SIROP combine exile/refugee Program

SIROP combine exile/refugee Program
When will the 21,000 - 25,000 Seychellois exile/refugees get Justice

Monday, 27 July 2015

Kenya - Zanzibar, Sechelles Seychelles constitutional debacle President Obama



In the first place thank you Mr Uranie for the pictures, your Grand father had lived and worked in East Africa also and if you know outboard engines at all. There is something very wrong with that Historic visit of President Obama to Kenya. 

We decided to re read what have been publish at Wikipedia on his early life we will later post them here credit/compliment Wikipedia. At the time of writing that SIROP program 1987 his respective academic qualifications. quote - 1983 BA where he majored in "political science with a specialty in international relations" In London at the time the like of Lord Beloff, the Oxford and Asquith, that famous Scott MP Mr Nicholas Fairbairn - beside research at the Royal Institute for Strategic Studies and International Institute for Strategic Studies, the French counterpart we had been in touch - then Cold War. Those also who remember, the parties who had drafted Sechelles Seychelles constitution, Judge E J Stiven had been involved because he drafted the original Kenya constitution and then Zanzibar His then Office/Staff/Executives. The British Civil Service would have all the details. The challenge which my person faced before president FA Rene had made that historic announcement - what kind of constitution we should have/3rd Republic, my request for help from those above mentions to make impute beside my on views then. Strangely enough had referred some of the Issues of then Kenya President because Kenya long relation with Democratic Seychelles - our exile refugees, President Nyerere of Tanzania was aware and President Museveni was aware, President Kaunda, those from Central Africa we had been in contact, President Mugabe and then South African President and then Mauritius PM Jugnauth. Those in Australia, Canada and the then USA high parties/White House 1986/87. Beside then President F Mitterrand, Officials we referred most of such issues/Francophone Seychelles. In Russia the Head of State and likewise China, those from OAU Seychelles important affiliation. In London then Mr Phillippe Boulle, Mr Paul Stravens, Mr Gabriel Hoareau. Some extent former Minister David Joubert and Mr Edmond Camille - how we would share issues. 

However a great deal of ones agenda was kept to oneself for fear of betrayal and we were proved very Right after events of 1988 and 1991. In Seychelles the person of chief Justice Souyave, Mr Bernard Rasool, Judge Sauzier, Mr Robert Frichot, then Dr Tony and Michel D'offay other leading Seychelles in exile, Mr and Dr Stevenson Delhomme in France - we had to refer those issues/how we did it. As President of the USA and its Military chief President Obama must have had access a good deal of Kenya/Seychelles/Tanzania/Zanzibar, East Africa relation beside Ethiopia and Somalia. What was written then in those respective reports. Just as London did or Paris. 

Our memory have been jogged, reading former President Obama earlier life working with Two years after graduating, Obama was hired in Chicago as director of the Developing Communities Project, a church-based community organization originally comprising eight Catholic parishes in Roseland, West Pullman, and Riverdale on Chicago's South Side. He worked there as a community organizer from June 1985 to May 1988 hence added the Picture of Bishop Felix Paul again the relevancy/importance back 1986/87/88 to refer many of our issues top the Head of the Church and Vatican. Including the church of England and those in then Canterbury.

Again quote Wikipedia He then taught constitutional law at the University of Chicago Law School for twelve years, first as a Lecturer from 1992 to 1996, and then as a Senior Lecturer from 1996 to 2004, end quote. Across the world today there are very many specialist in Constitution Laws - they did not exist in then 1987/88. We have been stressing that against our better judgement and wish in 2012 publish that SIROP online version the why we had not done this before. As an experience activist he must surely understand the debacles. Yet not a word from him or his Kenya counterpart. 

In Seychelles the super mess/corruption and madness prevailing. The ticket and main objectives he was elected to that High Office of the USA. Admittedly the perception of Sechelles Seychelles have changed a very great deal in the world, the Region  - from then Cold War 1987.

