SIROP combine exile/refugee Program

SIROP combine exile/refugee Program
When will the 21,000 - 25,000 Seychellois exile/refugees get Justice

Monday, 20 August 2007

British history page, before it was blank.

We decided on 18/08/07 after nearly 2 years of protest to add a topic at our Seychelles EU community portal – British history page, before it was blank.

The article is about a very prominent Seychelles lawyer – his family Mr (David) Evariste Collet link to the issues of our Seychelles exile community in 1987 there about, what was happening, the establishment effort to manipulate our community policy, development plans, approach of work, view of the Seychelles problematic, the exile life in Britain, its vast complexities, how we as an exile community were being treated – the very raw deal we were getting. The massive efforts to control our every activities.

We have written how prior to taking certain responsibilities on behalf of our community we had undertaken intensive discussions with many very prominent Seychellois be they exile, migrant for East Africa or former Student and politicians. Most important what the many communities, voluntary agencies, corporate Britain, the church, the politicians and education institutions in Britain knew about us, the image that was being portray about our politic, the mess we were in, the reason for the mess and who was controlling who and what. The programming which had been going on the past 100 years.

In the link as you visit that page you will see of the list of freed slave brought to Seychelles by the British.

We became the first person from Seychelles who made a very concentrated effort to meet most of the Black West Indian , African, Asian, Latin American, Vietnamese, Philippine, Balkan, Jewish, Irish, Greek, Italian, Kurds and Turkish, Indian, Timberland, Pakistani and Bangladesh communities in London to discuss ethnic community issues and needs. Equally refugees and exiles from the above including Armenian, Iraqi, Lebanese.

We under took this effort because of the terrible situation which existed of the image, conception of who the Seychelles nation were all about. The lies, by historians and establishment over the years and what this was leading to. We were being treaded no better than African freed slaves. They had no respect for our French and other European Archaic/fraternal/religious heritage. Whilst abusing our strategic role in the Indian Ocean, Africa. Particularly vis is the Council Authorities, certain large Refugee and exile British organization set up to support refugees and exiles which were failing. How we found our self getting kicked about, everybody was getting something we were getting nothing – even among the refugee and exile communities we found ourself being discriminated against.

We have stated our knowledge of importance of information beside other French colonies around the world their fate, development in France in this field. Most important having experienced the important impact Cable and Wireless, FEBA and USAF in facilities in Seychelles. We have also written our training, contact with Austrian computer programmers of leading companies like IBM, Siemens, Olivetti and others – decision to become involved in the issues and science of computer technology, development, politic and programming. The concept of program and software being develop. How at that time Bill Gate being a young computer developer we had supported his concept against others and what this lead to over the years against IBM. In Britain the computer companies which existed the issues, politic, corporate and scientific development, aspects of our involvements.

We were very concern and angry that certain high parties in Britain knew that we supported the Minitel system which existed in France – how be they corporate information or whatever information available was being shared in Britain the close tight fist of the establishment and the politicians. Our efforts to decimates information using aspect of our ancestral archaic/fraternal mechanism, very many other complex issues and finally what led to the CERN project being announced and set up, the French interest to develop a more functioning Minitel system under President Mitterrand government – because those who manipulated our politic, archaic/fraternal heritage how this led to British taking a more important responsibility in certain development – finally leading to Tim Brenner Lee conception of the WWW, the Soviet Union system and the East German development in this field. The later for military purpose.

We knew they existed, we researched and followed development – hence our anger that the military , the politician elite and the establishment had access to information did not have and how the world could be changed if certain or “these information could be available” that was the basic thinking. Hence in London under Lady Tacther the “debacle about our Seychelles community to certain and others about breaking the Wall” - the “Berlin Wall” was also coming down. In our case it had meant the massive parapsycological wall which the establishment had set up to control and manipulate everything. Almost to what the situation is today.

We discussed aspect of these issues with them Mr Henry Naiken, the studies he had undertaken in USSR. We discussed the studies other Seychellois had undertaken in former COMECON countries.

During the era of Mr Gerrard Houreau, the SNM/MPR office, the news media those that had began to set up data base and use basic word processing and printing – saving their work and material. How information could be transferred on a floppy which before one would carry around large documents and brief case – this could be done using a floppy. One could also retrieved large amount of information and store them on a floppy.

In that article on our British History page beside the brief details of our history relates to the Lawyer Mr Collet role in London many years before and Secretary of the quasi third world communities in London. In 1986 there were several others, the Latin American had their own, the Afro Caribbeans, the South African – Pan African congress, the East African and OAU, the none Aligned groups, Indian, Pakistan, Bangladesh had their own separate bodies. As we discussed certain issues with Mr Henry Naiken we were aware of these issues and past issues. When you become aware of your or community involvement in a project/development like the WWW you do make great effort to keep up with progress, the many new issues which come up. How you can continue to make due input and other contributions to such development. How many recall those super spy brief case costing £25,000 upward for simple portable telephoning.

We also recall the situation which existed, the old NCVO office, the VSC and BRC, the local Council policies those that made it very difficult for any ethnic community, refugee to afford a computer or such system. We do believe we ought to be note in history beside the office of MPR/SNM, UKSCA became the second Seychelles community body in London/Britain to get involved in major community computer based project. We were linked to HVA, the Elderly project, the Hounslow refugee project, the MSC project and the Aid, Lesbian, project.

