SIROP combine exile/refugee Program

SIROP combine exile/refugee Program
When will the 21,000 - 25,000 Seychellois exile/refugees get Justice

Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Moses, Moses finally Euro Star undertake maiden journey Paris Nord- King Cross, Islington 4/09/07 new route £5.9 billions

At AKS Forum this article is titled -Come to Seychelles and plant "Cambar"

Certain pattern, so called increase/more violent acts of conflicts, terror activities, natural catastrophe of greater intensity, major market collasp – financial crises have their root, originate from the fact that the institutions meant to regulate are not doing their work – failing, reason they fail.

On the other just as politician and news media have taken to massively using scams, lies and so call spin to control, manipulate the minds of the public and consumers, this with greater dynamic, brutality. Those from the corporate world who are are enhancing these terrible practices to make greater corporate profit and margins with the media active involvement.

Those who talk of protecting the environment, church leaders who moral about greater Christian ethic, all the vast debate about greater transparency and benchmark the terrible hypocrisy which exist – they ought to know that they did not create this world, life and its creation. Form the dawn of our planet – the Power involved have created controlling mechanism. When the development of certain imbalance begin, the controlling mechanism or a number of controlling mechanism automatically react. The human being does not live on Mars they live on planet earth – they are susceptible and volatile to the same laws. Those great environmentalist, church leaders, moral preachers had well remember it.

Over the past 20 years these situation taken a greater manifestation – occurance. Historian, politicians, busy bodies and fraternal/archaic related bodies, institutions would have us believe these are new phenomenas. They have existed over the past 1000 years. It existed during the old Europe, the pre first world war and the second world war – they are the cause and reason for the wars. In their dishonesty, being the very ones who are responsible to control and minimize such happening, can cause/cause many of those terrible situation and events to take place.

All the indication is pointing that we have reached this juncture – we have a very major global crises once again. Those who emphasize – underline that Terror is the principal cause leading to destruction of social democratic, social and political system.

When addressing large nations with millions of people – it can be understood that it would be folly to imagine they - the phenomena of massive corruption, massive abuse of official powers, abuse of the consumers by the media ans news media, the politicians the police arrogant abuse of their powers – the very institutions to pass these laws being represented by men abuse of their powers, misguided and intellectually bankrupt. Or nations with thousands of years culture and social practice based – encouraging such practices change overnight.

In Seychelles this situation existed in minimal percentage before our independence – began to show its ugly head in the first government of Sir James Mancham. Come the era of FA Rene governments it escalated. Seychelles is a nation of 130,000 – 90, 000 in Seychelles rest dispersed across the world. The fact that as a small nation we are plague by/with this phenomena. The comparison of other Small island nation and in the Indian Ocean, Reunion, Mauritius, Commores, the Chagos, Sir Lanka, Maldive and Madagascar. Their/the situation.

Equally in Seychelles, the institutions meant to regulate, prevent such occurance and abuses, political leadership, the media, the Judiciary, police and the church hypocrisy. Most important the state control media TV, Radio and paper who want to make the world believe such things does not happen in Seychelles. That the politicians work day and night for the well being of the nation and the people they have choose – rendered in to bondage to serve.

During the era of FA Rene one party rule, the efforts which existed to point out, bring to the public and world attention of such corrupted practices. Why those involved were able to do so and their interest.

This situation changed when the same parties began to clamor fight for their share of power and money – they joined the practice of using the same venhemous system, approaches, hypocritical practices to clamber the ladder of power and grab share of money.

To be very specific we are talking about the SIROP, CDU, Alliance, DP, SNP. SNM exile return program. The possibility which existed not only for them to come into government, regain lost properties – most importantly manage and control the economic program which had been estimated for Seychelles over the next 10/years $500 – 800 millions. This did not include the multinational corporate involvement we had help set up worth thousands of billions dollars or Euro they could engage into.

We wish to quote the late Mr Guy Morel and ask former associate to excuse us. “ He found himself in the situation of running a very important Department of Seychelles government with no experience personnel – how he decided to create the Seychelles Institute of Management – its original purpose”.

