SIROP combine exile/refugee Program

SIROP combine exile/refugee Program
When will the 21,000 - 25,000 Seychellois exile/refugees get Justice

Monday, 23 May 2011

Debate, arguments to register that 1987/88 SIROP etc., combined exile/refugee return program in Sechelles Seychelles

We have made the effort to put together a Logo for SIROP as it would have been 1987 - we can do with some expertise. By and large this is what it ought to be and look like.

Hon Mitchel J Edmond said...

This Monday morning, all those who return to work/their work - the big winners in this Presidential election in term of big business - their bank accounts, money and power. The loosers.

For the past 21/17 years the family, their neighbours, the criminals and others who has been taking all our vital information and pass them on, grass, shop us and the results.

The world finance, economy, political dishonesty and benchmark which have pushed the system to very close edge. Having said what we have all through the Presidential been addressing - what are the requirements to Register that SIROP etc., combined $500 - $800 millions exile return program in Seychelles. This program is after 21 years only half 50% implimented.

It cannot be said that nobody knew/do not know what this exile return program was/is all about, the percentage of information available, published.

We need an Official repersentation in Sechelles Seychelles. So far it has been represented by Lawyers and a few individuals with good will, the attitude of those exile/refugees who have returned and the politicians involved, associated - the politic. {We need church, NGO - Voluntary, senior citizens, activists, Philantrophic minded individuals - even from the civil servants, the police, army, red cross, diplomatic community, Seychelles coast guard, the Fire brigade force, Nurses, farmers, fisherman, anybody willing to support and lending a helping hand, etc., in their spare time}

So that money, grants, international support funds can be manage, chanel for their purpose to support and help rebuild the lives, economy, compensate, support the fight against economic and social exclusion, communicate, address the exiles/refugees issues in Sechelles/Seychelles and those in the rest of the world and EU. These Funds, money and support by the EU and very many international bodied, governments and relevant bodies have been abused, mismanaged, misappropriated and syphoned by the SPPF/PL Government and Institutions.

Between 1988 to date all the monies, grants, funds, resources donated, made available by the many international and regional bodies, governments, NGO etc., syphoned, dissapeared, vanish, mis appropriated - they need to be accounted/made accountable by those who have recieved them, brought to Justice and made to repay/refund the money, grants and resources to the Refugee/Exile Sechelles Seychelles communities and the rest of the world where they are currently.

The dredger is back in Sechelles/Seychelles and proposed work.

Hon Mitchel J Edmond
Founder and Leader of SIROP etc., combined exile/refugee return program 1987/88

Note: We have added link to STAR/MSR Blog:-

Sechelles/Seychelles Presidential election results 2011

Beside the International Airport, all the new Reclamation, motor way, development as a results/associated/which came about with that SIROP etc., combined exile/refugee return program of 1987/88

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge Honeymoon in Sechelles Seychelles

The proper process of making manure, wine, cheese, ham, bread, jam, pickle etc., Prince William Honeymoon in Sechelles Seychelles
This post is going to land at the SIROP Blog so the necessity to refrain from overspill, instance where we would have wished to express our views deeper and on account of the SIROP global historic, important issues the need to maintain a balance and greater objectivity.

We read of the news from Google after 1.30 pm that Prince William - the Duke of Cambridge and the Duchess of Cambridge had flown in a Private Jet Monday evening and gone to Sechelles Seychelles for their much debated Honey moon destination, once at Point Larue International Airport - they had taken a helicopter and flown to their destination. The normal flying time is 12 hours and these private Jets can be much faster - they would have arrived at Mahe - Point Larue International Airport at 8 am or 7 am.

The decision for then to fly to Sechelles Seychelles for their Honey moon mist have been high on their mind and agenda, for that matter another destination - in a separate article the media state that in 2007 Prince William and Miss Kate Middletone had been on the verge of separating, it was the/their first Holiday together they decided not to part - the media article state "never to part and eventually their decision to get married".