 Barack Hussein Obama II - current President of the United States Wikipedia

Friday, 17 July 2015

Ahmed Afif, former Principal Secretary of the Seychelles Ministry of Finance, Trade, and Investment -Seselwa Annou Koze…WHERE IS THE $5 MILLION?

After we listened to Mr Ahmed Afif explanation of where the $5.3 millions went  on the $60 millions sale of Plantation Hotel and his explanation of the $50 millions which vanished from the Central Bank - compelled and prompted us to write a brief comment on Facebook. 


It is interesting former Minister Pat Pillay raised the minuscule sum of $50 millions and the disappearance of $5 millions by Mr Afif, over the sale of Plantation/total sale of $60 millions. This is just the tip of the ice berg. Are you good people sacred that "you will fill your trousers with number two" - stretch yourself - get in touch with Wikileaks - we need to talk of $ billions, the Cartel which had been set up to leverage that SIROP program and those in Seychelles involved - the money never came to Seychelles - . Are you scared of the CIA, the Special Agency of the USA. Over this much more important issues every body shuts up/freezes. That money had been earmarked for Seychelles development."

We equally made this comment on the Justice/Police development related to the mega corruption in Mauritius.

" Given the very very strange Justice/Police, Regulatory body historic confrontation in Mauritius 16/7/2016 - the old Indian Ocean Justice values - the Justice system of Mauritius and Sechelles, Seychelles and Former Diego Garcia.

All those over our 350 years who have represented, promoted and work this/these values.
Part - important aspects of that SIROP program was/is its impact on modern/future respective Seychelles, Mauritius and French speaking Justice system of the Indian Ocean.( Including East Africa, south Africa and former Rhodesia.) Those in France under then President F Mitterrand and in Britain vividly aware of it and the political, Parliament, Senate media and experts coverage, debacle and contributions, written many topics.

We had to be reasonably educated/informed, knowledgeable, able to grasp the greater complications in those issues as writer and conceptor of that historic program.

In Mauritius and the Indian Ocean the mega Financial corruption earthquake and Tsunami. ( Just as the world/ the great experts including your UN covered up the real reason for that Earth quake and Tsunami of 2004/5, those covering that Financial corruption earthquake and Tsunami in Mauritius)
Among one of the most important Industry in Mauritius 1986 was the sugar industry and the big land owners - we had worked with them and had lend in many instants to drive, develop high management discipline involving other Associates, which we applied and used to drive major be it Mauritius or World Sugar syndicate. We have helped in many instance when they had serious crises - with the current major crises in Mauritius we need to see their Goodwill. We also have a fairly good understand of their Finance and Power structures. {" Be they the USA high military officials, South Africa and France we battled, the argument for a straight military change in Seychelles as against that SIROP program and its contents - had Seychelles been change by Force the highly negative impact on Mauritius, Reunion, south Africa, East Africa and the Region."} Dr N Ramgoolam, SAJ takes us for completely dumb, dumb.

We are addressing this because Dr Navin Ramgoolam will question and those who support him the basis, criteria for the statement we made that - he learnt of the corrupted benchmark from Seychelles government and its Officials. The True size of the SIROP program in Global term, and Indian Ocean Region. Those who have chosen to cover up. The many wrongly/ill thought benchmarks and discipline they developed to cover up or develop ill founded argument.

There have been a great deal of propaganda about positive system, structure the University of Seychelles has been set up and the Affiliated Programs and Universities.  The positive impacts on our economy. Where across the world, Europe, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Canada - it is the norm for their respective Universities to work, debate and from an Academic, Interdisciplinary prospective address the Nation economic challenges and workings. In Seychelles this is not the case, let alone get then to become entangled with the issues of that SIROP program 1978.

An idea occurred to us - The WWW is flooded with nation's, government economic data's, to patch up a comparative table of their respective economic situation prior to that SIROP program being written and implemented. These are not just you IMF, UN, African Bank, Arab League information. There are meanwhile hundreds of Private institutions and interest group who monitor and publish, manage such information and data's for various reasons.

