SIROP combine exile/refugee Program

SIROP combine exile/refugee Program
When will the 21,000 - 25,000 Seychellois exile/refugees get Justice

Saturday, 21 July 2007



Over the past 25 years we have presented briefly the issues and reasons why those that had formed Planters Association – Grand Blanc had wanted to charter, plan a different course of history for Seychelles then under British Colonial Rule.

They involved the elite of Seychelles of French decent, in the many British government Colonial Administration, the Police, the Public Work Department, Treasurery, the Local Banks, Cable and Wireless, the Hospital, the Harbour and Agriculture Department.

These personality had been in contact with the wider world, the families and relatives, friends in Europe among others.

They had seen and watch the French departure in Vietnam, the politicians respond. The Invasion and the War. The important involvement of France Military, escalation – the involvement of the USA, the total mess that became Vietnam.

We believe that for Seychelles Planters Association – the Grand Blanc one of the most important historic and political event was the Algeria debacle. They had long been betrayed by France, under the Monarchy, the French Revolution, then the 1st Republic of Emperor Bonaparte. Algeria proximity to Seychelles the Indian ocean, the Suez Canal issues. The First and Second World War epoch, the ensuing economic and political development.

We would and have listen to discussions, debate over this burning issue and no dough because of the British colonial influence, they dared not discuss the issues intensively in public. France and the Algerian Colon – known as the Pied Noire were loosing out. The politic of the oil - To Britain joy. How much of this influence their political thinking – it is a great shame that none of them have left written material – nor their children brave enough to come forward, share and shed light what happened. During the 18 years in Exile in Britain, they have endevoured to enforce the same regime, practice as they had done in colonial days – we suffered and have suffered greatly. Our Children and future generation will suffer.

The main factor is that they knew that big trouble was ahead. Because of the way politicians handled things. Be they Paris, Rome or Westminster.

In Seychelles, what was termed emancipation of the workers who was learning to live with the situation under the Victoria District Council- the Planters Association. The Coming on the scene of James Mancham, David Joubert forming the Democratic Party on the one hand and Finlay Roselie, Philibert Louiseau, the old man Adam, Guy Sinon and France Albert Rene to form SPUP radically change this situation. The call for closer British Integration supported by some of the Planters – Grand Blanc with the view that this would safe guard the future would not go down with the vast majority of the Planters. They were Planters, sons of Planters the French colon who have registered events from the days of the King of France, the Revolution and France 1st Republic – the fate they had been left to in the Indian Ocean.

What amaze one is the way and history repeat itself. They were well educated, they could have run a government with little ease and build a good system. They control the economy, yet they choose not to allowing events to unfold and loose everything and revert to building from scratch. Wise nation are those who for see events, their course and make due correction. This did not happen in Seychelles.

The Seychelles which was early 60's though we did not have plane connection was linked to then given modern communication. The British, Colonial administration, government House must have suspected – been aware something was being planned – put together. The Seychelles Club – what were discussed and talk about there and the Yacht Club, the Rotary and the Round Table then. What about the Rugby club, the Ascot football club and Rovers Club. Aspect of the police Force must have know because without their support – their involvement they would not have got very far. Then we have the Catholic church how much were they aware and in the know of things – the Italian community in Seychelles, the Leading Merchant families, remember this situation started in the early 60 and ran through 1977 very likely even after independence because of their evaluation of Sir James politic – some of his Cabinet -Ministers must have been in the know. The same applies to FA Rene Shadow Cabinet, party officials ( USSR, Chinese, OAU officials) Then we have the Church of England. In the Seychelles of 1960 it must be remembered that the USA had a very important Satellite Tracking facilities. They had officials and agent from the Pentagon, CIA, FBI,
NASA, other important USA personal stationed at the Base of qualitative importance, experience. Around Seychelles was a boiling point, Zanzibar had fallen, Tanganyika, Kenya, Rhodesia, Malawi, Sudan, the Horn of Africa was in turmoil. They were negotiating the clandestine take over of Diego Garcia – BIOT, we had over heard that to certain extent should something happen to Seychelles they were prepared to defend themselves and move to BIOT. Which again bring us back to the nature of the situation – the British, USA, the Catholic church were not dealing with Arabs or African – they were dealing with decedents of great French families, heritage, custom, Judicial, fraternal/archaic important interest. Those who really had an alternative Plan. For the USA, the Catholic church and the British Colonial Administration it must have been a very special situation around the globe – for the sake of argument one can compare the situation they had to deal with Reunion today. We cannot help to compare note of the situation of the French colon in Algeria – the Pied Noire, the complex civilian, military and geo strategic French Interest – European. { What about the Fraternal/archaic establishment role}We do trust anybody from the former Algerian French colony – the Pied Noire communities in France who get to read this article they become aware of the state of things, regional politic and political practice then. A very great deal have been written, research, documented and publish – very little over the Seychelles Situation, the political fate, 150 years of the toil of French families in Seychelles their blood and flesh.

