SIROP combine exile/refugee Program

SIROP combine exile/refugee Program
When will the 21,000 - 25,000 Seychellois exile/refugees get Justice

Friday, 19 December 2014

The decision/reason for us to publish our letter to International Paneurope Union

 L'ena Strasbourg

How many read our last SIROP/CDU/Alliance/DP/SNM blog we do not know because of the unreliability of the counting meter and measurement of such platform. Under Justice and Policing requirement those of you Officials for the Police body, Intelligence Service, Surveillance Service, Military and experts in such issues - beside the very many with different agendas, point of views and interests including those form Sechelles Seychelles government, the MNA, the Ministers, former government officials, those workings in the diplomatic service/Ambassadors in Europe, the USA, China, Russia, the African Union - those from the NGO in Seychelles, the Oppositions in Seychelles and their media and the Region, those from the COI, Seychelles media, the Church officials in particular, the EU high officials, those from the Russian communities where ever they many be, the Chinese, India, South African, Arabs vested interests. Particularly the Church, be they the Vatican, the Church of England, the Orthodox church other denomination and belief. Very important those officials in France, government and otherwise, Illuminati, in Germany, Italy, Spain, Netherlands and former COMECON/East Europe nations - given that we had a visit thee by the Speaker of the Sechelles Seychelles national Assembly. Your respective views and conclusion over/about what we have written and tried to get through.

Meanwhile we have traveled twice to Strasbourg, the European parliament, the Council  of Europe, UNHCR office in Strasbourg, the Human Rights Court, other leading and very important Human Rights  and Refugee bodies, institutions, Pope  Francis have been to Strasbourg and addressed the EU parliament, the so call discovery of the so call off balance sheet of Vatican Bank of very vast sums of Money - with due respect to the late Pope John Paul ll - how for respecting church values, human conducts and ethics - where many media and those who works such issues would have published what they know of the source and origin of those vast off balance amount of Money from the Vatican Bank - we have kept quiet, fully trusting those who know what we know and have worked for/contributions will not have spiritual/Christian decency - understanding or  compassion as we have worked very many issues since 1979 together come  and offer their support or help. To date this have not happened what they have done in Seychelles, Mauritius we do not know have not been informed, the Mass and other church functions/events. Having addressed what we have to the Vatican about the global meltdown phenomena, particularly the last one in 2007/8  and it affected and impacted the Catholic church importantly or have everybody forgotten like the criminals, the big banks executives of the world, pagans, none believers and those very far away for church and its workings. ( What we did not write our involvement  with the workings of other very big Italian Banks and they are affiliated to the Vatican Financial Institutions - the EBC, European Central Bank officials) Meanwhile, those form the new EU Team, Mr Jean Claude Junker, Mr Martin Shultz and the historic coming to Office of Mr Donald Tusk and the acceptance and passing of the rebuilding Budget of EU totaling  to some EURO 315 billion. Our contributions and goodwill lending to this process what it means and represent as any human/or personal efforts and contributions or form an NGO prospective. Everything is reacting and responding as if nothing had ever happened - prior to the meltdown of 2007/8, their had not been a European election  and the millions of voters what they had told to the Officials and Institutions of EU - the armies and large numbers of those who work in  Europe at the respective bodies and EU Institutions their attitude, benchmark and ethic, their mind set, their view they are a better class and they of human being because they work for the EU and that they are not to be questioned or challenged - we must all bend our knees and accept their dictate, threats.

What about events in the Francophone workings the election process and those form the COI, RIM Association, African Union, the South West Africa Economic Block - those from Canada. Our contributions and impute in many Canadian issues over the past 25 years and those who ought to know - had we not come to Strasbourg the outcome of that Francophone election would have been very different.

We have taken some time after our days chores in Strasbourg to listen and follow how the French media respond, work, develop their policy and disciplines to work the media and the press - given the technology and human education concern - we had judge and trust they would bee better than the British/English associates.  The European media benchmark is very terrible, corrupted  and Criminal in instances yet nobody take them to task properly and the TV role/Involvements. The citizens and human being have been so used to the highly corrupted benchmark of reporting  - the lies, dishonesty and benchmark of the politicians those supposedly responsible for law and Order and the well being of Society's workings.

It is obvious the Social media means not much for instance and example our very blogs, forums, Facebooks and the millions of others. Hen those out there who will do anything to get media attention and coverage, then what the policing authorities, the scientists, the experts, the politicians, the society elites writes, the think Tanks, academicians and those regulator and law makers.

