SIROP combine exile/refugee Program

SIROP combine exile/refugee Program
When will the 21,000 - 25,000 Seychellois exile/refugees get Justice

Friday, 22 March 2019

Both leading architect of China–Seychelles relations are dead.

Diplomatic relations between China and Seychelles were established on June 30, 1976.[1] China began providing Seychelles with diplomatic aide in 1977, including things such as constructing a poly-technical school and developing housing project in Les Mamelles. In 2002, China exported US$1.48 million worth of goods, while importing only $100,000 from Seychelles. The current Chinese ambassador to Seychelles is Wang Weiguo,[2] who heads the embassy in Saint Louis, on the island of Mahe. The current ambassador to China from Seychelles is Philippe Le Gall.[3] (extract Wikipedia)

From 2000 to 2011, there are approximately 16 Chinese official development finance projects identified 
in Seychelles through various media reports.[5] These projects range from a concessional loan of 300 million RMB in 2007,[6] to a 321 million debt rescheduling in 2011,[7] and a development aid grant worth US$8 million in 2011.[8] 
Not update at Wikipedia the Hospital at Anse Royal, Seychelles University, ex Polytechnic, 
Seychelles Palais de Justice  and Seychelles National Assembly,  other infrastructure Project 
in planning and implementation. 


The first Chinese immigrants to Seychelles arrived from Mauritius in 1886.[2] Until around 1940, it was common for a Sino-Mauritian to bring his relatives over from China to Mauritius for a period of apprenticeship in his business; after they had gained sufficient familiarity with commercial practices and life in a colonial society, he would send them onwards with letters of introduction, lending them his own capital to start up businesses in neighboring regions, including Seychelles.[3]
Like in other overseas Chinese communities, rivalry between Cantonese- and Hakka-speakers was a common feature of their social life. The two separate groups lived in different areas and even refused to marry each other, instead preferring to marry local women of African descent. They started out working on vanilla plantations, but quickly turned to shop keeping, transport, and fishing.[2]

Politicians, priests and photographers: 5 important Seychellois of Chinese descent

From my/our mother's side the Chinese ancestry, grand father, the Li Lam, the Dang Fang, Chang Hing, new family addition, others as children used to visit the Pagoda at the entrance of Victoria Old Market.  

History of China

Sino-Soviet split

Over the past 30 years have addressed the role former President FA Rene played in that SIROP program of 1986/87, the Seychelles political and economic system, the Chinese and Indian merchants in then Seychelles, the many former Africa Communist. Marxist Head of State, particularly Tanzania President Julius Nyerere.  

The statement we have publish the state of USSR, the COMECON, Warsaw Pact  and then China, its economy. The many written and documentary on how Russia changed and China and the COMECON countries. At the White House then President Ronald Reagan. 

It was not Sir James Mancham nor former P:resident FA Rene who wrote that SIROP program, the many references and personalities at the time who contributed to the idea and concept -those who had requested we use/apply the same mechanism to change bring about a Change in China our respond/reply. On account of that Seychelles China relation, the acquisition of the Delhomme /De Charmond former residence linked to that SIROP program. The issues of the Adventist Mission building again a former property of the Delhomme, those form the Adventist Church in Seychelles who knew a very great deal about that SIROP program -Seychelles politic and changes.; the reintroduction of Orthodox and Christianity in former USSR and China...from the former OAU those who knew about that SIROP program and the changing impacts on the USSR and China and former East Europe.Part of that program the arrival and development of the WWW how this gave China a mega boost , mechanism to develop its economy like India  -the Mitterrand debacle, politic of the Indian Ocean, China, Russia, and India - the acquisition of French and German high speed Train Technology the linking issue  that program, Major China infrastructures development its Banking system and Markets system  -Lady Thatcher Hong Kong Issues return to China politic we were involved  and the why. China New Africa economic /Politic, the BRICS issues link to that program. Some of their major global projects. What if that SIROP program had not been written /implemented the way it was done,  Seychelles was changed by military force instead,  the major different to the region and world politic. There are very many other issues we have not mentioned here that Truth Commission and Reconciliation.

We have address a few important thread on the 2004 visit to Seychelles, the Heraldic project the outstanding money we tried to recover. How those in Seychelles from former President Mancham and former President F A Rene  worked with our Heraldic /heraldry, Illuminati and Arcadian issues, The economy of Seychelles,  the Incubator project we en devoured to promote - those Italian community in Seychelles we were doing some stuff together. In Europe, the sudden deployment of the Ning platform headed by that young female Italian and later we endeavored to build a Network platform for the COI -RIM Association using Ning. President FA Rene had been in Office then and the issues of my ex property at Montagne Posse and compensation /that SIROP program then 2004 - his unwritten offer to help purchase a family acquaintance house at the Reef Estate Gro Ida and what ensued, for RS 1,2 million. The Topic of Prof Vadim 1000Ventures. 

Today this China acquiring some 100 Chateau in the Bordeaux region and the large Wine Business. 

Why Chinese investors are snapping up Bordeaux vineyards

The Chinese Embassy in London then Cold War we addressed in writing some of the issues of that SIROP program and over the years and Visit. 

China Town in London 1986/87 when we wrote/that SIROP program was written, presented and implemented - then Cold War in Britain, the Chinese Communities. 

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