SIROP combine exile/refugee Program

SIROP combine exile/refugee Program
When will the 21,000 - 25,000 Seychellois exile/refugees get Justice

Thursday, 28 November 2013

UK clashes with EU over plan to curb migrant benefits

UK clashes with EU over plan to curb migrant benefits

BBC News - David Cameron defiant over tougher EU benefit plans

We believe it is important and highly appropriate to address this issues on  the SIROP Blog and Forums - because the politicians and so call great economic experts and media refuses to  listen.

Further more that SIROP past program impact  from 1986 - 2007 on vast arrays of economic issues of Europe, Institutions changes, Enlargement politic and Europe social changes  - beside International and Regional issues involving and influencing world affairs.  With out having to bang on the old drum - the many written  protests and collateral fallout which led to events of 2007 and Europe, USA Global meltdown.  The utterly corrupted workings of the Global institutions, political elite, the media and those institutions set in place to bring and demand Accountability.

I decided against all good and better judgement to reintroduce and rebuild many aspect online, the impacts this have had since October 2012. By any goat, pig, dog or horse logic when any body, entities or group of individuals have been involved in such highly important Europe Economic, Social, Democratic - Scientific process - you just cannot walk away as children would say and gangster language.  Ask a Diego Maradona if he can run away and hide - no.

We/I decided to rebuild this Program online for two reasons - Seychelles, Mauritius, Reunion and Diego Garcia was/were one entity. The facts that we had worked those - the issues of that SIROP program and the terrible shoddy way the Exiles from Seychelles had been treated and it small population in the Region.  We had strive and managed to get Mauritius reengaged - recommitted, in spite of the IOR and RIM association debacle and turning OAU to African Union - the new society that/which control, manage and propels the working of Mauritius are totally different to what our ancestors and founding Fathers knew.  As such the Tools, approach and benchmark they use - their very important link to India, Pakistan and Asia Continent, heritage and belief.  In working out the older SIROP program until 2007, we had relied upon our then very modest available resources.

Further more, the new Global Regional economic Power house of the Indian Ocean Region and the realignment of Military Powers and their respective players.  The need to put in black and white some of the more important issues which had/have contributed that we are at this juncture.

The Second important reason - Europe political Leadership, Institutions were at lost, foundering some would say - Europe massive resources, the many highly urgent Fiscal, Economic Ministers and Head of State Summits was not get us anywhere and the Euro Trillions pumped into the system.  Beside the European upheavals - we had build and implemented that SIROP program upon the positive existence of Europe and institutions, not the USA, France, Britain, the Arabs, OAU, China or Russia.  As such those involved with nation building, engineering - you do not suddenly change everything - in any event it cannot be change overnight and not without massive disturbance and upheavals.

Whilst all the chaos had been going on we tried to communicate with some of the Old Guards of Europe on the nature of Europe building Block - every child sooner or later learn to experiment with building Blocks and there are golden rules - each European nations have their respective approach - the British prefers what the Russian would term the chaotic/mad approach. We have and use other scientific wordings and terminology. Including the media.

The building block for that SIROP online program - used the Central European building block discipline - approach.  As such the way it is impacting Europe so call modest recovery and former East Europe - safe Poland.

Given that among the most disruptive and turbulent moment of impact coming about of events in 2007 - the talk of a Global war, Total collapse of economic and social system, society functions - we/I was able to maintain my/the cool as they say because we had been through that process three times before. Working with the world leading Institutions, the political leaders and whatever experts and Officials. (Further more when any individual ever/ get so involved in the debacle and people process, religion and faith to change a dynamic military, economic system like the Communist COMECON, the USSR, the Warsaw Pact and their Global alliance - in Africa, Asia, Latin America and Gulf Region - you/one ought to be an able person/entity.  The great demands and challenges involved in working out and the process and outcome)

We had began to address then Europe Institutions as early as 1991, what would usually happen we would have/be in contacts with one or two prominent Heads of State and share our views and issues and they would take that on-board and their Officials  - trash it/them out and implement then as deemed required.
After the death of President  F Mitterrand this/things began to change importantly and again everybody who understood and knew these issue would agree thing would have to change but how and by what manner and their respective impacts.

How many recall the completely dismissal of the EU Commission - what have been written and what was attributed - those who failed to remember and note. It was because those Old hands we suddenly embarking on putting in place new set of rules and disciplines to build that Europe and in many instance inventing issues as to the success of Europe.

Shortly after the completion of the Channel Tunnel, again Mr Cameron and his many very intelligent experts and then  Conservative under lady Thatcher and PM John Major who refused to listen.  What we had addressed about the important impact of that Channel Tunnel Project vis a vis Britain and Europe.
1 - To change Europe Britain, historic, political, economic and social workings
2 - To bring a new thinking into British debate, thinking and mind workings.
3.  The management of dynamic displacement, impacts, fall outs, climate and ecosystem and how this would impact Europe, the rest of the world. ( It was not just about building a Train system and a few individuals and the Market would make big money)

This project was part of SIROP program linkages for Changes in Europe and world workings.
Hence what we have address the EU institutions, countless governments in Europe, Britain - had this program been based and worked from continental Europe the changes, political and economic, migration and work politic of Europe would have been very different.

