SIROP combine exile/refugee Program

SIROP combine exile/refugee Program
When will the 21,000 - 25,000 Seychellois exile/refugees get Justice

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Angers - Loire, related link to Atlantic, Indian Ocean, and South China Sea (Aims) sub-regional grouping meeting Seychelles 15 - 19/7/2013

Given that we/our person have demanded accountability  the need to defend unborn  child and very elderly - then Pope John Paul ll 1990, then world - the announcement to create the unique body Alliance of Small Nations 1990, then impending 1st Gulf War and that Jewish old suitcase of  the Epstine/Beloff Family, all the  original documents pertaining Seychelles exile opposition and that SIROP program. The person of President Francois Mitterrand, then PM John Major, their counter part in Rome, Vienna. Then USA President. The important interfaith issues  - SDA,  Laurent  Fidelia (Mauritian) was our Family Pastor, what  we have addressed over the 22 years

To prove - show all those high parties in then EU 1989/90 they had things, their facts very wrong we decided importantly to land in Angers - Loire " excuse the buffoons for the use of the term Illuminati, archaic, Templar, masonic and fraternal" the terrible hypocrisy which prevailed then and existed then and today.  Those who knew other wise - had we not worked that COMECON, USSR change and German Reunification in Britain - say France,  how the world and Europe would have been very different today.

As such the vast issues of the world workings, the mighty USA, USSR, China, the Gulf Nation, Asia, Latin America and African Union their institutions.

Had we worked those issues in France or elsewhere - there would not have been the Gulf region mayhem, the 1st Gulf War, the Somali  Pirate and many other issues.

Over the past 21/2 years the many important issues which have come from Angers - France impacting EU, USA and world workings and the media lies, cover up and their high Officials.

Most important that SIROP program - Seychelles would have been a very different place, the COI, the OAU - AU workings, the issues of the Commonwealth, the Francophone and the IOR Association.  Time and time we have addressed and pleaded - help us to migrate form Britain - no arguments and everybody will see the difference. Those in Britain and London involved in manipulating and abusing our person - their aims and objectives then the garbage they write bout other nation human rights, society and civil situation.

Very likely this/the current meeting would/may never have taken place.

"President Barack Obama/USA important impacts"

Society - the world  has/have a terrible manner, way  of relating to time and important events in our current time, to digest and assimilate properly adequately its significance - as such the period ending of then President George Bush Junior, those very prominent personalities, illuminates, in the USA foremost, Europe who had supported a different candidate to would be Presidential candidate Barack Obama.  Those who had judge we would be prove wrong.  Those interested can review USA and world/European media debacles.

Given the PM Blair so call new Labour and what it was really all about, the negative and positive aspects. In conjunction with USA Global position, politic and policies - particularly Asia, the Gulf Region and Africa.  Those who wanted to create a one world Order and its highly questionable mechanism and benchmark.  Meaning Britain, the USA were to invent ghost and military situation to maintain their military, diplomatic and geopolitical stronghold.

Prior to then Presidential candidate Obama coming on the  Horizon some of the important challenges which confronted both then President George Bush and PM Blair and the why's. Those who held the view that the balance of Power had shifted since the ending of the Cold War - yet very difficult via the UN to address this properly, the World Bank and IMF workings.

The/those who had endeavored to press then President Bill Clinton to develop a different USA foreign, economic and military for the Indian  Ocean and the outcome.  It was a good try.

Those who had hoped that the changes in the USSR, COMECON, Germany and Africa may gradually bring about situation which would compel the USA to develop alternative Policies.

We have addressed in previous Blog that - there are those outside the USA who had made it importantly possible that President Barack Obama's Party is successful and that he could present his candidature.  With all the challenge of a Black American coming to the USA President.

 Beside then important Latin America development and the very large Latin American percentage of voters, the need for a different global relation with the USA and China and in turn Asia and the Indian Ocean Region how this would/may work out four years down the road. { Before we forget President G Bush had really intended to use the Nuclear option to solving the mega problematic} Beside the mega economic and Financial situation - crises.

 President G Bush had strongly opposed the IOR - RIM Association of nations.

The modern Climate global initiative was really impacted by President Bill Clinton those who care to remember and note. Beside UN own agenda and debates and the greater world impute.  Those around the world who used this agenda to claw back Power the USA had acquired and bigger nations and their respective politics.