Again at our Forums the manner we presented and addressed certain some of the issues, like the guest list to the Church and Palace function - we did not see the name of Sechelles Seychelles High Commission on the list so wondered, later read in the press he had been invited to the Church Service. From the prospective, greater interests of our Sechelles Seychelles Community in Britain and EU had raised the issues, explained certain important links between Princess Diana Marriage, the birth of the Royal children/Princes and events which followed and politely asked that a member of our community in Britain be invited to attend the Wedding - we will leave it at that. {We have discussed with members of the greater public the manner by which the invitation was prioritise and those involved ending up by being a very Conservative wedding invitation list and everybody's comment and the many media that once again the Conservative were making mileage of the Royal events, beside the massive overly daily new angles, issues overpowering the mind of the average individual/person}

We have had a number of sad, tragic issues, events affecting old residents who had live their 35 years or more at Hermitage House, they passing away and the talk we had with an elderly lady about the Wedding our view, felling and what we did on that Historic day. They took comfort in the Easter prayers and have to put up with the political and economic dreadful situation. We had joined the SDA Saturday Service, the Greek Orthodox Service and the local Church Vigil. We did not meet any of our Islington acquaintance to find out how things went on the Islington Green, not far the Hibury and Islington Hotel where we stayed at the time of Princess Diana and Mr Dodi Al Fayad death in Paris, the Mc Alpine Group office, the defunct Masonic Lodge and over looking the Green the House/residence of a former British Prime Minister, where all the carpets of our flat came form - Compliment of the Irish builders. { Before we forget again the issues, note the fact that in a very strange way none of the Super market Sainsbury, Tesco, or Safe Way, or M&S had Pannattone - the very famous and traditional Italian cake/bread for Christmas, New Year and Easter. We have been buying them for the past 15 years or more. Beside Pope John Paul ll Beatification - the over/undertone that the media or politic was influencing the Supermarket what to put/have on the shelves.}

The above said, there were certain undercurrent about Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge going to Sechelles Seychelles on their Honeymoon. The BIOT - Diego Garcia issues, the Conservative coalition approach to the North Africa and Gulf Region politic and indeed their own politic towards the Sechelles Seychelles and the Seychellois in Britain, EU and the rest of the world. Given the manner the wedding list invitation was organise/sorted, was of the view that our Public/open recommendation for Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge to spend their honeymoon in Sechelles Seychelles would have been overruled by the strong Conservative lobby/apparatchik another destination chosen. For anybody reading this article there is the strong/very important need to grasp, understand the marked difference between the Seychelles Government Diplomatic representation in Britain and our Sechelles Seychelles British Community working, those who endeavour to represent them. We do not get the sherry and cocktail - we get the boots and insults however hard we work, contribute and very many important historic contributions to the British system, economy, politic and society.

There is a marked difference between life in Kent and London or greater London, the attitude of the populace. Just like when Prince Charles and Princess Diana got married many moons ago, the young Royal Prince still in deep space, the British populace attitude towards foreigners - particularly those form the Indian Ocean, Mauritius, Sechelles Seychelles, Sir Lanka, Maladive or the Ethiopian, Somali, Kenya or South African. Or for this matter right across Britain. The younger British generation and those foreigners from the Commonwealth their children born in Britain, those new comers form the former COMECON and the USSR. We have some 30 years of working experience in Voluntary and ethnic community sector and Grass root, as the saying goes we have had to take a very great deal of crap. There is and exist a massive gross injustice in Britain, the large majority of those White British and the English who hold the view we are still their slave or surf and the politicians and the media who play along , support them to score points and politic favours and good will. When they talk of education in Britain one listen and weigh the quality of comments, statements and remarks, daily interactions and make due conclusion - the need to state that what the vast majority of British people/populace do not know place like Mauritius, Sechelles Seychelles, not because of our economic constraints - the fact that we did not originate form there, our ancestors were European , African, Asians, Chinese we left our individual countries and in search of a better if not different society, environment and economic castellation to live and build our lives. Over the past 500 years we have evolved, we have learnt, we have acquired human experiences - how human being ought to live and as such those countries today by international standard the recognition in comparison to very many other countries were intolerance abound and life is sheer hell. Because we come form such complex environment and background can view the British society with sceptics and comment - not to overlook in the case of our European ancestors those form Portugal, Spain, France, Scandinavia etc who came to settle in this land and build it.

British medias, institutions, politicians would have the world believe they dictate and decided the destiny of our part of the world and such organisation like the Commonwealth. Prince Charles could have chosen another Lady/Princess to marry - if they would have allowed him, we from the Indian Ocean who had wanted a different world and in so wishing the manner by which Prince Charles married Princess Diana and after their Royal marriage what ensued and the many reasons - not what the media wrote and the institutions stated and the TV/Radio blustered out/propaganda. We had wanted a Royal couple we/our generation could live with and come to terms. It was our responsibilities and business.

