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SIROP combine exile/refugee Program
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Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Relation between that bogus Iraq War/WDM, energy food, raw material alarming world situation

The relation of those who started that bogus Iraq War on the WDM excuse, the energy, food, raw material crises riots and alarming world situation. The leading Western Nations – their Prime Ministers.

We have been meaning to write this article for sometime before the UN, the World Bank, some of the media, leading news papers started clambering – seeking publicity – sales through distressing situation or others, the world and society.

As most know by know that Silvio Berlusconi has been elected for a third Term in Italy, yes and no our good reason to write this article this morning.

We believe it was the interview on BBC this morning with TESCO Boss on the massive Profit announcement of the Group £2.45 billions. Again for those who do not and did not know – our personal involvement with TESCO Group as they were then owned by the Porter Family Jewish and Dame Shirley Porter herself. Our work in the field of interdisciplinary/multidisciplinary management – being able to create/provide what is term as management synergy/dynamic for a given company, group, society, government to work around or in> The many political issues, the group growth and its sales. Those from its Board, Executives, and management who know of these issues and have used it to build TESCO further.

We wrote to the State Department, the White House, the UN, the EU Commission the EU Court explaining that the philosophy, thinking, motives – bogus judicial moral reason to go to War in Iraq both in 1991 and 2001 would lead to fiasco in world order, judicial, political, social and religious values – let alone corporate values. Those specially in Britain who wanted to impale us for writing those articles then. Including the Establishment and the fraternal/archaic establishment.

We have explained not only the issues of our responsibility in Term of Interdisciplinary Management – the Indian Ocean. The knowledge used to assist the initial Polish challenge to the then Polish government, Economic, political and interdisciplinary wise.

Based upon those experience acquired, training – how we got involved to create, develop a large pan European based Net work, Religious, church and across the the world to support changes in Poland, the COMECON albite to what have been said by the media and so called documented. Those initial changes in Poland was not a CIA or Western Nation Act – they were to do with higher values, Christian, spiritual, human and church values. The very important role played by Pope John Paul ll and the Roman Catholic church. We do not deny the role of the media – for those who were really involved in managing the day to day – hour and minute issues they also know the role of Western and world media how it works – way back in 1979 onward.

What really happened until 1991 – rather was happening, the scrapping of the WARSAU Pact, the marginalization of NATO because their confrontation/main opposition which was the COMECON and USSR had very drastically changed an reduced.

Those who know what really led to President Bill Clinton to be elected – the same Network which had brought changes in Poland/contributed to the initial changes in Poland, the COMECON and former USSR, the East German – Berlin Wall issues. The Iraq/Kuwait invasion which could have been controlled otherwise – the Statement of people like Henry Kissinger – those who had served with him, those in Germany, France – Their Statement that their exist other mechanism to compelled and force the Iraqi – Saddam Hussein to think and act differently. President was still green as those experience in such affairs would say and relied not on his judgment but on the advice of the relevant USA Service and Institutions. Those of us involved in the Net work to change Poland who had used not military force, but what we termed Network force – power and wisdom to contribute to these changes – the results. These network were not about grabbing Power, acquiring vast fortunes and wealth and fame. They were the by products of the many urban opposition movement across EU then. Those who believed that not only the super government their Service and media can lend to a country or nation changes. President Bill Clinton and a few other mis judgment were over looked. There were a number of issues namely that instead of supporting – the USA contributing to a new kind of global politic whereby civics societies played a very important role, next to the government the decision to radically curtail the abilities, powers, work and involvements of such Networks. A new reason – cause for the existence of NATO had to be found and invented. There had been the Balkan War and those who knew the real truth who manipulated what to make what happen – and the bloody stupid Yugoslav generals, their media and many paramilitary army's fell for it and in the end the chaos, the retribution and involvement of NATO and the disintegration of Yugoslavia. It had been one of the model and most advance and forward thinking in term of economic, social and political – they also supported the None Aligned Movement.

