SIROP combine exile/refugee Program

SIROP combine exile/refugee Program
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Thursday, 23 October 2008

Those who have overlooked Prof Vadim Kotelnikov work

The Seychelles then government in regional and global national fraternal partnership, working associated and took their political and economic code from former USSR, COMECON, China, Socialist countries in the OAU, Latin America, the Arab region and Asia.

With the historic events of the arrival into Office of Pope John Paul ll, the economic, social and political crises in the COMECON which was fermenting – the numerous efforts and call by their own people for more liberal politic and economic practices – events which followed. The Seychelles being part and one of the nations with the same political system and economic practice. The historic efforts of the Seychelles exile communities and the the people in Seychelles, events which followed cannot only be described as historic – we had also prevented those two major political, economic and military blocks the West and the East Ideology from destroying mankind with their nuclear arsenals. Never in mankind past history had this occurred.

A great deal has been written on how the change went about wrongly – the pendulum swung to the extreme in the direction of ruthless and corrupted capitalism and those who associated this with democratic process – progress. A great deal also has been written on the forces involved and their misguided- misconceived interests.

On account of Seychelles unique role – archaic and other wise in what took place and those from the regional nations, including Australia, south Africa who refute – refuse to accept this fact. They believe only countries with massive resource, can achieve, contribute to such gigantic world change – how wrong they are.

Against the back ground of EU, with most of its institutions, USA promoting full steam their misguided politic of democracy and market economy – ruthless capitalism.

From what was left of the Network which had been involved in the COMECON, USSR and such important changes. We maintained the belief and approach that the pendulum had swung far to the extreme. The many issues we promoted and contributed to.

One of those important project is the Russian TEN3 – 1000 Ventures by Prof ..... a former USSR intelligence Service trained executive.

In numerous communique to Seychelles government and other international institutions – we underlined Seychelles past Communist/socialist system and the efforts, approach Prof .Vadim Kotelnikov ... had used to put together the TEN3 e- coach project in association with many other project in Asia region and of curse Russia. The role with this project played and contribution it brought. Those who addressed their critics.

Paramount to the concept is the Communication system in vast field which came to existence in 1985/6, which in turn drove on the peaceful political change in Poland, across the COMECON, the USSR, Germany, south Africa, Africa itself, Asia, Latin America, the EU and China. He is one of the few individual who have/had understood what hat taken place and the Communication process involved hence the conception approach of TEN3 – 1000 Ventures E- coach.

When we addressed those issues we were aware of those from the USA, the White House, the leading USA institutions and their establishment we were supporting an ex KGB – USSR ideological global program. Their networks.
Given our training, knowledge and experience in those fields we knew both side of the coin. Able to read both side of the coin.

At the same time Prof was developing his project and it gaining foot, momentum in Asia – we lobbied many leading personalities in EU, Africa, to support us to in plant the IOIMF concept in Seychelles. It had provided the core thinking, discipline behind/ towards to work, manage the changing process in Poland. The COMECON, USSR, China, OAU, south Africa, EU and other parts of the world. The attitude and approach of those EU leaders and institutions we had approach - there are written records all over the place.

When we say we take credit for Prof .. . TEN3 – 1000 Ventures concept had we not used the IOIMF discipline and others there would not have been the WWW may be at a later stage in different version. Many of the core principal and thinking of TEN3 – 1000 Ventures is to be found in the IOIMF. Having said that those in Vienna – Austria, Vienna Interdisciplinary Management Institute provided then leading Austrian politician, financiers, industrialist, diplomats which unique, the most advance in latest – then thinking in term of Interdisciplinary management practice. Beside what was being experimented at the Vienna University.

The COMECON, the USSR including the Soviet Secret Service, the War Saw pact did not have that discipline and mechanism. How in conjunction with Prof Micheal Hoffman and many other in spite of having to work from London used, managed and developed a good working system that could be applied in the Indian ocean, EU, Asia, USA, Latin America and other parts of the world.

One important note the historic relation of Vienna – Austria with the Russian and USSR, in spite of the changes in those region , those in Vienna who are continuously thinking out, working different and futuristic working and possible relation with the new Russia and its surrounding nations.

Because we understood and grasp those issues – we underlined to President FA Rene very many times, the relevancy, importance of setting up an Office for IOIMF in Seychelles. At the same time stating our concern. How had this been done Seychelles would have found itself in a very special and unique position vis a vis the newly born African Union, the Arab nations, the Asian nations. To this day we cannot understand the reason for President FA Rene refusal and that of JA Michel then Minister in the Seychelles government.

The IOIMF concept/office implanted in Seychelles it must be remembered was way ahead of its time from the many planned regional implantation the gulf Region, Africa,, Asia and Pakistan. The IOIMF project would have dwarf the current project of a Seychelles University and it will continue to dwarf it in the future too because of its uniqueness and the discipline taught, practice and applied. The gigantic interlinking input this discipline have contributed to radical change in interdisciplinary management practice and bench mark across the whole world. Including Haward, Yale and some of Britain leading institutions where aspect of the Vienna Interdisciplinary management Institute discipline concept originated.

Again our efforts in 2000 and 2004 the many explanation we have been making across given communication venues that not all the scientific issues about the Earth quake, Tsunami, climate change, other economical important change have been properly and adequately addressed. There are massive gaps. The gravity and dangers of those who rely on the current thinking and so call experts what this is leading the world to.

Very important the state of Seychelles politic, economic, the COI region, OAU – today African Union , Asia. Those in Seychelles who called on us, requested us to build and put a decent motor/engine in the Seychelles economic, political system to get out of the failing economic thinking and system.