In Strasbourg - the need to point, underline their are many of leading law firms, legal specialist, law professors, Consultants working with the EU Institutions and other International bodies.  Their Benchmark  and ethnic - however in our case had we the money/financial means which is required to work, carry such responsibility - our workings approach and outcome of our approach very different. Whilst making this comment and statement - those responsible and trained in law, justice and legal discipline, those who are defenseless, money less, the children, the sick, the elderly their respective rights and those who have been qualify and sworn to serve, respect their Rights their benchmark/high responsibilities.

For many it may just have no meaning - we referred and addressed some issues of the Strasbourg Christmas Tree and that of the White House. All those who then use their Facebook and other social platform and express their points of views - it just does not add up, it does not sum up it is not normal and this lends to the mass who then hold very poor of not disrespect. What the main media carp and plasters, smears in their faces is another their make believe, total lies and arrogance/distortions.

There are very many out there who do not think we have other option to take and turn our life completely 360 degree round. For instance that Flat we have and use as main office in London had we to relocate and managed its contents differently - you the world media your arrogance and all your resources would be thought another hard lesson as we have over the past 25 years - along with very many - what this would impact and affect. Given our responsibility and experience some 30 years of high Interdisciplinary an multidisciplinary management beside interfaith gone to great pain to maintain the situation as it has been the past 15 years since Princess Diana died and PM Tony Blair took office. The many high workings issues of the Millennium - year 2000, the many Policing, Military, Scientific bodies, experts and Officials who worked the issues of the millennium and the eventual impacts - end of the world issues and the Church role, belief and Faith on judgement day and end of the world Gospel/views and positions.

We have other working spaces we could equally managed very differently and the impact on Europe, and world affairs/workings at this point you the media means nothing, you will just grab and collect bits and pieces of so call facts and information and sell your garbage and view of events not the main ore first reason which caused the incidents and developments.

Having written,we played a very important role that the WWW came to existence, beside vast amount of advance high technology workings and had they to be managed differently their impacts on market, big world finance issues, society and everyday politics.  All those who have failed and completely refused to take note and understand for us to work and contribute in what we have to date much have interlinking connection, connectivity to very many other highly complex work,  workings we just do not write about and refuse to write about.

Since President Obama coming to Office we have stressed to him personally and those who work for him of his NGO background and Africa roots - we have asked for his help and support and yet. The resources of the USA and its capacity/ability to know, monitor and gather information.  Then when development and situation happens and occurs their respective reactions.

We had hoped in coming to Strasbourg after 30 years and had we taken political asylum there 30 years ago the world would have been different - here we stop and ask this question of every human being who have lived and existed since 1979 alive to date.  We ask the same of the USSR/Russia people today and the thousands of individuals form the former East Europe and Russia today who have amassed vast wealth and fortune all over the world this same question. We are well aware of their reaction  and we regret that we took part in averting the global situation which existed back in 1985, the Cold War, the fate of all those human behind the what was termed Iron curtain, their way of living and thinking unless they have all forgotten and in this case pose a very big challenge to the whole of humanity and mankind.  Having written that we had been in Vienna 2013 after near 25 years and those who know and had expected us to return after one months and had we return their would not have been a War in Ukraine, the destruction and the return back to the Cold War everybody is talking about  and the European, American and Asian or African Media is writing about and the politicians making mileage and politic - particularly EU. We came to Strasbourg trusting those who know and understand about the discipline of high responsibility would have responded and reacted very differently - we do not need/require to stay at expensive address, wear  unique cloth/or expensive of branded cloth or had guards around our person and persons to undertake and carry our responsibilities. Having worked - those who know and yet refuse to share with the public highly complex military discipline the past 25 years. Our role and contributions to changing the USSR, the COMECON, the Indian Ocean and Africa equation - how the view it would take but a small incident and we/humanity with all its great knowledge, resources and wealth would be engulf in a major nation conflict. What this would spell - we also have acquired the capacity to monitor, weigh and understand very complex and complicated associated issues.

Beside in Sechelles Seychelles those many form the Russian and East European citizens living freely and going about their lives in a Free Europe - "the Russian and East European instinct - you ought/must know at all time who/what is the other animal getting close to you, affecting and impacting you life and functionality. Just as the Chinese and the Indian of India have their own very notions of this and the American people or Africa  and others.