We have stated that there is a very great deal of that SIROP etc., combined exile return program not written and made public - as such for those who work in the higher field of life, politic, diplomacy - they consist of people and individuals and given the important Royalty entanglement we have introduced, brought into that Program and the greater European, COMECON, USSR, the important linking issues to Princess Diana and Prince Charles - again what the media was dishing out, they did not know their heads from their toes as the saying goes.

In the world we live - civilization when any nation or group of nations engage in issues of such dimension - the need to differentiate between fiction and reality and reality with a deadly consequences, impacts and brutality. Again this said the question to raise had Princess Diana not divorced Prince Charles and the very many important issues the media and the Royal institutions have refused to mention /discuss in public - had she not been killed, the important impact she would have had on History, developments, process and events. In this case events and process in the part our part of the world. {Only in yesterday Nation the article about the Sechelles Seychelles Jewel being shown/displayed in Frankfurt - the issues of the Coco de Mer or love nut as the English say, the issues we have written about the Grand Louvre specimen and the Hoffburg specimen. Our Botanical garden and the UNESCO heritage site Valle de Mai. Elsewhere in the world their notion of Princess and in Sechelles Seychelles 500 years ago those Royalties and nobilities what that nut represented and its worth. The Greeks, Egyptians, European they would paint or carve in marbles - in Sechelles Seychelles we have as God wanted natural. {The fact that Princess Diana is not there to witnessed this great Historic moment and we do trust the Royal party and those responsible will take very due not of what we have said and its meanings}

Leave aside the bigotry, square heads and long adjectives - at schools we all learnt and had our preferences. This is why we headed this thread about The proper process of making manure, wine, cheese, ham, bread, jam, pickle etc., Prince William Honeymoon in Sechelles Seychelles. The medias and the bigots would have us belive that the cow just eat grass, poos and manure is made or you take a bunch of grapes crush them, collect the juice and store in in a container - wooden caks and you get wine, the list is endless. This is why this thread. The bigots of the media, institutions and politicians who for the past 30 years have been telling their lies amounting to the same process we have stated manure is made or wine - if it were other wise, society and our world would be different - for those from the illuminati etc estabishment who ought to know what agenda, what issues we had on the great table and why. { Certain may question the heading we have selected/chosen for this very important and historic thread - in Old Sechelles Seychelles, Mauritius, Reunion, to certain extent Madagascar, South Africa - the Dutch and those from the French Colony of India developed their own flair of usage of French, British and other language and the mannerism, concoition of issues and word which gave or meant something over a periode of time in this case 400/500 years.} Try talking to a local about heraldic/heraldry - he will reply to you about manure, timber, money, patate, manioque, cambart, larouille, pickle, galette, gato piman, moulouk, moutaille, bread fruit, canelle, patchouli, vanilla, salted fish, fishing and fish, funeral, may be today foot ball, camtole, knou nou nou, nougat fanan, kamira, golden apple, bilimbi, gouyave, pimant confit, malfesant, toddy, local tobaco, pork meat etc., the list is very extensive.

Hence since the announcement of their Royal engagement - what we have tried to underlined, stressed, the ring of the late Princess Diana. What it/this may imply.

There are very many who will take a great dislike to what we are about to write - reading the overall contents of this article, the current political climate, the need to state plainly since the Conservative coalition in certain parts of Britain there is such wanton hate, nastiness, opposition to foreigners, insults, oppression and downright persecutions. On account of a very evil incident affecting all members of my family - decided to do a Google search of remote diseases can be inflicted, unleashed, including the use of witch craft, black craft, voodoo, occult and Freemason - the emphasis on the later. The vast majority of you who can wand will read this thread can do a Google search, there are bogus and serious article out there to study and read. We will be adding two selected websites.

Since the media announcement of Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge landing in Sechelles Seychelles for their honeymoon, the people, local reaction - in many instance these are people, sector of the British public they will never see or set foot in a place like Sechelles Seychelles or Mauritius yet their very dreadful and miserable comments, attitude and nastiness.

With this state of things - many of our Community members , families will treat themselves or friends or acquaintance to a drink, dinner or something light coffee. We had asked that we be driven to the local Fish and Chip shop. We had indicated that we could ask a neighbour this was getting late. A Pub had also quasi invited us for a drink. Our field of work and responsibilities take us in very complex part of societies - tonight is another example, those who know and study the pattern of life of ethnic people, families, communities - who they can be brought about to react - in instance very violent, outright nasty - this is not an issues we are writing under a Conservative Coalition - the phenomena's under the labour government -given the working of the Conservative how things tend to become worse, those are the other end caused to bear the blunt of hate or racist feeling and how they in turn react. Over the past 30 years what the media have reported is just the tip of the iceberg - we have been compelled to come forward and explain, try to explain some of the issues affecting and influencing our lives. On the night that Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge lands in Sechelles Seychelles, the Indian ocean for their honeymoon, having been an excellent fisherman from a child and later worked in the export of fish and over the past 30 years support importantly the Fishing industry in Seychelles and regional indian ocean and Europe are not very amused by the practice.

