SIROP combine exile/refugee Program

SIROP combine exile/refugee Program
When will the 21,000 - 25,000 Seychellois exile/refugees get Justice

Sunday, 22 March 2015

Arbitrage relatif à l’aire marine protégée des Chagos (Maurice c. Royaume-Uni)

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Arbitrage relatif à l’aire marine protégée des Chagos (Maurice c. Royaume-Uni)



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OF THE UNITED NATIONS CONVENTION ON THE LAW OF THE SEA to study the very very many documents. 

In the first instance there are some 25 odd specialist from the Mauritius side, the complexities of the presentation and process - it does not do justice to read the documents one and make proper conclusion - one need/require to read a few time and think come back and study the many pros and cons. 

This is not the purpose we have address this thread - from a Sechelles Seychelles prospective even Mauritius ignore there are exile from Seychelles and we have some 21,000 to 25,000 roughly one third of the current population. 

This said how Mauritius treats and have treated the Illois the past 30 years and their respective Rights and the rights of those Illois in Sechelles Seychelles some 500 of them. 

Prior to the multiparty announcement - we had what was known and termed as Exile government and their respective rights under international laws particularly the UN

Given that in spite the return of multiparty, the new constitution, the third Republic only some 150/200 individuals have returned. 

That SIROP program voluntary repatriation - had called for a wider international support to help return and resettle those 21,000 - 25,000 exiles/refugees. 

To enable this to happen we were required by the Seychelles government of President FA Rene to put into place a historic economic program supported and financed by the International community to the tune of $500 - $800 millions 

It required a very active participation of the exile community across the world and in Seychelles to be implemented by Seychelles government - However that was not the original deal - it had looked a greater political participation in the form of elected Oppositions and appointed bodied to help implement this program and process. With events which followed this was not possible and we have had a situation where Seychelles government have dictated everything regarding the implementation of that Return program. 

We have been demanding a UN, EU or African Review of that Program as is the International norm with very little success for the past 15 years. 
This said - this exile return program have no official acknowledge/registered representation in Seychelles - it has been left to respective individuals, former leading exile to address their views. In spite of we calling for the setting up of proper body which would represent the greater interests of all the 21,000 - 25,000 exiles/refugees. 

We have requested in writing to those MNA in Opposition to present our issues, call in the national Assembly and they have all refused/completely ignored it.

In the case of Mauritius v British government before the UN ARBITRAL TRIBUNAL CONVENTION ON THE LAW OF THE SEA - stress and underline the important legal expertise and legal resource put into place. 

In Seychelles since the calling of the 3rd Republic the Legal profession and Justice system have greatly developed and enhanced yet beside leading lawyer Philippe Boulle, Pardiwalla Townmy, Labalch, eventually other case we are not aware of/have not been made aware - the refusal for the justice and legal system to provide and help in meaningful way to help address the exile plight - case and the issues of the important economic program. 

From Europe have addressed Seychelles government, the ruling political party and the many relevant institutions, including the Court and NGO. 

We presented the facts that prior to multiparty being introduced - the Seychelles exile/refugee had what was termed as exile government. The manner and respective relation they developed with the many Europe and international institutions and governments. 

We hold the argument that because Seychelles government never adequately address the proper problematic and political issues of those 21,000 - 25,000 exile, safe take over that $500 - $800 millions economic program and promote it as their political concept which was very different under the government of President FA Rene. The facts that only 150/200 maximum individuals returned and even then their situation and plight - whatever the government propaganda and media address. We have a right to form an exile government with all its Powers and required structures. Beside under UN and International laws the rights of those 21,000 - 25,000 exile to create a separate State/nation entity - we have not taken this road given the call for national reconciliation and greater efforts to create national harmony. 

This said, within the Rights of those exiles as stipulated under the International laws promoting their many respective interests the institutions and mechanism they put into place and deploy and the objective to serve. 

In this manner - the exiles/refugees who have not returned have engaged and interacted with a very long list of issues relevant and pertinent from an exile government prospective or exile grouping prospective. 

This have included the issues of Bilateral issues, between Seychelles and Mauritius, host of important issues regarding the COI, the RIM Association. 

Those exile/refugee until 1991 and the third Republic took it upon themselves to work, monitor and address the issues of BIOT, Diego Garcia - we have cited to important issues those exile factions who had wanted to create an incident so that USA engage Seychelles Communist government. The second issues was the proposed creation of an international refugee settlement on on of the Island of the BIOT group under the banner of the UN if not solution could be found with Seychelles government. 

In the process of workings those issues have acquired the knowledge and experience to work some of the most complex diplomatic issues, to lobby, or enhance or drive and given issues to achieve a give objective in our favor or combine interests. 

Hence we found ourselves for the past 36 years engage in the many complex issues, court, media, UN, EU, African Union regarding the BIOT and Diego Garcia. All those who have noted the capacity of the exile/refugee to engage and contribute to very many important issues and their conclusion. 

