SIROP combine exile/refugee Program

SIROP combine exile/refugee Program
When will the 21,000 - 25,000 Seychellois exile/refugees get Justice

Friday, 19 October 2012

How the Austerity is affecting the EU Royalties and they were importantly involved in that SIROP program

We had wanted to write an in depth article about our exile experience in Austria, first our exile form Sechelles 1976, the place those, the families involved. How we were conditioning our mind and life.

Then came the historic, famous events in Slazbourg and Sir James Mancham was toppled in a coup d'etat whilst attending the Commonwealth conference by the then PM of Sechelles Seychelles Mr FA Rene. The double complexity for our person and those we had to relate to, including the diplomats, embassies, government officials, military expertise, church bodies, exile/refugee bodies in Austria and the media.

A bit like Oliver Tombo who had spent his exile in Sweden - how our Austrian exile experience, impacted, influenced our thinking. The Jewish commu8nity there and their respective experience and the many old communities that had been part of the Austro Hungarian empire, the 1st and 2d world War events. Beside the facts that Austria have been the Home or transition home of many leading European and famous exiles. The way we drew our lesson and experiences.

It is the issues of the European royalties, notabilities we had contacts to, been involved in some of our issues - particularly Dr Otto von Hapsburg and King Juan Carlos, those in France for the left over of the royal family, noblelities, Germany and Italy, Sweden, Belgium and later Monaco, not to exclude those of the British Family and Greece - the manner we had put that SIROP program together, their very vast knowledge and lesson of European history their ancestors. the relation between Austria and the COMECON then and the USSR - its neutrality, the benefits and negative aspects. From  this prospective the many untold issues about the real changes in the COMECON, the USSR and those involved. Events after for the past 18 years until the global crash - what we had/have written to some of those EU royalty, the explanations and their respective positions and the global mega meltdown and the utter ruthless, brutal and painful austerities affecting all the Royal Families in EU - those newly refound royalties of the former COMECON.

Beside a few who kept their relation with our Sechelles Seychelles exile/refugee issues and our greater EU Seychelles community workings - the vast many of them joined the other group in pretending we had never existed and they had never played a role/contributed to our issues. they preferred to join those who supported Seychelles government of FA Rene and current JA Michel and the way their treated our exile/refugee communities and our greater Seychelles community workings in EU and across the world. In fact some of them became aggressive and vexed at the idea and notion there had been any involvements.

In spite of  that we did go ahead and address some of then like Dr Otto von Hapsburg and the Spanish, Swedish, Monaco, Greece, Belgium monarch about our view and the need that a half decent working structure is allowed for our EU Community and that SIROP exile program - we had politely indicated the alternatives just as they have great experience we can draw upon our French ancestors and British for the past nears 950 years.

As results into those issues - we have never gone back to ask for property, money or tile. 

We would have judge that because of their uniqueness of workings - they of all individuals who grasp why some of the current problematic is/has developed to such degree - and that they would have made certain connections. Because this is not the case we are writing this thread.

Take the case of angers - Loire and the mega debacle which have been raging for several years about British royalty and that of France, the media coverage - what has led and is causing those issues to come about yet.

We are very aware of the diplomatic workings between Seychelles government Officials and the Royal families in EU - we will be blunt why do they not go to Seychelles government of JA Michel and ask his to help them with the riots and the austerities across EU and ask his to contribute to their important income and business cuts. This is not a hot headed gesture on our part we have waited, we have taken a lot of deep breath and maintained our cool for some two years and yet.

We are fully aware of the royal prerogatives and their rights - it is not proper that they forget. The rights of the People, History for the past 500 years as and when they have forgotten and abused their Royal positions what has/have taken place and resulted.

We are not going to make more comments except to add a few links to the impacts of austerity measures on some of the royal families and those of you who have been inspired by this thread can do your search - by the way we say and state it once again - we played crucial role that the WWW came into being, the CERN issues and countless issues about those two search engine, Google and Yahoo those who ought to know and Window development of Bill Gate.

We do know that the British Royal family were not happy when we joined the Occupy campaign and as such.  Particularly those in  Mauritius from the Franco Mauritius community in Australasia and Canada and the USA. We did get to meet/encounter a person form the French nobility recently at Institute Francais - the fact that we state it here. We have been following the Pension debate at Seychelles Freedom Party too - we too have a rights to Pension given what we have done of the Seychellois Nation and country the past 35 years near.

We are also aware of the many directives and new laws, regulation affecting the EU workings. It was not the EU who liberated the COMECON and changed the USSR - it was the will and networking of the people not Bruxelles, Strasbourg. They played their due role, it was not the council of Europe either. Those who wish/would like to take credits.

We have been addressing about the mega bust up between Santandar and RSB, have address the Spanish Royal Family and the Moroccan Royal family is have been very aware and their attitude and position. Beside other issues. We have address the leader of the Spanish Protest offering our experience as we did Occupy protest in London and their attitude so far. What they want - our person come over to Spain or near there do certain things/undertake certain activities and they all take the credits and their corrupted media. Admittedly Greece is far away - Spain is just abus ride and cost $20 in instance. We do not mind if we have to sleep in tents and share what ever "grub".

By the way given that King Prempe spent 27 years in exile, over the years we have shared some of those issues with Ghana leading politicians and individuals. Beside other royalties exile in Sechelles Seychelles.

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