What develop and transpired once everybody realized that the SIROP, CDU, Alliance, DP, SNP, SNM exile return program was workable. In the old Seychelles we were taught to harvest fish – to do this exercise, somebody had to have/be the owner of the net and pirogue and a few fisherman. From the shore volunteers responsibility to take charge of the rope of the net, after the shoal had been encircled – more volunteers to mann the other rope – began the work of pulling in the net until the shore. The main bulk of the catch would go to the Fisherman, pirogue owner, and net. The volunteers would take what they needed for the needs and family – that was the old order. Mean while – over the past 18 years Seychelles had made great stride into industrial fishing, the many technique used on high sea by several nation.

There was never proper accountability and assessment done by the international communities or for this matter anybody in Seychelles with respect to the SIROP etc exile return programm.

Seychelles government, SPPF got the bulk of the fishing harvest – SIROP exile return program, from Parti Seychellois/CDU, now SNP a small share, the SNM just disintegrated, with DP getting a good share of the catch in corporate term, property back and compensation. The Alliance had been a Trojan horse for DP and SNM faction they lost out importantly with DP and Parti Seychellois making most of the corporate gain.

What bout the multinational gain worth thousands of billions of dollars remember we had been involved, contributed to its development and coming into being. Those multinational, corporation associated with FA Rene made very significant – in instance some of the profit would keep Seychelles running form 10 years without any body having to work. Sir James Mancham, syndicated corporate associate equally making vast gains. The lion share went ruthless multinational operators, kickback operation, spin off for international political parties and their trade unions. also the many Mafia syndicates who benefited very importantly. The very many regional government who benefited and have benefited, their business man, corporate.

The practice and so call bench mark set in place. For the first time in modern history apart from the Second world war, the Winner of the War dividing the economic spoil of the War and its populace made to pay. With the involvement of the world media, the Church and Judiciary. The highly dishonest, callous, criminal and brutal practice applied. The bitterness of nation, the hate which it created. The Seychelles, Mauritius have been at the mercy of such practice the French and British Wars.

Those involved in corporate management, government – their intelligence service, Archaic/fraternal institutions, had to reinvent methods how to callously take over, gain once more vast share, opportunity of events in Poland, COMECON, the War Pact which change the world. The so call new world which ensued. They had to develop new potential threats – invent new enemies. One of those enemies was SIROP exile return program. The madness and speed with which things degraded led to the first Iraq War, the Balkan War, since them several. Small and large nations found themselves involve in a vast criminal wheel never before experience and seen on such scale. We all know in learning language you learn a lot easier how to swear and forget least.

The many mechanism in place to act as counter balance reaction– because of the refusal bankrupted morality of the world political leadership to recognize their wrongs, terrible practice and along the multinational, the media we have a situation speedily running our of hand.

Where does this leave us in Seychelles. We have underline some of the events which led to the Make Poverty History, Live8 and African largest dept write off $500 – 800 billions. All the public debate once this is done the new energy, possibilities for Africa. Once the global scam involved the billions of dollars vanished and African – the AU is back to almost what it was before the debt write off exercise took place. Those involved seeking more possibilities to scam and steal even more.

In Seychelles, we have a situation with possibility some $5/8 billions worth of investment the next 10 years, the process that have been set in place, values and traditional, heritage values ditched so that they can engage in mass stealing, skim off, kickback and the such. They have totally refuse to take in, learnt why that mega earth quake and Tsunami came/occured in 2004/5, other terrible development since. Those involved have taken to creating eviler, corrupted mechanism, network and structures. It is not a situation Seychellois want – those involved creating them so that they can get away with fraudulent activities on a very vast scale, they can put scenarios that the small politicians of Seychelles and their business man cannot grasp or comprehend, including their media and church officials. The next step as they have done in Europe, US, Australia, target – use locals to target their own national, business community if they dare to speak out. This is the situation we have in Seychelles currently. The new benchmark and practice is to use the very international institutions there to monitor such abhorrent practice use them to gag the locals, the NGO's the small business communities. This mechanism is far dangerous and devastating than those little man peddling their drugs on the streets of Victoria. ( They have failed to learn the lesson of Enron - we were involved. We have known and seen this development in not just USA property market, other market and other sector of the world markets)