Knowing the workings of EU high institutions and their reaction - decided to come back/go back tho those form the Pan European Movement - and trying to explain with die reserve some of our issues and they ought to be better informed, those who had been involved in the so call Pan European Pick-nick and the credit they take for helping to change the COMECON, the USSR. Because we know the other story, the untold version - been unable to make proper contacts, time being of importance and money/our finance restrictions hence decided to write/address a letter to the current President of the International Pan European Movement/Union and emailed copy in French and English to all the chapters and sub chapters in France, respective European Office and those responsible. When you have worked in any given responsibility you have to rely on you experience and knowledge to act and react, respond - our conclusion is that very little little will come out of this second effort we have made to come back to Strasbourg  and find those individuals and personalities who have lend a hand that the EU officials look into the situation and issues of the Seychelles exile/refugee over the past 36 years and currently and the comportment, benchmark of Seychelles government the past 36/7 years. It is not out of disrespects or lack of reserve or commonsense or inability to communicate and get those out there who can help and lend a helping hand that we have decided to publish the full contents of the letter we have addressed.  Meanwhile as thing have been progressing the past 15 years all those high institutions, Intelligence and monitoring .policing service/bodies who have kept and retained a copy of that Email and its contents.

Palais de Justice Strasbourg

The letter/email to the Internationale Pan European Movement/Union 20/12/14

International Paneurope Union
53, boulevard de Grenelle
Code postal :75015
Ville :Paris
Région :Ile-de-France
Département :Paris
M. Alain Terrenoire, President
19 - 12 -2014

Subject: Our visit to Strasbourg/your International office  18.12.14 

Dear Sirs/Madam
Distinguish greeting to you and your Officials. 
Prior to the debate by the New Team of EU Institutions,  Mr Junker, Mr Martin Shultz, Mr Donald Tusk over the recovery Budget for the EU amounting to some Euro 315 billion - given the workings of EU Institution, Networks and Mechanism was urged that we travel to Strasbourg to contribute and lend our rich experience, knowledge, capacity to contribute to many highly important EU/Pan European issues to not just lend to the decision process to help rebuild some of the positive dynamic, synergy which is and will be required to make this difficult and ambitious Program work. 

We/I was in Strasbourg from the 10/12/14 where we stayed one week and another Week in Rouen  - Normandy to the 26/12/14 (given the issues of the important delegation to Sechelles Seychelles by very large and extensive Delegation 3 months earlier) Our/that SIROP program impacts, dynamic/synergy. As well as our greater EU activities involving the FECAS-ECSVS. 
For the past two years have taken to explaining an publishing, our motives and reasons for  building an online version of  that historic, 1987/88 SIROP program where by the only written information for the public,  was our Blog, Exile/Refugee Forum/social Network, letters and Emails. 

For the past 15 years had been pressing/lobbying the UN, the EU Institution of recent the African Union, the Vatican given their very important role in that program, several government including the USA, Canada, India, Australia, South Africa and media, the Seychelles government, Mauritius, the COI and Indian Ocean RIM Association for a National or International review as is,  ought to have been the norm. With little success given the International and regional working Benchmark. 

Typical of their respective approach for the past 21 years, after we had decided to impute more forcibly, the issues of the Establishment by PM Cameron for a Somalia Pirate Center in Seychelles involving the EU/NATO and several other EU governments - the UN. The decision to invite a historic delegation to Seychelles Independence celebration led by Dr Navin Ramgolam where by a historic Protocol was signed between Seychelles and Mauritius was signed, events. It was in October 2012 decided to rebuild and provided online that SIROP program. 

Within one months of that Program going online, the information and hosting management in the USA the immediate impact on the USA economy figures, Market - the White House and those like President Bill Clinton, President G Bush Junior and Senior well aware and other past high USA  officials we have worked the issues since 1987/88. Yet what the world press and experts choose to write and reason for the positive impacts. President Obama began mentioning sign of the green shoots. 

In Europe, we knew what was happening having monitored such important workings for the past 25 years the impacts in London, the government of PM Cameron, the Market and France again the very many highly important impute/contributions we have made and been making to France many workings beside its economy - the government of PM Thatcher, John Major, PM Blair, PM Brown beside PM Cameron - the many debacles, fall outs again  the way the media choose to explain and interpret those issues. The many French politicians. 

Most important those in Britain, be it its Intelligence Service, media, Politicians other Institutions who work and monitor very closely and intensively the issues of EU and Europe workings what impacts and influence what and how and why. Some of the bitter developments and outcomes.

Come six months later, PM Cameron announcements that their were very positive development in the British economy, where all over Europe it was recession, talking of pulling out of the EURO and EU entity, Bail outs in several countries, defaults, EU Ministers gathering to think of new way and Fiscal measures to save those Economy and Financial Institutions, Banks - we had written to then many officials of Mr Barroso and copies picked up by USA, EU and other Government Intelligence Services/monitoring agencies and Police.  