What must not be forgotten is that the vast majority of Seychellois who had some education, worked in senior post in the many Colonial office of the Island knew that the Constitution was a bad deal for Seychelles and its people. Like events with the French Colon – the Pied Noire and the Harkis of Algeria and other places, Rhodesian another good example.Most of the expat communities knew that too because they have live in Africa Colonial Britain. Both political leaders were told in diplomatic term, you take what we have given you or you get nothing – they had no obligating towards Seychelles and its people. This is why the Revolution was able to happen – this is why the many families who found themselves in Exile with nothing, tried and knock at Westminster door the got nothing positive. The shame is that what is going on even today those who are completely blind – the Seychelles community in Britain who refuse to study history, learn what happened – educate our children and community for the future and build purposeful institutions to help us as a community in EU and the world. At the same time the role of British Embassy in Seychelles over the past 15 years, the so called positive contributions it has made to the development of Seychelles and the region. People wake up -open you eyes.

Once again we have to note the complexity, of event in Algeria – the building of Algeria after the French Revolution, throughout the 1st War and the political – economic reason. The political process to Departmentalize Algeria with France, like Reunion and other overseas land today. The very complex political issues the percentage of France population in Algeria unlike Seychelles, be they Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Maltese, German, Swiss and other white nations. The politicians approach – Paris, De Gaul coming to power they had hope to be saved – a solution had been found, instead their betrayal. The birth of FLN the French Army role, the birth of AOS, the third force, the Harkis what followed, the very many terrible massacres, civil war, the attempt to topple the Government in France itself, and the repatriation of the Pied Noire to Paris – France and what followed the terrible political let down in France and their bitter sufferings in France having lost everything and given everything to France. The politic which ensued from 1962 on ward. About the same time the Revolution in Zanzibar 30 - 40,000 killed. Seychelles was different, the black populace – workers could not claim moral rights over the land – Seychelles was un inhabited, eventually those that were there killed by pirates. They had a different moral argument. What would have really happened had they taken unilateral independence – Seychelles today, our history and the region. Those historians, politicians who paint white and we the Seychellois, our nation , posterity get lumped into what they have painted. When one listen to debate on the many forums of Seychelles – beside the Grand Blanc castigation, what would we call those who have amassed great wealth under FA Rene Government who are black and of mix decent Be they Chinese, British, France etc it is the wealth which provoke the anger of the under class and the have not. Given the fight at hand today to build a modern nation, which requires education, history – it also requires tradition, values, and other more important substance which make nation building possible, those son of the Grand Blanc, the Planters would have had bit of it – Seychelles today. We have seen how from our own side in EU the modest contribution we have been making the past 15 years since the 3rd Republic what this have contributed to. The Republic and nation could have cope with a bit more of it. We now have a situation that those very people the nation chased out they are coming back to invest in millions, buy our lands, lord it over our, old parents,
children and heads – would it have not been wiser if it had been the son' of our soil doing this, even if they are call Grand Blanc or ex Planters. {The mindset of the Seychellois, comparable to the Brazilian need to be understood – FA Rene long grip over the politic, economy why. Those from Seychelles that was strongly in favour of military option- the nation inability to cope with democracy, develop adequate democracy, their inability to support, take part in long term important democratic process to their own great disadvantage}

For this reason given that we have tried to explain what led to putting FECAS- ECSVS, why we believed it essential that we build grass root structures in EU at the time Mr Gerrard Houreau was alive and leading the MPR/SNM. We too took into important consideration the vast political betrayal of those in power, the politicians and others. For this good reason since our early years in France keep our eyes and ears open about the issues of those three very important historic issues which have marked the French nation, the France Vietnam people, those that had experience the Congo Revolution and most important those that had live in Algeria, the Pied Noire lost everything, those who had suffered and come to France to start from scratch – we met a few of their leaders, took their advice, seek their council, support, expertise and resource to build the Seychelles Network in EU. Most important their contribution which led to the quality of the SIROP – CDU/Alliance/SNM/DP/SNP exile return program of 1986 – 1991.

