SIROP combine exile/refugee Program

SIROP combine exile/refugee Program
When will the 21,000 - 25,000 Seychellois exile/refugees get Justice

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

The emphasis about the greater French - Francophone mechanism in that SIROP conception, present and future

Cluny France before its destruction

Many of you who study and have monitored our exile/refugee approach to doing things, working will/would have noted that we have a practice of saying, making very little information available when we are working on important issues. The reasons what can be shared with the greater public world, media, institutions, the diplomacy, the policing institutions/authorities, intelligence and relevant governments as such we are going to write this thread given the very historic development in the nation - meaning Sechelles Seychelles role in the COI member nation, that of AU, the IOR and Francophone workings.

One of the great lessons, encouragement and drive we experienced and recall when looking and trying to find solution to our then exile/refugee situation from 1978 onward was the fact that we had loved our history, appreciated it beside what the English education system allowed us to learn as children - those of our elders who related history, story, events to us what we strive to remember. What we had been taught in the History books by our teachers and what we had searched and come to learn were very different. Particularly the many reasons those leading exile from France had come to then Sechelles not yet Seychelles. Their religious, political and social belief. How they had come to settle and live in the Indian Ocean - Mauritius, Reunion, Madagascar, Comor, India, South Africa and Asia - Vietnam.

Unlike our brothers and sisters in then Seychelles of 1978, the One Party system had been introduced likewise in Madagascar - what followed, the control and manipulation of information for ideology and political reason/motivation, control. Those of us who had been in Europe at the time of this historic and catastrophic change were very privilege - as such the freedom of thought, freedom to communicate and discuss, research and study in the process what we discovered. Some of the discoveries made us very bitter and distrustful about what had been written in History and those who write History. Particularly the Indian Ocean and Seychelles.

We discovered that they had been written with the objective of subjugating a whole people, culture, intellectual views, their history and origins to portray the ruling nation - in this case Britain as the greatest, the best in all manner of things. That our ancestors were far inferior, imbeciles and idiots, disorganize and poorer notion of civilization form a European prospective.

The God's across the ages have been good and bless those who believe and have faith - what we discovered. The Origin of the Druids, the Celts, the Normans after them the modern Franks, their religious belief, culture, society. In our discoveries we learn a great deal about the Christian roots which had not been imparted to us. We learnt of the Illuminati, the Templar origin, the lives and manner of doing things and how they came to impact and influence the - then British Iles, its religious process, Illuminati - Masonic institutions and what constituted the modern Britain of then Queen Victoria, then pre first world war, the first world war and second world war.

From this prospective we studied and looked at the many leading exile politicians from former British Empire that had been sent to Seychelles as exile/banned, imprisoned - what had been written about then - the reasons for their exile. As such our lives in Seychelles and events leading to our independence. The politic of the day, their motives, their greed, their supporters and greater objectives. The Seychellois Nation had been taken for a very long ride - we had been forbidden to become involved/engage in politic Officials and Family reasons.  What these discoveries made of us and the price we have been made to pay for these discoveries and our conclusion.

This influenced our arguments, thinking process and manner we approach many of the issues. As a young Seychellois we embarked upon a quest to find out really what made our ancestors think and act the way they did. To achieve this it required getting at information not normaly available to the greater public until the arrival of the WWW - when it did arive the flood of information which surprise and confirmed our views. Most important that they were not a bunch of crazies as the British history have made them out to be. We/ I studied their many motives indepth what had led them to venture in the Indian Ocean, their quest, greed and envy - their belief and politic. The manner they had gone about - and their mistakes.  So that future generation would learn. We used what we had learn to test the waters so to speak - first by arguing that we needed a proper network to represent our Seychellois culture, heritage and other interests right acrosss Europe as against our then available Diplomatic representations. We also took due note of the opposition of those from Seychelles who had already settled in Europe - their arguments.

It was this energy, positiveness in the face of then Cold War, the mega standoff between West and its allies and then USSR, COMECON, China - the very powerful then Communist and Socialist global stand that we put in place an economic entity, structure that would serve the Small Nations of the Indian Ocean This included Madagascar, Mauritius, Reunion, Comor, Maldive, Sir Lanka, Zanzibar. That it would interact with the bigger nations of the region, then East Africa, South Africa, the Gulf Nations, India, Pakistan and other Asian Nations. We had wanted to argue for a very similar structure as the CARICOM - those who had argued, advised us it would be utterly impossible given the then political international situation and constraints. The vested interest of the West, the Communist world then Africa and Arab world. "This is the golden coin" in discussions with South African Officials, Austrians to formulate our concept noted their vies and arguments, the arguments of the English speaking diplomats in then Vienna and those form East Africa. It had to take/ be in the form of the then UNIDO/World Bank officials responsible for Indian Ocean - Madagascar. Mr David Rakotopare the brother in law of then President Didier Ratsiraka and the risk he had been taking in discussing and arguing his preferred approach and conclusion for such an eventual body - he had Worked as the Head of the Central Bank of Madagascar, his political experience and connection in  Madagascar, Mauritius, Reunion and France, the Francophone - then and the French government of President Francois Mitterrand. It was on this broadly defined views that we undertook our research, presented our arguments to the Austrian Officials, US embassy, Israeli, south African,  and academicians. We made important note that his arguments and views were impacted and influenced by his strong French education, cultural background and experience of things. As such the support we had began to acquire form the French Embassy in Vienna.