The principal reason we had refused to provide and make available so much information about that historic program - were many highly important associated issues, form the early Communist Polish government, USSR working, the Yugoslav then Socialist government workings, Latin America, Africa, Caribbean region, Asia, gulf Region Sechelles Seychelles then Cold War and Communist/One party System had been involved and our role, contributions. 

Particularly, the decision to implement this historic program as against the policy/approach of the USA, NATO, several important West government to change Sechelles Seychelles by military means/force - including South Africa, Kenya - Some Gulf Region governments. What was required, the high  management complexities of the issues and EU, International and Region  be they Indian Ocean, Africa, Latin america, Asia, Pacific, Gulf Region, North Africa and Europe. Those who benefited immanencely, the existing leading multinationals, the Markets, special set up consortium, Cartels, Banking institutions, high personalities and individuals. The Bench mark that was put in place, the practices and ethos and the resulting consequences. The first to Market crash associated economic out comes and the manner we had been involved to help/lend to rebuilding and reworkings those issues and yet what the media, leading politicians and experts were telling and saying otherwise. 

In the case of Sechelles Seychelles government of the President FA Rene and his regional and International associates which formed part of the former COMECON privatization, the USSR breakup and Privatization, North Africa, Asia, Latin America amassed some $40/50 billions. 

Since 1991, the practice of the OAU, Britain statement and publication they worked and lend importantly that Seychelles was changed, its politic and government - what we the exiles/refugees were writing and saying otherwise.  In the interests of those 21/25,000 individuals, families. What the UN  and the UNHCR choose to publish and write. 

Prior to that major global meltdown of 2008 had been writing intensively to the USA many institutions, authorities, Policing Institutions that we the Seychelles Exile/refugee who had played a very important role that Seychelles was changed was being abused, robbed, manipulated, bullied, excluded the very long list and our correspondence  to many of Europe Institutions an  officials. 

On the Eve of the 2008 global meltdown, then PM Blair and many the world officials gathered at Davos what they had been forecasting and prediction for Europe and world economy. We had also been in contact with the Davos/WEF high parties and officials for a very long time - they were talking lies, not the other side of the coin. To prove this we withdrew manor dynamic/synergy which had been in place and  and the ensuing global economic meltdown - we have not been shy, nor dishonest, nor miss leading nobody, the White House occupants, their Intelligence Service were well aware and informed - yet. We choose to inform the Russian government high officials, President  Gorbachev, President Yeltsin and president Putin. 

We explained those in Europe, USA and NATO among them/those were the high Office of Dr Otto von Hapsburg - Pan European Union, those Royal Head of Europe who had helped and contribute that,  that program had been accepted and put into place, who had refused to give credit to that SIROP program, its impact on the Indian Ocean development, government, society, economy, politic, Gulf Region, North Africa, Asia, Africa proper and Latin America because of the linkage. We would withdraw our workings then see/to prove that that was the case and the ensuing global meltdown some 59 of USA biggest and most important financial institutions were affected, across, Europe, Asia, Japan, Latin America. 

It is from this prospective, knowledge and the associated high management discipline associated and required rebuild that SIROP program online. 

Be it the UN, the EU, the Commonwealth, the Francophone, the South Africa Economic entities and the IMF/World Bank and the Arab Leagues have chosen and put into place a terrible system of misinformation to the world and public of what had really taken place. With the involvement of those few knew and were very aware they were heading form very big/serious trouble - the Vatican, the late Pope John Paul, his successor Pope Benedict and current Pope Francis knew and have know those issues we communicated and kept them informed - beside those entities be they Illuminati of Europe and the USA. 

Of grave concern is EU - for the past 15 years, their National Budget support of the Sechelles Seychelles Economic, Social, Educational, Democratic process. For lack of resources have not made a sum up of EU Tax payers money. Not ever mentioning the key role of those 21/25, 000 exiles from former Seychelles across the world their fate. 

Meantime the real events, Seychelles had been purged of its founders, White settlers and landowners, because of their economic, political, cultural and religious belief - those new migrants and settlers the EU, Britain, France, the USA, other UN and other governments and Institutions were encouraging - the fate of those exile/refugee returning families completely ignore, brushed aside, their Rights ignored and trampled. 

We wrote extensively of the mechanism, the manner, discipline, links, heritage French/European which/we had used to set/put into place that Historic program. The President F Mitterrand government and High Officials. If mismanaged the fallout and collateral and yet who those choose to say and attribute them.  The Indian Ocean Arcadian of Mauritius, Reunion, Seychelles, South Africa, former India colony, South Asia, Vietnam, China, North Africa we had used and developed linkage mechanism and disciplines. 

