SIROP combine exile/refugee Program

SIROP combine exile/refugee Program
When will the 21,000 - 25,000 Seychellois exile/refugees get Justice

Thursday, 31 January 2013

Time to dust the Anse Boileau Reclamation project of SIROP program

New Eurozone Group Head

Given that we have address the recent environment development/phenomena and its terrible impact at our community forum - El Nihioh, In the first place when this phenomena began to develop and its impact on Seychelles. It had come about as a result of mismanage of a number of issues - the changes in former USSR, the COMECON and EU.

We hold the strong view that national, social and cultural changes and international cause environment impacts and influence them. It is a very old science since the existence of mankind as such we draw and get our wisdom.

This said the Phase lll Development reclamation project and its/their impacts on Seychelles ecology and environment. Before presenting President FA Rene with this project we had exchange ideas, views and knowledge with a number of leading personalities, from UN, UNIDO, European nations, South African, Australian and the USA. Most important the Dutch.

Substantial amount of those information exchanges we made a point to pass it /them on and integrate in the greater management of this National historic project. The ability of this Program to if not support get those appropriate and resource active, engage as and when required - including expertise.

Sometime in December last year 2012- the person of former President buzz us on the current development growth wise, investment and construction - the conclusion it was an error not to have undertaken that reclamation project a Anse Boileau Bay as part of the Phase lll Development and the many project planed/ear marked. The argument then there was not enough money to do it/finance it and with events - there is abundance of money. The cost for a future reclamation project.

We do not think it appropriate to share all the issues with the greater public. However quiet we have been monitoring a number of project in Holland - some may say futuristic. In a Few years time they will be reality. The Dutch a leading experts in Reclamation work.

A bit similar to the environment in Sechelles Seychelles, the events around/surrounding the Dutch royal Family - we are not permitted to share all the issues. However individual like President FA Rene and a few leading person in Seychelles have in the past worked and shared some of those issues. With Queen Beatrix and her entourage - we had very positive support for that SIROP economic program and the eventual Reclamation.

In the person of Price/future King Wilhelm - what this relation will be. Certainly Queen Beatrix had a wealth of experience and connections. The Trend in Europe, those we have worked very historic issues and then choose to forget - and how it can come back to hunt them.

The question to ask given that President FA Rene and some of the interested parties have been mulling/churning this idea for sometime - ought they, should they have gone ahead and earmarked/target a date/deadline.

For example we have had important working issues with former King of Jordan, Morocco and Syria, issues that the young Kings were aware and informed and how they choose to react and events.

In case those who quarry of the lunacy and madness, in 1986/87 when we presented the ideas those who judge it utter folly, lunacy and sheer madness and that Reclamation phase lll today.

We mentioned that after Printect under then Mr Gopal management, currently Dr Ramadoss, the reason for this decision, - he provided with the best resource and service to edit that Emblem/Coat of Arms and we got further help/assistance for the Jivan Family and printed the first T shirt extra large for the State House occupant - President FA Rene as compliment.

Those who work have the capacity to work international projects rely on their experience and expertise. We hold the view that those around President FA Rene ought to dust this project.

Over the past 35 years our community and Seychelles people - beside the Costain reclamation for the International Air Port and New Harbor, important greater economic good will. In the past with out addressing the issues in pubic have just worked them with those interested and we judge important.

Just as we have had that wealth phenomena in Seychelles the new Euro zone Head - those who judge is is too inexperience. We ask all those form the EU and around the former Euro Zone Head to recall - some of the issues we have driven, help driver - from Seychelles EU prospective and the Euro zone. Today we have taken to address some of those issues in public. It would be very appropriate in our effort to share our experience with the incoming Euro zone Head - to address this failed, cobweb Reclamation project.

In 19886/87 an eventual Stock Exchange or Africa or Regional exchange was 20 years away- we have those important Resource to back and support such major Project and that National Stock exchange need a big push/bulldozer - currently it is going nowhere.

