are leading church of  England founders  and they help educate me as a child and they knew our politics in exile very well, Colonial and pre Independence politic - Priest by and large have all to be convincing talker even if their theology is wrong or baseless. He refused to give credit to the very important issues of what really cause the SPPF Ministerial split and eventual break away That SIROP program. This leveraging The formation of LDS how had this not been done, taken place - he would never have made it to the  State House  on the SNP ticket. Around the world those financing, supporting any government and president relevancy to know their base , building block  and the power behind the government and President. We may be in the sphere of Africa influence African Union and other Economic entity,  but we are not Africa per  Say,  the very conception and constellation, history of our nation building process and will never be - hence the use oft the Terminology Kalasse Casse the African cannot use this Terminology, connotation, adjective adequately.   Again the issues of the returnee exiles and the politic, merger from United Opposition to  SNP, the political stitch up and lies.

We have addressed the National Assembly on that SIROP program, then Hon  Wavel was an Opposition MNA third Republic and the second Republic, Seychelles Justice and The Truth Commission  the refusal to hears, listen, and provide the due legal help address it. Our question was a white House Ronald  Reagan a liar, and all then subsequent US living Head of State,  Pope john Paul  and many others  in Europe or the little Seychellois politicians. 

Politician are like that once they propagate a lie they have to keep at it otherwise. President FA Rene choose to  lie to the Nation about the multiparty change, Sir  James Mancham chose to lie to the nation and others. They have lied to the International community, the consequences. 

In Last night broadcast and news extra the topic and debate of the 30 millions dollar the World bank propose to given Seychelles and as loan repayable in 10 years time at 2 percent interest.( The $30 millions they got from the 2004 Tsunami world support compensation) That SIROP program and  our external working involved all those aware, the Arab, the /African Union, the UN and    the recent  Trump administration and EU. The loans they got form the UN and the Gulf nation and other after the 2007/8 world major crash.  Like everything of this LDS government,  all the many negotiation being undertaking by the Faure government the past four years in the face of the economic situation and pandemic,  the LDS government telling the Nation there were not files,   it was total madness and chaos.   Former President Faure publication station otherwise. 

We have been addressing the Truth commission and the International Community help us to address  that Commission the SIROP plaint representing due international benchmark and their refusal,  the why. We have written that a great deal of Seychelles economy and politic, issues from 1986/87 would have come out be exposed, shared to the world and the death and killing included,  their refusal. The United Nation do not acknowledge those 21,000 Seychelles exiles,  for them there are, exist  only 5 exiles refugees from Seychelles the UN Representation  office in Seychelles today. They cannot stomach it that their own UN/IMF/World Bank /UNIDO/UNDP   world economic working have been build on,  upon  them,  what would have been  marshal plan of 1986/8 and the SIROP component and the stories  they have ben telling, spinning  the world. What is Africa and  African Union doing for the Seychelles 21,000 refugees/exiles. That is a real,  true Kaless casee if ever there was one. 

We informed the world that we have taken over a good collaboration program using US IT expertise and what have you. The way such system and platform have to work, built in system, technology their benchmark and we have to impute as much of that SIROP program past workings, already  the impacts on the USA, Europe and Asia Market workings those monitoring. Including then SIROP program working then President Obama era and vice President  Biden administration from 2008 to 2016. The Gulf and Regional workings. Africa. 

The LDS are presenting a false Godly concept that they are about to create and make miracles and that God is with them,  supporting them. They are lying,  defrauding the nation and insulting God, the heavenly beings. The Muslim Religion in Seychelles in  1987 and today. 

All those churches and interfaith who input and contributed to that SIROP program initiating and implementation over 30 years. Their belief and notion of God, values is  not adequate, irrelevant only the LDS version of God and interfaith matters, their hypes matters.  That SIROP program brought change in the way the church function and Service go about with their beliers  and faithful global. Not President Wanaklawan. The Seychelles situation we have,  is a group of individual benchmark,  to conn that Seychellois nation and their pay masters,  those who have known that FA Rene lied about that Program,  President Michel the terrible situation  and as such like, comparable to all,  the many lands and property disputes in Seychelles their chance to become political master and take control of that SIROP program and brand it their version  - it is not about to happen. Then write /publish such argument, falsies  the Commonwealth change Seychelles One Party system. 

That SIROP program have seen the rise and fall of many White House occupants, Latina American governments, North Africa, Africa, Indian,  Pakistan and Asia and China. Several UN high officials and the EU likewise. Without that program there would not have the Palais de Justice Building and the  National Assembly Building. They would not have that Reclamation project. They would not have that University Project.