Having said that – we address the communities of the former French Algerian across France, the Pied Noire, the Harkis and their many institutions. We used to be a frequent visitor to France until the Assassination of the Exile Leader Mr Gerrard Houreau. Coming to Britain in 1981 from France where we had attempted to ask for political Asylum in Strasbourg – briefed the Leadership of the 4/5 political faction on some of our connections in France. Lady Tacther government utter opposition that we maintain contact of any form or kind with the Algerian French Colon, the Pied Noire, the Harkis or the such – a massive wall of isolation was build around the Seychelles exile politic in Britain and EU. The British government, the media, the Service and Fraternal establishment that they were Terrorist organizations – illigal, the price, consequences if we continued to maintain contacts.
This became more apparent as we decided to put together the SIROP program alone at first later joined by the other political faction CDU/ Parti Seychellois, Alliance, DP, SNM/MPR and SNP they had expected to follow their cue and keep mounting military attempts until the government was overthrown – eradicate all the Communist and its Leaders. This policy was maintained all trough out Priminister Major Office – government. What we were surprised at it that the French Algerian Communities- the Pied Noire and the Harkis are/were very largely resourced that we were, particularly in intelligence and military they allowed themselves to be fooled, manipulated they believed in the lies and the spin to the extent that relation between our communities totally broke down.

We had hoped when we were compelled to migrate, flee to France 1990
the issues of Iraq War – Kuwait Invasion. After all our Seychelles community – the SIROP program had distinguish French Military officials, generals who were advisor to President Francois Mitterrand government supporting and advising us. They formed part of the French Algerian community – Pied Noire. The misconception of things which led to the Iraq Invasion. Our community had attempted very hard to explain to the Generals that they were being deceived. They opted for war. The issues of Angers – Loire,France SVP organization the three suitcases and the very old suitcase of the Epstine family- we had packed the most important information about the SIROP program, the UKSCA and the concept for our Pan EU community body, they did not make greater effort through the Church to find out how serious the situation was.

The total body of the Network in London who voted that we migrate to Bruxelles in July 1991 to take up work in Belgium/reside there to support the Network work by the Commission. When we go to Ashford Kent the total opposition from the Government, Council officials, the Police, the Service and the Fraternal establishment and others. We addressed the officials in Calais, Paris, and Bruxelles explaining what was happening. Those from the French Algerian Community in Calais, Dunkirk, Lille – Folkestone, Dover who knew – aware of some of the issues, most important Circle Folkestone. Our battle to stay alive, the court Case for the compensation of that SIROP program, £21 millions, Kilburn Property – Brent all the leading Law firms involved. All the issues of the Greater pas des Calais development -economic issues we were involved, made due in put and contributed. The very many leading French construction and Service companies involved among them Societe General de Eaux, Nort West Holst construction. We knew we were also being abused and used by our French – Algerian, Pied Noire connection. This always and will be in the future happen – we want it put on record.

To do with the SIROP - later CDU/(Parti Seychellois), Alliance/DP- SNM/MPR/SNP exile return programm we have address the government of Francois Mitterand as far back as 1991 our Seychelles EU community involvement with two other major EU economic Program, the Euro-Mediterranean Economic Development plan X Billions Euro and the Alpine Region Development economic program x billions Euros, both program going back to the conception of the initial SIROP exile programm 1986/7. We have follwed and monitored events and progress, the high parties involved. We have informed the EU Commisin, the USA institutions, the UN, OAU -AU among others Seychelles. Mauritius government. For this good reason our many Issues realting to Northern Africa - most important the Spanish Morroco Tunnel/Link those who knew of the issues and preassured us. Those who compelled us to return to London 1997 to massively manipulate us, the so called engagement/wedding ring of Princess Diana - the massive preassure on us that week to use previous important mechanism we had used in the SIROP programm to compell- force those involve to table officialy the comencement of the Spanish - Morroco Tunnel - train link> The deadly and horrible accident.

The French Algerian – Pied Noire communities and the Harkis they know the pain and consequence of being betrayed. We have been bitterly betrayed for billions of Euro. The situation got so bad that under the last part of President Francois Mitterrand Office we dared not go to Paris and equally that of the whole Term of President Jacques Chirac Office. The Reason we decided to spearhead our Work via Gent in Belgium -the Officials would have all the information.

What nation, politicians forget is time is a dangerous Judge - across Europe, Germany they have clamored about the Nazi atrocities at the heart of it was the economic destruction of the Jews, their power. The Pied Noire, the Belge Congo colon, the Rhodesian, Seychelles Planters – Grand Blanc they were all destroy for the economic power and wealth. For this to happen in modern France, with modern media is very terrible indeed – particularly given the importance of Francophonie in the world, OAU – AU, the Indian ocean. It make future corporation and close work very difficult and the suspicion build difficult to remove. The Channel Tunnel project started at £4.5 billions and today to finish £15 billions, the significant importance is has brought to France, the Nord Pas des Calais, the very important role our Seychelles community have played from its conception, management – future transport the EU. Most important still the very important support we lent that Channal Tunnel consortium survive and the recent restructure. For big money all those prepared to shop us and our community “as they say in good English their best friend and blood”
Again we are not naive – this was practice in the days of the Monarchy, the Revolution, the first Republic and until 2007. when those who clammer in the French media about the atrocities, the massacres, the sufferings in France, Algeria and elsewhere – please remember, think about what we have written and said here. What we the Seychelles communities have gone through are still going through. Equally the very large Polish network we had linked ourself with, they betrayed us, ignores us once they got what they wanted – becoming member of the EU. They have turned round and deny our efforts, our existence as if Poland always existed as a great power in Europe. The same applies to the Black Seychellois at home, the treatment of the returning exile – they would prefer to share their newly acquired wealth with other nation than sharing it with their Seychellois brothers and sisters. This will become more apparent as Seychelles acquire more wealth. The Irish have also treated us the same way to certain extent.