With the/an  election of a Black American President at that with strong/Important Kenya blood link, ancestry,  an individual who will seat in the White House, not having to rely on those/the armies of experts and what they research and deliver but a personal understanding of the greater needs and aspiration of such people and Nation.

Those who have not sat on their laurels and made good use of his/this Presidency to present, debate and promote alternative politic and policies - emancipated arguments which during President G Bush Junior would have been chuck out of the window.  The momentum the Alliance of Small Nations across the world.  Those who took examples of events in the USSR and the COMECON to given then courage and inspiration - vision  of what can be possible.

The question we would like to pose/as all those distinguish participants which took part and have taken part in policy formulation and debate, workshops up to now - had they we a George Bush Junior in the White House would this have been possible. { There are greater world under current which have and is impacting development} Had President Barack Obama not been elected for a Second Term what would have been the situation and scenario.

 Those who work and formulate such compels global politic and policies is required to think hard of the if too.

At the time of President Obama reelection campaign -this is another issues which very rarely made the headlines - with today's reference possibilities and online information this can be verify.  Again those who had battled against very strong odds  and the powerful establishments of the USA and the world, beside the important Latin America election and reelection machine - this was made possible.

Until last year President Obama was taking a more Bush like politic and position  to the Asia and Indian Ocean workings what convinced him that the world had changed and were moving very fast. Beside development in North Africa, Gulf Region , that of African Union economic growth what were impacting Africa important growth and the rest of the world  - Europe and the USA in particular.

Given, the workings of COI, IOR - RIM Association and the important manner Seychelles had changed from the Communist/One Party State to Multiparty and the driving forces in Europe, Asia, North America, the USA, Latin  America driving these changes and the important need for Seychelles young democracy to move and its inexperience politicians to react - found itself trusted in the Hot seat of regional politic, economy and diplomacy.

It is very sad and terrible that during this week very important and significant gatherings to prepare for next years world summit of Small nation  noddy dared mention and debate this, maybe they  did we have not read - admittedly this was not a lecturing class. What about the dreadful regional and world media total blunder.

However again for those concern with greater governance of the the region, to understand this in prospective of greater world workings, the many important mechanism and institutions - some form of  underlining statement be made.

The next few years of President Obama Term of Office is going to be very crucial to the battle and success of the Alliance of Small Nations  and associated UN formulated agendas.

 Those who have been involved and battled for so long to think hard of events after and put into place structures that will prevent who ever come to Office cause an erosion of the important success the Alliance of Small Nation have achieved.

It is very sad to note President JA Michel choose and refuse to acknowledge this. We do trust even if President FA Rene do not deserve to be mention here he will have the wisdom to understand the high importance.

The call for the past  10 years for a National  and International review -  three years ago the separate  issues/call  to register that SIROP exile/refugee $500 - $800 millions Program in Sechelles Seychelles. 

We are adding our exile and community International Forum discussion here linked with/to associated issues of Small Island Development - what we have been working on, manner, networks, lobby - those officials
and researchers can refer to. 

Young islanders discuss contributions to Sids’ future - 12.07.2013 

A group of young people from a number of Small Island Developing States (Sids) including Seychelles are meeting here this week to prepare their contributions to submit to next week’s sub-regional preparatory meeting for next year’s Sids conference in Apia, Samoa.

President Michel addresses Aims sub-regional grouping meeting - 18.07.2013 
‘We are bound together by the blue economy’

President James Michel has said that a new sense of momentum is needed to promote the voices and needs of small island developing states (Sids).

President Michel addressing guests and delegates at the opening of the meeting


The President expressed this view at the opening ceremony of the Atlantic, Indian Ocean, and South China Sea (Aims) sub-regional grouping meeting held yesterday in preparation for the upcoming international conference on Sids in Samoa next year.

The Samoa Conference is a follow-up to the Barbados Plan of Action (BPOA) agreed in Barbados in 1994, which was the first specific conference on Sids, and the Mauritius Strategy of Implementation (MSI) of 2005, which was attended by President Michel.

The president said the protection and sustainable development of the oceans surrounding small island states was an issue deserving of attention, as it gave Sids the opportunity to take control and ownership of their oceanic spaces.

