SIROP combine exile/refugee Program

SIROP combine exile/refugee Program
When will the 21,000 - 25,000 Seychellois exile/refugees get Justice

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Queen Anne of Romania – obituary

We have edited the picture and logo of that  SIROP  program to add the image above the map of the Europe to express,  stress those then Europe, Russia royal involvements, link, associated topic, vested interest  - inspite of the very humble place/office we worked from in 87a Victoria Rd Kilburn Brent

Queen Anne of Romania – obituary

Princess Anne of Romania, who has died aged 92, was queen of a country whose language she did not speak and on whose soil she did not step until she was nearly 70.

Related to most of the royal families of Europe, and wife of the exiled and troubled King Michael of Romania, she was content to live the life of a Swiss housewife. Her great simplicity and adaptability were invaluable attributes in her marriage to a serious-minded man who had been dispossessed of his country and the duties which gave his life purpose.

His career took her from a chicken farm in Hertfordshire to suburban life in Switzerland, and then threw the pair both back into the public eye after the overthrow of Ceausescu in Romania in 1989.

Comment - 
Beside presenting our Condolence 

Why is EU in such a terrible situation, what really happened in Romania, that caused the downfall of the Nicolae Ceaușescu, that SIROP program was not jut a Central Europe backed program we needed/required the help and support of those former Communist and Nicolae Ceaușescu had been one of them - those who knew and the lie and the so call history. President FA Rene was well aware the way things were done/negotiated, driven/synergized and bulldozed and put into place . 

Another person who knew very well what was going on was King Micheal of Romania our then Seychelles Royal connection in Europe  to fight and help change Seychelles.  In-spite of the significant benefit  after he was return to power/Office/properties and castles he never bothered to say a thank you or acknowledge the importance we had played by way of that SIROP program - the Mitterrand were well aware too. The approach of the many new politicians and parties their lie and dishonesty. 

The bloody lie that is being publish about how Europe was build and the distortion hence it is on the verge of being destroyed because of lies. 

The daughter of Sir  James Goldsmith will wonder - in  return for  the many contributions and impute help those powerful and kings return to their countries and that SIROP program what we had been offered and the Title - In London those who knew too and they pretended today it never happened. 

She carries/Take with her those knowledge and secrets untold and unwritten. ( The Britexit Referendum Onion we harvested 1/8/16)

Princess Stephanie published a video we ask as many of you to watch it closely.