By now many of you in Seychelles who are acquainted with our person aware we do not like to share and discuss such issues in public like the Opposition in Seychelles do. This issues is very much on our mind and to a certain extent it has been contributory to the very abnormal weather event we experienced in Seychelles his week end.

 We are very are of Seychelles Diplomatic Representation in Europe today as in then 1986/87.

 There is the requirement and need to ask everybody had it been President JA Michel in Office back then in 1986/87 would there have been a SIROP program and a Phase lll Development program - the answer is a firm No. 

The original project in 1987 - 91 was for a mix Housing, residential, office, light business as the Eden Development and that failed project on Arrore Island by Anglo Rand/Pinnacle Holding.

A very modern Marina capable of taking larger boats, with the maximum of security and resources for international clients.

Hotel and Restaurant complex, shopping Mall. Recreation, animal space  and park.

Equally important the development of enhanced Fishing port for that Region of the Island, Transport and cold storage facilities. Servicing Facilities. {Ferry connections}

Helicopter facilities.

It catered for Clinic, Police Station and military support Administration buildings, Banks facilities, telecommunication..

Given that things have not gone as planned/envisaged - the mega mess of Lehman Brothers and ensuing global meltdown and the fiasco of Pinnacle Holding. Equally important the number of Seychellois exile that choose judge they could return and sufficient economic motivation and incentives. In the Original plan that region had been earmarked by a number of leading exile in Australia, south Africa, Canada and the USA as their preferred region if they return.

This said the very modest progress with the development of Anse Royal Town proper, there are two roads the Montage Posee Road and the La Miser road - the requirement to have adequate transport. We take this opportunity to tell everybody and all those at that Light Railway project - One of the important reason we had this Transport project in mind was because of that Reclamation project and Anse Royal - those who dare challenge and question and they call themselves great Illuminati, fraternal, Masonic adherents.

Over the past 21 years we have acquired new skill in engineering and construction - for us in Europe we take it for granted you can build anything and in Seychelles their limitation.

There has been a huge amount of national protest, debate and violence about the level of foreigners who have been allowed to come and establish in Seychelles were as the exile/refugee and their children kept out.

It is withing the reach of the nation to do a mix project - meaning we have many Seychellois abroad who would like to retire in peace, their children would like better living and working environment  a National project can be put on the drawing board aimed a t the International community to attract a percentage of those exile, from Australia, Canada, south Africa, Europe to come back home and make it possible for their children to come and live - work and help build the economy. They should be given due international support and protection until they are reasonably establish and their progress monitored.

Some of them have many of the expertise and the financial connections to help put in place such projects even if with other international partners and they have a working Stock Exchange to raise cash and make their investment worthy.

In  which case a more complex and sophisticated development plan will need to be put on the table - better schools and education, Hospital facilities, care Homes, Water resource and energy to make it really attractive and worth leaving their adopted home and come back and settle in Seychelles.

They ought to aim at a target of some 1,500 and progressively to 3-4,000 over the years. Beside the current local population and their activities.

We have seen the politic, development - progress in Seychelles the past 23 years - we are not too concern one a project of this size and nature get started the rest of the dynamic will have to come/fall into place. The politicians and Seychellois ought not be so terribly naive.

In the Gulf Region currently several very large dredger rusting and a great deal of heavy equipments required for such project. In 1987 - 91 there were no such equipments in  the Gulf region and immediate region We must insist and underline the the expertise and technology is provided by the Dutch as they have been doing since 1968 onward.

Note:  1-2/02/20013

The concept of Program and sub project Management, discipline and respective working ethic and benchmarks has changed a great deal from 1986/7, So to have technology.