There had been great plan – hopes that the £/$ billions and trillions saved from the Arms industry, armaments would be invested in social projects in Europe, like that Channel Tunnel, like that CERN project in Switzerland and a few others. That the money would be used to change Africa, Latin America, Asia subcontinent significantly. That wast the vision of those involved in the Net work. changes in the Middle East. The European dynamic was to be different with greater participation of civil societies – not handed from the top dictate from Bruxelles, the Parliament and other EU institutions – those in the Networks were citizens of EU, European Nations. Again those from the USA, President Bill Clinton in spite of the hard work to get him elected. The new strategy of USA to thwart, create confusion, make things difficult for the European progress – create division among the EU Leadership, the Commission , the EU Institutions and the media.

What really began to make the apple/pear Cart sour/rotten was the decision to given the CIA a budge of $21 billions, the sudden new confrontation with the Russian – the politic then, the very networks EU, African, Latin American, Asian that had brought about changes in Poland, the COMECON, USSR, Germany reunification – undermine them – create adverse global publicity, undermine their achievement. We say it again those network were not about taking over power of the world and society – after some many urban conflict across Europe the new thinking that they can/it was time for the government to allow the civic societies to work along side the government and their institutions – by the way what has never come out in the media is that the late Princess Diana was importantly supported by some of those Networks and the way she came to think instead of establishment originated. Her out outspokenness.

Prior to that first Iraq/Kuwait war the issues of the Super Gun. To planned, make the daily, hourly adjustment contributions in the changes in Poland, other COMECON nations, the USSR, the East German Issues, the mega changes in USSR and Germany reunification those involved in the many network had to have a realistic view of economy, social issues and world order.

At the time when we were planning economic changes for the developing nations, Africa, Asia, Latin America, the Indian Ocean, Carribean and the Arab countries. Those who did not believe in that network – used and abused the opportunity, the vacuum, future opportunity to ferment trouble, so that they could make big profit and business and retain vast territory. We are talking about the Super Gun debacle. These were officials, serious leading Western nation business entities who judge they could make a kill by going around and hawking ex military hardware, material, technology and ammunitions. To transfer the Market for arms – war machinery to Africa, Latin America, and Asia. The filth and abhorrent thinking/practice – then they dared turn round and labell other anti society and terrorist elements in Europe and the world. These same people their inability to even think like citizen of EU we have known and come across many. The conclusion with them it was profit at all cost, what ever it takes and who ever gets hurt.
From those changes in COMECON, the USSR, German Reunification from the two extreme of communist and Western capitalist – a much more terrible -,evil and corrupted system took its place. Not better society and better world environment or the terrible situation of Africa and Latin America or Asia to come to grip with their problems – but to make profit on their backs and their situation.

Those who schooled, quasi trained us - the Vienna Interdisciplinary Management Institute – the discipline and thinking belonged to the elite of those who managed the affairs of EU, The USA, Asia, Africa, Canada, Australia and South Africa. Based upon their values and standard we have used the discipline – knowledge to evaluate, judge and she light on many very important and great world and society events and issues – including the past in term of archaic, fraternal and royal. Among those who have coached, schooled us were royalty of Europe and nobility.

Without repeating our self – the initial work of that Austrian Economic professor by Lady Tacther government, what entailed, the issues – means used to implant – set in place in Britain the thinking, synergy/dynamic with Lady Tacther used to build this country economy with. ( The TESCO – Jewish Community in Britain then)

However weakened – it was that same network which had brought changes in the COMECON, Poland, the USSR, the East Germany – Berlin Wall, Germany Reunification and the changes in Africa, and the Arab region – like the put in play certain important instruments which led to the election of President Bill Clinton, they used it to get tony Blair elected. The thinking and argument as against Prime minister John Major approach and government. Those who knew and remember when Princess Diana was killed in spite of then Prime minister Blair being green in political and government matters, international affairs – all those in very high places who said that this is not only a very terrible omen – far more terrible things are bound to follow. Princess Diana was supported and work with those aspect of the networks.

