SIROP combine exile/refugee Program

SIROP combine exile/refugee Program
When will the 21,000 - 25,000 Seychellois exile/refugees get Justice

Saturday, 25 October 2008

the pomegranates, the tablet associated with King Salmon temple, Jesus burial place and his family discovered in Jerusalem – Lehman Bank collapse

The deceit with the pomegranates, the tablet associated with King Salmon temple, Jesus burial place and his family discovered in Jerusalem – Lehman Bank collapse.

We listen to chancellor Merkle statement yesterday that the 43/5 meeting in Peking to solve the global financial crises – of the new role for the IMF to regulate the world finance. The work of IMF since its inception and the state of the world. Particularly the 3rd and developing world.

We want to address aspect of the core moral values of those involved, the institution they represent.

The Jewish nation are proud of their moral and religious heritage – with this values their role in world history as a nation the past 6000 years.

Not just in the past 5000 years our current time across the world those from the Jewish nation who have been involved – contributed in setting up, framing policies, running some of the world leading establishments. ( It would seems that the Jewish nation their men have a special gift at going and managing complex finance and monetary affairs – to put it very simply)

Equally history underline and prove each time those entrusted with the trustee ship of the moral and religious Jewish values have misguided, erred, and corrupted it the terrible price the Jewish people nation have had to pay.

Upon this moral values and heritage whether we like it or not the European, the world have build their Christan values and heritage – todays society too. The fundamentals of what is very wrong with our Christian and moral values today.

For the past 30 years and indeed more recently via mass media – those with the unique ability to manipulate, the way they have manipulated the issues. The discovery and authentication of the pomegranates discovered with the inscription thought to be the only ancient item really proving the existence on Kine Salmon Temple beside the biblical, Torah and other old script.

Then came the discovery of the stone table purporting that a king as written in the Bible had ordered and taken part in the repairs of the Temple and surrounding building. The Table was supposedly discovered among some rubble in Jerusalem.

Recently came the discovery of the tomb of Jesus family, the burial box in stone of the remain of most of his family – the debacle that Jesus did not ascend to heaven but died and was buried among men.

The challenge confronting mankind and the working of the world system relate to information and knowledge – who control them and where it originate.

Every half educated and half mature person who watch TV or read the paper know that a very great deal of what they read about the national parliament, politicians and other institutions activities is just a small portion of what the Total sum is.

This in turn reflect the situation at UN and all its agencies, including the IMF and World Bank – the very devious practice over the past 20 years by those Institutions and the state of the world. We repeat, because of what we knew in 1979 and later involvement until 1987 with those institutions – those on the streets of Seychelles, the regional nations and future generation why we/I had not put in formal writing a proper program, with all its association with the changes in COMECON, forthcoming changes, USSR, Berlin Wall, German Reunification, changes in south Africa, Latin America and the rest of the world. The back lashes and overspill we have written in a pin head of what has really taken place – if the truth be told. Those Institution s and their Executives would never have allowed such a concept and process through – they would have demonized it all the way and manipulated it. For this reason we used/choose the approach we did. Because there was not enough recorded they, the supposed world institutions cam turn round and deny this program and issues never took place. In the brutal and ruthless we lived and live- it was paramount that we sort ourself out find a solution for our exile, country and people . Not a solution that would please and comply with those institutions. ( this also set dangerous precedents)

We have stated and said it often enough President FA Rene, his government and the SPPF – their business associates allover the world who have benefited and made wast fortunes out of this practice and situation. Indeed President FA Rene, Sir James Mancham and other leading Seychellois who have told us bluntly we are outright stupid and mad to believe the world can function differently.

Just as we found ourself confronted with the working of IMF, UN and all the world leading Institution in 1987 then.

The world, Christian, decremental understanding of their moral values and faith either stand at a cross road or on the edge of collapsing. ( It must be remembered that that SIROP etc Exile return program had a very strong Christian – faith element and indeed the changes which took place in the COMECON, USSR, Germany, Latin America and Africa. The faith and Christian manipulation which have gone on from then not just in Seychelles all over the world)

IN the world renown wine business when leading brand names and families have had their names and brand associated with scandals, corruption and fraud the conclusion.

Because of the state of the world – the communication mountain gap which existed and had to exist. The question and need of how much to tell the world or not and who need to know what at the time of the beginning of the changes in Poland and the very slippery road the whole took and found itself. IN between the fraudsters, manipulators and those who went out of the way to make big money, profits and capitalize on lies, manipulation an deceitful news – information and knowledge. ( Way back in Vienna 1978 we had began executive management training in working and running projects, business around Chaos – which again was unique from Vienna Interdisciplinary Management Institute)

Along with many other nations, government and institutions the Jewish nations found themselves in the same mud – they could have chosen to take a leaf from their past history and what later befall them when they underrated their ancestral faith and religious heritage.

IN the above issues some of the leading individuals from the Jewish world, other leading nation experts. The division those who believe the items found are genuine, their impact right across and their worth and those who have gone out of their way to prove they are part fake – old items with recent inscription place on them. All those who have benefited in one form or another including the big medias.

The once famed integrity of Jewish expertise, special ability in complex finance and monetary matters have suffered and been corrupted.

There lies a fundamental connection between faith – religious practice – belief and good monetary financial governance. Not just luck as many believe or those who have become very rich and the fortune have been entrusted to them they do not know why or how and that it cane be taken from them too.

What has taken place across the world in the world monetary and financial high sectors amount to what those who presented those ancient artifacts as genuine, their many impacts. Most important their genuineness.

Those 43/5 who are meeting in Peking have a gigantic task – they have been elected my a very corrupted system and they are not about to rat/scrap the system.

It will be left to the people, the mass and nature to contribute or make the necessary correction and when that happens the process can and will be very bitter not for just a few but for the whole humanity. {Part of nature mechanism, those who understand and have understood such issues from the early day of mankind – “what is and termed the many discoveries in a given time span, situation or environment. Like many of the ancient issues discovered in the Middle East and across the world what is false and real” those how understand who this work}

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Itamar Bernstein said...

Interesting essay. But the Talpiot tomb find is clearly authentic. The real question is whether it is or isn't the real thing, and why it has been obscured for many years The Bone Box