To undertake this by our self would be difficult/not right as such exercise require collaboration and sharing information - checking the validity of their information and data's.

We have dug up a USA economic report of 1987, then President Ronald  Reagan in Office and link it below for those interested to study. "{ It had been under President Reagan term of Office that Perestroika was initiated - then USA/USSR Nuclear and military spending and the real reason for the changes in the USSR, the COMECON, Berlin Wall  and Germany Privatization"} no where is this reflected.  We address this because if a nation like the USA fail and refuse to address/mention them - the benchmark what about small nations in Africa and Seychelles or Mauritius - what we have termed the corrupted benchmark  and what led to the global crises.
1987 United States Budget

Equally interesting the Report we dug up headed/Titled - The Republic of Seychelles
World Bank Seychelles: How Classic Policies Restored Sustainability. 


If in the House of Lords we get the kind of over spill wonder what it must be like in the media world - something is/must be very wrong with the global media benchmark - then,  we have those who are utterly brutal and ruthless executing them or taking them hostage - in Seychelles the global media reporting is getting out of hands specialty the economic side - another report of IMF praising Seychelles economic performance - what we need is another half a dozen Wikileaks. The interpretation of the IMF regardless how it is done - achieved. They are unreliable. The end results - sometime African Justice and approach is also acceptable - meaning they way they manage Justice. Otherwise how do you deal with such corruption. Take the K.D Pillay statue unveiled - the untold/unwritten issues between K D Pillay and my person/that SIROP program - those who know the state of things before multiparty was reintroduced. Had I been in Mauritius - the benchmark,  had every right to collect a large mount of money from him and his family today. Trust Minister Pat Pillay is reading. SIROP program

Beside - for the past 21 years those from SPPF/PL who took credit for that SIROP program how much money/how many Rs millions/billion they have extorted from the merchant community on my behalf  and that SIROP program never seeing  cents, filling their coffer and Treasury . The big investors, the Offshore - Minister Pat Pillay and the independent TV broadcast must do their job/task properly. This is super corruption. Get the merchant community to talk.

Sound macroeconomic management strengthened Seychelles’ economy

K.D Pillay statue unveiled

Lessons Greece Can Learn From Seychelles this was posted on Facebook 26/7/2015 believe important to add it here - 

" Greece should look to Seychelles for lessons on rejuvenating its ailing economy.
Oxi it is! In early July, the Greek electorate delivered a thumbs-down to sermons from lenders, media, international bodies and diplomats. Greeks chose not to give in when placed under overwhelming pressure from “Team Euro.”
The Greek debate means all sorts of things to people of all hues. Chiefly, the internationalists and regionalists have hijacked an economic debate and turned it into a philosophical one. This debate may decide the future and form of the European Union (EU), the biggest experiment on regional integration in history. While this philosophical battle rages on in the eurozone, the Greek people are on the sidelines awaiting their dreary fate.
Among all the hoopla about a Greek default, “Grexit” and Greek referendum, a routine press release by the World Bank went unnoticed. Seychelles, a tiny Indian Ocean archipelago, was promoted to a high income category by the World Bank in the first week of July. What is the relevance of Seychelles to the Greek crisis?"

We are not in the USA to have access at other Libraries and really qualitative data's - in the case of Sechelles Seychelles, my person was the author of that SIROP program and for many years lent our expertise, knowledge and Associated such working  to the Seychelles government from 1979 onward.

Meanwhile we have become familiar to the IMF, UN Reporting benchmark and approach - Minister Pierre Laporte choose to resigned and Mr Ahmed Afif also and is campaigning for a government change and economic direction. How must of that report was his intervention, writing we do not not - the need to say/state their are very massive disparities. The alternative mechanisms, instruments and methodology a given goal have been achieved or the challenge viewed/approached.   These forces can derail not just Seychelles any other government economic workings, plans and programs.

It is not strange that then PM SAJ and later Dr Navin Ramgoolam of Mauritius choose to ignore completely the impacts on Mauritius economy and the region of that SIROP program.  The highly corrupted approach they have adopted to managing government business and the nation's business. Yet these individual they read the press, the watch TV and follow global issues.