Because we understood what was taking place we also introduced to several parties in Seychelles the TEN3 – 1000 Venture of the Russian Professor Vadim Kotelnikov --- taking into consideration our past and ongoing Russian connection, contacts and links. Be they in Britain, EU, Russia, Seychelles, south Africa, or Asia. We underline some of the thinking behind the concept. Also the issues which had started the time in Office Was Miss Janique Bru Director of SIM Seychelles.

Part of IOIMF purpose is to understand some of the most complex working and thinking of the world, be they global finance, global debts, market working, new tools or emerging products for the above.

We will not go into the issues of the waring and concern of the WAR proposed by the Allies and the motives. In such situation, experience and capacity one is called to make assessments and evaluation on what is to come and what will be the outcome, results and our conclusion then.

We have address very many aggressive protest at the corporate practice and benchmark coming out of the US system the reason and argument we can do this. Prior to the major collapse of the Housing Market our warnings beginning with the like of ENRONS and earlier major fallout under the Francois Mitterrand and Andreotti government and others. Again the views and stand of those leading world politicians. Whilst at the same time picking our brain, and borrowing aspect of the discipline of ILIMF for their daily decision process and working.

We are limited for space to address the working relation between IOIMF and African Union many institutions. What must be kept in mind the IOIMF chanter is for the whole of the Indian ocean Region bordering Africa, Arab countries, Asia and Australia.

With the many government change in Seychelles since the coming of Office of JA Michel we have been watching if the government would have taken or be taking on board practice presented and promoted by TEN3 – 1000 Ventures of Prof .....

Last Summer when the issues of the USA housing market began to incubate among other major problematic, the Northern Rock we have been trained that even if the roof of heaven came down we would still have to think out and provide adequate applicable solutions to a given problematic or many very complex problematic. In other world we realized things stank every where, they would go on until the system crashed or collapse and we had to go on and survive to make due contribution and input, those from IOIMF – Associated.

With the massive collapse of the USA, EU and Asia, Africa monetary mechanism, the economy, energy, food,,raw material – those in France, USA, Africa, Asia, Germany, Holland, many of the former COMECON countries who began expressing very clear and strong message, discussion and debated that we cannot go on functioning, working as we have to date. The system cannot sustain it. IN very many countries for some form of government intervention in many of the functioning – working amounting to Socialist dictum. On top of this at reckless speed and no proper debate involved.

Many who have visited our Seychelles EU community portal project hopefully have visited TEN3 – 1000 Ventures e- coaching linked to our portal. Like we promote EADS, British Library, Channel Tunnel and other leading project our communities have been involved. TEN3 – 1000Ventures is a very unique project.

Two days ago many of the British news papers wrote about the collapse and the massive wealth lost by the Russian former USSR big business boss. Some may never recover.

Here we have a very educative and unique situation, those men were worth $billions, great powers and massive resources, they could not and cannot foresee analyzed what was coming or how to prevent it. There is a good reason we are forming the argument thus.

Because over the past 10 years we have been writing, explaining to the world that those many super rich Russians ex USSR, with out the existence and functioning of IOIMF again the Vienna – Austria origin of Vienna Interdisciplinary Management Institute they would have nothing. They refused to see this argument and possibility even.

To make matters worse even the Russian government and many leading institutions we have written and corresponded on some of the issues. They have failed and are failing to grasp and evaluate effective what is at work and causing the abnormality.

At the end of September we addressed a thread of AKS and other community forum to the fact that like it or not the adjustment o to the terrible swing which had taken pace after the peaceful change in USSR, the COMECON, OAU, Latin America, Asia there is the very important need for those who had been involved in the last world historic change to come forward. To put their heads together and contribute to new thinking and solution.

There have been very sad and unhappy outcome from Vienna for the past 15 years, those who had not contact to Prof Micheal Hoffman Vienna Interdisciplinary Management Institute – what what gong on. Those who have suddenly invented themselves and in presenting their argument how they are destroying the whole of Austria and its people – the radical political force which have come about. The lack of vision by the Socialist, Conservative politicians.

The across the EU and former COMECVON their exist massive very great uncertainty to begin the Irish Referendum – those who ,lead the affairs of the EU corrupted practice. With or with out the wish of the Irish nation there exist mechanism if in the interest of the greater working – direction of Europe that the Irish had voted yes and the different Europe would have been at to contemplate asses the very big mess it is in and the rest of the world.

These are areas which TEN3 – 1000Venture cannot effectively understand and grasp. Will not in the foreseeable future either.

Having said that we are calling on those in Seychelles who have made great progress over the past 10 years with SIM and other NGO to take a greater study of the TEN3 – 1000Ventures project. There lies, exist important material for those who are prepared, compel and want to seriously think of what model be they politic, economic, social and environmental Seychelles and the region will go. Just like when from London we put that SIROP/CDU/MDP/Alliance/SNM exile return program together – the untold and massive changes, it brought to Seychelles, the whole region and the many nations it borders.

We listened to Bill Gate assessment of the world situation recently – his view. The state of the world is beyond Bill Gate grasp and many of those great individual we hear on TV. Most of the time great change have not come about from those great individuals but for mavericks or somebody starting from the bottom.

What must be emphasis is that events of the change in the COMECON, USSR, OAU forced World bank, IMF the USA Federal and European Central banks to radical rethink their working and practice. To to exclude the politicians. The world need to go down that road once again if they sincerely wish to bring some important change in the world many working system. The changes will not come for the IMF, world Bank, the UN or the Federal Reserve or the European Central bank.

The world media have turned out to be just very nasty poodle or such nasty creatures. They to can only be radically change not by the current establishment and institutions and laws but very radical call in global working practice and ethics.

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As a Seychellois and businessman in Seychelles, I find your article quite interesting.