These issues were worked by Lady Thatcher, Chancellor Helmut Koln, PM Giulio Andreotti, the Dutch counterpart, Austrian, Scandinavia, Spain at the conference in Rome and later the  Maastricht Treaty debacles  and the Right of those ethnic, exile/refugee communities to manage their own issues, ancestral heritage and Arcadian issues in Europe. 

It is now two years since we have rebuild that SIROP program online  and in Sechelles Seychelles the Indian Ocean, Gulf Region, Asia, the RIM Association and now the newly former BRICS and the alternative global currency debacle, associated and impacts - yet the Seychelles government refuse to budge to give an inch, every day and every month they invent, develop new communication to invent and tell their version of things and the world and Europe buy/accept this. Particularly the African Union and UN> 

Why are we saying- the world refuse to learn - we had/have the capacity to lending the the UN made a major reassessment of it working then Dr Kofi Anan. The Global and EU melt down lent to proving the terrible corruption in EU workings and the Election outcome . Very and n most important the Sechelles Seychelles equation in Russia and China current world workings, those BRICS countries. For instance a very good example the debacle of who and why the Cuban embargo have been lifted by the White House, the total dishonesty and lies by the France and British media - the role and impact of that SIROP program. Seychelles close partnership and working with Cuba the past 36 years. 

For the past two years have written that we are not to be underestimated - just as we could withdraw our contribution to world  and Europe issues then 1993/4, 1997/8 and 2008/9 beside our involvement and contributions to highly important issues leading to the Millennium and the whole Europe chose to ignore - we can anytime pull out shut down out sites  and give due notice as we have done and request for special experts to assist us to  monitor the impact yet again.  This time this will get far worse, given the very important weakness in not just the EU but world many institution and high workings. 

We/I have decided to come to France, Austria and Germany with the view of lobbying for support that we can get the EU high officials to study. set up a special group to monitor and assess the issues of that SIROP program and associated workings. Hence we have taken u contacts with the many high institutions of the Pan European Union/Movements and decision to share/pass those information. 

We have lend to setting up of Yahoo, Google and countless of Social media workings to work and drive those program - beside our European issues- it is of little help - you take the Facebook platform for Sechelles Seychelles and study the very many usage and issues. Given that we helped set up such project and concept s we have the capacity to monitor and watch their its respective impacts. 

The Pan European Union have developed very many sub institutions, bodies.  We want to endeavor to communicate and send copy of this letter to those and as many as we can with the view of getting those of you still committed and interested in the Project Europe as formulated by those in 1979 onward, to lend us your support, help that the EU High officials and Institutions do something to stop this ongoing situation, the use of Tax payers money to support Seychelles government and their utter lies about the fate and role of those 21/25,000 exile/refugee and the situation with those near 25,000 new migrants and settlers the impact on the indigenous and people, region. 

Had it not been for the important role, involvement and commitments of those High personality of then Pan European Movement 1979 onward, Seychelles may have been change by a military coup or the such and the state of things very different and the region. We the inhabitants and people of Seychelles are not like Africans or Asians or Latin America. So much have been invested and spent to build Democratic structures and mechanism, institutions which can lend to changing Seychelles in a more civilized and responsible manner. We need and require the important help and participation of the PanEuropean Union/Movement. 

Finally we do not need to tell you lies and stories - we were never communist and will never be for the past 36/7 years our battle and efforts to change Communist  and dictatorship in the Indian ocean and Africa, Asia - just as you are committed to the greater European philosophy, values  and future. 

We had wished to meet with some of you in person given the important  of the subject, the ethic of not having to wash and share issues in public we do not have to - we do not have the means and resources. Yet we need to re - engage. Under EU and UN Working those 21/25,000 exile/refugee form Seychelles are due to a percentage of the kudos, the income and money the the UN, EU other world body are paying Seychelles as bribe or whatever. All those ought to have been sorted years ago. Between 1986 to 2005 the world and many high personalities, officials and intelligence service who knew and had mus of the information about that SIROP program we have decided to share online that did not stop the two previous melt down and the last melt down of 2008. Beside collateral and other impacting issues.  

Equally the issues of a SIROP representative based on mainland Europe as Britain should have been put into place to work with the EU high Institutions - we and those who managed this Program have had to pay a very expensive price in retributions at the hand of the British establishment and high personalities and still paying for it/made to pay. 

