SIROP combine exile/refugee Program

SIROP combine exile/refugee Program
When will the 21,000 - 25,000 Seychellois exile/refugees get Justice

Sunday, 17 June 2007

The 17th June, 2007 – Pope Benedict XVI Pilgrim/Mass in St Francis of Assisi Town

The 17th June, 2007 – Pope Benedict XVI Pilgrim/Mass in St Francis of Assisi Town

Given that we have seek so much help over the past 15 years in Kent with our youngest education and life, his/ their GCSE, the tall grass on the lawn, the passing away of Austrian former Head of UN and President 14/07/07, the last entry we made on the community Portal Seychelles NGO and Caritas International last night– the prompting to attend church either in Charing or the Village this morning . We decided to spend time alone to pray.

The issue of the Human Rights work shop last Thursday in Seychelles.

We scan the German TV for news and came across the Mass in the Town of St Francis of Assisi, followed it live celebrated by Paps Benedict XVI. Particular important the old Testament message of Nathan to Kind David, the reading from the New Testament and other reading.

The forum, visitors our Community, the nation and families will ask what has he come to tell us.

We have closely read three threads on AKS about FA Rene the woman who helped him to become famous. That thread in Creole with two side and thread we will not introduce here.

These thread were contributed after we had written that thread on former Austrian President Kurt Waldheim contribution to our exile and community establishment in EU, the Nazi debacle. His work at the UN and the state of global politic in his Term of Office.

This year Mark 30 years 5/07/07 of the Revolution in Seychelles, all those that suffered and suffers to this day, lost dear ones and those that lost all their property, generation of had work, blood, sweat , exile somewhere in the world.

We once again ask all the readers go back to the state of the world in 1977, the decolonization process and why. The standoff between the East and the West, NATO against Warsaw Pact.

Those of us who have been strong headed in our youth – thought we knew better and can take the world in that new direction/horizon.

We have also stated many instances that the idea to change the COMECON, USSR, German Reunification, the OAU went wrong.

For nearly 10 years we took distance from those network, NGO's in EU and the world who had helped us, been involved. Because they had allowed them self to be fooled/manipulated by the greater media power, certain establishment, political might which had succeeded in using the new communication practice to put a hood on their heads and render then headless.

We have written a very great deal on the issues of what led to that mega Earth Quake and the Tsunami, the science – management tool which exist – why it happened. Importantly those very many multinational, politicians world wide who just invented their own science how we had come this far, what important power philosophy had changed the world. All those bent on just making massive profits at whatever cost and methods. We have written a number of letters to the USA state Official, Vatican, the Russian government, EU officials stating we regret that we had lent so much effort to help this process – giving our reason.

Every nation defend, fights for the truth about its origin and the men who founded the it and its history. The Seychelles belong to the few exception. Like so many nation are proud of the country name – only in Seychelles made to fee ashamed. The Seychelles was founded by great men and woman. The name Sechelles – was the Title of Old kings/kingdon who ruled north France, Britain, Belgium. Given that we, the modern generation who have become educated the underlining issues of bench mark and standards. We have equally stated had we not called on our European ancestral archaic/fraternal religious connection the COMECON would not have changed, USSR would not have change, Germany would not have been reunited, OAU would not have become African Union and Seychelles would only have changed by military force.

In todays Mass Pope Benedict XVI. reminded the world, the Catholic church the last visit of Pope John Paul ll to the Town of St Francis of Assisi, what his request had been.

For the last 4 years at the many WTO conventions, G8 Summits the degradation of the protest by the very NGO's and such Plat form who had contributed to changing the COMECON, USSR, German Unification, Changes in Africa – OAU, African Union and the Indian Ocean. Particularly the last German G 8 Summit. The call that those nations have no legitimate rights to dictate to the rest of the world – the massive poverty gap which is building. The have and the have not.

His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI. who took over from late Pope John Paul ll is German. The clamor how well the German economy is suddenly performing.

Certain important under current had been building under the Chancellor ship of Gerhard Schroeder. Those who knew what had happened in Germany about the COMECON, German Reunification, changes in the USSR and the issue of EU expansion – politic. The German people were not being told the truth.

For those who know the history of St Francis of Assisi – yesterday in Germany saw the rebirth of a very important left/Socialist thinking and politic in line with after II war German politicians – the era of Chancellor Kreisky and Austrian President Kurt Waldheim. . When Germany is leading EU in Economy. Those involved had know a great many important issues of what really took place – the USA misrepresentation, the corporation turning corporate ethic into religion, the media involvement.

We are aware of the political and economic situation in France. Somebody ought to tell the French nation, the wine they are drinking come from somewhere else.

In spite of what has been said about FA Rene. We have underline that in Seychelles those son of Seychelles who took to the priest hood and their contribution to the nation. For those who wish to have an insight into what motivated us – as a child in the village of anse aux pins by the sea side there was a massive white cross. Our grand parents did not tell us everything about their history. In the most bitter moment that large white cross was our companion. Particularly when we opted to go against Mr Gerrard Houreau option to use military force – concept that SIROP/CDU/Alliance/DP/SNP exile return program. Which the British by and large could not understand – there were very strong religious motivation – issues involved. That is why we landed in Angers – Loire, SVP, Logis Ozanam December 1990 with the suit case and most of the important papers on the Exile return program to be left in the church custody. Our correspondence with them , all the officials, government and other wise the past 17 years. After the rebuilding of the Cathedral in Seychelles, St Paul, other great churches on Mahe, the building of St Don Bosco at Point Larue and rebuilding of anse aux Pins church.

Finally what we have written to former President FA Rene and Sir James so often. Our bitter fight with Sir James and FAR. We said in 1984 if we could turn Seychelles into the socialist state that Scandinavia, France and Austrian is, was we ought to be very proud. In Africa, Asia, Latin America all those who have use gun and military power to achieve this objective. Seychelles is a long way from becoming the kind of Socialist nation government/ institutions of Scandinavia, France and Austria.

In spite of the founding of African Union, the writing off of some $500 - $800 billions of Africa debt, important economic project and other greater efforts recently at the German G8 Summit. Our statement in 1997 that unlike the USA which give out/export its economic synergy/dynamic to Latin America, the region. The Indian Ocean, Arab Region, Asia sub continent, Australia was give out /exporting their economic synergy /dynamic to African Union. The very important need for the Seychelles – Indian Ocean Nation to remember and work accordingly the years to come. Our ancestral European values archaic,fraternal and religious involved with it.

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