In concluding this article there is the need to note that without our important personal contributions and commitment in the form and manner of the SIROP etc, combined exile return program $500 - $800, the CDU of Dr Ferrari, the SDP and DP, Mouvement of Sir james Mancham and ex Minister David Joubert, the faction of the late Mr Gerrard Houreau SNM/MPR, its last Leader in Exile Mr Gabriel Houreau, that of Mr Phillippe Boulle SNP, that of Mr Andre Uzice - in Seychelles the political activist and underground opposition and later Hon Wavel Wankalawan, Mr jean Francois Ferrari, Mrs George, Mr Alan St Ange and very many others. Had this program not been implemented Seychelles would not be making History and world headline to have Prince William - the Duke of Cambridge and the Duchess of Cambridge honeymooning there. The Sechelles Seychelles, nation, country and economy Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge will be seeing would not have been possible/come about in the form of the Phase lll Development/Reclamation project.

The greater world is crying about justice and the benchmark being applied currently - over the past 35 years the thousands across the world who have given their lives, hsed their blood that we/those in Sechelles Seychelles may live and enjoy a better life, peace and properity. The very dreadful outcome and turn of events in Pakistan involving Asama Bin Laden, until 1991 the USA, Britain and many Western nations supporting Seychelles to change the Communist system had used him as role model as freedom fighter against Communist. The development in Libya where President Ghadaffi was a supporter of FA ReneCommunist Regime and how he changed and very important role/contribution to change the bloody OAU to African Union and now they want his blood and head.

It is important and interesting that Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge is spending time in Sechelles Seychelles where in 10 days time Presidential election will take place - again all those who recollect the issues and debacle of a Senate/Parliament in Sechelles Seychelles - whatever the outcome, rather the foreseen outcome - the impact on Seychelles, the region for the next five years.

There is the need to remind everybody in Sechelles Seychelles, "the issues of that first school children, teacher flight under the supervision of Mr Marc Sabadin"Seychelles relation with Britain was at a very low - to test the water for the SIROP etc combines exile return program and our fears in Britain if things went worng - the children had an excellent holiday and returned to Britain safely.

We have certain requests - those of my/our associate to use their influence, good connections, the NGO's and Civic Society to make it possible that Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge enjoy their stay and have a very memorable moments with us. This request goes to members of my close Family and relatives.

A very special request - had we had a House in Sechelles Seychelles would have extended a direct invitation to Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge to spend the day or due time as we do not would like to ask those surrounding the Royal party, including the British Commissioner in Seychelles - it would be delightful and great to show the Royal couple beside the Old Bailey estate and hopefully somebody relate the scorpion story which landed him in Seychelles and marrying Mrs Bailey, all the new development near Montagne Posee, the new Prison - the Home of Duke the golden Labrador Retriever form Zanzibar originally Eldorate or Nakure in Kenya we have written so much about, most important the old Reef Hotel where we wished Sir James Mancham good by before going tino exile and had told him bluntly in less that year there would be a coup d'état in Seychelles and also last greeted former President FA Rene, the W& C French Estate, the golf estate by late Jack Causton, today French Kier in UK, we had wanted to buy a House from Gros Idea to establish IOIMF in Sechelles Seychelles and why she got killed, most important take the prince up to Capucin, where then Vice President ja Michel inaugurated a monument to the Capuchin village upon the order of President FA Rene, the mega indian palace. Given the Prince love of nature an excursion in the mountains to visit the ecosystem, the faunas, the bats and hopefully sample some of the local fruits.

On behalf of our Respective communities in EU, our respective responsibilities, our ancestral heritage, archaic, christian and otherwise wish Prince William - the Duke of Cambridge and the Duchess of Cambridge a happy and memorable stay and honey moon is Sechelles Seychelles.

{Note: The need to remind our self like good wine and etc this article ought to have been left to mature and think over - we do not have the pleasure of time. We are very pressed.}

This is that wiredo web page, the Masonic watch one we cannot locate - vanish.