Equally important our protests, explanations to the UN, the International court of Justice, the European Court, the European Ombudsman we are being prevented, threaten and punished from working those Pan European Union/Movement from Britain - the hate, massive manipulation and vast resource those have thrown the past 15/20 years that its does not happen/we just cannot work those issues there to the detriment of EU, its high institutions and best interests beside the many millions of is citizens and Corporate entities. 

In Strasbourg there are many institutions who also know and have know the issues yet - we have tried to contact a few law firms - among them Racine to helping us with the legal issues and in Seychelles the law firm Philippe Boulle and Pardiwalla, Townmy, Lablache, in London  Judge Ben Chataway Chambers - Daugherty Chambers. 

On behalf of that SIROP program, the people of Seychelles, those 21/25,000 exile/refuge for whom that program was in the first place put together, thank each of you who will be receiving a copy of our letter for reading, conferring and discussing its contents -beside your comments, feed back and imputes. 

Yours Sincerely, 

Hon Mitchel J Edmond
14 Hermitage House
Gerrard Rd
London N1 8AT
Tel - 
Email -

Note - We have been negotiating with Regus that we can use their facilities and resources in UK, France, Vienna, Germany

We also translated and added a French Version will save it at our forum  and link it here. 


Attentat à Charlie Hebdo : plus de 8000 personnes défilent à Rouen .

All those, including Chancellor merkle officials who knew we had wanted to go to Vienna 23/12/14 to meet with officials of Paneuropean Union - one other person we would have like to meet - long acquaintance Joseph Cap from Dr Kreisky era. Over that SIROP program. 

The question we ask those in Mauritius, those two Law firms in Sechelles Seychelles, the Officials of current French government - had we gone to Vienna would this massacre still have taken place. 

We did not make it because of transport back unavailable the time we had to get back safe Train and they are 3/4 time more expensive.

Including the USA, Russia, British who knew - were aware.

Facebook comment -
We do not have the resources, mean to share the issues - we trust all those who protested in Canada, the USA, Paris, London and elsewhere could get to read this issues what about Mr Junker, Mr Martin Shultz, Mr Donald tusk and the high Officials of Paneuropean Union in Paris.  There Office and representatives we had tried and gone to meet - the brief issues.  The Paneuropean Union have very powerful resources, connection and capacities in that Europe and its institutions. Beside we had broken the rules and published the contents of that letter/email on Forum, Facebook and SIROP website - the Muslim community/officials/governments/Institutions who monitor our issues

How many of you remembers 9/11 - what it felt like across the world and watching it form your TV and the immediate reactions and feelings - beside debacle which followed, the politician, media  and policing issues. 9/11 was  not triggered in USA - it was triggered in Kent. We have addressed many correspondence to the CIA, FBI, State Department, Congress, their Media, the White House, Senators offering to come and Testify what really took place. Beside the UN, the European Court, the International Court and the Vatican,  those in Kent - who knew they would get away with it and they did, since then many incidents which they have caused and triggered. The death, desgtructions and carnage/sufferings.  Yet the political parties in  Britain their stance, the Officials, the Institutions those on the streets who know really what took place - "In Paris - there have been the largest gathering of human/people to protest,  the need to say whatever their understanding and knowledge of the issues/motives - the media have stated it is the largest gathering since France Liberation - the Second World War. In the British media what has been printed, their TV, Radio  - the reality those Cars/Individuals driving at high speed/with speed using  that infernal satanic rage/rave mechanism - either for sheer madness, hate, drug influenced, drunk or depraved "raving/raging they do not give a toss/care or whatever as to what has happened in Paris -  Europe or the rest of the world - Friends, people this/these are not Arabs lunatic/Muslims, Fanatics, these are White English/British - perpetrating such terrible Acts. For this reason we have been addressing the world look at the core of the problematic - those who say they are Freemason or Freemasonry affiliated and what they are doing is Masonic affiliated.  Because come the next terrible incident those same people/Individuals their respective comportment. It will be some countries which/who  will suffer and their people. In Kent a large majority are Conservative supporters/affiliated. {"Reminder many Councils to dampened/control and slow down this phenomena, trend and abuse,  had build dead police on the road intervals, created complex people car platform or special control Traffic system these are facts. "} One other very important issues - the very many high officials who have lied/misrepresented the reason/arguments for setting up the ICC - International Criminal Court, having stated the above, the ICC was set up/those importantly involved, those who were explained - those important personalities, politicians who were using and abusing this infernal mechanism to create hell in other countries then Yugoslavia and then what really ensued - meanwhile, those who have taken to inventing their own objectives and prospective/arguments. We lobbied and was very committed to this approach,  expecting those who would manage and finance the ICC would keep/stick to their words and their utter betrayals/highly corrupted benchmark. 