To put into place that SIROP program it required a very great deal of expertise and experience, abilities - the manner global diplomatic works and global business works. For example we found it necessary/ a requirement for future Mauritius to work the issues of that SIROP program, the subject of COI and the RIM Association it had to have Republic status and we worked, help put into place the due mechanism, parameters to help and contribute to this process - everybody ignored those 21,000 -25,000 exile/refuge involvements - yet they represent near one third of Seychelles population and four time the number of Chagossain displaced. 

In the process of driving and enhancing the work to progress the subject of the exile/refugee and that SIROP economic program they have acquired a very important reputation by the EU, the UN, African Union, Commonwealth, Francophone, the none aligned, Regional Indian ocean workings as have adequate capacity to participate and contribute to achieving a given objective. 

As such have impacted and influenced a great number of bilateral subjects between Mauritius, the Chagossain and Britain. We are not aiming to write a legal document here - endeavoring to use language and terminology that every person can read and understand. 

In the report and very many meetings, documents listed in the UN ARBITRAL TRIBUNAL CONVENTION ON THE LAW OF THE SEA there are no mention of the Seychelles exile/refugee involvements. 

The question how do we go about explaining what we have done and the many instance we hae engaged and been involved and impacted many of the events, decisions and subjects. In all Democratic countries and nations they of relevancy, they are important. 

Examples - the era of lady Thatcher the subject we engaged her government and ministers and the media other institutions and the impact on ongoing discussion and process. The same of PM John Major, particularly that of PM Blair - the regional conflicts and the correlation of those 21,000 - 25,000 Seychelles exiles/refugees. The many instance we have engaged the British government on very many subjects, those of PM Gordon Brown given that the Illois have been promoting a concept/project for their resettlement and some kind of return on one of the BIOT Island. 

What nobody say and write about - it was the 21,000 - 25,000 Seychelles exile/refugee how influenced the decision of PM Blair to formulate the politic he did regarding the BIOT and the Chagos - that Marin park Project. 

The dynamic we contributed to, mechanism we have help/contribute to put into place, subject we have impacted - the capacity to influence the judgement and outcome. This is very grave statement. None of the parties be they the Mauritius government or the Illois care to address this - in this case we have a right and compel to share these issues with the Greater public - those in Seychelles who wish or are interested to follow it up and those officials of the UN, AU, EU and Regional bodies. 

The Tribunal having made their decision with not regard and taking account of the Seychelles exile/refuge equation, events and the future. We cannot foresee and radical of changed form Seychelles government - so we are looking at a long term establishment and structure development and topic engagement by those 21,000 - 25,000 exiles. This included the BIOT and Chagossain. 

There is the important need to address the manner Dr Navin Ramgolan, Mauritius media, the parliament and other institutions is presenting this development as all their accomplishment. { We have written to the press and many other personalities and those who read our social network that it was on account of that SIROP program work being undertaken in Strasbourg, France and Austria - this impacted important the election dynamic and synergy in Mauritius and cause the voters to sway/change - it is a very normal and common science and discipline yet. 

Dr Ramgolam is well aware of those 21,000 - 25,000 exiles capacity to influence and impact many of not just Mauritius but important regional issue. Yet he state it was his office the decided on the approach and manner to go to the UN Tribunal - all those who know London, Europe reasonable well the important impact those 21,000 - 25,000 exile /refugee program was having and have been having - if they can impact important EU workings, policy making and the EU Budget they can equally impact the working of Mauritius bilateral and this arbitration case. Which they did. The question how to integrate this into the subject. 

Both parties, Mauritius and the Chagossian have time and time reverted to the EU Justice, the UN, International court and British court to address the abuse of their Rights - those 21,000 - 25,000 Seychellois exiles/refugee have the same Rights. 

It would have been of great help if those from the exile/returning refugee with legal and judiciary knowledge would.could have helped in writing this thread. 

We cannot wait - help may/will never come. 

Chagos : but historique de Maurice contre l’Angleterre ... angleterre

Navin Ramgoolam, sous le coup de plusieurs enquêtes policières, a repris la parole le temps  d’une conférence de presse sur le «outcome» positif de son action pour la souveraineté de Maurice  sur les Chagos au Tribunal de la mer

APRÈS LE JUGEMENT DU TRIBUNAL ARBITRAL PERMANENT SUR LES CHAGOS : Ramgoolam affirme sa grande satisfaction personnelle

Comment - There is a very strange, abnormal,  eerie feeling this Monday morning since the announcement of the UN Arbitral Tribunal in London. Reminding one of the time of Independence and self government era/feelings - saying goodbye to the colony. 

We have been trying to discover/find out what next - those Chagossain have been granted British Citizenship after a very long and bitter battle - they will not be able to retain their citizenship. The British government will not let them keep it indefinitely. This include all the financial, social, education and medical benefits. 

They will have to acquire Mauritius Citizenship as per the Ruling - if one is to go by the ruling. 

What about the planned feasible study for their resettlement this also will have to be shelved -it is the sole responsibility of Mauritius -, beside UN, EU, African Financial help  - the British government largess. 