In 1986/87, there was no WWW,  safe DOS programs, there was no African Union - safe OAU, the political, corporate and ethical practice - the mega efforts to bring this at par to EU workings. This has and have a significant impact on Program and Project conception, initiations and Marketing. COI was still in dippers and IOR - RIM Association none existence an unknown entity. Though for the circle of experts and specialist they had their workings connections and arrangements and agreements. The advantage and their advantages.

In 1986/87 - there was an ought right racist attitude adopted by the Big financiers, Banks, the UN, UNIDO< IMF and the vast array of International agency. That SIROP program not only change the way the world think and work - with the mega political economic and social change/revolution it forced those above mention to jettison important percentage of those very negative workings practice and such benchmark. It no longer was a situation we have the technology and the money you beg, you kneel and do as we tell you. Even if in the greater Training and workings of consultants and legal and working Contracts they stipulate other wise.

In the case of that SIROP Reclamation and Economic program - the massive and mega gearing, network we were compelled to put into place to get any decision, move anything and achieve any action. In instance had to put on the steel gloves.

Another very negative issues those Big Banks, Financial institutions and Consultants who took to ripping off their clients or Small Nations with their project, they raped it around other issues and bigger project - under the gearing criteria, they involved the politicians and what usually took place and ensued - the Small nation like Sechelles Seychelles would end up by getting the crumbs, left overs and almost nothing at all and yet they would have been involve in gearing other program and associate project of giant sums. Then  there was the corrupted media, their institutions and the so call experts and consultants. Another very bad practice was how they endeavored to control everything whatever it takes. Even if a War had to be started or a nation/government destabilize because they did not go along and support the working approach.

However given that the complexities of network and gearing have taken a very new form - one do not require such enormous amount of energy and synergy to drive such program and project - the positive side and aspect - for the Big multinational , be Banks and government this is a new definition. It require less manpower to achieve the same results and objectives.

Come - 1991 when Seychelles government decided to contract out the Dredging operation and certainly - the various problematic, challenges, was fairly fix in the mind of Seychelles government - President FA Rene, the investors, backers and Oppositions, regional entities, South Africans, Arabs, Indians, Chinese, Russian etc., events.

We decided that it was essential to put into place a Coat of Arms and emblem for our greater EU workings as such those who used the workings of archaic, heraldic, Illuminati, fraternal and masonic to totally control and manipulate and manage those issues and their views. Today we have a properly working coat of Arms and emblem for our greater EU Community workings for such issues and events. Beside the three previous meltdown and the recent Lehman Brothers issues debacle in Seychelles. The media involvement in Seychelles currently which help to avert a total disaster.

The many issues of our greater EU community workings, public knowledge and Institutional relation was little known safe by personal contacts and work of mouth this has changes a great deal .

In Seychelles proper there was no blood lost between the Opposition and the governments and the Political party behind it - their many interest and networks - the SPPF/PL, this has change a very great deal - They those who view that Reclamation Phase lll as a white elephant.. The out right control of such issues, program and project has changed a very great deal. The inhabitants awareness and understanding of such issues have change a very great deal and the level of education, qualify young graduate who understood such and those issues have increased greatly and a large percentage of them are in the driving Seat and many of those who were there when we concepted that SIROP program have retired and vacated their Office and desk. A very great deal of mistakes made and rich experience acquired - knowledge.

The Seychelles of Today 2013 - there is a reasonably well establish NGO, reasonably well Funded and monitored by the International and Regional Community. Their relation and co relation in such Program and development - respective responsibilities. The mechanism in place which led to greater accountability and democratic workings.

The attitude by then government of FA Rene and all those involved cannot be repeated and those who judge they controlled everything.

In 1986/87, the mechanism and tools to present and draft such program/project was still in DOS - safe a few of the very big Consultants and big multinational could afford expertise to develop adequate IT and proper program to manage , and work such program. The situation by 1993 - then Microsoft many platforms, Linux - Today Obuntu and others.