The same psychology in military term that was applied to invade Iraq is being applied in Seychelles and will be applied. The most important question to ask is where it is coming from its source. Everything have source place of originate. The very democratic institutions, Fraternal/Archaic meant to act as control is the very cause of this development – some may say bankrupt intellect. Those who study world affairs ought to know that in the Arab/Muslim world there exist great thinkers and men of great intellectual possibilities. These men they also have the ability to differentiate the current world development. Unless there is a radical change of heart – back to Socialist values not necessarily the USSR, China or COMECON values. We will witnessed greater ideological confrontation between those two great spiritual powers.

We want those involved, the multinational seeking to invest and get involved in Seychelles, know
there are those of us in EU who can see events long before they take place, we are the grand children of those that refused to yield during the many terrible process of France history – we carry and will carry their spirit in us. Without us you would not be making the billions of dollars profit. You are there and investing because of us. You must know there equally exist mechanism to counter balance and regulate such excesses.

Euro Star maiden journey from Paris Gard du Nord - Kings Cross 4/09/07 copy this thread also at SIROP Blog

Seychelles Community in EU -Wikipedia

Opera great Luciano Pavarotti has died

An US military aeroplane mistakenly carried five nuclear warheads attached to cruise missiles across the country, a newspaper has reported. The B-52 bomber ...

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Opera great Luciano Pavarotti has died
Luciano Pavarotti, the most celebrated opera singer of modern times, died this morning in his home near Modena.

Mr Pavarotti, 71, had been suffering from pancreatic cancer since July 2006. Although his family had said he was in remission, his manager said today that it was this illness that claimed his life.

Terri Robson, his manager, announced that the tenor died at 5:00am at his home in Modena, the city of his birth. At his side were his wife, Nicoletta, his daughters, Lorenza, Cristina, Giuliana and Alice; his sister, Gabriela; his nephews and close relatives and friends.

"The Maestro fought a long, tough battle against the pancreatic cancer which eventually took his life. In fitting with the approach that characterised his life and work, he remained positive until finally succumbing to the last stages of his illness," she added.

Mr Pavarotti had recently assured his fans that he was in good health, and had even joked about his sickness.

Last month, he phoned a concert on the island of Ischia to assure the public that he was about to release a new album of choral work, and that he looked forward to teaching his pupils again.

"Up until a few weeks before his death, he committed several hours each day to teaching his pupils at his summer villa in Pesaro on Italy's Adriatic Coast," said Ms Robson.

"He remained optimistic and confident that he would overcome the disease and had been determined to return to the stage to complete his Worldwide Farewell Tour, which he was halfway through before being struck down by illness," she added.
# Video: Opera legend dies
# Tributes pour in for Pavarotti

Mr Pavarotti's health deteriorated severely halfway through August, when he was rushed to the Policlinico hospital in Modena to be treated for a fever and a chest infection.

Although he was given the all-clear a few days later, he chose to remain in hospital for further testing, and when he returned home at the end of the month, he was accompanied by a full team of oncologists and doctors.

Yesterday it was reported that he had lapsed into unconsciousness and that he was suffering from kidney failure.

In his final days, a raft of tributes arrived.

On Tuesday, Mr Pavarotti was awarded a special prize by the Italian government to recognise his achievements.

On the same day, another tribute came from La Scala, the Milan opera house, which announced a new Luciano Pavarotti award.

The winner of the award will be given the opportunity to sing on stage during La Scala's 2008 season.

In his last public words, Mr Pavarotti expressed his happiness at the recognition.

"It fills me with joy and pride that my long career has been recognised, in which I have had the honour of being the standard bearer for Italian culture," he said.

"I applaud the scheme set up by La Scala, which will allow young students the chance to take their talent onto that unparalleled and exciting Milanese stage. I always wanted to share with the youth this passion and experience.

"I am overcome with gratitude and emotion at this prize which will celebrate the magic of a life spent in art, and will open doors for the young," he said.

La Scala said Mr Pavarotti was "an emblem of Italy" and "an artist who has written many pages, including some of the most emotional ones, of the history of this opera house."