Dr Ramgolam stated the USA must retain their Military base/Facilities. 

What about the many Trust and Bodies set up to work the issue under British government and political./economic prospective - it is going to be messy a bit like miniature Scotland getting its independence - nobody had waited for this to happen suddenly. 

The Legal rights of the Illois and Chagossain will have to revert to that of Rhodrigue Island. They will have to undertake the process. 

What about those 500 Illois/Chagossains in  Sechelles Seychelles - will they get/be entitled to dual Nationality - To go and settle there

We want to address the two instance where those Military strategist created a War situation, the first and second Gulf War, Afghanistan and current Gulf/North Africa highly volatile situation - beside the situation between the USA and Russia and China in the Indian Ocean.  Those who suggest  they/somebody may start a major conflict to override the UN Arbitration Tribunal ruling. 

It is all very well for the people and sovereignty of Mauritius to be reinstate - the much bigger picture, the military situation in the region, Britain engagement, many political and Security issues because of their position and Rights over the BIOT.  Those nations and entities with important military resource who will scene this situation to exert their power and interests - India for one, the situation in Iraq and Iran the current Nuclear negotiation and Pakistan own very situation. The coming election and the British defense budget, PM Blair and Brown military concepts for those Island and region - the issues of Pirates and Maritime Security. The current Coalition government. {this topic had been linked to Ukraine those who know/aware}

Most important we can expect a very different media,  human and institutional relation between the British people and the Chagossians community, the Seychelles community and the Mauritius community in Britain and Europe. 

What does this mean and spell for the COI, the RIM Association and Seychelles Mauritius relation. Not to exclude Mauritius relation with the African Union. 

# We have read the issue of environmental impact of that resettlement program, in 1980, those who would have refused to acknowledge this, the El Nenhio phenomena which followed - the manner KPMG have presented it. How they judge it can be managed. When we worked the subject of the Channel Tunnel we addressed the debacle and complexities of continental environmental, synergistic, archaic displacement and its global impact on Madagascar those who refuse to listen and what ensued.The world and small like Seychelles today have acquire a great deal of knowledge in the science of managing such topic and issues - for instance the very many projects in Seychelles on Risk management and they will have o send a great deal of resource to revamp and update their current aspect if and when the Resettlement program get the green light - particular its close proximity and many Arcadian links to BIOT and those Islands. Until 2000 nations like Sechelles Seychelles were not meant to understand and know such highly complex discipline and since. Or for that matter that Pan African/Europe Transport project and the Spain Morocco link - Exile/refugee politic of Europe and Africa. There are very many project out there, to collect data and experience. In Europe/East Europe the many environmental impacts of expansion and enlargement - which were never addressed but just implemented an later the impacts debated, analysed and studied. This is a special science  hence then science of High Management and we have had some 30 years workings this discipline in the Indian Ocean. 

Given that KPMG have undertaken that study and he report, they knew and have know a very great deal about that SIROP program and the many impacts we have address in the region on the COI countries, on India, Pakistan and gulf Nations. Yet their respective position. 

On the other hand - at the high of 2007/8 on the back of the global impact of that SIROP program, Europe, Asia, USA, Latin america, Russia, china, Australia positive synergy from that SIROP program, because they KPMG, E&Y, all the big four they started developing management discipline and badly thought out  and integrated this in to their accounting discipline and this was/became a major aspect and reason for the global meltdown of 2008. The many court cases, documentary. The big banks role - their will be fiscal environmental and synergistic impacts when they introduce the Banking institutions in BIOT to work that resettlement program. The very British approach to banking unless Mauritius is allowed to introduce degree and percentage of its Banking and financial Institutions. The archaic relation, Illuminati mechanism.  The government of J A Michel and the SPUP/SPPF/PL refuse to listen  and when the Project begins its implementation process - then they will run all over the pace seeking for resource to counter managed the impact. 

Chagos Reclaiming an archipelago Facebook  article 

PDF]BIOT Feasibility Study - Draft Inception Report - Gov.UK


CHAGOS ARCHIPELAGO : Beyond the UN Court Ruling

Extract l'express comment

Sandokan | 03/20/15

It is great news that the Permanent Court of Arbitration has ruled that the UK breached its international obligations in creating a Marine Protected Area around the Chagos Islands in 2010. Two judges issued a dissenting comment, saying that the UK showed complete disregard for the territorial integrity of Mauritius and had used the 'language of intimidation'
We must give credit to the previous government who took the UK government to the Permanent Court of Arbitration. Mauritius had a strong legal team made of mauritian, american and british lawyers and advisers.
An independent study commissioned by the UK government has already found that a managed resettlement programme could be completed to create an environmentally, economically and socially viable and vibrant society.
It will be long fight. The Brits are good at delaying tactics. It took many years before we got to Istanbul. SAJ will need to look carefully how the government proceeds especially the lease to the americans is due to expire.

Voir Diego et renaître