SIROP combine exile/refugee Program

SIROP combine exile/refugee Program
When will the 21,000 - 25,000 Seychellois exile/refugees get Justice

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Happy Thank giving November 2013

Seychelles Station Tracks U.S. Satellites : Air Force Facility Marks 25th Anniversary of Indian Ocean Duty

What the company car - IPPF, Island Packaging and Forwarding looked like before spraying, cream/yellow, then Seychelles Round Table and Ford Motors Seychelles   - office in Kingsgate former  Head of Seychelles Tax office - then Mr Phillippe Boulle. The Jewish  acquaintance Mr Epstine and Mr Danny Bonte among many others. The Storage and packaging business was at Anse Royal Marin - then Dixon Family and Mr Kilindo Partnership. Today the Office of NDP and Seychelles United Party.

 This was the Capri car/colour  driven by a Lady Friend from Cable and Wireless

  • The white Ford  Escort sport of then Eldest Son of Mr Bedier wife,  from Bisnack/St Louis, the Murray, the Delpech, the Gill Family, Dang Fang, the LeGras and very many other Families from St Louis who knew us. 

We had wanted to address a blog thread - how the Conservative are great in using;applying what we the Seychellois, Mauritian and Reunionais term as "Gunny bagging, horse hooding, blindfolding and charcoal bagging" Instead reminded of experience worth relating back in then Sechelles Seychelles and later in London - then SBN/MPR and Kent after 1991. 

The white Escort sport 1970's belonged to a member of the Bedier Family - their property next to the Gill Family at St Louis/Bisnack as children growing up, parents and left to attend school - Mr Bedier Father use to greet us politely, he was acquainted with my Father and his Family - beside Mothers and the Gill and others. 

As such we became acquainted with the two son - the eldest decision to study in UK, married and came back worked for SeyBrew. Because of the relation I was having in then Seychelles how - his wife decided to join the President Camp wife, the owner of that Yellow Cream Capri - Cable and Wireless and thing went from bad to worse. She worked for Pirate Arms Hotel - then Von Oswald Family - from Salzburg, same Village as Princess Micheal of Kent, the Austrian Management he had brought to run his place. 

That Ford Escort cargo was the color of my car had repainted the same color as that Capri and re licensed for my business Island packaging and Forwarding - after I had quit my job as deputy Trainee manger Coral Strand and La Gigolette. I/ we decided to pack up everything and go in Exile to Austria. Then Mr Phillippe Boulle. Then Seychelles police force under then Chief Minister Mancham and President. Then Judiciary. 

Then Seychelles USAF Tracking Station at La Miser, their respective Officials, Staff and Families - Issues and Thanks Giving Events. 

In 1981 requested/apply for political asylum in UK, then Mr Gerrard Hoareau, then MPR/SNM - among the many Seychellois got to meet with Mr Bedier and his Wife, relived old feelings and their personal situation in Britain, what it was like to have lost/given up everything - what we had been up to in Europe and those who knew, including they too. ( later the setting up of UKSCA and to use or not military option to change Seychelles.) My/the decision to put in place that SIROP program. Everybody went/was helped to back Home not Sir James Mancham Money - the UN money. I was left to rot in England. 

The decision to flee London and migrate to Bruxells or France and got as far as Kent coast and then 1991, the PM John Major government. Mrs Bedier was then working for the Conservative Office in Deal or Sandwich Office. She worked there for a few years and then moved to Scotland 1995. We had been in touch with both of them explaining our situation at the hand of the Conservative in Kent including Mr Sedgwick who had work for PM John Major Office. ( Here we were in exile, the terrible suffering - still the hate and betrayals from our very fellow country man. Then we talk of SPPF/PL etc - this was and is in England) These Seychellois strong/extreme Conservative Families never once said a thank you as is our culture and heritage - instead they listen and do/did everything as was ordered by the Conservative in Britain even if it meant killing after what I had done and they joined the to say/support Britain and Commonwealth changed Seychelles. 

The manner, approach - how the Conservatives then used those important Seychellois Families to harvest, gather information and pass it on to them about that SIROP program, issues we were working on in Europe, then COMECON, then USSR, then China, south Africa and other African issues, Australia - they took it and used it to formulate their International politic and Policies - their decision then to have my person killed or harmed and harassed by then Police in Kent, the ransacking of that Mobile Office and the Minuette Caravan - the Court cases. To prevent and stop my person at all cost from leaving England. In the name of the Good Old Freemasonry Fraternity. The vast many issues of the Royal Family workings regarding Seychelles, the Indian Ocean and that SIROP program. 

We now have Facebook, can share these issues, the CIA, the KGB, the BOSS, the Mossad, the French Intelligence, Chinese, African Union, the EU Police who were craped/told lies - we now have the option of telling/sharing and writing our version for the whole world and the children the families to read.

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