SIROP combine exile/refugee Program

SIROP combine exile/refugee Program
When will the 21,000 - 25,000 Seychellois exile/refugees get Justice

Sunday, 16 October 2011

SIROP etc exile/refugee program 1987, Praslin and Outer Islands Development issues

It is worth while to note that officials and high officials of Sechelles Seychelles government have read some of the issues we have addressed here - unlike the many Opposition in Seychelles, be they NDP, SNP on the matter of the complexities of that SIROP combined exile/refugee program.

For anybody involved in our politic and economy the past 35 years and more would have noted - we have omitted, not mentioned the Development plans, issues, agenda for the second largest Island within the Mahe group Praslin and the larger outer Islands - which prior to our Independence contributed importantly to generating cash - revenue from Agriculture activities, i.e. crops, copra, turtle meat and mineral extracting - guano high fertilizer. They also produced a high quantity of salt fish for export.

In the case of the larger outer islands they provided important job/work possibilities.

We had detail plan/over view of what economic action, investment we wanted to promote under that SIROP etc $500 - $800 millions program.

(There is two side to looking to the failed concept to start a complete Settlement under international flag, on BIOT - Diego Garcia with an initial Plan £150/200 millions - those of you who know these Island before our independence, how they were managed and worked - the argument we would have had to start from very basic, the politic, the battle to keep such a Settlement going, working and surviving 1981/82, Lady Tacther warned us, that once the £150/200 millions had been invested upon what and how such an international Settlement would survive and function, the UN and other international donors could not be expected to help for ever, including the USA - we would have to be industrious and hard working, remembering that the exile/refugee nations - Vietnamese, Sirlankan, Seychelles, some of the exile/refuge form the Gulf region, anybody from South Africa - those international investors allowed to join us and help build business that could be sustained, base, workable for BIOT, Diego Garcia )

The Freudian reason - we have been relatively quiet has been the attitude of Seychelles government of President FA Rene SPPF. When one look and talk about the $500 - $800 millions economic package by our UN/UNIDO/World Bank knowledge, research, experience it was fairly thin spread. A relative small amount - yet all those in Sechelles Seychelles, Mauritius, France, South Africa, Britain and Australia, USA who quarried, stated, demanded accounts - meaning we were being naive, we did not know what we aware talking about. Hence our anger, rage and protests. Not to forget the $50 billions and more gearing mechanism we had envisaged.

In the Plan for the outer Islands - while keeping the Environment intact - we had envisaged landing facilities on most of those Islands, modern communication, telephony - Internet/fax etc, TV, modern ship/cargo ships that would service those Islands round the years - including cold storage capacity. Modern Salt fish industry given the global market and demand, Fish meal factory, planting of crops/resource to produce animal/cattle feed. A modern fishing industry - beside Tourism. We had envisaged encouraging Vegetable oil production. Set up an industry for industrial carpet, rope, we had envisaged the need to reforest some of those Outer Islands. The setting up of Bank and post Office as in the old days - their functions.

We had gone into the challenge of Power supply energy - we would resort and promote to solar energy. We had researched into the issues.

For Water we would use solar power to run desalinasion plants - beside Fresh water catchment/storage.

The need to set up roads, tractors, regulate transport, etc.,

We had foreseen other small business/Industries starting up.

The setting up of primary education, health clinics - the purpose of landing facilities so that major medical issues could be taken on Mahe or medical facilities flown in.

We had envisaged adequate Police, defence, navy resource which would form part of the National infrastructures.

We had envisaged using one of the Outer Island a place of detention, reform and exclusion.

The reasons/argument just like in former days these islands had played - we had known many of the Land/Island owners and their business approach - in returning the exile/refugee to Sechelles Seychelles knew that Mahe itself would not be adequate to support and give employment to those exile refugees who had wanted to return.

