SIROP combine exile/refugee Program

SIROP combine exile/refugee Program
When will the 21,000 - 25,000 Seychellois exile/refugees get Justice

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

The greater working structures of SIROP etc., 1986/7

June, 2011

When the decision was taken to put forward - put in place in 1986/7, that SIROP etc., Program $500 - $800 millions, we had to relook at our global, International, exile/opposition and political working.

As such, those Individuals that formed part/nominated from our International working/structures as Executives in :




South Africa


New Zealand

East Africa

Gulf Region


South America

The Executive/working structure for the EU 1986/7



Italy - Rome - the Vatican







Belgium - Bruxelles was always the focus of our European activities



Ireland Republic

Ireland - North



The new ex COMECON, EU States after 1991, our responsibilities>

In Sechelles Seychelles proper, as such, those who were responsible/appointed/nominated as the political situation was after the Assassination of the SNM/MPR Leader Mr Gerrard Hoareau, November 1985. The concepting/formulation of SIROP.
List them it is very Long:

We also also drawn up a list of Individuals - Officials, right across the greater spanning of our working, International, EU and Seychelles government larger change.
List them Eventually:-

*The current possibilities 2011 prior to the Presidential election to lead the exile/refugee affairs in Sechelles Seychelles - Mr Frank D'unienville, Mr Dennis Horner, Mr Gonzalve D'Offay, Ms Souyave/A George (beside Mr P Boulle), the core of the exile/refugee working, beside other capable, experience individuals, knowledgeable.

There is the view we are confused, unaware of those who have been looking at and taken some form of responsibilities for our important exile/refugee issues, politic at the many levels.

Before the exile/refugee return in 1989 in the case of Mr Phillippe Boulle, the Roman Catholic beside their Sechelles Seychelles Parish, Head Office from 1977 began to look and take care and get involve at certain degree and the RC World wide representations and many bodies affiliated with the Church working - this would include Caritas.

This followed by the Church of England and its working bodies in similar way like the Catholic Church.

The SDA - Seventh Day Adventist Church again their structures in then 1977 Seychelles, USA, Indian Ocean, Africa how they work.

Particularly the above three must/ought to have documentation, internal report, letters and memo on what has taken place between 1976 to date in our national affairs about exile/refugees. Equally important their financial and Church resources.

This follow by those who represented the SDP underground movement after 1977, their records, actions and link with the SDP exile across the world where they have/had found refuge and taken exile - inspite of the major split, in exile the SDP and DP. Upon those exile/refugees return - Individual like the former President J Mancham, Mr David Joubert, Mr Gonzalve D'Offay, Mr Paul Chow, Mr Ralph Volcer - we are talking about active issues, representation.

This follow by the then faction of the underground faction of what became the SNP after Dr Ferrari split with President FA Rene and Mr Berlouis also split with President FA Rene - how they worked and the issues they addressed the Church, the UN, EU, Francophone, Commonwealth and USA institutions and the media. Their internal information and data. The situation until 1991.

The Underground faction of SNM/MPR in Sechelles - Seychelles from 1978/9 onward their information data, communication and issues they addressed the region , Africa and the world until 1991. Upon the return to Sechelles Seychelles after 1991 of its executives and Heads, Mr Robert Frichot, Mr Gabriel Houreau, Mr Edmond Camille, Mr Paul Chow, Mr Ralph Volcer, Mr and Mrs Paul Stravens, Mr Ben Choppy and his Family, Mr Lewis Betsey and others.

Mr Phillipe Boulle and Mrs Kathleen Pillay who had their own Political faction in exile, those who represented them when they went in exile, their correspondance, data, communication again to the Church, governments, International Institutions, the Francophone - French institutions and regional institutions. Their important work in UK and France and upon their return in 1989 to Sechelles Seychelles, advocacy, experience, expertise they had acquired in Britain and France how and what they promote of the exile/refugees issues. On going issues to date.