World's Leaders Bid Farewell to Mitterrand 19th Anniversary


« Au nom de l’Institut international des droits de l’homme et en mon nom, je condamne de la façon la plus radicale l’attentat ignoble commis le 7 janvier 2014 contre le journal « Charlie-Hebdo ».

Au-delà du caractère particulièrement horrible et lâche de cet attentat meurtrier contre des personnes, cet acte constitue une violation gravissime de la liberté de la presse, élément emblématique, central et fondamental des droits et libertés dans leur ensemble. Notre Institut, dont la vocation reste depuis sa création par René Cassin de promouvoir les droits et libertés partout dans le monde, exprime son rejet absolu de cette violence visant la paix civile et la démocratie.

Jean-Paul Costa, Président de l’Institut international des droits de l’homme, ancien Président de la Cour européenne des droits de l’homme ».


“On behalf of the International Institute of Human Rights and in my own name, I most firmly condemn the hideous attack committed on 7 January 2015 against the newspaper Charlie Hebdo.

Beyond the particularly horrible, coward character of the deadly aggression against human beings, this action constitutes an extremely serious breach of freedom of speech, an emblematic, central and fundamental element of the whole rights and freedoms. Our Institute, which mission has been since its creation by René Cassin to promote rights and freedoms worldwide, states its absolute rejection of this act of violence against civil peace and democracy.

Jean-Paul Costa, President of the International Institute of Human Rights, former President of the European Court of Human Rights”

Comment - By the way - those like Mr Christopher Gill and other in that Sechelles Seychelles, Lawyer Mr Philippe Boulle, their fight for Human Rights the past 36 years - it may mean very little for you/those of you - however we Trust you will all learn an important lesson - after 25 years of writing and lobbying among then - we decided to visit them/those we judge could help our situation and plight in November 2014 and they explained their position to us - let us be blunt and plain the founding personality were/was Masonic/Illuminati - it is important to know such co relation. "We/I pressed Home in our conversation, surely if they do not get involved in helping direct representation by a given Europe and International Human Rights Institutions - the very many lawyers, personalities, specialist, including government and African Union, the UN, NGO and experts they train and certify - surely they can point/name one or two who could assist - they were very adamant. We have near 36 years workings those issues and thank them and went to see one of the oldest Law firm in Strasbourg - Racine, those who helped and assisted my person and explained our issues and they informed us they know very well, the Chamber of Judge Ben Chataway and the lady who had married Mr George Clooney - the point is the direct efforts we have in November to find a solution to our issues of redress and Resettlement and those who just fobbed my person off/ some working for the very EU Institutions and they are getting big salaries and perks and paid by the Taxpayers - what they purport to uphold - What they are not saying in public the Benchmark. Their attitude and arrogance in instance. The point is those who have long knowledge and experience in Illuminati/Masonic and Templar workings. There are disciplines and sciences - here we have been addressing several of such Institutions and their high personalities and their reaction - how suddenly that terrible incident in Paris Charlie Hebdo has change and some of those we had gone to meet implicated and their high responsibilities. We have a few old Illuminati, Templar and Masonic acquaintance who have educated/brought us by - the saying "shooting themselves in the foot". The size of the issues across Europe and the world is more than shooting themselves in the foot. In the first place the need to be blunt - it was masonic/Illuminati mechanism which triggered that terrible incident and they are still at it as they say. We have helped and have the capacity to help put into place Grand masters of both the Masonic Fraternity and the Templar Fraternity. ( Our Muslim and other Brothers out there who will read this comment and their reactions. yet again) { Had wanted to post this comment at our Portal Forum used it this morning could somebody check if it is working - will try on our side}

We say it again in Austrian University, German there exist science, discipline to study/research/find out exactly what took place -triggered this terrible incident and they have been hundreds of them the past 25 years. The mechanism/discipline used and applied to trigger such incidents. EU have the resource to finally come to term with this European and global plague - Given that we have worked form a high interdisciplinary/multidisciplinary with some of the world very high profile personalities institutions - we had foreseen this development 25 years ago, when the first Gulf War started  and they were started on the back of the abnormal mechanism being applied he many arguments for and against - yet those whom the people elect to find solution their respective approach - reason we have landed in the terrible mess. What about those nuclear heads flying around 3/4 years ago and nobody knew who had ordered it it was being impacted by the same mechanism/phenomena. On the streets across Europe the people/citizens know what is going on/the cause of this mega mess/situation - come crunch time then it is Terrorists. The Arab have studied in depth this working and put into place their own hybrid, as the African, Latin American, Russian, East European nation, Chinese, Indian/India and South Asian countries. 