The tenor's last concert, a performance of Tosca, came in March 2004 at the New York Metropolitan Opera, for which he received a twelve-minute standing ovation.

He did appear on the B-side of a U2 single in 2005, but his only notable recent public appearance was to sing Nessun Dorma at the opening ceremony of the 2006 Winter Olympics in Turin.

Mr Pavarotti's most famous performances were as part of the Three Tenors with Jose Carreras and Placido Domingo.

Their album "In Concert" remains the best-selling classical album of all time.

In 2003, he wed his former personal assistant, Nicoletta Mantovani. The guests at the ceremony included Donatella Versace, Sting, Andrea Bocelli and Bono. said...

B-52 in US 'nuclear error' flight
The nuclear-armed missiles were loaded on to
a B-52 aircraft before a cross-US flight [AP]
An US military aeroplane mistakenly carried five nuclear warheads attached to cruise missiles across the country, a newspaper has reported.

The B-52 bomber carried the missiles between air bases in North Dakota and Louisiana as part of a programme to take 400 missiles out of service, the Military Times quoted three officers as saying.

The officers, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the nuclear warheads should have been removed before the missiles were mounted under the aircraft's wings for the August 30 flight.

The error was not discovered until the bomber completed its three-and-a-half-hour flight, the officers said.

A military official told AFP news agency that the incident was reported to General Peter Pace, the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, "and higher".

The official said the notification goes as high as George Bush, the US president.

"There are procedures in place and they kicked in and worked," the official said.

Weapons accounting

Lieutenant-Colonel Ed Thomas, a US air force spokesman, told the Military Times that the weapons were under control at all times.

Thomas said US air force policy does not permit officials to say whether nuclear warheads were involved, but said all nuclear weapons at Minot, the base where the cruise missiles were loaded, were accounted for.

"Air force standards are very exacting when it comes to munitions handling," Thomas said.

"The weapons were always in our custody and there was never a danger to the American public."

Thomas said an inquiry was launched after the incident and the crews involved in loading the missiles have been decertified from handling munitions pending the investigation's outcome.

Advanced cruise missiles can be mounted with nuclear warheads that yield between five and 150 kilotons of TNT.

The atomic bomb that was dropped in Hiroshima in August 1945 had a yield of approximately 15 kilotons. said...

Seychelles community in EU
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Seychelles community in EU are national of Republic of Seychelles who began returning and migrating to Europe, France and Britain 1900 for various reasons. They are decendent of French, British, Creole, Chinese, Indian and African.

They consist of the decendent of French who did not like British colonial rule mostly. There are a number of Seychelles who migrated to Europe during and after the Second world war. Then student sent to study in Britain, forming the first Seychelles Student Association. Seychelles national known as Seychellois who had lived in East Africa as there was a modest community in Kenya, Tanganika, Uganda and Zanzibar who were compelled to leave after Independance.They migrated mostly to Britian. The next category are Seychelles natinal who came to Britain under special Colonial work quota agreement because of the economic situation in Seychelles, they worked in the catering, hotel and hospital. A large number went to Italy. About the same time a programm was set up to recruit young Seychellois national for the British Army.

The next most important migration of Seychelles people to Europe was because of event of 5th June 1977, many families had to flee Seychelles and go in exile across EU mostly in Britain, France, Holland and Germany. This continued until 1991 with multi party returning to Seychelles.

There is also a very important number of student who have come to study in Europe after their studies do not want to return to Seychelles. They found employment and started their home in EU.

Because of the Tourism industry many Seychelles national have married EU national and have come to live in EU.

Inspite of political and economic change many young Seychelles national choose to migrate to EU for economic reason.

It is estimated they number 15,000 - 17,000. The communities are in Germany, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, France, Britain, Holland, Scandinavia, Spain, Belgian, also some of the new member state of the EU.

They also have a pan EU organization, the affairs are look after by leading families and unofficialy elected representatives. They have a portal where some information and history can be researched [1]

Under the Treaty of Rome they lobby with important support from President Francois Mitterrand, other important European head of state, that they be given the rights to be responsible for their French, european archaic, heritage and other rights due under the EU human rights Charter.