Towards the end of his first term and President Clinton – how they the pair of them, the very network that had made very significant contributions to have them elected and the political, social reason for the world – they had turned round and made a monster of the same networks, they had demonized them, they had curtailed its capabilities and workings. They had so to say regained power – marginalizing the network and their ability to contribute to the society. They began to jettisoned many of the important agendas – the very reasons for the changes in the COMECON, USSR, Africa, Asia, Latin America. Instead it was socialist with greed – corruption, ruthlessness and evil which began to appear.

Once that had happened those who research by the leading world strategic bodies, institutions and military establishment will tell you – the world and many other social situations and issues was bound to disintegrate and fall apart – not work.

Come the election of President Bush – there was only one name of those involved their were all Talibans, the were all against the Western values. ~They had all to be destroyed, ghost and and infamous deeds had to be invented and they placarded with it. So that they could be muzelled, controlled and kept under the gun. { We are not talking about the situation in the gulf Region or the Arab world – we are talking about civic societies in EU. The vast army of NGO, the vast army of volunteers who had work hard – years of labour, pain, sacrifices – commitments to human , society and the world – to create a better world – we are talking about those. Though the CIA, the Pentagon, the Fraternal /Archaic establishment used media like CNN or NBC to propagate that they led to the changes in Poland, the COMECON, USSR, German reunification, changes in Africa, Latin America and Asia – they knew in their hearts that – they had/were taking credit for the hard work of others – their ruthless approach)
Beside the gross errors and misjudgment of President Bill Clinton way back in 1991, those who were heads of State in the world, the EU Commission, the double standard and practice. The situation exploded with President Bush. They were not spin – they were ought right lies, conn and scam supported by power and guns of his administration – the USA Services.

Again we ask those who want to dispute and challenge our statement to refer to those who have coached, associated and groomed us in the field of Interdisciplinary management science and such discipline – the bench mark and practice ethic. The precedent it created.

For the multinational first and foremost specially the USA they could use any corrupted and bogus methods to make vast fortune, cook the house book as long it was making big money – it was fine. Whatever the crooked, corrupted and perverted methods. Enron bing a good example, across the EU many, Africa,, Asia, Russia, Australia, Canada.

Then followed the same approach, practice and service delivery of the many government agencies across the EU, followed by Asia, Africa, the Arab world, Latin America and Canada, Australia.

The terrible practice of the media was long apparent since that first Iraq/Kuwait invasion.

Had it not been for Pope John Paul ll the way he led the affairs of the Catholic church – the world would have been in a very far serious situation today. Specially given that the vast and high percentage of new Christian across the world – origin, the USA and their religious bench mark, religious practice, inter church relation and results in the respective society they are functioning and working. They took on board the same corrupted practice as the politicians, the multinationals, the, Local governments, the large institutions and the medias.

We were involved in the original first live Aid – the humble Net work then. The reason we got together to promote the Live Aid – the Network involvement s in vast issues of famines, Africa issues. European, world issues. What led to the Live8 and the debacle for the debt reduction of Africa. This agenda was on as early as 1979 in Vienna – UNIDO/world Bank/IMF.

We take the practice of price hike in Britain under the last of Prime minister Blair. Unlike many other EU countries where the citizens do debate – they go on the streets if they believe the multinationals are over charging for their or a given service – Like Gas. Given the system which had been corruptedly put in place the multinational lie the military and the media selling lies not spins. They could hike their price giving any so called or reasonable excuse well practice the public will have to pay – the government and politicians will support them.

We have said time and time again that the price of Oil was $25/8 a per barrel in 2004/5 when that Tsunami and Earth quake came. The economic and social impact. That network had been so traumatized, demoralized that they were numb when the Earth quake came and the Tsunami and the human tragedy. Their reaction was not normal – they were no better than animals penned up.