Between 1979 when we made that research and submitted it to then Seychelles government of President FA Rene, Dr Bruno Kreisky government, the South African, the UN/UNIDO/World Bank other officials in  Vienna, the USA embassy, we did show a copy to the Israeli Ambassador - the Soviet officials must have got a copy  and certainly East African, officials got copy or read the research. Eventually the Indian Officials. There have been  several highly complex international and regional political, military and economic issues of which Seychelles had been very directly and indirectly involved. Then President FA Rene government and in spite of his Communist stand maintained a very strong and important French "archaic, Illuminati, Templar, Fraternal, heraldic, Christian and Masonic working as against British and Commonwealth associated" all those in London from the many exile faction who just refused to acknowledge and take on board - they were too strongly impacted by the exile/refugee immediate environment and the media. We monitored and made due notes.  As such the link we developed with then President Francois Mitterrand government, French institutions and the Francophone working. Equally important all the efforts and many ground laying institutions of Seychelles today were based upon President FA Rene French convictions. Including his politic - the Communist, extreme socialist in France.

The preferred version/option of the English speaking nations, USA, Britain, South Africa, Australia, East Africa namely Kenya was by military force - this is well documented as against the French speaking nations and the Francophone. We made a very important note too of such issues and working. Hence had been developing alternative model/approach to solving the Seychelles conflict, stand off between the exile and the Seychelles government and their respective supporters internationally. We are being very brief here. The then Leader of the Opposition Mr Gerrard Horeau and his Executives were reasonably aware so too then President JR Mancham and those form Minister David Joubert Party and Minister Andre Uzice Party. We had made it our business to monitor events closely in Mauritius, Madagascar, Comor, Reunion - the important French involvement and associated issues. Most important we monitored French politic and greater diplomacy in Europe and across the world - our argument that in any future solution for Seychelles and the Indian Ocean not the USA, the USSR, China, Gulf Region, the Commonwealth or the Francophone would be the important and deciding factor but the future Europe. The many important we had began to work with of Seychelles then.

When those percentage of the exile/refugee who came to us, approach us/our person to take some kind of lead responsibility to finding a solution for Seychelles in the face of the assassination of Mr Gerrard Horeau - the call for revenge. We maintained our cool and let it be known firmly if we did accept/agree to take this important responsibility - we would be alone to decide the option. We had been in touch with some of the best of the USA, British, French, Israeli and South African, as a person/individual who would have to answer account to the people/nation of Seychelles and the world - to change Seychelles by Force was not our option. We also knew the other option would be more difficult and very complicated - challenging. President FA Rene a and his Ministers, international support, spies, diplomatic support, those nations like the USSR, the COMECON, China and many other knew of the difficulty and challenge.

The important weakness in President FA Rene system and government working though for then Cold War situation he maintained a strong French link and relation ship - there were core and fundamental important "what we have come to term archaic, Illuminati, Templar, christian, heraldic, masonic workings/heritage" We had learn and knew that they would defeat his approach and thinking political, economic, military, education system he had set in place - we had also been involved in the greater picture of things, the complex changing of the COMECON the mechanism that was driving the changes - not the military, events in the USSR, Germany and around the world - those from the British who as usual reported and wrote on their views and the French media/European who failed to do their home work and what they wrote. In many instances President FA Rene and his Officials failed to take due note of events. The manner we were developing our strategy/policies to change Seychelles and the Region with it. We are being very polite - those who study and understand the greater world and diplomatic working what we we were really up to and capable of. We knew which government would support our plan/.approach  and those who would not how to go about either changing them or getting them to support our approach - to put it politely. This include Mauritius, Madagascar, Reunion, Comor, South Africa, East Africa, Central Africa government, North Africa, Gulf Region, India, Pakistan, Asia and Australia.  Beside working with France - EU, USA, Canada to name a few.

Beside our stubborn Seychellois approach - given that the British had been the Colonial master and ruler, the manner they programmed, prepared and organize our Independence as they did other African nation and the mega mess we found our selves in and had landed. All those exile/refugee who refused and failed to take due notice. Those who fought/strive to right the wrong. All the pages of History online refuse to write, acknowledge this.