Where as in 1986/87 one had to travel a great deal, spend and wast money, appointments and meetings, expensive Hotels. The challenge of harassment, intimidation, threats of all kinds, bullying, spying is greatly reduced. Over the past 10 years this has changed drastically. Today the advent Telecommunication system form Telephone functionality to PC and Laptop.

You do not require all the massive Capital outlay, the big Office and all the Staff to manage and man such workings - the video conferencing has improved importantly - management expertise have improve significantly and with the Cloud development - a very great new approach to workings such large program and project have arrive. They have their negative side.

Those Criminal who will/can very easily hijack such Issues and program - recently in London - those two Mauritian Female, mother and daughter - given the Treaty between Seychelles and Mauritius with male assistance they approach two Big international banks with documentation that they were shareholder of Sun City and they got $20 millions from the Banks. The issues of Terrance Appassamy, others and MBC, First City Bank . This said the many Mauritian we have known form 1987 who have sent up consultant company in London and Mauritius based upon the knowledge they have picked/harvested and the successful venture they undertook and some of them today and then they deny our very existence -

The Mauritian is one entity, the African is another the situation is twenty time worse, the West Indians Gangs,  the Indian, Chinese and south Asian Criminal, Russian and East European workings,.

Enough of negative talk. In 1986/87 there were no blogs, no social networks and one relied, such workings was the sole responsibilities of qualify and experts - today with the Blogs and social network anybody can set up a blog with many resources available and added to manage such program and /project and issues and it cost near nothing - the results and success.

The great advantage people in Seychelles and the region need not wait for the government, ministers and parliament to address such issues they can take initiatives and drive them, become more involved and engaged. The younger generation at schools have IT knowledge and awareness of such workings and they can input and contribute form Children in many aspects - this is a great revolution in Program development, project management and implementation. With such workings - those form the International Institutions, and Regional Institutions have to thread very carefully and listen very attentively.

The working of the community/Districts have evolved and changed a great deal, the important impact of the SIROP program , our greater EU community and International workings in comparison to situation in 1986/7 in then Seychelles of One Party State - they demand that they are involved in all of decision making process and contribute and monitor. In Seychelles it can have positive and negative impact given the control of Politic still by the SPPF/PL apparatchik. Still the populace have a greater understanding and awareness of such working and  issues who it impact t and affect their world lives and children and the future.

Come the management modules for such programs and project in 1986/7 it would have cost $25 - $50,000.  - Today there is a flood of such software available for anybody with some knowledge and expertise to acquire and set up and work the issues. It cost near nothing and very good one.

So that when we say this SIROP program change mankind and the world we mean this - just think when we stood by the Vienna Opera in 1978/9 thinking of Bill Gate, reading the News Week and Time article about the IT situation in the USA and the rest of the world going back to Vienna and standing in front of the Vienna Opera and thinking of Bill Gate, and the IBM and all those that are no longer there our feeling and emotions. Let alone having a swim in the Danube by the UNIDO  - International conference Center in Vienna.

Before this very issues we are addressing here very few would have got to know and read and think and give their view - in the greater functionality of today's working the very many who would will read and think and give their conclusion and opinion.

We have address the issues of the need to develop adequate Transport system that Light Railway and the Ferry and Road, Bus this will be a very important requirement - in the case of that Light Railway the engineering work and first time in Seychelles.

Lastly we have a Stock Exchange and given the technology our shares and presentation can we viewed and managed promoted anywhere in the world and attract investors and interests.

The Seychelles public can become engage, there exit resource in place for them to invest in such project and program - the local partners and the such. It must not be forgotten and overlook in Seychelles we have representation of all of the Big four chartered accountant and more.

Equally important given that such share is available of anybody to buy and invest in those Arab, Indian, Australian, African and European entities who will be very interested. 

We are adding a link to Astroplan one of the first Austrian State owned we worked with and acquired some of our working knowledge.  Then Austrian Neutrality, Government, Institutions, Officials - the COMECON, the USSR and WarSaw Pact.

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