Of importance/relevancy, by late Summer - Autumn 2013 that Report had been written  dated June 2013 to work the Seychelles government propaganda machines and those from the African Union representation Office in EU/Bruxelles who had been urging us to meet up with them, the same in 20014 - instead we headed to Strasbourg/the European Court.  The important efforts we made to connect and link up with the Paneuropean Union Officials and networks. Demand/lobby, that the European Parliament  and Council of Europe Intervenes - the UN and IMF condoning and collaboration, that Seychelles government to comport the way they have been doing, the Benchmark for the past 25 years since the re-introduction of Multi party.

There is the need to go back to the Cold War -era, those leading governments who were involved in Sanction breaking - the methods they used and applied and Sechelles Seychelles in spite of it being a Communist country/politic was importantly involved. Yet what the world media and world institutions wrote/reported. Since the decision to implement that SIROP program - the many governments and world bodies who in their media never reported anything about SIROP program how they manipulated and invented other issues, stories and topics at the same time using/relying, developing complicated management system and methodology/concepts to work that program with their economy and many other issues thereby  abusing to the maximum that SIROP program.  After the 3rd Republic from a global prospective the many leading governments, Multinationals and Institutions who use the synergy, dynamics, to drive, leverage their economy, banking, market, politic  and policy formulation, mega mergers - in return Seychelles government got drip/ favored opportunities, kickback  and acquired good will. {The real owners, beneficiaries, rightful parties get  completely ignored and excluded and manipulated to the maximum}These like the cold War/Sanction busting/evading were/are never reported - mentioned even. We stress since 2012 that live SIROP program is driving and synergizing Europe economy other major political issues, the new European Budget and Quantitative financial easing/support. The world was on the verge of a world war/conflict - that program intervened/complemented many failed EU poorly concept-ed economic programs and their respective government policy/politic/strategies. When it come  to the BRICS nations they have a slightly different approach. In Seychelles we have currently some 10 political parties and they have come about as a results of the impacts of that SIROP program on the Government workings and outside pressure - yet they refuse completely to give credit to that program. It is a very dangerous precedent - beside  none of them would support our call for  National review or a review by UN, IMF, African Union or the EU.

This approach, benchmark by the IMF or UN in Reporting encourages corruption, criminality, racketeering and violence/Wars, abuse of Powers. What we have been writing about an alternative economic world working for former East Europe, USSR and other nations back when Perestroika was presented to the world by President Gorbachev - today's BRICS

Note - The picture above is 87a Victoria Rd Kilburn - Brent, today 18/7/15,  is Richard Bronson 65th birthday, he had wanted to acquire St Anne Island for a Hotel Project through then PM Tony Blair - we/I vetoed this proposition - our why. The Mauritius Hotel Group there today. Life and history repeats itself, the like of Dr Navin Ramgoolam, the like of SAJ, the like of the Rawat - a very long list of other, including the so call great Nelson Mandela because the world have not been told the other version of things -  their benchmark. Like they/those who wrote that Above report.

Standing from both Church venue one look across at the former Office of Mr Guy Morel after he had retired form the Central Bank - there is a very big Badamier Tree in Old Seychellois values what that tree means - we had a relative who could take a Badamier leaf and turn it into bank notes - other families who had such gift. We can not locate that picture hence the  two pictures. We are trying to make a point here too.

Image result for mr guy morel seychelles

In that Sechelles Seychelles all those who acquired their respective life achievement/success,  because they supported the SPUP/SPPF/PL - those who do not support them and do not get selected, excluded and marginalized  and ill-favored,  are they a disgrace/inferior  or worse.
We do not know if Mr Ronald Cafrine has read or been informed of our comment - Has he been nominated to promote more of the super corruption. In Africa when it gets/become to mush how they resolve this. 

Seychelles finance official Ronald Cafrine appointed as adviser to IMF regional executive director