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SIROP combine exile/refugee Program
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Tuesday, 19 May 2015

The discovery of that Skull, AK spent casing, clothing fragment in Belombre, construction site of H Hotel, Sir James Mancham


Given the important news about those who disappeared in Sechelles Seychelles during  the Cold War and One party Era/System/Government. The discovery of that Skull, AK spent casing, clothing fragment  in Belombre, construction site of H Hotel, Sir James Mancham "playing yet again the God" this morning.

We first noted this topic posted by Mr Christopher Gill Blog, then Seychelles Nation and the  Seychelles voice blog. < We made a comment and it has vanished>

Taking into account the contents and thoughts of our comment. Judge it relevant to share some issues.  All those who were in Opposition and underground in then Seychelles can read. In the first place the underground Opposition factions were not united they responded to three or four connecting factions in Britain, France, South Africa and Australia - beside the USA.  Given that the most important of those workings were from London and those who have studied British colonial politic and politic the past 60/70 years how things are done and get done and what influence and impact what. You or anybody want to work in London from a Grass Root, NGO or political prospective they have to learn and come to grip with such workings/practice and benchmarks.  In Sechelles Seychelles in spite of the Former British role and France the working Illuminati/Archaic/Fraternal/Masonic entity was the Italian Masonic Influence and Catholic.

In 1984, we had lived for a short spell close to the Wondsworth Town Hall and round the corner Sir james Mancham residence Deodar Road and the thames and the Bridge. Those who worked for him , associated and volunteered. Our connection with the Town Hall - waht we have mentioned about the film they were making - the famous Belgiun detective in Person there. One of our close relative  and Aunt/Uncle had been living in a small Village a few milies from Kingston Upon Thames and knew the Ah Time and the Chang Him Famiies and others Chinese eychellois Families. The scolding, warnings, reprimand - they had both lived in East Africa had migrated to Britain and they had lived there for many years before the exile/refugee came to Britain/London - their views,  knowledge and experience. Knew many of the Asian families from East Africa - British politic since that time.

Beside other important Seychellois Families form East Africa in Britain. As such they had responsibilities and they took their respective responsibilities very seriously unlike our generation today and the future generation. We respected them and relied upon their experience and knowledge of life in UK.  So we shared a very great deal with them which we would not normally do given then Cold War, the betrayals, their spies and the lot from all the camps. Our Families Aunt and Uncle knew everything there needed to know about Sir James Mancham, his Families and all the Ministers in Exiles and all  those endeavoring to lead us in exile. We talked and discuses those issues candidly.  They and others looked after my/our person would not hesitate id they judge and sensed - something was terrible afoot. They listened too,  beside other Family members.

There was a Police incident  and we received an offer very shortly afterwards by BRC - British Refugee Council for a room in their New Refugee Hostel off Clapham Junction, the Train Station, the Police Station and the Old Town Hall, the old shopping Mall.  There were eight person in that Refugee Hostel. We had already know of the Old Town Hall.

Please note/refer,  the 3rd paragraph contents - Beside our SDA primary education location the elite of the Colonial Service Residence net to the school, later from 19663/4  - until my departure form Home/Seychelles, the Colonial elite we had gotten to know - how they live, think, work, react and function. We had also lived and been educated in East Africa.  In London the many acquaintance from former East Africa, the many acquaintance of Judge EJ Stiven we refereed too and the many new ones we got to know and befriended. The Mauritian Community in London then.

Time and Time we have stressed, that those From Vienna who had pressed us to take political asylum min London not Strasbourg - the same family what we have written about the Projects in Seychelles, presented/documented for funding by UNIDO/IMF and others at the time. That Indian Ocean Industrial Investment and Promotion Center - the building block for the COI.  We had had access to a good deal of UNIDO reserved and information not for the public, the many Reports. Those military, specialist and NGO we had been in contact with -beside Prof Dr Hofmann IMI Vienna and other issues.  We had had meetings with Mr Felix Hoareau twice pon the situation of the exile/refugee community in London/Britain his views and positions - he had Chaired the first Exile community Body - SEA, Seychelles Exile Association funded by British Refugee Council and others 1979, the challenges. It was some of the important impacting issues which compelled us to meet with then Mr Gerard Hoareau - Leader of MPR/SNM, discuss and talk the Executives, we had also discussed and talked with former  Minister David Joubert his help in Seychelles for my person before exiting, Minister Andre Uzice. We never shared our knowledge and training and boast about it- we would talk of the problematic.  Thing would have been very different if Mr Gerard Hoareau and Minister Joubert had joined together and supported the setting up of UKSCA.  To come to that decision and talk,  after all we had three factions with agenda to return a government and they had some form of government in exile Structure. You/one do not just talk any daft things.  Those in Leadership those all the issues very very seriously, enough to write a book/manual. We had researched, we had discussed with many in London, the NGO and LVSC, beside the Old Student Association - Dr Guy Ah-Moye and those like Sir James Mancham, Dr Ferrari and Dr Hossen, Mr Nilsen and others. Their experience and knowledge. The Mauritius community. The Sri Lankans and many other communities from the Indian Ocean.

Several other Seychellois exile person had their own Projects, night clubs, Restaurants,  and pubs and the SNM/MPR Project in London for a Night club/Restaurant which after the tragic death of Mr Gerard Hoareau we tried to take over with the help and involvement of one of the young MPR Executive/close Aid of his.