This, he said, would in turn enable fisheries resources to be developed sustainably by island states, and not only exploited by larger nations.

“The blue economy is about the future we want. Sustainability for islands is all about our ability to use our oceanic space as opportunities for development. As a consequence, achieving sustainable management of this oceanic space will be one which provides for the sustainability of our planet.”

“We are bound together by the blue economy, a theme that brings together the issues that matter most to Sids,” said President Michel during his opening speech.

“We are bound together by our oceanic space; and this oceanic space is also one which provides for the sustainability of our planet.  It connects islands, it connects continents and it connects us to each other.”
The prevailing theme at the meeting was the blue economy, so it was an effective show of solidarity that the Seychellois participants at the opening ceremony, and in fact even the United Nations under secretary-general Wu Hongbo himself, all wore blue shirts to turn the Kempinski conference room into a sea of blue.

“The first message we must take to Samoa is that we want a fair deal for Sids. A fair deal for Sids translates into a fair deal for our planet and indeed a fair deal for humanity,” said President Michel.  

He added that a fair deal also meant a truly sustainable governance structure for the world’s oceans.

“When harvesting the oceans for fish or other resources, they seem to belong to everyone,” he explained.
“But when it comes to dealing with sustainability of resources, of marine conservation or pollution, or piracy, the oceans seem to belong to no one.”

President Michel urged the participants to foster inter-island youth initiatives that will ensure that they continue to share ideas and mobilise resources for the Sids causes in the future.

 “In this context, an important partnership we must foster is connecting the young people from islands across the world.  I am pleased to note the input of the young representatives from the Aims region who met in Seychelles last week with the support of Unesco, and their ideas will be submitted to our conference,” he said. 

“Earlier this year I spoke about the need to have a regional youth initiative and within the Indian Ocean Commission we are determined to foster a stronger network among our young people.”

Over the next three days, the delegates from the countries represented in the region will present their findings, challenges and identify opportunities. They must then work together to agree on the region’s common vision to present at the conference in Samoa next year.

The Aims regional meeting is the last sub-regional meeting to take place to develop their agenda and solidify their regional position for the Samoa conference; the Pacific and Caribbean regions having already met and finalised their aims.

Global partnership a priority
The under secretary-general of the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (Desa), Wu Hongbo, made it clear that the rest of the world also had an important role to play in ensuring the sustainable development of island nations.

Mr Wu said he had been appointed by the secretary-general of the United Nations, Ban Ki Moon, to be the secretary general of the upcoming conference in Samoa.

“Some Sids are among the least-developed countries in the world,” said Mr Wu, saying that island nations faced many social, economic, cultural and environmental challenges.

“I’m aware of the challenges, but equally determined to ensure the success of the Samoa conference,” he said. “Rest assured that the UN will come together to support the Sids agenda.”

“As we meet, the UN is also busy developing its post-2015 development agenda, which will have sustainable development at its core. I hope that the upcoming conferences will present an opportunity to share the aspirations and the unique vulnerabilities of Sids.”

A strong economic case
The chairperson of the Alliance of Small Island States (Aosis), Marlene Moses, said that for small island nations, there were many factors which placed them at risk of irreversible losses, including external factors such as rising ocean acidification levels and rising sea levels, and internal factors like pollution, erosion and overfishing. She said that Sids needed to take measures to make the oceans more resilient by addressing the impacts of these factors, both for the wellbeing of future generations and for the immediate benefits it would bring to local communities.

“Too often, the implementation of these measures has proven elusive,” Ms Moses said. “All too often, we find that implementation begins and ends with workshops and short-term consulting work. Sids are some of the most workshopped countries in the world.”

Delegates in a souvenir photograph with President Michel

Ms Moses stressed that Sids must move beyond capacity-building to institution building, which for some nations would likely require long-term engagement.
She added that for this reason it was crucial for the delegates to present a compelling economic case at the Samoa conference to demonstrate how increased investment in infrastructure could build strong economic growth.

AIMS (Atlantic, Indian Ocean and South China Sea)

News Articles:
The chairperson of the Alliance of Small Islands States (Aosis), Ambassador Marlene Moses and the co-chairperson, Ambassador Lima, paid a courtesy call on President James Michel yesterday at State House.

The newly appointed high commissioner designate of New Zealand, Dr James Kember, yesterday presented his credentials to President James Michel at
State House.