We have also said that we can still bring the price of oil down to $50 per barrel or less those who know that this is not phantasi it is achievable overnight.

At this point this is where we from the developing nations challenge the thinking of the mighty USA – did/do these strategist and generals know way back in 1991 letting that war go ahead in Kuwait/the invasion what would be the result on world issues. The yo yo and flutter of world economy and how this works.

Most important the last Iraq War. We say it those who have trained, associated and groomed us in the field of Interdisciplinary Management disciplines belong to world caliber, leaders, thinkers for the EU, the USA and rest of the world. When you put in place such abnormal system calculatedly the many chain reactions. Irrelevant if your are going to be only one or two terms in the White House. Unless something is grossly wrong with one intention or thinking. ( By the way we will not even wast time to start on the issues of one world government – what this is all about and entails, you cannot control you family how can you control the world – with all the guns, police and arms of the world this cannot be achieved) also the issues of WANGO – talking of one world government, they hijacked very many important agendas being promoted by the Network which led to the Polish changes and the COMECON, the USSR, because they are corrupted and dishonest – they think only of big money. Power and their dream of controlling the world – through such as WANGO. Because of the same corrupted benchmark – approach to fleecing a whole nation on a bogus ground their ground they put WANGO together to foster democracy in the world – their corrupted agendas and the state of the world today.

We now have a chain reaction. The corrupted benchmark in place across all of the world workings. The same corrupted bench mark responsible for major corporate, government , International Institutions decision making machinery. Those involved in managing world resources and reserves.
How this will finally affect European consumers. They are the idiots, the milking cows, the morons.

Next come Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Small Nations as those of the Indian ocean, the Pacific, the Carribeans. The many governments who were communist or socialist – one party state. It take a life time to build a house, plant a field and make something work. They have been hit the hardest. Form the socialist/communist to so called market democracy whatever this means to ruthless greed , corruption and oppression – control of the civilian population – civic societies. Under that corrupted bench mark which started with president Bill Clinton, Prime minister Blair, then President Bush.

Because we were involved importantly in the debacles of make poverty history – Africa debt write off – monitor the £/$ billions of aids and such money which have vanished – the plight of those African countries. There is not one African news paper which one read and does not read of the food situation, price explosion and the political, social tension and pressure on so call democratic values – The question to ask which would be better to suffer under the guns of the Communist system or the Capitalist corrupted benchmark/values – mind control management practice, distorted religious, social values, media controlled - backed by the guns and so called perverted rule of Law - to generate multi trillions policing/arms industry, Surviallance - only a few are getting richer and the mass go hungry and starve. This will be the case of Seychelles and the Indian ocean Islands too.

Those across the energy, resource of services, food productions, raw materials who how not just because of the price of Oil – because it is the done thing, it is the corrupted practice – to work. The many countries who have to pay exorbitant bills to generate electricity for the population and industry, The results prices going up by 100 percent or more.

We all appreciate good salary – the same racket applies the salary issues and the Housing politic. Those big banks involved.

The Governments from the first world war, the politicians and the second world war do not have the guts, the ethic to radically bring about such/the changes in thinking needed to clean the table/ start afresh only the civic societies – those who have been involved in such networks before the Second world war and the first and we during the Cold War.

Because we have been involved in these network some 27 years we know that radical change can be made and the price of Oil reduce drastically – the price of goods and other basic resources. The big looser will be the big banks they out to have been taken to task since 2000 those associated with them.

Now we have a far more dreadful situation – the amont money, resources Russia, China, the USA and NATO is using to re armed itself – the many small nations clambering to get their own sophiscated military machines, police and the real network of those who would go to anny limit to use military force/extremist like the corrupted capitalist – Western government Banch mark to put their view across and get what the Power they want.

Unlike the 1979 when communication was impossible – one had to rely on the gutter press/gutter media today the wast array of written media. The opportunity for us to address and presented what we have here. Nobody can be excused.

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