SIROP combine exile/refugee Program

SIROP combine exile/refugee Program
When will the 21,000 - 25,000 Seychellois exile/refugees get Justice

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Who was Russian oligarch Boris Berezovsky

Should indeed like several of those the/those leading Russian business like the one serving the Jail sentence, like the Owner of Chelsea Football club and Berezovsky be who they have written on Wikipedia and elsewhere what they have done and how they acquired their wealth be correct then - they are not telling the truth.

The whole coming to power of Communist Party General Gorbachev is incorrect, massively distorted. Those who know the other version and refuse to publish. The issues of the Putch. What they/it was all about - having written had we been in France, Germany or Austria that change in the COMECON and USSR would have been different - those Senior KGB operatives who knew of our person in Vienna and Europe 1978 onward - they kept records and the Stasi where are those records. 

The Putch came about in then Russia because we had decided to go against those who had wanted the mega Glasnost change - we knew what the mechanism were involved and the many high parties and their objectives - that was when Yeltsin came into the picture and the account of Nerezovzky in very inaccurate. The British Service must have account of the other version. Certainly Lady Thatcher kept information on this unprecedented Historic events. Including President FA Rene and those elite Russian in then Seychelles. (Since his arrival in Britain and others those in Britain and Europe who have been using and manipulating our issues to bring about change in Russia and former USSR and the former COMECON - this person knew a great deal about/aware and how those around him worked and went about)

What was the real reason for keeping my person from that German Seychelles exile gathering was because I had refused to use my knowledge/expertise and ability for any ruthless crap/con that was put towards our person - irrelevant who the high parties were. We knew a great deal more -particularly the issues of Perestroika and the Russian Privatization and the development of the Italian Sicilian, Milanese and North Italy Family workings - those Russians we had been in working contacts including then Gorbachev and later Yeltsin - what information were shared of our complex Seychelles working be they in the Indian Ocean or Europe. Why in the first place those pushed former President Mancham forward to become heavily involved in the Russian privatization - those working and political connection had been ours. Those form the then White House, The Pentagon and CIA beside very many in Paris, then President Mitterrand and those In Italy and Germany and recently PM Berlosconi Office and his people. 

We contributed importantly who got what bit of the Russian Privatization as /like we contributed to the East German issues/Privatization. Those in Seychelles who know or knew nothing of those issues until we started writing and publishing them suddenly lie/as every criminal they knew better and more than the source. What they have been doing and how they have been working and manipulating the information and knowledge we have addressed in public. 

This said the manner our Italian associates worked - and Seychelles. The many young business person or academicians like in the former COMECON we were involved in pushing forward to take so call Democratic economic responsibilities. As in the former COMECON how they turned out and what they have written since. Had we not got involved and done what we did USSR would never have changed and certainly not the COMECON the way they did . This is the mega corrupted benchmark we have been protesting and writing about - the utter lies an clover up. ( The utter bitterness and disillusion which very many have and feel pone they learnt what really took place and what they West have publish)

Some 13/14 years ago when we had wanted to migrate to France - the police and Conservative involvements, Masonic Fraternity, nongovernmental they destroyed everything we had, to stop us from migrating to the continent so they could control and manipulate our issues and we were forced to come to London and those form the Jewish Care our lawyers who know the real issues - Hopkin , Murrey , Besking Judge/Justice Ben Chataway. Had we migrated to France or Brussels those Russian like the owner of the football club of Chelsea would never have come to London and Berezovsky. Those Russian business entity who came to Islington to set up business in reality the dynamic and issues we were managing and responsible and we wrote and discussed them in public and events and the British media - the filth and muck they churned out daily to make their money. They also know all our important and powerful media connection in Britain and Europe, the USA and Australia. 
Events in Seychelles surrounding President FA Rene. Then President Yeltsin. 

This said those from MPR/SNM who knew the DJ Evans like/as is common in British politic and business impersonating the late brother of Sir James Mancham Mr Frank Mancham , who supported a great deal of our work/issues in Seychelles and Europe, who we were then befriended and the many issue and events those form our exile community who recall and remember the issues. Over the years our indirect connection and workings how he benefited and got into trouble. Most important those Rich Russian go to know and learn all our important Seychelles connection in London and Europe who they manipulated it and slotted in and events, the issues of Godalming - property acqusition - we have known and managed many of the complex issues, courts cases and divorces and other terrible mess and those in Russia who have know and know. 

Those Russian who have tested our capacity and abilities and they know when we write and say their are certain line one just do not cross and when they are cross what ensue. 

Just as events-in Seychelles - we liberated the USSR the Seychelles exile - those Russian who have taken to invest in Seychelles and make it their new Home with their wealth their attitude - they cannot or fail to distinguish between Seychellois and Seychellois. The state of thins now. The bitterness of this relation - what about our help involvement ins the Russian Orthodox Church. 

The above person given their resource had know of the issues of the mega meltdown in 2007/8 we meet and come across several of them in London. Their people. Yet that Court Case - had we wish to become engage the outcome and issue would have been very different. Both personalities their attitude and they were following - have the resource to follow and monitor many of our action and workings.

Most important they knew and were fully aware of our Greek, Cyprus and Italian workings - the Latin American, those Russian entity in the South of France and Monaco who know a very great deal - particularly sine the deployment of that SIROP webs .com site those Russian who have been befitting - what they write and tell the media and public. The British police and Service who monitor and cover those issues daily ought to know better. 

Certainly lawyer Phillippe Boulle knew and was/is aware of a great deal more, Mr Paul Chow, Mr Gabriel Hoareau all of them involved in the Seychelles exile Leadership. 

Most important - they knew of the issues to move the greater workings of SIROP and our community to Bruxelles and France - how they watch and monitor events and cash in/make massive win, fortune on those events and developments. The issues we have been addressing about that light Railway project in Seychelles and that Reclamation project and the Stock exchange of Seychelles. For this/these reason we have drag our feet/moved slowly those so call oppositions in Seychelles and what they write on forums and Blogs. Those 21,000 Seychelles exile/refugee have been taken to the laundry in a historic and unique way - those who have made money, wealth, fortune beyond their imagination and our state and situation - the involvement of the international communities and the large majority of Western governments. Had we been on the continent for the election in Vatican as we had requested and that SIROP program - this person would have been very much alive. Those from the Fraternal establishment who know these facts fairly well and what they churn to the greater public.

The Global media ought to seek, ask lady Thatcher permission and ask her before it is too late who this person like President Gorbachev and President Yeltsin - the charade and strange game which has been played in Britain, Europe, Russia and the USA the past 14 years. The problem as with very many we have worked with and contributed that they get to such very high position when they get there and events. 

Knights Templar

In case many of you prominent did not know - now think very hard yet again and in the USA the new Intelligence Service Chief.

Boris Berezovsky: Fade to Black

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