In the Old Sechelles Seychelles those who recall, how our nation in Colonial - pre indipendence worked, Asian Community/Family we have mention - in this case Temooljhi -Temooljee Business, they served as Bank, worked closely with the Old Seychelles Planters Families with many of their economic problems, taking into account the social and political dimension. After events of 1976, they would have been one of those important establishment in then Seychelles who associated, kept in touch, were aware of our national exile/refugee debacles until 1991. They lent important financial support to the exile/refugee to find a solution - likewise in Sechelles Seychelles, this compared to other Seychelles Asian Business communities. Given that they also had a great deal to loose and gain - they leased large Island/managed them. Important how they were respected in the nation working. They had helped many Seychellois to migrate - then economic situation. In their Business working their relation to the greater public - Mrs Souna Oliaghi was the President of the children Society for many years - after situation degraded her contribution to promote the exile/refugee issues of Seychelles. Another member of their Business Family who worked for in the government, Mr Pesi Pardiwalla in the Attorney General Office. As such their knowledge, the information they collected - like Mr kantilal Jivan Shah, their link to/with our exile/refugee communities across the world. From 1991 onward their support for those exile/refugee who have returned, Constitutional change and the economic process, reintegration to date. Mr Pesi Pardiwalla his Lawfirm support to our exile/refugee issues since the inception of that SIROP etc., exile return program.

The Indian Community in the form of Mr kantilal Jivan Shah - Kanti, collected a great deal of material on the Seychelles exile/refugee, the issues in Seychelles and across the world, what he corresponded and debated - the data and information he has/had. Given that the Sechelles Seychelles Indian communities held him in the highest respect and esteem, their own challenges, situation, experiences which they have corresponded to their families, bodies and government.

Equally, the Muslim community in the form of the Adam Moosa Family - had a spoke person from 1976, at our Indipendence, the material and data, information they have collected, amass, communicated beside their own situation then to 1991 and to date, their Council and Spiritual structures - how they work and how they address such issues.

Given those Western diplomatic representation at 1976 and to date what data, information, issues that have been presented to them, how they have processed them, used and abused them, manipularted some of them - particularly the formal UNHCR documentation/report which state there are only 45/8 Seychellois refugee/exile in the world. They have condone and taken part in the cover up for the past 1976 and to date, debate, those who have attempted with little or whatever resources to raise awareness and demanded justice and redress. The Benchmark they keep talking and writing about - the resource they throw at maintaining those bench mark.

Then there are the British expatriate Association in Britain and Seychelles the important data, communication, discussions on our exile/refugee issues, corporate from 1977 to date - equally the British Civil Service Association, the data, information they have collected, processed.

The German had some kind of Assocaition -

The Austrian -

The Italian in particular their Association, the important information they collected about our nationa and international exile/refugee politic, debacle. How they process and shared and presented those information from 1976 to date.

There are other Grouping from the Old French Families in Sechelles Seychelles, Mauritius and Reunion who followed all our exile/refugee issues from 1976 to date who have large amount of information about the vast complexities of our exile/refugee politic, issues - their methods of sharing, using, communicating those information.

Oganisations that need special attention:
The USAF Tracking Station - was from 1976 until it was shut down, one very vital entity, which managed, collected and reviewed a great deal of information about the Sechelles Seychelles exile/refugees. For military, strategic and diplomati/politic reason - given the Cold War and the East West relation. Most important during the one party state, this was one entity in the Seychelles one party State era Seychelles government dare not touch, their staff, and executives, those married to members of the Staff and their close Families - indeed how many Seychellois landed in the USA as exile and later regulated stay. Their communication system, namely their military web, emails, fax, telex, media - which the local did not have or some of the Embassy. In turn - those Agencies in the USA who gathered, catalague and publish the information. They helped to address a great deal of our exile/refugee issues - how can the UN/UNHCR say there are only 45/8 Seychelles refugee/exile in the world, one wonder.

FEBA - Far East Broadcasting Corporation, was a very interesting entity - they were in Seychelles to Broadcast Christian program to Asia, East Africa, Africa, Middle East South Asia in the Cold War, those Seychellois technicians who recal and worked there, then Seychelles political and economic issues, religious issues - how FEBA took some of those issues and passed them on or Broadcast them. Again what became of those information, data and archives - the information about the Seychelles national exile/refugee debacle/politic must surely make important national, international - source for the UN/UNHCR, EU, Commonwealth, Francophone many institutions to start their research.

Alliance Francais - which was/is a none political, institution of the French government, French speaking nations, the way they work across the world, Africa during the Cold War. They too adressed Sechelles Seychelles exile/refugee political, persecution and economic issues - their charter/mandate and their answerability to the French people, the Francophonie. What became of their information, archive, data they collected form 1976 to 1991 and more recents - surely there are standards in the world and those data, information ought to be made available - at the same time important to remember the relation between the Socialist government of President F Mitterrand and Seychelles government of President FA Rene. Those French national, many Seychellois who over the years - the Cold War worked for Alliance Francais.