That SIROP program began to act and work like human bees when they get attracted to pollen from flowers for making Honey. We addressed the many Officials of Lady Thatcher, PM John Major, PM Blair and PM Gordon Brown  and recently the Coalition.

Yet in all their great wisdom, the many Officials of the EU institutions, government refuse to act and take note and their respective media.

However as and when we have managed to engage EU Continentals on specific issues - the benefits and impacts how they attribute and to what they attribute the positive effects and impacts.
We have addressed President Sarkosy on several occasion on this topic and President Chirac and Mr Lionel Jospin and Madam Segalan Royal among others.

That SIROP program was importantly involved that current France President Francois Holland got elected/came to Office. Yet his attitude since he has got to Office.  We had also foreseen the challenge  if and when he got to Office his attitude, response and ,manner of working with that Program.
From 1991 to date, because as and when we have seen the necessity to contribute to people communicating, interacting as against the Officials, their media approach and their respective government we have gotten involve - the OS of Microsoft of 95, then Linux, the development of Google and Yahoo search machine.

After events of 1997, several Social Platform to date - the idea where the political system and the Institutions failed - we communicate - the people and society will contribute and help solve and rectify some of the massive abnormalities. Beside the Forests of Forums we have used - one of those recently was Ning and the platform for Friends of Europe and the Armies of new grouping and those who think they can help Europe in  anything. We have explained and addressed those issues and yet.  How they are just as gullible as the politicians and Officials they criticize  and attack. Hence we have had that 2007 Europe and world melt down phenomena.

For any group of people, community and business entity to note adequately their respective importance of contributing to such important World, nation, government, political system, financial workings then pretend this is not the case - by all the logic of the dogs, cows, goats, camels something is/must be very wrong somewhere.

Yet the comparison of the mega Resource the European Institutions, their Summits and other Drivers of Europe have been pumping and throwing at the system to save it or make it work - the mechanism within that SIROP program which can make these work with much less.  Take for instance just the British economy and those who can and have been trained to study and approach such issues - how this SIROP program have impacts the British economy and big institutions workings, Central banks and the very long list until 2007 and the powerful migration/migrant politic which ensued  - have come about.  The situation and crises across the rest of Europe.

We began to rebuild that SIROP program in November 2012 and the impact which began to  come about develop only two months later,  those the so call experts, politicians and media said tho came about om February/March 2013.  This is just one economic entity. We will not address the IMF/World Bank debacle, monitoring role.

By the arguments and logic of all the four legged animals and creatures - when any program can generate and drive such phenomenal issues then its importance.  Now repeat this across Europe.  Yet every thieves and crook is making and getting paid for their action and work or participation.  Had we any modest Financial resource or large company or group of individual who would come forwards and help/support this program - we would have it moved to Mainland Europe.  The immediate impact on Europe economy, politic and social issues - those sea of migrants would stop coming to Britain, they would soon discover their are also flowers and pollen in their country and across EU member state not only Britain.

Given the corruptness of the system - those with their agendas since 1984 and their lies. Those who pump  and invest £ millions in war efforts and other nation destruction in the name of Democracy will not invest in such Economic Program instead invent way to raid, fleece and abuse it.

Among the nations who have importantly benefited are the African, the Arabs - the hundreds of African who have offered us £million of so call money and we have never seen on cent.

Then,  the Arabs who have benefited very importantly so much so they are now buying Seychelles and its people.  Arabs are great lovers of Horses our ancestor knew of those issues. You the Arab nations stood to loose a very great deal as was the result of the 2007 global events - we wrote to your respective heads of State and we have copies of those correspondences.  You lost  much of Nation Big Investment Funds  portfolios, Trillions of dollars. In instance a quarter or third of it values.

That SIROP program was not some creepy individuals in back of the bush getting a big black pot,  getting firewood and cooking a big broth - some of elite of Europe were involved in the progress, advising and helping to work this out, USSR, the COMECON, the Vatican, China, Arabs nations, Africans, Americans and Canadians, Indians, Pakistan and Australians -  We have monitored and watched the many important investment forays you have made and acquired as a results of that SIROP program impacts - Including the significant investment in the Regional Airline Industry, Boeing and Airbus.

We have written and addressed that that Program have the capacity to work and help develop among other new Travel and Airplane for today and the future. Ask and check around - the decision have not been altogether wise.  New mode of Transportation ought to have been on the drawing board by now those who know and have worked that SIROP program. Including new Economic model for future world workings and the mega economic mess in your respective regions - prior and during the past 30 years worked with your parents, Fathers and king to today your good person. With all you massive resource just as in 1980 - your respective economic wealth inability to develop and concept new Regional and Global economic workings until we came along with that SIROP program.

In Small Sechelles Seychelles we have been having an issues since 1991  suddenly all those because of it's unique working who began to come/flock to its shore to live and work because of that SIROP program -
The Region and the world benefited.  We are asking those of you with so much money you bath in it daily to come forward, remember upon what dynamic and synergy your respective cities have been recently build  and you do not build just for the Books and Stock Market and the Banks - the future generation and their children.

FECAS-ECSVS Forum Europe will not listen!

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