SIROP combine exile/refugee Program

SIROP combine exile/refugee Program
When will the 21,000 - 25,000 Seychellois exile/refugees get Justice

Sunday, 5 August 2018

First historic Sunday after the National Assembly adopt the Bill to enact/put in place a National Truth Commission and reconciliation

First historic Sunday 5/7/18 after the National Assembly adopt the Bill to enact/put in place a National Truth Commission and Reconciliation 

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Sunday, 22 October 1978

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We have been comporting like a lazy dog if that is the correct terminology this first historic Sunday after the National Assembly of Seychelles voted for the setting up of a National Truth Commission one ears down and one ear up the news via France info of the Druids of Israel protesting about being excluded in the new National law constitution /stating who is an Israelite and the many who cited the 1948 Israel Proclamation of Nation Hood. Then United Nation.

We have listened and published the debate of that MNA who argued and debate the respective impute and omition in the Bill including Hon Vavel Wankalawan

To avoid the painful situation our nation was going to go through those, as those did across then Africa the Planters and many others who had began to clamber /supporting a unilateral Independence of Seychelles, putting in place our own constitution and Legislation without Britain and the Commonwealth involvement, two of the biggest fears was the reaction of the commonwealth and Britain.

Yet the apartheid world those nations who practice such - between 1960 to 1976 Seychelles was going to include all then current population Black, white, Chinese, Indian and then British Expats community, others as Nation ( Having stated in that SIROP program 1987, the leveraging, gearing and political issues of those 250,000 Russian Jews being returned to Israel, those 87,000 Ethiopian Jews returning to Israel as part of that program and the Holocaust compensation which would have never occurred/taken place had that SIROP program never been written. At the time of implementing that program aspects of it/then nation wise all those who knew and were involved and then pretend the were never involved and it never took place - including the Vatican. These will have to be included in any address to the National Truth commission) In the end we got properly stitched by the International Communities and President J A Michel statement on what substitute corruption it being a nation perception - all those who banded together to rip that Seychellois Nation and that SIROP program , they have a special right to act that way who gave them such Rights., These will have to be addressed to that Truth Commission.

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