We had gone into the issues of their immigration status meaning, given the proximity to African, gulf region, those business entity who would have the capacity to fly direct out and back. We had gone into the issues of military and private defence and protection. Including the objective of counteracting if and when on Mahe there was another coup d’├ętat/revolution. What would be their functions.

In the case of Praslin, La Digue, Silhouette and St Anne, with particularly emphasis on Praslin. We had followed development of small nations with similar second large Island. We knew reasonably well all if not most of the issues of Praslin. Including the eventual separation/autonomy. (Again we underline that $500 - $800 millions economic package was modest.)
Praslin needed a new Hospital, or hospitals, clinics, schools, primary and secondary, policing resources -police station infrastructure, the roads were terrible, their water facilities, energy - solar energy, their own media, and banks, posting facilities - the need to promote and set in place economic infrastructure with would support small business.

Most important the redevelopment of their Air port and port facilities. We had a deep see port facility in mind, with the need for Reclamation of land form the Sea - what has prompted us to address these issues here is the fact that till today Praslin do not have a proper Port Facilities or marina some 21 years on.

We have/had been involved in several large Tourism development, Airline issues, Air plane construction, Market, Finance and major bank involvements - as such the Tourism Industry on Praslin was not our major challenge. The challenge was within the SIROP etc exile/refugee program to turn it/make it into a modern nation, citizens and people - where the returning exile/refugees and those who had come to live and invest there would feel comfortable, contented. Their work, investments and labour safe.

Along like the plans we had for the Outer Islands to encourage the exile/refugee to return - to develop adequate infrastructure where those returning refugees could take part and help rebuild their broken lives. We had in mind not just tourism. Given our experience in Europe, across the world working, contributing into some of those important economic and development program - the capacity and ability to put in place a reasonable important working economic program and plan.

We had envisaged encouraging a modern Car and passenger Ferry facility. Purchasing a fleet of ferries in Europe and moving it to Praslin.

Encouraging the building of shopping facilities/Supermarket.

The issues of their Legislative powers had been debated and formulated.

As a matter of Facts - those who have encouraged wished that we come and live on Praslin upon our return home in 2000. The reasons and arguments.

We are aware that many of you will say, comment and argue - we are using today’s economic, social, political environment to written the issues as we go along. We ask those who were alive of Seychelles origin involved and capable of understanding such issues and their construction or implementation what it takes. All those around then President FA Rene, all those Italian Families who knew the issues including Mr Giovanni Mario Ricci. Mr Gerrard Houreau -former Planning Official, Mr Rene, the boss of Mr Gerrard Houreau prior to our independence. Beside officials in France, Britain, South Africa, Australia, Canada. From then South Africa the very many who had offered and promised their help, France, Italy.

{ Across the world over the past 25 years the important changes, the challenges that it is not good enough to written and conceive great economic and development plans - but to have the ability and capacity to implement them - it. We have been to Seychelles three times and have listen and debate many very complex, economic, corporate and political issues - those, their view and our view as conceptor of that plan and the ability we help to implement see its implementation. We have been relatively quiet too by any standard. May be now some of you will comprehend, understand - why the alliance of President Mancham, Dr Ferrari, Minister Joubert, those form the SNM/MPR and Minister Uzice did not want me to return to Seychelles. Equally the Masters they were serving the USA and Britain or the commonwealth who did not want a Seychelles of progress but suppressed, no economic prospective and a broken people - that is why they destroyed that Place in Kilburn Brent, that is why they destroyed those two caravans in Kent, Caple le Fern, including the involvement of President Francois Mitterrand. Hence we also say those in Britain and else where who know our capacity and what they have been doing in Britain the past 15 years, manipulating, oppressing and conning our person and the Seychellois nation in the process. This is why we have been throwing in the faces of many of you - the shout of archaic, heraldic, illuminati, fraternal, Masonic benchmark, best practice and the reality }

Note - We have added this in the comment box when we get to a better environment will spell check, edit include this in the article above.

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