Given this state of things, not to exclude the terrible Earthquake and Tsunami of 4004/5 from our of view the explanation we have made, the reckless multinational and government mal practice in the region of the Indian Ocean and Asia. The EU Commision and the Parliament that we all pull together to build one EU – that we can all share. Face and confronted with those terrible,bitter experience and atrocious coporate and inter community practice it is very had and difficult to see how we can go forward together. Most important the EU Judiciary, Justice system which exist only for the powerful, the rich, influential and the terrible practices how the EU Judiciary address those issues and problematics.

Likewise we have endevoured over the past 15 years to underline our Seychelles EU community rights to manage, practice what we have come to term our ancestral French – EU archaic/Fraternal rights and heritage. The terrible abuses, corruptions, mismanagement of this same values across the EU and most important in Seychelles and the Indian Ocean – AU today. We believe without causing great embarassement the French Algerian Communities, the Pied Noire and the Harkis communities know what we are refering and talking about.

Because of our children – EU and the future we want to underline how we struggled in every manner to maintain some form of contact with the French Algerian communities and their many organizations. The government of President Mitterrand, Priministers, Secret Service and the French Fraternal Institutions must have much information on the very many issues. The Seychelles Community had also enlisted of another important European Community with a long history of persecution and conflict the Irish community in Britain and Ireland – again the vast many important issues, the terrible price they had to pay for maintaining contact with our community and helping us – the lives lost.

This SIROP program was not led/started as nation against another nation or Ideology – is was started as a people concept, those who were utterly fed up with the establishment, their lies, manipulation and the state of the world – those elected politicians role. The Nuclear stand off between East and West, the economic agenda and social politic affecting everyday life.
Because of our important French and European History knew that nothing very positive good would come form the politicians. Because once the SIROP program had started, important momentum taking place, they started hijacking the agendas, along with their media support, world – the fiasco of the German Reunification, changes in USSR, the EU expansion and OAU changes – the bloody madness that is engulfing AU progress, institutions and democracy, the reasons.

Those French Seychelles Planters – Grand Blanc they must have witnessed and noted what took place in Ethiopia which was a strong bastion of Italy in Africa – the political process in play too.

They must have had and indeed told details of the Mau Mau War in Kenya – one of the leading of British colonial protectorate, where the road was pointing.

In the case of Congo where the Belge ruled – those that had believed they were building a nation, they and their children would be there for ever. The composition of the populace French Speaking, the massacres, the riots, killing – civil war and the exodus of the French speaking people from Congo and what ensued.

Most important the Rhodesia debacle – political process, call for independence, the plight and concern of the White – a bit like the Seychelles. The decision by Ian Smith to take Unilateral independence to preempt the country falling in to the hand of the Black. Again the politicians at Westminster and the UN, what ensued. The plight of the White settlers.

We do not think it normal that generals when they plot revolution they try to remember all those historic issues – in our discussion with Mr Gerrard Houreau, Sir James Mancham and the odd moment we have met with FA Rene and others have attempted to lead Seychelles overheard then discuss such issues in the greater aspect of things and history.

On the other hand we had made is a point to study, become aware, note what had taken place and transpired – what led to what process and decision making events year before the SIROP program when those who wanted to change Seychelles by Force – for this reason we were informed we would not be a very good candidate by a number of Western because we were doing the thinking instead of just acting on command. They wanted individuals they could control and command.

We and indeed those who went through the Vietnam era, the Congo Revolution and most important the Algerian Colony- Pied Noire, the Irish nation and communities, even the Polish communities,
why those Planters in Seychelles to this day have kept quiet, this very terrible, ghostly wall of silence which they have put up, specially their son's and daughters. Surely is it not their ultimate duty to share the toil, blood and sweat with the greater world or the great French world heritage they once came from and have departed to. Why and what is it that is keeping them silence.

(We will try an come back to this contribution as we get some feed back)21/7/07

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