They have contributed very importantly that political and democratic change came to Seychelles under a joint exile return program started in 1986/7 started under the name SIROP, including most of the exile political faction.

They continue to play a very important role to support democracy in Seychelles and economic progress. They are very active in EU to promote their history, culture and community needs. They have made many efforts to acquire voting rights like Mauritius national - this have not happned. They also support a political party of their choosing and fly to Seychelles for important election.

Under the Schengen agreement Seychelles national do not require visa to visit, enter EU up to six months. It is yet to become official. said...

Pope Benedict XVI waves before boarding his plane at Rome's Ciampino airport. The Pontiff has arrived in Vienna for a three-day visit that will see him travel to the 850-year-old pilgrimage site of Mariazell and honour victims of the Holocaust.

VIENNA (AFP) — Pope Benedict XVI arrived Friday in Vienna for a three-day visit that will see him travel to the 850-year-old pilgrimage site of Mariazell and honour victims of the Holocaust.

The pope landed at around 11.10 am (0910 GMT) at Vienna's international airport and was greeted by Austrian President Heinz Fischer and Austria's archbishop, Cardinal Christoph Schoenborn.

The welcoming ceremony, initially due to take place in the open, had to be moved to a hangar at the last minute as heavy rain fell on the Austrian capital.

The pope's visit has been greeted with some criticism in a country where the traditionally powerful Catholic Church is waning in influence.

"Austrian society needs God," the pope told journalists before leaving Rome, underlining the "difficult moments" experienced by the Church of Austria, which has been shaken by sex scandals in recent years.

Some 100,000 faithful are expected to turn out for the visit and about 2,200 police officers, 1,350 soldiers and 150 members of an Austrian elite commando have been called up to provide security.

"This isn't a political trip but above all a pilgrimage," Benedict said in Rome, adding he intended to "speak about Europe and its Christian roots" during the trip.

Statistics show the Austrian Church has lost about one million followers since the late Pope John Paul II first visited in 1983.

Today, only 67 percent of Austrians are still officially Catholic, compared to almost 92 percent in 1900.

Schoenborn told reporters Thursday that a key goal of the visit "is encouraging faith in a time when many are saying that faith has no meaning and is unreasonable."

In a recent letter, the progressive "Wir sind Kirche" (We are the Church) movement called on Benedict XVI to get rid of the vow of celibacy, allow married men to become priests and enable women to become deacons.

The Church of Austria has in recent years been rocked by sexual scandals involving two important figures: Vienna's former archbishop Hans Hermann Groer and the ultra-conservative bishop of Sankt Poelten, Kurt Krenn. Krenn has since been dismissed.

The Catholic Church has traditionally had a strong influence in Austria and crucifixes can still be found in classrooms and hospital rooms.

But even the Austrian Episcopacy's spokesman Erich Leitenberger commented "it is fanciful to think there will be a massive return to the Church," following the pontiff's visit.

Vienna's city centre had been all but shut down Friday morning ahead of the Pontiff's arrival, while schools in and around Vienna have also allowed students to take the day off, following a request from the Church.

A sudden cold spell and heavy rain here has raised fears of flooding in Austria, including in the region of Mariazell, some 110 kilometres (70 miles) southwest of Vienna, where the Pope is to travel on Saturday.

The Austrian archbishop, Cardinal Christoph Schoenborn, told journalists Thursday that Benedict XVI was suffering from mild hoarseness but added that his condition warranted no concern.

Benedict XVI was to pay a silent tribute at a monument to the victims of the Holocaust in World War II Friday afternoon before speaking to Vienna's diplomatic corps.

Saturday will see the Pope traveling to the pilgrimage site of Mariazell where he will celebrate mass and evensong.

Organisers of the pontiff's visit said 33,040 free tickets had already been given out for Mariazell and that the pilgrims would include 70 bishops from central and eastern European countries.

Sunday, the Pope will celebrate a morning mass at Vienna's St. Stephen's Cathedral and visit the Cistercian monastery in Heiligenkreuz, before flying back to the Vatican.