All these issues did not go without affecting and impacting political, social and diplomatic events in Seychelles and the region. When instance something would happen what the SNM/MPR media would write, the discussing with Embassy officials and NGO what would come out - Including the death and disappearance/violence.

If you want to work with a government in exile or other government involved in bringing  about such changes you have to know, be aware and understand such process and how they work and why - our education and training.  You have to have the ability and capacity to differentiate, analyse and tick off when you judge an action was legitimate or not  whatever other said/experts and the media, propaganda.  The many who have written about the assassination of the Leader of the SNM/MPR - Mr Gerard Hoareau, they ought to study, research about the terrible tension, difference of views and opinion which existed and prevailed among our communities and families and leadership to know what really took place. Leading to this terrible situation.

In Summer 1984, we had taken the opportunity because of the resource of the Old Town Hall  and joined the Wondsworth Forum - they were anti Thatcher and their were all sorts.  That was a when we made the connection with then President of Ghana - Rowling his London connections. Later the same year the Mauritian News Paper opened its shop on Clapham Junction road - its Editor what we used to talk and share. They helped and contributed to the early development of UKSCA before the Assassination of Mr Gerard Hoareau, they knew everything about Seychelles, then Cold War. The situation in the West Indies then, politic and economy. The Police Station monitored my activities. The need to say/state FA Rene, Seychelles government through their network in London - knew what we/I was doing, would love to see/read my old files.  Seychelles NGO developed some kind of serious benchmark after 2000. In London the benchmark of the NGO - those who invent. Fro many years held the view not to disclose those who had helped and contributed to our issues - Mr Rasool understood and knew what we were doing, Mr Bernard Verlac, Mr Brian Lebon, Dr guy Ah - Moye - we had know very briefly of Mr Guy Horner and wife, Mr Ted Bouchreau and wife, Mr Hooper and wife, Mr Ben Choppy, Mr Marcel Pothin ex Canadian Air Force.  important political connections in Seychelles before leaving. His decision to lend us his help and important support, the other Brothers - they were very crucial.

This said, there were several incidents in Seychelles that years one of then was the killing and disappearance of Mr Alton Ah Time. Later we joined in the demonstration and protests.

We have commented about Seychelles Police recent acquisition of equipment and resource in the field of forensic and Para science - where around the world mass graves and thousands are being discovered -what took place and why in the case of Seychelles our unique workings, associated issues. However small how it/they impacted other greater regional issues, Africa, Gulf issues, Indian, Asia and British or French and USA issues.

We had decided to watch some very old black and white film in Marseilles in the 1938 - Marseilles the Cathedral, the thousands of wild cats, the museum and the home to many who have served in North Africa and elsewhere to remind and relive our experience there those involved, the issues of the Turtle ranching project in Reunion/the Grand Moulin de Paris/those in Mauritius the Franco Mauritian communities  and other issues.  The Famous Nabila in Monaco and our many leading Italian communities in Monaco from then exBelombre/Seychelles. They had lost everything and their commitments to our cause then. Our then P2 Lodge Masonic/fraternal/Illuminati workings. { For some two months those from Italy who have been questioning the workings of BRICS, there had never been an inclination Greece would be invited - actually what led to the invitation. Over the past 37 years the many important issues, International and EU projects we have worked together - leading to Mrs Thatcher, President F Mitterrand, PM Andreotti and others, the granting of we Seychellois in Europe the Right to manage/work and promote our archaic/Illuminati, ancestral heritage - how this became enshrined in the Conference in Rome} In many instance the issues we have impulsed with respect to our Italian high workings - we have also addressed that the Russian high corporate workings is a hybrid of Italy high corporate workings how this came about - our involvements. Upon these arguments - in Seychelles the current lot are not doing/prepared to make any impute safe the article Seychelles build new workings with Italy last April 2015. With the discovery of that Skull  and the new Hotel the need to put forward a working platform where Seychelles and Italy can work the BRICS together. ECB's Draghi urges Europe to reform to brighten dim prospects 22/5/15

We have noted the picture of the H Hotel being build/construction - In then Britain, our exile/refugee were having a very hellish/terrible and painful time - Britain and the British had manured things up and landed us small  Seychelles in the supers mess. We were left to clean the muck/mess. With the election of the Conservatives - before and after their decision to hold Referendum to scrap the Human rights Act what we have written and withdraw from EU.  Our children have had 27 years of the WWW to research into Colonial History and the Regional History of the Indian Ocean  and this country/Europe.  Just as when Mr Ah Time, Mr Gerard Hoareau,  an many others were executed then Conservative in Britain. For a few it was great for the mass/most it,  was sheer hell.

The fact that the discovery of this skull/remain and that new Hotel - it call for the Seychelles community in Britain to be United, to rethink  and rebuild their connections and Strategies with Europe, the rest of the world, the Francophone, the RIM Association of Nations, the AU, the BRICS, Seychelles role in the Indian ocean today and in  the future. Beside our old Platform of FECAS- ECSVS it is time some of you younger generation start you adventure in the face of grave uncertainty and very difficult situation  just as we had to do it. Most important remember your values, the God and belief of your ancestors and the positive and negative lesson they have left for you to learn by.

To note also we celebrate 50th anniversary of Seychelles National Museum - the hope that the Old court Building would/could have been used for a Senate second chamber - instead the National Museum.

To the many families, acquaintances and those who have pained and grieved our respective community and personal sympathy - we wish you courage and fortitude.

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