What history and future generations must not forget because they had not been allowed to put through their preferred version of changes - it was they the English speaking and Commonwealth heritage, connections of our nation that torpedoed that SIROP program, split it up, created the division among the exile/refugee factions - including President  Mancham and others.  They saw to it that I did not return Home and take part in the political process. Then they turn round some 15 years on and take credit saying that they changed Seychelles One Party state to multi Party . All the consequence/following British government, their High Officials, attitude towards that SIROP program and our exile/refugee communities across the world. There is the important need requirement for those young politicians of SFP, NDP, SNP and PDP to do their research properly, debate and challenge what took place over that return program - every other nation would have had some form of accountability, debate. question all the parties involved - in Seychelles we are the exception,  we have never done this and to this day refuse to do it.

One of the great emphasis - politic/policy of that SIROP  program it was linked to the East and West nuclear disarmament - meaning beside scrapping the need for nuclear bases - the money/resource would be used to develop programs to support the underdeveloped countries/nations, their economy and education.

We had been instrumental/contributed that some key and historic economic program and project get formulated and put into place - then President Francois Mitterrand government, the Italians, the Germans, the British and others. The complex management of those programs, and implementations.

In Madagascar - we knew that then President Didier Ratsiraka and excellent friend of President FA Rene would not support all our plans/programs inspite of his support in approaching president FA Rene in the first place to get the green light form that SIROP program. We contributed to changes - how we became so involved was not just the greater dynamic we had develop and set in place for that SIROP program it was the greater economic dynamic of Europe we had helped develop and put in place - particularly the construction of the Channel Tunnel and the greater pas de Calais economic program. Having stated our greater archaic, Illuminati, Templar, christian, heraldic, masonic workings the science they work with over the past 2000 years and its application. We took it very serious when those who argued that by building that link between France and Britain a major global displacement of energy was taking place a bit like CERN and that Madagascar would represent and take a major role/function - we of the exile/refugee our plan and vision, the COI, then Francophone, OAU workings. Our role to help manage this important change in Madagascar, economy diplomacy and politic. We took part in formulating several leading and important projects/programs for Madagascar - as such events and changes, the President Albert Zafy and later Marc Ravalomanana and events which brought the military into the picture and the people given the mega abuse of power and corruption.

Having formulated, the COI core concept, the SIROP program and in 1995 the IOR association member state concept then some 9 years ago the work to change th OAU ti AU, yet again all those who have failed to note and overlooked - how came President Qaddafi was so chosen to lead this role and importantly the Francophone movement which supported his plan/move and many international issue as against the English speaking. Fro a person/politicians to have orchestrated the move from OAU to African Union and encounter the fate he did at the hand of those who had opposed the move /change of OAU to African Union is horror for all history and future generation.

A great deal of the mess EU and Africa is in can be attributed to President Jacques Chirac government a[approach. In comparison to President F Mitterrand and his grooming of then Minister Sarkozy to replace him and what really ensued in greater France politic. This reflected in Madagascar importantly.

Since the formation of the African Union, the two distinctive Blocks in African Union, the Francophone and the archaic/Masonic workings and the English speaking Block and their Commonwealth/Masonic workings.  The world watched and say how the English speaking Block manipulated greater French mechanism, diplomacy and got France and Europe embroiled in the so call North Africa Spring and the utter mess/fiasco North Africa has landed itself in. Most importantly all those great and important economic programs to help the people give them work and curb immigration has been set back some 10 years.

We have been following events in Madagascar from the beginning the military got involved - the situation in Seychelles , Kenya and the region. The efforts and involvement of South Africa, Ghana and others help find solution and all this failed.
Having addressed what we have briefly and have left out a great deal of important issues - how the decision was taken for Madagascar fighting parties to come to Seychelles to talk.

The need for all those from south Africa, AU and other parties from France to briefly read what we have address here - by all the norms we ought to have been playing and making more qualitative input in these issues those who know like Dr Kofi Anan our contribution and - Including President Zuma. They will find that we have tried to explain briefly what aspect of that French mechanism we have introduce and activated form 1987 onward in the Indian ocean and those who have/give different interpretation - since we are the person who deploy - put this system in place ought to have a better understanding/grasp of its workings.

President Obama and China have underlined time and time again that the Indian Ocean region is where the future world growth, possibilities and new world order will take place. Madagascar have a very crucial role to play give its land mass, people and possibilities - as such the COI  workings and again Madagascar important role. Since the implementation of that SIROP program, the 3rd Republic - all those who have covered up form the Opposition, President Mancham and others for refusing to give due credit - all those for the region, Asia and Africa who have ask and inquire what make Seychelles unique in its working and contribution capacity in the region - it is right and proper that those two warring/fighting faction come to Seychelles and experience first had, feel the dynamic and buzz that lend to such great change in the region and Africa.

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