We had applied for grant to set up our own independent office, the many problematic and opposition, excuses because they wanted to maintain control of our database and other information we would be keeping on that computer. This was further reason why we decided not to write any official version of the SIROP -CDU, later Alliance/DP/SNM/MPR exile program. Because we knew of the practice and what was going on those who specialize in manipulating and controlling information, issues and events – diplomatically and the covert means. The police involvement to raid or confiscate our data base and other information. We equally maintained overview on the development in the field of computer use and IT in Seychelles Indian Ocean region.

By the time the 3rd Republic was set in place the WWW had began to flourish and very many young scientist, adventurers had made themselves known. Shortly after began the implantation of young Seychellois company involved in the IT industry and science. In Seychelles the government Office, department who could access the WWW using the cable and wireless land line system.
We saw the setting up of Koko Net most important Atlas Internet Service provider. For the purpose of history our community effort from Britain to encourage/promote the introduction, use of computer base knowledge in Seychelles dissemination of information. Again because of the situation which existed. The total lies about the SIROP – CDU, Alliance, DP/SNP/SNP exile program, events in Poland – the change and fall of the COMECON, Warsaw Pact, events of the Berlin Wall, German reunification and most important change in the USSR – Russia and China, Changes in the OAU. “ We also take the opportunity to quote a very leading young Seychellois in public position who had stated that the WWW was an infernal pest – because they could no longer control the flow of information in Seychelles.” Most important the collasp of the exile return program, those in Seychelles and to this day unable to make adequate use of the WWW facilities, communicate with the greater world and its institutions explaining what was going on in Seychelles. The many families which were compelled to return to Britain and restart their lives.

We have mentioned that we have met the Grand son of Lawyer Mr (David) Evariste Collet, our community in Britain had failed to have web presence, be they UKSCA or FECAS-ECSVS those that had done everything to prevent this so they could go on spreading their lies ans sleaze and rule our community by Terror and fear, intimidation. The government had sent sent young seychellois in London to study computer and IT. We had hope and expected that during the time of his study in London we would get the opportunity to develop that web portal or a web site for our community. There were other Seychellois in London with IT knowledge those that later put the SEYNEWS.COM, run IT business or computer repair business. They did not come forward, had refused. Very many had stated their view that they could not understand that something was very wrong we had failed as a nation and exile community to benefit from the giant historic development and process we had initiated and important involved, we had made a major contribution to the development of the WWW, software development and other communication technology – we had not benefited at all – they could not understand this. These is the brief Seychelles getting involved in satellite communication – the Iran Government and others.

To make matters more complicated Mauritius announced that it was developing a Cyber Project on Mauritius, the Ebene Cyber Village. We did believe that such young Seychellois would have taken up the Mauritius challenge and equally go further afield. We had come across a Sirlankan Company formation based in Harley Street who were involved in a project to set up a Cyber constellation in Sirlanka – the Tsunami came and the project collasp.

Two days ago we watched a CNN program the evolution and mega conference in Virtual world issues and project, the views put forward by the many respective and interested parties. Where this will eventually lead to – most important the dangers involved which they did not discuss, the psychology of the games becoming more ruthless, brutal and dangerous the psychological impact on the mind. Those involved in controlling the world agendas, those that started the last war in the Gulf region how they almost convinced the world of their just war and how it could be won and the fiasco and result in the region, the 7 millions refugee and exile, the country set back 20 years, the dangerous development in the region and the world.

This morning we watched on German TV the program of about the mega get together on a disused Russian base, in bunkers of clubs and gathering of Hackers and cowboys as they put it the issues discussed – the frontier of the computer world and IT, programming and gaming.

The reason for this article is to show the situation which prevails in the world. The station decided to discuss the long debated $100 computer for Africa, meaning that computer made available, build with coat less than $100 and available to everybody in Africa. There is this group pioneering a project in Ethiopia. Once cannot but detect certain agenda to controll learning, how the African nation learn and get access to the WWW and new technologies. We come back to the blank page on the Seychelles EU connection British history page. The link as you click the picture of the freed slaves. The progress Seychelles have have the past 20 years in this field those of African ancestral origin in Seychelles.

There is another program sponsored and supported by Linux based in Tanzania, and regional nation to make use of used computer with basic program – soft wear for class room, village and communities. The debacle that Africa – AU inability, their government to provide computer to its school children or adult population. The argument that the world is an IT world those nation that cannot grasp or keep abreast will loose out and suffer. We also draw the attention of those who are arguing that millions in AU are sick have no medicine the priority would be to provide those. Compared to the cost of generating electricity, training and maintaining network and IT system. Is this not the same situation our Seychelles exile community was in in Britain 1885/6, after events of the new Republic, the failed SIROP exile return program 1991 onwards.

We cannot but refer to African Union politic and its agendas demand for a United State of Africa and such government. Those leading this agenda. Seychelles would have been a very poor country today if those that had come forward and contributed to the important implantation of the many aspect of the IT, WWW and computer development in Seychelles. Surely this ought to be the priority of AU leaders, Africa have human resource like India and China. Mauritius have been praised as an AU nation for its important progress in this industry and field. In the world we exist of mass control via the WWW and IT the multinational and big corporation who sees opportunity purely for larger corporate gains. If need be keep in darkness a whole nation or many nations.

We do trust that grand son of lawyer Mr (David) Evariste Collet will retake his interest in the computer science.

In EU we have failed to make better use of the WWW, IT modern communication – equally so to in Seychelles, the project for an Internet based radio, news media, investment/finance other project which would have been of great assitance to in EU and Seychelles.

We trust those visiting our portal have not fail to notice that we have an on line auction and an add/sell both related to computer, memory and monitor added 17/08/07.

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