Small Island Developing States (Sids) must not wait for the upcoming conference in Samoa next year, but must rather take every opportunity available to push their agenda on the blue economy.

The United Nations’ general assembly (Unga) president Vuk Jeremić paid a courtesy call on President James at State House yesterday.

“Adapting to climate change and sea level rise is viewed as crucial to the very survival of many countries of the Atlantic, Indian Ocean, Mediterranean and South China Sea (Aims) which are mainly small islands states.”

Aims delegates hosted to special reception - 

A special reception was held on Thursday evening at the Le Meridien Barbarons hotel for the delegates attending the Atlantic, Indian Ocean, Mediterranean and South China Seas (Aims) preparatory meeting in the build-up to the 3rd international Sids (Small Island Developing States) conference in September 2014.

Youth envision the future they want - 

The ‘Maison de Football’ hosted an unusual gathering from July 11-16 – the Aims (Atlantic, Indian Ocean, Mediterranean and South China Sea) Youth meeting aimed at bringing the voice of youth to decision makers at the high-level meeting of Aims/Sids (Small Island Developing States), in preparation for the third international conference for small island developing states in Samoa in 2014.

The meeting of the Atlantic, Indian Ocean, and South China Sea (Aims) sub-regional grouping have unanimously adopted an official position document for small island developing states (Sids) in the region.

Special article:

4 comments: said...

UN official hails ‘innovative’ blue economy plan The under secretary-general of the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (Desa), Wu Hongbo, has lent his support to Seychelles’ plan to develop the ‘blue economy’. SBC News

Given that President JA Michel of Seychelles is endeavoring to engage the greater global Industrial nations with this innovative Agenda some basic question need to be ask.

What percentage of the Seychelles or Mauritius,Reunion, Madagascar really understand the contents of the argument - in term of global/world debate.

If we are correct then Mr JA Michel in then government of Seychelles President FA Rene 1979 - when we undertook that historic research by UNIDO/World Bank Vienna - then Communist Block verses the West and they strongly opposed such workings - that was the irrefutable conclusion/view of then UNIDO/World Bank.

Given some of the biggest Banks/World financial institutions workings and the mega crash of 2007 - the manner they were cooking, patching and concocting their policy and products and the global Financial control mechanism was completely blind and refused to think or do some basic research.

How many recall - then Dr Kofi Anan and the major call for a complete clean up of the UN workings and the important report and recommendation. This had come about because of the the discipline/management instrument and mechanism officials were using to formulate policies and project managements. {" We had contributed importantly to this process all those who refuse to think today - those who know the circumstance - the why "}

The formulation of President JA Michel Blue economy argument resemble much the same. One is not selling a product here. There are very major gaps those who do not and refuse to see it because they practice the above discipline and benchmark. We are also aware that such Conference is not about Lecturing would be graduates.

If/had Sechelles Seychelles a Senate - 2nd Chamber would this debate and argument have been such formulated. {We ask/Request Seychelles government and the participants to research and think very hard just to come up with that Research in 1979 what it went through, debate and critics. This were the immediate Intellect and those who had worked in such field in Vienna/Austria. said...

Dear Mr Christopher Gill, SFP/MSR

Because we are not given to screaming and yelling, those from President FA Rene government after the 3rd Republic , those form the then Opposition their position, action vis a vis towards then events, we decided to address you some of the problematic - we judge from our international experience of working, addressing such issues - the personalities, that you would have the capacity to judge what we were addressing you in light of your education and experience.

We have look up briefly the coverage by Seychelles media on this highly important world agenda, agreed we cannot read the printed versions - online little indicate that the media understand, the Populace engage, the Opposition understand and regional intellect grasp the issues.

It is a great shame right across the world human, individuals go through years of training and acquire academic finish to end up taking part and concocting such mess.

Most important the very abnormal mechanism at play - you/one do not need to inject or force anybody to inhale or take a given substance/drug - the existence of this " infernal satanic rage/rave - crack vibe, use and abused by most government, media and high officials from UN, EU and the res and the quality of work, results and what they term and qualify as benchmark. " We have addressed the incident when/where we had nuclear war heads flying around and nobody knew who was responsible and why they were flying - that was not funny.