Charlie Hebdo: «Les thèses conspirationnistes naissent désormais avant même la version officielle»

Studying events of the three days from an Interdisciplinary/multidisciplinary prospective came across this issues

How many times have we requested to meet with Sarkozy, Chirac and eventually President Francois Hollande - that FECAS - ECSVS  which have been driving the economic issues of France and very many big multinational, the Euro, enlargement politic, employment - beside that SIROP program and their respond the very very many collateral fallout. Those who know in private what we have done for the respective French Presidents, be President Chirac, Sarkozy or President Hollande. 

This person then was a simple worker of Coca Cola what transpired. On the Streets of Paris/France those who know other issues the press and media do not write about.

En 2009, Amedy Coulibaly, le tireur de Montrouge, était reçu à l'Élysée

The untold/unwritten story of Solidarity/Solidarnos - the untold story what had to be done to Bring down the COMECON, USSR on the streets those who know of our very important involvements/contributions - specially the greater Muslim World  and the North African Nations/Governments and Communities in Europe - there was a very important reason the Citizens of Europe voted the way they did in 2014, all those who suddenly are forgetting once in Office and they criticized then General  Jaruzelski
 the system in place - why they joined the struggle - today they have been elected- their respective benchmark. . 

Trois réunions consacrées à la lutte contre le terrorisme sont désormais inscrites à l'agenda européen.

The Polish Community in Kent who know of my person the past 25 years, our talk, their support with our issues, our persecution constant - the Polish Family who are the owner of a large Industrial Estate, the Father used to keep an eye on my person and our then child - for the past 5 years have been buying our dog food from them - because of the issues of Mr Donald Tusk at the Head of Council of Europe the super big mobile home they have brought and parked in the yard. They have know of my issues with their country, nation and Europe. 

12th February, 2015

Le Ministre Meriton effectue un séjour en Normandie qui fera date !

Pendant cinq jours le Ministre des Affaires Sociales, du Développement Communautaire et des Sports, M. Vincent Meriton, accompagné de M. Francis Rémie, le directeur du sport populaire au sein du Conseil National des Sports, a parcouru le département de Seine Maritime pour aller à la rencontre des Normands qui œuvrent en direction des Seychelles tant au niveau social, économique, culturel, touristique ou sportif.

Ce voyage a été particulièrement productif d’autant plus que les sympathisants pour les Seychelles sont très nombreux dans cette partie nord-ouest de la France. Lors de la Foire Exposition, de la Journée Economique, des rencontres médicales axées sur le secours d’urgence et la lutte contre le diabète et les compétitions sportives, dont les 24 Heures à la marche organisées en août dernier à Mahé, de nombreux contacts avaient été enregistrés. 

Il fallait transformer tous ces essais positifs. La visite du Ministre Meriton était donc indispensable. Cette semaine relationnelle peut être considérée comme un succès dans tous les domaines cités ci-dessus.

Comment - Good people the situation could not get better - more delirious that - after that Charlie Hebdo massacre, the Reunion delegation to Seychelles - in France that SIROP program and our Seychelles EU connection workings those who have chose Minister Meriton as "culprit/book loulou" to stir the super manure - the vast major of those exiles their French roots and ancestors the many institutions in France which lend to support and work those issues and yet.
Seychelles government refuse to learn like the Mauritian - there are limits and we have rights that need to be respected - We dare Minister Meriton to go on his knees in that Cathedral of Rouen and light a candle and say a prayer or at the basilica of Joan of Arc.
So that they could cream off and rip of us more. They refuse to listen and take the advice of President Gorbachev.

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Citizens Engagement Platform Seychelles (CEPS) Steve Lalande is stepping down.

Mr. Lalande has been at the head of the nongovernmental organisation formerly known as LUNGOS since August 2006.

In a statement released by CEPS Mr. Lalande said: "I have dedicated 9 years of my career to civil society and I feel that now is the time to seek new opportunities."

Vacancy for the post of CEPS CEO is now open as Mr. Lalande's resignation takes effect as of 1st March

Ceps chief executive Steve Lalande resigns

Just look at the super what have you developing in France and we of proper French ancestors and decent, traditions, culture, heritage have no rights in Europe or France. We support the French economy, the EU Economy, its Central Bank - over the past 36 years events and history - everybody choose to forget and when things go very wrong. We help influence France EU and International politic and Economy. 

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