There is the need to look at the information gathered by the Red Cross Seychelles in then 1976, their charter and mandate. They are one of those important entity, NGO body who have been monitorin exile/refugee debacle since the Second World War, as such how they function. In Seychelles those who represented the Red Cross, what information, correspondance, data - in instance called upon to support or verify such issues.

In case of those of you who did not know - we worked for SGS, Societe General de Survaillance and in the process of their work, collect information on State political and economic activities, the refugee/exile issues, particularly during the Cold War, the international bodies and institutions they pass and share such information - the data and information they have - and the need to remember they are a world leader in their respective field of work/Service and in Seychelles they were represented by Harry Savy & Co.

There are more small entities/group of individuals who have collected information about our exile/refugee issues from 1977 onward to date.

The overall situation today:- Having written the above at our Cause Space, 24/5 years on those who got cold, neglected, fed up, the political and economic sell out, rip off, reality at Home, sick, old and those who have died - left us. The Son's and Daughter's of those who led the battle/fight, confrontation, endeavours and dream - their position, attitude, approach.

We are being called to redynamise the whole structure, the International aspects, the EU aspects, the Sechelles Seychelles and African Union working of our exile/refugee issues.

A List need to be drawn up:

Comparative Spending/cost to manage exile/refugees:

In EU, UN, African Union, Francophone, Commonwealth, countless other small bodies working with the exile/refugees, including the Church and Voluntary bodies. What it cost to manage, monitor, maintain, support, provide information, help and provided the so call Bench mark to give help to a given refugee/exile Community.

Furniture - complete office furnishing
Energy - heating
Water - Suage, Refuge/wast
Banking, service charges etc.,
Wage break down to Directors, deputy, assistant, Head of department, staff, consultants, secretaries
Insurance, Medical,
Transport other kind of transport use in association
Conference, facilities, venue, organisation
Train, plane, bus, Taxi
Lawyer, legal cost, retainee, special legal consultants, staff etc.,
Accountants - Auditors
Safty provision
Hotel - accomodation
Stationary, Printing, publication
IT structures, softwear, engineers, backups,
Telephone - all the issues associated
Security, police, guards, special experts, weapons, tools, etc.,
Storage, property depending requirement - issues

Total in millions of USD yearly and over the past 35 years. The $ hundreds of millions.

From the Sechelles/Seychelles exile/refugee Community of the 10,000 - 12,000 for the past 35 years, those managing our International, EU - nation, country, cities and Town - those in Seychelles on the ground, since 1977. Beside indirect assistance if unemploye - from a given national government, their agencies, charities in helping the exile/refugee start/restart their lives, ie grant for furniture, deposit, some clothing, heating for the enderly and special children support, training, education, language, medical - they/we have been saving the Tax payers of a given Nation/government and the International community $ hundreds of millions yearly over the past 35 years. They have been managing are managing these same important issues by using auto funding - meaning they use their own resource, their homes, money to support and help each other. Keep their issues alive, promote their cause, lobby and protests.

Beside an odd Grant and if and when they are given pittance - the circus.
By contrast the economic return/impact of our Seychelles exile/refugee, the accountability we began to address from 1991 onward in relation to the SIROP etc., program in London/Britain. The setting up and putting in place bench mark for such accountability process ie the amount Tax payers invest/input in exile/refugees and the amount they get back, the benifits, depending upon their understanding of greater economic and social working - the sophiscation of a given exile/refugee community. In association the debacle with ensued involving the then Big five Firm of Charted Accountants and the many protest of the benchmark and the debacle/spillover particularly with Auther Anderson.

In Seychelles proper the government, country NGO's, the Church over the past 35 years the money, financial, resources, assistance they have been getting from the above mention to support such issues associated, coming about as a result of our exile/refugees - similar deployment they put in place as those international institutions, big salaries, transport, the very long list - what has happenned to those monies, the accountability, then they turn round and say there are no exile/refugees from Sechelles Seychelles.

This is why we have been underlining the important need for a national review of our exile/refugee, involving all or most of the international institutions, national and regional bodies involve in refugee/exile issues, the Church and such philantropic, Grant making bodies, Trusts etc., Nobody has heeded, wants to listen - part, if not import reason for the global economic, political and financial very negative downturn, situation is to do with the dreadful if not utterly wrong bench mark that have been and is being applied and their accountability.