In the formulation of President JA Michel Blue Economy - given that we have worked such complex issues with then Bankrupt Britain and Lady Tacher - economic policy to revive Britain and Europe, the German, France, Italy, Holland , Belgium, Spain among others - the Blair government - President JA Michel is relying and using to much of the/this Mechanism of "relying on the fly and on the hoof information technology" to build and formulate his - the nation argument. Just look at PM Blair super mes of things and he named with the help of the media - New Labour and bullied the EU and UN to implement this a a new world order and in Britain the media involvement - termed it as New Labour and the millions of fools around the world who were not aware/did not know better believed it. The super mess of 2007 and the super stew we are in today.

This is a unique opportunity to use your talent and years of battling by looking in depth into the formulation of this Blue economy concept of President Michel and his government and sharing your view and conclusion with the greater public and world on your Blog. said...

We try to listen the closing issues statement of that Small Island Nation conference via the Seychelles Broadcasting Corporation - "the state of broadcasting, the mega spin, sleaze mechanism, that infernal satanic rage/rave included" - we talk of the state of the hospital, drug and education - society problem - those broadcaster ought to be reeducated - this is not media is its outright criminal workings and the political machine using and abusing it.

This said the impact on everybody Oppositions, the SPPF/PL Camp, the business community and diplomatic service. The visitors and the many expensive hotels - Tourist establishments and the Night clubs. This Sunday morning and the Church goers. Their talk and discussions. It is not every year that Seychelles as nation get s to host such an important conference - which can have real impact towards the greater regional and global workings and politic.

Over the many years - 21 years since then Minister Daniel St Jorre as foreign Affairs and later President FA Rene and Seychelles then Ambassador in London and Paris - the position and view of our exile workings and our diaspora. Mr Great Uncle and Aunt from East Africa was very much alive and like so m any of our elderly from East Africa some of the unique piece of advice they use to express and wish for the future and Today's Seychelles - what they would have said this morning. Over a Sunday meal and TV we would/used to chatter about so much and almost everything.

We would have wish we had the company of three dear friends, Mr David Rakotopare - former Madagascar Central Bank Head - Madagascar President brother in-law. He had contributed a very great deal to that original COI research/core issues - Island politic and Small nation workings, pain, anguish and nightmares. Dr/Prof Walter Buchacher from Salzburg University - Prof Dr Hoffman was a different issues, Dr Faroud Kafi - Iranian, very business minded. There others.
Whatever one my have to say about the negative workings of the SPPF/PL and their government - as against our compatriots who are impacted daily by the media and politic and big business how they think and view such issues and workings. How they have been programmed to think.

Then we have our own person - between 1984 to 1990, how we viewed that greater world, their oppression and oppressive system, then Mr Gabriel Hoareau leader of SNM/MPR his comment to our person - we need to put water, cool down - he had know our concern. We were having difficult time with London, Paris and the USA Establishment, their government and politic - In instance with President F Mitterrand it became very difficult - not just because of the many Grass Root alliance in Britain, Europe and the across the world we had been involved - the Rainbow people.

One of those important issue was L'Abbe Pierre. We had turned to his Network, Groups for support in our exile/refugee workings in France and Europe - Britain and the USA. Once again the many unwritten and untold issues - those form the Fondation Emanues and L'Abbe Pierre this Sunday Morning. He and his Group had not been a Housing protesting Group - they had been involved in environment, government and political excess, abuse and corruptions. Oppressive UN and USA workings. As such how the Vatican view Him and his supporters/followers.

Continue .... said...

President FA Rene was very aware of those issues - then he turns round and denounce everything. We/I shared a great deal of issues and information with/to him about such workings. L'Abbe Pierre reminded us of our time in Seychelles those Catholic Priest who came to our help and rescue and the same in East Africa at the Catholic Boarding school. Only a piece of human muck would not appreciate and not respect such positive impute and moments. He also held and had a very unique vie of "archaic, illuminati, templar and masonic workings".

Admitted we have not been directly employed with the many UN institutions - its former Secretary like Dr Kurt Waldheim, Javier Pérez de Cuéllar, Dr Burtos Ghali and Dr Kofi Annan - over the 30 years such impute in term of High Management and complex interdisciplinary workings - which have impacted the many UN workings, events and development. They may not be allowed to talk or discuss such matters in public their view in private - this Sunday mornings.